Is Ant-Man Secretly the Most Powerful Avenger?


  1. Because Science

    Because Science7 months ago

    Thanks for watching! If your brain feels broken, you're not alone, trust me. *IMPORTANT CORRECTION* We'll get to this in the next Footnotes, but you don't actually need to "go sub-atomic" to experience quantum effects, at least in theory, and Ant-Man wouldn't even be able to get that small, considering that no matter how close his atoms get together, he still has atoms. I apologize for furthering the common misconception that "going quantum" is simply a matter of how big you are. -- KH

  2. Tùng Dương

    Tùng Dương4 days ago

    I have heard form a comic enthusiast friend that in the original comic (don't know which issue), they said the principle for ant man's shrink is to store extra mass in another dimension, but I heard no explanation for enlargement, though

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    Bro you're smart cool stuff.

  4. Nathan Case

    Nathan CaseMonth ago

    DressiKnights. Normally pym particle would work this way but ant man specifically had to override safeguards to go sub-atomic. Also, yes he could become a black hole if he got really small. This is called the Schwarchild radius. In this case for a normal human it would be unfathomably small (about 10^-23 cm). Such a black hole would evaporate due to Hawking radiation in an imperceptibly small amount of time.

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    Because Science. Multiverse theory . . .

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    Because Science the Atom is stronger Cuz I like DC

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    Man, you are awesome on what you do.

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    how will he breathe if he becomes smaller than atoms??

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    I think u just spoiled avengers end game

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    God scuffs at you attempt to explain God things

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    Avengers Endame spoilers contained in this video. 10:17

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    Ironman I think

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    Deadpool or Domino actually!!

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    Which power do think is the most powerful among the mutants?

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    It would be antman if they would get the physics of antman correct

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    Ant man would alert the anti glitch system and the matrix will try to eliminate him like a bug

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    You're basically describing the Molecule Man.

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    According to SJW's and soyboys Ant-Man isn't. Brie Larsons Captain Marvel is because she is the bestest superhero -EAVAR and gonna save them all. lololol

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    I love how all of these videos seem to be filmed in The Abyss from Dark Souls. You can tell because of the backlighting from the bonfire.

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    Is he tryin to ruin avengers end game

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    Gurpreet Madaan You’re commenting that on a video that came out literally 8 months ago - kH

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    Your luscious hair is what keeps bringing me back.

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    I don't understand how he calculated the pressure at 9:41. Could someone explain where he got all the numbers from and how he did the calculation?

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    First time watching and finding about this channel. Omg.. I love the explanations

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    I’m pretty sure “quantum mechanics” is just a fancy name for making everything needlessly complicated

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    "Aiming for the head now?"😂😂😂😂 nice one!

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    3:35 blew my mind away!!!

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    no way scarlet witch for the win


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    Where's Ant-Man? I can't see him anywhere.

  31. Lord Knightcon

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    Without having watched the video, no he is not, because his powers are completely inconsistent and make no sense within the universe of his own movie. Me: "Ant-Man huh. So what does he do?" Film: "He shrinks down so small you can't see him!" Me: "Well that sounds pretty useless. How does he affect anything while he is that small?" Film: "Well he is still has his normal strength. So he's like a fully-grown fighter you can't see!" Me: "That doesn't make any sense. If he still had the same strength he would fling himself away from everything he would hit because there would be no mass behind his punches. He'd be like an astronaut in zero gravity." Film: "Oh he retains his mass too. Everything that shrinks does." Me: "That makes even less sense. If he retains the same mass, how does he ride on the back of an ant? He would squash it. He would be immediately noticed by any person he tries to hide on as well." Film: "Uh..." Me: "Also given that he is tiny, his full-size weight and mass is impacting a far smaller space, so he would immediately punch through almost any surface he tries to walk on, like a needle breaking your skin." Film: "Well..." Me: "Speaking of which, he would do the same thing to any person he hit while he was that tiny. His punches would be like getting hit by bullets. He would be slicing through muscle and bone with ease." Film: "The thing is..." Me: "And hang on, if everything that shrinks keeps the same weight and mass, how does Hank Pym carry the Abrams tank around with him on a keyring? Wouldn't it still weigh like six tons?" Film: "... $#@% you, man." Me (to empty room): "And how does he get anywhere on foot? You ever seen an ant run? They don't go that fast. It should take him like ten minutes to cross from one side of a room to the other at that size."

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    They would never introduce this as a concept

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    Ant-Man can go in anyone’s ear and boom-


    - SHADOWxCHASER21 day ago

    Humans madeup time so everthing you said makes no sense

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    Macy's Thanksgiving parade.

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    I think its called the Macy's Rose bowl parade and i think he looks more similar to Aquaman.

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    So. You just solved what will happen with End Game.

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    Ant-man can bring Bucky, Pete, Dr Strange, GoG, Black Panther and anyone from "death". ENDgaME Theory

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    Avengers Endgame plot?

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    He is not a avenger

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    What kind markers does he use ?

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    You know, the mass problem has been addressed in the comics. It's often mentioned that one of the properties of Pym particles allows for the acquisition or shunning of mass from/to another dimension (pocket universe?). I'm not sure why some version of this hasn't been alluded to in the movies.

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    In the Comic, the explanation was different on how the suit works.

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    Ant-man even though he still dosen't know how to use its true hidden majestic powers but shrinking is op tbh

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    Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade (has balloons) and The Rose Parade (no balloons)

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    Wait, so you just basically said that Ant Man can manipulate probabilities. Meaning he is Scarlet Witch. Ant Man is Scarlet Witch Confirmed!

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    Is this what he does in endgame to get to 1982

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    Hey love ur vids geek thor

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    You have helped me with my String Theory paper. Thanks.

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    "Tem-PO-ral" Somebody call Hermione please... we've got another Leviosa Case.

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    "Who's the 'Strongest Avenger' now?"

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    When antman goes large does his density remain the same and if so shouldn't he float at that point?

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    If the fourth detention is time then isn't doctor Strange just harnessing the fourth detention

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    So pretty much since you know the people that work on the movies for Ant-Man this is pretty much cannon information right. And what is going to save everyone in the next marvel movie calling it now lol

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    He could enter Thanos's anus & then grow back to his normal size and no more sequels.

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    Were you sucking helium and sulfur hexafluoride alternately while filming?

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    Basically just spoiled the next Avengers movie. Weird flex, But okay.

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    But when he goes sub atomic he would also create a black hole because of the density

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    This is the reason why I love physics and science. How else would I predict Avengers movie endings :p

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    Personally, I subscribe to the multiverse interpretation and not the more common Copenhagen interpretation as given here. Would have like some talk about that. Very good video though.

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    It's almost like your talking about Multi dimensional universe

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    Can someone explain to me why he says "thank you so much for watching 'Jordan' " at 13:26? Please I need to know I'm not crazy! The subtitles say Jordan too! (My name is Jordan BTW)

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    13:10 This doesn't bother me because I assume there's just a way that he's able to take on extra mass when he grows and then when he shrinks, discard extra mass....or something. It makes no sense, but it only makes no sense if we try to understand it with what we know about the universe. I'm perfectly comfortable shrugging it off to the fact that the technology in these movies is many times more advanced than anything we can hope to have even in the next 100-500 years....or longer.

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    If the mass stays the same, how does Hank Pym use an actual take as a key chain?? And how does Scott lang stand on Louis's shoulder??

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    Lol you sounded like bill cipher from gravity falls "reality is an illusion"

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    How strong would Batman need to be to bend the rifle barrel 90 degrees with one hand like he did in the dark Knight

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    Spoilers for the next infinity war!😂

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    the end was so dumb

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    How 'bout Sentry?

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    This just might have been the plot of Avengers: Endgame. What a God.

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    now make a video of how thor would be without his muscles and powers then simply stand in front of the camera for five minutes

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    Maybe our eyes activate photons that are already there with that being said that would mean photons are everywhere, all the time, I'm not sure if that's possible I'm not a smart guy, I just like to learn

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    Oh and technically even though Dr Strange fought alongside the Avengers.. he is not actually one of them.

  77. wunjothurisaz

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    THe issue is that Ant-Man is composed of about 7 times 10 to the power of 27 (ish) atoms. All these atoms form their own coherent entity.. Ant-Man. Within this cluster, each of these particles dwells within their OWN quantum realm. So you now have two tiers of quantum realms... the general, universal one, and the one that is Ant-Man. Which of these two quantum realms, and their corresponding rules and behaviours takes precedence? What if his personal quantum mechanics still serves as a stabilizing factor and thereby prevents him from choosing world lines in the larger, universal realm? arg.. comic book physics....

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    Discount Chris hemsworth

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    Im going to assume that black mirrors work about the same. So theoreticaly the photon can go forward in time and back to my eye. Ive heard of people being able to see the future through black mirrors. Is it possible they are able to spot that specific path that went forward and back and caught a glimpse of forward? Stupid theory but hey. No such thing as a stupid question.

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    Avengers 4 spoiled hahaha

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    don't forget the part about how when he shrunk to the quantum realm he would have become a black hole and sucked up the earth and everything on it

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    How it was in how it was designed. Intelligent design😉 our DNA is literally like code that was written like an app

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    I'm never going to look at a mirror the same way again.

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    If this is the way the universe is woven..... Who wove it?......

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    You look like Chris H (Thor)

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    I'd be curious at how his metabolism is affected by growing or shrinking which is why I think he get's tired after being to big for a short time.

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    PLEASE DO A VIDEO ON HOW AN ALCUBIERRE DRIVE (warp drive from the Star Trek Universe) could be used as a weapon. For example, if the space is compressed in front of the ship and expanded behind relative to a bubble of space within where the occupants of the ship feels all the laws of space/time relativity the same as we do now sitting at our computers, the space that's effected outside the (safe bubble) would be subjected to extreme expansion and contraction so hypothetically a ship with its weapons destroyed and on the verge of being overrun with Borg could just engage their warp field and if they were within a certain proximity, it would basically crush/implode/explode the opposing ship. I've seen NO other videos on this, this idea has intrigued me for years now and I'd love if you could see this comment and possibly mention it or do an actual video on it because I think that would also peak minds in many others. Thanks! John

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    "Aiming for the head now, huh?" Lol

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    All I have learned from this theory is we were living in a mega green screen. We're just something elses school project.

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    Thor's Queen is the most powerful Avenger. He's literally titled in the new movie

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    Kyle is a majestic lion. His mane contains the underlying truth of life and the most direct path to enlightenment

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    Quantum Mechanics: Something does everything to achieve nothing while also doing nothing to achieve everything.

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    Anyone else think he sounded like claptrap from borderlands when he shrunk himself 😅

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    Strange is stronger tho. If Antman jumps to punch strange, strange opens portal to Sun and consistantly keeps turning time back for antman, so he doesnt die, but still in pain. Strange wouldnt kill antman, but show whos a lot stronger tho...

  103. DageLV

    DageLV2 months ago

    Yeah, possibly, i mean, if he can breathe in space, but it still doesnt change the fact that strange can prevent him from shrinking.

  104. Xavier Ratleff

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    +DageLV well technically he could move to all the way before the sun was created or to afyer its already exploded thrn move away from the suns location before coming back to present day

  105. DageLV

    DageLV2 months ago

    Nop, watch footnotes. Antman pushes his atoms together, so he cant become smaller than atom, but ignoring this, antman starts shrinking, strange turns time back for antman, so he stays large. Remember that antman has to shrink for a while to travel in time, but if he travels in time, he doesnt travel in location, his location remains the same, so even if he manages to enter quantum, he still will return in the sun, just the same as in movie, he entered quantum realm while in a car or hourse, once he returned, he was still in the house. So it doesnt matter where in time he is, if he is still in sun.

  106. Xavier Ratleff

    Xavier Ratleff2 months ago

    Youre logic is flawed tho remember antman now has the ability to pick and choose where he wants to be in an infinite amount of universes he could even bride the gap for time travel meaning he could break any loop put on him and he couldnt be sent through any portal as he could just not exist in that plane of reality anymore

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    So he can do the time travel thingy in sun, idk if he'll enjoy it, but he can. He can burn in sun like baby, teen or adult, his call, but would it change something?

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    I am a person of science but a lot of quantum physics seems like bullshit. If a cat is in a box it is gonna be dead or alive when it happens not when viewed.

  109. Robbie Rotten

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    TheyDidSurgeryOnAGrape that’s more of a philosophical experiment. It’s essentially the idea that you can’t know something until you know it. For all you know, the cat is dead. Or he’s alive. You don’t know until you open the box and look at the evidence. You simply can’t prove it without tampering with the box. But I do feel like it’s missing the cats perspective. It knows when it’s dead or alive, so the entire argument is kind of invalid

  110. Dominic H.

    Dominic H.2 months ago

    Yea, the mass issue. After they made the point in the movie that everything small retains its weight or momentum then a couple scenes later they carried a tank on a keychain I didn't even bother watching the second movie. It's utterly ridiculous that they can't even be consistent with their own fake science. If I want to see Flash levels of nonsense I just watch Flash.

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    What if you put thor in the ant man suit though?

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    The way mirrors work might be the reason re-elections sometimes appear to move faster or slower than the original object that is moving.