Is Ant-Man Secretly the Most Powerful Avenger?


  1. Because Science

    Because Science13 days ago

    Thanks for watching! If your brain feels broken, you're not alone, trust me. *IMPORTANT CORRECTION* We'll get to this in the next Footnotes, but you don't actually need to "go sub-atomic" to experience quantum effects, at least in theory, and Ant-Man wouldn't even be able to get that small, considering that no matter how close his atoms get together, he still has atoms. I apologize for furthering the common misconception that "going quantum" is simply a matter of how big you are. -- KH

  2. DawsonGrant

    DawsonGrant2 days ago

    Because Science I know, I purposely didn’t watch the trailer so I’d go into the movie knowing nothing. But it’s fine

  3. Because Science

    Because Science2 days ago

    DawsonGrant Everything I said is in every trailer for the film, which came out two weeks ago. - KH

  4. DawsonGrant

    DawsonGrant2 days ago

    You spoiled the villain for me, I'm sad now :(

  5. Tauseef Baggia

    Tauseef Baggia5 days ago

    Because Science I disagree. Think of Wanda (Scarlet Witch)

  6. Mark Plutowski

    Mark Plutowski5 days ago

    Only if he becomes akin to a virtual particle -- which are thus far just a theoretical convenience and have not been observed.

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    0:53 random tardigrade just floating around.

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    I uuu

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    I'm Bird Wise. I'm the strongest of them all Ha ha ha ha...

  10. yaakov helfand

    yaakov helfand13 hours ago

    Can't we just say that his mass changes as he shrinks or gets bigger?

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  12. Aftab alam ansari

    Aftab alam ansari14 hours ago

    How Janet Van Dyne survive 30 years, when the Oxygen atoms are way big for her to inhale in the Quantum realm. Wouldn't she dead by then.💀

  13. Apple Gaming

    Apple Gaming14 hours ago

    Dude you copied this from film theory i unsubed 😡

  14. Because Science

    Because Science13 hours ago

    Oh so you didn’t watch the video then so that you’d know the two are substantially different? Unsubbed based on the title alone huh? See ya. Check out the “Thanos can’t snap” video over there and tell me if it’s familiar - KH

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    Rabi Narayan Hansdah18 hours ago

    it had 399 Dislikes and I am an idiot. Sorry, I do love Your Videos.

  16. composerdoh

    composerdoh19 hours ago

    Do a video on how retarded (or brilliant???) the "elevator dropping through the earth" idea in the Total Recall remake is. I mean, if they have tech and resources THAT advanced that they can overcome the engineering challenges with an elevator CARRYING HUMANS going thru the core of the Earth, wouldn't it be WAY easier to fix the poisoned parts of Earth, AND set up colonies on Mars, even Venus and Europa, and start terraforming? Seems to me they MIGHT even have some resources and tech savvy left over to start checking out exoplanets before they sunk all the massive amounts of engineering/financial eggs into the dumb "let's build an elevator thru the Earth so workers can commute" basket. I'd love to hear your thoughts or even a video on it. Am I way off? Just a little? Right on?

  17. Trenton Irvin

    Trenton Irvin19 hours ago

    So in Marvel's Civil war. Where Antman turns giant.(Haven't watched Antman and Wasp) How does his power work that way since they explained his power as "The power of a 200 pound man in the size of a bullet" or something along those lines. Wouldn't that mean he'd still have the power of a 200 pound man, but in the size of a house?

  18. Danger_Ranger

    Danger_Ranger19 hours ago

    Wouldn't Ant-Man be realy realy hot, if he shirnk? I mean like a black hole? Wouldn't he become a Black Hole?

  19. Andrew Carter

    Andrew Carter22 hours ago

    Nup. Thor is still more powerful. I mean, look at those guns.

  20. Ally-azhar Abdoola

    Ally-azhar Abdoola22 hours ago

    Hey do ant man breath when he shrink to quantum size he will be in the size of the air molecules.....

  21. Jared S

    Jared SDay ago

    I’m so sick of seeing the Thor comments on this channel’s comments sections. Why is it that when a guy has long hair, he automatically resembles another guy (in real life or fiction) that you know of that has long hair? I have long brown hair and to some other people I know, I magically look like every other long brown haired guy they’ve ever seen! It’s so annoying! Men’s hair grows long too! It doesn’t just stop growing after at gets past two inches.

  22. gorillasharkAWESOME

    gorillasharkAWESOMEDay ago

    Yeah, no. Time is absolutely a spatial dimension.

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    Infinity war spoiler lol

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    I need a mind condom cuz I’m getting mind fucked

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    i don’t feel so good mr stark

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    just saying that antman would become a black hole way before anything cool happens.

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    How do you use the markers? A glass in front of you?😂😂😂

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    13:28 how tf did u know my name is Jordan....

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    12:54 -- Macy's Thanksgiving Day Rose Parade.

  31. Darth Extremist

    Darth Extremist2 days ago

    If ant man shrinking brings his atoms closer together, would ant man enlarging be his atoms spreading apart, and wouldn't that weaken the bonds in his molecules, basically ripping him into a cloud of particles?

  32. Arc

    Arc2 days ago

    idk why but this guy makes me think of vsause 3

  33. Stephan Rogers

    Stephan Rogers2 days ago

    Theoretical nonsense. Philosophical balderdash. When Ant Man is at the quantum level, he can't see anything in our world.

  34. GeoPoliticsJunkie

    GeoPoliticsJunkie2 days ago

    ummm, going 1, 2 and 3 dimenisons already take up time.

  35. Blue-handled broom

    Blue-handled broom2 days ago

    ant man is the reality stone change my mind

  36. Rishin roy

    Rishin roy2 days ago

    In comics nadia van Dyne (Wasp) just gained quantumn powers. Just like dr. Strange could see multiple outcomes of a single event using time stone, she could now do the same but with quantumn powers

  37. CYAN-Streakz

    CYAN-Streakz2 days ago

    Ok what would happen between ant man and vibrainim could he shrink trough it etc

  38. Poké Maniac Nick

    Poké Maniac Nick2 days ago

    that pause and inhale at 5:45 Kyle's channeling his inner Mordin Solus

  39. Harry Pjotr

    Harry Pjotr2 days ago

    Kyle if you're reading this. Won't antman be weak if he becomes large? Cuz in the movie, it said that when he shrinks, his energy will be focused on one single tiny body which makes him powerful. But if he grows bigger, his energy will be spread throughout the bigger body making him weaker.

  40. Evan Cook

    Evan Cook3 days ago

    Wouldn't antman freeze to death if he retained the same mass and grew to 60 feet. Conversely, wouldn't he boil to death if he shrank?

  41. Red Lego Brick

    Red Lego Brick3 days ago

    Doc strange will murder him

  42. peter u

    peter u3 days ago

    wait! could Antman defeat Thanos?!

  43. kweassa

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    another excellent educational material.. two thumbs up!

  44. Secret_ Brian

    Secret_ Brian3 days ago

    Ant-man is the most powerful avenger because he can go in peoples ears then become big and BOOM

  45. Samurai Takuan

    Samurai Takuan3 days ago

    Maybe this is what the next Avengers movie will be about Thanos got rid of half the Universe and Antman will save it and oml this would be amazing

  46. Logan Rodriguez

    Logan Rodriguez3 days ago

    Scarlet Witch

  47. Soumya Gangopadhyay

    Soumya Gangopadhyay3 days ago

    When Bruce Banner becomes the Hulk, from where does he gets the mass to grow? Same question for the Ant-Man. Banner becomes stronger and bigger as he gets angrier, hence, his body density isn't reducing, if anything, its actually increasing. How is that possible. When Hank Pym shrunk down a giant building, how the hell he was carrying it around like a FedEx delivery box. Same question for his car collection box.

  48. Bogdan Haczewski

    Bogdan Haczewski3 days ago

    Ant man saves the world by dancing in avengers 4

  49. HEALTH TIPS FOR EVERYONE : life saving

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    kinda confusing but i like it

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    I’d like to see Antman vs. The Flash.

  51. Brandon Holian

    Brandon Holian4 days ago

    Electrons are small enough. So free will is real. Our brains are electrical impulses traveling through a matrix which cause our decisions. So no we arent too big.

  52. Izrael Magoncia

    Izrael Magoncia4 days ago

    For me he looks like Ryan Reynolds with a long hair and a beard haha

  53. The crafting carter

    The crafting carter4 days ago

    Reminds me of professor paradox from Ben 10

  54. Davis Tran

    Davis Tran4 days ago

    Could you guys figure out how far a car shrunk down to the size of a Hot Wheels car go?

  55. Alessia Aikley

    Alessia Aikley4 days ago

    I don't think its secretly. He could just go into the ear of any other avenger, and hit the return to full size button.

  56. al145

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    ...but why male models?

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    haha buff grimace

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  59. ridwan khan

    ridwan khan4 days ago

    Isn’t this what some of the infinity stones do? For example the reality Stone changes what reality looks like( manipulation of photons?).

  60. KenzieHurlock

    KenzieHurlock4 days ago

    But Kyle you are Thor

  61. Rigel Sinco

    Rigel Sinco4 days ago

    He could potentially beat any superhero out there, not just limited to Marvel's.

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    Thank you Thor, very cool.

  63. TheMysticMinecart //Myles

    TheMysticMinecart //Myles4 days ago

    I guess ant man found what was at the center of the earth..... and the universe, and everything....... and probably no longer exists since he fell through everything you can touch

  64. Brodie Wicks

    Brodie Wicks4 days ago

    how do they do the overlay effects?

  65. Lazaros Bounartzis

    Lazaros Bounartzis4 days ago

    Does that make Antman a second reality stone?

  66. Robert Garnica

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    that nipple zoom at the end tho

  67. mr mystery

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    When antman is small most of his weight goes to a pocket dimension

  68. Pangasauras

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    I tried so hard not to, but I got so lost lol

  69. _CYB3R_ W1Z4RD_ 2.0

    _CYB3R_ W1Z4RD_ 2.05 days ago

    Ant-Man become small because of the Pym Particles and that Particles can tamper both Mass and Volume, yes MASS. It's a fictional Particles okay, so it's impossible to put 10 Tons into your pocket without ripping off your pants, or a lot of 5 Tons of vehicle into a Hotwheel Case.

  70. CAM Gaming

    CAM Gaming5 days ago

    Now I feel way way way smarter.

  71. Odinson42

    Odinson425 days ago

    Will a super dense object always be spherical? If this were the case, would Ant-Man be able to maintain his shape when shrinking?

  72. Greylegato

    Greylegato5 days ago

    So.... you could say that he has good... volume control...

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    I just realized that the abbreviation for Because Science is *BS.* Kind of a fitting coincidence if you ask me.

  75. Andy Deleon

    Andy Deleon5 days ago

    What if ant man goes inside of thanos and put those bombs that make things big or small and just makes thanos’s brain to big or too small depending on which works better

  76. Nappa Zappa the Kappa Tappa the Rappa

    Nappa Zappa the Kappa Tappa the Rappa5 days ago

    Ant man's logic makes no sense in our universe, even with the explination given in the movies. No matter how close atoms get they wouldn't be able to shrink smaller than other atoms -that would imply that they overlap. Not to mention the synapses in Scott's brain would cease to exist, which would kill him. My theory is that Pym particles basically move the object they touch into a different layer of reality, then shrink that layer like you would do in Photoshop. That way, the layer the object is moved into retains all the rules of our universe without killing anyone or creating singularities.

  77. Tobi 007

    Tobi 0075 days ago

    But doesn't Antman observating cause the collapse of his own wave funtion? That means, quantum effects shouldn't have effects on him right?

  78. Mark Rosslee

    Mark Rosslee5 days ago

    His suit stabilizes his mass that's why he can't shrink without it I mean I'm pretty sure that's why or maybe he has the ability to change his mass because of the technology in the suit

  79. justin bigby

    justin bigby5 days ago

    Say, how small do you have to be to not be able to see? Assuming that humans see using photons of light in our eyes, how small are photons?

  80. Antonio Moyado-Green

    Antonio Moyado-Green5 days ago

    Of course! He can create black holes!!

  81. Pantfx

    Pantfx5 days ago

    Hey Kyle, great job as always, just a correction from a fellow theoretical physicist. You mentioned the work of Richard Feynman and how he revolutionalized how we deal with moving particles, and he really did. But one thing many people get wrong when they first hear about his theories is the supposed movement "backwards through time". While this and the thing you said about the infinite paths of a particle are true, these are merely mathematical tools with almost no physical meaning. A particle isn't actually moving backwards through time, it sipmply means that it is the corresponding anti-particle moving through "normal" unreversed time. It really is just a minus sign put in front of time (and energy) in our equations to make our life easier. Really. And about the thing with infinite paths, that is also a mathematical tool, namely an infinite sum (or integral). It's a really old (and wierd) mathematical concept to make integration work, it does not mean that the particle actually takes ALL the paths. (P.S. I know there are pure quantum theorists who will actually fight this notion and actually agree with you, but that's simply due to the wierdness of quantum mechanics)

  82. Aaron Scoggins

    Aaron Scoggins5 days ago

    Tfw you realize the silver portal things coming from people's chests in Donnie Darko were basically world lines

  83. Chong Zhen

    Chong Zhen5 days ago

    Because science I have to tell you that when ant man when he s small he s still has he s own strength

  84. John Apple

    John Apple5 days ago

    Why is Shia Labuff doing science videos now? (sorry bad english I am from Croatia)

  85. tuyo3

    tuyo35 days ago

    Remember how in the Ant Man movie, they said when he got small he had the punch force of a 150 lb man packed into the area of a pin, making his fist equivalent to a bullet? Wouldn’t that mean when he went Gi-Ant man, he would still be punching at the strength of a 150 lb man, yet it would be spread over the area of like a truck, making his giant punches super slow and weak??

  86. tuyo3

    tuyo35 days ago

    I haven’t been happier to find a new MReporterr since Captain Disillusion (to whom I was embarassingly late)!! Auto bell!

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    You and matpat should have a collab!

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    Is this how Santa Clause get to all the houses in one night?

  90. Timothy Adry

    Timothy Adry6 days ago

    If antmant compresses him self into supersmall smaller than planck.. Didnt he supposed to be Blackhole by his own mass? And isnt blackhole also mess around with spacetime continuum? Did they just went so smal that they go blackhole reality this entire time? Once go there no turning back?? Is that what it meant???

  91. Randall Barton

    Randall Barton6 days ago

    oh and he can allso make a black hole if hes that small wich he has been so... yah

  92. Oso Meloso

    Oso Meloso6 days ago

    Best episode yet, my brain exploded into nothingness.

  93. ColeTrain316

    ColeTrain3166 days ago

    I don't know why they went with compression as the mechanism for Ant Man's shrinking in the MCU. It makes so much more sense that their mass is "pushed into another dimension" or some something else dumb that would at least be consistent with the actions we see Scott Lang take in the movies. Also, I want Tony to figure out some dumb quantum mechanics nonsense and make this work.

  94. Van Ivanov

    Van Ivanov6 days ago

    Where did you learn this, comic books? Seriously, _time is a thread like the three sisters of Fate?_ You're a complete moron... there's no science for that. Einstein proved that there was no Greek concept of time, where the past exists alongside the present and future. The dimension of time is affected by gravity, the effect being that energy transfers more quickly or more slowly. This is dumber than how Dark Matter was Evolved from the God of the Gaps.

  95. Valentin S

    Valentin S6 days ago

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but at the end you said that you could easily carry antman around if he turns big, but it just changes his density and not his weight, so as long as I'm not strong enough to carry him in his normal state it wouldn't matter for me (unless he hovers because his density is near or below the density of the atmosphere)? For example I don't care if the back is full of feathers or stones, as long as it weights too much I wouldn't be able to carry each of them (I neglect the fact that the feather back would be very big, so the feathers aren't compressed to much). Or would it be like in water where I can carry much more weight due to the density differences?

  96. james81693

    james816936 days ago

    I think I may have a decent example of that control over world lines power you were talking about. In a fairly new anime called Juni Taisen:Zodiac War there is a character named rat and on the last episode he displays a power where he can essentially choose what world line he wants to use. It comes with a pretty big price though.

  97. Gürkan Gündoğdu

    Gürkan Gündoğdu6 days ago

    0:09 me??

  98. Zac Lee

    Zac Lee6 days ago

    Half the verse is not dead, they're trapped in the soul stone

  99. Stanislav Silbermann

    Stanislav Silbermann6 days ago

    11:34 So basically Ant-Man has the same power as Q from Star Trek.

  100. Henry Chea

    Henry Chea6 days ago

    Doesn’t this seem a lot like Dr. Manhattans powers?

  101. PJ Dillon

    PJ Dillon6 days ago

    Future Video: If the microwave emitter from Batman Begins was real, what would really happen to every fleshy organic creature anywhere near it? The army has a non-lethal pain beam you could reference

  102. Randomzebra123

    Randomzebra1236 days ago

    What a great introduction to quantum mechanics, thanks Kyle!

  103. Celtic Angel

    Celtic Angel6 days ago

    what about parallel worlds in which the origin is the point of conception in that at least 2 you were created of which one is male and the other is female and until u are born both options are true and fales like schrodinger's cat then at the point of birth the gender u are born as then becomes the origin (unless during the ultrasound the parents ask what sex u are), with that as every second passes there is a world created in which u suddenly die and all those realities of possibility would still continue, it is just that a the point in which a choice is made whether or not u are aware of the act the mind would duplicate an follow the event chosen and ending when u become dust in the void ( if wording sounds/is wrong i am sorry)

  104. HKG

    HKG6 days ago

    You people copied the FilmTheory's idea

  105. Lil Denz the Swag God

    Lil Denz the Swag God6 days ago

    90% of this video had nothing to do with ant man

  106. Brendan Cleaver

    Brendan Cleaver7 days ago

    Hey Kyle! I'm just watching the first Thor, and I'm curious about the scene when Thor just gets hit hammer back, and it spins so fast he creates a tornado. I'm curious how fast Mjilnir would have to spin to 1) create a tornado, and 2) how fast it would have to spin to create a tornado strong enough to lift a metal giant

  107. Brendan Cleaver

    Brendan Cleaver7 days ago