Is McDonald's Garlic White Cheddar Burger Really That Bad?


  1. TheReportOfTheWeek

    TheReportOfTheWeek8 days ago

    Here's the newest VORW Radio Show on SoundCloud if you want to listen

  2. MrHaze NL

    MrHaze NLDay ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek are u a feminist?

  3. TheUndeadMonkey

    TheUndeadMonkeyDay ago

    you look like the girl from stranger things.

  4. Hyper Da dope

    Hyper Da dope2 days ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek Congrats Man U have almost a million I remember I was here when u were at 250k

  5. The Great Tate

    The Great Tate2 days ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek TBH they did you a disservice man. I think a redo is in order, but at a different location. Can I suggest that Buttermilk Chicken version sans the tomato and lettuce. I've just did a review already and... you may not be disappointed.

  6. tvcjr22

    tvcjr223 days ago

    I Like your radio show ...I 💯 % agree with your beliefs on current events ... you’re young with knowledge of a old wise man.. very rare indeed keep up the good work buddy

  7. SpicyNoodle

    SpicyNoodle4 hours ago

    2 minutes to eat not even a half burger

  8. RandomShit

    RandomShit5 hours ago

    Do McDonalds do vegan burgers yet ?

  9. Angelés Consuelos

    Angelés Consuelos6 hours ago

    I love this guy he takes his work SO serious😂😂. "Now I'm gonna be frank.." You rock dude.

  10. Aaron Eason

    Aaron Eason6 hours ago

    How many panties do you have to pull off your car before you leave the house?

  11. BrenDon

    BrenDon7 hours ago

    Man used the word 'quintessential' wrong. If you're trying to be posh then at least know the words

  12. Timothy Farrand

    Timothy Farrand8 hours ago

    Don't eat fast food. It offers no nutritional value. You end up with no muscle building material and as a result you look like this kid, scrawny

  13. Mahardika Pitaloka

    Mahardika Pitaloka10 hours ago


  14. Matheus Yokomizo

    Matheus Yokomizo14 hours ago

    f u

  15. Splash Attack TCG

    Splash Attack TCG14 hours ago

    That looks like a sandwich you put together after shopping at a dollar tree.

  16. Free Diugh

    Free Diugh15 hours ago

    Vampire dont like garlic.

  17. TheReportOfTheWeek

    TheReportOfTheWeek15 hours ago

    I hate to admit it, but you're probably right Free Diugh.

  18. Free Diugh

    Free Diugh15 hours ago

    brah you know you shouldve passed on this one.

  19. Giovani Garcia

    Giovani Garcia15 hours ago

    Lmao you one after the suit stoped th ate that

  20. Giovani Garcia

    Giovani Garcia15 hours ago

    I hope your ok salmon bUt , pills pills

  21. Andrew Whitworth

    Andrew Whitworth16 hours ago

    I tried the crispy chicken version. All I could taste was the tomato. It was bland and dry.

  22. Andrew James Binuya

    Andrew James Binuya16 hours ago

    let me know when you have habanero

  23. Brandon Clance

    Brandon Clance16 hours ago

    Let’s just do a little tomato extraction

  24. kush kumar

    kush kumar16 hours ago


  25. woodrat scix

    woodrat scix17 hours ago

    Next episode of how to catch a predator

  26. LuisSidd

    LuisSidd17 hours ago

    Once I saw Warhol eat a burger, now I'm watching you, this is great.

  27. Justine H

    Justine H17 hours ago

    “That tomato deserved to be in a better place”

  28. Samuel Duran

    Samuel Duran18 hours ago

    This is my first exposure to this guys videos. I mean honestly he seems chill. I find some of his stuff funny, but he’s real to the point. I like it. And his clothes are sharp. Maybe a little bland but he has respect and pride in his work as a MReporterr. I appreciate that.

  29. harleybynature

    harleybynature18 hours ago

    He's so dapper and polite even though he just ate garbage. Gave it a few bites and even swallowed to get the full flavor in order to do a full review. Well done. Stronger man then most. P.S. I love your vernacular

  30. sam webb

    sam webb18 hours ago

    that drink was good too

  31. Gabe Stoltz

    Gabe Stoltz18 hours ago

    You should work at a MCD. As someone who was a manager there for my first job in high school, you sound like an idiot. Btw what makes you qualified to judge food? If anything this is just an opinion of a run of the mill jabroni.

  32. Avilos

    Avilos19 hours ago

    Am I the only one who feel bad because I think they ruined the burger for him (the makers)

  33. Jose Reyes-Cervantes

    Jose Reyes-Cervantes19 hours ago

    review arbys tradition gyro if you can please

  34. Brandy Lambert

    Brandy Lambert19 hours ago

    No one wants to sit and watch you eat mcdonalds

  35. RadicalAlien

    RadicalAlien20 hours ago

    R u at your grandmas house

  36. Link00

    Link0020 hours ago

    I wish i made as much money as him.

  37. Chillypar

    Chillypar20 hours ago

    This boi

  38. Random Rose

    Random Rose21 hour ago

    "Why the heck do I have this potato in my recommend!?" Me-2018

  39. Abood Abuzahra

    Abood Abuzahra21 hour ago

    Look at this crackhead

  40. RyanHardt

    RyanHardt22 hours ago

    You can see the sheer anger in his face when he threw the burger back into the box. He mad.

  41. Jennifer Clancy

    Jennifer Clancy22 hours ago

    I'm sorry, but facial and hand structure scream that this is a female. The lack of a 5 o'clock shadow and addams apple should have at least clued some people in.

  42. jimmyjackz

    jimmyjackz22 hours ago

    Love your vids but you look like bug off of little rascals.

  43. Galium Odoratum

    Galium Odoratum22 hours ago

    You are supporting animal cruelty.

  44. kampachi zuraki

    kampachi zuraki23 hours ago


  45. Night Panda

    Night Panda23 hours ago

    Why does this dude kinda look like the default fortnite character. The girl with the girl with the orange hair 😂

  46. jc1424

    jc142423 hours ago

    Can you review the FlameThrower from Dairy Queen? I've had one of them three times, and would like to hear your opinion on it. Hope this doesn't get lost in all the other comments tbh. I think this is the best burger I've had, yet.

  47. Vincent Vermeer

    Vincent Vermeer23 hours ago

    is he the backpack kid?

  48. copycat shinobi

    copycat shinobiDay ago

    meme review!.... meme review... meme review!.... meme review... meme review!.... meme review... meme review!.... meme review...

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  50. Luis Saucedo

    Luis SaucedoDay ago

    You a rat

  51. jen -

    jen -Day ago

    Recently discovered this channel. Does anyone know why he never finishes the food? Great content btw

  52. Aaron L. Osborne

    Aaron L. OsborneDay ago

    6:14 the moment when you know it's all over

  53. jason callan

    jason callanDay ago

    I had the chicken version of this & it was the worst piece of chicken I have ever had.

  54. Justin Klapa

    Justin KlapaDay ago

    McDonalds is shitting themselves right now.

  55. Firstname Lastname

    Firstname LastnameDay ago

    I dressed up as a nerd for Halloween a few years ago, it looked exactly like this guy

  56. Aero

    AeroDay ago

    The main problem is who they hire.

  57. Richard Stropp

    Richard StroppDay ago

    This was dum

  58. Roger Torrez

    Roger TorrezDay ago


  59. Cassie Wells

    Cassie WellsDay ago

    Maybe they meant crispy by adding in the garlic chips.

  60. Crazy Cat

    Crazy CatDay ago

    I'd like to see you review the crispy burger.

  61. roy

    royDay ago

    This man needs to sleep for years

  62. AmsetEd

    AmsetEdDay ago

    02:30 heaven's bells. Confirmed GOD.

  63. Reason Symbian

    Reason SymbianDay ago

    You look like Sid from Ice Age

  64. Matty P

    Matty PDay ago

    Give me a thumbs up if you like my mans swagguhhhh

  65. First Surname

    First SurnameDay ago

    Not sure how this video is so popular compared to your usual great content, but we'll done and please ignore any insulting newfags.

  66. Sam Roelvink

    Sam RoelvinkDay ago

    is this your house or is it from you grandma?

  67. Nathan T.

    Nathan T.Day ago

    Peter Parker minus the existence of a bite from a radio active spider.

  68. Gobblarr

    GobblarrDay ago

    IBM making a comeback

  69. Emma Lee

    Emma LeeDay ago

    McDonald’s gave me food poisoning

  70. Brianna Crass

    Brianna CrassDay ago

    I’m literally just sitting here.. watching this kid eat food. What am I doing with my life?

  71. Thorne Pleiades

    Thorne PleiadesDay ago

    When ReviewBrah says "this isn't the happiest looking sandwich", I picture him chucking it against the wall, then in a classy manner saying "well it didn't exactly meet my expectations, but that's alright"

  72. wadea butto

    wadea buttoDay ago


  73. TheLoneDart

    TheLoneDartDay ago

    This looks like JP Spears offspring.

  74. Kevin Denniston

    Kevin DennistonDay ago

    Mc Donalds food isn’t even real food so yes it that bad.

  75. 18Pizza

    18PizzaDay ago

    The reason that he's so nervous is because....... HE'S A VAMPIRE CONFIRMED

  76. whitekryptonite

    whitekryptoniteDay ago

    ur doing gods work, this is one item i will never try lol

  77. Junior Sanabria

    Junior SanabriaDay ago

    My guy, you gotta be the oldest looking young man ever. Go outside and get some sun you pale sewer rat..Oh, good reviews though btw

  78. Gail homan

    Gail homanDay ago

    I hate. you stupid

  79. Merch Design

    Merch DesignDay ago

    trans fat kills . dont eat fast food. do pizza either . you cant remove trans fats from your arteries . tell McD to remove all trans fats.

  80. Blueday S

    Blueday SDay ago

    Ros going to be way better then pubg and fortnight

  81. Ryan

    RyanDay ago

    When you go through the drive-thru but you end up pulling a drive-by.

  82. KakkaCarrotCake

    KakkaCarrotCakeDay ago

    This is the best unboxing video of a krabby patty I've ever seen

  83. Jim Scully

    Jim ScullyDay ago

    Quiet... subtle nibbles... and then... THE FINGER POINT!! HE FIXES HIS TIE, SIPS HIS DRINK!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHOOT!!! HERE WE GO!!!

  84. AC Bretvick

    AC BretvickDay ago

    I love this

  85. Jay Mark Oclarit

    Jay Mark OclaritDay ago

    so this is what Lorde has been up to now?

  86. Naruto Uzumaki

    Naruto UzumakiDay ago

    Stingy from lazy town

  87. AMR15x

    AMR15xDay ago

    Sriracha is more of a gimmick than a fad. aside from that I share the same sentiment.

  88. Breh BOI

    Breh BOIDay ago


  89. gilbert sanchez

    gilbert sanchezDay ago

    lol barely ever saw your vids. can't lie, never could to you serious with your style tho haha

  90. I'm a huge faggot

    I'm a huge faggotDay ago

    T O M A T O E X T R A C T I O N

  91. Chime

    ChimeDay ago

    "Hello everyone! This is running on empty... squeeze through here... FOOD REVIEW"

  92. aptitude

    aptitudeDay ago

    I get the same feeling watching these videos I used to get watching Mr. Rogers. =)

  93. RadianceFall28 Radiance

    RadianceFall28 RadianceDay ago

    I like how he is trying to figure out which side to eat

  94. Jiggy Puff

    Jiggy PuffDay ago

    I remember this guy in a try not to laugh video.

  95. Carlos Rodrigues

    Carlos RodriguesDay ago

    Jiggy Puff jcj 4 5

  96. Eli Toribio

    Eli ToribioDay ago

    Cut ur nails bro damn

  97. 7 Blink

    7 BlinkDay ago

    I don't know is it

  98. SPICYMEMES 458

    SPICYMEMES 458Day ago

    When you consume organic matter on the internet

  99. Reverse Flash

    Reverse FlashDay ago

    Long time no see

  100. Atem Andrew

    Atem AndrewDay ago

    To explain the signature sandwiches: Firstly, the signature sandwiches are effectively a group of 3-4 recipes that are regularly changed out, usually only one is changed out at a time and one or two are kept as favorites (such as the Sweet Onion BBQ) Secondly, the signature sandwiches use the same meat as the other sandwiches: The 1/4 that goes on the Quarter or Double Quarter, the Crispy that goes on the Crispy Buttermilk or the Classic Chicken, or the Grilled Chicken that goes on the Grilled Artisan. Thirdly, the quarter method has changed. Instead of frozen patties, we're now using thawed 'fresh' patties which have a heavy tendancy to stick to the grill. They are more 'compact' but taste roughly, if not exactly, the same. However, they cool off rapidly, and said cooling has a tendancy to ruin their texture. Fourthly, they're supposed to let you know if ANY of the ingredients are out, so it's very odd that they wouldn't let you know about missing garlic chips. Fifthly, you can either get an artisan roll for them, 'texas toast', or a sesame bun. PLEASE use sesame bun, artisan is the default.

  101. VillainyPD

    VillainyPDDay ago


  102. Atem Andrew

    Atem AndrewDay ago

    As a McDonalds employee, I look foward to you tearing into the sub-par sandwiches.

  103. Giggjihci Iudiufko

    Giggjihci IudiufkoDay ago

    This guy is HAWT

  104. Cecil Shivers

    Cecil ShiversDay ago

    Is there anything at McDonald's that good?😂

  105. Eggm4n

    Eggm4nDay ago

    Looks like Steve Buscemi and sounds like Idubbbz, yet I find these videos charming.

  106. Ben Dover

    Ben DoverDay ago

    Idk why but your fucking awesome bro 👍🏽

  107. justsomehuman person

    justsomehuman personDay ago

    I like how professional you look. Cool shirt and tie

  108. Enrique Hernandez-Kurst

    Enrique Hernandez-KurstDay ago

    Are you being serious or joking I cant tell😂😂😂

  109. TheReportOfTheWeek

    TheReportOfTheWeekDay ago

    That's alright. Neither can I.