Is McDonald's Garlic White Cheddar Burger Really That Bad?


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    Anthony rod26 days ago

    +kitty c aha

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    Daniel AllenMonth ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek love you bro

  4. Arked Thrive

    Arked Thrive3 months ago

    "We might have our, standard chicken nuggets. But the superior chicken nugget... is the 40 count."

  5. MaLiA JoNeS

    MaLiA JoNeS6 months ago

    I love you. Reply to me

  6. Magneticitist

    Magneticitist7 months ago

    "That tomato didn't deserve to be on this sandwich" lmao

  7. Fam Ham

    Fam Ham15 hours ago

    FoOod REVIEW!

  8. Buckheimer

    BuckheimerDay ago

    Reviewbrah: *Loosens tie* Me: SMITE ME ALMIGHTY


    SAMURXAIDay ago

    5:14 when I woke up at someone else's house in different clothes after a long night of beer pong and 4 solo cups of Jose Quervo.

  10. Sensei Cincryza

    Sensei CincryzaDay ago

    5:15 when drama comes my way😂

  11. Jay Brown

    Jay BrownDay ago

    *Ronny McD has left the chat*

  12. Mark Probasco

    Mark Probasco2 days ago

    Am I really the only one that can't get over how long his fingernails are?

  13. Mark Probasco

    Mark Probasco2 days ago

    Besides that.... He seems like a nice guy.

  14. Arock

    Arock2 days ago

    5:13 when you’re in bed and forgot you had homework

  15. Victor Ortiz

    Victor Ortiz2 days ago

    Nice videos I saw 3 today first time I ever see you on MReporter, love the honesty about how some food is just badly prepared, look forward to some more review!

  16. Jeremy Wilson

    Jeremy Wilson3 days ago

    “That tomato deserved to be in a better place” There’s always a gem like this in these reviews

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  18. Agustín Ortega

    Agustín Ortega4 days ago

    Reviewbrah should have appeared on the 2018 yt rewind

  19. Chaoswolve66

    Chaoswolve664 days ago

    You really think thats cheese on your burger? hell, you think thats real meat? P.S. Mcdonalds is famous for their GMO Tomato's

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  21. bryanjrdz

    bryanjrdz6 days ago

    Oh no he loosened the tie..

  22. Brumpo Tungus

    Brumpo Tungus7 days ago

    I currently work at McDonald’s and this sandwich(when made to its normal capacity) is still one of my top 3 favorite items on the menu. The bacon smokehouse and bbq burger or there as well, but the garlic white cheddar was super! Even by McDonald’s standard

  23. Baptiste Barberon

    Baptiste Barberon7 days ago

    you suck grosse bite

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    :D Like for this guy MReporter MONEY ARE REAL !

  25. PBR Streetgang

    PBR Streetgang8 days ago

    Never take apart a McDonald's burger and inspect it.... you will be disappointed everytime!!


    MUDSWAT8 days ago

    You're a real trip man.... If it sucks just say it SUCKS don't defend these fast food chains!1

  27. suraj punjabi

    suraj punjabi8 days ago

    Good thinking not catching tht fly with your tongue infront of the camera.

  28. Samuel Smith

    Samuel Smith9 days ago

    I'm starving. I wish I wasn't homeless.

  29. Isaiah Malin

    Isaiah Malin10 days ago

    I can't believe this is the first time I've watched one of your videos, this is some funny stuff, your reviewing that burger like it's on trial, great stuff :)

  30. muddfoot69

    muddfoot6911 days ago

    I’m so confused Welcome to the “Running on empty food review, by the report of the week also known as review Brah”?

  31. Joshua Wiggins

    Joshua Wiggins13 days ago

    This man should be commentater at a baseball game.

  32. John Chase

    John Chase14 days ago

    Yes. The End.

  33. christopher Greenough

    christopher Greenough15 days ago

    RIP that good tomato you deserved better

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  35. Abu Abu

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    nice foof

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    oskar GN17 days ago

    galadriel there you go...

  37. nahhson nahhh

    nahhson nahhh19 days ago

    That poor tomato... Robbed of it's BIRTHRIGHT of being on A SUPERIOR SANDWICH!!

  38. Javiero Saviero

    Javiero Saviero19 days ago

    What happened at 5:14? You looked confused and disturbed

  39. James C

    James C20 days ago

    Regular cheese can go clear when melted. American fake cheese does not

  40. Caeden Emerald

    Caeden Emerald21 day ago

    Tomato Extraction

  41. Jeffery Wells

    Jeffery Wells21 day ago

    "That tomato deserved to be in another place." Lol!

  42. Ryan Bingley

    Ryan Bingley22 days ago

    I wonder how soft his hands are

  43. Ryan Bingley

    Ryan Bingley22 days ago

    Damn me for watching his videos...I need a damn bad

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  45. Sweet Qiba Lord

    Sweet Qiba Lord26 days ago

    just a thin slice of cheese, my dude!

  46. Victor M Gachupin

    Victor M Gachupin29 days ago

    Love your channel! At your orders, Boss!

  47. Zareh Kantzabedian

    Zareh Kantzabedian29 days ago

    Food from McDonald’s rarely looks like actual food.

  48. SirParcifal

    SirParcifal29 days ago

    my wife and I love watching you!!!!! you're awesome dude - keep up the savage reviews

  49. Jack Pulse

    Jack PulseMonth ago

    He mad mad

  50. Erick Bitter

    Erick BitterMonth ago

    Is it just me or does this guy look like he went down to Florida, killed an old couple, and took their house? Now he does food reviews, and wears thier clothes... I love his reviews though!!

  51. Baleur

    BaleurMonth ago

    4:00 i've seen cheeze go clear like that. After my pizza has been in the living room overnight for 8 hours and i then microwave it. Then you'll see that delicious gray-puke-semi-transparent kinda cheeze. Well, it's McDonalds, what do you expect? =(

  52. xcxccx xccc

    xcxccx xcccMonth ago

    The pens in my pockets, i must protect them

  53. Sean Mellers

    Sean MellersMonth ago

    This man said "tomato extraction" ... Lmao

  54. The_Boss 365

    The_Boss 365Month ago

    5:14-5:17 AHHHHHHH!!! *PUNCH* *PUNCH* *PUNCH* *PUNCH* AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH 😭 That was the cringy of all cringe!!!!!

  55. Alesk

    AleskMonth ago

    Cut off ur nails bro, it makes me uncomfortable

  56. TheReportOfTheWeek

    TheReportOfTheWeek26 days ago

    My response:

  57. themagicbanana

    themagicbananaMonth ago

    McDonald's is trash

  58. Nog Dipples

    Nog DipplesMonth ago

    All you need to hear... 6:22



    Steak and shake is always good. What's your favorite?



    I love when you pause before getting ready to handle business

  61. Pseudo Dionysius

    Pseudo DionysiusMonth ago

    First true white out in nature.

  62. Robert Williams

    Robert WilliamsMonth ago

    What if we can get review brah more bread and he can get sponsor like Rolex and Gucchi and then he can review all the best strip clubs and most expensive wines in the country

  63. Christian O'Rourke

    Christian O'RourkeMonth ago

    pretty sure youre an alien, but i like it

  64. Smokey Bear

    Smokey BearMonth ago

    Dude all the guys bullying are jelouse of yah.

  65. Tim Allen

    Tim AllenMonth ago

    They don't make sandwiches right, they are not friendly at the counter and drive through, and they bitch and whine even if there are customers near by to see. Yet, they have the balls to demand 15 dollars an hour.

  66. Stewie Griffin

    Stewie GriffinMonth ago

    ReviewBrah hates McDonalds.

  67. Tragic Lover

    Tragic LoverMonth ago

    I'd like the burger. GrIlLeD oR KrIsPy?

  68. Janusha

    JanushaMonth ago

    I watch these with amazement. He is a fascinating kid. But I dont even know anyone who would eat a 4 dollar meal.

  69. kaz85

    kaz853 days ago

    Janusha Millions worldwide

  70. James Stanovic

    James StanovicMonth ago

    "not the happiest looking" LOL!

  71. frazer cochrane

    frazer cochraneMonth ago

    I feel like he may snap like the gentleman from the falling down film

  72. Andrew Stewart

    Andrew StewartMonth ago

    Is reviewbrah taking bribes from the king to slander Ronald's burgers?

  73. Aaron Sanders

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  74. Orbital DickBeacon

    Orbital DickBeaconMonth ago

    LMFAO love your review n description of The food.

  75. Orbital DickBeacon

    Orbital DickBeaconMonth ago

    Damn brah you slaying the poontang ain't you. You gotta be the iron chef of pounding vag

  76. The_Boss 365

    The_Boss 365Month ago

    Did you just watch superbad or something? Fuckin tool

  77. The_arch

    The_archMonth ago

    Jesus that coke is as big as my head

  78. oh really

    oh reallyMonth ago

    This is better than his fun with flags lol ....

  79. zero

    zeroMonth ago

    This is pure drivel and a waste of your time to even consider. Young kids, please turn off your devices and go climb a tree, play in the park, take dog for a walk, etc... What a freaking dork vomit.

  80. Wtf Des

    Wtf DesMonth ago

    That looks like roadkill...

  81. D8W2P4

    D8W2P4Month ago

    Not to teal deer this, but the description of what's wrong with this sandwich sounds like the exact same problems that have plagued every one of Micky Ds "premium" offerings. Everything from overly complex sandwich construction that they'll never get out of the wage slaves they have trouble retaining for longer than a week, to the items just not being any better than the 99c crap but with a x4-5 price tag.

  82. Wanalee Romero

    Wanalee RomeroMonth ago

    Tomato extraction!

  83. Robert Jones

    Robert JonesMonth ago

    I demand tomato justice Please

  84. BR5491Z1Z

    BR5491Z1ZMonth ago

    a two !! dude thats brutal...peace out

  85. Scott Berryman

    Scott BerrymanMonth ago

    Either you are a very small man or American McDonald's are huge. I suspect the latter.

  86. MyHeroMacadamiaNuts

    MyHeroMacadamiaNutsMonth ago

    thank god for that tomato

  87. MyLife Store

    MyLife StoreMonth ago

    That's an american burger! we all love arabs, FACT/CHECK

  88. Stephanie Marie

    Stephanie MarieMonth ago

    I love this guy! He's like Sheldon from BBT

  89. Tomservo3

    Tomservo3Month ago

    The clock ticking while he tried the burger was so ominous. He's the ultimate judge...

  90. GHOST *

    GHOST *Month ago

    As soon as I saw loosen his tie I knew it was a wrap 😂😂😂

  91. coolwyld

    coolwyldMonth ago

    I was worried my sound had cut out ijs

  92. FyrbornXTG5000

    FyrbornXTG5000Month ago

    I love BKs cheesy tots,having worked over 6years at mickyds the Swiss is real but very thin and melts away very fast,id have to admit this was not one of there better burgers

  93. Yoshi Yui

    Yoshi YuiMonth ago

    that sarcasm 1:18-1:40 made my day

  94. D L

    D LMonth ago

    I thought God wasn’t human

  95. Phillip Mike Hunt

    Phillip Mike HuntMonth ago

    Burger King add before video,..Illuminati confirmed.

  96. revan monster

    revan monsterMonth ago

    Really glad to see those pens being put to good use.

  97. Funk Shiz

    Funk ShizMonth ago

    He is the nas of food reviews

  98. Nick Miller

    Nick MillerMonth ago

    Whoever constructed that burger didn’t give a single fuck about it

  99. Ninjaaa

    NinjaaaMonth ago

    And the earth shook the moment he dropped that burger...

  100. Theo Elias

    Theo EliasMonth ago

    Lol this reminds me of mafia movie or something.

  101. Fredelino Diaz

    Fredelino DiazMonth ago

    Funny thing is I think he lives with his mom mainly cause of the stuff that is behind him, and that old school grandfather clock in the backround but he probably gets mad pussy, more than I could ever get. I tip my hat to you and much respect to your channel.

  102. oma15

    oma15Month ago

    *McDonald's development team starts sweating*

  103. Dirk Diggler

    Dirk DigglerMonth ago

    one bite. everyone knows the rules.

  104. Harvey Bayless

    Harvey BaylessMonth ago

    that's not frank

  105. Ashes, Ashes

    Ashes, AshesMonth ago

    What I don't understand is why they're pushing something with excessive amounts of garlic. That's a trend that's faded considerably, so what's going on? To whom is this marketed? Gah-- I'm over-thinking this, surely

  106. DisturbedShot

    DisturbedShotMonth ago

    This is Bizarre, why am I enjoying this?

  107. Logik box

    Logik boxMonth ago

    0:48 dog steals paper he just threw on the floor LUL

  108. Retrocidal

    RetrocidalMonth ago

    my aunty had that same cab-nit at her house RIP

  109. Retrocidal

    RetrocidalMonth ago

    lol is this persona or is this really you i cant figure it out if its really you keep it up if its a fake persona then i dont care so many fake people around now days id rather have real people being them self's