Is this a computer?


  1. The Verge

    The Verge10 days ago

    Surface Pro vs iPad Pro vs MacBook Pro vs Pixelbook: which computer would you choose to be your only computer for the next couple of years? - Dieter

  2. Tiffany Goodman

    Tiffany GoodmanDay ago

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  3. Lucas Weidner

    Lucas Weidner2 days ago

    MacBook Pro. 100%, at least for now.

  4. Madhur Arora

    Madhur Arora3 days ago

    MacBook Pro. Although it lacks touch but it's good allrounder. I just wish it gets lighter and thinner like iPad pro

  5. UnknownFilms

    UnknownFilms4 hours ago

    Clearly no one here plays games on their computer cause none of these would work at all

  6. Francis

    Francis8 hours ago

    I would choose surface pro. It may not have the best apps but it is more flexible to use. I can write on it, run legacy apps, type on it, and connect it to most if not all the peripherals out there. I will miss the great apps in IOS and the elegance of MAC OS, though.

  7. Nikhil Taneja

    Nikhil Taneja11 hours ago

    It is only a windows computer which can do MORE than iPad + MacBook + PixelBook could do COMBINED. Play games like a console, Note taking/ Entertainment/ web surfing like an iPad, Runs android apps with BlueStacks like a PixelBook and Can edit photos/ videos/ coding like a MacBook. New windows machine even have battery upto 12 hours continuous useage FYI thats more than an iPhone's continuous useage time

  8. The Cake Glutton

    The Cake Glutton12 hours ago

    Would pick the macbook or surface for the full experience. Probably the surface so I could draw as well and can even do some light gaming from my steam library (haven't touched a mobile game in 7-8 months)

  9. krishnajha samayoa

    krishnajha samayoa17 hours ago

    I pick the MacBook Pro.

  10. Vinod Reddy

    Vinod Reddy19 hours ago

    This is probably dig at Satya nadella, he mentioned ipads are not "real computers" 😀

  11. Peter Fish

    Peter Fish21 hour ago

    Instead of buying my children tablets, I'm going to spend that money on fully-featured Ubuntu laptops, using the savings to massively upgrade their chipset. While the other kids are playing flappy-bird 2020, my kids will be rendering their homebrew VR games in real time.

  12. Muhamed Ali

    Muhamed AliDay ago

    the surface pro for sure it can run steam games and other hardcore gaming it has full office and i can use it as a fully functional tablet I wish it was only cheaper

  13. Grace Ingledue

    Grace IngledueDay ago

    The Surface wins, no questions asked. Windows with its both touch and regular desktop interfaces blows everything else out of the water. Mac isn't open enough, Chrome apps aren't versatile enough, and the iPad is running a mobile OS.

  14. Ymi_Yugy

    Ymi_YugyDay ago

    why does non of these visions include any kind kf freedom? They all feel like thightly controlled kindergardens. And I am nit even talking linux level of fredom, though chrome os is build on top of the linux kernel. want to change the default ui. you are out of luck. even android allowed that. moreover they are very limited tk what they can do either by computing power and or the operating system. 3d animation, coding, more or less professional video editing, gaming. none of them can really deliver.

  15. Matt Clapham

    Matt ClaphamDay ago

    I like each one, if I had to choose only one I'd go for the Surface. I have Stockholm Syndrome for MSFT 😱

  16. Daniil Kharkov

    Daniil KharkovDay ago

    Raspberry Pi

  17. PiXElAuth !

    PiXElAuth !Day ago

    iOS in iPad is like an immature baby sitter baby sitting a mature one

  18. NoobaGutt

    NoobaGuttDay ago

    whats a computer?

  19. doubledoubleandfries

    doubledoubleandfriesDay ago

    Sold my MacBook Pro and have been using an iPad Pro and Samsung DeX. So far haven't ran into to many issues. 👍

  20. Eric Radcliff

    Eric RadcliffDay ago


  21. Mohd Azrul Tarmizi

    Mohd Azrul TarmiziDay ago

    Damn, I want those Verge stickers

  22. Renato Pires

    Renato PiresDay ago

    MacBook pro, I would miss taking notes with a stylus but other than that couldn't care less hahaha

  23. Luís Guilherme Bergamini Mendes

    Luís Guilherme Bergamini MendesDay ago

    A computer is a piece of electronics that follows the Von Neumann architecture

  24. Pratik Madrecha

    Pratik Madrecha2 days ago

    Device: MacBook Pro Weak Point: Touch Screen, apps

  25. Isma-eel Fakir

    Isma-eel Fakir2 days ago

    It’s an IPad .

  26. Pablo Arias Máiz

    Pablo Arias Máiz2 days ago

    As a lonely computer, I´d pick the surface any day. I need to get things done and windows still has the best software library available. I´d really miss on media consumtion though, but for that you can always rely on a smartphone.

  27. Random Guy

    Random Guy2 days ago

    why do we have to decide, they can happily coexist

  28. Yasser Jocom

    Yasser Jocom2 days ago

    i like the way you precent your ideas . SUBSCRIBE :)

  29. Gianluca Tiengo

    Gianluca Tiengo2 days ago

    Imperfections are a marketing choise! New chipset allow to Imagine an iPad pro running osx or a right mix of iOS and osx ... But the choise is that you Need to buy an iPad and a MacBook ... But this is Just an example!

  30. Ben Emery

    Ben Emery2 days ago

    I don’t disagree Apple needs to fix its notifications. It’s bad. iOS 11’s might be the worst iteration. I think, if I may request, is for The Verge to do a report with some devs giving better solutions. Mock-ups if you will. I’d love to hear what the perfect hypothetical notification scenario is, because what iOS delivers concurrently isn’t it.

  31. Phillip Marshall

    Phillip Marshall2 days ago


  32. Lemuel James

    Lemuel James3 days ago

    Fortunately for me all the apps I need are already on the iPad. Final draft for my screenwriting, MReporter, twitter, facebook. And the Apple Pencil is great for taking notes when I'm at work. I don't have access to legacy apps, but I don't really need to either.

  33. jack dalisa

    jack dalisa3 days ago

    id pick the I pad pro. Its obvious apple is trying to kill the Mac, and I get more then twice as much done on a Mac then a windows machine. There is something about the way apple designs things that is common sense to me but maybe not everyone. Maybe a Mac could streamline it even more. I would need a better discord app and torrent client though. I also would miss all my steam games I never play ;)

  34. Daniel Chaitkin

    Daniel Chaitkin3 days ago

    The iPad Pro can Multitask 3 apps at once, quit lying 🤥 boi

  35. Vamsi Mohan Krishna Vadrevu

    Vamsi Mohan Krishna Vadrevu3 days ago

    I'd like a macbook pro as my only computer... Because its a full OS...

  36. Johan Johansson

    Johan Johansson3 days ago

    What makes Ipad "not" worthy the title of a Computer is the same as It's inventor told us 8 years ago. We don't concider our phones a "computer" it's a phone. we dont call our PC or MAC for phones (you can use them to make phonecalls). The iPad was a device that was right between these two devices Phones and Computers. Steve Jobs also said that Software on a phone is like baby software. Thats the point. It can "sort of" do the job a Computer can. Ipad runs photoshop. But MAC and PC run "the real photoshop" Ipad version is just a baby version. The Surface line run the same windows as the most extreme PC bnuyers can build. The Macbook runs the same version of OSX as the MAC PRO. This is what makes people angry about calling ipad a Computer It's not "worthy" of that title, just like a Aixam Coupe S is not a car it's a quadricycle with a topspeed of 28mph thas is alowed to be driven by teenagers with Moped license. Theoreticly Ipad is a Computer, so is things like Gameboy, Android weare, Applewathc, Ti 86 calculator, almost all cars from 2010. Does we concider any of this devices computers? NO. The first Ipads couldn't even be started without a PC or mac to sync with itunes, you still have to use Itunes to move things from the ipad. When the iPad pro is connected to a mac, the ipad is the slave. Same thing goes for the Surface PRO.

  37. Siddhant Rath

    Siddhant Rath3 days ago

    Surface pro bridges the gap between present and future. Maybe the world is not prepared for the future that Apple wants

  38. Nenmeet Singh

    Nenmeet Singh3 days ago

    If I have to pick one, it will definately be surface pro. I am a business man so I need Excel with VBA macros and an SQL database. Chrome OS, Android and iOS have Excel but no VBA and well SQL databases on these platforms suck. Further, i am hobby photographer and I need Photoshop. The Photoshop on iOS and Android is still not there yet. The biggest caveat I have with iOS and Android is that I am limited to the respective app stores. With windows, you are open to buy software from millions of software companies and install them on your computer directly. For some this freedom is daunting but I honestly love it. With Chrome OS, web apps are still not as powerful as the mainstream desktop apps. However, I still believe web apps are the future!

  39. Jojo Attias

    Jojo Attias3 days ago

    Out of these four? For sure the Macbook pro. Just install a couple VMs and you got yourself an Apple laptop, a windows machine, and an Android experience all in one

  40. Utkarsh Singh

    Utkarsh Singh3 days ago

    Surface pro. More legacy oriented with a modern look and feel. Also love its pen integration.

  41. Yogesh Prajapati

    Yogesh Prajapati3 days ago

    I want to wait and see how MS is oing to use his graph and new privacy law in windows to evolve microtrageting of users and give the information that they want, Google has done well here and it's getting evolving every year.

  42. H67G54C62

    H67G54C623 days ago

    Surface Pro. Why? It's a computer.

  43. David Thompson

    David Thompson3 days ago

    Well for me it is the Surface Book I have had it for about a year and I dont think I am missing out on anything the only complaint I might have is that I can not just take the tablet with me with a surface pro style keyboard case that would be nice. But honestly I love it

  44. Mason Miller

    Mason Miller3 days ago

    I use the 2015 dell XPS 15 and i think that’s the best laptop around

  45. José Javier Velasco

    José Javier Velasco3 days ago

    I love the iPad, never had a Chromebook, but I prefer a normal laptop (with Windows, MacOs or Linux). But, that's 'cause it fits my needs better.

  46. Jerome Gabriele

    Jerome Gabriele3 days ago

    I'd say Pixelbook, because I haven't had the need for legacy apps for a while, and because I'm used to the Android ecosystem. Also, I want to try out Chrome OS, and see it evolve (until Fuchsia comes along). As far as what I'd miss out on, well maybe the legacy apps, but, again, I haven't been using any. Maybe Sims, but it's better if I don't play it, because I need to be a responsible adult.

  47. Linda Hanger

    Linda Hanger3 days ago

    Cloudready by Neverware has this Chrome option on some Intel devices with Windows but are talking about discontinuing it due to Windows 10 updates corrupting the system.

  48. Linda Hanger

    Linda Hanger3 days ago

    Apple needs to make a device that can dual boot in Mac os and IOS with a touch screen 2 in one

  49. Anton Sebastian

    Anton Sebastian3 days ago

    I would pick the Surface pro, because of how we need the Windows ecosystem as a student.

  50. Kevin Chiu

    Kevin Chiu3 days ago

    Macbook Pro. Miss out on nothing.

  51. stan kidofu

    stan kidofu3 days ago

    hey guys, you know this add you all hate? i LOVE it! *big smug arrogant troll smile* wow, youre really in touch with end users and have really relevant commentary for us! NOT! lol

  52. nrowe99

    nrowe993 days ago

    MacBook Pro. Touch bar is a gimmick but macOS is great and nothing beats the clamshell form factor.

  53. Darren Woloshyn

    Darren Woloshyn3 days ago

    The Windows surface. I would pick the iPad but it can’t run full desktop versions of apps

  54. tycinis

    tycinis4 days ago

    Surface pro all the way , the only tablet who can drive a 43" display @4k60fps via mini display port.

  55. FE59FE59

    FE59FE594 days ago

    If I had the money, I would buy the Surface Pro (8GB 256GB). I know, the lack of apps is a pain, but therefore I can then use my phone that has the apps. I tried the MacBook, I really love their GUI, even more that the one from Windows, but I'm missing some simple things that made me switch back. In case I want the Google apps, I just use Chrome!

  56. nattyphysicist

    nattyphysicist4 days ago

    What is computing?

  57. Mr40BlkMan

    Mr40BlkMan4 days ago

    Surface Pro. Period. This video is as ANNOYING as that Apple commercial...and those Apple "magical" bs commercials. 🙄🤔🤬

  58. Zelop

    Zelop4 days ago

    Definitely Dells XPS 15 (2017)

  59. Zelop

    Zelop4 days ago

    And I still use Windows 7 on my Desktop PC....

  60. Mizosoop

    Mizosoop4 days ago

    I want either a new Macbook Pro or the iPad Pro with a keyboard and pencil. My MBP's screen is cracked, so it's hooked up to this external monitor and is no longer portable. I love my iPad Mini 4, but it's small. I am now trying to choose between an iPad Pro and a Macbook Pro, 'cuz I really am all about Apple. I wish they would seriously upgrade the Air. I don't want to buy an outdated computer, no matter how cool and light it is. Lol.

  61. Sandro G.

    Sandro G.4 days ago

    I'd pick the Pixelbook, I owned a Macbook in the past and i have an ipad mini 4, but right now for what I do a chromebook is all the computer I need at the moment. I don't play PC games i have an XB1 for gaming, I don't do any video editing or picture editing or music. But that's most consumers, so if your ingrained in a certain ecosystem I think that is going to be the deciding factor for most people.

  62. Jordan Vasquez

    Jordan Vasquez4 days ago

    Easy, pixelbook

  63. Lord baal

    Lord baal4 days ago

    According to Wikipedia, "A computer is a device that can be instructed to carry out sequences of arithmetic or logical operations automatically. Modern computers have the ability to follow generalized sets of operations, called programs. These programs enable computers to perform an extremely wide range of tasks."

  64. justaholyfool

    justaholyfool5 days ago

    The answer is 3D Holographics technology.

  65. Thom Martinez

    Thom Martinez5 days ago

    Which to use? My needs aren't driven by OS preference, it's storage and access to that storage. Storage is cheap but not on a tablet. Unfortunately Tablets don't have much local storage and access to cloud based storage isn't ubiquitous, yet. Offline / Online?. I agree that a touchscreen is a non negotiable, as is a keyboard. I have owned a computing device since 1980 and screen quality and storage have, almost, always been an issue, not input. Consequently, today I have a Windows work station (8tb), Yoga 2 Pro (1tb), iPad (512), Android tablet. Devices seem to be designed for work or consumption but rarely both. One device still won't do it all, but for work a desktop still always does the job

  66. wildreams

    wildreams5 days ago

    People hate that line because it is condescending. Of course she knows what a computer is (where it not the iPad can actually replace the PC/Laptops is irrelevant).

  67. Julien Brundrett

    Julien Brundrett5 days ago

    As a developer having a full desktop operating system is a requirement. I love my MacBook, the lack of touch screen is kinda dumb but I don't really care much since the trackpad is so good. You could almost make things work on a chrome book or ios device, just working mostly on a remote server. But the convenience of having a local machine that can run whatever code I need natively is huge. Also I agree, windows are invaluable, especially once you start working on more than one screen.

  68. Timothy Whitehead

    Timothy Whitehead5 days ago

    Easy. Surface Pro or better still a Surface Book. I haven't tried a Pixelbook, but have used several Chromebooks and they suck. And talk about unreliable. My daughter has to have one for school and EVERY kid has gone through at least 2 in less than 2 years. iPad Pro, the full size one, I'd like as a mobile device, but not as a "my-only-one" computer ... until Apple starts playing nice with EVERYONE else. As a feat of engineering every Windows PC is 100 times any apple product. Imagine where we'd be if Microsoft had said, "Oh, and you can only use one cpu, and one graphics card, and one disk, and one screen ... oh and only if you buy it all from us."

  69. Privileged White Male

    Privileged White Male5 days ago

    A physical keyboard will always be faster than a touch screen keyboard. Whatever they do in the future it has to stay with a proper clamshell design and a physical keyboard. This is why I'm not considering an ipad or a surface.

  70. Zoe Hudson

    Zoe Hudson5 days ago

    create athletic lucky possess weak specifically community oil media promote.

  71. JD Licoski

    JD Licoski5 days ago

    I have an iPad Pro 10.5, but I also have a Surface Book. I have the iPad because it is pretty much the best tablet you can get, and I use it as a tablet (ie no keyboard). My Surface Book is for the idea that I already have a tablet, so I need something that is laptop first. The macbook is the least evolved.

  72. Andrew Lee

    Andrew Lee5 days ago

    My choice will be Surface Pro and I typed this from Surface Pro 4 with dock and monitor/keyboard/mouse. :)

  73. twertygo

    twertygo6 days ago

    I think the reason "what's a computer?" enrages so many people, is because it portrays the next generation as ignorant with no knowledge of how things used to be. You see it all the times on the internet, that this behaviour makes people angry. And I think the reason why this is the case is because it tells you that all your experiences are forgotten and that makes you feel like a part of your identity gets stolen or being ignored, i.e. what you are doesn't matter and that gets people angry.

  74. zackcraft

    zackcraft6 days ago

    I have the answer: It's a Windows laptop!!!

  75. Victor Muthoka

    Victor Muthoka6 days ago

    Super consise 👏👏👏. I figured what I needed years ago & picked the iPad for it. It's does 95% of what I need & I'll only be missing creating graphically-detailed presentations coz let's face it, all iPad presentation apps are dookie. iPad it is for me as the main driver.

  76. Yonathan Zarkovian

    Yonathan Zarkovian6 days ago

    Surface Pro-like devices (I use a Galaxy Book) are great, until you need lots of processing power. I use one in class as a notebook with a Staedtler Noris Digital pen - it's great and one by one people in my class are getting their own Surface-like devices.

  77. Joyy

    Joyy6 days ago

    I’d go wth the surface pro.

  78. Ankit Kumar

    Ankit Kumar6 days ago

    Surface pro

  79. Tresna Soaduon Mulatua Napitupulu

    Tresna Soaduon Mulatua Napitupulu6 days ago

    ipad pro + smart keyboard vs macbook air? i have both but i would prefer macbook air..

  80. Les Martin

    Les Martin6 days ago

    The guy who hates everything loves that commercial....

  81. Allen S

    Allen S6 days ago

    iPad Pro. I am missing a real keyboard for now. But I'm not missing much because besides my video editing I havent really used my iMac unless it's to watch videos. It's why I bought an iPad Pro instead of a new computer.

  82. Владимир Пименов

    Владимир Пименов6 days ago

    Surface PRO - is the king! Using it about 4 years (pro3 then pro4)

  83. foxroano9t

    foxroano9t6 days ago

    What's a subscribe button?

  84. foxroano9t

    foxroano9t6 days ago

    SHE KNOWS DAMN WELL WHAT A COMPUTER IS DON'T TRY TO ACT DUMB. Its like asking "What kind of sandwhich are you eating?" And she saids "Whats a sandwhich?"

  85. David Alekhuogie

    David Alekhuogie6 days ago

    I’d pick the MacBook Pro out of pure necessity. The minute final cut and full adobe products come to iPads, I’m done with laptops. Also I need some kind of flexible high speed I/o. Like dual thunderbolt 3 or something. lighting ports are silly.

  86. Hyden Polikoff

    Hyden Polikoff6 days ago

    As always, the answer is... it depends😂

  87. Marlon Fraser

    Marlon Fraser6 days ago

    Surface Pro

  88. M R L I U K A N G O

    M R L I U K A N G O6 days ago

    Is this a joke?

  89. Liran Piade

    Liran Piade6 days ago

    "the iPad pro runs mobile apps" Ummm... The pixelbook runs mobile apps too. In windows. Why are you saying that only the iPad Pro does that?

  90. ACE112ACE112

    ACE112ACE1127 days ago

    Can it run Crysis?

  91. ACE112ACE112

    ACE112ACE1127 days ago

    Windows 10 auto updates suck! update to slow up your pc

  92. ACE112ACE112

    ACE112ACE1127 days ago

    f keys > touchbar

  93. Tech

    Tech7 days ago

    All those stickers on the devices drive me nuts!

  94. Matthew Cho

    Matthew Cho7 days ago

    Umm. Why do you make surface's app to be its limiting factor? If anything, it should be its strength. I use all 4 platforms. I never considered app to be sp's weakness.

  95. cattigereyes1

    cattigereyes17 days ago

    The laptop manufacturers thinned down to much! I like my older 17 inch laptop! Windows now wants to be Apple iOS! Ick I own a iPad and it could never Replace my laptop! Impossible! Printing from my iPad to my HP printer/fax/scanner is a nightmare!

  96. Noah S

    Noah S7 days ago

    Is it an electronic that can process and store information? Then yes. It is a computer.

  97. VenoStuff

    VenoStuff7 days ago

    Probably MacBook or Surface…

  98. Gladys Pallo

    Gladys Pallo7 days ago

    Central Processing Unit CPU. Bytes hardware sosftware And me?!

  99. Andrew Farkas

    Andrew Farkas7 days ago

    A computer is a thing that has an interface and performs any task using an input (digital or physical) Also, I like the pixelbook

  100. TheEpere15

    TheEpere157 days ago

    People don't like the line because they don't like being old

  101. Falcon Heavy

    Falcon Heavy7 days ago

    She doesnt know what a computer is because shes using a craptop

  102. Peter William

    Peter William7 days ago

    I will take surface pro. Simply because it's windows. Every application I do in my Office (ACCOUNTANT office) requires windows. Plus I believe it's more productive than any other OS. Moreover Every executable program out there has windows version of it which might not be the case in Chrome Os or even IOS. Minus... I really don't have much of minus- iOS devices are really good material and finish. Google os are fast and simple That's it surface gives a lot more than any other device I believe.

  103. Vander Pwinkins

    Vander Pwinkins7 days ago

    Get the surface pro, put a distro if Linux on it.