Is this a computer?


  1. The Verge

    The Verge11 months ago

    Surface Pro vs iPad Pro vs MacBook Pro vs Pixelbook: which computer would you choose to be your only computer for the next couple of years? - Dieter

  2. Geoffrey Carl

    Geoffrey Carl29 days ago

    I'll choose Surface Pro or iPad Pro, because Google has quit China for decades. And it's not easy to use a Chromebook to do most work. I'll probably get a Surface Pro 7 if Microsoft finally improve the ports.

  3. Noob Pro Gamer

    Noob Pro Gamer4 months ago

    +Dill that is the winner

  4. scooter800m

    scooter800m4 months ago

    uh, maybe the surface but that's just for mobile stuff. i'm more of a use my phone for a few things and my desktop is the center of information. maaybe i'll see a tablet like laptop that has all the abilities i need from it. (like a helluva lot of power)

  5. Roberto Isca

    Roberto IscaDay ago

    I keep loving my iPad Air 2 and I’m waiting for the next iPad Pro 😉

  6. Wong Tik Ki

    Wong Tik Ki7 days ago

    I am desiging PCR primers and analysing DNA sequences on my computer. Find me some ipad apps that can do it and I'll call it a computer. Oh, and apple is missing the train by not putting a touch screen on their macs. People nowadays are so used to touchscreen laptops that they naturally try to touch the screen of my macbook when I show them some graphs/ documents or something. The mac touchpad is still second to none, but who need it when you can drag and push and point and poke things directly on the screen?

  7. Cliff Gamer

    Cliff Gamer13 days ago

    Surface Pro or Surface Go

  8. Mark Herbert

    Mark Herbert14 days ago

    If I had to choose, I'd pick the Mac. What is the point of touchscreens on a *laptop*. Not a *tablet*, a *laptop*.

  9. BabylFsh

    BabylFsh29 days ago


  10. markclaydon

    markclaydonMonth ago

    Late to the game but would go with the Surface Pro - nice kit, light, uses apps that I already know, touch screen. Chrome OS still needs work, iPad Pro is just an iPad on steroids... now, if they combined an iPad Pro with a MacBook pro - a sort of iPadBookPro - then may be that would be work considering.... ;)

  11. Shee SheeMonth ago

    Buy a surface book .. Thank me later!

  12. Robert Demery

    Robert Demery3 months ago

    I've take a different route than that which I had grown accustomed. I ditched social media, don't game like I used to, and am far more serious. I don't miss too many mobile apps as most of the ones I used were tied to some social media platform. I want Google Assistant on my Dell Win10 2in1. That is really it. I don't care for just about any mobile app I've tried, Facebook to Snapchat, they all seem childish to me (no offense to anyone who enjoys them.) So my point is from the ones you showcased I'd take the Surface and I'd miss Google Assistant. I bought a Pixel 2XL for the assistant and my car runs Android Auto. So I have what I need. When I sit down to work, it's just Windows and a good keyboard. Call me old, I've heard it before. Besides my real computer has a I5 and a 1070 Ti and can run Crysis.

  13. Ryan Yang

    Ryan Yang3 months ago

    touch bar is really a stupid useless idea.

  14. Nigel Healy

    Nigel Healy3 months ago

    Wasn't this out of date already as Chromebook runs mobile apps like the iPad does? Agree that Android tablets are dying with ChromeOS doing Android.

  15. tweet2999

    tweet29993 months ago

    Q: When is a computer not a computer? A: When it's an Apple.

  16. C7

    C73 months ago

    Surface Pro all day long no questions asked.

  17. Random Person

    Random Person3 months ago

    Use bluestacks on windows then


    KURT DANIEL DABU TAGLE3 months ago

    Future: Ipad laptops Now with a camera and a flashlight!

  19. Rasmies

    Rasmies3 months ago

    I use a Surface Pro 4, I love it, but the problem is that it doesn't work with only touch so nice...

  20. White nigga

    White nigga3 months ago

    That’s a laptop not computer

  21. SimsForever

    SimsForever3 months ago

    I need my computer to run windows. I cant consider it a computer without that software. Its what am used too. I have the surface pro 6 as my second computer and thats as close to a tablet i ever want to get with my computer experience

  22. ES Design

    ES Design3 months ago

    I would say Surface Pro if I thought it would last for two years. Unfortunately to get everything done I still need to have a Windows machine. Since I wouldn't have a machine after the first year due to the battery failing, and Windows getting corrupted due to updates, I'd have to choose the Macbook Pro. After that the Pixelbook and lastly the iPad Pro, even though it's the most fun to use.

  23. SemiMono

    SemiMono3 months ago

    It's not a computer unless you can develop software on it. That's a simple "turing test", are the apps on the device capable of being used to develop themselves?

  24. Quinn Hue

    Quinn Hue3 months ago

    Also, the MTA's buses don't have bicycle racks.

  25. P. Wingert

    P. Wingert3 months ago

    One thing that seems to have been overlooked is the enterprise market. Take Toronto Dominion bank for example. They run in multiple countries with complex requirements for compliance and most other elements of their businesses (insurance, banking, investment, wealth management, real estate etc) They use at least 1200 uniquely created in house apps that they develop maintain and distribute a month their business units and external partners. These devices and changing to mobile operating systems simply will not meet the complex requirements that the custom apps often entail. I know of an app that has relied on a bug in Windows for 20 years. It was so bad that when Microsoft fixed the bug 60,000 workstations were affected and Microsoft had to create a special version of that module for distribution with in that business unit just so the program (not an app) could run properly. Until these issue can be addressed desktops, and laptops are not going anywhere nor is windows being replaced by a mobile OS. It takes years to validate a new operating system at a bank. Windows 8.1 is just finishing validation at some large enterprise operations. Windows 10 won't be ready for another 5 years at really large financial operations like chase Manhatten bank with over 500,000 devices running windows.

  26. Badr AL-Nasser

    Badr AL-Nasser3 months ago

    The MacBook Pro, but I will miss on the portability 😓

  27. BecomingIntermediate

    BecomingIntermediate3 months ago

    The ipad cant have three pieces of software open at the same time what is a computer???? I currently have 3 windows on my ipad now. 2 split screen and one floating. Come on what is a computer Dieter. Edit: F u youtube let me picture-in-picture your app what is a computer.

  28. Rohan Saxena

    Rohan Saxena3 months ago

    Pixel book

  29. ruanfernando

    ruanfernando3 months ago

    You know what the iPad Pro needs? MacOS. done, you have the future-gen computer. People keep getting "apps" wrong. You don't want tablet apps on your computer, you want full-power software.

  30. VireakDara Soun

    VireakDara Soun3 months ago

    Haha... U thought like what i think..

  31. Cookie Wookie

    Cookie Wookie3 months ago

    I would take a xps 13 2 in 1 I need a laptop but it's nice that it also works as a tablet

  32. Rohit Sharma

    Rohit Sharma4 months ago

    I need tablet with linux os

  33. Roblox and Fun

    Roblox and Fun4 months ago

    This is a computer🖥⌨️ sorry I can’t find a windows only a iMac

  34. Nilesh Ghayle

    Nilesh Ghayle4 months ago

    I'll always pick Surface Pro. Because for me what's an iPad / Pixelbook / MacBook? 😏

  35. Wyatt M

    Wyatt M4 months ago

    I've always loved Windows and I used to have a Surface Pro, currently I have a Surface Laptop but of those options I would choose the Surface Pro. I think it is wonderfully designed, runs great, has pretty good battery life, and is very reliable. If I had to say what I would miss out on, I guess I would say the UI design of Apple's devices. 🤷‍♂️

  36. saikat93ify

    saikat93ify4 months ago

    Tablets ARE computers. So are calculators. Computer doesn't just mean desktop or laptop.

  37. John Kang

    John Kang5 months ago

    Verge, did you just make a video making an excuse on Apple's ad? Why?

  38. Ben Jones

    Ben Jones5 months ago

    MacBook Pro everyday of the week.

  39. William Guenthner

    William Guenthner5 months ago

    Apps are what makes a computer useful. iOS has the most apps, despite it being a crippled OS.

  40. David Mussington

    David Mussington5 months ago

    I don’t know. I tend to take my 13 inch MacBook Pro and my iPad Pro with me everywhere. You don’t have to limit yourself to one device.

  41. Samuel Tan

    Samuel Tan5 months ago

    Definitely would go with the Surface Pro. Reason being Windows is the most computer like OS that isn't a Mac among the 3.

  42. Kinder Ferrer

    Kinder Ferrer5 months ago

    A computer runs crysis

  43. ARS

    ARS5 months ago

    Also the iPad Pro CAN run 3 apps on screen at once.

  44. ARS

    ARS5 months ago


  45. Максим Гаврищук

    Максим Гаврищук5 months ago

    I'm always try to keep my MacBook screen clean, don't see the reason in a laptop with touchscreen. Will wait for a kid with question of "What is the computer?"

  46. Clorox Bleach

    Clorox Bleach5 months ago

    Ive been using the iPad for a while now and man i do need my laptop along with it to run many things

  47. Muhammad waleed

    Muhammad waleed5 months ago

    why cant we consumers make our own?

  48. Ren M.

    Ren M.5 months ago

    Why does the iPad still use a mobile browser though???

  49. Nerv

    Nerv5 months ago

    I just want a Chromebook that's like the surface and can play the Android version of fortnite

  50. Nerv

    Nerv5 months ago

    +The Metropolis I know they exist just they can't play fortnite and it's not really a big deal since I don't really play it but a gaming Chromebook would be cool

  51. The Metropolis

    The Metropolis5 months ago

    The HP Chromebook X2?

  52. Mr. Oculus

    Mr. Oculus5 months ago

    Watching on my iPad Pro 10.5...

  53. GG 2005

    GG 20055 months ago

    It does everything I want

  54. GG 2005

    GG 20055 months ago

    It would be iPad Pro

  55. Tom Golden

    Tom Golden5 months ago

    I've had a Chromebook Pixel 2 - now I use a MacBook Pro. I used to have an iPad and grew up with a Windows laptop. MacBooks are a lot better than I ever gave them credit for. Chromebooks are super underrated though, especially with the amount of Google drive storage you get

  56. Justin Van Dyk

    Justin Van Dyk5 months ago

    I just want a Pixelbook that dual boots windows

  57. The Metropolis

    The Metropolis5 months ago

    How about a HP Spectre X360 that dual boots Linux?

  58. Daniel Palacios

    Daniel Palacios6 months ago

    I totally agree, its FRUSTRATING,. Just that, this companies invest millions and millions in their products and they haven't figured out yet Don't care if its Google, Apple, Microsoft or whatever other big brand out there, there is something always missing in their tech

  59. Nadeem Rawashdeh

    Nadeem Rawashdeh6 months ago

    MacBook and i think i would miss out on the touch screen

  60. Jack Walton

    Jack Walton6 months ago

    iPad Pro because I have one hahaha 😁😁😁💩

  61. TheRageQuittingGuy

    TheRageQuittingGuy6 months ago


  62. TheCrazyhumans

    TheCrazyhumans6 months ago

    As an engineering student I prefer a windows laptop or pc as it supports the software I use. For phones samsung and for tablets it's the ipad.

  63. Promethean Ice

    Promethean Ice6 months ago

    That was such a perfectly planned and executed video.

  64. Khushaal Choithramani

    Khushaal Choithramani6 months ago

    Definitely iPad

  65. Максим Цыба

    Максим Цыба6 months ago

    Chromebook looks like a perfect deal. What's wrong with him, that makes it not a perfect device for everyday use?

  66. Samuel Fisher

    Samuel Fisher6 months ago

    Anything that can compute is a computer. Thus meaningI am, the iPad Pro is, and the 35 year old calculator on your grandma’s desk are all computers. Fight me!

  67. PTA

    PTA6 months ago


  68. arrozmaluco

    arrozmaluco6 months ago

    1:00 giant feet Dieter

  69. isoul3

    isoul36 months ago

    Macbook Pro. Just because I can be more productive with it. I can code with it!😁 But I will definitely miss out gaming (mobile) that only iPad Pro can provide.

  70. TheAndy 06

    TheAndy 067 months ago

    Technically, the ipad does have 3 app support.

  71. Nodar Tchumbadze

    Nodar Tchumbadze7 months ago

    google pixelbook

  72. Rafael Martinez

    Rafael Martinez7 months ago

    I got the pixelbook and I got it because I am in the Google ecosystem and grew up with chromebooks. I have a Pixel phone, a TV with Chromecast built in and Google assistant support, an wear os watch, andvbeen using Google apps for years. I am in college and the thing that suck with the pixelbook is that it is difficult to connect a printer wired and that's it.

  73. Daniel Evans

    Daniel Evans7 months ago


  74. Chanon Pongpanich

    Chanon Pongpanich7 months ago

    Love this kind of philosophical approach to technology. Keep up the good work, Dieter.

  75. PLANET G

    PLANET G7 months ago

    the surface pro

  76. PLANET G

    PLANET G7 months ago

    it may be the surface pro . because you have a LAPTOP & TABLET on one device. and you just install the Google Chrome with his author apps from Google on the surface pro. but you still miss the design of the ipad because it's more portable than the surface pro.

  77. PLANET G

    PLANET G7 months ago

    it may be the surface pro . because you have a LAPTOP & TABLET on one device. and you just install the Google Chrome with his author apps from Google on the surface pro. but you still miss the design of the ipad because it's more portable than the surface pro. So the best pic ( an ipad pro have windows 10 pro and with Google apps installed.

  78. PLANET G

    PLANET G7 months ago

    it may be the surface pro . because you have a LAPTOP & TABLET on one device. well for chrome book you can just install the Google Chrome with his author apps from Google on the surface pro. but you still miss the design of the ipad because it's more portable than the surface pro. So the best pic ( an ipad pro have windows 10 pro and with Google apps installed.

  79. PLANET G

    PLANET G7 months ago

    it may be the surface pro . because you have a LAPTOP & TABLET on one device. well for chrome book you can just install the Google Chrome with his author apps from Google on the surface pro. but you still miss the design of the ipad because it's more portable than the surface pro. So the best pic ( an ipad pro have windows 10 pro and with Google apps installed.

  80. Brandon Hysell

    Brandon Hysell7 months ago

    Laptop computer

  81. Maverick Hunter K

    Maverick Hunter K7 months ago

    For me, the only downside of am iPad is that you can't format it and stuff like that. I get that it tries to be easy and friendly, but we should have the chance to choose. Plus, sometimes you NEED iTunes to restore and stuff. Other than that, the iOS interface is enough for most types of work.

  82. Buzz Bee

    Buzz Bee7 months ago

    Surface Pro - it’s versatile and works as a tablet, everything I need to do I can do on Windows (work apps such as Microsoft Office, social media browsing or watching The Verge on MReporter, and maybe even a little bit of light gaming), I can use the Surface Pen for annotating diagrams or presentations ... Though sometimes I do prefer navigating around Mac OS, but overall I can always rely on Windows and the Surface for anything I need, and whatever the situation.

  83. Cameron Taylor

    Cameron Taylor7 months ago

    I gave up my MacBook Pro for my iPad a year ago and I code, edit vid, and play mmo’s all day. Computers to my friend and I are old and unnecessary but I’m only 22 so maybe it’s just my age group that thinks that’s way.

  84. Graysid

    Graysid7 months ago

    what i wonder is if any of those computers can run good computer programs like ark survival...

  85. paige santos

    paige santos7 months ago

    Ipad pro because it is protable and i can use word on the ipad and if i do not have internet i can still work on internet bass stuff because i have a data ipad. The only thing i might miss with using a regular laptop is if i needed to use adobe photoshop or in design

  86. Farmer Jim

    Farmer Jim7 months ago

    iPad pro body and surface touch cover running windows 10.

  87. チュimoc

    チュimoc7 months ago

    The only one for next few years? Of course surface 😅

  88. Rui Fernandes

    Rui Fernandes7 months ago

    So Pro 😂 0:30

  89. BloodRider 14

    BloodRider 147 months ago

    Obviously the Surface. I just need Windows. I guess the Mac could work, but nothing else

  90. SilverTech

    SilverTech7 months ago


  91. Mozzman

    Mozzman7 months ago

    Whats an iDumb?

  92. JJ% 2018

    JJ% 20188 months ago

    I would pick the macbook pro

  93. Alex Overton

    Alex Overton8 months ago

    I'd definitely pick the Macbook Pro. Yes, I'd be missing out on Tablet features, but I really don't have a need for them. I love how my Mac works already.

  94. silentkool21

    silentkool218 months ago

    Samsung Galaxy notebook 9 pro

  95. The meme Man

    The meme Man8 months ago

    why not just make a ios/android/windows mode all in one ipad?

  96. Sarang Borude

    Sarang Borude8 months ago

    What are your thought on things like Samsung DeX? Take your phone with you, hook it up to a display and you have a window based Desktop that run off of your phone, It is still not there yet, but is it fly or die? Think of carrying your phone with you, then insert is into a laptop like formfactor and it is a laptop. Now connect it to your desktop work station and you have a desktop. I was curious to see what your thoughts are about that giving the processors in the phones keep getting powerful every year.

  97. Reese Kury

    Reese Kury8 months ago

    iPad pro

  98. Theo

    Theo8 months ago

    I would pick the surface although I would miss the IOS apps of the iPad.

  99. Shinzo's Sins

    Shinzo's Sins8 months ago

    The only one I wouldn't pick as my computer for sure is iPad. Not because of commercial. I herad of it for the very first time. But because I don't need overly expensive tablet. I need computer that gives me all the options. Not just only ones that are avalible on their sotre.

  100. Theo

    Theo8 months ago

    What’s a MReporter video?

  101. A. B. Shadow

    A. B. Shadow8 months ago

    I need a The Verge coffee mug and sticker.

  102. Sagars51

    Sagars518 months ago

    I would say all of them would do good in the future just see

  103. Muhammad Habib Khan

    Muhammad Habib Khan8 months ago

    Although Windows store lacks the vast variety of apps and games like on the App store and Play store, but I will still definitely go for Surface pro because in my personal opinion, Windows is the best for work and it's store is also getting better over time. So yeah Surface pro all the way!

  104. Alvin Yang

    Alvin Yang8 months ago

    iPad Pro is innovative and futuristic

  105. Shubham Tripathi

    Shubham Tripathi8 months ago

    Wow, this was just a bunch of generic observations thrown together. What about your own take on where computers are going & what their future is actually likely to be? IMO, every person needs 2 computers- one for portable, convenient, quick tasks & functions. And the other for hard core, high intensity computing or processing purposes. Most ppl thus use a full fledged laptop as well as a smartphone. Nobody needs, wants or cares for a tablet because it doesn't do anything extra tha both the above category of devices can't do.

  106. I.P Mahendra

    I.P Mahendra8 months ago

    I am a apple fan but I recommend surface pro