Irish People Try American Canned Meat


  1. Swydo

    Swydo10 hours ago

    hot dogs are pork and chicken i bet they eat them without knowing lol

  2. limpnjen

    limpnjen13 hours ago

    They didn't try actual spam, a do-over is required. I have never seen spreadable spam, looks like catfood. Fried spam sandwiches are decent.

  3. Dgc7108

    Dgc710815 hours ago

    I’ve lived in American all my life and never ever ever ever have ever seen or purchased Spam Spread. Fry your fuckin spam!

  4. Christopher B.

    Christopher B.16 hours ago

    Sorry have never eaten meat from a can, that's poor people food , hint, I'm not poor. Why .... Just why. And your accent of an American is bad, work on it and try again .

  5. Alice Zecevich

    Alice Zecevich19 hours ago

    OMG!😱 That looks like tin cat or dog food! Ewwwee!🤑😀

  6. hope dies

    hope diesDay ago

    I guess a can of Champ would have broken the budget.

  7. KeikeNani

    KeikeNaniDay ago

    Potted meat on saltine crackers with miracle whip. So good. 😌👅

  8. AD B

    AD BDay ago

    Never heard of SPAM spread - Spare Parts & Ass Meat in spreadable form seems like a sarcastic ironic bad joke...

  9. Inked40

    Inked402 days ago

    the canned spam cooked is actually pretty good. the stuff they were eating was ,boarder line, pet food,lol

  10. J C

    J C2 days ago

    Been a while since I've visited. SMH....Yous guys gotta work on some creativity. No one likes potted meat--pate-- whatever---cat food you wanna call it. Next time tell us something new. Add something to em to make em edible. ZZZZzzzzzz 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴 Oh and maybe add a redhead... lol Love you guys...most of the time.

  11. Miranda L.

    Miranda L.2 days ago

    The potted meat mixed with a bit of mustard is yummy!

  12. Jack Chinaski

    Jack Chinaski2 days ago

    Fry the spam ya goats

  13. Eric Martinez

    Eric Martinez2 days ago

    Man... I remember when Spam got me through some tough times..

  14. Earl Powell

    Earl Powell2 days ago

    You guys are the whiniest people I've ever seen, video after video. But this time you're right. You got fed the worst of the worst.

  15. Ashley Andrews

    Ashley Andrews3 days ago

    I'm from Texas and I have never in my life eaten any of those Cannes spreadable meat! Yuck!

  16. N K

    N K3 days ago

    women without makeup look a lot different....

  17. Richard Larson

    Richard Larson3 days ago

    I've had regular Spam, but not the spreadable Spam. All those look disgusting.

  18. Sam Roza

    Sam Roza3 days ago

    Ironically, I always assumed that potted meat came from across the pond...

  19. CainamZiggy

    CainamZiggy3 days ago

    SPAM= Something Posing As Meat

  20. Joe Blow

    Joe Blow3 days ago

    The only one that Americans even eat is Underwood Deviled Ham. I love that stuff.


    AWSOME SAM&MAX4 days ago

    No Americans eat meat spreads. WT heck is a meat spread! It’s not a thing

  22. Donald Mailman

    Donald Mailman4 days ago

    These guys are idiots.

  23. Josh W

    Josh W4 days ago

    3:28 someone marry this woman

  24. John James

    John James4 days ago

    Nasty, no one in America eats that shit.

  25. Richtercustoms

    Richtercustoms4 days ago

    kranmars delicious mystery appetizer ,eating dog food lol

  26. bigjoe65459

    bigjoe654594 days ago

    I think they missed a great opportunity to be mean and make them try the Underwood Liver Wurst Spread!

  27. Plz Productionz

    Plz Productionz5 days ago

    Hmm so not Dublin, California

  28. Ray Golob

    Ray Golob5 days ago

    More Shannon and Leather Jacket Guy! My faves

  29. garrett miner

    garrett miner5 days ago

    I fuckin love spam

  30. Rachel Small

    Rachel Small5 days ago

    I'm a carnivore and I nearly got a crick in my neck looking away.

  31. Kelly Grozell

    Kelly Grozell5 days ago

    Specially Produced Artificial Meat

  32. sammy reynolds

    sammy reynolds5 days ago

    the only people that eat that stuff here in america are old people.

  33. Scott Mercer

    Scott Mercer5 days ago

    Just call it "pate," suddenly it's fancy and desirable.

  34. Kelly Grozell

    Kelly Grozell5 days ago

    Pulverized liver sounds like a disease or cause of death. Definitely not something delicious or even edible.

  35. Sir Panda

    Sir Panda5 days ago

    When I think potted meat I think of meat with weed in it xD

  36. Mook aton

    Mook aton5 days ago

    Deviled ham...gotta mix it with mayo/some veg if you like and make a sandwich, just like tuna salad. Never heard of spam need the real solid block, cut a slice and fry it.

  37. richard hockey

    richard hockey5 days ago

    food for survivalists, designed to motivate them to go out and kill something to eat

  38. Carlos Menendez

    Carlos Menendez6 days ago

    I love these tins. And Vienna sausages! I've been through some hard times. These are life saving foods lol

  39. Beliserius1

    Beliserius16 days ago

    bourgeois as fuck oooh, this food is too pink! Yeah, meat is usually a shade of pink. oooh, this food is too yellow. What, spices like mustard? what is this jelly stuff? couldn't possibly be just the cooled state of broth? obnoxious.

  40. Steven Del carlo

    Steven Del carlo6 days ago

    It's dead salted pig raised in England eat the hell out of it

  41. Steven Del carlo

    Steven Del carlo6 days ago

    Just think it was spam is like pemmican made the commercial way without potatoes

  42. David Walter

    David Walter7 days ago

    Yeah... Spam is strictly for survival. It stands for Stuff Posing As Meat.

  43. Mike Rogers

    Mike Rogers7 days ago

    What? No Armour Vienna Sausages?

  44. Jody Billingham

    Jody Billingham7 days ago

    Mmmm rendered down animals in a tin, sounds yummy. Actually proper spam is quite nice to be fair.

  45. mr. c

    mr. c7 days ago

    Deviled ham not to bad

  46. mr. c

    mr. c7 days ago

    Probably best not ask what in it

  47. mr. c

    mr. c7 days ago

    Yea not a staple of anyone diet that's for sure

  48. Jason Tanner

    Jason Tanner8 days ago

    You don't want to know what's inside those cans

  49. Thedirtygardenhoe

    Thedirtygardenhoe8 days ago

    Love these 💗 First Spam should be cut in slices and fried in butter and soy sauce and served on rice ;) Second, you missed Vienna Sausages, a childhood staple canned meat to be eaten straight out of the can 😆💗

  50. Aquacean Moon

    Aquacean Moon8 days ago

    FYI- we use them as an item in other recipes. I use the deviled Ham in deviled eggs. Just one small ingredient. And Spam is usually used as a sliced and fried meat , my Philippine friends make fried rice with cubed Spam. I didn’t even know they made spreadable Spam.. I feel for you all tasting those straight from the can. I would have gagged.

  51. MoMo Breezy-Moore

    MoMo Breezy-Moore8 days ago

    I had spam lol it's good when you pan fry it lol but this is food from the hood lmao

  52. hwripper

    hwripper8 days ago

    SPAM just another word for pate, usually made from liver

  53. B. Wells

    B. Wells8 days ago

    Some of the worst crap to ever come out of America. My parents were raised during the depression, and my dad loved this kind of crap. It is nasty, the ingredients are lips and assholes.

  54. markel Anuju

    markel Anuju8 days ago

    it tastes a bit better if ya coook it in a frying pan and add some corn with teraki sauce.

  55. Some Guy

    Some Guy9 days ago

    Spam is extremely popular in Hawaii however it’s revolting smell gross texture and horrible taste has made it unpopular in the mainland. Smells like canned cat food disgusting

  56. Overkill

    Overkill9 days ago

    Jesus always looks so ripped

  57. SShaw6174

    SShaw61749 days ago

    Working man's food over here.

  58. Chase N. Silver

    Chase N. Silver9 days ago

    I don't even know how any of these products are on the shelves. I have never seen, or been offered, any of this. Did eat regular Spam in college a few times, when there was nothing else to eat. Lol!

  59. Courtney Logsdon

    Courtney Logsdon9 days ago

    Oh look... poor people food. I grew up with that mess... survived to adulthood, somehow.

  60. MamaRandom

    MamaRandom9 days ago

    Only Hawaii loves this stuff, never had this, in fact no food should ever come in a can. ❤️ your vids

  61. Steezy Mac

    Steezy Mac10 days ago

    That one chick obviously swallows

  62. Tim McDowell

    Tim McDowell10 days ago

    I had a college roommate who took one can of Devilwood spread and a loaf of bread and spread it so thin he was able to make sandwiches out of the entire loaf.

  63. TheBrewer3535

    TheBrewer353510 days ago

    DEFILED HAM.... bahahaha Most of these are only fit to put in a fallout shelter, where it is a better choice than eating a family member.

  64. SigmaWalker

    SigmaWalker10 days ago

    In a nutshell, this is American food... "I'm gonna lick your ass. No! Please don't! Your clit is mine. Yes. And you're gonna like it! No! I can't! Yes. You will! Give me your tongue. No! Yes! No! Yes!" That's what it's like to eat in America.

  65. SigmaWalker

    SigmaWalker10 days ago

    I don't eat spam... ever. I go to the store, get some sirloin or filet mignon and grill it. Spam is a "It's the end of the world and I'm about to die" food.

  66. gasketmaker

    gasketmaker11 days ago

    I also remember the the deviled ham My mom used to love that, she tried to get me to eat that, I handed back and said no way. I was in grade school then. They still sell the heck out of that stuff here, Mom don't bother with it today, she is 78 and just eat what ever the doc says is OK.

  67. gasketmaker

    gasketmaker11 days ago

    I use to work with this woman, she was really poor. Her name is Patsy we caller "Snatchy" she would grab bites off our plate at lunch, we didn't care she was super sweet. Whe she got real low on money, she use to get that potted meat and crackers. I'm sorry I'm going to use a swear. That stuff smelled like ass, It don't look nice either.

  68. James  Tittle

    James Tittle11 days ago

    LoL, the thing is all that y'all are eating is poor folk foods. I've ate all that stuff and love it. But you needed some mustard on it.

  69. deepestblue

    deepestblue11 days ago

    1:20 2:40

  70. hetrickorm

    hetrickorm11 days ago

    Porno soundtrack.

  71. Thomas Burton

    Thomas Burton12 days ago

    what part of the body what did they blended the penis? That speaks of the salt riddled meat and potatoes diet in Ireland or Scotland or where ever Guinness is made.

  72. Thomas Burton

    Thomas Burton12 days ago

    Katrina food brought to you by try. AKA the protein source in storm cellars.

  73. nodnoc

    nodnoc12 days ago

    deviled ham is absolutely delicious. I was coincidentally eating some when I clicked on this video

  74. Caleb M. F

    Caleb M. F12 days ago

    Ha this is survival food

  75. Pink Gradient Man

    Pink Gradient Man13 days ago

    Tbh the canned spam that's solid cooked with eggs is the fucking bomb.

  76. KLM Hooked Moore

    KLM Hooked Moore13 days ago

    We weren't poor but my grandma would give us Spam, potted meat and Vienna sausages on bread or saltines for lunch or a snack.

  77. Sharon Bowers

    Sharon Bowers13 days ago

    Why are we sending them the crappiest foods? Send them the good stuff! Mike and Ikes? Spam? Grandma’s bricks, I mean cookies?! Yuck!

  78. double0bigby

    double0bigby13 days ago

    Soo brave!!!!

  79. Melissa Newkirk

    Melissa Newkirk13 days ago

    i grew up poor in the South I've had all those

  80. Miguel Arellano

    Miguel Arellano14 days ago

    So have them try sausage in a can 😂😂😂

  81. Demorthos !!

    Demorthos !!14 days ago

    Spam was for us poor folks, crappy but bearable, lmao haven't eaten it since I was a kid and I think I'm still good on that. Spam= stuff posing as meat.

  82. JohnnySixString

    JohnnySixString14 days ago

    They are essentially dog food for poor people.

  83. will knapp

    will knapp14 days ago

    Carl says I see a pecker right there.

  84. Ge mar

    Ge mar14 days ago

    You should have them try Vienna Sausages too.

  85. Morgan Smith

    Morgan Smith14 days ago

    These are all foods my family eats when we've fallen on hard times...

  86. cacopes

    cacopes15 days ago

    When I was in college my aunt used to send me care packages with potted meat and Vienna sausages in them. I didn't like the sausages but I didn't want to seem ungrateful, so they ended up going to my roommates. I just got around to confessing this to her 25 years later.

  87. LambentLark

    LambentLark15 days ago

    The only time Americans eat canned meat is when they go hiking deep in the wilderness and have no hunting skills.

  88. Ken H

    Ken H15 days ago

    I am an older American and I’ve never seen anybody eat (or even buy) canned meat spread.🤢🤮

  89. Hashtaggis

    Hashtaggis16 days ago

    Do you like Marmite?

  90. Tammy C.

    Tammy C.16 days ago

    Slice up some regular Spam and fry it crispy. It makes its own grease. Its really pretty good, but not exactly health food. Spam spread at room temperature would make anyone feel sick.

  91. Bill E. Pogrom

    Bill E. Pogrom15 days ago

    This. It was a staple my freshman year of college.

  92. Carol Hayes

    Carol Hayes16 days ago

    Melba toast, spread with cream cheese and then topped with Underwood Deviled Ham (or any other potted meat). Can't be beat for a quick snack. OR, add chopped egg, onion and pickle relish and make a sandwich. Be creative people!

  93. Wren 22

    Wren 2216 days ago

    potted meat with mayo on white bread is delicious

  94. Christian Justin

    Christian Justin17 days ago

    I fuckin love deviled ham on buttered toast

  95. T D3434

    T D343417 days ago

    almost 90% of the spam consumed in America is consumed in Hawaii

  96. crystal pinnix

    crystal pinnix17 days ago

    I used to love potted meat as a kid. Now I find it way too salty.

  97. cacopes

    cacopes15 days ago

    Same here especially after they told me what was in it.

  98. RHJunior

    RHJunior17 days ago

    unsurprising. This stuff is more "survival food." It's kept because it's cheap and edible, not because it's GOOD.

  99. Psycho Joe

    Psycho Joe17 days ago

    Should have them try scrapple it's a staple here in Pa

  100. Beth Michael

    Beth Michael18 days ago

    Yes crackers! I like it with buttery Ritz crackers

  101. C. S.

    C. S.18 days ago

    I don't know any Americans who eat this. Yuck

  102. JMP Joshua Palermo 0122121988

    JMP Joshua Palermo 012212198818 days ago

    Looks like cat food


    WHAT IT IS GARAGE19 days ago

    I'm a real American and I don't eat canned meat. It was designed for emergency use one.

  104. Anthony Szczepaniak

    Anthony Szczepaniak19 days ago

    I'm in love with the blond,😍😍