Is McDonald's Bacon Smokehouse Burger Really That Smoky?


  1. TheReportOfTheWeek

    TheReportOfTheWeekMonth ago

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  2. Crazyperson357

    Crazyperson35725 days ago

    Matt and Ryan of Supermega want you on their podcast

  3. drak soul

    drak soulMonth ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek nothing is wrong with your face you look lovely :)

  4. MissyRyanJAX

    MissyRyanJAXMonth ago

    Will you entertain writing a book? Lots of other YT's are doing it. You seem very articulate, I could totally see you writing a book...and I can totally see myself (and others) buying it.

  5. Michael D

    Michael DMonth ago

    Who or what are you? You seem like someone from another time period.

  6. electrictroy2010

    electrictroy2010Month ago

    Next time try the single. The double has so much meat, it drowns the BBQ sauce. The single lets you taste that goodness .

  7. Zachary Labbe

    Zachary LabbeDay ago

    The point of the slip is to keep the burger together so that nothing falls out the back, lol, they're worthless.

  8. Zachary Labbe

    Zachary LabbeDay ago

    The point of the slip is to keep the burger together so that nothing falls out the back, lol, they're worthless.

  9. Zachary Labbe

    Zachary LabbeDay ago

    The point of the slip is to keep the burger together so that nothing falls out the back, lol, they're worthless.

  10. Zachary Labbe

    Zachary LabbeDay ago

    The point of the slip is to keep the burger together so that nothing falls out the back, lol, they're worthless.

  11. Zachary Labbe

    Zachary LabbeDay ago

    The point of the slip is to keep the burger together so that nothing falls out the back, lol, they're worthless.

  12. Colt Carroll

    Colt Carroll3 days ago

    instead of the mustard it should of been mayo or maybe a bacon aoli

  13. Killjoy McQuire

    Killjoy McQuire4 days ago

    I just now realized how your content reminds me of the video wherein Andy Warhol eats a hamburger.

  14. ski mask

    ski mask4 days ago

    he looks like a lizard :D but i love him

  15. Suga Shane Beatz

    Suga Shane Beatz4 days ago

    I don't like McDonald's but this burger is pretty damn good

  16. FlapJack

    FlapJack6 days ago

    Lost in the sauce

  17. Jeff Davis

    Jeff Davis7 days ago

    its so funny how you legit can't tell what he thinks of it until he tells you, like not one single facial expression the whole time he eats lmao

  18. vtec just kicked in yo

    vtec just kicked in yo7 days ago

    please if you are ever in the northeast seek me out and order from me, if not I will take McDonald's to you

  19. HeavenlyCinn

    HeavenlyCinn7 days ago

    What the fuck was that at 5:30

  20. Preston Garvey

    Preston Garvey8 days ago


  21. Some Sorta Shadow

    Some Sorta Shadow8 days ago

    2:20 bouta get lost in the sauce

  22. NukkaLips

    NukkaLips10 days ago

    I ate my smokehouse while watching this. I thought the flavors blended well too.

  23. Dad

    Dad11 days ago

    That burger is amazing. I’m ashamed to say I’ve had three of them and they’re delicious.

  24. GalaxyDogz4Life

    GalaxyDogz4Life12 days ago

    I have a question, why do you always wear suits? And I just came across your channel

  25. cookie cat

    cookie cat12 days ago

    Eww you like McDonald's

  26. Leeav Ederi

    Leeav Ederi13 days ago

    5:26 ???

  27. Paul Bernard

    Paul Bernard13 days ago

    he'll make a great restaurant server..

  28. Paul Bernard

    Paul Bernard13 days ago

    what line of work are you in?

  29. Its_Me_Romano _

    Its_Me_Romano _14 days ago

    The thunder was Thor trying to communicate with his fellow Demi God

  30. HTakara82

    HTakara8214 days ago

    such a dainty eater, ain'tcha?

  31. poohbearsauntie

    poohbearsauntie14 days ago

    Is That A Burial Plot Behind You, Sir? (Asking For A Friend.)

  32. koala earraper

    koala earraper15 days ago

    Can't watch

  33. Judah Wilkin

    Judah Wilkin16 days ago

    Y'all notice the subtle memeing: Mabey I'll just crawl into it.

  34. Owen McCafferty

    Owen McCafferty17 days ago

    Too greasy!!! Don’t get it on your shirt and tie!!

  35. NeonGamerHAH 7

    NeonGamerHAH 717 days ago

    Fam you're hair is smooth

  36. ss4vegeta1

    ss4vegeta117 days ago

    Can you review shake shack?

  37. Sleepyhead

    Sleepyhead18 days ago

    Please review my body tonight

  38. Ass Ass

    Ass Ass18 days ago

    I thought this guy was the backpack kid for like a werk

  39. IWinner

    IWinner19 days ago

    Hi cutie

  40. Joel Peralez

    Joel Peralez19 days ago

    Does this dude have a party going or what?

  41. Marc scalera

    Marc scalera21 day ago

    I liked the mustard

  42. The Rock

    The Rock21 day ago

    You should do a review while it’s raining, now there’s something new people would love to see.

  43. The Rock

    The Rock21 day ago

    You should do a review while it’s raining, now there’s something new people would love to see.

  44. Adam Crothers

    Adam Crothers21 day ago

    This burger tasted like a hotdog when I had it.

  45. Celine T

    Celine T21 day ago

    React to jollibee chicken joy

  46. breanntheartist1989

    breanntheartist198921 day ago

    I had that burger the other day for lunch and it wasn't too bad. I loved it!

  47. Juliagaming122 AndmoreJavier299

    Juliagaming122 AndmoreJavier29922 days ago

    5:27 WTF???????

  48. Marcus Bullion

    Marcus Bullion22 days ago

    Very late coming to this. But God bless the internet that I can go back in time and watch Reviewbrah take on McDonalds

  49. Jadian Hoffman

    Jadian Hoffman22 days ago

    kid looks like he sells used bibles door to door

  50. Justin Clark

    Justin Clark23 days ago

    He said "a lot of sauces hopefully I don't get lost in it" he a real one

  51. CerealMaster 132

    CerealMaster 13223 days ago

    When I'm bored I watch these cuz they're cool

  52. Ryan Harman

    Ryan Harman23 days ago

    One of these days he’s going to eat the whole thing just enjoying it, taking his time, and say “Well, thanks for joining me for lunch everyone, see you next time.” And just leave the review to a mystery. Haha. That would be funny.

  53. Charity Diary

    Charity Diary23 days ago

    Every single time I have tried one of these Signature Burgers from my local McDonald's, the burger is severely undercooked to where it is still light greyish-pink, chewy, and devoid of flavor. They just dump 5 pounds of sauce on the thing and hope no one will notice. It's disgraceful.

  54. SkimMilk

    SkimMilk23 days ago

    Such a meme

  55. ekoms108

    ekoms10823 days ago

    I miss their jalapeno double so much

  56. Sean Henry

    Sean Henry23 days ago

    what's a new york boy doing in florida?

  57. Lucas Miller

    Lucas Miller23 days ago

    I like you a lot. Take bigger bites, please.

  58. John

    John23 days ago

    Is this satire? Like do people actually like this? Am I missing something that everyone knows about?

  59. Gator Boys

    Gator Boys24 days ago

    I got second burger King ad leave me alone burger king not right now

  60. Gator Boys

    Gator Boys24 days ago

    I've cheated I got burger King ad before this and I like the chicken fingers to

  61. Andrilas

    Andrilas24 days ago

    5:24 omg

  62. Papa TyTy

    Papa TyTy24 days ago

    I had this burger recently and I was so surprised at how good it was.

  63. steven musselman

    steven musselman24 days ago

    You can't really enjoy food with a quick 1 minute nibble. Eat the whole thing!

  64. Shwift

    Shwift25 days ago

    Tried this today and was blown away with how good mc Donald’s was. Like seriously. The onions were so good.

  65. BrrZrrKrr

    BrrZrrKrr25 days ago

    How are you not fat, eating all this fast food?

  66. Justin Land

    Justin Land25 days ago

    If I was a CEO of a fast food chain, I would find out where you live and make sure they have a picture of your face on the wall of all nearby establishments so that they knew to step their game up when you came around.

  67. privatehight

    privatehight26 days ago

    No homo but your hands are mesmerizing. Also, I cracked up at 4:06 when you said "That is thunder." I was really hoping that was a descriptor rather than a weather report. Just stumbled onto your channel. I'm about to binge and stare at your hands. Good stuff, Sir.

  68. Hannah Curry

    Hannah Curry26 days ago

    i just tried this burger had the exact reaction after taking my 3 bite of the burger lol 5:27

  69. Ashton Munsey

    Ashton Munsey26 days ago

    He is so cute 😍😍😍

  70. Calvin_Coolage

    Calvin_Coolage26 days ago

    I had one of these recently, but without the bacon onion sauce, since I was worried I'd hate it. It's probably one of McDonald's better burger variations, and I'll be getting one from McDonald's whenever I do go there. But what I really want to do is try to make it myself.

  71. Hex Hub Music

    Hex Hub Music26 days ago

    The Smokehouse Burger in my opinion is really Good!

  72. James Hunt

    James Hunt27 days ago

    I love your soul

  73. Cat House

    Cat House27 days ago

    Saw this the day he did it and thought got to try that. Well a few hours ago I sent someone out to get few McDonald's meals and had instructed them to get it without the mustard like Bra advised. I did put catsup on it (small amount). Mine had a lot of these crispy onions on it. But they had very little onion flavor. Nothing special to go out of your way for. It's to expensive for what it is. If determined to have MD, just stick with a Quarter Pounder or a Big Mac. At best I give this a 5 out of 10. That means I plan never to eat this again!!!!

  74. Teri Rushka

    Teri Rushka27 days ago

    5:26 LOVE. YOU. SO. FREAKING. MUCH!!!!

  75. Survivalist Extraordinare

    Survivalist Extraordinare28 days ago

    So do you eat like one burger and thats all for the rest for the week

  76. appledude7193

    appledude719329 days ago

    This burger is meh not the best burger and now even worth the money.

  77. dizzy z

    dizzy z29 days ago

    Keep up the excellent reviews, king.

  78. Froozki

    Froozki29 days ago

    F o o d r e v i e w 👏🏻👏🏻

  79. Juan Rodriguez

    Juan Rodriguez29 days ago

    5:30 Nothing happened

  80. Linda Garcia

    Linda GarciaMonth ago

    5:26 what was that 😂😂

  81. forbin1185

    forbin1185Month ago

    It looks like GOD, aka “Review Bra”, chews with his front teeth also, we should do the same.

  82. Nate Mo

    Nate MoMonth ago

    I don’t even eat meat anymore but i love this dude

  83. Nich *

    Nich *Month ago

    I hope he finishes his food after

  84. Dageon Munshi

    Dageon MunshiMonth ago

    *T.H.I.C.C CUT*

  85. Nick Ruedig

    Nick RuedigMonth ago

    Was watching this with my three year old. He swiftly found the most important part of the video. "He has a LAWNMOWER! And a LAWN!" (We live in the southwest, so your wet climate is incredibly exotic. :D )

  86. Mr.Bleach

    Mr.BleachMonth ago

    When you say "food review" at the beginning i thought you said "meme review"


    JUAN RIVERAMonth ago

    Best introduction ever

  88. unclejubalon

    unclejubalonMonth ago

    You need to stop stealing your dad's shirts

  89. Dave LaBadie

    Dave LaBadieMonth ago

    Man, I was reading some of the people's comments.. Wow, some are mean.?? How come you can't be nice to this guy people?? Keep doing what you do, I'm enjoying it bud!! Thank you!!

  90. Nick McMurray

    Nick McMurrayMonth ago

    The sweet mustard sauce holds the bacon in place. It’s advanced tactics.

  91. Ace Sandoval

    Ace SandovalMonth ago

    Love your review s but this was a burger and not a sandwich...

  92. octagramt

    octagramtMonth ago

    yeah... I heard thunder too outside while watching this today... we must live close by...

  93. Feralfa Van Duuren

    Feralfa Van DuurenMonth ago

    I swear his outfit looks like as if he is an actual Mcdonalds manager.

  94. Dan Leon

    Dan LeonMonth ago

    I like how your always dressed nice.

  95. Ryan Hoffer

    Ryan HofferMonth ago

    This man's pallet is so descriptive! Especially when it comes to burgers. There are so many flavors in a burger now a days since there are so many items stacked on top of each other, and you really have to understand why the flavors are there. My uncle owns the best burger restaraunt in New Jersey. He has even been on the food channel on man vs food. But Anthony bourdain said that "I really want this guy to come and try my baby gravy."

  96. Eric French

    Eric FrenchMonth ago

    "Right into the review".... Then doesn't inbox until 2:35

  97. BoyMan Hi

    BoyMan HiMonth ago

    You remind of Sheldon

  98. Plexiate

    PlexiateMonth ago

    at 9:16 I chose to get up and go get one of the burgers. This burger is by far a must try. It's the best burger I've ever had.

  99. George Namie

    George NamieMonth ago

    dude, its medley of flavors not melody

  100. Charleston  Kemp

    Charleston KempMonth ago

    Ur better than that fat ass Mickey mouse

  101. jessie kitten

    jessie kittenMonth ago

    Am I the only one who just loves the fact that he dresses so nice just to go eat McDonald’s 🤣🤣 also that he calls it “signaypture crafted”

  102. Lohst

    LohstMonth ago

    I don't even eat fast food anymore, but review brah still has my heart

  103. WestBandicoot YT

    WestBandicoot YTMonth ago

    He took the tiniest first bite ever

  104. Brainvisions

    BrainvisionsMonth ago

    Substitute the mustard for BBQ. Thank me later.

  105. Nuckerball

    NuckerballMonth ago

    Overpriced garbage, just like every McDonald's burger