Jacques Pepin Reacts To My Omelet Video !


  1. dohnjoe706

    dohnjoe7063 months ago

    This reply from Jacques has made my day... I can't imagine how you feel! Both of you, keep up the amazing work.

  2. Max Fox

    Max Fox29 days ago

    This is beautiful.

  3. Jeff Watts

    Jeff WattsMonth ago

    I’m assuming as you read this you are working on his challenge...

  4. pappafrito

    pappafrito3 months ago

    Very awesome! Great job!

  5. yamaksy

    yamaksy3 months ago

    U r the only one! Watch his series and u will comprehend our euphoria! Pepin is a humble GOD! Extremely hard working. Never wasting food. Impressive imagination and in the same time - incredible discipline to keep the old tradition of classical French cuisine alive! He is an international treasure!

  6. Halil Şen

    Halil Şen3 months ago

    I cannot be the only one getting the snobby and belittling wibe..

  7. Leighlan Kirk

    Leighlan Kirk4 days ago

    Alex I just subscribed to your channel but I’m trying to watch all ur videos cuz ur really amazing and funny at the same time. Could u try the fried chicken ft owl. I would be very happy if u would notice me thanks!

  8. Blue Kogi

    Blue Kogi6 days ago

    He is all class.

  9. Grandy Talanila

    Grandy Talanila7 days ago

    The Lord himself has spoken! Congratulations my bro

  10. John Doe

    John Doe8 days ago

    Alex, the secret to Jacques cooking is he always has a glass of wine while he is cooking, You should travel to Connecticut and meet the man.

  11. longshot789

    longshot78910 days ago

    Time to bone a chicken!! Can't wait!

  12. Jorma Spaziano

    Jorma Spaziano13 days ago

    So cool! Congrats Alex!

  13. Kid Hartha

    Kid Hartha13 days ago

    damnnnn. Legend status dawg.

  14. mavos1211

    mavos121113 days ago

    Wow what an honour to be recognised and admired by a true legend. That must be an amazing feeling.

  15. Res Art

    Res Art15 days ago

    French guy: i have this old pan.......better buy a new one Jacks : hold my beer( pops a whole wall of pans)

  16. morskojvolk

    morskojvolk16 days ago

    Someone's cutting onions...Congrats! Very satisfying (even got a little emotional) seeing my favorite chef heap praise on my favorite young chef. Bravo!

  17. ionicafardefrica

    ionicafardefrica18 days ago


  18. kberken

    kberken19 days ago

    Wow to be friends with Jacques! Impressive! BTW, love your videos too!

  19. 19dec1981

    19dec198121 day ago

    now get a dozen of chickens and start taping!

  20. Sarcalogos Tortolero

    Sarcalogos Tortolero24 days ago

    SENPAI NOTICED YOU I also tried the omelette it’s getting better the 2nd try I got the color right but too much heat and it broke a little cause the outside was crisp the 3rd try I got everything perfect except the color

  21. shawn lil feeble wobble

    shawn lil feeble wobble26 days ago


  22. Lloyd Dragonforce

    Lloyd Dragonforce26 days ago

    Wow, one of the top chefs in the world likes your food. That's an honour sir, be proud!

  23. AB SinTeta

    AB SinTeta27 days ago

    I also loved it when u made eggs on television

  24. Laura Flores

    Laura Flores27 days ago

    Jaques Pepin admires you! Congrats! Get ready to debone a chicken. Challenge 101!

  25. Montserrat Romero

    Montserrat Romero27 days ago

    haha sympaaa!

  26. monizdm

    monizdm29 days ago

    Wow! That JP would be so publicly encouraging is wonderful. I always liked him, but my admiration for JP just went off the charts. And Alex - I can't tell you how much I love your work.

  27. Rhy K

    Rhy KMonth ago


  28. lesliemichelle

    lesliemichelleMonth ago

    I love Jacques Pepin! Congratulations, Alex!

  29. Aroddo

    AroddoMonth ago

    Congratulations! You are now officially important. 😃

  30. LA Smith

    LA SmithMonth ago

    This is wonderful! Congratulations, Alex!

  31. Khristmas

    KhristmasMonth ago

    High praise!!

  32. ncooty

    ncootyMonth ago

    Mssr. Pepin has a lot of p-pans.

  33. Xeno

    XenoMonth ago

    Not getting any audio from the video!

  34. alejandro mayr

    alejandro mayrMonth ago

    congrats !!

  35. Jiru Candy

    Jiru CandyMonth ago

    Wah~~ Jacques Pepin is such a cute and lovely gentleman

  36. Peter Kornum

    Peter KornumMonth ago

    DESERVED! Discovered your channel from that old tony, and I have been binge watching... great inspiration! Would love to hear your take on one of my other passions espresso/latte....

  37. Peruvian Ninja

    Peruvian NinjaMonth ago

    That’s amazing I even teared up a little. I’m such a baby.

  38. bj benedicto

    bj benedictoMonth ago

    well now, get to it my friend! on to the chicken..

  39. Frank

    FrankMonth ago

    Why is there no sound on the video for me ? :,(

  40. Alpha Machina

    Alpha MachinaMonth ago

    Wow, this channel just gets better and better the more I watch. I'm loving it. I haven't been this excited about cooking in a long time.

  41. Alpha Machina

    Alpha MachinaMonth ago

    Debone a chicken. hahaha!

  42. Demean Nemean

    Demean NemeanMonth ago


  43. Mr Tibbs

    Mr TibbsMonth ago

    What a gentleman.

  44. Zed1967

    Zed1967Month ago

    I love cooking and this makes me want to go back to basics and hone my cooking skills and make the PERFECT omelette.

  45. MrDad47

    MrDad47Month ago

    Great job Alex! I look forward to the boned out chicken video!

  46. Dustin Spann

    Dustin SpannMonth ago

    I have been watching you cook since I was a little boy. I do not cook professionally but I have learned so much from you and your colleagues. I love to cook and I love to see people enjoy my food. My daughter even trucks with me and we love it. Thank you from everyone you have inspired.

  47. Just some Dude

    Just some DudeMonth ago

    He has a better accent than you

  48. Corn Dog

    Corn DogMonth ago

    Jacques is the man!

  49. Mark Tiongco

    Mark TiongcoMonth ago

    Man if JP gives you probs I’m gonna smash that subscribe button.

  50. arman rgun

    arman rgunMonth ago


  51. arman rgun

    arman rgunMonth ago


  52. arman rgun

    arman rgunMonth ago


  53. Mauro Tamm

    Mauro TammMonth ago

    Now you need to beat the rest of the top chefs - like the "Mr F''king raw".

  54. chinny978

    chinny978Month ago

    I’m so proud of you Alex! Great job! Now I need to step my own omelette game up.

  55. MyLevel21 Gaming

    MyLevel21 GamingMonth ago


  56. Dr Dredd Man of Mystery

    Dr Dredd Man of MysteryMonth ago

    I love Jacques Pepin!

  57. Justa Noobie

    Justa NoobieMonth ago

    Jacques Pepin is one of my cooking inspirations. I've been watching him since I was 10 years old. I'm 51 now and still cooking.

  58. badjujuwan

    badjujuwanMonth ago

    This is amazing!!!

  59. Hannah Desepeda

    Hannah DesepedaMonth ago

    oh my god congrats alex!!! you deserve it!!!

  60. Rick Feith

    Rick FeithMonth ago

    Nice...I scored you at a 9.5, apparently I was low. Great job and killer filming.

  61. jarjon76

    jarjon76Month ago

    If Chef Pepin says you're good, you're good. What an honor to be acknowledged by a legend. Congrats, sir!

  62. Debbie Staneland

    Debbie StanelandMonth ago

    Wow, that is quite an honour indeed. I am so thrilled for you Alex. Tres bien. I am so enthralled with watching your videos. Been binge watching them. Your dogheadness and determination is admirable. I grew up with a mother that let me cook by her side and who loved cooking. I watched TV shows and saw Canadian TV shows with Johanne Benoit, the queen of French Canadian cooking in the 60's and 70's. It wasn't until I was in my 20's i saw reruns of Julia Child's original shows but I watched current shows of Jacques and Julia cooking together. I have that cookbook here, at home, and use it occasionally. I feel that cooking is one of the most important life skills a child can learn. I've taught my two daughters, who are now 18 and 16, how to cook good food, from an early age. An obesity doctor I follow on twitter said, in his mind, the single best thing you can do, as a parent, is teach your child the skill of cooking home cooked food. Not soccer, not football, not hockey but simple made from scratch meals. So many obesity patients don't know how to start cooking anything from simple ingredients. Everyone has to eat right? It should be a basic life-skill taught, like reading or arithmetic, in my mind. A fundamental necessary life tool, forever useful for the rest of your life. Thank you so much Alex for your enthusiasm, your joie de vivre, your personality, your accent (I wish i could imitate it better but I tend to slip into Quebecois accent too much haha, I live in Quebec). Merci et a bientot.

  63. Steven Coleman

    Steven ColemanMonth ago

    I love your videos man. Like Alton Brown, combining engineering with cooking but with your own unique style

  64. Prisilla Cope

    Prisilla CopeMonth ago


  65. Melvin Collins

    Melvin CollinsMonth ago


  66. Lykke25

    Lykke25Month ago

    aaaaa congrats!

  67. r06ramanat

    r06ramanatMonth ago

    Wow those words from mr pepin :O What a great honour for you Alex! Keep up the good work Alex :D

  68. Tayo

    Tayo2 months ago

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! This feels like a personal victory to me! Well done!

  69. Marvin Urbain

    Marvin Urbain2 months ago

    t as bon hein :D ! CONGRATS

  70. Anders Ledell

    Anders Ledell2 months ago

    My heart is warmed by this.

  71. Tony

    Tony2 months ago

    Wow! That was very nice. He is one of my top 3 Master Chef's.

  72. XowntXihqX

    XowntXihqX2 months ago

    next is to bone arab chicken?

  73. Giovani Soares

    Giovani Soares2 months ago

    Thats is the heaven.. Jacques Pepin is a great chef.. y amazing person... congratulations Alex

  74. Azure

    Azure2 months ago

    What a high honor! I am glad he said it turned out perfect though, cuz it definitely was!

  75. Guillermo J. Park

    Guillermo J. Park2 months ago


  76. iTheGeek

    iTheGeek2 months ago

    "On television" 😂

  77. dfgdfg

    dfgdfg2 months ago

    Well done chef!

  78. aitaix

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  79. Andre Newell

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  80. Florence Pi.

    Florence Pi.2 months ago


  81. thisismaxpower

    thisismaxpower2 months ago

    Alex I literally laughed so hard! AMAZING you got a response! Thanks from all of us Jacques!!

  82. Jesus Moreno

    Jesus Moreno2 months ago

    Alex, Now that you have accomplished this great feat, you should continue and make a whole series out of this... Try to make Gordan Ramsey's signature dish the beef wellington, and get him to react to your video. GR is a very critical chef. you could also do this for many other chefs.

  83. Colin Genereux

    Colin Genereux2 months ago

    Ok, this is the definition of "cool"!!! A reply from Jacques Pepin, and a positive one at that, is as good as it gets!!! Good work Alex! You're obsession for perfection is paying off! I also really enjoyed your pursuit of perfect Ramyun!!!

  84. Popsnoop Q

    Popsnoop Q2 months ago

    Like your channel and love Jacques Pepin!

  85. Utkarsh Dube

    Utkarsh Dube2 months ago


  86. Brandon Chavannes

    Brandon Chavannes2 months ago

    wow! congrats my man!

  87. manu de hanoi

    manu de hanoi2 months ago

    Pepin shows this classic omelet cooking method as a traditional one, but how was this done before the teflon pan ?

  88. Christmas Crustacean

    Christmas Crustacean2 months ago

    omg, thats awesome and yes... next bone out a chicken in like ten seconds like Jacques does

  89. ohayou banana

    ohayou banana2 months ago


  90. Erik Robinson

    Erik Robinson2 months ago

    Hi Alex: I have a challenge for you! Can you make one of the rarests pastas in the world? Only 10 People in the world are known to make it. The name of this pasta, I'm sure you are aware is called "su filindeu". Please try and succeed where Jamie Oliver has failed: mreporter.net/v/video-rHGZLjJ1CAk.html

  91. pamela 73000

    pamela 730002 months ago

    You both are great and wonderful god bless!!

  92. ccxlolz

    ccxlolz2 months ago

    im so happy at the moment :)

  93. Darie Cns

    Darie Cns2 months ago

    Good job, mate!

  94. George Saluto Girsang

    George Saluto Girsang2 months ago

    yesssss you did it xD

  95. BigHenFor

    BigHenFor2 months ago

    Alex, if you want to rise to the deboning a chicken challenge, watch this: mreporter.net/v/video-K3fIl5T3XsU.html. It's an episode of Rachel Ray's show where Jacques Pepin prepares a Ballotine of Chicken, stuffed with Spinach, Cheese and Croutons, and served with a delicious jus. Could you please give this recipe a go? It looks perfect for a dinner party, or a romantic dinner.

  96. Mill Burray

    Mill Burray2 months ago

    This is pretty pretty awesome

  97. Berra Saral

    Berra Saral2 months ago

    "on television"

  98. Christmas Crustacean

    Christmas Crustacean2 months ago

    he's 82 so probably doesn't understand the internet and you can watch youtube on most TVs, Claudine probably showed him on a TV

  99. C Van

    C Van2 months ago

    My guru...congratulates you. I collected his library of books and videos now you are recommended to continue by Jacques Pepin and I must subscribe.

  100. Kevin Hill

    Kevin Hill2 months ago

    Wow. Congratulations Alex. Coming from Jacques, you've practically been knighted.

  101. Tiago Santiago

    Tiago Santiago2 months ago

    This was awesome. I actually looks at that video of Jaques Pepin making an classic french omelete as a guide, but to this day I cannot make it perfect and I experience the exact same problems as Alex did. Thanks you Alex for breaking it down to make trouble shooting easy. Salute

  102. Christmas Crustacean

    Christmas Crustacean2 months ago

    I gotta buy a 24cm pan with dat curve

  103. Nigel Lobo

    Nigel Lobo2 months ago

    I remember when we got cable TV in India in 1994. I used to watch Jacque Pepin's cooking show a lot.

  104. quihgon

    quihgon2 months ago


  105. Megan Hon

    Megan Hon2 months ago


  106. Burak Ünaltay

    Burak Ünaltay2 months ago

    From master himself.. what an honour

  107. Raquel SG

    Raquel SG2 months ago

    I´m dying. I´ve enjoyed your video so much I can´t thank you enough! And Pepin´s reply is the bomb. Congrats!

  108. Jake Raftery

    Jake Raftery2 months ago

    This is amazing!

  109. Joe Casanova

    Joe Casanova2 months ago