Jada Pinkett Smith On ‘Red Table Talk,’ Husband Will Smith, And "Girls Trip" | Megyn Kelly TODAY


  1. Jamie ModelVsDirector

    Jamie ModelVsDirector7 days ago

    Megyn Kelly is Awesome for Literally Bringing A Red Table out!

  2. Jamie ModelVsDirector

    Jamie ModelVsDirector7 days ago

    Jada looks flawless 😍

  3. jrlecato1

    jrlecato111 days ago

    You crazy.... Ask Chris rock how that Oscar worked out for him? Will is still in tip movies. Two this year alone. Jada has the hottest online show, right now.... The kids are doing great too. You being a white woman. How would you know what black Americans are in to! Don't what were are doing, but yet you keep lying like you do!

  4. Allan Chaplin

    Allan ChaplinMonth ago

    OMG-what a beauty-Willow.

  5. bongo fury

    bongo furyMonth ago

    It is great to see support for the GOP by using a “Red” table. I am encouraged that the entertainment business is finally seeing the wisdom of PresidentTrump and his values.....

  6. Katrina Mcknight

    Katrina McknightMonth ago

    I love her hairstyle

  7. Roshanda Robinson

    Roshanda RobinsonMonth ago

    Jada's dress is Absolutely Gorgeous!!!! 👗👗💃💃💃

  8. Dahlia Perry

    Dahlia PerryMonth ago

    I miss you Megan Kelly I love you Jada keep up the great work you are doing you make me proud happy holidays

  9. Good-Heart Love

    Good-Heart Love2 months ago

    Wow, this was really wonderful and, I am so glad I stumbled upon the clip. Jada and Megyn you helped me decide what kind of MH Therapist I would like to be once I have completed my studies. I live in BA and I know I do not want to work in a clinic were funding comes from outside sources requiring all sets of rules (managed healthcare) where eventually all the clinician is doing is making sure he/she helps keep the grant or adhere to "the rules" that do not match the need of the clients. This essentially ends up meaning you are in and out with kids, and families, and never really establishing an authentic, caring relationship, which is what true therapy [for me] is really about. As a result your help is a band-aid, as opposed to helping one achieve true healing and wholeness. Jada you demonstrate the power of relationship so very well. I can tell you put the work needed in and you thought "more highly of others, then you did yourself" hence, I am proud of you and your success to have achieved a sense of virtue. You are beautiful [mentally, spiritually] inside and out and your family is beautiful too. I am grateful God gave us you!

  10. Dimitre Zahariev

    Dimitre Zahariev2 months ago


  11. Ichigo Uzumaki

    Ichigo Uzumaki2 months ago

    Red table, huh? Y it couldn't b purple? Green? Colors have meaning

  12. IW Nunn

    IW Nunn2 months ago

    How can this beauty be 47?? Not a crack anywhere (on the face)

  13. Brenda Martin

    Brenda Martin2 months ago

    Red Table deal with all today issues. Thank you


    THE KING IS COMING2 months ago

    So beautiful @47 Jada💃👍👍👍

  15. Kenesha Davis

    Kenesha Davis3 months ago

    I love how transparent you are, thank you for sharing your stories!!

  16. babydollme43

    babydollme433 months ago


  17. Haseena Aziz

    Haseena Aziz3 months ago

    I wonder if Jada will see my comment If God answers the prayer I just did n jada Mrs smith reads this I had to recreate myself n when you said you grieved the most of losing yourself In life we will lose many people n lose part of ourselves as part of the unfair trials We endure but it's better to lose others N parts of yourself than to. Lose the true you

  18. Samuel Walker

    Samuel Walker3 months ago

    More celebs need to do this

  19. Phoenix G

    Phoenix G3 months ago

    Jada is Amazing. Megyn is sssooo disingenuous.

  20. WolfmansCavemansNews

    WolfmansCavemansNews3 months ago

    Megyn Kelly kissed the black A$$ and she lost her job because of it, good news after being a coward to people that hate blond white people and admit it openly without losing their jobs. Megyn just can't choose the right side of history to be on, how pathetic.

  21. chiamaka jacinta

    chiamaka jacinta3 months ago


  22. Jammeeo Hollingsworth

    Jammeeo Hollingsworth3 months ago

    I love Jada. She is an amazing women very smart. I love how she speaks the truth within the African American community.

  23. Misty Cantrell

    Misty Cantrell3 months ago

    I keep stepping but life just keeps knocking me down

  24. Eric Hardy

    Eric Hardy3 months ago

    It's amazing that this woman can sit down at a table with a Fox news reporter who openly said blackface is OK and keep her calm

  25. Deborah Hogan

    Deborah Hogan3 months ago

    Jada if you care so much then meet me and my furkids who are supposed to be dead...you might help to change ppls options

  26. Deborah Hogan

    Deborah Hogan3 months ago

    You have no idea, willow don't harm kid...show the world how beautiful u are

  27. Deborah Hogan

    Deborah Hogan3 months ago

    I'm 48 and I care for 50 cats that where going to be murdered...your so perfect but come live with me for a day

  28. Deborah Hogan

    Deborah Hogan3 months ago

    So over these hateful celebrity

  29. superblondinen

    superblondinen3 months ago

    Oh no that fillers on Jada 😑

  30. Lidewyn Demunk

    Lidewyn Demunk3 months ago

    Did I hear that right? 47she looks amazing

  31. Pania Yeh

    Pania Yeh3 months ago

    Jada converses with such eloquence that it’s incredibly infectious. I applaud her for just allowing to have that open communication on her Red Table Talk Show and touch on subjects that are uncomfortable and not a lot of people acknowledge. Keep speaking your truth, Jada.

  32. Tish Maag

    Tish Maag3 months ago

    Jada is so beautiful 🇧🇷

  33. Patty Cake

    Patty Cake3 months ago

    Very good interview. God bless

  34. Jocelyn Ruetti

    Jocelyn Ruetti3 months ago


  35. May Sayaxang

    May Sayaxang3 months ago

    Wow, by happening to listing to this, I have great respect for Jada Pinkett Smith. She is really an exceptional person. May God bless her and her family.

  36. Deborah Bacchus

    Deborah Bacchus3 months ago

    Beautiful soul. God bless you and your family

  37. Galicias Gone

    Galicias Gone3 months ago

    no need to know so many intimate details, people are crazy sharing so much with no filter at all.

  38. Galicias Gone

    Galicias Gone3 months ago

    the kid is a bit arrogant and think they know it all and they let them act on it. sure. Will is so nice

  39. FileThis Information

    FileThis Information3 months ago

    I knew that Megan Kelly didn't like African Americans and wondered why Jada went on her show.

  40. DJ FX

    DJ FX3 months ago

    She's wise

  41. GoodLava SheFlows

    GoodLava SheFlows4 months ago

    I like that she's wearing a lot of yellow....she looks breathtakingly gorgeous!!

  42. Koren

    Koren4 months ago

    Love Jada's confidence...she keeps it 100 💣

  43. gabriel gervais

    gabriel gervais4 months ago

    Those legs at 1:22 are frightfully skinny

  44. sciencegeek0430

    sciencegeek04304 months ago

    Jada is an amazing woman

  45. Ebony Copes

    Ebony Copes4 months ago

    I really love and appreciate this woman. She’s been a favorite of mine since I was a little girl and as I’m a woman myself and witnessing more of her greatness and wisdom I now know why I flocked to her at such a young age. She’s so real, down to earth, and intelligent. Jada, keep doing what you’re doing.

  46. Teresa Crawford

    Teresa Crawford4 months ago

    Jade is so awesome and real love her red table talk I have came to a better understanding of me and life thanks Jade for what u share ❤

  47. James Jimenez

    James Jimenez4 months ago

    Who’s jada that ain’t jada that’s fish Mooney tf you talking about

  48. RoyaltySarah

    RoyaltySarah4 months ago

    She has lovely eyelids 😩 love how she’s well spoken

  49. HER'd Podcast

    HER'd Podcast4 months ago

    Totally agree! mreporter.net/v/video-7HmLzibS8kE.html

  50. tessy lovingjesus

    tessy lovingjesus4 months ago

    Great and awesome lady and beautiful power couple wow Love and peace always

  51. chinkyeyeznyc

    chinkyeyeznyc4 months ago

    Jada #Straight Talk

  52. Cindy Roper

    Cindy Roper4 months ago

    Thank you so much for sharing your journey, and to the women who share with you. It's so informative to know some feelings and trials are not unique to just me. I absolutely love and appreciate your message and the wonderful show.

  53. Victor Escamilla

    Victor Escamilla4 months ago

    Well.. Jada is very talented.she is romantic. And funny. And all the thinks the she that'd, I love her,.she is.butiful. Jada.Smith's. God .blessed you girl. ? And will.Smith's? Bye.

  54. Positive Chick

    Positive Chick4 months ago

    Every woman's inspiration to start their own red table talk and tell their stories. Start now.

  55. javita MCKINNEY

    javita MCKINNEY4 months ago


  56. Julie william

    Julie william4 months ago

    Jade Smith she is so beautiful I love her so much.

  57. Tina Fisher

    Tina Fisher4 months ago

    I think Jada is the most beautiful woman ALIVE.

  58. Rosalinda Garza

    Rosalinda Garza4 months ago

    Hello where can we watch Red table talk? Is it on a certain channel like Wendy? Or can we watch thru another Web line?? Don't know like You tube or even Netflix?? We would like to start with season One. Let us know Thanks👍👏

  59. 1luving

    1luving4 months ago

    Facebook and MReporter

  60. Abundant Evans

    Abundant Evans4 months ago

    47 beautiful can pass for 27 God bless

  61. Teacher Pete

    Teacher Pete4 months ago

    In other words, Kelly.......Jada is everything YOU'RE NOT............

  62. Lisa Duncan

    Lisa Duncan4 months ago

    Jada is all class! RESPECT!

  63. Sarah Wales

    Sarah Wales4 months ago

    Their kids are so entitled

  64. will chacon

    will chacon4 months ago

    Love her...Will Check your self.

  65. Mirtza Griffin

    Mirtza Griffin4 months ago

    Always loved Jada and she has bloomed into a deep wise soul. Beautiful inside and out.

  66. Britiopia Youtube

    Britiopia Youtube4 months ago

    Jada is the most beautiful lady.

  67. E Jazzy

    E Jazzy4 months ago

    She needs to teach her daughter how NOT to interrupt adults in conversations. It’s called disrespect.

  68. E Jazzy

    E Jazzy4 months ago

    Jada, is not musically gifted at all. IDK how told her or her kids they are musically gifted because they are not.

  69. Jack Gregor

    Jack Gregor4 months ago

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  70. Sue M

    Sue M4 months ago

    My husband is my heart, soul, best friend, and my everything. He has severe chronic pancreatitis. We need the public to be educated and understand this disease. We need them to stop being judged and labeled. Our suffering has to stop.

  71. Ro

    Ro4 months ago

    I love listening to Jada.

  72. Schurronda Baker

    Schurronda Baker4 months ago

    i love Jada ans her honesty. she keeps it real. she has those uncomfortable conversations, that most folks will never ever have. as far as the interview, not a big fan of MK, but I enjoyed the interview.

  73. Stacy Gama

    Stacy Gama4 months ago

    it's all about making the $. people are so gullible. They support the rich. Making them more rich. Placing them on a pedestal. Seek the Lord. This world will surely pass away, but our salvation through CHRIST JESUS is all we need at this time. Teach that! Spread that news.

  74. Georgette Williams

    Georgette Williams4 months ago

    What an incredible family.

  75. Shay T

    Shay T4 months ago

    She is everything!!!!💗💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗

  76. Taylor John

    Taylor John4 months ago

    Forgetting one of my favorites A low down dirty shame.

  77. Natasha Williams

    Natasha Williams4 months ago

    I did not hear Jada answer the questions. She gave answered questions that were in her own head, or she had poor interpretation of the questions. Yet and still, her show is still amazing. Because of her conversations on her show and her platform, she is creating a new normalcy among women, motherhood, social acceptance, understanding of people and their actions. With Jada's show, she is creating a conversation within households, friendships, and relationships that many of us don't care to acknowledge on a regular or throughout our day to day lives. So I don't understand why she titled her show "Red table talk". I assume it is because, at that red table, many of intimate discussions, by many, are had. I only assume because she did not directly address the question of why the title. Never-the-less, the show is important. My analysis of her interview is not discredit the work she does on her show.

  78. Leroy Hill

    Leroy Hill4 months ago

    She would be a great friend such great openness and conversationalist too

  79. Jerusha Dowdy

    Jerusha Dowdy4 months ago

    Listenin to her really showed how messed up my life is 😕

  80. Surirose Johnson

    Surirose Johnson4 months ago

    She looks like she has had plastic surgery. I think she was prettier before. Her face had more character. But heh, it's her face and her money.

  81. Vee Oby

    Vee Oby3 months ago

    She looks prettier as she gets older

  82. Damilola A

    Damilola A4 months ago

    Best interview ever!

  83. Lula Lychee

    Lula Lychee4 months ago

    Jada is absolutely stunning...I love her!

  84. Twyn Colen

    Twyn Colen4 months ago

    Thank you we all have to be brave I am 61 and a 5yr breast cancer survivor and I was under a rock today I am crawling out.............😄🌹😄

  85. Rachel Lozano

    Rachel Lozano4 months ago

    She’s seriously inspirational ❤️ I would love to be on Red table talk

  86. Joy Lester

    Joy Lester4 months ago

    Jesus is the answer

  87. Janeene Williams

    Janeene Williams4 months ago

    Jada is so pretty

  88. Alexa Smith

    Alexa Smith4 months ago

    I love her. I wonder what’s going to come out about their marriage lol.

  89. Sybille Schyllander fd Mbuligwe

    Sybille Schyllander fd Mbuligwe4 months ago

    He was walking different, OMG.... my grandma used to say that, I know, I will know, your walk! Hahahaha

  90. Reginald Simmons

    Reginald Simmons4 months ago

    well all I have to say is Jada Pickett Smith have a beautiful family will Smith is great 20 year is great yes I love it. beautiful

  91. Mario Plater

    Mario Plater4 months ago

    As Jada gets older she gets more beautiful. She is stunning, amazing, and transparent. Her show Red Table Talk is needed because we need to have this open conversation.

  92. kemi7689

    kemi76894 months ago

    Yep! she puts up with his affairs, "Love him unconditionally"Seriously? Gurl, put up with it like a good fffing traditional wife, of course it bloody 20 years of marriage! Seeriously??? A nice pay luxurious marriage like that? I won't leave either.

  93. Lakendra Adams

    Lakendra Adams4 months ago

    I love you so much. Jada pinkett Smith always been a fan.

  94. Sandra Jennings

    Sandra Jennings4 months ago

    I appreciate you miss Jada. I applaud you.

  95. Julian Lee

    Julian Lee4 months ago

    Light is God

  96. Wild Card, Crystal Ball, Lovers, Lady Liberty

    Wild Card, Crystal Ball, Lovers, Lady Liberty4 months ago

    Megyn Kelly looking nice in maroon. Femme romantique colour.

  97. Charles Coleman

    Charles Coleman4 months ago

    The series is such a great show especially tackling social issues. I hope it gets more recognition and more shows focus on topics like the ones on her show

  98. LAstudio8

    LAstudio84 months ago

    Jada is beautiful in all respects. Actually stunning!

  99. KFoun

    KFoun4 months ago

    Red is the Color of the Blood of Jesus that was shed on Calvary. We can take everything to the cross just the same. It cleanses us, reconciles us, forgives us and puts us back together again. You can lose yourself while trying to find yourself at the cross. Let us not forget that without the shedding of the Blood there would be no reconciliation of Sins. Good idea though. ❤️

  100. Tessa S

    Tessa S4 months ago

    Nice Interview 👏

  101. Andrea Miranda

    Andrea Miranda4 months ago

    I wander what does she mean by “having a unique marriage”?? 🤔

  102. Kim Baldwin

    Kim Baldwin4 months ago

    She says "keep stepping" ..... I call it, when you wake up everyday, you never know what is around the next corner......life can surprise you so stick with it!