It’s Just Water Weight | Kevin Hart: What The Fit | Laugh Out Loud Network


  1. Geeta Maharjan

    Geeta Maharjan10 hours ago

    Asa P

  2. Student PatriciaAnn Mena

    Student PatriciaAnn MenaDay ago

    this is so funny

  3. Mc Rooms72

    Mc Rooms723 days ago


  4. Mix Kanalen

    Mix Kanalen4 days ago

    I saw him blinking at 1:45

  5. Mix Kanalen

    Mix Kanalen4 days ago

    I mean 1:43

  6. payfra

    payfra5 days ago

    not funny😑

  7. Just Ghostified

    Just Ghostified6 days ago

    Kevin is hilarious. 5:00 - *Where my super suit.* 😂😂😂

  8. Dv123dv777 Barin777kote555

    Dv123dv777 Barin777kote5556 days ago

    Что этот нигер себе позволяет?)!!!

  9. Esteban Ibarra

    Esteban Ibarra6 days ago

    What’s wrong with his face? Why does it look swollen?

  10. Ali Abaed

    Ali Abaed8 days ago


  11. Shitposter Extraordinaire

    Shitposter Extraordinaire9 days ago

    Does boss know that Kevin Hart is a comedian?

  12. Геннадий Андрианов

    Геннадий Андрианов9 days ago


  13. Sloppy Seconds

    Sloppy Seconds9 days ago


  14. pat decesare

    pat decesare14 days ago

    Boss is super cringe

  15. Nade Shift

    Nade Shift16 days ago

    Kevin sounds like frieza

  16. Mohamed Seddik

    Mohamed Seddik18 days ago

    What happened to his face?

  17. Nope Nah

    Nope Nah18 days ago

    Stay hydrated but don’t drink too much water, your kidneys can get rid of 0.8-1.0 liters of water per hour so don’t drink more than that per hour on average to avoid hyponatremia symptoms

  18. Tax-bitchass biyatch

    Tax-bitchass biyatch18 days ago

    Kevin is corny i swear

  19. Jailson Silva

    Jailson Silva19 days ago

    Believe me if you want. I see the videos of you from here in Brazil to learn English. Hold it like

  20. TRyH4RD

    TRyH4RD19 days ago

    End internet

  21. LuiGi RA

    LuiGi RA21 day ago

    You're real funny

  22. Aja Barnhardt

    Aja Barnhardt24 days ago

    I be dead when I watch this 😂💯❤️

  23. Bobey Atom

    Bobey Atom25 days ago

    25 wats nexts lol lol lol

  24. Bobey Atom

    Bobey Atom25 days ago

    Keep it in control kevin lol lol lol

  25. Tomviewschannels

    TomviewschannelsMonth ago

    Kevin is a really cool person funny lad and great actor in movies

  26. Felix Marte

    Felix MarteMonth ago

    It’s pass lol

  27. Armas Ahonen

    Armas AhonenMonth ago

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  28. Joselyn Torrecilla Calles

    Joselyn Torrecilla CallesMonth ago

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  29. 1 6

    1 6Month ago

    Fack teacher barzan

  30. 1 6

    1 6Month ago

    Frack yo

  31. 1 6

    1 6Month ago

    What you see I don’t anderstand

  32. Next Gen Aesthetics Group

    Next Gen Aesthetics GroupMonth ago


  33. TheOneAndOnly

    TheOneAndOnlyMonth ago


  34. Brian Green

    Brian GreenMonth ago

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  35. bhsshobekful

    bhsshobekfulMonth ago

    I’m with Kev that’s passing it between your legs not dribbling 😂

  36. HN_ Hoài NamŁş

    HN_ Hoài NamŁşMonth ago

    J chây Phải ko

  37. Annay Ruthy

    Annay RuthyMonth ago

    Boss slap him around lol

  38. Đỗ Thiện

    Đỗ ThiệnMonth ago

    Scooby doobie doop boo boom 😂😂

  39. Leo .K

    Leo .KMonth ago


  40. James Brown

    James BrownMonth ago

    He has a black eye right

  41. k bee

    k bee12 days ago

    it's a birthmark.

  42. trnharris

    trnharrisMonth ago

    Kevin sounds like Spongebob doing the squats 😂😂

  43. Zay Roc

    Zay RocMonth ago

    Who else sat there and did nothing but watch?

  44. keithbarnes Apple

    keithbarnes AppleMonth ago

    Wht happened ta his eye

  45. k bee

    k bee12 days ago

    i think it's a birth mark

  46. epic gamer89 pubg

    epic gamer89 pubgMonth ago

    I'm thirsty

  47. Angel Blue Channel

    Angel Blue ChannelMonth ago


  48. Angel Arnau

    Angel ArnauMonth ago

    I Like kevin

  49. Jenésha Wilson

    Jenésha WilsonMonth ago


  50. Lorie Givens

    Lorie GivensMonth ago

    You and boss need a show

  51. mike thoms

    mike thomsMonth ago

    Not funny, dude get a little publicity and they thinks he's great. Just a racist white hating black trash

  52. D25864

    D25864Month ago

    Boss got a dinger on his eye

  53. k bee

    k bee12 days ago

    i think it's a birthmark

  54. Karen Stewart

    Karen StewartMonth ago

    That fool said bring my jacket I'm done he is hilarious in other words get my coat

  55. Adonis Brooks

    Adonis BrooksMonth ago

    I love Kevin Hart. Not!!! Lil Silly Billy mathafucka. @Best.

  56. queen zharia

    queen zhariaMonth ago


  57. bloodpressurenotgood

    bloodpressurenotgoodMonth ago


  58. Kayla Elliott

    Kayla ElliottMonth ago

    I pooted while putting out a fire😂😂😊😊

  59. pinklippzz69

    pinklippzz69Month ago


  60. ZionHorner

    ZionHornerMonth ago

    Yo this series is mad autistic

  61. Pink Maids

    Pink MaidsMonth ago

    You saved a baby doll 😂🤣

  62. Renil 10

    Renil 10Month ago

    You must have to sing song your voice is so good

  63. Leon V

    Leon VMonth ago

    On a scale from 1 to 10 that was “mild” funny...

  64. daquan sherrill

    daquan sherrillMonth ago

    Why the inner beast of chris brown always look like he got punched in the face

  65. k bee

    k bee12 days ago

    i think it's a birthmark

  66. Will M

    Will MMonth ago

    Kevin you weak little toy bull sh_ _ you doing l laugh at you

  67. CLAMARAN Dylan

    CLAMARAN DylanMonth ago

    Kevin doesn’t give a F

  68. Suki Sumile

    Suki SumileMonth ago

    Thanks handsomes

  69. Shalom Mele

    Shalom MeleMonth ago

    Whats Next boss😂😂😂

  70. Gunnz Akimbo

    Gunnz AkimboMonth ago

    Fu Kevin hart

  71. Latisha Pinto

    Latisha PintoMonth ago

    Lols “where’s my jacket” 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  72. Embracing My Journey

    Embracing My JourneyMonth ago

    I love his accent its encouragement to work harder.

  73. All Bout' Mel

    All Bout' MelMonth ago

    Nikocoado avocado who?😂

  74. Brian Jimenez

    Brian JimenezMonth ago

    Looks like his face got punched on

  75. Musa Elabbasi

    Musa ElabbasiMonth ago

    Did anyone else notice the big guy's face? It looks like somebody used it as a punching bag right before they filmed the video.

  76. วิโรจ พรมสี

    วิโรจ พรมสีMonth ago


  77. Marvel Dean

    Marvel DeanMonth ago

    Kev's trainer tries so hard to not laugh in any of the videos 😂😂😂😂

  78. Ayrika Wheeler

    Ayrika WheelerMonth ago

    I went to highschool with this guy in Missouri city, TX. He was a senior when I was a freshman and I remember his face was like this back then. I think it's just a birth affect.

  79. Adam Kirtley

    Adam KirtleyMonth ago

    There's a hilarious fire rescue movie in there somewhere.

  80. Sarai Herrera

    Sarai HerreraMonth ago

    Did he get punched in the eye

  81. sbannik

    sbannikMonth ago

    Damn I should have done this at the gym today for my shoulder workout

  82. Clint Dowd

    Clint DowdMonth ago

    The difference between Kevin and my client that does nothing but complain, is that Kevin actually does the workouts

  83. kulaia ware

    kulaia wareMonth ago


  84. Marquis Banks

    Marquis BanksMonth ago

    Did someone hit boss in his left eye?

  85. Shivmoney 30

    Shivmoney 302 months ago


  86. Emone Draper

    Emone Draper2 months ago

    Does anyone know where I can Boss shorts from

  87. bradley spear

    bradley spear2 months ago

    Was this supposed to be funny?

  88. Joseph Starling

    Joseph Starling2 months ago

    That guys a dickhead

  89. papito7757

    papito77572 months ago

    Hes just not funny to me

  90. vPsychoPath

    vPsychoPathMonth ago

    papito7757 *Sad life*

  91. therockstar barber

    therockstar barber2 months ago

    Not funny

  92. Hh Krishna

    Hh Krishna2 months ago

    Did somebody punch ron

  93. Roseann Lee

    Roseann Lee2 months ago


  94. abdullah nebulous

    abdullah nebulous2 months ago

    "My legs hurt from the fire hose" Boss ,"whatchu do wid da fire hose" Lmaooo

  95. Tamara Kennedy

    Tamara Kennedy2 months ago

    Kevin tell him Kev ..that's passing not dribbling he doesn't know that and he's in charge of saving lives ahh sh...,,

  96. Alejandro Cervantes

    Alejandro Cervantes2 months ago

    I just ate 3 slices of cheesecake.

  97. Medikate Blutengel

    Medikate Blutengel2 months ago

    Ron reminds me a.little bit of 90's Eric LaSalle

  98. Orie Newchurch

    Orie Newchurch2 months ago

    why dude face so swole

  99. venixnitro10

    venixnitro102 months ago

    He kinda looks and sounds like mike Tyson

  100. BobbyfromSp

    BobbyfromSp2 months ago

    Love this video. Those two are perfect 👌 together

  101. Jeffrey Rivers

    Jeffrey Rivers2 months ago

    Tiny legs and big arms!

  102. DASANIE69

    DASANIE692 months ago

    I don't like that guy for some reason...blah blah or something...hey my baby Kev...😁

  103. Cuck Commander

    Cuck Commander2 months ago

    Easy pills to swallow: Kevin Hart tries way too hard and isn’t funny.

  104. efrain fernandez

    efrain fernandez2 months ago

    that guy looks like Nelly with blured out cheeks

  105. Mercedes Bradshaw

    Mercedes Bradshaw2 months ago

    K H

  106. S Galvan

    S Galvan2 months ago

    Kevin hart gets annoying