iPhone 5S in 2018, Revisited - Worth buying? (Review)


  1. 91Tech

    91Tech5 months ago

    The iPhone 5S will support iOS 12, making this a decent option for those on a budget. But what do you think? Is the 5S worth it or not really? For more tech greatness you can follow me on social media- Twitter: twitter.com/91_Tech Insta: instagram.com/91_tech/

  2. Willie Whipple

    Willie WhippleMonth ago

    +Bust dem down how much was it?? It really want a iphone 5s

  3. andrew kelly

    andrew kelly3 months ago

    Nathaniel Messaye you can get an unlocked at&t iPhone SE on straight talk for only 100$

  4. AbzzDev

    AbzzDev3 months ago

    Should I go for the 5s or a samsung j3

  5. ItsDan zz

    ItsDan zz5 months ago

    91Tech can use the iPhone 5s for a week

  6. ItsDan zz

    ItsDan zz5 months ago

    If u didn’t known I used the iPhone 5s on iOS 11 for 2 months and it was bad not like the iPhone 4s on iOS 9 but it was pretty bad for me

  7. Crashkelvin is an FE2 noob

    Crashkelvin is an FE2 noob13 hours ago

    The one I have has a new battery, it was replaced.

  8. rustyJS

    rustyJS19 hours ago

    I wish my parents weren't cheap as shit. I would've gotten at most an iPhone *6*.

  9. Mekko Nekko Ekko

    Mekko Nekko EkkoDay ago

    um honor i use honor

  10. Alucard Symphony

    Alucard Symphony3 days ago

    I have an iPhone 4s; buying a 5s tomorrow, so I came to this video. Thanks; good vid.

  11. Flufflet

    Flufflet5 days ago

    I'm definitely gonna get this again, if it's good enough, it definitely is for me

  12. Jasmin Blakeborough

    Jasmin Blakeborough6 days ago

    My bro is the best her gave me his old 5s love you bro

  13. KriSpot

    KriSpot6 days ago

    5years later is iphone x still exist after the apple event

  14. Nohely Pardo

    Nohely Pardo10 days ago

    Iphone 5s camera is better than samsung s8 camera

  15. Gummy

    Gummy10 days ago

    nice will buy

  16. RobloxiProxy

    RobloxiProxy13 days ago

    Fed up of the 5s, getting a 6s today.

  17. ZyLite - Fortnite and More

    ZyLite - Fortnite and More13 days ago

    I’m 10 and I’m getting my first phone today and guess which one it is? Yep you guessed it the 5s

  18. Khairil Irwandy

    Khairil Irwandy15 days ago

    for other country its decent but for us malaysia?good still expensive RM499-R599 :(

  19. CARS 3

    CARS 316 days ago

    Samsung galaxy S2 can get android Oreo that's impressive for a 7 years old phone

  20. Adella Moosakhan

    Adella Moosakhan15 days ago

    CARS 3 yep

  21. Gud

    Gud16 days ago

    i’m waiting to get my mi a2 lite! The iphone 5s i’m using right now is getting really... really.. s.. l.. o.. w

  22. Deleted

    Deleted19 days ago

    2013???!?! And topping now adays phones??? Give iphone a clap

  23. George Papageorgopoulos

    George Papageorgopoulos21 day ago

    Brand new iPhone 5S: 170€ Brand new iPhone SE: 290€ For some instagram photos and spotify I thing 5S is still worth it. Even if it doesn't get ios 13. I still use an iPad Mini 1st gen.

  24. fresh, boss261

    fresh, boss26122 days ago

    Tbh Apple only let people have it for the iPhone 5s is because updates take Storage and because this iPhone has little storage means the more updates you get the less and less storage you have, which makes people with this phone have little to no storage, this is great for Apple because people would need to upgrade for more storage! I opinion is that it is not worth buying!

  25. Pearl the rebel

    Pearl the rebel23 days ago

    Just found my old one


    BIAS WRECKER24 days ago

    With ios 12 awesome 😍😎

  27. Mayor Alexyss

    Mayor Alexyss25 days ago

    I have a iPhone 7 Plus but I want to go back to a smaller phone. Thanks.

  28. Nigel Thompson

    Nigel Thompson28 days ago

    I was shocked to know that iPad Mini 2 is getting iOS 12.

  29. alroy betancourty

    alroy betancourty29 days ago

    I got ios12 on iPhone 5s

  30. Moonlight vlogs

    Moonlight vlogsMonth ago

    I'm a kid so I have to use one of these and who is watching on 5s?

  31. slonold

    slonoldMonth ago

    This would be a good choice to get it for your tween children. Thanks for helpful review.

  32. Dany_1503

    Dany_1503Month ago

    I've got a Samsung Galaxy S5 and i really want an Iphone 5S. Should i change ? Pls help.

  33. Rednax MAMAMO YANUT

    Rednax MAMAMO YANUTMonth ago

    5s is still worth it for me

  34. Delvagore

    DelvagoreMonth ago

    I have this and probably getting the SE, Im not the type of person for screen sizes. My 5s is still amazing but the battery dies too fast.

  35. thelosttuttle 2

    thelosttuttle 2Month ago

    Thanks I just bought one this is like my first iPhone so yeah

  36. Ian Fenwick

    Ian FenwickMonth ago

    yeah, mine got cracked

  37. L-D-S Animations

    L-D-S AnimationsMonth ago

    I had one, it broke. (Because i smashed it into the wall.) Now i want a new one. Lmao i like this phone a loooooot

  38. Mermaid Crystal

    Mermaid CrystalMonth ago

    I have a iPhone 5s I use it everyday and it’s been working fine for me I love it and will probably still be using it in the future

  39. Arty Guy

    Arty GuyMonth ago

    I am watching this on a 5s and the whole time i was smiling and nodding

  40. geekdemon

    geekdemonMonth ago

    Hi I am on a pretty low budget and I was wondering if I should buy this or the se?

  41. Amanda Arana

    Amanda AranaMonth ago

    Thank you!

  42. The Racing channel

    The Racing channelMonth ago

    I owned a 5s but I just got a 6s cause I don’t really like the new iPhones

  43. Chris Dolan

    Chris DolanMonth ago

    My old 5s would die after 1 and 1/2 hours

  44. Paranope2. 0

    Paranope2. 0Month ago

    Its a good starter phone!

  45. roda ginez

    roda ginezMonth ago

    i have iphone 5s with sd card and dual sim with a welcome logo nokia

  46. Alienvolt 77

    Alienvolt 77Month ago

    im getting one i really dont care for the new versions theyre to big i like the way this one looks small and practical

  47. Shiny Benny

    Shiny BennyMonth ago

    IPhone 5s best body ever made

  48. nigelmelton1971

    nigelmelton1971Month ago

    Just got one private sale on Facebook market for £40. All most felt like I was robbing them when pick it up. And it work fine

  49. Chelsea Eliza

    Chelsea ElizaMonth ago

    Watching on my iPhone 5S

  50. Tizzas Good For a Giggle

    Tizzas Good For a GiggleMonth ago

    is it good?

  51. Ben ?

    Ben ?Month ago

    Ive been rocking this phone for 5 years. Damn time goes by fast.

  52. Francisco Guthrie

    Francisco GuthrieMonth ago

    Had android all my life since Samsung galaxy 2. But now trying iphone. I went with an iPhone 5s to start. Hope that's not to far back? Bought it today on eBay 75 dollars 32GB I figured 16GB wouldn't be enough. I didn't want to put 300-500 in an iphone 6 or iPhone 7 . Here to hoping. 🤗🤗

  53. Sad_Kru

    Sad_KruMonth ago

    i cant wait for iphone 100

  54. NPC #2578478

    NPC #2578478Month ago

    For the price, you may as well just get an SE. I'm seeing them for around $250 (brand new) all day long on eBay since they are now discontinued.

  55. Max Florence

    Max FlorenceMonth ago

    iOS 12 is actually better and really good for older devices for 2018

  56. Liu Kang

    Liu KangMonth ago

    5:13 "Other Than That The" thats alot of TH

  57. TransitToronto BusFan

    TransitToronto BusFanMonth ago

    If you are thinking of buying iphone 6s, go for iPhone 7

  58. Astuteid

    Astuteid2 months ago

    Lool the poor kids with the 5s 😂😂

  59. Generic Shitposter

    Generic Shitposter16 days ago

    spamming emojis, year 8 spice kid

  60. ricezach2

    ricezach2Month ago

    Shut up!

  61. Astuteid

    AstuteidMonth ago

    Lynda The 11:11 Lool your family are on benefits allow it ngl get a iphone XS poor kid 😂😂💯💯👌

  62. Lynda The 11:11

    Lynda The 11:11Month ago

    Lol the poor kid who thinks he’s cool 😂😂 *Cough cough* You

  63. bellissima 1202

    bellissima 12022 months ago

    I have a 5s running on 10.3.2 and idk if I should update because I'm scared it will brick my phone

  64. Will W

    Will W2 months ago

    I’m on a 5s now and I’m switching to a Huawei P20 lite, it’s a great step if your looking to switch from Apple to android and it’s so much better, it’s still cheap at £270 too!

  65. Alfie Saunders42

    Alfie Saunders422 months ago

    Hard to think that the iPhone X is going to be getting these types of videos in 2023

  66. Carstati

    Carstati2 months ago

    My 5s will shut off at 80% or whatever and act like it’s completely dead.

  67. Motive

    Motive2 months ago

    I have the iPhone 8 and use to have a 5s glad the new iOS 12 made the phone faster , also my old 5s I’d cracked but still going strong

  68. Ryan Shead

    Ryan Shead2 months ago

    All these entitled little kids in the comments really irk me An iPhone 5s is more than capable of usage, phones don't need to be bought every year. Its not supposed to be a power house, its supposed to be a phone and something for some light web browsing and app usage. With abit of tweaking and learning, its MORE than sufficient in 2018. An iPhone 5 is perfectly fine too I remember creaming for a phone capable of shooting in 720p afew years ago and now most people cry because the front facing camera isn't 4k Give me a break

  69. Calisthenicsnoob

    Calisthenicsnoob2 months ago

    Switched from 5s to galaxy s8 plus

  70. Moonlight vlogs

    Moonlight vlogsMonth ago

    BOOOO jk be you

  71. Calisthenicsnoob

    CalisthenicsnoobMonth ago

    +NPC #2578478 cuz not much of any innovation with apple until iphone 10 which came after galaxy s8

  72. NPC #2578478

    NPC #2578478Month ago

    That's a huge jump.

  73. Unknown Filmer

    Unknown Filmer2 months ago

    a 9 volt battery has more capacity than my iphone 5s battery

  74. Gerardo Guzman

    Gerardo Guzman2 months ago

    How many does it cost the iphone 5s

  75. Sean Ayala

    Sean Ayala2 months ago


  76. Daniel Ramirez

    Daniel Ramirez2 months ago

    I love my 5s

  77. macroevolve

    macroevolve2 months ago

    I just bought a 5s and will not update it. I made that mistake with the 4s and it slowed it down so much I stopped using it. I am crossing my fingers for a new in box 5s

  78. Chaimae Opt

    Chaimae Opt2 months ago

    +macroevolve Tysm for your help hope for good news

  79. macroevolve

    macroevolve2 months ago

    It's on it's way to me, i should have it in a week or so. If I remember, I will let you know how it is speed wise...simple things like loading the keyboard in the texting app, the calendar, etc.

  80. Chaimae Opt

    Chaimae Opt2 months ago

    How things are going? ? im thinking to get one these days but idk if it's still worth it

  81. Deniz K.

    Deniz K.2 months ago

    I wouldn't say worth buying in 2018 but still works really well. I use one

  82. Ben Joseph

    Ben Joseph2 months ago

    My 5s is iCloud locked I am so sad I used it for so long I am so sad now I have to buy another phone !

  83. FinalSlayer

    FinalSlayer2 months ago

    It won’t receive iOS 13 so you 5S users should upgrade

  84. Bantron PRO

    Bantron PRO2 months ago

    Price in 2018?

  85. Lucio Briones

    Lucio Briones2 months ago

    In Mexico, if you have a 4S everyone thinks ur rich

  86. David

    David2 months ago

    Image 5s design but a 4.7 inch screen A10 cpu 3 gb ram 256 gb store 12 mp f1.8 and 7 mp selfie new tiuch id button and a 2100 mah battery . That would be a big seller

  87. Inkie

    Inkie2 months ago

    My moms giving me her old one and its amazing it has everything i want

  88. Khevin Roi

    Khevin Roi2 months ago

    Do you think i should get one? Comment down if it still worth buying in 2018

  89. Moonlight vlogs

    Moonlight vlogsMonth ago

    Khevin Roi get one I'm useing it right now 🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂

  90. Nightcore Storm

    Nightcore Storm2 months ago

    Got a redmi S2 after a 4y use 5s

  91. SonicChaoCPPS

    SonicChaoCPPS2 months ago

    I remember when I first got the 5S I was 13 when I got it for middle school

  92. Moonlight vlogs

    Moonlight vlogsMonth ago

    SonicChaoCPPS I had this phone (my first one) I got it when I was 6 😁

  93. Ruben G

    Ruben G2 months ago

    My 5s battery life is so bad it dies after 2 hours of intensive use and it has also slowed down drastically.

  94. Moonlight vlogs

    Moonlight vlogsMonth ago

    Not this one

  95. Adnane Azami

    Adnane Azami2 months ago

    how about standby time?

  96. Just Strawberry

    Just Strawberry2 months ago

    If u need an extreme budget phone the 5s is for you, if not u should get a SE on budget


    FINDOWS2 months ago

    I had the battery replaced yesterday,and it is better that my mums iphone 7

  98. Rinoa Lennethps2

    Rinoa Lennethps22 months ago

    OF COURSE 😍😍🙂🙂

  99. New Hardland

    New Hardland2 months ago


  100. Brandon Paid

    Brandon Paid3 months ago

    I'm on a iPhone 5 with no SIM on IOS 10.3.3 Pokémon go doesn't work no more or you get fortnite at all

  101. Christian Smith

    Christian Smith3 months ago

    The iPhone 5s is a good phone.

  102. ConnorPlaysGamez

    ConnorPlaysGamez3 months ago

    I got my iPhone 5S 2018 (silver) for £80 , DM @connorjthrush for a gold version for £80 ;D (Its 16GB tho)

  103. Dj Squatz

    Dj Squatz3 months ago

    is 5c or 5s better like for 5c comment for 5s

  104. Dj Squatz

    Dj Squatz2 months ago


  105. Poe Dameron

    Poe Dameron2 months ago

    I think I'm getting the 6 since it's bigger an the camera is apparently lil better its $99 for used on the boost mobile site but I've only had 2 6s ones plus i already have cases anyway

  106. Dj Squatz

    Dj Squatz2 months ago

    me too

  107. Poe Dameron

    Poe Dameron2 months ago

    I'm actrully debating which of these used ones i should get

  108. Dj Squatz

    Dj Squatz3 months ago

    thank you

  109. Donutio

    Donutio3 months ago

    Here I am watching this on my iPhone 5s

  110. Extra Memez Productions

    Extra Memez Productions3 months ago

    Boi im watching this on an iphone 5s

  111. Obum XL

    Obum XL3 months ago

    I bought an iPhone 5s last week. But I’m an11 year old so I don’t care

  112. GachaKenzie

    GachaKenzie3 months ago

    Im getting a iphone 6 on Sept 6 (my bday)

  113. Trippie Blue

    Trippie Blue3 months ago

    Its a really slow tho

  114. Bad Storm

    Bad Storm3 months ago

    Maybe my opinion is not so important..but i will say it because why not XD So,i buyed an i5S white,broked screen and 80 percent battery wear..so..i fixed the screen and replaced battery,and now look like now..the back and other stuff is new..forreal...i can say,i used my 5S for 1 month,or maybe more longer..and run very smooth and clean..camera..battery,everything is work like charm..running ios 11.4.1..and don't planned to upgrade to 12 when will be available..so yeah..worth it..who wanna upgrade from android to a cheap good working iOS device,and don't wanna to pay a lot for a phone..i recommend that..thumbs up for Apple..maybe u should see this comment :) All good for u man..take care.. i watching you every night..XD

  115. Sergio Silva

    Sergio Silva3 months ago

    I personally love the iphone 5s it was my first iphone i got it when it was released back in 2013.

  116. SlimeBoy

    SlimeBoy3 months ago

    I dont need fortnite because for me it sucks

  117. My depression fucked up

    My depression fucked up2 months ago

    And you are still playing roblox..

  118. SlimeBoy

    SlimeBoy3 months ago

    My iPhone 5S has iOS 11.4.1

  119. Matthew Garcia

    Matthew Garcia3 months ago

    I'm on a IPhone 5s ! Since my 7th grade 😂.. 5 years 😁

  120. Poe Dameron

    Poe Dameron2 months ago

    I had a 5C since high school

  121. Wrenchผู้ตรวจค้น 555

    Wrenchผู้ตรวจค้น 5553 months ago

    The reason that his iPhone 5s has a bad battery is because he has Bluetooth on.

  122. Dawn Chaser

    Dawn Chaser3 months ago

    I have a iPhone 6s plus but its now running low on memory and im thinking buying a iPhone 5s with a high memory do you think its worth it? I dont want a larger screen tho

  123. Anu Mul

    Anu MulMonth ago

    Dawn Chaser Yeh sure but the iphone se would be a better option than an iphone as it is only a couple of dollars and iphone se is more updated than iPhone 5s so iphone for a cheap option

  124. shrek trump

    shrek trump3 months ago

    It is 5s and 5 years old

  125. Namjoons Expensive Girl

    Namjoons Expensive Girl3 months ago

    I say if you are looking to Buy a cheep budget phone maybe for like your kid that your looking to get a phone but still don’t A,want to spend a lot of money or B, Having your child that’s in like 4th grade walking around with a big phone also that means it’s mor expensive if it’s a newer one which if it breaks it’s harder to replace however I feel like if your looking for a cheaper budget phone buy the se even tho it may be more expensive it’s very cheap compared to a 7 or 8 or even a 6s however I understand if your tight on money if that’s the case the 5s would be good for you also the battery thing I personally think if you get a battery case you would probably be fine

  126. Alex Lapinski

    Alex Lapinski3 months ago

    I used to have a 5s and I loved it! I've had the latest generation of nearly every iPhone since and for its time, I was always the most impressed by the 5s. I'm actually not surprised to see it receive iOS 12 as it was a monster when I used it daily on iOS 9 before buying my 6s Plus a bit later on.

  127. Wagwan

    Wagwan3 months ago

    The se is basically an iPhone 6 in an IPhone 5

  128. Barry m Hyder

    Barry m Hyder3 months ago

    Still using it-need the new iOS for it asap!

  129. Zeshan Sajid

    Zeshan Sajid3 months ago

    The Camera Is Really Good I Am Gonna Sell My Old 5S

  130. lil kev Bruh

    lil kev Bruh3 months ago

    Who else is watching on a 5s