Jacques Pepin Reacts To My Omelet Video !


  1. dohnjoe706

    dohnjoe70611 months ago

    This reply from Jacques has made my day... I can't imagine how you feel! Both of you, keep up the amazing work.

  2. F. Salazar

    F. Salazar8 months ago

    This did not make your day! This is something that you will be telling your grandchildren!! 😄 Great Job!!

  3. Max Fox

    Max Fox9 months ago

    This is beautiful.

  4. Jeff Watts

    Jeff Watts9 months ago

    I’m assuming as you read this you are working on his challenge...

  5. pappafrito

    pappafrito11 months ago

    Very awesome! Great job!

  6. yamaksy

    yamaksy11 months ago

    U r the only one! Watch his series and u will comprehend our euphoria! Pepin is a humble GOD! Extremely hard working. Never wasting food. Impressive imagination and in the same time - incredible discipline to keep the old tradition of classical French cuisine alive! He is an international treasure!

  7. hammond3man

    hammond3man5 days ago

    My Hero! I love that you came back with a challenge, always teaching. always prodding allways encouraging. Thank you for inspiring us to cook and try something different. Bon appetit.

  8. Raj

    Raj5 days ago

    Jacques Pépin is the Greatest Of All Time!

  9. StormDLX

    StormDLX9 days ago

    Jacques is such a warm person. Just hearing him speak makes my day. I love watching him cook, he's wonderful.

  10. Terry O'Sullivan

    Terry O'Sullivan15 days ago

    I once owned" La Technique" . loaned it out, the guy never returned it. I later learned he died.

  11. Justin Swenson

    Justin Swenson21 day ago

    how wonderful. this is a great story to tell, indeed

  12. Derrick Whittle

    Derrick Whittle23 days ago

    Yes you right bone out a chicken. I have seen your omelet vid on PBS here in the US but never attempted dinner tomorrow! Thanks.

  13. Anber

    AnberMonth ago

    Wow!!! This must have felt amazing!!! Congratulations!!!

  14. VidkunQL

    VidkunQLMonth ago

    He was very gracious to make this reply, but I can't help wishing he had made it humorous (staring in horror at your first omelette, steadying his nerves with wine, and so on).

  15. no_on

    no_onMonth ago

    Bone out that chicken!

  16. Oliver Morland

    Oliver MorlandMonth ago

    YESSSSSSS!!! Come on Alex!!!

  17. Ciera Smith

    Ciera SmithMonth ago


  18. Karaca Kestelli

    Karaca KestelliMonth ago

    Man oh man. Such a humble guy M. Pepin.

  19. michael shapiro

    michael shapiroMonth ago

    With great power comes great responsibility......Alex, you have been blessed by the grandfather of video chefs. He encourages you to continue. It is no longer an issue of ego.

  20. jgfunk

    jgfunkMonth ago

    Congrats on getting a response!

  21. sorscha

    sorschaMonth ago

    AWWW! This is exactly what the internet is for

  22. Richard gwaltney

    Richard gwaltneyMonth ago

    Now ask Gordon Ramsey

  23. Jared Bergman

    Jared BergmanMonth ago

    awesome work!!! highest praise!!!

  24. Josie's Journey

    Josie's JourneyMonth ago

    Judged and challenge by the master... Awesome!

  25. Adrian Garza

    Adrian GarzaMonth ago

    THIS IS THE COOLEST VIDEO! Wow bro! Just... wow!

  26. anne welch

    anne welchMonth ago

    Wow, he responded to your video! Amazing! You drove me crazy, you used math to figure out the ratio of egg to pan! You were over thinking! Just practice! You got it right eventually.

  27. Mats Andersson

    Mats Andersson2 months ago


  28. Steve Chism

    Steve Chism2 months ago

    So, SO cool!

  29. Chrystian Guy

    Chrystian Guy2 months ago

    C'est top!

  30. Laurent Gecébon

    Laurent Gecébon2 months ago

    Excellent! Bien joué, t'as géré!

  31. John Waters, Jr.

    John Waters, Jr.2 months ago


  32. Maria Rib

    Maria Rib2 months ago

    AWESOME! I'm a fan of Mr. Pepin :-)

  33. Steakhouse John

    Steakhouse John2 months ago

    Wow congrats

  34. Zero Tolerance

    Zero Tolerance2 months ago

    Your senpai has noticed you. Well, sensei.

  35. selman ay

    selman ay2 months ago

    Congratulations Alex. 👍

  36. tatzilla thomas

    tatzilla thomas2 months ago

    I literally dropped tears on that one ...so happy for you ...spread the Love...feed the world

  37. gerardlp640

    gerardlp6402 months ago

    Amazing!!! this is awesome, I am so happy for you

  38. Caroline Sa

    Caroline Sa2 months ago

    Awe , was your heart racing!! So awesome! ( I'm a little late on watching this... )

  39. Manuel Duailibe

    Manuel Duailibe2 months ago

    Well done! Keep up the great job, congratulations!

  40. STARLING Watch

    STARLING Watch2 months ago

    Truly amazing praise from Jacques, congratulations! -Frank

  41. LovingAtlanta

    LovingAtlanta2 months ago

    👍Awesome. 💞 😳Deboning / boning a chicken next!! 😂

  42. Sam Czarina Baron Sung-Marquess

    Sam Czarina Baron Sung-Marquess2 months ago

    Good job! To Mr. Jacques Pepin, I watched you and Julia Child as a child. And now I am trying my hands on the basics like Alex. Not omelette though. I tried recently Fish in Monks Clothing. For omelette I would need far more eggs than 32. Now if I could watch more sourdough baguettes bread making?

  43. Floris Fiedeldij Dop

    Floris Fiedeldij Dop2 months ago

    aw, that's sweet

  44. blanco bianco

    blanco bianco3 months ago

    Well I knew you were doing speed if you take the fast maths into account, pepin just confirmed it

  45. R3dp055um

    R3dp055um3 months ago

    Bro, if you're going to bone a chicken, that should be on Redtube or Pornhub, not here...

  46. oliomagnum

    oliomagnum3 months ago

    Ahah, cette tête de vieux briscard à la fin !

  47. Aimless Idiot

    Aimless Idiot3 months ago

    Holy shit :D epic stuff!

  48. bluemystic7501

    bluemystic75013 months ago

    What a nice guy!

  49. TomatheGreek

    TomatheGreek3 months ago

    This is ridiculously awesome!

  50. crashwrench

    crashwrench3 months ago

    Hi , Now let's fry a egg " over hard " for a sandwich , say a BLT ( BACON, Lettuce , Tomato On toast. . ) Yummy. 👍😍

  51. JT's Entertainment Den

    JT's Entertainment Den3 months ago

    Awesome to get Jacques to reply to you!

  52. ChrisMC

    ChrisMC3 months ago

    He's still alive?

  53. ygdrana

    ygdrana4 months ago

    Jacques is so amicable, amazing that you got him here. Great job, Alex!

  54. rabbitscooter

    rabbitscooter4 months ago

    Amazing. Such class and generosity from chef Pépin. This is why he's the best. Okay, back to the kitchen for me. I still need to practice MY omelette!

  55. W N

    W N4 months ago

    OMG, that's is so cool! To see the legend himself contact you. And much deserved. Your channel is one of the best on MReporter. Not just about cooking, but overall. I recall watching Pepin cook on TV in the USA on PBS. He is inspirational. And it's these kind of shows that inspire us to cook better, eat better, and live better.

  56. DrDankoff

    DrDankoff4 months ago

    What class to have answered and so brilliantly. Alex, I am very jealous ...

  57. j.c man

    j.c man4 months ago

    OMG!!! Alex I bet this reply must have made your year I would feel on top of the world if Jacques Pepin complimented me

  58. turbohc

    turbohc4 months ago


  59. Tmanaz480

    Tmanaz4804 months ago

    Nice! Notice he complimented you as a chef and also as a TV personality. High praise indeed.

  60. J Hause

    J Hause4 months ago

    Ahhh, that’s so lovely!! As soon as I watched your omelette video I came looking for this and was not disappointed. Congratulations, mate and thanks so much for the videos!

  61. Kae Fajardo

    Kae Fajardo4 months ago

    Go Alex!!!!!!

  62. Augusto Severini

    Augusto Severini4 months ago

    Ok, but what about that crazy fork in the pan thing? When is that gonna be explained?! I haven't slept for days just thinking about it.

  63. Cengiz Abdul-Rahman

    Cengiz Abdul-Rahman4 months ago

    so nice, so humble

  64. 101wormwood

    101wormwood4 months ago

    did you cry?

  65. John Chase

    John Chase4 months ago

    Very Cool.

  66. Katie Luv

    Katie Luv4 months ago

    Yay Jacque!

  67. Alphonse-Ovila

    Alphonse-Ovila4 months ago

    C'est drôle. 2 francophones qui échangent en anglais. Salutation.

  68. filthy dwarf

    filthy dwarf4 months ago


  69. Jarrod T

    Jarrod T4 months ago

    Well done!

  70. yzcandar

    yzcandar4 months ago

    I love cooking. Just amateur. And I can express two things. First I add my congratulations. Second, Im sure you deserve it. I realized about your determination, and talent. And also I envy Pepins words. Objectives, confidents. This also talks nice about Pepin. Just a master teacher.

  71. Roger Kauten

    Roger Kauten4 months ago

    The master answered. What could be more satisfying? He's such a sporting and gracious man, but then again...you are both French... He may have felt an obligation.

  72. Dave Kateridge

    Dave Kateridge5 months ago

    That’s so asewome he responded congratulations dude that’s great

  73. Nick Bogdan Hoppe

    Nick Bogdan Hoppe5 months ago

    So happy he replyed :))

  74. Peetiegonzalez

    Peetiegonzalez5 months ago

    "Next is to bone out a chicken" Welll.... get on it! ;)

  75. ButacuP PucatuB

    ButacuP PucatuB5 months ago

    Parrrrrfaiiit!!!!! Je suis mort d'une mort heureuse. Je suis un ange maintenant. 🙏🏽❤️👻👼🏼

  76. will wittmann

    will wittmann5 months ago

    So when are you going to debone a chicken?

  77. Kevin Doyle

    Kevin Doyle5 months ago

    WOW!!!!! Congratulations, Alex!

  78. matthew najmowicz

    matthew najmowicz5 months ago

    I am a huge fan of Jacques and now I subscribed to you! Well done!

  79. Monster Hunted

    Monster Hunted5 months ago

    Je le kiffe vraiment il est tellement sympa et humble... bisous de singapour :)

  80. Owen Tighe

    Owen Tighe5 months ago


  81. Andor Dénes

    Andor Dénes5 months ago

    Jacques Pepin, what a nice man.

  82. Ramin

    Ramin5 months ago


  83. calvin yip

    calvin yip5 months ago


  84. isinox

    isinox5 months ago

    unreal, grats man this was really fun!

  85. Thanatos

    Thanatos5 months ago

    This is awesome

  86. Fitch And Jove

    Fitch And Jove6 months ago


  87. Darren Corbett

    Darren Corbett6 months ago

    What a nice guy

  88. Louis Denes

    Louis Denes6 months ago

    Awe....it makes me do happy to see Jacques reply! What a great guy. 😄

  89. James Runyon

    James Runyon6 months ago

    Alex. Have you bonered a chicken yet?

  90. Chris Curley

    Chris Curley6 months ago

    Wow, well done!!!

  91. Thor S.W.

    Thor S.W.6 months ago

    I'm glade I watched his video how to make a good omelet long ago.

  92. Janoy cresva

    Janoy cresva6 months ago

    2 french talking in english lmao. pathetic

  93. Christina Mary

    Christina Mary6 months ago

    Aw jaques is so sweet

  94. Tertu Ndokosho

    Tertu Ndokosho6 months ago


  95. Justin Tribius

    Justin Tribius6 months ago

    Jacques is a legend..been a fan for so many years now... great job Alex.. Love your videos

  96. rann s

    rann s6 months ago


  97. we all

    we all6 months ago

    what a champ

  98. uncle dana

    uncle dana6 months ago


  99. Marcel Lenormand

    Marcel Lenormand6 months ago

    "Next is to boner a chicken" ?! Am I on the wrong channel?

  100. charles green

    charles green6 months ago


  101. jjfalstaff

    jjfalstaff6 months ago

    That is beautiful. I teach high school students how to cook, and I refer to Jacques Pepin constantly. In fact, his omelet video is one the of the first things I show each year. His response couldn't be better. And he's right, the next step is boning out a chicken.

  102. angryniggah

    angryniggah7 months ago

    AWESOME - you've reach the apotheosis of the culinary side of youtube. King Pepin has stamped you gold.

  103. Maram Makhlouf

    Maram Makhlouf7 months ago

    Hard work always pays off 👏👏

  104. Neal Rainer Chio

    Neal Rainer Chio7 months ago

    My god the chicken. I think he previously said it should not take more than 45 seconds to completely debone a chicken. Congratulations on the omelet alex. Good luck on the chicken xD

  105. rkmugen

    rkmugen7 months ago

    Simply awesome! (although, as we saw, getting to this point wasn't so simple!) Congratulations, Alex!