Is The Galaxy Note 9 The Best Smartphone of 2018?


  1. Unbox Therapy

    Unbox Therapy11 months ago

    dbrand -

  2. fragmentshd

    fragmentshd7 days ago

    @Folorunso Daniel no. It just makes you look like an ass, good try

  3. Folorunso Daniel

    Folorunso Daniel7 days ago

    If I left you a note and I wrote 9 on it, does that make it note 9?

  4. fragmentshd

    fragmentshd2 months ago

    Finally someone else confused about the ALL DAY quote. I thought i was the only one

  5. Loida Gabriel

    Loida GabrielDay ago

    I have the holy words to say it.... IM WATCHING ON MY SAMSUNG NOTE 9

  6. LittleMiss Rasyidah

    LittleMiss Rasyidah2 days ago

    My note 3 is still working.

  7. spencer nuzzi

    spencer nuzzi3 days ago

    I am watching this on my iphone 5. But i have a note 9 right besides me.

  8. axshxn

    axshxn4 days ago

    Hey guys, which color is better for note9? Blue or black?

  9. Sourav Datta

    Sourav Datta5 days ago

    Pixel 4 πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

  10. M Mugi

    M Mugi8 days ago

    I'm watching this on my Note 9

  11. cool.anime.vibes. AMV

    cool.anime.vibes. AMV10 days ago

    Watching on my note 8

  12. Pigzilla

    Pigzilla12 days ago

    Ocean blue or black. Which one should I choose!?!?

  13. Vinyl Monkey

    Vinyl Monkey13 days ago

    should i get this in july 2019? i can get some good contract deals??? Tempted

  14. Delaxan Krishnapavan

    Delaxan Krishnapavan14 days ago

    The best Samsung phone is the Samsung Galaxy Xs max

  15. Kevin Albert

    Kevin Albert16 days ago

    Just bought a white note 9 for 495$

  16. Kaneki Ken

    Kaneki Ken18 days ago

    The phone is great but.. The iris scanner is not very fast and also the fingerprint scanner is not that fast as you get on midrangers or oneplus. I have a 512 gb and exynos version. I dont mind battery at all but i sometimes think that it could have been better if it had 845 SD. But still this phone gives you more than what other phones cannot give like Apple's

  17. Tara Karimi

    Tara Karimi18 days ago

    i love this i wish i can buy one 😭

  18. Very Vennie

    Very Vennie20 days ago

    With the back finger sensor is it hard to open your phone without picking it up?

  19. Player_Illuminati

    Player_Illuminati18 days ago

    you can use face id or iris scan

  20. md arman

    md arman22 days ago

    Plz help me unable to during call how to solve my phone galaxy note 9 this is not good πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

  21. Kevin Ω‹

    Kevin Ω‹23 days ago

    1:27 πŸ’€πŸ˜‚

  22. Voork

    Voork23 days ago

    I have used iPhones my whole life after watching this definitely changing

  23. ideastoragedb

    ideastoragedb24 days ago

    How does the camera hold up to the Galaxy S6? I can't find an answer to that question.

  24. Yahia App Do

    Yahia App Do25 days ago

    LG Stylo 4 is a budget phone with the same features!

  25. Xperience Gaming

    Xperience Gaming24 days ago

    with snapdragon 450??? man... you are so old school!

  26. FilmGuy

    FilmGuyMonth ago

    IF they ever get rid of the s pen I will fall apart, i think its the main selling point of the phone for me

  27. Ben Rosenthal

    Ben RosenthalMonth ago

    Right now in the Netherlands it costs 650 euros for a brand new Galaxy Note 9. That's getting cheap and it'll probably drop more when the note 10 is released.

  28. Suresh Steven

    Suresh StevenMonth ago

    Note 9 price is dropping pretty rapidly. I got it for bout 750 bucks. I double checked it with samsung and its a genuine one. But i'm quite shocked with the camera quality, it's quite bad and the reviews says its great. So im wondering if samsung secretly cutting corners replacing its camera with a cheaper lower quality camera in order to bring down the price of the phone? Anyone know this?

  29. Ash Shah

    Ash ShahMonth ago

    A nice Bluetooth control pad to go with the games would be nice

  30. koneko23

    koneko23Month ago

    I paid more for an electronic wind instrument and it has less features. I justify this purchase.

  31. Farrukh Hashmi

    Farrukh HashmiMonth ago

    Is the Galaxy Note 9 will be the best smart phone of 2k19? Say yesπŸ‘

  32. David Wilde

    David Wilde21 day ago


  33. Parker Wilkins

    Parker WilkinsMonth ago

    @koneko23 get s10 5g ir s10plus

  34. Farrukh Hashmi

    Farrukh HashmiMonth ago

    @koneko23 πŸ˜‰

  35. koneko23

    koneko23Month ago

    Only because the Note 10 won't have a headphone jack. lol

  36. Ridwaan Ebrahim

    Ridwaan EbrahimMonth ago

    Where are the Covers from??

  37. Ricky Mchine

    Ricky MchineMonth ago

    Who could afford a $1000 now days

  38. Necro Orcen

    Necro OrcenMonth ago

    You can find it unlocked for $450 on Swappa

  39. Alyssa Rodriguez

    Alyssa RodriguezMonth ago

    Still loving my note 8πŸ™Œβ€

  40. Skooky From The Future/Autism/Autistic

    Skooky From The Future/Autism/AutisticMonth ago


  41. alex wintermeyer

    alex wintermeyerMonth ago

    Today in Israel iPhone xs max 64gb retails for $1450, and the note 9 less than a year after launch sells for $600. I'm buying it today.

  42. Thwee Htoo

    Thwee HtooMonth ago

    Hello from note 1

  43. Tejas Virat

    Tejas ViratMonth ago

    Is it dual volte

  44. Yung Fleshlight

    Yung FleshlightMonth ago

    Samsung makes an expensive phone Apple: Hold my beer

  45. Parker Wilkins

    Parker WilkinsMonth ago

    $1000 really isn't that bad of a price.

  46. T34 Tank

    T34 TankMonth ago

    Samsung: *makes a phone* Apple: *steal design and make it expensive* Samsung: am i a joke to you

  47. B B

    B BMonth ago

    Never , iphone its the best phone ever made.

  48. Anindo oni

    Anindo oniMonth ago

    Sound track πŸ”₯

  49. Bill Overbeck

    Bill OverbeckMonth ago

    Awesome for us illustrators. I've got one

  50. chee sing

    chee singMonth ago

    Considering to get a second Note 9 for myself, first one bought for my spouse. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‹

  51. Mdashik Nibir

    Mdashik NibirMonth ago


  52. stormy_ succubus

    stormy_ succubusMonth ago

    Hey I'm an amateur model. I can tell you this was absolutely made for models. It made my job 10 times easier. It's a phone I would recommend it to all models it makes taking photos easier, has better quality camera, got good video quality, makes it easy to access all work related apps , good for editing, and drawing. They probably didn't market it towards us fully because who wants to openly support porn ?

  53. OneHit OneKill

    OneHit OneKillMonth ago

    I wonder how many phone does he have

  54. Vicente Walbaum

    Vicente WalbaumMonth ago

    I think it's Pixel 3 and mate 20 pro


    FLICKPASSMonth ago

    Samsung S4 all the Way!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Susrit Jung Basnet

    Susrit Jung BasnetMonth ago

    Yes , Off course best of 2019 as well...I am in love with Samsung

  57. Fun Time

    Fun TimeMonth ago

    Me too!!!

  58. Gregory Harvard

    Gregory HarvardMonth ago

    I got mine recently and I love it! I can deal with it for now and upgrade later on. I'm sticking to getting the note phones now.

  59. dyllen1907

    dyllen1907Month ago

    I'm watching this on my Note 9. Got it on the launch date. πŸ‘

  60. Verrat

    Verrat2 months ago

    i bought my samsung galaxy s9+ 256gb titanium grey for Β£500, only difference with this and note 9 is the spen and the battery life, thats all. i dont see myself using the spen and i wont pay over Β£150 for just 500mah extra, the s9+ has fast charger anyway. So in my opinion the s9+ is the best phone of 2018 and still one of the best phones even in 2019.

  61. Yasaki Kondo

    Yasaki Kondo2 months ago

    for me the best phone is an emulator for pc :)

  62. My Megazine

    My Megazine2 months ago

    On my note 9 ,I am not watching this video.

  63. Mia

    Mia2 months ago

    And now you can buy this beast for $550 πŸ™Œ

  64. Lokk j

    Lokk jMonth ago