Isiah Thomas gets booed by the First Take crowd for his Bulls-Pistons take


  1. Cadeau

    Cadeau10 hours ago

    Isaiah still the best

  2. Robert Roque

    Robert Roque11 hours ago

    Max needs to get off his knees already

  3. The Lab Photography

    The Lab Photography11 hours ago

    Loool at least he (Isiah ) admitted it

  4. Craigslist Reply

    Craigslist Reply12 hours ago

    "He took it personally." Still airballs free throws

  5. AlphaProjeKt

    AlphaProjeKt14 hours ago

    Aanddd Max has Harden like 50th best in NBA right now 🤔 Yea, he really knows the NBA 👌 smh😣

  6. B K

    B K14 hours ago

    Joe dumars is #51

  7. AH - 10ZZ - Stephen Lewis SS (2682)

    AH - 10ZZ - Stephen Lewis SS (2682)14 hours ago

    This is a big insult to the raptors and to nicks game plan. Kawhi was valuable in defending giannis but no more than gasol or serge

  8. craig johnson

    craig johnson14 hours ago

    we need a beef history about the piston and bulls

  9. SuperJohn12354

    SuperJohn1235416 hours ago

    I don't think Giannis could be Jordan, but he could def be Wilt + Shack, which could end up being better than Jordan, hard to say yet, like you need to dominate your opponent every single game and play hard every night at both ends of the court, that's very difficult to sustain, that's why Jordan is the GOAT.

  10. T P

    T P16 hours ago

    Pistons had to mug MJ to beat him with no all stars

  11. Vincent Brown

    Vincent BrownDay ago

    Max needs to go back to boxing where he was great . He says some of the most senseless stuff about basketball ever heard .

  12. The Hoodie Guy

    The Hoodie GuyDay ago

    Isaiah Thomas is so reserved 😂

  13. wooosh me boomer

    wooosh me boomerDay ago


  14. MightyRoos

    MightyRoosDay ago

    To counter Thomas’s top 50 argument, Jordan played with 1 Hall of Fame player in Pippen. Thomas played with 2 Hall of Fame players in Dumars and Rodman.

  15. Jay Martin

    Jay MartinDay ago

    💯 Zeke 💯




  17. remote control

    remote controlDay ago

    Isiah the executive did draft damon stoudermire and tracy mcgracy. Jordan the executive drafted a bag of cheetos. Michael is the worst nba executive ever.

  18. Principal Skinner

    Principal SkinnerDay ago

    Max held his own, had Isiah in his feels lol

  19. Michael Corleone

    Michael CorleoneDay ago

    Isiah from Chicago, and he still ain’t letting that Detroit-Bulls rivalry die... Mans is loyal to the pistons

  20. AG

    AGDay ago

    Lol pistons fans are so full of themselves

  21. Mista Kixnlo_718

    Mista Kixnlo_718Day ago

    They booed the truth. People are so stupid.

  22. triple d

    triple dDay ago

    Then he retires at a ripe old age of 33 after experiencing the bulls' dominance. Lol quitter

  23. Andre Goodger

    Andre GoodgerDay ago

    Always been an Isiah fan, but if he wasn't so stuck on what he stuck on, his points would be more valid. Max says that the first time MJ played with an all star look what happened. But, then he goes straight to Pippen being an all time top 50. Come on Isiah, you had Vinny, Dumars, and should i go one. Too stuck in his feelings about them and the Bulls.

  24. Don Murr

    Don MurrDay ago

    They talk about lebron's ball IQ being the highest in man history. Ladies and gentlemen to make the statement arguable, I give you Isiah Thomas. His ball IQ is NOTHING to sneeze at.

  25. Red Legion

    Red LegionDay ago

    Isaiah is still mad cause Scotty got on the dream team and he didn't

  26. Jordan Sharpe

    Jordan SharpeDay ago

    Isaiah was like 6”1 an looked 5”7 cause his frame was so small an his head was big

  27. Listen here boy,

    Listen here boy,Day ago

    Isiah took down Jordan, Bird and Magic in 1 Playoff run. This scruff in the audience better respect the HoF in the panel.

  28. Dyrol Washington

    Dyrol WashingtonDay ago

    Isaiah is bitter ,

  29. multyz1

    multyz1Day ago

    MJ fans are more radical than Bernie fans.

  30. aldrin de jesus

    aldrin de jesusDay ago

    Even giannis thinks lebron is still the best

  31. zhongming wen

    zhongming wenDay ago

    This is fun!

  32. Calvin Payne

    Calvin PayneDay ago

    Giannis doesn't even have a glimmer of a jump shot

  33. Allen Ivey

    Allen IveyDay ago

    When are they gonna fire Molly

  34. Roe Jogan

    Roe JoganDay ago

    0:11 MK ultra

  35. Robert Crawford

    Robert CrawfordDay ago

    Raptors will beat bucks again this year.. watch

  36. Superugly313

    Superugly3132 days ago

    Detroit versus everybody lol


    ROKK STAR2 days ago

    And it's a whole different game in today's game

  38. Johnny Boy

    Johnny Boy2 days ago

    Unfortunately Isiah is right . They beat the bulls 3 out of 4 playoff series.but overall Chicago was much better than Detroit in both there primes . Pistons late 80,s and bulls in the 90’s

  39. Slimey Simon

    Slimey Simon2 days ago

    1000% Giannis will go down as the greatest and most dominant ever when it's all said and done frfr. .. IF.. . he plays 20 seasons. ..

  40. Javale Mcgee

    Javale Mcgee2 days ago

    Bitterness of losing to the GOAT. Period.

  41. S S

    S S2 days ago

    Max should just shutup when talking about basketball to Isaiah Thomas

  42. maleman julpax

    maleman julpax2 days ago

    Jordan was the best player, but Pistons had the better team. Giannis is currently best player,but he's not into the best team.

  43. Sultan AlJaloud

    Sultan AlJaloud2 days ago

    Bad boys are the greatest team era ever

  44. mansonlamps

    mansonlamps2 days ago

    Cmon Isaiah ... pistons were loaded!!

  45. mansonlamps

    mansonlamps2 days ago

    So why didn’t giannis to what kawhi did to him? Use his teammates to neutralize? Kawhi is the best player still

  46. Albert the Witness

    Albert the Witness2 days ago

    Max lost.

  47. Paul Fearon

    Paul Fearon2 days ago

    Isiah didn’t lie. But neither did max....

  48. Miguel Williams

    Miguel Williams2 days ago

    Zeke spoke the truth

  49. stickmanbw

    stickmanbw2 days ago


  50. wolfchrt

    wolfchrt2 days ago

    Zeke laughs like Dr. Hibbert from the Simpsons lmao

  51. jlgugo

    jlgugo2 days ago

    Isiah hates that MJ is King of the city he is from! Heck, Scottie >> Isiah in the CHI!

  52. DJaySplitSecond

    DJaySplitSecond2 days ago

    Die hard Bad Boys fan here, he was supposed to say what he said! The Pistons was the biggest hump for the Bulls to get over

  53. Swavey too Wavy

    Swavey too Wavy2 days ago

    Gotta love Isaiah 😂😂

  54. Mark Lewis

    Mark Lewis2 days ago

    Sure Zeke lmao and that's why you walked off the court head down!

  55. zyl zyl

    zyl zyl2 days ago

    Buuuuuuuuuuuu He was rejected for the 92 Dream Team Buuuuuuuuuuu They didn't call him for the 96 second Dream Team

  56. kingwleung

    kingwleung2 days ago

    Det did kicked bulls at the beginning, but bulls did revenge too...

  57. Jason a

    Jason a2 days ago

    Why he getting booed it's true, ppl are so dumb it reminds me of Dems who ignore the facts and say you're racist if you say something that they don't agree with, he was speaking straight facts I don't get why these ignorant mfs was booing lol but Isiah it's lost not lose lol

  58. Dakar Brown

    Dakar Brown2 days ago

    I love Isaiah Thomas. Bad Boys for life💪💪💪

  59. Brandon Stinson

    Brandon Stinson2 days ago

    Eventhough he may or may not have meant it this way his words were a lowkey diss to Joe Dumars who I consider a top 50 player of all-time.

  60. Nathan Lee

    Nathan Lee2 days ago

    Zeek actually right. There was a wave of three people keeping Giannis from the hoop