iPhone 5S in 2018, Revisited - Worth buying? (Review)


  1. 91Tech

    91Tech8 months ago

    The iPhone 5S will support iOS 12, making this a decent option for those on a budget. But what do you think? Is the 5S worth it or not really? For more tech greatness you can follow me on social media- Twitter: twitter.com/91_Tech Insta: instagram.com/91_tech/

  2. Kong Jun Jie

    Kong Jun Jie2 months ago

    91Tech 5s cannot handle iOS 12 it will just died

  3. Willie Whipple

    Willie Whipple4 months ago

    +Bust dem down how much was it?? It really want a iphone 5s

  4. andrew kelly

    andrew kelly6 months ago

    Nathaniel Messaye you can get an unlocked at&t iPhone SE on straight talk for only 100$

  5. AbzzDev

    AbzzDev6 months ago

    Should I go for the 5s or a samsung j3

  6. ItsDanzz

    ItsDanzz8 months ago

    91Tech can use the iPhone 5s for a week

  7. Tech, unboxing and more with Shovon

    Tech, unboxing and more with ShovonDay ago

    Should I buy this for gift a kid?

  8. AnimeXshinobi

    AnimeXshinobi18 days ago

    Thx so much I will biy an iphone 5s now because of design,performance, and I kinda need an iphone instead an android

  9. GamingWithElla

    GamingWithElla23 days ago

    People say that the iPhone 5s is way to small, I disagree because I have small hands and it’s easier with a smaller phone lol

  10. La. dezign

    La. dezign24 days ago

    Bruhh im using it since 2014... it's a bit laggy but damn the reliability of this product is damn good !

  11. TAJWAR24

    TAJWAR2425 days ago

    The iPhone 5s/c and the normal iPhone 5 is the most popular starter phone

  12. SoldierSparky

    SoldierSparky28 days ago

    Im poor af and I think I can afford this lol

  13. Karl Edwards

    Karl EdwardsMonth ago

    Who’s watching this on a 5s? I am😉

  14. benji 2604

    benji 2604Month ago

    I have a iphone 6 and i dont really like the design i would like to buy a se or a 5s

  15. You don’t know me but I love you

    You don’t know me but I love youMonth ago

    I have it and I think it’s really good I think you might as well get one of the newer phones but if you don’t care and just a want a phone or whatever you might as well get it. Yes it is really small but if you don’t care about that then it’s fine. I charge my phone in the evening (while I sleep) I also have it on low power mode always. I think the camera is fine. I would recommend it but if you want a bettter, camera, and battery then get a different one

  16. SuperWizard101 King

    SuperWizard101 KingMonth ago

    iPhone 5 is the best iPhone.

  17. Pro Playz Games

    Pro Playz GamesMonth ago

    2019 anybody?

  18. Skylar Dutcher

    Skylar DutcherMonth ago


  19. Leonx3

    Leonx3Month ago

    Watching this on my 5s.😎👍

  20. Alexa Perez

    Alexa PerezMonth ago

    I want this phone to help out my mom. I hate throwing away all her money with my iPhone 8. I don’t NEED such an expensive thing.

  21. Ionuț Scrioneț

    Ionuț ScrionețMonth ago

    Hi! What do you think if I buy at this moment a new iPhone 5s ??? Is it worth it ??? I never had the Iphone! Now I have a Samsung J7 2017.

  22. Kedrik Ayala

    Kedrik AyalaMonth ago

    Make this the newest iPhone for good!

  23. Ivy Gwen

    Ivy GwenMonth ago

    My 5s can barely survive two hours and is at 1% at the end of the school day (with me not using it and having it on low power mode)...thankfully upgrading to a newer device soon

  24. Space

    Space4 days ago

    Ivy Gwen why not replace the battery?

  25. The Greatest Basher

    The Greatest BasherMonth ago

    I have a 5s and I’m using it rn. I got this phone when it was released and now it’s still working completely great with good battery life and everything just like when it was new

  26. Alejandro Rios

    Alejandro Rios3 days ago

    The Greatest Basher I got mine in January of 2017 and I’ve been happy with it ever since!

  27. Charmane Naciongayo

    Charmane NaciongayoMonth ago

    I still use the 5s! It’s worth buying if you simply need a phone because it still works smoothly, and I am running the latest version of iOS 12! I think the only real drawbacks for most people is the average battery life; and for some people, the screen size.

  28. Tbgezach98 Cool

    Tbgezach98 CoolMonth ago

    I use the iPhone 5s in 2019

  29. Your Boss

    Your BossMonth ago

    IPhone 5 IPhone 5s IPhone SE Which should I buy and how many storage do I need? Any suggestions? About to buy one in a few months...I really want one but I like to play games and take pics so...???

  30. Alejandro Rios

    Alejandro Rios3 days ago

    Your Boss I have the 5s and it’s a powerful small smart phone. You should get it! Mine is 16gb and it’s good. If you want more storage you could get the 32gb. I hate the newer big screen phones can’t even fit in your pocket.

  31. j

    jMonth ago

    still using a 5s lol. ios 12 smothed things out a lot on the phone

  32. NoFap 365

    NoFap 365Month ago

    my jailbroken iPhone 6 is still on iOS 9.3.3. It rips through apps.

  33. B

    BMonth ago

    Love the look and feel of the phone. Felt like a candy bar. Have a 6s now, but won’t to upgrade, want to downgrade. Buying in the us should be cheaper, but will it be usable in Japan?

  34. Phoenixster YT

    Phoenixster YTMonth ago

    Im using iPhone 5s

  35. Vintage God

    Vintage GodMonth ago

    iPhone 6 and below are not worth buying

  36. Çrîñgy // Mîlk Sôphîå //

    Çrîñgy // Mîlk Sôphîå //Month ago

    I have a question ..where did u buy the iPhone 5s?

  37. Sam_ ham.5

    Sam_ ham.5Month ago

    I'm just watching because I'm going to be getting one❤️

  38. Sam_ ham.5

    Sam_ ham.5Month ago

    +APPLEYKING -Thunder Bay Explorer- I can't we already bought it

  39. APPLEYKING -Thunder Bay Explorer-

    APPLEYKING -Thunder Bay Explorer-Month ago

    Sam_ ham.5 get the SE

  40. Danial Rafiqi

    Danial RafiqiMonth ago


  41. FreeSpirit123

    FreeSpirit123Month ago

    Answer to your question: OBVIOUSLY NOO.

  42. Roadbreaker

    RoadbreakerMonth ago

    5S is my favourite, don’t judge me but i prefer good looking, modern looking, relativeert small phones, and that’s what i call the 5S

  43. Coolclub 9448

    Coolclub 9448Month ago

    It has iOS 12 rite

  44. Rgamer _

    Rgamer _Month ago

    I liked the iPhone 5S I brought one from new and I kept it for so long cos it was a real gem of an iPhone and was simple, but mine was falling apart so I upgraded to a 7

  45. Super RaH NATION

    Super RaH NATIONMonth ago

    No it's not worth buying get the iPhone 7 or the iPhone SE

  46. Angela Jones

    Angela Jones2 months ago

    After 6 months with a prepaid company, their new phone stopped working like a new phone. I switched my old IPhone 5s to their service. After 3 days and $35 to switch, I'm loving it. 😀. Now to get this update. Thanks for the review!

  47. Sx_rm

    Sx_rm2 months ago

    I have the iPhone 5S And in my opinion it's worth buying it,it's nice,good for using,fast..

  48. Mundoblog

    Mundoblog2 months ago

    I have one i downgrade it. U know no everybody like big phones.my hands are shaky cus a nerve problem only phone i can use is this one or the SE I OWN AND IPAD PRO AND THE IPAD LIGHT.. JESUS who ever said u have to changed phone every single year ... stay with ur phone get a decent meal pay ur rent

  49. Cave Johnson

    Cave Johnson2 months ago

    i thought the iphone 5/5s had that square mark on the home button

  50. WWE

    WWE2 months ago

    I just realized how big my iPhone 8 plus is gosh

  51. Frooty Tooty

    Frooty Tooty2 months ago

    Still have mine running smoothly in 2018 👍

  52. XliiiEmilyiiilX

    XliiiEmilyiiilX2 months ago

    I get made fun of tho

  53. XliiiEmilyiiilX

    XliiiEmilyiiilX2 months ago

    Frooty Tooty same

  54. Jophs

    Jophs2 months ago

    My iPhone 5s felt huge back then

  55. bff kittens club cuities

    bff kittens club cuities2 months ago

    ive got an iphone 5s for birthday and its worth buying 100,000% its amazing phone

  56. Cast

    Cast2 months ago

    You can, it' s a legendary phone. But in 2018 you should consider atleast the 6s or SE if you want a 4 inch model. Can't really recommend older models although the 5s keeps up quite good.

  57. KIZ GANG

    KIZ GANG2 months ago

    When I bought my XR I traded my 5s for a case and screen protector. So I guess it’s still with me)

  58. Lovely Kings

    Lovely Kings2 months ago

    this phone is better for people who likes small phone

  59. King jay

    King jay2 months ago

    IPhone SE is better Faster, cheaper, and better

  60. T.A.S_lekious

    T.A.S_lekious15 days ago

    Wtf? It’s not cheaper

  61. яєṅẓıı

    яєṅẓııMonth ago

    Big facts.

  62. Basic Design

    Basic Design2 months ago

    In my opinion, 5s is the most legendary iphone ever made. I had such a great time with 5s back in 2014-2015. 5s is an icon. Probably the most famous iphone ever. I wish apple made a phone like 5s, but with bigger screen. It also has the best design for me. AN ICON. Now I use 8 plus, and all I have to say, it sucks..

  63. rLg -

    rLg -7 days ago

    I have an iphoneX right now, and I just stumble here cause i find the design of iphone 5s cool. I never had one before. lol

  64. Basic Design

    Basic Design27 days ago

    legaljabori Are you serious? 🤦🏽‍♂️

  65. legaljabori

    legaljabori27 days ago

    Lucijan K do you want to trade your 8 plus to 5s for me pls

  66. Camiya Mercer-bristow

    Camiya Mercer-bristow2 months ago

    I might get the 5s for Christmas

  67. made you read this

    made you read this2 months ago

    I'm buying the iPhone 5s close to the end of 2018 but only for a good camera considering my phone has a 5mp camera

  68. jamirul hi

    jamirul hi2 months ago

    Nice iPhone 5s

  69. Transgender Mickey Mouse

    Transgender Mickey Mouse2 months ago

    I have a iPhone 5s in space gray it’s still amazing and worth buying!But be prepared if you get one cause like the first two weeks you start using it the battery drains out really fast but last longer as you use it

  70. Ben Chawes

    Ben Chawes2 months ago

    Try taking a breath ones in a while doing talking - I got stressed 😩

  71. Cookie Games

    Cookie Games2 months ago

    I'm getting 1 4 xmas

  72. ares9304

    ares93042 months ago

    bought one today. ended up being a unicorn, manufactured in 2017 march...

  73. Alejandro Rios

    Alejandro Rios3 days ago

    ares9304 mine was manufactured in March 2016

  74. GaryR55

    GaryR552 months ago

    Perfect for my needs, as I'm not really a "phone person" and I'd be using it as WiFi-only.

  75. Wezy MH

    Wezy MH3 months ago

    I have a 5s and I love it But mine has a terrible battery

  76. NewCrashers

    NewCrashers3 months ago

    The one I have has a new battery, it was replaced.

  77. rust_

    rust_3 months ago

    I wish my parents weren't cheap as shit. I would've gotten at most an iPhone *6*.

  78. Mekko Nekko Ekko

    Mekko Nekko Ekko3 months ago

    um honor i use honor

  79. Alucard Symphony

    Alucard Symphony3 months ago

    I have an iPhone 4s; buying a 5s tomorrow, so I came to this video. Thanks; good vid.

  80. Flufflet

    Flufflet3 months ago

    I'm definitely gonna get this again, if it's good enough, it definitely is for me

  81. Jasminb101

    Jasminb1013 months ago

    My bro is the best her gave me his old 5s love you bro

  82. KriSpot

    KriSpot3 months ago

    5years later is iphone x still exist after the apple event

  83. Nohely Pardo

    Nohely Pardo3 months ago

    Iphone 5s camera is better than samsung s8 camera

  84. Gummy

    Gummy3 months ago

    nice will buy

  85. RobloxiProxy

    RobloxiProxy3 months ago

    Fed up of the 5s, getting a 6s today.

  86. ZyLite - Fortnite and More

    ZyLite - Fortnite and More3 months ago

    I’m 10 and I’m getting my first phone today and guess which one it is? Yep you guessed it the 5s

  87. Khairil Irwandy

    Khairil Irwandy3 months ago

    for other country its decent but for us malaysia?good still expensive RM499-R599 :(

  88. CARS 3

    CARS 33 months ago

    Samsung galaxy S2 can get android Oreo that's impressive for a 7 years old phone

  89. Adella Moosakhan

    Adella Moosakhan3 months ago

    CARS 3 yep

  90. Gud

    Gud3 months ago

    i’m waiting to get my mi a2 lite! The iphone 5s i’m using right now is getting really... really.. s.. l.. o.. w

  91. Deleted

    Deleted3 months ago

    2013???!?! And topping now adays phones??? Give iphone a clap

  92. George Papageorgopoulos

    George Papageorgopoulos3 months ago

    Brand new iPhone 5S: 170€ Brand new iPhone SE: 290€ For some instagram photos and spotify I thing 5S is still worth it. Even if it doesn't get ios 13. I still use an iPad Mini 1st gen.

  93. fresh, boss261

    fresh, boss2613 months ago

    Tbh Apple only let people have it for the iPhone 5s is because updates take Storage and because this iPhone has little storage means the more updates you get the less and less storage you have, which makes people with this phone have little to no storage, this is great for Apple because people would need to upgrade for more storage! I opinion is that it is not worth buying!

  94. Ad Revenue

    Ad Revenue14 days ago

    No, apple is letting them have these updates because of the 64-bit chip

  95. Pearl the rebel

    Pearl the rebel3 months ago

    Just found my old one


    BIAS WRECKER3 months ago

    With ios 12 awesome 😍😎

  97. Nigel Thompson

    Nigel Thompson4 months ago

    I was shocked to know that iPad Mini 2 is getting iOS 12.

  98. alroy betancourty

    alroy betancourty4 months ago

    I got ios12 on iPhone 5s

  99. Moonlight vlogs

    Moonlight vlogs4 months ago

    I'm a kid so I have to use one of these and who is watching on 5s?

  100. slonold

    slonold4 months ago

    This would be a good choice to get it for your tween children. Thanks for helpful review.

  101. Dany_1503

    Dany_15034 months ago

    I've got a Samsung Galaxy S5 and i really want an Iphone 5S. Should i change ? Pls help.

  102. Rednax MAMAMO YANUT

    Rednax MAMAMO YANUT4 months ago

    5s is still worth it for me

  103. Delvagore

    Delvagore4 months ago

    I have this and probably getting the SE, Im not the type of person for screen sizes. My 5s is still amazing but the battery dies too fast.

  104. thelosttuttle 2

    thelosttuttle 24 months ago

    Thanks I just bought one this is like my first iPhone so yeah

  105. Lukie Pukie

    Lukie Pukie4 months ago

    I had one, it broke. (Because i smashed it into the wall.) Now i want a new one. Lmao i like this phone a loooooot

  106. xCrystalGatchax

    xCrystalGatchax4 months ago

    I have a iPhone 5s I use it everyday and it’s been working fine for me I love it and will probably still be using it in the future

  107. Arty Guy

    Arty Guy4 months ago

    I am watching this on a 5s and the whole time i was smiling and nodding

  108. geekdemon

    geekdemon4 months ago

    Hi I am on a pretty low budget and I was wondering if I should buy this or the se?

  109. Amanda Arana

    Amanda Arana4 months ago

    Thank you!

  110. Tiger

    Tiger4 months ago

    I owned a 5s but I just got a 6s cause I don’t really like the new iPhones

  111. Chris Dolan

    Chris Dolan4 months ago

    My old 5s would die after 1 and 1/2 hours

  112. BurgerKing1 1

    BurgerKing1 14 months ago

    Its a good starter phone!

  113. roda ginez

    roda ginez4 months ago

    i have iphone 5s with sd card and dual sim with a welcome logo nokia

  114. Alienvolt 77

    Alienvolt 774 months ago

    im getting one i really dont care for the new versions theyre to big i like the way this one looks small and practical

  115. Shiny Benny

    Shiny Benny4 months ago

    IPhone 5s best body ever made

  116. nigelmelton1971

    nigelmelton19714 months ago

    Just got one private sale on Facebook market for £40. All most felt like I was robbing them when pick it up. And it work fine

  117. Chelsea Garbutt

    Chelsea Garbutt4 months ago

    Watching on my iPhone 5S

  118. Tizzas Good For a Giggle

    Tizzas Good For a Giggle4 months ago

    is it good?

  119. Ben ?

    Ben ?4 months ago

    Ive been rocking this phone for 5 years. Damn time goes by fast.

  120. Francisco Guthrie

    Francisco Guthrie4 months ago

    Had android all my life since Samsung galaxy 2. But now trying iphone. I went with an iPhone 5s to start. Hope that's not to far back? Bought it today on eBay 75 dollars 32GB I figured 16GB wouldn't be enough. I didn't want to put 300-500 in an iphone 6 or iPhone 7 . Here to hoping. 🤗🤗

  121. Sad_Kru

    Sad_Kru4 months ago

    i cant wait for iphone 100

  122. Max Florence

    Max Florence4 months ago

    iOS 12 is actually better and really good for older devices for 2018