Jada Pinkett Smith On ‘Red Table Talk,’ Husband Will Smith, And "Girls Trip" | Megyn Kelly TODAY


  1. Rude Gurl

    Rude Gurl3 hours ago

    that hair cut is the bomb

  2. Latoya Llab

    Latoya Llab4 hours ago

    I love her wisdom and honesty. Her show is great, i hope they keep adding episodes

  3. Billy d Littlejohn-BEY

    Billy d Littlejohn-BEY12 hours ago

    I love the show

  4. febri. dj

    febri. dj21 hour ago

    I love Jada, I'm your fan😊😄😄😁

  5. Marcia Loos

    Marcia LoosDay ago

    Jada is beautiful, lets remember that her daughter cuts, that is serious stuff... lets talk about that... not all the wonderful...

  6. Jay Benjamin

    Jay Benjamin2 days ago

    Love Jada in Gotham 👍🏽

  7. Tiger Lion

    Tiger Lion3 days ago

    Jada’s idyllic woman. Period.

  8. Angela G

    Angela G6 days ago

    I absolutely love her spirit! ♥️

  9. Itachi Namikaze

    Itachi Namikaze6 days ago

    Darn she's 47 and talks about a "lot" of hardwork but doesn't look like she did it coz she look 17 years younger than her age

  10. Johnny Ancich

    Johnny Ancich14 days ago

    Intro didn't touch on her drug dealing past. Wonder how many lives she ruined.

  11. Carlos Diaz

    Carlos Diaz19 days ago

    Ok, I get it about been open with people but the reason that respect for each other is almost gone is because there are no filters. Lines are been crossed today between parents and children.

  12. Trina G Lyrics

    Trina G Lyrics20 days ago

    Thanks this is needed love her

  13. Young Black

    Young Black20 days ago

    Jesus help us all

  14. Brian Ingram

    Brian Ingram22 days ago

    Love how candid and straight forward red table talk is. Will and Jada married the same year my wife and I married. We've started a youtube channel with our family as well called ' ingram deep dishes' you all should check it out! mreporter.net/v/video-eQ1-qQFt5eA.html

  15. eCelia08

    eCelia0822 days ago

    The more Jada ages the more beautiful she becomes. Jada looks stunning.

  16. Fit n Fab

    Fit n Fab23 days ago

    Megan sounds different with her interviews. I wonder if they asked her to tone it down to keep the show going.

  17. Randi johnson

    Randi johnson23 days ago

    This was the best megyn kelly show ever.

  18. Aurangzeb Ali

    Aurangzeb Ali23 days ago

    jada looks more beautiful than any other black model or actress on the hollywood scene people keep saying halle berry who isnt even close to as stunning as jada in the face

  19. TruthFan

    TruthFan24 days ago

    I turned 45 this year. I don’t have children and I have recently struggled with why I don’t have children. Watching this makes it so clear now. I never wanted to lose who I am. It’s a new role, you change and it puts you in an entirely new demographic. The MOM. I love my nieces and nephews but to have to raise them on my own. Scary stuff.

  20. Cheeks Cheeks

    Cheeks Cheeks24 days ago

    Congrats on 20 yrs luv u guys #😘😘😘

  21. Cheeks Cheeks

    Cheeks Cheeks24 days ago

    We need this from a person who’s giving it 100% thank u 😘😘😘

  22. Cheeks Cheeks

    Cheeks Cheeks24 days ago

    Still beautiful thanks Jada for all u do

  23. Dexter

    Dexter25 days ago



    LETSPHILOSOPHY25 days ago

    In the name of Jesus lord destroy the devil now! Please end all deceit that's being displayed with this family. No truth is told in this family mouth at all

  25. SND MND

    SND MND25 days ago

    Love this woman!

  26. Don Hill

    Don Hill26 days ago

    Hi, Jada. I just cooked some goat meat which the Muslim Market gave me with curry powder. I think lamb is not as tough. I baked it, but next time I guess I will boil it and make a stew. I made some cauliflower soup, yesterday. There are some good recipes on the internet. Be glad when the first comes so I can mail these flash drives with my script for a movie, intitled "Missus God's Heaven." Spent the fifty I borrowed from my daughter, for some things I needed. Esther Gift/the Unknown Writer. I did not make but fourteen dollars on my coloring books, today. 6:02 pm 8/23/2018 Looking forward to meeting your family on my way back to San Diego, Ca. to pay my rent. (smiles)

  27. lynette sosa

    lynette sosa26 days ago

    Jada freaking rocks! And she is so wise!

  28. Akina Helaire

    Akina Helaire26 days ago

    thank you Jada Pinkett Smith, because I as a mother, needed to hear that.

  29. Glo M

    Glo M27 days ago

    Such beautiful wisdom in this being ♡

  30. preston miles

    preston miles27 days ago

    Her eyes and that stare at 16:02

  31. Shruti Shinde

    Shruti Shinde29 days ago

    I just love Jada .

  32. poolahpot

    poolahpotMonth ago


  33. Don Hill

    Don HillMonth ago

    My husband and I got a divorce after twenty years of marriage. Don't let that happen to you, Jada Pinkett Smith. The Unknown Writer 2:37 pm 8/18/2018 I still believe in marriage, first.

  34. Maria Checo

    Maria ChecoMonth ago

    Love her

  35. Cassandra Berry

    Cassandra BerryMonth ago

    Love the show❤❤

  36. Farah Dhalla

    Farah DhallaMonth ago

    This was a very good interview.

  37. Vlog Therapy

    Vlog TherapyMonth ago


  38. PrinceKing King

    PrinceKing KingMonth ago

    So FAKE

  39. Sophia Ift

    Sophia IftMonth ago

    God is with us. God is the light and don’t forget it! That’s what keeps me strong. Keep strong and don’t forget that God is with you even when you feel alone!

  40. Mom The Ebayer

    Mom The EbayerMonth ago

    I totally agree with Jada. I had to do what makes me happy. Believe it or not - DUMPSTER DIVING makes me happy. Having the opportunity to share the new found art with the world is rejuvenating.

  41. T.R. Baker

    T.R. BakerMonth ago

    Haven't watched the show yet, but I love that yellow dress she's wearing.

  42. Jay_Fx 86

    Jay_Fx 86Month ago

    I love you Jada!!!! So strong and beuatifull

  43. Cali Crisma

    Cali CrismaMonth ago

    I just adore Jada! Beautiful inside and out

  44. Zibby Zee

    Zibby ZeeMonth ago

    I can listen to Jada Pinkett Smith all day. Love her and "Red Table Talk." I admire her family's transparency. Allowing the world to listen in and chime in. We are all going through difficulties and when sharing our experiences with each other we gain strength and wow...Your going through or went through that too! Jada is a woman to be reckoned with. Yes....More "Red Table Talk." I'm looking forward to it.

  45. Scottybeammeup2

    Scottybeammeup2Month ago

    It is not funny as they laugh about her son taking a young lady's virginity. That is just wrong. They both should have waited and saved themselves for their future life partners. There is a day of reckoning. We should be concerned about what happens after our time on earth. Jesus did give us a guide book on how to live. Part of that is. You must be born again. Look it up Their is Good news.

  46. Naa Antwi

    Naa AntwiMonth ago

    Please Jada ..don't let those crazy docs touch your cheeks or any part of your body..a very beautiful woman indeed..flawless

  47. Zayna Abdus-Salaam

    Zayna Abdus-SalaamMonth ago

    47!!! She looks younger than me and I’m 20 years younger lol🤭😹😹

  48. sugar girl

    sugar girlMonth ago

    Jada is so true to herself n that what I learned is the most important Ingredient to success. She's so beautiful within and down to earth. She has no airs n graces. A truly beautiful woman.

  49. Rose Wade

    Rose WadeMonth ago

    I've always loved Jada and thinks she is so talented smart and just beautiful😍

  50. Toni Hogan

    Toni Hogan2 months ago

    I freaking love jada

  51. Kaeh Official

    Kaeh Official2 months ago

    Listen to my new song Scorpion! 🙏🏽💙


    LISA SMITA2 months ago

    Saw her and hubby in the city. She didn't care for the fact that her husband stopped to say hello with a very brief conversation. She kept distance instead of standing next to him. No threat here but she couldn't see that. No longer care for but adore her family.

  53. Asa Turner

    Asa Turner2 months ago

    Can someone tell me what happened last week????? I'm not sure .... what Megyn met?

  54. Lucky Lanna

    Lucky Lanna2 months ago

    I love you jada pinket Smith

  55. Katrina Ruffin

    Katrina Ruffin2 months ago

    Wow Jada is simply amazing... I totally love “The Red Table” it’s such a Soul opening show. Kudos! 🦋💕🌻❤️💋

  56. Thelma Allen

    Thelma Allen2 months ago


  57. Syretta Pittman

    Syretta Pittman2 months ago

    God she is so beautiful! Gorgeous!! I would love to have her as a life coach! She’s so mesmerizing. Everything she says is captivating!

  58. Andrea Glover

    Andrea Glover2 months ago

    Jada looks good. Her hair, makeup an outfit is on point. 👌

  59. Mel

    Mel2 months ago

    Love Jada just as much as i love her laugh

  60. Gloria Callahan

    Gloria Callahan2 months ago

    STOP MOVING!!! You don't need to give me motion sickness to keep my interest. In fact it's distracting. But yes, Love Jada and otherwise great interview.

  61. Jojo Saylor

    Jojo Saylor2 months ago

    We love Jada!! At times i get Sleepy listening to her voice!!

  62. Juliet Jeremiah

    Juliet Jeremiah2 months ago

    Jada everything is in the bible explained..in this life you will go through tribulations but cheer up ..Jesus overcame the world...wish we all could have opened it..Love you Mrs Smith!!!

  63. Chryslers1

    Chryslers12 months ago

    THANK YOU JADA - I HEARD EVERY WORD YOU SAID. THANK YOU (with my hands clasp together).

  64. Shonta Taylor

    Shonta Taylor2 months ago

    Gosh she’s so pretty. Especially w/o the fake cheeks. Kudos Jada!

  65. Ana Prado

    Ana Prado2 months ago

    She toned down those cheek fillers thank good shes too gorgous

  66. The Lone Wolf

    The Lone Wolf2 months ago

    I saw her recently in an interview, wtf has she done to her face? She was gorgeous and is now totally unrecognizable, her mom looks even better and younger.

  67. LaTone Jean

    LaTone Jean2 months ago

    Love the show! She's so beautiful as well.

  68. Misslee2013

    Misslee20132 months ago

    Wow that lady is gorgeous! I’ve always luved Jada!

  69. Sharron Thomas

    Sharron Thomas2 months ago

    Tupac would be so proud!

  70. Cynthia Jones

    Cynthia Jones2 months ago

    Love Me some Jada love The Red Table great show ☺️☺️☺️

  71. T. Willis

    T. Willis2 months ago

    I ❤️ that dress, yellow is so pretty on you, plus I'm a Tweety Fan.

  72. Sae Tae

    Sae Tae2 months ago

    Megyn Kelly makeup is harsh. Un natural

  73. Sophia Gelsey

    Sophia Gelsey2 months ago

    She is so gorgeous!

  74. The1forGod

    The1forGod2 months ago

    Mehyn Kelly you are racist and fake!

  75. ESP Presents Sudderth

    ESP Presents Sudderth2 months ago

    I agree my hubby and I never!! Tried to change. One another

  76. Cece E

    Cece E2 months ago

    gr8 interview. love Jada & her family

  77. Adero Prescott

    Adero Prescott2 months ago

    Great interview

  78. S.R. Brooks

    S.R. Brooks2 months ago

    I cried especially when she FINALLY low key admitted the rumors of Will and Jada "very unique partnership" ..... I worried about that for the meaning of the show..... I thought to myself hold up she can't do this show justice if she isn't fully fully willing to address that..... And thank you she didn't disappoint me..... At one point Jada was looking unattractive calling a Spade a Spade and now I know why..... Jada has reached her QUEENDOM and her grace and shine is so freaking necessary, well needed, most appreciated and I love it.... To get to a point to love someone and allow them to be EXACTLY who they are..... Take a bow Jada QUEENDOM RISE !!!!

  79. Dre am

    Dre am2 months ago

    This is for Jada Pinket listen don't cast another spell on me and i'm not playing with you. It aint right what you doing. I'm not your sacrifice. You got people fooled you are not a good person. They will find you out. I'm not afraid of your sorcery. You are very sick in the head and to evil to live on this earth. Stop hurting people now red table that. And not a word i said about you shall fall to the ground. Prophetess Dream

  80. Antoinette Lee

    Antoinette Lee2 months ago


  81. Awake to a New Life

    Awake to a New Life2 months ago

    I love them, i just wish they weren't with Scientology.

  82. otty rups

    otty rups2 months ago

    I just love Willow Smith I swear, not that stupid lustful love , but like genuine heartfelt good wishes for her and to spread that wisdom and heart with and to the world

  83. Erica Spotford

    Erica Spotford2 months ago

    I enjoyed this interviee.....got to see Megyn have fun while doing her job. I love Jada and this new platform. Especially being carried and having a blended family myself...I'm taking a lot of mental notes and watching some episodes more than once. I also love Jada's hair.....may be getting a haircut soon.

  84. shirnette Thompson

    shirnette Thompson2 months ago

    We need a talk show now🙄🙄 for that now.

  85. Summer Lopez

    Summer Lopez2 months ago

    I absolutely love the red table talk. Willow is very lucky to have a mom who is not afraid to talk about real life situations!

  86. Mary Viola

    Mary Viola2 months ago

    im not a fan of mrs. smith.......she is beautiful....but her views are someaht free.........and free is NOT all good

  87. Jaime Fialkowski

    Jaime Fialkowski2 months ago

    What a kind, intelligent, compassionate woman!! She is an awesome role model!

  88. Ce Ce

    Ce Ce2 months ago

    This entire stage looked like a museum dedicated to Jada. I just don't see what the big deal is with her. What's so amazing about her and these children???

  89. Tricia MsSenseNSensibility

    Tricia MsSenseNSensibility2 months ago

    Wow, her mom looks like she can be her sister!

  90. sonatak304

    sonatak3042 months ago

    I am in love with that show (Red Table Talk)! Love Jada and her family for shedding a light on real human issues. And by the way, she looks so good!

  91. Paula paulette

    Paula paulette2 months ago

    Jada is so beautiful.

  92. Anais Tatiana

    Anais Tatiana2 months ago

    Beautiful as always!

  93. DeliciaTrini

    DeliciaTrini2 months ago

    Love Jada! I also enjoyed the dynamic between between Megyn Kelly and Jada during the interview. Women in support of other women. Sisterhood (no matter the race) is beautiful!

  94. Ebonie

    Ebonie2 months ago

    Jada... Fix My Life (Please)

  95. ciw2mgmt

    ciw2mgmt2 months ago

    j Jada looks Great!!

  96. Adrian Echenique

    Adrian Echenique2 months ago

    Por favor ! Suban la entrevista subtitulada a español!!

  97. Juliette Whitehurst-Asemota

    Juliette Whitehurst-Asemota2 months ago

    only one question does she have a higher power? #notofthis world

  98. Meghan Whalen

    Meghan Whalen2 months ago

    My God.....this woman is BEAUTIFUL!!! #BlackDontCrack #BlackGirlPower

  99. Georgia Davis

    Georgia Davis2 months ago

    lam 64years old and Jada's the show is a breath of fresh air. l really enjoy this show,l really love it and wish her the best

  100. Diane Mercy Iyibambe

    Diane Mercy Iyibambe2 months ago