iPhone X Drop Test!


  1. DreamerYT

    DreamerYT3 hours ago

    Apple fans be like " Damn killer" xD

  2. Amazing ShadeWolfY

    Amazing ShadeWolfY13 hours ago

    This is my fav apple vid on youtube Lol

  3. Dannyboy

    Dannyboy14 hours ago

    Only shit when your paying for your money’s worth😎😎😎

  4. Matyáš Svoboda

    Matyáš SvobodaDay ago

    this would't have happend if the Iphone 8 had a gun

  5. Brandon Yeo

    Brandon Yeo22 hours ago

    Matyáš Svoboda ?

  6. Matyáš Svoboda

    Matyáš SvobodaDay ago

    im not getting iphone why am i watching this ?

  7. HeyitsMaia

    HeyitsMaiaDay ago

    Try not to cringe: *lost reading the title*

  8. Monica Bedsole

    Monica Bedsole2 days ago

    Great video!

  9. Dalton C

    Dalton C2 days ago

    Can you do a iPhone X giveaway

  10. Brandon Yeo

    Brandon Yeo22 hours ago

    Dalton C He is

  11. Pradeep Yadav

    Pradeep Yadav2 days ago

    Face ID will work on ur phone its just the switch that is removed by the impact.

  12. Fotis Pandos

    Fotis Pandos2 days ago

    can anyone tell me how does he get those iphones? can i get some from apple too with a decreased price?

  13. Brandon Yeo

    Brandon Yeo22 hours ago

    Fotis Pandos MReporter revenue

  14. Derrick White

    Derrick White3 days ago

    5:17 is where I cringe

  15. Влад Ветров

    Влад Ветров3 days ago


  16. TwizzT

    TwizzT3 days ago

    You drop them like nothing lmao you don’t care if it breaks or not

  17. Noor Mh

    Noor Mh4 days ago

    hey man , I am sooo poor can u drop me The newest iphone , please ? I am demanding 😥

  18. Noor Mh

    Noor Mh3 hours ago

    +Brandon Yeo I need money money money 😅😂

  19. Brandon Yeo

    Brandon Yeo22 hours ago

    Noor Mh Buy one yourself

  20. Noor Mh

    Noor Mh4 days ago

    I don't mind with note 9 😌

  21. vibe Maker

    vibe Maker4 days ago

    Nice Shoe bro ⚡⚡

  22. Peter

    Peter4 days ago

    Dieses Geräusch wenn es auf denn display fällt und es sich anhört als wäre es kaputt gegangen😥

  23. AWaffleguy

    AWaffleguy4 days ago

    I can’t watch this shit

  24. Joe Hagan-Brown

    Joe Hagan-Brown4 days ago

    Basically, get a case. And make sure its a nufftuff case. Their Impact for iPhone X case is the perfect balance between drop protection and style.

  25. Fermín Canas

    Fermín Canas5 days ago

    FAKE NEWS it cracks!

  26. La Sam

    La Sam7 days ago

    9:43 did he just say the n word?

  27. Brandon Yeo

    Brandon Yeo22 hours ago

    La Sam Are you stupid

  28. the mahatex77

    the mahatex777 days ago

    Wtf he crizy

  29. mohd faiz

    mohd faiz7 days ago


  30. electro-sport-de

    electro-sport-de9 days ago

    Better take Sony XZ2 or 3...

  31. The Beast

    The Beast9 days ago

    Watching this on my iPhone X and it makes me feel nauseous.

  32. Keiry Gonzalez

    Keiry Gonzalez9 days ago

    If you drop the iphone X can it call the emergency services. That's what happened to my sister. She dropped her phone, and she almost caled emergency Sos.

  33. Zinat Heart LIVE

    Zinat Heart LIVE10 days ago

    I have IPhone 7

  34. Honza Marek

    Honza Marek10 days ago

    Next drop saved you from 30k dislikes :)

  35. Juggy R

    Juggy R10 days ago

    Did anyone notice how lucky those phones were when they both didn't fall on their faces the first time when he dropped them? Then the second time he drops the phones they both land face-down. What a coincidence!

  36. Juggy R

    Juggy R10 days ago

    Did anyone notice how lucky the phones were when they didn't fall on their faces the first time he dropped them?

  37. Jugoslav Uzunovic

    Jugoslav Uzunovic11 days ago

    ti si retard

  38. Fire /Phantom Forces

    Fire /Phantom Forces11 days ago

    Screen repare is 100 Dollars.

  39. John Lester Marabut

    John Lester Marabut12 days ago

    can i get 1 idont have money cause your just wasting it

  40. Tanha Ishu

    Tanha Ishu14 days ago

    After every test open up the camera and show how clear it works. It'll be a great help. Thank you.

  41. Bangtan Bailey

    Bangtan Bailey15 days ago

    Happy I bought the iPhone X

  42. Jasmine Fastway

    Jasmine Fastway16 days ago

    My heart hurts...😳😔😂

  43. Saif Ali

    Saif Ali16 days ago

    what tall guy will do?

  44. Pedro Marques

    Pedro Marques17 days ago

    Oi gente 🖕🏿

  45. Laura 01

    Laura 0117 days ago

    I dropped my Nokia 3210 and the floor cracked

  46. EveryWhichWay

    EveryWhichWay17 days ago

    We were at the mall one time in a parking place, we were on the second to top floor going to the elevator my 4 year old sister saw my phone and threw it off the edge, luckily it landed in a bush thank god it got a scratch on the back. I wish he would have done a drop test higher.

  47. Guelde Gamer

    Guelde Gamer19 days ago

    Do the ipod touch 6 in a drop test

  48. TheMotherPhucker

    TheMotherPhucker19 days ago

    Say he don’t want to drop it but has no problem dropping it aha

  49. Katie Kresge

    Katie Kresge19 days ago

    My friend had her 8 in her sock and it shattered on the back

  50. Isa Ponce

    Isa Ponce20 days ago

    Try not to cringe chllenge 😣

  51. riley busse

    riley busse20 days ago

    And before you get to see if the phone is cracked there's an ad that pops up if you watch this same video on an iPod touch or iPad that doesn't happen

  52. riley busse

    riley busse20 days ago

    He didn't want to drop it over head height because it was his actual phone if it was a clone yeah he would

  53. riley busse

    riley busse20 days ago

    It does have stronger glass than Samsung devices Apple was right now obviously Samsung has good looking phones to but Apple really hit a homerun with their new 8 and 10

  54. Sage's review channel Wilson

    Sage's review channel Wilson20 days ago


  55. JasonDiple

    JasonDiple21 day ago

    This tape would be much useful if you used a Nokia

  56. saturn xd

    saturn xd21 day ago

    why the background of video has iphone x front and the back has iphone7 back

  57. Bhanukumar Kumar

    Bhanukumar Kumar21 day ago

    Can i have a broken iPhone...no

  58. DatKid Mike

    DatKid Mike24 days ago

    Phone lives matter

  59. Pink One

    Pink One24 days ago

    *my heart stopped*

  60. YOUTUBE몰랑

    YOUTUBE몰랑24 days ago


  61. Louis Suguitan

    Louis Suguitan24 days ago

    Call 911

  62. Chloe Anna

    Chloe Anna24 days ago

    iPhone abuse

  63. Chloe Anna

    Chloe Anna24 days ago

    So if your talking on the phone and drop your phone your screwed also the 10 did pretty good

  64. Danut Calestru

    Danut Calestru25 days ago

    It's fake

  65. Douglas Mejia

    Douglas Mejia26 days ago

    too many adds. I got 5 in 11 min.

  66. Zulfikar Ahammad

    Zulfikar Ahammad26 days ago

    Poco F1 drop test do

  67. harikumar Kumar

    harikumar Kumar26 days ago


  68. Jovan Negovanovic

    Jovan Negovanovic27 days ago

    Im fucking your muther ! Pussy smoke ! Son of a bitch ! I kill you madafaka !

  69. Diiegviitho 【AMV】

    Diiegviitho 【AMV】28 days ago

    Pinches gringos millonarios Uno que tanto Sufre pa tener un iPhone X uno fácil mente lo tira como si fuera que no cuesta la Weba 😡

  70. Vinnie HAYWARD

    Vinnie HAYWARD29 days ago

    Can anyone sometimes hear crackling

  71. kapilan warn

    kapilan warn29 days ago

    please give me the face unlock not working iphone x. contact me 7708463335kapilan@gmail.com

  72. Franco R

    Franco RMonth ago


  73. Nubia Ruiz

    Nubia RuizMonth ago

    O:52 Ur lucky my iPhone x cost 1,100

  74. TheBestone 42

    TheBestone 42Month ago


  75. TheBestone 42

    TheBestone 42Month ago

    Watching this on the iPhone X

  76. Fl0ppyFish867

    Fl0ppyFish867Month ago

    4:03 My attempt to do a cartwheel

  77. Anubis Videos

    Anubis VideosMonth ago

    I broke my x from dropping it off my bed

  78. David Rackley

    David RackleyMonth ago

    Dude you should marry it

  79. andre891

    andre891Month ago

    4:46 look at that double mid air flip 7:41 another double flip there

  80. иван иванов

    иван ивановMonth ago


  81. иван иванов

    иван ивановMonth ago


  82. Domi gamer55

    Domi gamer55Month ago

    I love iphone 8 ❤❤❤❤

  83. Kya Hope

    Kya HopeMonth ago

    I hope no one acctually drops their phones like this on a daily basis

  84. Siddharth Sharma

    Siddharth SharmaMonth ago

    What about after few weeks? Was it still working?

  85. Ovaz1337 Eliteboy

    Ovaz1337 EliteboyMonth ago

    5:51 what?????

  86. bookblackhoes s

    bookblackhoes sMonth ago

    I wonder if all those 4 million people that watched this video have an apple

  87. Manny Animations

    Manny AnimationsMonth ago

    bookblackhoes s I’m rocking that IPhone se

  88. Jānis Garančš

    Jānis GarančšMonth ago

    But that will be in the future

  89. Jānis Garančš

    Jānis GarančšMonth ago

    Soon imm gonna make a video where i smash 100 iPhones

  90. Jānis Garančš

    Jānis GarančšMonth ago

    Well i fought that iPhone x is cool but i didnt like it so i smashed it info pieces

  91. Jānis Garančš

    Jānis GarančšMonth ago


  92. Ma Ner Mooie

    Ma Ner MooieMonth ago

    Where did you get all the money for wasting your nice phone ?

  93. SneakyGamer 820

    SneakyGamer 820Month ago

    Soon as I get an iPhone X I’m not opening it until I get the case

  94. SneakyGamer 820

    SneakyGamer 820Month ago

    It’s not the iPhone 10 it’s the iPhone X I don’t know why people keep on saying it’s the iPhone 10 📱

  95. Kai Dyer

    Kai DyerMonth ago

    How dare u just waste it😭

  96. Matrix& Drogirani Auto

    Matrix& Drogirani AutoMonth ago


  97. Mette Marit

    Mette MaritMonth ago

    Okay now I can buy the iPhone X cuz I know it will last me quite a while

  98. David Adarkwah

    David AdarkwahMonth ago

    Should do a UAG MacBook Pro case, screen crack test. I think my got cracked when closing it

  99. DanielPlayz Gaming

    DanielPlayz GamingMonth ago

    I want iPhone x

  100. ben franklin

    ben franklinMonth ago

    Fake video

  101. Egyptian Trains

    Egyptian TrainsMonth ago

    If you have all that money please send me only iphone 6 or 7 or X if you can because my dream is to have an IPhone 🙏

  102. Rebecca Eunike

    Rebecca EunikeMonth ago

    Please buy me an iphone. I promise i will crush it too.. And send the video to you, 10 years later. I'm serious. 😂😂😂

  103. FazeTug

    FazeTugMonth ago

    Hi. I dropped my iPhone X. And it survived. It has an Apple case on it so it has no protection at all except for looks. But! My iPhone X did not crack or break the back glass. There was a few times were I threw my phone on the table and it never broke. And I’ve only had it for 3 months now. And it’s holding up very well. I got the 256GB and I’ve only used 25GB so far idk how. But it’s my best friend because it makes people think I have money. Like my cousin are like woah. “Are you rich or what?” People underestimate the longevity of iPhones.

  104. FazeTug

    FazeTugMonth ago

    And Apple products

  105. REENA

    REENAMonth ago

    all of ur vids are boring especially drop tests I'm going to gizmos lip

  106. SarasRoyale14 GT

    SarasRoyale14 GTMonth ago

    Hey maybe do you want to try out something new like a rage test or something

  107. Nutella

    NutellaMonth ago

    i dropped my iphone x about 3 feet on a sidewalk and it’s completely smashed. can’t even see the screen lol

  108. Izhar Abruzi

    Izhar AbruziMonth ago

    im hurting now

  109. Stunt Royale

    Stunt RoyaleMonth ago

    I h8 ads