iPhone X Drop Test!


  1. A B

    A BDay ago

    Truly moronic generation. You need to drop test glass to hard ground to see if it breaks? Fucking idiots

  2. Mindset Hackingsecrets

    Mindset HackingsecretsDay ago

    So Satisfying, Watching from oneplus 6t

  3. rai marques

    rai marques2 days ago

    Alguém brasileiro

  4. nicholas russo

    nicholas russo3 days ago

    Stop destroying these expensive phones I need one to just give one to me if you keep on doing this you are in sane

  5. ILuv Islam

    ILuv Islam5 days ago

    THANK YOU for doing realistic tests. Not burning it or cutting it with a razor. !!!

  6. Allie Y

    Allie Y6 days ago

    Ultimate cringe

  7. Adam Jaskiewicz

    Adam Jaskiewicz11 days ago

    What is better iphone or android

  8. Scenic Gaming

    Scenic Gaming12 days ago

    Why is there a iPhone 8 on the thumbnail

  9. René

    René12 days ago

    i dropped my iphone x and then my face id didn't work 1 week later i try again and then it works perfectly

  10. Carina Jurecek

    Carina Jurecek23 days ago

    i have the exact same iphone x and everytime he dropped it... AGH i couldn't...😂🙁🥴

  11. Morgan Flowers

    Morgan Flowers23 days ago

    strong phone

  12. Fortnite Streamer BTW

    Fortnite Streamer BTW24 days ago

    Omg the iPhone X is literally a beast

  13. ItsRoling [Moving channel soon]

    ItsRoling [Moving channel soon]24 days ago

    69K likes 6.9K Dislilkes

  14. Paul G.

    Paul G.26 days ago

    that really hurt me all the time😫

  15. mrcreppy_ YT

    mrcreppy_ YT26 days ago

    8:12 *THICCER*

  16. TheBloxHelper -RBLX Tutorials!

    TheBloxHelper -RBLX Tutorials!27 days ago

    I’m 10 and I have an iPhone XS Max and don’t call me a show off I mean you talk about iPhones here anyways just wanted to know how durable this phone is

  17. Ahsan Shahroz

    Ahsan Shahroz27 days ago

    Hello sir I am Ahsan Shahroz I am very happy for apple launched in Pakistan I want to buy this but I can't afort thi because this is very expensive I belong a poor family so plzz apple give ma a IPhone X if u help me god give u more and more

  18. Tyisawesame 867

    Tyisawesame 86727 days ago


  19. Riatheredhead94 ‘X

    Riatheredhead94 ‘X28 days ago

    I literally hid my phone watching this because I didn’t want it to see itself get hurt🤣

  20. Mrs.DickInSon

    Mrs.DickInSon28 days ago

    Its horrible to watch 😥

  21. Natalie Edits

    Natalie Edits28 days ago

    this hurts my eyes and makes me cringe... like I DON'T HAVE MONEY FOR THAT PHONE! I DON'T EVEN HAVE ANY MONEY FOR THE IPHONE 5!

  22. Nashi Block

    Nashi Block21 day ago

    Natalie Edits fr?? An iPhone 6 is $99 for straight talk if you go to Walmart.

  23. WelcomeEndyMion 37

    WelcomeEndyMion 3729 days ago

    69k likes 6.9k dislikes lol

  24. Andrea Mabunga

    Andrea MabungaMonth ago

    Im watching this on my iphone x. And i keep thinking that your dropping my phone

  25. Treyveon Polite

    Treyveon PoliteMonth ago


  26. Mohammed Shan

    Mohammed ShanMonth ago

    Hey bro, i can give u an idea, put iphone x in desert for 10min and check what happens next? I think this will work✌

  27. Max

    MaxMonth ago


  28. Skylar Gambale

    Skylar GambaleMonth ago

    Ok thank god that the X is durable because I am getting it and I am really clumsy

  29. Ivxn Boo

    Ivxn BooMonth ago

    How can I buy such phones

  30. Gamerboy AD

    Gamerboy ADMonth ago

    I dropped my iphone xs from 10 feet and not even a little scratch but a litle dirt because i was outdoors

  31. Alyvia Mcmillion

    Alyvia McmillionMonth ago

    I find it funny when you intentionally drop it nothing happens but when you accidentally drop it snaps in half😒

  32. Tam Luong

    Tam LuongMonth ago

    I'm just watching this on an iphone 4s

  33. {gebruik code: oNaczy_} Jojogames

    {gebruik code: oNaczy_} JojogamesMonth ago

    I dropped my iPhone x 1 time and there was already a small crack 😖

  34. kagandahang Leonard

    kagandahang LeonardMonth ago

    I like the guy. He is cute 😍

  35. Random RimRock // TripleR

    Random RimRock // TripleRMonth ago

    Apple put the "most durable glass" a little too soon

  36. Itss. Kiyahh

    Itss. KiyahhMonth ago

    Now if I dropped it on accident I would have cracked

  37. Fortnite playerr

    Fortnite playerrMonth ago

    Some people say its a fake iphone X but the better the phones are and cost more they are stronger

  38. luka londaridze

    luka londaridzeMonth ago

    please give me

  39. gürkan Akbaba

    gürkan AkbabaMonth ago

    iphone 4s drop test

  40. Galuh Primawurti

    Galuh PrimawurtiMonth ago

    Even though im a samsung lover, its still painful to watch

  41. SJ Squad

    SJ SquadMonth ago

    I don’t have a case for my x sooo this made me feel better abt having a naked phone 😂😂

  42. Lazy Alpaca

    Lazy AlpacaMonth ago

    This was painful to watch

  43. Milhouse VanHouten

    Milhouse VanHoutenMonth ago

    1:52 2:02

  44. Rushell reigns

    Rushell reignsMonth ago

    🚶🏽‍♀️u hurt all Ma feelings

  45. The Scrat Kid

    The Scrat KidMonth ago

    8:12 voice deepens

  46. Jayden Torres

    Jayden TorresMonth ago

    *Is a great product>>>**ur2.pl/1248** I love the size, is better than having the plus version. Wireless charging is a great feature, a little bit late in the market, but we thank for it.*

  47. Zhhshedh Sjajelelie

    Zhhshedh Sjajelelie21 day ago

    Nicolas Cage same

  48. Nicolas Cage

    Nicolas Cage25 days ago

    oof oof mine popped up an iPhone X on amazon

  49. oof oof

    oof oofMonth ago

    What is it?

  50. Vinny

    VinnyMonth ago

    fuck you

  51. lucas

    lucasMonth ago

    i hate u for doing this

  52. Takisha 69

    Takisha 69Month ago

    It hurt

  53. Gilmy Aqsal

    Gilmy AqsalMonth ago

    Hello im from to indonesia

  54. Luke Grimm

    Luke GrimmMonth ago

    If you are thinking of buying an iPhone Xs, go out and buy the normal X because the Xs is $999 vs. iPhone X is around $800-$850 at other authorized resellers and they basically are the same except the A12 processor. The A11 is still stupid fast and the X is $200 cheaper. That’s what I did at least. Actually if you really want a good phone and make it cheap, go with Xr on the apple deal limited time and if the limited time is still on get the Xs but besides the limited time get the normal X over the Xs. Or get the Xr

  55. Casper Andersen

    Casper AndersenMonth ago

    Fuckin' racist

  56. Thomas Billburg

    Thomas BillburgMonth ago

    The best drop test clip i have ever watched.

  57. Shawn Desilets

    Shawn DesiletsMonth ago

    Well... I’m still rocking an Otterbox for my X.



    Drop a noatb 9

  59. Faizan Boy4

    Faizan Boy4Month ago

    This is torture

  60. Kai Keller

    Kai KellerMonth ago

    watching this on my new iPhone x lmao

  61. Master Player

    Master PlayerMonth ago

    Iphone X it's better jumper :D 4:00 4:46 6:51

  62. Jaroslav Kváš

    Jaroslav KvášMonth ago

    When Iphone falled down i start cry..

  63. Anna Marie

    Anna MarieMonth ago

    I hate Apple I like Windows

  64. Paul Ening

    Paul EningMonth ago

    Are you stupid IT,s A IPHONE 🖕

  65. Hockey warrior 2006

    Hockey warrior 2006Month ago

    If you don’t whine the 8 no more then I’ll take 😂

  66. jared Bowens

    jared BowensMonth ago

    you said you just opened that iphone x i wounder if the face id didnt work at the factory ive heard of people getting there iphone x and the face id didnt work

  67. Thegalaxycoolkid 209

    Thegalaxycoolkid 209Month ago

    Honestly u could of just dropped it Into my hands instead of floors

  68. Thegalaxycoolkid 209

    Thegalaxycoolkid 209Month ago

    2018 iPhone XR ( leave a like if you have it ) ( and leave a comment iPhone if your getting it and you want it .

  69. Арман Хай

    Арман Хай2 months ago

    Поставьте лайк чтоб думали ,что умное написал,😂😂😡

  70. Lucas Nissen

    Lucas Nissen2 months ago

    drop it into my hands and im like BOONK GANG

  71. Shoel Howlett

    Shoel Howlett2 months ago

    Knowing my luck I would drop it 3cm off the ground and my iPhone x would shatter

  72. Паша

    Паша19 days ago


  73. Carina Jurecek

    Carina Jurecek23 days ago

    Shoel Howlett ugh yes feel u. hope this doesn't happen to me🥴 i just got this phone...😂🙁

  74. Shoel Howlett

    Shoel Howlett2 months ago

    I was tryna watch all the 20 million ads but this guy kept popping up tryna smash his iPhones, Annoying.

  75. Rorisang Ramokolo

    Rorisang Ramokolo2 months ago

    on camera : "I didn't want to make this video. off camera: '' the money i am gonna make!''

  76. RiiZeN

    RiiZeN2 months ago

    nani tf

  77. Kalina Kusztal 13

    Kalina Kusztal 132 months ago

    I’ ve got iPhone 7. I prefer that.❤️

  78. Νικος Μπισμπινικακης

    Νικος Μπισμπινικακης2 months ago

    You are a stupid why You buy iPhone x and You broke it when i habe iPhone x i Will so exited motherfucker give the iPhone to me why You broke it?

  79. Austin Clay

    Austin Clay2 months ago

    Who else cringed when he dropped them both at the same time?

  80. A Artist in a Simplistic girl

    A Artist in a Simplistic girl2 months ago

    **Drops glass phone 10 feet** “Oh dear I hope it’s not broken”

  81. Brendan

    Brendan2 months ago

    Drop it from 7 feet! I am 7 feet tall so I WANT TO KNOW! you are discriminating against tall people by not dropping it from head high!!

  82. Queen Unicorn

    Queen Unicorn2 months ago

    If you want the phone don’t do the test... it’s simple

  83. Baffled a

    Baffled a2 months ago

    الله يرزقنا ❤️😪 .

  84. VeloSky

    VeloSky2 months ago

    I see that you have nothing to spend money on but you are still rich XD

  85. Pierre-Olivier McConnell

    Pierre-Olivier McConnell2 months ago

    Anyone feels like these drop test results may vary quite a bit from one individual device to another (same model) ?

  86. Brandon Nemic

    Brandon Nemic2 months ago

    Owwwch the fringe tho

  87. Ashitha Mansoor

    Ashitha Mansoor2 months ago

    Pls give one iPhone X.plsssss.... Can you. ,,,,....

  88. Motif

    Motif2 months ago

    When rich people get bored...


    FYNN KING2 months ago


  90. TricKs2TecH

    TricKs2TecH2 months ago

    thats painful

  91. Xi Jie Playz

    Xi Jie Playz2 months ago

    Ouch...thats painful

  92. Evy Kei

    Evy Kei2 months ago

    Check the camera in the Iphone X and double check its not broken

  93. Nolan Wargo

    Nolan Wargo2 months ago

    I have an iPhone 8

  94. Cognac Crack

    Cognac Crack2 months ago

    Breaking news!!! Glass breaks when you drop it ! You heard it here first

  95. kadykianus

    kadykianus2 months ago

    Wow, how beautiful you are, and I don't think about iPhone :)

  96. SKMD_official

    SKMD_official2 months ago

    When apple says it's the most durable glass why would you not believe it😂

  97. Mary Christmas

    Mary Christmas2 months ago

    This video made me uncomfortable

  98. HoftyZ

    HoftyZ2 months ago

    69k likes :3

  99. Lightning_Games LG

    Lightning_Games LG2 months ago

    Apple must be triggered at you they made phones to use them not drop and break and destroy them...

  100. Huan Lei

    Huan Lei2 months ago

    How come my iPhone X screen shattered with a screen protector also a case for just once from 3 feet’s height?

  101. ajaustin9

    ajaustin92 months ago

    I softly dropped the iPhone X on the sidewalk and it got a 3 little scratches on it smh

  102. Kamekolo

    Kamekolo2 months ago

    Oh my god I almost cried watching this

  103. Reese and Hayden Blogs

    Reese and Hayden Blogs2 months ago

    Delete this video right now

  104. Vicky Hipolito

    Vicky Hipolito2 months ago


  105. A.

    A.2 months ago

    Anybody got the X that can let me know if it’s good and worth the money paid

  106. peyton cochran

    peyton cochran2 months ago

    a kid in africa could have eaten that phone

  107. 보라해방탄

    보라해방탄2 months ago

    I am surprised because other video said iPhone X is too weak someone dropped one time and it’s cracked back side! This is makes happy..