iPhone 5S in 2018, Revisited - Worth buying? (Review)


  1. botツ

    botツMonth ago

    I bought my 5s in 2018 xD

  2. Lurdy A

    Lurdy AMonth ago

    Fk this video. Hate iPhone??


    WETiLAMBY2 months ago

    The 5S was also the last apple phone to be almost indestructible before they started becoming easily destroyed with the 6 onward. Not sure what it is but I've thrown my 5S 10+ meters on hard soil and I've never broken the screen, just the camera which just needed to be pushed back in with my finger

  4. Cock Kote

    Cock Kote3 months ago

    I’m iPhone SE user

  5. Gacha David

    Gacha David3 months ago

    I have iPhone 5S!


    BLAZIΞ3 months ago

    I would say it is depending on the price. If you are on a 50-60 dollar budget, and don’t need the best phone, then you should defenetly buy it.

  7. Siimply Giselle

    Siimply Giselle3 months ago

    Soooo my phone broke and its about time it did cause its really old and my parents want to keep it on a budget so we ordered this phone in Amazon yesterday ww for it for 80$ its expected to come in like 3 days so yeah :) Edit: Im writing this on my dads phone

  8. witt gutierrez

    witt gutierrez4 months ago

    Is there a solution for the small battery capacity

  9. Drippy .

    Drippy .4 months ago

    This made me happy:')

  10. King jay

    King jay4 months ago

    Go for the SE better price, better deal, better way

  11. Blu

    Blu4 months ago

    That iPhone 5s looks like it runs smoother and faster than my ZTE ZFive C LTE

  12. Tech, unboxing and more with Shovon

    Tech, unboxing and more with Shovon5 months ago

    Should I buy this for gift a kid?

  13. AnimeXshinobi

    AnimeXshinobi5 months ago

    Thx so much I will biy an iphone 5s now because of design,performance, and I kinda need an iphone instead an android

  14. Dumbass

    Dumbass5 months ago

    People say that the iPhone 5s is way to small, I disagree because I have small hands and it’s easier with a smaller phone lol

  15. La. dezign

    La. dezign5 months ago

    Bruhh im using it since 2014... it's a bit laggy but damn the reliability of this product is damn good !

  16. Tajwar24

    Tajwar245 months ago

    The iPhone 5s/c and the normal iPhone 5 is the most popular starter phone

  17. SoldierSparky

    SoldierSparky6 months ago

    Im poor af and I think I can afford this lol

  18. Karlywoo Plays

    Karlywoo Plays6 months ago

    Who’s watching this on a 5s? I am😉

  19. Momos Channel

    Momos Channel6 months ago

    I have a iphone 6 and i dont really like the design i would like to buy a se or a 5s

  20. You don’t know me but I love you

    You don’t know me but I love you6 months ago

    I have it and I think it’s really good I think you might as well get one of the newer phones but if you don’t care and just a want a phone or whatever you might as well get it. Yes it is really small but if you don’t care about that then it’s fine. I charge my phone in the evening (while I sleep) I also have it on low power mode always. I think the camera is fine. I would recommend it but if you want a bettter, camera, and battery then get a different one

  21. Dat Boi

    Dat Boi6 months ago

    iPhone 5 is the best iPhone.

  22. Pro Playz Games

    Pro Playz Games6 months ago

    2019 anybody?

  23. Skylar Dutcher

    Skylar Dutcher6 months ago


  24. Leonx3

    Leonx36 months ago

    Watching this on my 5s.😎👍

  25. Alexa Perez

    Alexa Perez6 months ago

    I want this phone to help out my mom. I hate throwing away all her money with my iPhone 8. I don’t NEED such an expensive thing.

  26. Ionuț Scrioneț

    Ionuț Scrioneț6 months ago

    Hi! What do you think if I buy at this moment a new iPhone 5s ??? Is it worth it ??? I never had the Iphone! Now I have a Samsung J7 2017.

  27. Kedrik Ayala

    Kedrik Ayala6 months ago

    Make this the newest iPhone for good!

  28. Ivy Gwen

    Ivy Gwen6 months ago

    My 5s can barely survive two hours and is at 1% at the end of the school day (with me not using it and having it on low power mode)...thankfully upgrading to a newer device soon

  29. Space

    Space5 months ago

    Ivy Gwen why not replace the battery?

  30. The Greatest Basher

    The Greatest Basher6 months ago

    I have a 5s and I’m using it rn. I got this phone when it was released and now it’s still working completely great with good battery life and everything just like when it was new

  31. Alejandro Rios

    Alejandro Rios5 months ago

    The Greatest Basher I got mine in January of 2017 and I’ve been happy with it ever since!

  32. Charmane Naciongayo

    Charmane Naciongayo6 months ago

    I still use the 5s! It’s worth buying if you simply need a phone because it still works smoothly, and I am running the latest version of iOS 12! I think the only real drawbacks for most people is the average battery life; and for some people, the screen size.

  33. Eric Warren

    Eric Warren6 months ago

    I use the iPhone 5s in 2019

  34. wet food in sink

    wet food in sink6 months ago

    IPhone 5 IPhone 5s IPhone SE Which should I buy and how many storage do I need? Any suggestions? About to buy one in a few months...I really want one but I like to play games and take pics so...???

  35. Alejandro Rios

    Alejandro Rios5 months ago

    Your Boss I have the 5s and it’s a powerful small smart phone. You should get it! Mine is 16gb and it’s good. If you want more storage you could get the 32gb. I hate the newer big screen phones can’t even fit in your pocket.

  36. j

    j6 months ago

    still using a 5s lol. ios 12 smothed things out a lot on the phone

  37. NoFap 365

    NoFap 3656 months ago

    my jailbroken iPhone 6 is still on iOS 9.3.3. It rips through apps.

  38. B

    B6 months ago

    Love the look and feel of the phone. Felt like a candy bar. Have a 6s now, but won’t to upgrade, want to downgrade. Buying in the us should be cheaper, but will it be usable in Japan?

  39. Phoenixster YT

    Phoenixster YT6 months ago

    Im using iPhone 5s

  40. Çrîñgy // Mîlk Sôphîå //

    Çrîñgy // Mîlk Sôphîå //6 months ago

    I have a question ..where did u buy the iPhone 5s?

  41. Your Daddy

    Your Daddy6 months ago

    I'm just watching because I'm going to be getting one❤️

  42. Your Daddy

    Your Daddy6 months ago

    @APPLEYKING -Thunder Bay Biker- I can't we already bought it

  43. APPLEYKING -Thunder Bay Biker-

    APPLEYKING -Thunder Bay Biker-6 months ago

    Sam_ ham.5 get the SE

  44. FreeSpirit123

    FreeSpirit1236 months ago

    Answer to your question: OBVIOUSLY NOO.

  45. Roadbreaker

    Roadbreaker6 months ago

    5S is my favourite, don’t judge me but i prefer good looking, modern looking, relativeert small phones, and that’s what i call the 5S

  46. Coolclub 9448

    Coolclub 94487 months ago

    It has iOS 12 rite

  47. Rgamer _

    Rgamer _7 months ago

    I liked the iPhone 5S I brought one from new and I kept it for so long cos it was a real gem of an iPhone and was simple, but mine was falling apart so I upgraded to a 7

  48. Super RaH NATION

    Super RaH NATION7 months ago

    No it's not worth buying get the iPhone 7 or the iPhone SE

  49. Angela Jones

    Angela Jones7 months ago

    After 6 months with a prepaid company, their new phone stopped working like a new phone. I switched my old IPhone 5s to their service. After 3 days and $35 to switch, I'm loving it. 😀. Now to get this update. Thanks for the review!

  50. StormFilms

    StormFilms7 months ago

    I have the iPhone 5S And in my opinion it's worth buying it,it's nice,good for using,fast..

  51. Mundoblog

    Mundoblog7 months ago

    I have one i downgrade it. U know no everybody like big phones.my hands are shaky cus a nerve problem only phone i can use is this one or the SE I OWN AND IPAD PRO AND THE IPAD LIGHT.. JESUS who ever said u have to changed phone every single year ... stay with ur phone get a decent meal pay ur rent

  52. Cave Johnson

    Cave Johnson7 months ago

    i thought the iphone 5/5s had that square mark on the home button

  53. Frooty Tooty

    Frooty Tooty7 months ago

    Still have mine running smoothly in 2018 👍

  54. XliiiEmilyiiilX

    XliiiEmilyiiilX7 months ago

    I get made fun of tho

  55. XliiiEmilyiiilX

    XliiiEmilyiiilX7 months ago

    Frooty Tooty same

  56. bruh moment

    bruh moment7 months ago

    My iPhone 5s felt huge back then

  57. bff kittens club cuities

    bff kittens club cuities7 months ago

    ive got an iphone 5s for birthday and its worth buying 100,000% its amazing phone

  58. Cast

    Cast7 months ago

    You can, it' s a legendary phone. But in 2018 you should consider atleast the 6s or SE if you want a 4 inch model. Can't really recommend older models although the 5s keeps up quite good.