Is McDonald's Garlic White Cheddar Burger Really That Bad?


  1. TheReportOfTheWeek

    TheReportOfTheWeek11 months ago

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  2. Tensa_Zangetsu478

    Tensa_Zangetsu478Month ago

    Ummm bro idk where your from but that was madw wrong. I worked at McDonalds when this vid was made and half that shit isnt suppose to be on the burger.

  3. Anthony rod

    Anthony rod4 months ago

    +kitty c aha

  4. Daniel Allen

    Daniel Allen4 months ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek love you bro

  5. Crystal Fidd

    Crystal Fidd7 months ago

    "We might have our, standard chicken nuggets. But the superior chicken nugget... is the 40 count."

  6. MaLiA JoNeS

    MaLiA JoNeS9 months ago

    I love you. Reply to me

  7. Joel Wacker

    Joel Wacker16 minutes ago

    This guy is pure internet gold

  8. Tony Quigley

    Tony Quigley17 hours ago

    You KNOW that's his mom's house lol

  9. Chris Walker

    Chris Walker22 hours ago

    I liked their swiss mushroom burger. Haven't tried anything else yet though.

  10. Clint Cranford

    Clint CranfordDay ago

    What an elegant home

  11. Brennan Mullen

    Brennan MullenDay ago

    I’m really expecting him to just eat the entire meal before he starts reviewing it.

  12. M A S O N

    M A S O NDay ago

    McD on ald’s

  13. David Mason

    David Mason3 days ago

    Do you record these in your grandma's dinning room

  14. Nut Cracker

    Nut Cracker3 days ago

    RIP tomato

  15. elias chicola

    elias chicola3 days ago


  16. Aljeane A

    Aljeane A3 days ago

    You look like you have a cat called Mr Wellington

  17. Squish

    Squish4 days ago

    I was really impressed with how articulate he was for a teen (was guessing maybe 14 or 15 and loved the schtick of looking like a middle-aged man from another era). Turns out he's 21 and a college grad. Oh well, still funny.

  18. ItsCheesus

    ItsCheesus5 days ago

    Weird how everyone is ragging on this burger...I had it once and enjoyed it! Must have been a store-to-store, patty-to-patty type of issue.

  19. Glumpy

    Glumpy5 days ago

    I feel like I shouldn't be watching this!

  20. ThatKrookedVulture

    ThatKrookedVulture6 days ago

    How the fuck does this have 1.2 million subscribers

  21. James Marshall

    James Marshall6 days ago

    the cheese was that color because they left it on the table longer than they were supposed to I used to work there it looks that way because it sits on the table the longest in the heat of the kitchen it starts out looking like cheese and in 4 hours it drys out and the oils melt out of it and it becomes translucent and dry take a slice of cheese and leave it out you'll see the same effect

  22. James Marshall

    James Marshall6 days ago

    And it sits there that long because noone orders those sandwiches that take that cheese

  23. Dumbass motherfucker

    Dumbass motherfucker6 days ago

    Dude wtf its just a food

  24. Random Account I dunno

    Random Account I dunno6 days ago


  25. Martin Suarez

    Martin Suarez6 days ago

    I was a fan of this sandwhich lol

  26. Mark Natanawan

    Mark Natanawan8 days ago

    This kid’s gonna make a great father someday

  27. Joe M

    Joe M8 days ago

    Reviewbrah looks like Mr. Bean.

  28. CollectionGames

    CollectionGames9 days ago

    Это явно те тот англоязычный контент, который я хотел бы посмотреть 🤔

  29. Darius Sanchez

    Darius Sanchez9 days ago

    uh... when cheese melts, it becomes clear.

  30. winterlounge

    winterlounge11 days ago

    Mother fucker look like Gwyneth Paltrow method acting a creepy white dude on meth

  31. Aleksandar Mladenovski

    Aleksandar Mladenovski12 days ago

    I have the biggest guy crush on this guy. I love his haircut!

  32. LaughinFool23

    LaughinFool2312 days ago

    Great videos. Legendary

  33. machin facultatif

    machin facultatif13 days ago

    5:15 when the burger so bad you start seeing ghost

  34. Gamewhisperer 9

    Gamewhisperer 914 days ago

    3:45 I’m going to do a little bit of tomato extraction here

  35. Hi W

    Hi W15 days ago

    We all deserve a better world where sandwiches are given an equal status ad burgers becoise without sandwiches there wouldn’t have been burgers

  36. Chris Havok

    Chris Havok15 days ago

    Should have ordered the crispy burger

  37. Sage Oldmann

    Sage Oldmann15 days ago

    6:01 the look of disappointment 😂

  38. Austin Hunter

    Austin Hunter15 days ago

    That’s what happens when you slice white cheddar to thin it’ll look see through.

  39. just the tip? band

    just the tip? band15 days ago

    mcdeaths contains human dna. aborted fetus material. 🤢🍻

  40. Logan B

    Logan B15 days ago

    Old soul.. is grandad also dad? Lol

  41. Sin City Slugger

    Sin City Slugger17 days ago

    McD’s burgers always have way too much fucking’s honestly awful

  42. Sin City Slugger

    Sin City Slugger17 days ago

    5:14 the DMT is kicking in

  43. turbojuudas

    turbojuudas18 days ago

    5:14 meme war flashbacks?

  44. Noble Absinthe

    Noble Absinthe18 days ago

    It's like he's an old man brought back to his youth to review shitty fast food

  45. frog turtle

    frog turtle19 days ago

    You ever think it’s so salty cause you argued with the clerk for a while about it being crispy or grilled but it was burned and very salty and the cheese looked umm like something not edible

  46. The_K1ng_42zero

    The_K1ng_42zero20 days ago

    That tomato deserved to be in a better place 😂😂😂 Casper out here killing it

  47. Benjamin Castro

    Benjamin Castro21 day ago

    I really enjoy your content, it's really relaxing and a little therapeutic.

  48. Eric V

    Eric V24 days ago

    Skip to 06:06 for it to go down!!!

  49. etherraichu

    etherraichu25 days ago

    Ibet they were running low on the ingredients. They should've been putting multiple slices on of cheese on. and the lack of garlic too.

  50. mikes gt

    mikes gt26 days ago

    Imagine this guy critiquing 5 star restaurants

  51. Jason Wawryk

    Jason Wawryk26 days ago

    one sorry lookin' burger

  52. TheCopy Cat

    TheCopy Cat29 days ago

    hearing him feels like someone gave him the job to do these hehe

  53. Chelsie Fetherman

    Chelsie FethermanMonth ago

    Why do I want to fuck him?

  54. Adrian Dao

    Adrian DaoMonth ago

    8:01, SANS?

  55. SmoothBrainTV

    SmoothBrainTVMonth ago

    This is the best channel on MReporter

  56. saddie pie

    saddie pieMonth ago

    McDonald’’ve angered god himself...YOU should be ashamed of yourself..

  57. Izel Wongus

    Izel WongusMonth ago

    That cheese does look suspect ..💭

  58. Owen Pollock

    Owen PollockMonth ago

    5:12 I think he saw some shit

  59. redbatch100

    redbatch100Month ago

    1:49 shaved pits confirmed

  60. Anti Ivory

    Anti IvoryMonth ago

    6:50 hit or miss I guess she took the kids, huh....

  61. Ralph Erizonie

    Ralph ErizonieMonth ago

    Want to be successfull utuber Get a lysssssssppp

  62. tubetardism 20/20

    tubetardism 20/20Month ago

    'Gardlick'. Wonky tomato placement. It's all wrong.

  63. bublia

    bubliaMonth ago

    2/10 is the rating my mom gave me when I was born


    MICHXELMonth ago

    3:24 😂😂😂😂

  65. BlkR32

    BlkR32Month ago

    lmao he can eat so long in complete silence

  66. Dainiel Siggins

    Dainiel SigginsMonth ago

    how fn stupid do the mcdonalds bags look?

  67. Zachary Brannon

    Zachary BrannonMonth ago

    I like the lack of cuts in the videos

  68. Jamelyn james

    Jamelyn jamesMonth ago

    Your quiet eating always takes me by surprise

  69. SF2TOKYO

    SF2TOKYOMonth ago

    I love your China Cabinet.

  70. Andre Treml

    Andre TremlMonth ago

    You can order burgers "well done"



    I didn’t see his reflection at the start so I thought Review had turned into a McDonald’s bag

  72. Adrian Adkins

    Adrian AdkinsMonth ago

    This is ASMR

  73. Hector Espino

    Hector EspinoMonth ago

    Thats not cheese

  74. Naitch Boy

    Naitch BoyMonth ago

    Where's your cat?

  75. PhilosoFeed

    PhilosoFeedMonth ago

    "That tomato didn't deserve to be on this sandwich. That tomato deserved to be in a better place, quite frankly." This is my first time watching this guy's videos and holy shit I am dying lol. The best part is that he isn't even trying to be funny.

  76. Monroe D

    Monroe DMonth ago

    The way you pronounce burger, makes me look forward to the next time you say the word

  77. Josh Frank

    Josh FrankMonth ago

    Like the Burger King stake burger with a life time of sodium. *edit* That garlic was way over powering happy to hear u on my way to work great accomplishment.

  78. Frank Koehler

    Frank KoehlerMonth ago

    My name is frank

  79. Allan Jensen

    Allan JensenMonth ago

    Oh no... What a disappointment.

  80. Kaiser Sudank

    Kaiser SudankMonth ago

    Is it just me or is the UK signature collection better than this one?


    SPANKFLIXMonth ago

    He reminds me of Harold Chasen.

  82. David Ulrich

    David UlrichMonth ago

    How can so many people give this a thumbs down? It’s brave just to post video with opinion and commentary. Not quite sure why but I need MORE of these vids! MORE!!! I like this kid!

  83. Masked Maker

    Masked MakerMonth ago

    I rewind like 5 times when he flinched at whatever was buzzing around him. I laughed so hard I almost fell off the toilet! 🤣🤣🤣

  84. Andrew Lazin

    Andrew LazinMonth ago

    5:15 WTF bruh! was that a fly or a ghost you saw???

  85. Yustin J

    Yustin JMonth ago


  86. Reggie Rightwing

    Reggie RightwingMonth ago

    I always like how review brah throws his sandwich down when he's done 👍👍

  87. Reggie Rightwing

    Reggie RightwingMonth ago

    I'm going to rotten ronnies right now. Double big MAC combo with extra sauce an orange fruitopia with 2 Jr mcchickens and extra ketchup and sweet n sour sauce

  88. Reggie Rightwing

    Reggie RightwingMonth ago

    Fukn thing looks gross

  89. ReyProduction

    ReyProductionMonth ago

    This burger came and left pretty quickly. Never got the chance to eat it and I got a Mickey Ds next to my house.

  90. popolynn2

    popolynn2Month ago

    that coke is the size of your head, enjoy your diabetes

  91. stephen byrnes

    stephen byrnesMonth ago

    started getting tired then realised iv been binge watching this guys videos for 6 hours lol

  92. Matt Sharpe

    Matt SharpeMonth ago

    6:00 .... Uh oh...

  93. Erik Hawkke

    Erik HawkkeMonth ago

    I had one of those "premium" Mushroom and swiss burgers before the recent changes and as I was chewing a part of the bun it turned into an incompressible ball of rubber in my mouth. It was really messed up.

  94. Atlas Chaos

    Atlas ChaosMonth ago

    There aren't any major issues. Just eat ur damn food idiot

  95. Flower Yum

    Flower YumMonth ago


  96. Lil Mimino

    Lil MiminoMonth ago

    Man why u are not gaining weight? Tell us a secret

  97. peppuhroni

    peppuhroniMonth ago

    I was genuinely scared for McDonalds stocks after Reviewbrah loosened his true

  98. William Sherman

    William ShermanMonth ago

    I'm watching this in February 2019. Once again The Report of the Week has proven prophetic. I don't remember the garlic white cheddar craze at all.

  99. Superest Dooper

    Superest DooperMonth ago

    My ni🅱️🅱️a said quintessential. Brah.

  100. Superest Dooper

    Superest DooperMonth ago

    Reviewbrah, please, don't get cancer at age 25. Stop eating this garbage. We would rather have you than have reviews on shitty food.

  101. cracked nebula

    cracked nebulaMonth ago

    And atheist say theres no proof of god but we found him on footage

  102. The Real Kropacek

    The Real KropacekMonth ago


  103. jay correia

    jay correiaMonth ago

    Nice job well done very articulate thanks

  104. deharleyva

    deharleyvaMonth ago

    You must live with your grandparents.

  105. Steve Reynold

    Steve ReynoldMonth ago

    1:50 you see down his shirt. It’s like when you’re petting your bird and then the feathers part and you see that soft white skin.

  106. JasonVoorhees10100

    JasonVoorhees10100Month ago

    When he throws down that burg, he uses 1% of shaggys power

  107. Dat Guy

    Dat GuyMonth ago

    Fuck you and your grandads clothes you ugly long nailed rat lookin ass