It’s Just Water Weight | Kevin Hart: What The Fit | Laugh Out Loud Network


  1. lit_galexy_Cookie

    lit_galexy_Cookie3 days ago

    1:50 XD great sound affects Kevin

  2. soukaina elfs

    soukaina elfs3 days ago

    u too are just perfect for doing a movie hhhh love u guys

  3. Carlos Alvatado

    Carlos Alvatado5 days ago

    chicken legs

  4. Oh Wow

    Oh Wow6 days ago

    I can't with the noise he made when he does the squats 🤣🤣🤣

  5. Charifoow

    Charifoow15 days ago

    Never seen them training leg. Both got chicken leg.

  6. Bobey Atom

    Bobey Atom19 days ago

    Keep it in control kevin heart keep it in CONTROL KEVIN HEART 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Kamiyah McDowell

    Kamiyah McDowell27 days ago

    “I pooted while putting out a fire today and added more flame to the fire be live it or not 😂 “ I’m weakkkkk

  8. NL3044

    NL304427 days ago

    "Do this with your local fire hose" Is he serious lol......

  9. Kevin Zaz

    Kevin ZazMonth ago

    Pleasee makee new what the fit episode

  10. ayham jallad

    ayham jalladMonth ago

    First 2019 comment :)

  11. Kaan Aksit

    Kaan Aksit2 months ago

    American armpits are too hairy bruh...


    YOUNGGAMERBOY3 months ago

    Kevins right its passing

  13. Jonathan Reed

    Jonathan Reed3 months ago

    Its not dribbling

  14. Kelly Sánchez

    Kelly Sánchez3 months ago

    *WheRe's mA JAcKet?!*

  15. Joshua English

    Joshua English4 months ago

    He sounds like kid buu at 1:57 😂😂

  16. Gavin Durham

    Gavin Durham4 months ago

    What is the dudes name

  17. XxEmilyDa _SavagexX

    XxEmilyDa _SavagexX4 months ago

    “I drink 32 bottles of Water a day” ‘’Tell the truth’’ “.......26”

  18. Spring Roll

    Spring Roll5 months ago

    the fact that kevin is older than ron makes this so much funnier

  19. SkyJUSTIN6

    SkyJUSTIN65 months ago

    Kevin heart is the funniest dude

  20. Terry Edmondson

    Terry Edmondson5 months ago

    Dude is literally the worst personal trainer ever! He looks like a retired flag football coach!

  21. Eat that pussy 29

    Eat that pussy 295 months ago

    Kevin Hart sounds like frezia when he did squats

  22. Cobie Hines

    Cobie Hines5 months ago

    Xaxl 32107

  23. Brandon Box

    Brandon Box5 months ago

    Why Ron always look like he just got beat up dude eye always swole shut

  24. shakuforever

    shakuforever5 months ago

    these two are so good together hahahaha

  25. Rocket wj

    Rocket wj5 months ago

    Lol...he never finished a full set

  26. n1k32h

    n1k32h5 months ago

    It was gas

  27. Julitza princess

    Julitza princess5 months ago


  28. gary jarvis

    gary jarvis5 months ago

    Kevin is a racist, sad, so sad. He really can be funny

  29. Brandon Ware

    Brandon Ware5 months ago

    Damn kevin hart! You want the youtube money too?

  30. Ywng gawd

    Ywng gawd5 months ago

    3:48 that's his job to do

  31. Fernando Martinez

    Fernando Martinez6 months ago

    Im the k hart of my community

  32. Fernando Martinez

    Fernando Martinez6 months ago

    Where are all the white people.

  33. Blitz 557

    Blitz 5576 months ago


  34. Manj U. Gotts

    Manj U. Gotts6 months ago

    Sorry, but I am no longer a fan of Kevin Hart. He was funny, he had a promising career despite the bad movies, then he fell in with the degenerate crowd and bashed Trump for no reason. Pussy. Just another low-info twat, like the failing Jim Gaffigan.

  35. Jo

    Jo6 months ago

    this guy is always swollen

  36. Mr Sir

    Mr Sir6 months ago

    Did boss get punched in the eye?

  37. esau69able

    esau69able6 months ago

    So "Boss" do you even train? Seriously no calf gains!🙈😂

  38. Smash -_-br0o0

    Smash -_-br0o06 months ago


  39. Singar Shakti Kumar

    Singar Shakti Kumar6 months ago


  40. o0motorhead0o

    o0motorhead0o6 months ago

    Boss needs to stop skipping leg day...look at them crayfish legs 🦀

  41. Riya Roy

    Riya Roy6 months ago

    I’m surprised boss didn’t throw any water at Kev

  42. otto leeverink

    otto leeverink6 months ago

    to mutch water can poison you so 26 bottles is to mutch. Google it or ask your docktor. On a normal day drink 2 to 2 and a half liter wen its hot do 3 liters. You probably drink more than that by koffie tea or soda's but drink no more than 3 liters clear water.

  43. ahmad barkoumi

    ahmad barkoumi6 months ago

    kwvin was about to get beaten up

  44. survival video

    survival video6 months ago


  45. Taioki

    Taioki6 months ago

    He looks like Thanos

  46. Hoài Thương Huy Hoàng

    Hoài Thương Huy Hoàng6 months ago

    coi cung duoc do4333

  47. gia dinh la so 1

    gia dinh la so 16 months ago


  48. Geeta Maharjan

    Geeta Maharjan6 months ago

    Asa P

  49. Student PatriciaAnn Mena

    Student PatriciaAnn Mena6 months ago

    this is so funny

  50. Mc Rooms72

    Mc Rooms726 months ago


  51. Akuas Kanal

    Akuas Kanal6 months ago

    I saw him blinking at 1:45

  52. Akuas Kanal

    Akuas Kanal6 months ago

    I mean 1:43

  53. payfra

    payfra6 months ago

    not funny😑

  54. Shall Prosper

    Shall Prosper6 months ago

    Kevin is hilarious. 5:00 - *Where my super suit.* 😂😂😂

  55. Dv123dv777 Barin777kote555

    Dv123dv777 Barin777kote5556 months ago

    Что этот нигер себе позволяет?)!!!

  56. Billy 69

    Billy 696 months ago

    What’s wrong with his face? Why does it look swollen?

  57. Pepperoni Joy 2

    Pepperoni Joy 26 months ago

    He fine but the left side of his face looks swollen. I was asking the same thing. It's also very red and under his right eye. I wonder.

  58. نونه الحنونه

    نونه الحنونه6 months ago


  59. Shitposter Extraordinaire

    Shitposter Extraordinaire6 months ago

    Does boss know that Kevin Hart is a comedian?

  60. Sloppy Seconds

    Sloppy Seconds6 months ago


  61. Lamar Jackson

    Lamar Jackson6 months ago

    Boss is super cringe

  62. Nade Shift

    Nade Shift6 months ago

    Kevin sounds like frieza

  63. Mohamed Seddik

    Mohamed Seddik7 months ago

    What happened to his face?

  64. Nope Nah

    Nope Nah7 months ago

    Stay hydrated but don’t drink too much water, your kidneys can get rid of 0.8-1.0 liters of water per hour so don’t drink more than that per hour on average to avoid hyponatremia symptoms

  65. Tax-bitchass biyatch

    Tax-bitchass biyatch7 months ago

    Kevin is corny i swear

  66. Jailson Vlog's

    Jailson Vlog's7 months ago

    Believe me if you want. I see the videos of you from here in Brazil to learn English. Hold it like

  67. TRyH4RD

    TRyH4RD7 months ago

    End internet

  68. LuiGi RA

    LuiGi RA7 months ago

    You're real funny

  69. Aja Barnhardt

    Aja Barnhardt7 months ago

    I be dead when I watch this 😂💯❤️

  70. Bobey Atom

    Bobey Atom7 months ago

    25 wats nexts lol lol lol

  71. Bobey Atom

    Bobey Atom7 months ago

    Keep it in control kevin lol lol lol

  72. Tomviewschannels

    Tomviewschannels7 months ago

    Kevin is a really cool person funny lad and great actor in movies

  73. Felix Marte

    Felix Marte7 months ago

    It’s pass lol

  74. Armas Ahonen

    Armas Ahonen7 months ago

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  75. Joselyn Torrecilla Calles

    Joselyn Torrecilla Calles7 months ago

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  76. 1 6

    1 67 months ago

    Fack teacher barzan

  77. 1 6

    1 67 months ago

    Frack yo

  78. 1 6

    1 67 months ago

    What you see I don’t anderstand

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    Next Gen Aesthetics Group7 months ago


  80. Brian Green

    Brian Green7 months ago

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  81. bhsshobekful

    bhsshobekful7 months ago

    I’m with Kev that’s passing it between your legs not dribbling 😂

  82. Thíck Free Fire

    Thíck Free Fire7 months ago

    J chây Phải ko

  83. Annay Ruthy

    Annay Ruthy7 months ago

    Boss slap him around lol

  84. Đỗ Thiện

    Đỗ Thiện7 months ago

    Scooby doobie doop boo boom 😂😂

  85. Leo .K

    Leo .K7 months ago


  86. James Brown

    James Brown7 months ago

    He has a black eye right

  87. trnharris

    trnharris7 months ago

    Kevin sounds like Spongebob doing the squats 😂😂

  88. Zay Roc

    Zay Roc7 months ago

    Who else sat there and did nothing but watch?

  89. ALvIn's BlAcK

    ALvIn's BlAcK7 months ago

    Wht happened ta his eye

  90. epic gamer89 pubg

    epic gamer89 pubg7 months ago

    I'm thirsty

  91. Angel Blue Channel

    Angel Blue Channel8 months ago


  92. Angel Arnau

    Angel Arnau8 months ago

    I Like kevin

  93. Jenésha Wilson

    Jenésha Wilson8 months ago


  94. Lorie Givens

    Lorie Givens8 months ago

    You and boss need a show

  95. mike thoms

    mike thoms8 months ago

    Not funny, dude get a little publicity and they thinks he's great. Just a racist white hating black trash

  96. D25864

    D258648 months ago

    Boss got a dinger on his eye

  97. karen Stewart

    karen Stewart8 months ago

    That fool said bring my jacket I'm done he is hilarious in other words get my coat

  98. Adonis Brooks

    Adonis Brooks8 months ago

    I love Kevin Hart. Not!!! Lil Silly Billy mathafucka. @Best.

  99. queen zharia

    queen zharia8 months ago


  100. bloodpressurenotgood

    bloodpressurenotgood8 months ago


  101. Kayla Elliott

    Kayla Elliott8 months ago

    I pooted while putting out a fire😂😂😊😊

  102. pinklippzz69

    pinklippzz698 months ago