Iridium-4 Webcast


  1. jeremy steiner

    jeremy steiner5 months ago

    24:04 Tell me if it isn't a water pool.

  2. O!RUDN,2?

    O!RUDN,2?8 months ago

    I saw this on the sky, thought it was a nuclear bomb XD

  3. Dickless Mic

    Dickless MicYear ago

    Thank y'all for a great show! I still think about this.

  4. carlosrrs12

    carlosrrs12Year ago


  5. totallynot

    totallynotYear ago

    Can't wait for Iridium 5

  6. Trina Dubya

    Trina DubyaYear ago

    So what happened to the rocket after the satellites were deployed?

  7. crafting mac

    crafting macYear ago

    The one place I can be safe from those dreaded flat earthers

  8. Anthony Young

    Anthony YoungYear ago

    1:14:04 - Space debris. That is that fastest traveling thing I've ever seen. Amazing and scary.

  9. Randy Cox

    Randy CoxYear ago Star Man were glad just the ad was for the good of all.

  10. kumbackquatsta

    kumbackquatstaYear ago

    someone explain the one second flight window please

  11. ALEX

    ALEXYear ago

    It looked Awesome here in Hawthorne, CA. Breathtaking.

  12. krinord

    krinordYear ago

    A shame Iridium's satellites interferes with astronomical observations.

  13. Rowland Reeves

    Rowland ReevesYear ago

    Extremely happy for you guys, all your hard work, and growing successes.

  14. Gültekin Azitepe

    Gültekin AzitepeYear ago

    Ne oldu anlamadımki bu roketler kūçūlmūş başka bir dūnyadamı yaşıyoruz anlamıyorumki sik kadar roket harcadığınız yakıta yazık

  15. Floyd Stash

    Floyd StashYear ago

    the moment satellite 9 eclipses the sun and reveals the earlier dropped satellites in a beautifull trajectory, is the most significant space observation moment in my life.

  16. DeathlyWays TV

    DeathlyWays TVYear ago

    There going to colonize Mars Yess Omg Hype for no reason

  17. henry hurst

    henry hurstYear ago

    An interstellar black bird This is the basis for a more advanced "tracking system" I know what you're replacing and honestly please remember Only the worthy can lift an unliftable hammer

  18. henry hurst

    henry hurstYear ago

    I know what you're doing and it's not smart

  19. Max Weir

    Max WeirYear ago

    Anyone know the audio track from 25:00

  20. Michell Basler

    Michell BaslerYear ago

    thank you

  21. Kennynva T.

    Kennynva T.Year ago

    What where the satellites for???

  22. Gideon Schwalbe

    Gideon SchwalbeYear ago

    whats all the steam at the beginning?

  23. Aman Deep

    Aman DeepYear ago

    About 5 days ago around 1.5 hrs before sunrise I was looking at the sky and I saw this really bright and really fast moving flashing dot. At first I thought it was the ISS, but it kept flashing on and off. Wonder what it was, could it have been a rocket initiating burn? I saw it over India around 5 am.

  24. SMD B

    SMD BYear ago

    Oh!!! E.M. you will change this world.

  25. Jason Debosse

    Jason DebosseYear ago

    KSP Music :O Wunderful

  26. Allen A

    Allen AYear ago

    why is part of stage 1 not painted while the rest is and why is the 2nd stage so small

  27. int21

    int21Year ago

    Elon Musk = Our living Tony Stark

  28. Eroll Dee

    Eroll DeeYear ago

    Before they will launch a new BFR rocket spaceX must launch iridium constellation to make connected when new BFR rocket while orbiting to earth till pull out into another orbital planet like mars. To be success thier mission And theres a lot of benefits of iridium to other things like global communications.

  29. Selena Le & Healthy Lifestyle

    Selena Le & Healthy LifestyleYear ago

    woow, impressive

  30. st faustina - TheRemnantArmy dot Info

    st faustina - TheRemnantArmy dot InfoYear ago

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  31. Jake Tucker

    Jake TuckerYear ago

    I still remember running out of my house to see this and still think its aliens

  32. AV

    AVYear ago

    how hard is it to put like 10 got damn cameras with no damn fish eye lens out around the craft when it launches

  33. dieu lunatique

    dieu lunatiqueYear ago

    why would they waste money on an excess of cameras?

  34. Shawn Tanner

    Shawn TannerYear ago

    Great job on what you do

  35. MartinTM Clash Royale

    MartinTM Clash RoyaleYear ago

    1:14:05 what is this ?

  36. razz P

    razz PYear ago

    What's the cost of such a launch?

  37. Flatterman Island

    Flatterman IslandYear ago

    how did it rise from 182 km altitude (@ 24:03 ) to 628 km (@ 1:07:10 )?

  38. Jose Angel Silván Garcia.

    Jose Angel Silván Garcia.Year ago

    Oka. ; ) ...

  39. Константин Милов

    Константин МиловYear ago

    Илон немного тебе надо отдохнуть,а то выглядишь уставшим...побереги силы (создатель тесла моторс милов владимир) передавай всем привет от меня включая моим брокерам =) жду хороших новостей о model 3 как продажи и заказы =) желаю с улыбкой встретить и провести этот год.

  40. Константин Милов

    Константин МиловYear ago

    выходишь в плюс за 2017 год поздравляю =) уже лидирующее место занимаешь =)

  41. Gin-chan's Odd Jobs'万事屋銀ちゃん

    Gin-chan's Odd Jobs'万事屋銀ちゃんYear ago

    Tfw you realized 72 seconds later JAXA (the Japanese counter-part to NASA) also launched their own satellites on top of their HIIB rocket halfway across the world. We're truly living in an exciting age.

  42. Wink Yahoo

    Wink YahooYear ago

    These webcasts are so fun to watch. Having had no interest in watching traditional sports or political events live on TV, this is a dream come true. Something that actually matters, live for our viewing. Stunning.

  43. 2jedismom

    2jedismomYear ago

    welp, kelp. You and me both! I'm not too enthusiastic about much, but that launch of the Falcon Heavy can only be described as "Super Bowl" level to me!


    DEATH STROKEYear ago

    Space exploration missions please

  45. Vladimir B

    Vladimir BYear ago

    Круто парни / cool guys !

  46. Michel Kirillov

    Michel KirillovYear ago

    SpaceX in the next release when the cargo arrives in space, put in a small compartment a small drone to film around the satellite. It would be very good if you filmed the assembly and preparation of the satelite to go into earth's horbit. The drone only put a cable connected to the satellite, so as not to lose sight of it and can put a code of approach to not leave near the satellite. The drone signal is passed to the satellite and the satellite signal is transmitted to Earth. Today this is possible. Maybe creating a small drone with the same technology as astronauts' backpacks. At least that's my opinion. Thank you.

  47. fawQman

    fawQmanYear ago

    It’s all a hoax people. Nobody’s going to mars

  48. Pierre Lorandin

    Pierre LorandinYear ago

    Why do this Project make me fink about my future ?

  49. 666nataS

    666nataSYear ago

    how can people claim earth is flat after this ? LOL

  50. Davi Bavaro

    Davi BavaroYear ago

    666nataS Flat earthers are just desperate to keep their denial, it's pretty sad.

  51. Ricky Taufa

    Ricky TaufaYear ago

    Truly marvelous. And to think so many great minds were opposed to Spacex and its goals. Seeing lift off brought chills down my spine. What a sight :)

  52. ace iimov

    ace iimovYear ago

    *looses signal as stage 2 goes over somalia * as expected

  53. ace iimov

    ace iimovYear ago

    no-way the earth is round!

  54. MegaStarGaming: Wheelchair Gamer

    MegaStarGaming: Wheelchair GamerYear ago

    391 dislikes are government officials

  55. Elektrotehnik

    ElektrotehnikYear ago


  56. GONDR

    GONDRYear ago

    Sho pochani ROSSIY?

  57. 210SMiTH210

    210SMiTH210Year ago

    All this technology and the video still looks like the same as we we "landed" on the moon.

  58. rika wibowo

    rika wibowoYear ago

    Hallo.. masih adakah yg percaya FE?? Dan gag percaya adanya satelit ? Mana nihh kaum FE..? 🤣 balajar ya biar pinter.. 🤗

  59. Definitely Not a 343I Spy

    Definitely Not a 343I SpyYear ago

    How do the Iridium satellites change their orbit from polar to equatorial? Wouldn't that require a lot more delta v? Sorry for not being the biggest space nerd lol, I'm just genuinely curious.

  60. adam urman

    adam urmanYear ago

    why did they cover center of polar cap?...strange....

  61. FeddyTownUce Tuigamala-Lologo-Tasele

    FeddyTownUce Tuigamala-Lologo-TaseleYear ago

    So why haven't we went back to the moon guys?

  62. FeddyTownUce Tuigamala-Lologo-Tasele

    FeddyTownUce Tuigamala-Lologo-TaseleYear ago

    SFRJ IS MY CITY because it's all a fat hoax.

  63. Definitely Not a 343I Spy

    Definitely Not a 343I SpyYear ago

    FeddyTownUce Tuigamala-Lologo-Tasele We are going back to the moon, at least to the moons orbit that is. The new SLS NASA missions are going to utilize an orbital space station at the moon to help refuel the SLS and Falcon 9 Heavy on manned trips out of earths orbit. Namely trips to Mars and asteroids. Really though, besides testing the effects of low gravity, there aren't many good enough reasons to spend the money developing a lander for the moon.

  64. FeddyTownUce Tuigamala-Lologo-Tasele

    FeddyTownUce Tuigamala-Lologo-TaseleYear ago

    devongillis123456789 lol you really believe it's just rocks and dust? That's only the surfaced a small area but imagine excavating. I wonder what the moon really was.

  65. FeddyTownUce Tuigamala-Lologo-Tasele

    FeddyTownUce Tuigamala-Lologo-TaseleYear ago

    devongillis123456789 so what's the deal with all these rockets? What? are they satellites? And I'm sure there is mire than enough money to go to the moon. If the u.s. can't fund enough money for another moon landing especially with the more advanced machinery and technology now, then that's kind of fishy. Come on now. So money cannot be the reason, plus we haven't explored the whole moon just a little portion for a small amount of time. Think.

  66. DeVouR Playz

    DeVouR PlayzYear ago

    this makes me so proud to be human

  67. Great Value Bleach

    Great Value BleachYear ago

    Spacex > Monsanto

  68. Ed Anderson

    Ed AndersonYear ago

    Its a giant balloon ..filled with helium...Thats why there is all that helium smoke...

  69. CheapSushi

    CheapSushiYear ago

    I love the music in these too.

  70. Rafael Kakumu

    Rafael KakumuYear ago

    Really awesome!!! I hope we can travel to the space soon!

  71. Adrian Martadinata

    Adrian MartadinataYear ago

    is this some joormungand anime in real life ?

  72. Bryan Oliva

    Bryan OlivaYear ago

    But can it run crysis do?

  73. Aviem Ben David

    Aviem Ben DavidYear ago

    Check 20:23. a piece of something is blown off the engine and fly back.

  74. Aviem Ben David

    Aviem Ben DavidYear ago

    At 20:28 also

  75. john halamka

    john halamkaYear ago

    light it and leave the room. one dragnet per month.

  76. Nathanael Vetters

    Nathanael VettersYear ago

    Hey look aliens

  77. Definitely Not a 343I Spy

    Definitely Not a 343I SpyYear ago

    Nathanael Vetters *NEW FOOTAGE OF UFO OVER L.A.* (The video they didn't want you to see!)

  78. ON

    ONYear ago

    whare is the hevey

  79. Константин Милов

    Константин МиловYear ago

    happy New Year Илон

  80. Tolga Çakmakcı

    Tolga ÇakmakcıYear ago

    i'm dissapointed because of they didnt landed falcon. :((

  81. Jack Beckley

    Jack BeckleyYear ago

    With the rockets that Land couldn’t You some how make it land a bit like a plane. So not land strait down but lieing down.

  82. gajustempus

    gajustempusYear ago

    theoretically yes, but there's a magnitude of problems with that. Stability for example: The tanks of a rocket are usually built in a way gravity pulls the fuel down to the pumps and into the engine. Landing horizontally would mean you need an entirely different fuel system to make the engine run. And the entire structure is not built strong enough to support legs or wheels on one side (and reinforcing the rocket in such a way would lead in adding weight in such a scale the whole thing ends up inefficient). Plus this added weight would be exclusively on only ONE side, relocating the center-of-mass of the entire rocket, making the flight less efficient, very unstable and would require a LOT of stabilization, to counter this imbalance. A plane is a terrible rocket and vice versa.

  83. Jack Beckley

    Jack BeckleyYear ago

    I think you should team up with nasa Because all the things you could do together would be amazing!

  84. Константин Милов

    Константин МиловYear ago

    это последняя тесла с fitbac

  85. ricvis44

    ricvis44Year ago

    Soon we won’t be able to leave the Earth because of all the junk surrounding the Earth.

  86. Definitely Not a 343I Spy

    Definitely Not a 343I SpyYear ago

    CFU PRODUCTIONS AND RESEARCH Oh, my bad lol. Misread that I suppose.

  87. Definitely Not a 343I Spy

    Definitely Not a 343I SpyYear ago

    ricvis44 Russia does a fine job. Just look at the R-7. That system has been used for ages and is still one of the most reliable rockets ever built.

  88. ricvis44

    ricvis44Year ago

    CFU PRODUCTIONS AND RESEARCH SpaceX does a great job but other nations do not.

  89. Jaime Derks

    Jaime DerksYear ago

    Really good to follow this technologie from so close, good job!!!

  90. Grumpy

    GrumpyYear ago

    2:56 Does the first stage float so it can be scraped and recycled or does it sink ?

  91. Alexis Bueno

    Alexis BuenoYear ago

    My mom said I can only watch one more MReporter video before I go to sleep.

  92. CreeperBot 793

    CreeperBot 793Year ago

    Where's the falcon heavy launch it is supposed to launch today

  93. CreeperBot 793

    CreeperBot 793Year ago

    gajustempus k thx

  94. gajustempus

    gajustempusYear ago

  95. Paweł Sz.

    Paweł Sz.Year ago


  96. Danie van der Westhuizen

    Danie van der WesthuizenYear ago

    Simply awesome...!

  97. M Kas

    M KasYear ago

    WOW! thanks for the coolest space music too.

  98. The Corvus is perched

    The Corvus is perchedYear ago

    Do any of you there at SpaceX even comprehend what tractable reverse polarity is!!! You refine as you go, but do you understand, what it is you're honing to?!

  99. The Corvus is perched

    The Corvus is perchedYear ago

    You can fling that thing out of the thermosphere, but cannot video document the act with at least "some" quality?! Do you have the fortitude to explain?!

  100. 6262ronny

    6262ronnyYear ago

    why does Russian soyuz smoke less when it's on the launch pad?May be use a different propeller?

  101. Brett Gunn

    Brett GunnYear ago


  102. gajustempus

    gajustempusYear ago

    I've had enough Science Fiction books this year already. No need to start another one

  103. ImAllAlone

    ImAllAloneYear ago

    SO SAD you guys believe this shit 😂😂😂 smh

  104. Алик Кошман

    Алик КошманYear ago

    Маск- СУПЕРМЕН

  105. Marceline The Dragon

    Marceline The DragonYear ago

    i hear the sound of flat brains that fry

  106. Maleno Vargas

    Maleno VargasYear ago

    Aliens Engines!!!

  107. Dante Dante

    Dante DanteYear ago


  108. paduag1782

    paduag1782Year ago

    @spacex, when will the falcon heavy launch? Definitely won't want to miss another historic launch.

  109. gajustempus

    gajustempusYear ago

  110. enøziye two

    enøziye twoYear ago

    My cousin legit thought it was a NK missile

  111. Wei Vachel

    Wei VachelYear ago

    祝贺,SpaceX 发送成功!

  112. Federico Baseggio

    Federico BaseggioYear ago

    In every mission there are particles that fly by the spacecraft (or out of it?) when it's coasting in space. What are they? Is it space debris that's orbiting in space? or is it "new" debris that is being left behind by that mission?

  113. Jules N.

    Jules N.Year ago

    1:27:20 This guy is living in the future.

  114. Len Kop

    Len KopYear ago


  115. Davi Bavaro

    Davi BavaroYear ago

    Len Kop Proof?

  116. Crashish Laroque

    Crashish LaroqueYear ago

    That was very interesting.

  117. Philip Saposnick

    Philip SaposnickYear ago

    Was a proud member of the 1369th photographic squadron Vandenberg AFB Calif. Go Vandenberg.

  118. stavgraff

    stavgraffYear ago

    Beautiful !!!! xD

  119. Elephant

    ElephantYear ago

    Please post more footage of boosters falling out of the sky and landing! It's so surreal and awesome to see!