Is RICE The Best Way To Save A Wet Phone?


  1. Ally

    Ally19 hours ago

    Did she eat uncooked riced?

  2. Joyaastu Mandal

    Joyaastu Mandal21 hour ago

    Can you make a type of ink which changes colour?

  3. DudeIgueSs_Lol07

    DudeIgueSs_Lol07Day ago

    *thats a lot of damage*

  4. Jentry D

    Jentry DDay ago

    M and my sister also got a kiwi co subscription for Christmas

  5. Erika Alecsandru

    Erika AlecsandruDay ago

    Try and put sparkling water in a vacuum chamber and see if you can turn it in to still water

  6. Amy Friedman

    Amy Friedman2 days ago

    I went to drop my phone in the toilet it was gross haha Anyone else ever do that

  7. Talon Tumback

    Talon Tumback2 days ago

    What happens if you put water in a vacuum chamber???

  8. joelhoon1707

    joelhoon1707Day ago

    dries up

  9. joelhoon1707

    joelhoon1707Day ago

    dries up

  10. David Behrens

    David Behrens2 days ago

    10:25 Calli: Forgets How To Talk"

  11. Hobnob

    Hobnob2 days ago

    you should have done a control test too, another wet phone just air dry.

  12. D Fro

    D Fro2 days ago

    can you try boiling water in the vacuum chamber then take it out and try to boil an egg

  13. rana juned siddiqui

    rana juned siddiqui2 days ago

    9:30 she eats raw rice

  14. joelhoon1707

    joelhoon1707Day ago


  15. Shadowreaper50

    Shadowreaper502 days ago

    It helps if you take the battery out guys. I also put it in the rice and I put it on the dash of my car. The sun will heat up my car and that seems to help take the moisture out. I've saved 3 phones like this. Admittedly none of them were this walmart super phone, but they were saved.

  16. Josh Collazo

    Josh Collazo3 days ago

    If u drop your phone in water turn the oven on at 200 wrap your phone in a towel or shirt and put it on top of the stove for about 20 minutes with the battery out and it will work 100%i have done it before

  17. Bradley Whais

    Bradley Whais3 days ago

    This might be more inefficient than heat...

  18. Nathan Navarro

    Nathan Navarro3 days ago

    Thats the phone i watched this on

  19. Random Shenanigans

    Random Shenanigans3 days ago

    They should investigate why warm air drys faster than cold

  20. #gemeinde4ever

    #gemeinde4ever3 days ago

    the phone is waterproof?! 😂😂 lmao

  21. Group Boy

    Group Boy3 days ago


  22. ComputerNerdInside

    ComputerNerdInside3 days ago

    Best way I’ve thought to save a wet phone is, silica packets. Those little “do not eat” packets that come with shoes and such, collect them in a zip-lock bag. Seems to work the best, without any residue that rice may leave. I’m sure you can also order the packets if you don’t wanna wait to collect several.

  23. Rendell Schulthies

    Rendell Schulthies3 days ago

    Broken things GET A Hammer

  24. Rendell Schulthies

    Rendell Schulthies4 days ago

    Can you drink the water after you use it in a vacuum

  25. Travis Lansing

    Travis Lansing4 days ago

    i got both of those kits

  26. Daniel McLaughlin

    Daniel McLaughlin4 days ago

    My phone is more awesome than I knew...

  27. demetra zigenis

    demetra zigenis4 days ago

    i have both the spin art thing and the claw hand from kiwi

  28. Boyprien Girlpriend

    Boyprien Girlpriend4 days ago

    I'd like to see this again, but put drying salts in the bottom.

  29. art_ and_lee

    art_ and_lee4 days ago

    Could you cook food in a vacuum chamber.

  30. Jonn

    Jonn4 days ago

    It's not the rice, it's the anti-stick coating on the rice. Also, you needed a third phone as a control experiment.

  31. Wyvrenne MacDaniels

    Wyvrenne MacDaniels4 days ago

    Can you boil ramen noodles with a vacuum

  32. 정진배

    정진배4 days ago

    3:55 check the backround 😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢

  33. Aidan Glendenning

    Aidan Glendenning4 days ago

    Why eat rice?

  34. Harsh Dinani

    Harsh Dinani4 days ago


  35. Medroff

    Medroff5 days ago

    Was that Phil Swift on the fridge?😂😂😂

  36. TheLoneCabbage

    TheLoneCabbage5 days ago

    If you get your phone wet, absolutely do not start pressing buttons to see if it's okay. Take the battery out, clean off any excess water, and let it dry completely before checking it.

  37. Bio Wolf

    Bio Wolf5 days ago

    You guys should try making Mac and cheese in the vacuum chamber.

  38. Davidtay YT

    Davidtay YT5 days ago

    can vacuum chamber make popcorn? and what will happend if you put meat in vacuum chamber??

  39. sonal patel

    sonal patel5 days ago


  40. Shaun Van Staden

    Shaun Van Staden5 days ago

    What will happen when you freeze dry a wet shirt

  41. Shreeshree 345

    Shreeshree 3455 days ago

    Tell me why me and Nate literally did the same thing😤 it’s so sad to put your hand in a washing machine and find your phone😔

  42. Joseph Hull

    Joseph Hull5 days ago

    Rice and het work

  43. TheFrostDrake

    TheFrostDrake6 days ago

    Why not just put a wet phone in front of a dehumidifier

  44. Karl S. Kruse

    Karl S. Kruse6 days ago

    lol i have tcl phone

  45. Danielle Cantrell

    Danielle Cantrell6 days ago

    For some reason I’m loving their intro diversity. Anyone else notice their intros aren’t always the same or am I not watching them in order? 😂

  46. pepon from space

    pepon from space6 days ago

    What I learned from this video: Walmart phones arnt that bad in quality

  47. Maui Islander

    Maui Islander6 days ago

    You have to fully submerge your phone in the rice in order for your phone to functionally work properly


    BILLY BOB JOE6 days ago


  49. secretagb

    secretagb6 days ago

    So just a heads up, the first step after discovery of a phone or other electronic device falling in water or becoming heavily splashed etc, is to remove the battery!!! I cannot stress enough that power should be removed from the device ASAP. Then you can proceed with efforts to dry out the innards.

  50. clean beat

    clean beat6 days ago

    Can you make rice in a vacuum chamber?

  51. STRS

    STRS6 days ago

    I answer before I even watch the video and say that, No rice is not the best option but it is the fastest, always accessible and cheapest for anyone that doesn't have the tools and know how to save his phone. Thus it is the best first action!

  52. Rachelle Moore

    Rachelle Moore6 days ago

    can you heat up glass

  53. SpyerSecol 001

    SpyerSecol 0016 days ago

    Stick the phone in the microwave for 5 minutes. All dry now...... :(

  54. Cam Nely

    Cam Nely6 days ago

    Me and my dad made that same claw, but with cardboard. An the syringes leaked... but it still worked!

  55. Tristin Church

    Tristin Church6 days ago

    If the water is boiling in a vacuum chamber, does that mean its hot?

  56. Brett

    Brett6 days ago

    How about a wet phone in the freeze dryer?

  57. Madison Sims

    Madison Sims6 days ago

    Try freeze drying makeup plez

  58. Zxc cxZ

    Zxc cxZ6 days ago

    Put it on rice by days not minutes

  59. Randy DePuy

    Randy DePuy6 days ago

    Crystal Kittie litter

  60. David Ortiz

    David Ortiz6 days ago

    Could you cook pasta inside of a vacuum chamber because it boils water!!

  61. Steve Alex

    Steve Alex6 days ago

    Calli: HOORAY we broke stuff Techrax: hold my broken iphones

  62. Laxmi Prasad Maharjan

    Laxmi Prasad Maharjan6 days ago

    Who saw Calli sneaking rice...?😁

  63. Alpha Omega

    Alpha Omega6 days ago

    Try use tea 🍵 leafs🍃