Is McDonald's Bacon Smokehouse Burger Really That Smoky?


  1. TheReportOfTheWeek

    TheReportOfTheWeek3 months ago

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  2. DownCathedral

    DownCathedral2 months ago

    Matt and Ryan of Supermega want you on their podcast

  3. Suicideマル

    Suicideマル3 months ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek nothing is wrong with your face you look lovely :)

  4. MissyRyanJAX

    MissyRyanJAX3 months ago

    Will you entertain writing a book? Lots of other YT's are doing it. You seem very articulate, I could totally see you writing a book...and I can totally see myself (and others) buying it.

  5. Michael D

    Michael D3 months ago

    Who or what are you? You seem like someone from another time period.

  6. electrictroy2010

    electrictroy20103 months ago

    Next time try the single. The double has so much meat, it drowns the BBQ sauce. The single lets you taste that goodness .

  7. Regan The Gecko

    Regan The GeckoDay ago

    Ive ate this burger many times and it is a drug.

  8. A Green

    A Green3 days ago

    Anyone else watch an old Report of the Week video and then look up whether the item he's trying is still available? For me, they almost never are.

  9. Kenta Sugimoto

    Kenta Sugimoto4 days ago

    I got one just now without the mustard. mine was structured differently, bun, onion strips, bacon, patty, cheese, sauce, bun

  10. The Dude

    The Dude9 days ago

    People collecting burger sleeves. I want to believe.

  11. Cash Orass

    Cash Orass10 days ago

    It has too many fucking crunchy parts in it, I didn't love it, even the bacon was way too crunchy

  12. Severe Enjoyment

    Severe Enjoyment13 days ago

    Just here to say, this burger is amazing. Including the mustard. You’re right about the mustard not being all that sweet, but I like the taste it adds.

  13. Crystal -_-

    Crystal -_-15 days ago

    its has 1130 hungry fuck it im gonna get one of those

  14. Natural History Central

    Natural History Central23 days ago

    5:27 *hurriedly hides food like a racoon* "Bacon Smokehouse Burger." I think ReviewBrah is having a mental breakdown.

  15. fghfghgg ffghv

    fghfghgg ffghv24 days ago

    5:27 *WTF WAS THAT*

  16. Roberto Pérez

    Roberto Pérez24 days ago

    He really looks like a McDonald's Manager.

  17. The unquiet

    The unquiet28 days ago

    dem hands tho.

  18. Christian Boustani

    Christian Boustani29 days ago

    He's such a refined person eating fast food. The contrast is superb

  19. black broly

    black brolyMonth ago

    Ewww wtf 5:27

  20. TheBlackDeath3

    TheBlackDeath3Month ago

    This is my favorite video on MReporter.

  21. Daniel Lehr

    Daniel LehrMonth ago

    Oh great and mystical Reviewbrah, do you ever get recognized at one of these establishments? And if so, do they quake with fear?

  22. Fernery Tele

    Fernery TeleMonth ago

    This is my absolute favorite fast food burger right now. It’s so good.

  23. Арсений Денисов

    Арсений ДенисовMonth ago

    Why am I watching this guy

  24. ReneeNayNay's Videos

    ReneeNayNay's VideosMonth ago

    Watching while eating a bacon smokehouse burger 👍. For some reason I like to watch reviews while or after eating the thing, but never before...

  25. Michael Wayne

    Michael WayneMonth ago

    I like that it’s made with fresh beef rather than frozen

  26. Christopher Conroy 666F13

    Christopher Conroy 666F13Month ago

    Looks nice compared to the quarter pounder

  27. Seth Strong

    Seth StrongMonth ago

    5:27 when you didn't order for your gf but for only yourself.

  28. MotFrik

    MotFrikMonth ago

    5:26 That was awkward

  29. mister thomas

    mister thomasMonth ago

    a pizza balls

  30. Yaboi Sugarnips

    Yaboi SugarnipsMonth ago

    Why do you throw the oh.....I see why lol

  31. Ross Carter

    Ross CarterMonth ago

    I think this is the worst McDonalds burger yet. Not a fan of the "new" fresh burger meat either.

  32. Oliver Dexx

    Oliver DexxMonth ago

    Dude you need a new swag.... really

  33. Mikemurda

    MikemurdaMonth ago

    Bruh cut yo nails!

  34. Andi Matt

    Andi MattMonth ago

    Save the napkins!

  35. Maverick Echo

    Maverick EchoMonth ago

    I loved the burger.

  36. Baby Bird Gaming

    Baby Bird GamingMonth ago

    I agree with him. No mustard.

  37. Dan Hostetler

    Dan HostetlerMonth ago

    Just tried one of these and it was a waste of money. The bacon had little flavor. There was only tiny 2 onion rings mushed in there and only 1 slice of swiss for 2 patties. The onion sauce was very lightly applied and only gave the burger a hint of bbq. Maybe there was sweet mustard sauce, but I didn't see it on the top bun like you saw here. For a half pound of beef there was a lot missing in the condiments and onion rings to offset. Overall it was a greasy unsatisfying mess for over $7 for a fast food burger. Also the patties were definitely a frozen processed patty. They were the hockey pucks you get from the freezer section at the grocery store type of patty. I would say for my experience is was the same if you poured beef fat into a bbq sauce and tasted that. That was the dominant flavor I had and didn't enjoy.

  38. Kadin Silver King

    Kadin Silver KingMonth ago


  39. Brian Webster

    Brian WebsterMonth ago

    Bought 1 yesterday after watching this. I’ll say when they have the sauces evened out and not just in concentrated spots, it’s very good. The beef was fresher and juicier than the average 1/4 lb’er. I was disappointed regarding the bacon as it wasn’t really a thick cut in my estimations. You are right, the onion n ketchup is FANTASTIC, hope they offer that in packs as I can see putting it on other products.

  40. KingFlippyNips

    KingFlippyNipsMonth ago

    I dream about you slapping my face with those beautiful, limp-wrist'd hands.

  41. OOFmeister

    OOFmeisterMonth ago

    it aint smoky but it's hella good

  42. [Insert name here]

    [Insert name here]Month ago

    Before this video I said for no mustard when I ordered this burger ...

  43. ZiggiesAquatic Exotics

    ZiggiesAquatic ExoticsMonth ago

    It’s just not a one sauce game anymore review bruh !!! Your livin in the past man !!!! Ahahahahah

  44. Donna Caron

    Donna CaronMonth ago

    I'm glad to know I'm not alone. The 1st time I got this burger I tried it as is. I didn't like the mustard on it either. U R absolutely right. I've gotten it a few times since & I ask for no mustard & extra onion sauce that's on the bottom bun.

  45. Master Gameplay

    Master GameplayMonth ago

    All it is is just u eating a burger

  46. Karna Vengeance

    Karna VengeanceMonth ago

    why am i gettin all the time triggerd by the small bites he takes No offense he can have my Virginity.

  47. Danielle Balouise

    Danielle BalouiseMonth ago

    This sandwich/burger was SO good. I think the sweet mustard sauce adds the perfect complexity to make the taste outstanding and out of the ordinary. Yellow mustard is so stale and flat...though I will say like reviewbrah, I was confused by the combination of the two sauces and apprehensive. I am glad the concern was misplaced. I added 2 leaves of lettuce and hand cut cherry tomatoes (cuz i wasn't paying +.40 for. slice of tomato). Adding a more complex mustard to my sandwiches has always been a favorite way to punch up my sandwiches before this burger - good move McDonald's.

  48. Alexander Eggz

    Alexander EggzMonth ago

    The point of the slip is to keep the burger together so that nothing falls out the back, lol, they're worthless.

  49. Alexander Eggz

    Alexander EggzMonth ago

    The point of the slip is to keep the burger together so that nothing falls out the back, lol, they're worthless.

  50. Alexander Eggz

    Alexander EggzMonth ago

    The point of the slip is to keep the burger together so that nothing falls out the back, lol, they're worthless.

  51. Alexander Eggz

    Alexander EggzMonth ago

    The point of the slip is to keep the burger together so that nothing falls out the back, lol, they're worthless.

  52. Alexander Eggz

    Alexander EggzMonth ago

    The point of the slip is to keep the burger together so that nothing falls out the back, lol, they're worthless.

  53. Colt Carroll

    Colt CarrollMonth ago

    instead of the mustard it should of been mayo or maybe a bacon aoli

  54. Killjoy McQuire

    Killjoy McQuire2 months ago

    I just now realized how your content reminds me of the video wherein Andy Warhol eats a hamburger.

  55. ski mask

    ski mask2 months ago

    he looks like a lizard :D but i love him

  56. Suga Shane Beatz

    Suga Shane Beatz2 months ago

    I don't like McDonald's but this burger is pretty damn good

  57. Mt.Ramen

    Mt.Ramen2 months ago

    Lost in the sauce

  58. Jeff Davis

    Jeff Davis2 months ago

    its so funny how you legit can't tell what he thinks of it until he tells you, like not one single facial expression the whole time he eats lmao

  59. vtec just kicked in yo

    vtec just kicked in yo2 months ago

    please if you are ever in the northeast seek me out and order from me, if not I will take McDonald's to you

  60. HeavenlyCinn

    HeavenlyCinn2 months ago

    What the fuck was that at 5:30

  61. Maverick Echo

    Maverick EchoMonth ago

    I was like wtf happened

  62. Preston Garvey

    Preston Garvey2 months ago


  63. Some Sorta Shadow

    Some Sorta Shadow2 months ago

    2:20 bouta get lost in the sauce

  64. NukkaLips

    NukkaLips2 months ago

    I ate my smokehouse while watching this. I thought the flavors blended well too.

  65. LeEdgyMemeKing

    LeEdgyMemeKing2 months ago

    That burger is amazing. I’m ashamed to say I’ve had three of them and they’re delicious.

  66. GalaxyDogz4Life

    GalaxyDogz4Life2 months ago

    I have a question, why do you always wear suits? And I just came across your channel

  67. cookie cat

    cookie cat2 months ago

    Eww you like McDonald's

  68. Leeav Ederi

    Leeav Ederi2 months ago

    5:26 ???

  69. Paul Bernard

    Paul Bernard2 months ago

    he'll make a great restaurant server..

  70. Paul Bernard

    Paul Bernard2 months ago

    what line of work are you in?

  71. Its_Me_Romano _

    Its_Me_Romano _2 months ago

    The thunder was Thor trying to communicate with his fellow Demi God

  72. HTakara82

    HTakara822 months ago

    such a dainty eater, ain'tcha?

  73. poohbearsauntie

    poohbearsauntie2 months ago

    Is That A Burial Plot Behind You, Sir? (Asking For A Friend.)

  74. koala earraper

    koala earraper2 months ago

    Can't watch

  75. Judah Wilkin

    Judah Wilkin2 months ago

    Y'all notice the subtle memeing: Mabey I'll just crawl into it.

  76. Owen McCafferty

    Owen McCafferty2 months ago

    Too greasy!!! Don’t get it on your shirt and tie!!

  77. NeonGamerHAH 7

    NeonGamerHAH 72 months ago

    Fam you're hair is smooth

  78. ss4vegeta1

    ss4vegeta12 months ago

    Can you review shake shack?

  79. Sleepyhead

    Sleepyhead2 months ago

    Please review my body tonight

  80. Ass Ass

    Ass Ass2 months ago

    I thought this guy was the backpack kid for like a werk

  81. IWinner

    IWinner2 months ago

    Hi cutie

  82. Joel Peralez

    Joel Peralez2 months ago

    Does this dude have a party going or what?

  83. Marc scalera

    Marc scalera2 months ago

    I liked the mustard

  84. The Rock

    The Rock2 months ago

    You should do a review while it’s raining, now there’s something new people would love to see.

  85. The Rock

    The Rock2 months ago

    You should do a review while it’s raining, now there’s something new people would love to see.

  86. Adam Crothers

    Adam Crothers2 months ago

    This burger tasted like a hotdog when I had it.

  87. Celine T

    Celine T2 months ago

    React to jollibee chicken joy

  88. breanntheartist1989

    breanntheartist19892 months ago

    I had that burger the other day for lunch and it wasn't too bad. I loved it!

  89. Javieriscool Javierisnotcool DUDE!!!!!

    Javieriscool Javierisnotcool DUDE!!!!!2 months ago

    5:27 WTF???????

  90. Marcus Bullion

    Marcus Bullion2 months ago

    Very late coming to this. But God bless the internet that I can go back in time and watch Reviewbrah take on McDonalds

  91. Jadian Hoffman

    Jadian Hoffman2 months ago

    kid looks like he sells used bibles door to door

  92. Justin Clark

    Justin Clark2 months ago

    He said "a lot of sauces hopefully I don't get lost in it" he a real one

  93. CerealMaster 132

    CerealMaster 1322 months ago

    When I'm bored I watch these cuz they're cool

  94. Ryan Harman

    Ryan Harman2 months ago

    One of these days he’s going to eat the whole thing just enjoying it, taking his time, and say “Well, thanks for joining me for lunch everyone, see you next time.” And just leave the review to a mystery. Haha. That would be funny.

  95. Charity Diary

    Charity Diary2 months ago

    Every single time I have tried one of these Signature Burgers from my local McDonald's, the burger is severely undercooked to where it is still light greyish-pink, chewy, and devoid of flavor. They just dump 5 pounds of sauce on the thing and hope no one will notice. It's disgraceful.

  96. SkimMilk

    SkimMilk2 months ago

    Such a meme

  97. ekoms108

    ekoms1082 months ago

    I miss their jalapeno double so much

  98. Sean Henry

    Sean Henry2 months ago

    what's a new york boy doing in florida?

  99. Lucas Miller

    Lucas Miller2 months ago

    I like you a lot. Take bigger bites, please.

  100. John

    John2 months ago

    Is this satire? Like do people actually like this? Am I missing something that everyone knows about?

  101. Gator Boys

    Gator Boys2 months ago

    I got second burger King ad leave me alone burger king not right now

  102. Gator Boys

    Gator Boys2 months ago

    I've cheated I got burger King ad before this and I like the chicken fingers to

  103. Andrilas

    Andrilas2 months ago

    5:24 omg

  104. Papa TyTy

    Papa TyTy2 months ago

    I had this burger recently and I was so surprised at how good it was.

  105. steven musselman

    steven musselman2 months ago

    You can't really enjoy food with a quick 1 minute nibble. Eat the whole thing!

  106. Shwift

    Shwift2 months ago

    Tried this today and was blown away with how good mc Donald’s was. Like seriously. The onions were so good.