Is this a computer?


  1. The Verge

    The Verge5 months ago

    Surface Pro vs iPad Pro vs MacBook Pro vs Pixelbook: which computer would you choose to be your only computer for the next couple of years? - Dieter

  2. Alex McCaffrey

    Alex McCaffrey29 days ago

    Surface Pro because it's the only one I can run Desktop software when I need to but also some tablet apps too for when I want to relax. Even if battery life isn't what it should be and Tablet Mode is terrible, oddly using the Surface Pro in Desktop mode works much better, if it looks a little odd. Both the MacBook and iPad are too restrictive. ChromeOS is too limited for me.

  3. Alfie Mulcahy

    Alfie MulcahyMonth ago

    Pixel book. Definitely not the Mac or the iPad. I wouldnt mind the surface though.

  4. Clicks36

    Clicks36Month ago

    surface pro but it's ads are horrible

  5. Sagars51

    Sagars512 months ago

    Aaron Domanais a device that does work to save time

  6. Sagars51

    Sagars512 months ago

    Aarib Anwar wow what a shame

  7. Nadeem Rawashdeh

    Nadeem Rawashdeh2 days ago

    MacBook and i think i would miss out on the touch screen

  8. Jack Walton

    Jack Walton10 days ago

    iPad Pro because I have one hahaha 😁😁😁💩

  9. TheRageQuittingGuy

    TheRageQuittingGuy12 days ago


  10. TheCrazyhumans

    TheCrazyhumans15 days ago

    As an engineering student I prefer a windows laptop or pc as it supports the software I use. For phones samsung and for tablets it's the ipad.

  11. Promethean Ice

    Promethean Ice18 days ago

    That was such a perfectly planned and executed video.

  12. Khushaal Choithramani

    Khushaal Choithramani19 days ago

    Definitely iPad

  13. Максим Цыба

    Максим Цыба23 days ago

    Chromebook looks like a perfect deal. What's wrong with him, that makes it not a perfect device for everyday use?

  14. Samuel Fisher

    Samuel Fisher24 days ago

    Anything that can compute is a computer. Thus meaningI am, the iPad Pro is, and the 35 year old calculator on your grandma’s desk are all computers. Fight me!

  15. PTA

    PTA25 days ago


  16. arrozmaluco

    arrozmaluco25 days ago

    1:00 giant feet Dieter

  17. isoul3

    isoul325 days ago

    Macbook Pro. Just because I can be more productive with it. I can code with it!😁 But I will definitely miss out gaming (mobile) that only iPad Pro can provide.

  18. TheAndy 06

    TheAndy 0626 days ago

    Technically, the ipad does have 3 app support.

  19. Nodar Tchumbadze

    Nodar Tchumbadze28 days ago

    google pixelbook

  20. Rafael Martinez

    Rafael Martinez29 days ago

    I got the pixelbook and I got it because I am in the Google ecosystem and grew up with chromebooks. I have a Pixel phone, a TV with Chromecast built in and Google assistant support, an wear os watch, andvbeen using Google apps for years. I am in college and the thing that suck with the pixelbook is that it is difficult to connect a printer wired and that's it.

  21. Daniel Evans

    Daniel EvansMonth ago


  22. Chanon Pongpanich

    Chanon PongpanichMonth ago

    Love this kind of philosophical approach to technology. Keep up the good work, Dieter.

  23. PLANET G

    PLANET GMonth ago

    the surface pro

  24. PLANET G

    PLANET GMonth ago

    it may be the surface pro . because you have a LAPTOP & TABLET on one device. and you just install the Google Chrome with his author apps from Google on the surface pro. but you still miss the design of the ipad because it's more portable than the surface pro.

  25. PLANET G

    PLANET GMonth ago

    it may be the surface pro . because you have a LAPTOP & TABLET on one device. and you just install the Google Chrome with his author apps from Google on the surface pro. but you still miss the design of the ipad because it's more portable than the surface pro. So the best pic ( an ipad pro have windows 10 pro and with Google apps installed.

  26. PLANET G

    PLANET GMonth ago

    it may be the surface pro . because you have a LAPTOP & TABLET on one device. well for chrome book you can just install the Google Chrome with his author apps from Google on the surface pro. but you still miss the design of the ipad because it's more portable than the surface pro. So the best pic ( an ipad pro have windows 10 pro and with Google apps installed.

  27. PLANET G

    PLANET GMonth ago

    it may be the surface pro . because you have a LAPTOP & TABLET on one device. well for chrome book you can just install the Google Chrome with his author apps from Google on the surface pro. but you still miss the design of the ipad because it's more portable than the surface pro. So the best pic ( an ipad pro have windows 10 pro and with Google apps installed.

  28. Brandon Hysell

    Brandon HysellMonth ago

    Laptop computer

  29. Maverick Hunter K

    Maverick Hunter KMonth ago

    For me, the only downside of am iPad is that you can't format it and stuff like that. I get that it tries to be easy and friendly, but we should have the chance to choose. Plus, sometimes you NEED iTunes to restore and stuff. Other than that, the iOS interface is enough for most types of work.

  30. Buzz Bee

    Buzz BeeMonth ago

    Surface Pro - it’s versatile and works as a tablet, everything I need to do I can do on Windows (work apps such as Microsoft Office, social media browsing or watching The Verge on MReporter, and maybe even a little bit of light gaming), I can use the Surface Pen for annotating diagrams or presentations ... Though sometimes I do prefer navigating around Mac OS, but overall I can always rely on Windows and the Surface for anything I need, and whatever the situation.

  31. Cameron Taylor

    Cameron TaylorMonth ago

    I gave up my MacBook Pro for my iPad a year ago and I code, edit vid, and play mmo’s all day. Computers to my friend and I are old and unnecessary but I’m only 22 so maybe it’s just my age group that thinks that’s way.

  32. Graysid

    GraysidMonth ago

    what i wonder is if any of those computers can run good computer programs like ark survival...

  33. paige santos

    paige santosMonth ago

    Ipad pro because it is protable and i can use word on the ipad and if i do not have internet i can still work on internet bass stuff because i have a data ipad. The only thing i might miss with using a regular laptop is if i needed to use adobe photoshop or in design

  34. Farmer Jim

    Farmer JimMonth ago

    iPad pro body and surface touch cover running windows 10.

  35. チュimoc

    チュimocMonth ago

    The only one for next few years? Of course surface 😅

  36. Rui Fernandes

    Rui FernandesMonth ago

    So Pro 😂 0:30

  37. BloodRider 14

    BloodRider 14Month ago

    Obviously the Surface. I just need Windows. I guess the Mac could work, but nothing else

  38. SilverHelmet

    SilverHelmetMonth ago


  39. Mozzman

    MozzmanMonth ago

    Whats an iDumb?

  40. jeremaih syandira

    jeremaih syandiraMonth ago

    I would pick the macbook pro

  41. Alex Overton

    Alex OvertonMonth ago

    I'd definitely pick the Macbook Pro. Yes, I'd be missing out on Tablet features, but I really don't have a need for them. I love how my Mac works already.

  42. silentkool21

    silentkool212 months ago

    Samsung Galaxy notebook 9 pro

  43. Vladimir Lenin

    Vladimir Lenin2 months ago

    why not just make a ios/android/windows mode all in one ipad?

  44. Sarang Borude

    Sarang Borude2 months ago

    What are your thought on things like Samsung DeX? Take your phone with you, hook it up to a display and you have a window based Desktop that run off of your phone, It is still not there yet, but is it fly or die? Think of carrying your phone with you, then insert is into a laptop like formfactor and it is a laptop. Now connect it to your desktop work station and you have a desktop. I was curious to see what your thoughts are about that giving the processors in the phones keep getting powerful every year.

  45. Reese Kury

    Reese Kury2 months ago

    iPad pro

  46. Theo

    Theo2 months ago

    I would pick the surface although I would miss the IOS apps of the iPad.

  47. ᛏᚺᛟᚱ

    ᛏᚺᛟᚱ2 months ago

    I think Dieter loves windows because he's a Mac user. I'm a Windows user, and whenever I get overlapping windows, I immediately snap them side-by-side. That's also a Mac feature, but more importantly it's an iPad feature. While more functionality isn't a bad thing, I think having overlapping windows is overrated. It's nice for drag-and-drop, but that could be implemented (and is for legacy apps on Windows) between snapped side-by-side windows/applications.

  48. Shinzo's Sins

    Shinzo's Sins2 months ago

    The only one I wouldn't pick as my computer for sure is iPad. Not because of commercial. I herad of it for the very first time. But because I don't need overly expensive tablet. I need computer that gives me all the options. Not just only ones that are avalible on their sotre.

  49. Theo

    Theo2 months ago

    What’s a MReporter video?

  50. A. B. Shadow

    A. B. Shadow2 months ago

    I need a The Verge coffee mug and sticker.

  51. Sagars51

    Sagars512 months ago

    I would say all of them would do good in the future just see

  52. Muhammad Habib Khan

    Muhammad Habib Khan2 months ago

    Although Windows store lacks the vast variety of apps and games like on the App store and Play store, but I will still definitely go for Surface pro because in my personal opinion, Windows is the best for work and it's store is also getting better over time. So yeah Surface pro all the way!

  53. Alvin Yang

    Alvin Yang2 months ago

    iPad Pro is innovative and futuristic

  54. Shubham Tripathi

    Shubham Tripathi2 months ago

    Wow, this was just a bunch of generic observations thrown together. What about your own take on where computers are going & what their future is actually likely to be? IMO, every person needs 2 computers- one for portable, convenient, quick tasks & functions. And the other for hard core, high intensity computing or processing purposes. Most ppl thus use a full fledged laptop as well as a smartphone. Nobody needs, wants or cares for a tablet because it doesn't do anything extra tha both the above category of devices can't do.

  55. I.P Mahendra

    I.P Mahendra2 months ago

    I am a apple fan but I recommend surface pro

  56. BP__

    BP__2 months ago

    Get a Windows laptop and get BlueStacks boom problem solved

  57. Alex Hayman

    Alex Hayman3 months ago

    I wouldn’t like my MacBook with a touchscreen, it’s just not meant to be

  58. Gabriel Eick

    Gabriel Eick3 months ago

    i think the suface pro running manjaro kde. cons of macines -pixelbook terible repairbility -iPad pro can't officaly turn of secure boot -pixelbook unstandard keyboard -macbook pro unstandard keyboard no touchscreen

  59. Alexander Radchenko

    Alexander Radchenko3 months ago

    What about the surface book?

  60. Nels Lindahl

    Nels Lindahl3 months ago

    This was a seriously enjoyable video to watch. Thank you for putting this series together.

  61. Zyzzus Christ

    Zyzzus Christ3 months ago

    surface book best of all worlds

  62. Ricky Brunet

    Ricky Brunet3 months ago

    I have them all except the MacBook Pro, so I don’t have to pick 😂😂😂😂

  63. Sheh RAK

    Sheh RAK3 months ago

    VISION: quantum computing gonna make these gadgets in your table especially "what's a computer? IPad" ; look like (Nokia 9910) in 2018. Seriously, Apple and all market companies knows that they're not ready to move us to the next generation of computing.

  64. Matthew Betts

    Matthew Betts3 months ago

    3:34 Put the Mac aside... 4:25 MacBook Pro has pride of place in front of Dieter. That didn't last long...

  65. Zacharie Chiron

    Zacharie Chiron3 months ago

    I think iPad Pro actually! I've been growing in an iPad Mini and I can do mostly anything there... almost. As long as I can use my family's 10 year old Mac occasionally to compenste the lacks of the iPads, I'm fine: USB key support, printing without airprint, and especially: being able to have two windows of the same app! That's necessary for me to translate my novel and work on it from multiple angles. So why an iPad Pro? Well, I'm going into college and I want to go paperless and yes, the iPad Pro does this the best... by far.

  66. A2 aria ezzatpour

    A2 aria ezzatpour3 months ago

    Surface pro

  67. FN 11

    FN 113 months ago

    As an illustrator, I would go for the Surface Pro. I can run full Windows apps without having to get out a drawing tablet. Btw no one can argue that the iPad Pro is a computer.

  68. TwistedOracle

    TwistedOracleMonth ago

    Technically speaking it is

  69. interrobangings

    interrobangings3 months ago

    also "it has great apps!" is kind of disingenuous when 99% of apps are websites we could be opening in any browser ever, games which are arguably worse than PC or console counterparts, or cut-down versions of full-size desktop programs

  70. interrobangings

    interrobangings3 months ago

    the problem is that with the way it comes across, it's not philosophically asking "what /is/ a computer?" but rather it's quite literally asking "what's a /computer?/" as in "i've never heard of this before" they could've tweaked the line itself or asked her to deliver it differently to make it come across in another way, but as it stands? she just seems like some teen being mystified by the first time she ever saw a floppy disk in 2018. it just makes her look like an idiot

  71. Gregory Stewart

    Gregory Stewart3 months ago

    iPad Pro and Surface Pro (or OEM's) will dominate.

  72. John

    John3 months ago

    MacBook Pro

  73. Sukalpa Kundu

    Sukalpa Kundu3 months ago

    I wish Mr. Steve Jobs was alive.

  74. Sai Jayanth

    Sai Jayanth3 months ago

    Pixel is soon building it's own ecosystem like mac, i feel.

  75. Nivethan LJ

    Nivethan LJ3 months ago

    macbook or surface book, definitely not ipad pro or chromebook

  76. pv4. happy

    pv4. happy3 months ago

    Definitely the pixel book mmmf

  77. John Febb Vidal

    John Febb Vidal3 months ago

    Can I connect my sirface pro to a monitor using the surface dock and use it as a desktop without turning on the surface pro itself? Like in macbooks?

  78. Abdurrahman Baragbah

    Abdurrahman Baragbah3 months ago

    Macbook redesign with detachable screen (like surface book) with new macOS that can run iOS app kinda cool...

  79. Christine Roy

    Christine Roy3 months ago

    I am kinda old school in that my work can only be done at the location I work at and I have PC(s) for all my work tasks (I do product testing). So "my computer" is just for me outside of work. I could do what I most enjoy listen to my music library, manage my day, consume content and social media with either a chrome device or the iPad. My iTunes library is the easiest to maintain so the iPad pro would be my choice, but I would miss the customization of a PC or Android devices.

  80. yac man

    yac man3 months ago

    i run my small business on a chromebook ( asus c302 ) , and a new ( to me ) lg v20 phone. all of your options are simply to expensive for my needs. i expect to use the chromebook till google won't update it anymore, and the v20 till i can't buy replacment batteries for it. if money was no object, i would hire someone else to use whatever they wanted to get the job done.

  81. Abhinav Palacharla

    Abhinav Palacharla3 months ago


  82. HASAN AK

    HASAN AK3 months ago

    The PixelBook is awesome so awesome you couldn't even say anything bad about it I would say PixelBook

  83. Silvio Britto

    Silvio Britto3 months ago

    Who would say, to me Star Trek's Communicator get it right decades ago... It's smartphones (eventually this name will simply change). We all carry computers on our pockets already. The rest will be connectable screens.

  84. Blobfish 101

    Blobfish 1013 months ago

    Being able to run full desktop apps allows far more flexibility in programming and makes it easier to make more varied and groundbreaking programs. You don't end up locked into a particular set of programming languages and a set structure of how to make your program and you have a much larger set of coding libraries that you can use to develop your programs with.

  85. Hanif Muhammad

    Hanif Muhammad3 months ago

    Boy! That last line was deep

  86. Mubarak Dawoud

    Mubarak Dawoud3 months ago

    I’d pick the Mac book Pro .. and I kinda wished that Apple would do a MACOSX version on iPad Pro .. I’d call my first born Tim if they ever did that 😂

  87. Likhan Ghosh

    Likhan Ghosh3 months ago

    Why is this demonitized?

  88. Xavi168

    Xavi1683 months ago

    This video is available all the time for public viewing because its loaded somewhere on some computer, no? :) Apple underestimate the power of the good old laptop.

  89. Matt Michel

    Matt Michel3 months ago

    everything been computers for years

  90. Matthew Coles

    Matthew Coles3 months ago

    My computer was built in 2016 XEON processor the guys who built it had already said we'd been talking about this while surface was still in beta mode ...........what happens after windows 10 they knew microsoft had no anticipation of building another os ???

  91. Matthew Coles

    Matthew Coles3 months ago

    I think it's funny how people seem to take a statement out of context or you could say that not everyone see's or hears things the same and should'nt PERCEPTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. Bryan Chu

    Bryan Chu4 months ago

    She isn't saying "What's a computer" as in "What is the definition of a computer". She is supposed to genuinely not know what a computer is, which is why it is so stupid.

  93. Arun Vishnu M.E

    Arun Vishnu M.E4 months ago

    Computer is a electronic machine that works very fast, if new or without virus... Thanks to my 1st standard book for the answer

  94. Shankar S

    Shankar S4 months ago

    You said it wrong again. It's Pixel Chromebook.

  95. RyanWake bradtelle

    RyanWake bradtelle4 months ago

    Chrome books need to have any arm processor and an Intel processor and make them to laptops or a tablet and a laptop then you can have absolutely anything and everything.

  96. Zayd Ghazzawi

    Zayd Ghazzawi4 months ago

    The reason why I’m mad about that Apple iPad commercial isn’t because of what’s being said in the nuances of computing. It’s because she knows good and damn well what a computer is and that feels condescending and uppity.

  97. ECHLN

    ECHLN4 months ago

    The Surface Pro is the future of the computer. It is literally perfect.

  98. ad78

    ad784 months ago

    Got my 2017 Macbook 12” brand new for $899 @BB. Dont tell me about single USB C because i dont care. Now i installed windows pro as well via bootcamp. I think im really happy with it.

  99. 40Tman

    40Tman4 months ago

    when apple is gonna make a car... they will make a ad with somebody saying... whats a car

  100. Phil H

    Phil H4 months ago

    "I use the surface and I think it's apps suck" hahaha oh boy. This video was probably made with that sucky app Adobe Premiere and After Effects. I'm sure the iPad Pro and Pixelbook have much better versions! ....right? I just browsed through the top apps in iTunes, the vast majority of them are on Windows already. Really not sure what killer apps are on these mobile platforms that makes windows "suck". Any serious power user still needs Windows/OSX specifically because they have the best applications.

  101. divyanshu

    divyanshu4 months ago

    Apple = overrated LOL

  102. Max Gisborne

    Max Gisborne4 months ago

    give me a 90's ThinkPad with Arch and i3

  103. Leo Sanchez

    Leo Sanchez4 months ago

    Watch apple kill off all their laptops and force everyone to use and iPad pro 😂😂

  104. AJ

    AJ4 months ago

    Surface, handsdown

  105. kercmerk

    kercmerk4 months ago

    Your videos are always fantastic.Excellent production quality.

  106. Jackson Murray

    Jackson Murray4 months ago

    WhAt'S a CoMpUtEr???