iPhone SE 2 Years Later!


  1. Nick Ackerman

    Nick Ackerman6 months ago

    iPhone SE 2 Years Later! In just 1 Week the iPhone SE will officially be 2 years old, so I felt like giving a 2 year update on this device. This video is all experience based! Share your experience with the community down below and enjoy the content :)

  2. Sagar Ramu

    Sagar Ramu3 days ago

    how is the battery drain now a days

  3. APenguin020

    APenguin020Month ago

    Are you 1 year old Prakash Gurung?


    TECHNOLOGY BOOST3 months ago

    Baconface McGee is it 32 gb

  5. Carissa Hendricks

    Carissa Hendricks4 months ago

    nick... If you have time I would really appreciate if you answer this question.. Does the se still get updates? How long will it last?

  6. AiR tv

    AiR tv5 months ago

    Nick Ackerman too expensive

  7. Steven Kim

    Steven Kim2 hours ago

    Man the iPhone SE is buttery smooth on IOS 12

  8. Red Man

    Red Man4 hours ago

    I wood like to see a new 2020 or 2019 new iPhone SE NAME SE PLUS THAT WILL BE NICE

  9. Faiz Luqman

    Faiz Luqman7 days ago

    I have an SE too. I’ve had it since June 2016. To be honest, the battery is really terrible. The battery health says 81%.

  10. Akshat Bajpai

    Akshat Bajpai10 days ago

    I am Big fan of you

  11. ronan kondel

    ronan kondelMonth ago

    but i dont care what people think and this old disain, i love SE and this old 5 or 5s disain

  12. Deba Sish

    Deba SishMonth ago

    you Are awesome broo.....i have got...very much imformation.from your channel..about ip se.... love you

  13. Karan's TV

    Karan's TVMonth ago

    Can this phone handle PUBG or fortnite games

  14. Goutam Karmakar

    Goutam KarmakarMonth ago

    iPhone SE is my favourite iPhone.. Most Cute iPhone SE

  15. Shawn Chalfant

    Shawn ChalfantMonth ago

    iPhone outshines any Android phone under the sun. iOS 12 for a 2 year old phone something unheard of with Android.

  16. can I help you

    can I help youMonth ago

    Get a new battery in that thing, lithium batterys really start to degrade after 2 years in phones

  17. Justin Ng

    Justin Ng2 months ago

    Every point is accurate

  18. TheCo11ection

    TheCo11ection2 months ago

    This is the best small phone out there. The best one handed phone out there. Serve jobs wanted a phone that was one handed. For other things he preferred iPad. And so do I. Other iPhones seem too big for me and so do other phones. For the price of and iPhone X you can buy an iPhone se and an iPad mini which is what I rock for day to day multimedia. I only use the se for audio with the AirPods. The only bad about this phone is the screen to body ratio. It’s my personal favorite I gave up my bigger phones for this one. As a tech minimalist I love having my phone just be a phone so it’s not a distraction in my day to day life. The few times I use it for work it performs ok

  19. Kashyap Avm

    Kashyap Avm2 months ago

    i have been using an Android device since 2 years i wanna buy a iphone how can iphone se be my first iphone can i buy this little beast?

  20. Subrata  Saha

    Subrata Saha2 months ago

    Is is a good go for 2019??

  21. Subrata  Saha

    Subrata Saha2 months ago

    I am gonna buy up next month..any better option under 20k NEED SOME REPLIES..

  22. N H

    N H2 months ago

    I agree battery f up over time big no no!!!

  23. Tina Mistry

    Tina Mistry2 months ago

    Thank u

  24. Sheldon Rozario

    Sheldon Rozario2 months ago

    Hey. Great vid!

  25. Karl Gullinger

    Karl Gullinger3 months ago

    iPhone se vs iPhone 7, 8 design is better. Because its flat. Perfect when you put on a screen protector.

  26. papa john 2.0

    papa john 2.03 months ago

    It's Jun and its only 139.00

  27. Adrian Airil

    Adrian Airil3 months ago

    Can I now,should I buy iphone 5s 64GB or iphone se 16GB?btw great video👍

  28. Pedro Garibay

    Pedro Garibay3 months ago

    Waiting for the iPhone SE 2 in June

  29. LilTaco2018

    LilTaco20182 months ago

    Pedro Garibay Almost July...

  30. masud jishan

    masud jishan3 months ago

    Best designed iPhone ever

  31. Gowtham N

    Gowtham N3 months ago

    Clever title.

  32. Dule -182

    Dule -1823 months ago

    Should i buy iphone se in 2018? I rly like desing and power on this phone

  33. Adam G

    Adam G3 months ago

    2 year old phone, works great, but time for upgrade because the camera could be slightly better. Sigh, I remember the days when our primary use for a phone was using it as a phone.

  34. *_•reshirm•_*

    *_•reshirm•_*3 months ago

    Super practical cheap phone.

  35. mahi dhar

    mahi dhar4 months ago

    Its old looking phone because u got the black rose gold is awesome

  36. Paul Harrison

    Paul Harrison4 months ago

    Have you had the battery checked by apple? Do apple sell you cheap replacement batteries? Would the similarly priced iPhone 6 give me more on screen time?

  37. xuchilpaba

    xuchilpaba4 months ago

    So IOS 11 has knocked out the mighty SE. It was nice while it lasted. R.I.P.

  38. Omkar Sawant

    Omkar Sawant4 months ago

    Planning to buy this for using as my daily for a year or so. Apple still selling brand new supercheap. Upgrading from a iPhone 4S running 6.1.3 like a champ! Is that a good decision. Yes, I need the jack and No, I dont fancy apple removing it in the 7 and later iPhones. ;)

  39. Kohana Mukherjee

    Kohana Mukherjee4 months ago

    OKAY! I'm gonna enter the world of Apple/iPhone for the first time, and I already finalized the iPhone SE, which i'll buy soon enough, and I'll probably get it with the iOS 10, and I've been hunting for videos and in forums that can state objectively (which isn't really possible I think) whether it will be good idea to upgrade to the iOS 11 or just stay put. Many haven't faced problems with it, and many have - so much so that they wished they could downgrade. So, I'm actually scared about updating, and I am in the dilemma of what to do. It's all so 50/50 and Ackerman's videos have been really helpful, but even so, the upgrade is a major scary point for me.

  40. Michel Denault

    Michel Denault4 months ago

    The new OLD IPHONE 5 ,in tech years that’s an old model ,shame on Apple for taking a snooze on the design,I can’t believe someone wants to pay for a new phone that’s old

  41. Wong Wai-Kit

    Wong Wai-Kit4 months ago

    iPhone se 2 no change in design, only changes internals haha

  42. The cocker spaniel

    The cocker spaniel4 months ago

    I am watching on it

  43. Ambi Dextrose

    Ambi Dextrose4 months ago

    Any news on the SE 2?

  44. Van V

    Van V4 months ago

    Have found all your videos helpful

  45. Paul Howe

    Paul Howe4 months ago

    I think the SE is kinda hamstrung by its iPhone 6 based modem.iPhone 6s modem so much better data speed it’s too bad they didn’t use the 6s modem like they used the A9 chip from the 6s.

  46. Jxckstarr

    Jxckstarr4 months ago

    People are gunna hate me for saying this Basically I have a iPhone 6 and I want to get a se instead because the 6 looks great ngl but the screen is not strong and it feels like it slowly bends the se is thicker 😊😏 and and looks more durable

  47. Cockpit cock

    Cockpit cock4 months ago

    iPhone se 2

  48. VideoGamesAreCool

    VideoGamesAreCool5 months ago

    7:28 watchinghere, I'm getting an iPhome SE Monday, so I look at reviews before I get it, best review and I'm happy with it

  49. Marvincent Acuña

    Marvincent Acuña5 months ago

    The iPhone SE is so well-executed I hate how underrated it is.

  50. khalil taylor

    khalil taylor5 months ago

    Hi (Sorry for bad English)

  51. X Factor

    X Factor5 months ago

    is it still worth buying....?

  52. FlyByN1te

    FlyByN1te5 months ago

    It's sad how apple throws in software bugs into updates so it hinders older devices so people have to upgrade phones. It's bullshit, but genius for apple

  53. L76RD

    L76RD5 months ago

    The iPhone se is good, I wouldn’t recommend it know because it’s a little out sieved

  54. Арам

    Арам5 months ago

    SE - piece of art !

  55. WARITH Abdullah

    WARITH Abdullah5 months ago

    People forget a phone is a phone. We don't need big ass screens.this 4inch is perfect 😎

  56. Chris Fontaine

    Chris Fontaine5 months ago

    The UI responsiveness I'm seeing in this video is very impressive for a 2 year old phone. I have a 2 year old Nexus 6P and its laggy as molasses in winter.

  57. laa vie

    laa vie5 months ago

    still the best looking iPhone in my opinion

  58. Nirjit Cheema

    Nirjit Cheema5 months ago

    I got my new iPhone 7 2 days ago and it’s worth it it’s the same as iPhone 8

  59. DJ Arthur Looby

    DJ Arthur Looby5 months ago

    Nah man not because ur on iOS 11. It is a 2 year old phone those batteries in them start to go worse at around 1 year. And normally around 2 years u need to replace the battery. I am sure if u replace the battery get a new one ur battery life is gonna be much better. Everyone knows battery loose charge and capacity after a while.

  60. DJ Arthur Looby

    DJ Arthur Looby5 months ago

    Se for 0$ at Metro PCS if u port over

  61. shir

    shir5 months ago

    Lol. That phone looks a lot tiny on your hands

  62. Rahul K

    Rahul K5 months ago

    Watching on my SE rose gold

  63. Liable Wheel

    Liable Wheel5 months ago

    Switching to a SE from my 7 plus, I absolutely love the look.

  64. Julian

    Julian5 months ago

    Is it true that battery life has lowered with ios11? Isn't it just because his phone is 2 years old now?

  65. krishna shah

    krishna shah5 months ago

    my se has loud sound in both speakr and in call and my battery life 1.5 day 😘

  66. NosideTV

    NosideTV5 months ago

    It's called a clapper board lol

  67. Abhishek Rajain

    Abhishek Rajain5 months ago

    hey I like yours videos luv from india

  68. King4ever24

    King4ever245 months ago

    Fuck this nigga review this SE IS DOPE BATTERY LAST LONGER THAN IT DID ON MY 6S

  69. Ro Beverina

    Ro Beverina5 months ago

    The 6s or the SE?

  70. Reneboy Lumba

    Reneboy Lumba5 months ago

    How is the connectivity interms of phone call?...

  71. Ayush Patel

    Ayush Patel5 months ago

    9:57 i want to shoot life hacks life hacks can i get it better quality to record it????? or ok quality

  72. Lawrence Logan

    Lawrence Logan5 months ago

    Informative review. Just bought an iPhone SE as a result of it.

  73. Sameer JaF

    Sameer JaF5 months ago

    You are boss man Boss

  74. Kylerao Chandler

    Kylerao Chandler5 months ago

    Battery percentage drop from 90% to 85% in just 13. Minutes

  75. Clark Kent

    Clark Kent5 months ago

    nick sure does love that SE

  76. Wendy温蒂 Wendy

    Wendy温蒂 Wendy5 months ago

    iPhone SE can play anything?

  77. Wendy温蒂 Wendy

    Wendy温蒂 Wendy5 months ago

    How much this iPhone SE

  78. WR4P-TP PSN

    WR4P-TP PSN5 months ago

    Still using iOS 10

  79. Bala Aditya

    Bala Aditya5 months ago

    Hi nick CAn you share so sfront camera samples

  80. Daniel Wong

    Daniel Wong5 months ago

    You didn’t change the original SE wallpaper since iOS 9? or did you find it on internet? Where can I find those exclusive SE wallpapers?

  81. Mohamed Shakir

    Mohamed Shakir5 months ago

    I am thinking to buy one in 2 weeks! any suggestions?

  82. Joshua HD

    Joshua HD6 months ago

    I am playing PUBG mobile in my se and its 1:28 am right now XD

  83. Daren Nashion

    Daren Nashion6 months ago

    But the one does everyone knows that OLD IS GOLD ...

  84. TseRing Gaming T.V

    TseRing Gaming T.V6 months ago

    I love se

  85. Devansh singh

    Devansh singh6 months ago

    umm hey nick! look I don't care much about the performance because i am buying this for my kid, and he just wants a phone that could fit in his pocket and hands and that it should be portable. Especially cute i forgot that part. so overall should i go for it?

  86. José Alejandro García Arechavala

    José Alejandro García Arechavala6 months ago

    I have one for a year and a half and still loving it.

  87. Alejandro Macias

    Alejandro Macias6 months ago

    Put a rugged case and is indestructible, 2 years using this and a otterbox defender and its the best phone for work, trekking, biking, any physical activity its the perfect companion

  88. John07133

    John071336 months ago

    using the iphone x as my daily driver now but the rose gold se is still my favorite iphone combination yet

  89. EllysaE

    EllysaE6 months ago

    I have this phone. In 16 GB. 16! I don’t know what I was thinking. I’m so tired of apps offloading and seeing storage full when I go to take a pic. However I cannot bite the bullet and get a new one knowing there might be releases this year ... 😫

  90. WoLFyy THETHE

    WoLFyy THETHE6 months ago

    u have good reviews man keep it up

  91. Elitebigs

    Elitebigs6 months ago

    I think its funny that a month or two ago he said its fine now he says you need to upgrade......dont listen to him......

  92. Direk Ditthajan

    Direk Ditthajan6 months ago

    Podcast’s App doesn’t work properly by me after I’ve updated from iOS 9 to 11.

  93. Antonio Manuel

    Antonio Manuel6 months ago

    This phone or the Nokia 6 (2018)??? I need help pleaseee

  94. Antonio Manuel

    Antonio Manuel6 months ago

    This phone or the Nokia 6 (2018)??? I need help pleaseee

  95. Tyrese Thompson

    Tyrese Thompson6 months ago

    Yet it’ll outlast any android

  96. haziq

    haziq6 months ago

    Can I have that?

  97. Demetrius Johnson

    Demetrius Johnson6 months ago

    I love this camera quality your using

  98. Danilo Medrado Rodopiano

    Danilo Medrado Rodopiano6 months ago

    Yo Nick, nice video! Im thinking of buying an SE, currently I have a Moto G4 plus and it is getting crappier everyday. Since the launch of the SE I wanted it, but haven't had the chance ($$$) to buy, but now I do. I saw the video where you showed it's battery held up the whole day and it surprised me a lot, now u said it's battery has degraded, but do you think it degraded to a point of it being too bad or just the normal degrade (wich japonês because of time, usage...) ? Thanks a lot :)

  99. toddhobart

    toddhobart5 months ago

    I got mine last November and the battery life is great. If you can put up with the smaller screen, it’s a great phone.

  100. Danilo Medrado Rodopiano

    Danilo Medrado Rodopiano6 months ago

    Kepler 22b yeah, but if you take in to account that I have a mid range Android that Will receive only one more update (if so), it kinda makes sense. I'm going to think about. Thanks for the response :)

  101. Kepler 22b

    Kepler 22b6 months ago

    Danilo Medrado Rodopiano Tbh, I wouldnt buy a 2 year old phone for daily use. New ios updates tend to create problems on older devices and apple deliberately slowing down older phones.

  102. IKaan Djjike

    IKaan Djjike6 months ago

    I have iOS 9.3.2 in 2018 iPhone SE SO SMOOTH! I NEVER UPDATE!!!

  103. steve jobs

    steve jobs6 months ago

    no 2018

  104. EverydayIn3D

    EverydayIn3D6 months ago

    But isn’t it slower because Apple slowed it down for iOS 11??? Have you replaced the battery?? I want to buy an SE and leave it on iOS 9.3 stock.

  105. Dank Bros

    Dank Bros6 months ago

    I miss that wallpaper! Where did you get it?

  106. Adobo Man

    Adobo Man6 months ago

    also got my SE in 2 yrs now still love this phone ios 11 is problematic on older iphones thats why mine is still running ios10 no battery problem whatsoever still makes it thru whole day f*ck ios11 i wont be upgrading mine

  107. ompriya dash

    ompriya dash6 months ago

    Lots of love Nick. I have one point though. Since u r using the SE at full brightness it's giving u a bad battery life. Still SE is far far better than mid range android phones in every aspect.

  108. Adam Martin

    Adam Martin6 months ago

    Who else got confused by the title??? And thought he meant the “Se 2”

  109. Mr. Tech. Jr

    Mr. Tech. Jr6 months ago

    Nick do a 6s one !! Because I am buying it tomorrow !!! I residing in lot angles !! And I lov shoot photos !!😇☺ ... Luv your content !!