iPhone X Drop Test!


  1. Endri Official

    Endri Official4 hours ago

    Test it on a sidewalk man that smooth floor doesn't even crack an egg

  2. SilverRat

    SilverRatDay ago

    Dammnnnn The iPhone X Actually has more than 100 shield 💪🏽💪🏽💯

  3. -CraftedXCX -

    -CraftedXCX -2 days ago

    Use popsockets, its easier and you wont drop it owo

  4. Roberto Savu

    Roberto Savu2 days ago

    Tuz morti matii foodpanda Salutare colegii:)) am scris asa in gluma:)

  5. Crow

    Crow3 days ago

    Ok.... HOW TF DID MY PHONE NOT ONLY CRACK, BUT KILLED MY LED’s WHERE THE CRACKS WHERE FROM FALLING OF MY DESK AT SCHOOL?!?! It be like that sometimes. Upgrading soon anyway...... :(

  6. Joeocity Productions

    Joeocity Productions3 days ago

    I cringed so hard😂

  7. Narender Kumar

    Narender Kumar4 days ago

    Hlo sir please give me

  8. shawwtey

    shawwtey4 days ago

    amazing to see how tough the X is

  9. Margareth B.

    Margareth B.4 days ago

    I got an Iphone 8plus and i accidentaly drop it 3 times, but its not broken

  10. trending squads

    trending squads5 days ago

    I have 8 plus 😑.......wanted xsmax

  11. iidogii i

    iidogii i10 days ago

    Who else was shaking when it dropped

  12. Hiro's Arts

    Hiro's Arts10 days ago

    My sister at America,California, She bought an iPhone X. She did the monthly payment. We asked her the real price..... It was $1,500

  13. Minecraft and Roblox Funtime

    Minecraft and Roblox Funtime10 days ago

    i hate the notch on the iPhone x

  14. King of gaming

    King of gaming10 days ago

    That adorable iphone 8 in black

  15. Carlo J Inaldo

    Carlo J Inaldo11 days ago

    just give it to me man

  16. Ebrahim Ali

    Ebrahim Ali11 days ago

    What is price

  17. luis fonsi official

    luis fonsi official10 days ago

    700 dollers in indian 1 lake something

  18. Сергей Супер

    Сергей Супер16 days ago

    какие все наивные, слепил из пластилина телефон, и деньги он на этом зарабатывает. А дурочки малолетние верят!

  19. Flex M

    Flex M16 days ago

    It hurts me so much. I'd rather break my girlfriend than seeing my iPhone hurts.


    LIFE WITH ANDREA16 days ago

    if you dont have an iphone you cant feel the pain😂😂

  21. The Unknown

    The Unknown17 days ago

    You look like you are sick

  22. John Mac

    John Mac17 days ago

    Tried it with my iphone x, now its broken

  23. abhijit kalita

    abhijit kalita18 days ago

    aaaaah aaaaah chud chud

  24. abhijit kalita

    abhijit kalita18 days ago

    oi sudirvaaaai

  25. abhijit kalita

    abhijit kalita18 days ago

    AAAAAA Balor puuu....

  26. JACS

    JACS19 days ago

    everytime I see you drop the iPhone X it makes me think that the iPhone X is a brick because of its bounces

  27. Edward Fox

    Edward Fox21 day ago

    And then when I crack my phone it cracks like hell.

  28. De Blue Boy

    De Blue Boy21 day ago

    Who heard the audio change at 8:16 ?

  29. De Blue Boy

    De Blue Boy21 day ago

    When they land they dance

  30. Vivian Naidoo

    Vivian Naidoo22 days ago

    please send me a iphone x , im in South africa

  31. Mimic的遊戲日常

    Mimic的遊戲日常22 days ago

    5:45 but my iPhone X broke

  32. jaden Fontenot

    jaden Fontenot22 days ago

    I have the x this vid hurt me😬

  33. Purple Koolaid

    Purple Koolaid24 days ago

    I’m watching this on a iPhone X

  34. Fergy Andreas

    Fergy Andreas25 days ago

    putting like and subscribe to compensate his loss lol

  35. Amy Sailer

    Amy Sailer25 days ago

    The x is not good for dropping

  36. Szymon Parys

    Szymon Parys29 days ago

    BREAKING NEWS: glass breaks when you drop it!

  37. Danilo Amaral

    Danilo Amaral29 days ago

    Instead of doing tests, I could send one of these to me.

  38. ShotFrostMC -Youtube

    ShotFrostMC -YoutubeMonth ago

    Drop it In My Hands

  39. Aarav Kalra

    Aarav KalraMonth ago

    Bruh why?

  40. Jamarius Rucker

    Jamarius RuckerMonth ago

    Do a giveaway

  41. Brandon Yeo

    Brandon YeoMonth ago

    Jamarius Rucker No u

  42. junior

    juniorMonth ago

    I have my x in black and is amazing.

  43. ItsMrFandom

    ItsMrFandomMonth ago


  44. 정한솔

    정한솔Month ago

    I am IPhone X user. But this is very trash!!!!!!two drop = 450$ for repairing my phone. So this movie is advertisement for Iphone.

  45. Perfect Boyz

    Perfect BoyzMonth ago

    Fake video if it is real then send me a damaged iphone. If you have much iphones then send me .... Fake video.

  46. Brandon Yeo

    Brandon YeoMonth ago

    Perfect Boyz You’re only saying it’s fake because you can’t afford one.

  47. Yohance Devonish

    Yohance DevonishMonth ago

    Would apple fix the face id under warranty?

  48. _ItzLachyBoi_

    _ItzLachyBoi_Month ago

    That was *shattering* to watch.

  49. kotso Alv

    kotso AlvMonth ago

    Dude thats straight up cringe

  50. reuben cox

    reuben coxMonth ago

    I will by the phone

  51. jazzbearxx

    jazzbearxxMonth ago

    anyone else watching this on an x?

  52. pyaar lapzome kaha hindi

    pyaar lapzome kaha hindiMonth ago

    If I drop my phone like this my mom will drop me from roof of the top 😂

  53. Ryze_Acceptance

    Ryze_AcceptanceMonth ago

    Absolutely bullshit I dropped my phone from 1.5 feet or so and it shattered the back of it with a case on it

  54. RealHotBox

    RealHotBoxMonth ago

    not really brutal. its a solid flat surface. if it was on the street it would probably get ruined fast.

  55. Anthony Hart

    Anthony HartMonth ago

    MyOffers - Test & Keep - iPhone X - Mystery Shoppers Needed for the iPhone X! twittoscope.blogspot.com/2018/10/test-keep-iphone-x.html

  56. Kaden Young

    Kaden YoungMonth ago

    My phone broke but I drop it 40 times not lieing

  57. John Doe

    John DoeMonth ago

    Its the x more stronger when dropped compared to xr?

  58. Brandon Yeo

    Brandon YeoMonth ago

    John Doe probably.


    JOSHUA VALDEZMonth ago

    Nano Glass?? Jajaja

  60. PuppyChannel

    PuppyChannelMonth ago

    Now im deffinitly getting an Iphone X

  61. Brandon Yeo

    Brandon YeoMonth ago

    PuppyChannel Get the iPhone X🅁

  62. norma villamayor

    norma villamayorMonth ago

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  64. Brandon Yeo

    Brandon YeoMonth ago


  65. Tictok Superstars

    Tictok SuperstarsMonth ago

    If you also have more phone so give me but don't break it

  66. Brandon Yeo

    Brandon YeoMonth ago

    3d song tech Get one yourself.

  67. Aditya Srivastav

    Aditya SrivastavMonth ago

    Why it's not age restricted?

  68. Aditya Srivastav

    Aditya SrivastavMonth ago

    +Brandon Yeo it was a pun :-p

  69. Brandon Yeo

    Brandon YeoMonth ago

    Because it doesn’t meet the requirements to do so.

  70. j dunne

    j dunneMonth ago

    I literally dropped mine down the stairs - it fell all the way down from the top and I tripped so I threw it about 10 feet in the air and it didn’t crack

  71. CryptidGhostz

    CryptidGhostzMonth ago

    Watching this on my iphone x :/

  72. Christian crack18 Illan Herrera

    Christian crack18 Illan HerreraMonth ago


  73. Rajkishor Yadav

    Rajkishor YadavMonth ago

    Best on the world

  74. Dark Shadow123

    Dark Shadow123Month ago

    Don’t think I should be watching this on my IPhone 8 :/

  75. Lil Wolf092

    Lil Wolf092Month ago

    I dropped my iphoneX for like 9 times on a stone floor and it was NOT working it was glitchy when I use it . Anyone know how to fix it?

  76. Валерия Геллерт

    Валерия ГеллертMonth ago

    Кто от вилса?

  77. Cipri Petricas

    Cipri PetricasMonth ago

    i dont get money i dont get iphone x

  78. ERR0R

    ERR0RMonth ago

    That's Alotta Damage!

  79. Abrar Shafin

    Abrar ShafinMonth ago

    Show me with hammer. Then look what happens with your Iphone.

  80. Pi Murdock

    Pi MurdockMonth ago

    This is a long commercial. Buy Apple or fuck off.

  81. Antwonne Lamont

    Antwonne LamontMonth ago

    Every drop you just smack me in the face with 100$ bill till i pass out

  82. Colby Lane

    Colby LaneMonth ago

    Just watching this video just incase I drop mine. 😂

  83. Falando M Lucas

    Falando M LucasMonth ago

    preciso de um desse😍😍😍😍😘😍😍😍😍😍

  84. Mo Official UK

    Mo Official UKMonth ago

    i am really fan of you and inspired of your videos so i created my channel and did a iphone 7plus crash test with Firework. mreporter.net/v/video-3dvYyy9wGrY.html Guys please help me with good suggestions to improve my journey on youtube :) Thank you in advance for any good suggestion

  85. Cristian Lazo

    Cristian LazoMonth ago

    X does way better than the xs and xs max,disappointed in apple:/

  86. Jordhan Noon Norbury

    Jordhan Noon NorburyMonth ago

    I dont understand why you stopped the test. You literally get sponsored to test this kind of stuff but there's "no need" to break it? People watch these videos to see the limits of these phones, but even though you havent payed for anything you dont want to? Seriously man, dont post videos on this stuff if youre not going to properly test them.

  87. Diamond Casares

    Diamond CasaresMonth ago

    Now I’m definitely getting the X cuz I know im gonna drop it

  88. Ida Hagen

    Ida HagenMonth ago

    Can you test iPhone X vs iPhone XS Max?🤷🏼‍♀️

  89. Captain Howdy

    Captain HowdyMonth ago

    You should do a hard reboot then see if it fixed those issues .

  90. Kim Mardis

    Kim Mardis2 months ago

    This guy rides iPhones dick

  91. Sabina Hasan

    Sabina Hasan2 months ago

    Why did they make different names for i phones didnt they just say like iPhone one and iPhone two

  92. unicorn yasi

    unicorn yasi2 months ago

    I thought I would hate the iPhone X but I have it and I LOVE it, I dropped it twice already, the internet is amazing, the camera IS HEAVEN, and the quality is amazing. Best phone ever!

  93. Amber Stanley

    Amber Stanley2 months ago

    The phone is fake

  94. GAMPLAY ps4

    GAMPLAY ps42 months ago

    @everything apple pro I need one iPhone please for free please please please please please please please

  95. Maksim Durlovski

    Maksim Durlovski2 months ago

    I have a Iphone 5 but it did survive

  96. ur mom

    ur mom2 months ago

    i dropped my x earlier today from about neck height smack down on the screen and i almost c r i e d but somehow it has no scratches or cracks i’m impressed lol

  97. John Jones

    John Jones2 months ago


  98. Hectic Sheff

    Hectic Sheff2 months ago

    I wanna get this next month checking about it first thanks

  99. AlexanderJohn Sutherland

    AlexanderJohn Sutherland2 months ago

    *** "THANKYOU*** "

  100. Tonycool101

    Tonycool1012 months ago

    If it hurts to see a phone break and you have no purpose in using it. Why even cry.

  101. Marie 99

    Marie 992 months ago

    I was dying everytime the iPhone x hits the ground

  102. Quan

    Quan2 months ago

    Apple fans be like " Damn killer" xD

  103. Beyond_Death

    Beyond_Death2 months ago

    What you think will happen you do the same if someone dropped your phone.

  104. Amazing ShadeWolfY

    Amazing ShadeWolfY2 months ago

    This is my fav apple vid on youtube Lol

  105. Beyond_Death

    Beyond_Death2 months ago

    That means you really hate apple.

  106. Dannyboy

    Dannyboy2 months ago

    Only shit when your paying for your money’s worth😎😎😎

  107. Beyond_Death

    Beyond_Death2 months ago

    Not shit if it has a really fast processor good glass good front nice display and even more.. hows that shit?

  108. Matyáš Svoboda

    Matyáš Svoboda2 months ago

    this would't have happend if the Iphone 8 had a gun

  109. Brandon Yeo

    Brandon Yeo2 months ago

    Matyáš Svoboda ?

  110. Matyáš Svoboda

    Matyáš Svoboda2 months ago

    im not getting iphone why am i watching this ?

  111. HeyitsMaia

    HeyitsMaia2 months ago

    Try not to cringe: *lost reading the title*

  112. Monica Bedsole

    Monica Bedsole2 months ago

    Great video!

  113. Dalton C

    Dalton C2 months ago

    Can you do a iPhone X giveaway

  114. Brandon Yeo

    Brandon Yeo2 months ago

    Dalton C He is