Is McDonald's Garlic White Cheddar Burger Really That Bad?


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    TheReportOfTheWeek3 months ago

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  2. MaLiA JoNeS

    MaLiA JoNeSMonth ago

    I love you. Reply to me

  3. Magneticitist

    Magneticitist2 months ago

    "That tomato didn't deserve to be on this sandwich" lmao

  4. Sumb0dybetter

    Sumb0dybetter2 months ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek really you should have gotten the crispy garlic. Garlic on beef dissent even sound good ...imo the garlic crispy is awesome . That tomato belongs on a chicken sandwich try it .

  5. Bryan Martinez

    Bryan Martinez2 months ago

    Review the new jack in the box sandwich

  6. MrHaze NL

    MrHaze NL3 months ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek are u a feminist?

  7. pavv

    pavv13 hours ago

    The one I had literally tasted like a mix of garlic powder that's been sitting in your dry goods pantry and kraft Mac and cheese white cheddar powder. Nothing else came through

  8. I'm Bigmam

    I'm Bigmam17 hours ago

    I like how you are harnessing your meme status

  9. Jacob Healy

    Jacob Healy19 hours ago

    I think you just got unlucky man. I got one of these yesterday and it was really dang good (and it had the chips)

  10. April Mae

    April MaeDay ago

    SOLVED ! That's what the clear stuff is, the plastic the cheese slice was wrapped in was still on the cheese!

  11. Yan Marquez

    Yan MarquezDay ago

    Come direiro porra, esse Albino come que nem viado, fica fingindo que tem algo pra ele olhar

  12. D P

    D PDay ago

    The cheese is so clear because of all the plastic.

  13. Angel Dunn

    Angel Dunn2 days ago

    Love when he tries to keep a straight face, its endearing.

  14. YaGirl- jayjw

    YaGirl- jayjw3 days ago

    I loved bks cheesy tots

  15. hurty

    hurty5 days ago

    Where's the flashlight?

  16. Myrna Martinez

    Myrna Martinez5 days ago

    Well Done . . .

  17. Sam A

    Sam A6 days ago

    Do u finish off the meal after your review


    JISOO IS SAVAGE7 days ago

    the intro makes me laugh

  19. Matthew Desrochers

    Matthew Desrochers7 days ago

    Hello McDonald's employee here. Whenever somebody orders the garlic sandwich, I always leave off the garlic chips because we never have any. Not enough people order the sandwich for us to remember to tell anyone to put in an order of chips and so there's never actually any to put on the sandwich. And without the chips, the only unique thing about the burger is the sauce, and that aioli is absolute trash. There's nothing special about it, you're not going to get it made correctly, and it's just a sad excuse for a sandwich. Do yourself a favor, and just order something else.

  20. Kiki jean

    Kiki jean8 days ago

    I don’t know why I’m drawn to watching this awkward guy...idk but since i low key watch his videos I decided to sub. That old fashioned clock tic tocking in the background. He dresses so antiquated and the decor matches. Something is wrong w me for watching lol smh

  21. Myles Johnson

    Myles Johnson10 days ago

    Is that a Boston accent?

  22. Anthony

    Anthony10 days ago

    Any white people at the restaurant?

  23. Alex Scene

    Alex Scene10 days ago

    I LOVE this burger because I LOVE garlic.

  24. TheRealSpellstar

    TheRealSpellstar10 days ago

    I mean you can't really expect underpayed McDonald's workers to make an artisan burger this whole "signature" line was a laughably bad idea from the start

  25. Ken Young

    Ken Young11 days ago

    Hello. I've just listened to your excellent radio show. How do you get permission to use the music that you play? Do you have to pay for each track?

  26. Fini Siniscalchi

    Fini Siniscalchi12 days ago

    I would not want this guy to fire me

  27. ゲーマーノックス Gamernox

    ゲーマーノックス Gamernox12 days ago

    6:48 when you break up with your girlfriend.

  28. Bradley Brown

    Bradley Brown12 days ago

    Just to let you know thin chedder does go slightly clear that's normal. And I agree the signature burgers are discusting the beef is thicker yes but so dry and tasteless. In the uk the signiture line is different and I think the beef patty is thicker. I said to myself never again!

  29. once you teahy_on you can't teahy_off

    once you teahy_on you can't teahy_off13 days ago

    You are the food reviewer that we have but don't deserve

  30. wallace snow

    wallace snow13 days ago

    Suggestion: I think it deserves a revisit... Here in Los Angekes, I get it with grilled chicken. I actually find it to be quite scruptious... If I eat it right away, I actually think the unmelted cheese helps the texture... Anyway, just my f.y.i.... Love your vids !

  31. victoriablackraven

    victoriablackraven13 days ago

    I disagree. First it is better with chicken obviously. Second not all mc donald's are the same. In socal they're great but up north in the bay area of norcal they suck. I don't think you gave it a chance. White chedder is not a strong cheese the beef would over power it.

  32. Alex

    Alex13 days ago

    I think he enjoyed it

  33. Freeman Presson

    Freeman Presson13 days ago

    When McDonald's gets hold of a food fad, it's over.

  34. Rebecca Hogan

    Rebecca Hogan13 days ago

    I loved this. I guess my mcd's is run well because i never had any problems.

  35. Harr ison

    Harr ison14 days ago

    Lol no hate because review bra is clearly God, but u are the apparently kid, grown up.

  36. electrictroy2010

    electrictroy201015 days ago

    Not really a fair review, because the crunchy garlic was missing. That truly elevates the taste. As for the toasted buns, McDs has been doing that for the last 40 Years .

  37. Salt Mage

    Salt Mage15 days ago

    That delayed reaction/explanation of the burger annoys the hell out of me. Why am i even watching this, im a 4 year vegetarian. Also this dude is such an albino rat i thought he was wearing his tie naked.

  38. Ninja Star

    Ninja Star15 days ago

    Anything new from McDonald's... Bleh

  39. Thetungulnator

    Thetungulnator15 days ago

    You know cheeseburgers?

  40. Trebor Eimaj

    Trebor Eimaj17 days ago

    Taking big boy bites

  41. Seraphim Serenata

    Seraphim Serenata17 days ago

    girlfriend says you look like the guy from New Guy

  42. Lord Oz

    Lord Oz17 days ago

    The Crispy Chicken version of the Sweet BBQ Bacon Sandwich is the best sandwich on their Signature Craft menu in my opinion

  43. AdLibby

    AdLibby17 days ago

    I hope McDonalds watches this and cries tears of regret.

  44. Ps4 Playa

    Ps4 Playa18 days ago

    The cheese is clear cause it is melted I know this cause I'm a professional chef

  45. Shadowbane Gaming

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  46. Dr.Trollish

    Dr.Trollish18 days ago

    I actually really liked the garlic white cheddar crispy chicken sandwich. But then again I haven't met the fast food I haven't liked yet so...

  47. sans the skeleton

    sans the skeleton18 days ago

    his disappointment is immeasurable and his day is ruined

  48. ceiling fan

    ceiling fan19 days ago

    I had it twice cause the first time I was carsick. I threw it up later and I was like “whatever it’s probably cause I was already feeling sick.” The next time I had it it was just as bad and I was like haha this sucks and I think it gave me a stomachache

  49. ceiling fan

    ceiling fan19 days ago

    They were from separate McDonald’s too

  50. Jared Smith

    Jared Smith19 days ago

    t o m a t o e x t r a c t i o n

  51. Robby Wilski

    Robby Wilski20 days ago

    You're like Christopher Walken; Very fluent natural talker. This burger needs more cowbell.

  52. Christopher Gilson

    Christopher Gilson20 days ago

    One day this whole channel is going to be screened in a museum....

  53. W M

    W M21 day ago

    I fuckin lost it when he took the tie down LOL 😂

  54. Aaron Robinson

    Aaron Robinson22 days ago

    I feel pity for that tomato that deserves to be on a much better and tasteful burger.

  55. eric rolo

    eric rolo23 days ago

    You are the absolute best person in the world. You're the tops. You're the Tower of pisa!

  56. Delinquent Jon

    Delinquent Jon24 days ago

    This review was thorough, and descriptive, leaving no stone unturned.

  57. Donna Earl

    Donna Earl25 days ago

    Cozmo mr bill gates lol😆😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍

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    OakL 297426 days ago

    Siracha is great. I still eat it.


    WILLY LYNCH27 days ago

    I want him to review strip clubs down south.


    WILLY LYNCH27 days ago

    You really had to write down 5 words on a post it note.

  61. SPN 1

    SPN 127 days ago

    that looks NASTY

  62. Patrick Larocque

    Patrick Larocque27 days ago

    It’s clear cuz that cheese is old as hell believe fr I’m a cook it was sliced thin and wasn’t stored properly and they just slapped it on anyway 🤮

  63. Danny Kuhnly

    Danny Kuhnly27 days ago

    I really enjoy and like your reviews

  64. willian castaneda

    willian castaneda27 days ago

    another masterpiece!!!! great .

  65. Indio Moss

    Indio Moss28 days ago

    I work in fast food, when white cheddar is clear like that, you can usually bet it's been microwaved

  66. Javen Edelen

    Javen Edelen29 days ago


  67. Xander 'The Wolf'

    Xander 'The Wolf'29 days ago

    I've had their pico de gallo burger a few times and each time it's been really good. Didn't like the garlic white cheddar as much for whatever reason the garlic just detracted from the overall taste, which is odd since I usually love garlic and white cheddar.

  68. Ashley Duran

    Ashley Duran29 days ago

    Is this your real personality or do u put on a character for the video

  69. Matt G

    Matt G29 days ago

    I work in the kitchen at mcdonalds, i can offer some explanations. On the subject of the bun: the "artisan" buns were introduced fairly recently, and obviously the bun toasters have been there for a while. The issue is, the artisan buns are larger than the toaster is meant for, and unless you half take the toaster apart every time, some will inevitably get stuck inside. As to the meat, it SHOULD be the meat from a quarter pounder. Tasteless still? Probably, but at least not the dollar menu burger meat.

  70. Matt G

    Matt G29 days ago

    Pro tip: if youre getting a signature sandwich, get the bacon smokehouse

  71. Gamerknight Productions

    Gamerknight ProductionsMonth ago

    Just by the sound of the name I hate it ya see mc Donald’s is known for good burgers and chicken not garlic and besides the way it looks it looks nasty 🤢

  72. Josh DeRoche

    Josh DeRocheMonth ago

    T O M A T O E X T R A C T I O N

  73. Pig Bastard

    Pig BastardMonth ago

    5:59 "I got all needed from this shit."

  74. Mario P

    Mario PMonth ago

    You should review healthy food too and I'm learning new English vocabulary with your videos 😂

  75. TheBlackFalcon USA

    TheBlackFalcon USAMonth ago

    You must take epic dumps with all the fast food you eat lol

  76. Robert Chompski

    Robert ChompskiMonth ago

    Ill forever be bummed they replaced the great mushroom swiss chicken sandwich. That thing was the last 10/10 thing at mcd. Havent been there in months since I tried the replacement.



    Review ass plug plunger squirt toy

  78. maestoso-allegro

    maestoso-allegroMonth ago

    I can't stop laughing at the "grilled or crispy" convo you had w the mcdonald's dad had gone to order one of those premium sandwiches and he asked for the burger, and the employee asked "beef or chicken?" my dad replied, 'uh, the burger please", and again "beef or chicken?" it really vague or crazy to assume "burger" means "beef" in this context? idk

  79. VampireCat Productions

    VampireCat ProductionsMonth ago

    I always take my burgers crispy

  80. ram29jackson

    ram29jacksonMonth ago

    by the time he's done talking..its cold

  81. ram29jackson

    ram29jacksonMonth ago

    nothing at McDs is good.. nothing

  82. edward quin

    edward quinMonth ago

    This man has mastered the arts of living and communicating. Like any artist his work is even beyond his own comprehension and his instinctive grasp of that gives him a genuine common touch. Enlightening, edifying and fascinating.

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    reviewbrah please keep going,, stay strong you have to stay strong

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  85. Payton Cousins

    Payton CousinsMonth ago

    Goin' in

  86. Anthony Duck

    Anthony DuckMonth ago

    McDonalds is the worst garbage on earth!💯 Good Fries tho when they are fresh

  87. dawicked69

    dawicked6919 days ago

    Anthony Duck EVERYTHING from McShit is trash even the fries, its like there made from plastic or some shit, defetnley not organic fries, IF they were made from real potatos they would decompose days from leaving them outside but if you notice you could leave outside weeks and they remaine the same!

  88. Fearthecow123

    Fearthecow123Month ago

    That garlic white cheddar is funky looking. Wherever you got that one is not a good restaurant building

  89. Fearthecow123

    Fearthecow123Month ago

    If you eat it with crispy chicken its 1000 times better

  90. ChrisTheCool1221

    ChrisTheCool1221Month ago

    When he takes a bite it looks like he got mad at the burger😂

  91. Hanna Kin

    Hanna KinMonth ago

    I feel sad that McDonald's disappointed Reviewbrah. How dare they!

  92. NewportKings69

    NewportKings69Month ago

    “Not everyone’s item is going to be like this... but yours is not good”. This guy is awesome

  93. Liberty Rider

    Liberty RiderMonth ago

    I know this is old now, but I’d like permission to use your voice from parts of your radio show to make some music

  94. G63TV

    G63TVMonth ago

    How is he still skinny? TEACH ME YOUR SECRET!!

  95. Contents Under Pressure

    Contents Under PressureMonth ago

    It could be garlic salt. Would save them a bunch of money and be a cheap way of adding garlic 'flavor' and saltiness.

  96. ILL-I-BE

    ILL-I-BEMonth ago

    Does he ever eat the food? I never see him take a bite.

  97. Whomst'd've

    Whomst'd'veMonth ago

    I'm glad you said "and everyone watching" because my dog always watch your videos

  98. ThePolarBearProductions

    ThePolarBearProductionsMonth ago

    I tried it recently. Not horrible but in wouldn’t have it every day

  99. Abused Authority

    Abused AuthorityMonth ago

    How about analyzing some buds & dabs with some bong rips then hit the Micky D's with the munchies

  100. Juan Sanchez

    Juan SanchezMonth ago

    "It's not the happiest looking sandwich" hahahaha

  101. Nathan Krueger

    Nathan KruegerMonth ago

    That tomatoe did not deserve to be on that burger

  102. Caleb Thompson

    Caleb ThompsonMonth ago

    i love the garlic burger. so good

  103. mcmugandmcdull

    mcmugandmcdullMonth ago

    Move over idubbbz.

  104. due whit

    due whitMonth ago

    Eating too much fast food will either make you obese or turn you into an anemic vampire.

  105. Jonathan Duran

    Jonathan DuranMonth ago

    Why does he always repeat himself in the intro??

  106. A u z

    A u zMonth ago

    He's killing himself for us. God bless

  107. Magneto

    MagnetoMonth ago

    Who's Frank?

  108. Franken Stein

    Franken SteinMonth ago

    "There is that tomato. That tomato didn't deserve to be on this sandwich". LOL! That made me laugh.