iPhone X Drop Test!


  1. Colton Halbert

    Colton HalbertDay ago

    I’m so confused I punched my x the other day and the back is shattered 🤷‍♂️

  2. ethan hernandez

    ethan hernandezDay ago

    Lol I dropped my Samsung s7 off my roof and it didnt crack iPhones are a joke

  3. Colton Halbert

    Colton HalbertDay ago

    ethan hernandez for real I punched my x the other day and the back is shattered with the glass falling out I’m so confused 🤷‍♂️

  4. Stefan Paraschiv

    Stefan Paraschiv2 days ago

    I just got rhr x a few days ago, out it on rge side of my bed (2ft tall maybe) and it slid off and fell head on and it cracked, with glass protector, case and all, and hiw tf did it survive from 5x height for you and not for me

  5. Arjun Juneja

    Arjun Juneja6 days ago


  6. 7 days ago

    I have an xr only

  7. Amazing_ ᑕloùd

    Amazing_ ᑕloùd9 days ago

    Me: drops phone in two feet Also me: breaks the phone in half

  8. Jonah Kunselman

    Jonah Kunselman10 days ago

    The I phone 8 looks like a 7

  9. KingAl3x

    KingAl3x11 days ago

    Nu arunca cu bani!!! Ma cearta prietenii

  10. Cxzy Summer

    Cxzy Summer17 days ago

    I'll Buy The iPhone X and my Parents Agree with it! *but i was wondering tht i will buy the Iphone Xs Max one 😂*

  11. HeavenlyBestEric HBE

    HeavenlyBestEric HBE12 days ago

    Cxzy Summer cool


    KAGRANA NYASHA SAMIR student18 days ago

    wth u bought a phone to break it

  13. Personamedaniel

    Personamedaniel19 days ago

    I still love and want an iPhone X more than an iPhone XS or even XS Max

  14. skeletonhadur 0

    skeletonhadur 019 days ago

    Not cool (nem menő) WASTE OF MONEY (pénzkidobás)😠

  15. Black Ninja 100498

    Black Ninja 10049820 days ago

    iPhone X wins :)

  16. Koolaid Powder

    Koolaid Powder24 days ago

    Well when I had baby drops I lost my mind it even had a screen protector and case

  17. Technical Songs

    Technical Songs24 days ago

    iPhone xs max drop test please

  18. Amazing Nabz

    Amazing Nabz25 days ago

    At 4:15 I thought ur ring was part of the phone lol 😂

  19. Hamza Jamil

    Hamza Jamil29 days ago

    How can you be so cruel

  20. Veytey

    VeyteyMonth ago


  21. Anthony's Daily life

    Anthony's Daily lifeMonth ago

    looking back almost 2 years later, i find this entertaining, my iPhone X broke INSIDE a case, the back glass got ruined but then screen works

  22. robgoezham :/

    robgoezham :/Month ago

    iphones suck.

  23. Amazing Nabz

    Amazing Nabz25 days ago

    robgoezham :/ what?!

  24. Mattie Rhoades

    Mattie RhoadesMonth ago

    I have a 6s. It’s shattered but I dropped it waste height. But I’m getting iPhone X and I’m so excited

  25. Moov4

    Moov4Month ago

    How did it not brake. My iphoneXR dropped from like 3 feet and cracked and scuffed

  26. Manos Nikitaras

    Manos NikitarasMonth ago

    What's your height ?

  27. WA- TCH-CHER

    WA- TCH-CHERMonth ago

    Bigay mo sakin Para mas maganda😂

  28. Vishnusankar Vishnu

    Vishnusankar VishnuMonth ago

    Please give that iphone x at me

  29. Brindley Weerasekara

    Brindley WeerasekaraMonth ago

    Every time that iPhone X was dropped part of my soul was gone too :(

  30. Basadict

    BasadictMonth ago

    After watching this, I have only loved my X more.

  31. John Hewison

    John HewisonMonth ago

    My iPhone X fell off my bed today. Literally fell 1 foot onto a laminate floor with a tempered glass screen protector and a Spigen case.....the screen smashed at the earpiece :(

  32. Mini Gacha

    Mini GachaMonth ago

    But then When i drop my x for the first time it shatters every where......

  33. Arianna Ruiz

    Arianna RuizMonth ago

    That lag on the iphone x 4:59

  34. Lina Power

    Lina PowerMonth ago

    This gave me a really bad anxiety

  35. Favio Matute

    Favio MatuteMonth ago

    You should do apple products giveaways (who agrees)

  36. Salman Ahmed

    Salman AhmedMonth ago


  37. Curtis Fields

    Curtis FieldsMonth ago

    thats a strong ass X i dropped mine very little times and colors started showing up on the screen now the screen burnt out

  38. Chopin Frédéric

    Chopin FrédéricMonth ago

    I dropped an iPhone X. However the screen didn't break in the third floor today! (Real)

  39. Mega

    MegaMonth ago

    On the floor of the third floor, or dropped it from the third floor onto first floor?

  40. Sedrick Campbell

    Sedrick CampbellMonth ago

    Nice! This vid helps me feel better about my Iphone X as well.

  41. warmachine997

    warmachine9972 months ago

    i dropped my iphone x while putting it in my pocket and both the glasses broke 😢

  42. Tana Marie

    Tana Marie2 months ago


  43. cheerios

    cheerios2 months ago


  44. cheerios

    cheerios2 months ago

    bleak the phoneeeeeeee a

  45. cheerios

    cheerios2 months ago

    i suck at spelling

  46. Leão

    Leão2 months ago

    Fala portugues porr@ !

  47. crazy HDR and yt it’s Nathan

    crazy HDR and yt it’s Nathan2 months ago

    I got my iPhone 6 like 6 months ago and it’s works

  48. Mclovin 42

    Mclovin 422 months ago

    It doesn't hurt me I'm a galaxy user

  49. Gaminuz YT

    Gaminuz YTMonth ago

    Nor me I'm with Motorola

  50. Sam R

    Sam R2 months ago

    I got anxiety from watching this

  51. Sophie Louis

    Sophie Louis2 months ago

    Wow,a good quality “Sapphire Glass.”

  52. OG Wolf

    OG Wolf2 months ago

    I met get the iPhone X tomorrow may 2 2019

  53. Sam R

    Sam R2 months ago

    Omg i got mine at that date too. I’ve been saving for a long time I’m so happy

  54. Josh The Great

    Josh The Great2 months ago

    OG Wolf cool, did you get it? I got mine April 22 2019 as a 16th birthday gift and bought it with my own money

  55. Сталин

    Сталин2 months ago

    Hurts waching this

  56. Fight or Flight

    Fight or Flight2 months ago

    Sub to my channel

  57. oTruth MLBB

    oTruth MLBB2 months ago

    At the moment he dropped iphone x my heart started beating

  58. Nickolai Pantallano

    Nickolai Pantallano2 months ago


  59. Wasim Pro

    Wasim Pro2 months ago

    This is Fake

  60. thetruefinale

    thetruefinale2 months ago

    Warranty on a phone is kind of dumb. Put a case and a screen protector on it and it'll be fine. Every phone I've had has had both, and I've never had an issue (except for the one day I had my Samsung galaxy s4 without its case and dropped it).