iPhone 11 Price Leaks! 2018 iPhone XI Latest Rumors


  1. Mustak whrider

    Mustak whrider5 days ago


  2. lightning gamer

    lightning gamer24 days ago

    Release on 3 november 2017!

  3. iMourad

    iMourad3 months ago

    Im DEAD happy my birthday is gonna be one month after when the iPhone XI comes and I'm just hoping that Its cheap.

  4. Jason Crow

    Jason Crow3 months ago

    im planning on buying the i phone xi for my graduation

  5. Yve Bravo Venegas

    Yve Bravo Venegas3 months ago

    It's 2019 where the iPhone 11

  6. Cute Critters and Friends

    Cute Critters and Friends4 months ago

    They should make the iPhone that should have happened instead of the X/10 series iPhone ZX $299 price point (who pays 1000$ for a phone) 6.4 inch display (he wanted a giant screen) No notch, camera being on the fringe of the bezels (that notch gets in the way) Home button in top right corner on the back (we had to fit it in somewhere) USB-c charging (would also come with wireless charging pad) Colors: silver, space gray, matte black, jet black, vantablack, blue, pink gold, rose gold, cyan gold, green, gradient colors, yellow, coral, red, violet Glass back Original iPhone 7+/8+ camera design, (higher MP value) Storage 64 gb: $299 128gb: $335 256gb: $375 Accessories AirPods 2 - $59 Clear case - $14

  7. Laxman Nepali

    Laxman Nepali5 months ago

    Nice iPhone

  8. Mauro Smid

    Mauro Smid5 months ago

    Will the iphone XI fit the new battery case that has just been released or do you think they will make another battery case for the iphone XI?

  9. Li Aurrecoechea

    Li Aurrecoechea6 months ago

    0:53 *so I have to give up all my life savings to buy the new iPhone* *S o U n D s G o O D*

  10. Vid Sok

    Vid Sok6 months ago

    Here from 2019😹

  11. Clash of Gaming

    Clash of Gaming6 months ago

    Apple ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

  12. Moi N.Martinez

    Moi N.Martinez6 months ago

    I know how long it takes to render bro

  13. Trey Play

    Trey Play6 months ago

    This years were called XS, XS Max, and XR.

  14. Salman Bile

    Salman Bile6 months ago

    Please give me one I will never forget😢

  15. Salman Bile

    Salman Bile6 months ago

    Brother I will appreciate if you give me one you have big heart and you can and that will be biggest favour in my life📱😞😢

  16. Will Bigger

    Will Bigger7 months ago

    Finally Apple realized they’re too expensive

  17. Tysean Jacques

    Tysean Jacques7 months ago

    This iPhone gonna be real big

  18. AmpEdition

    AmpEdition7 months ago

    Apples minions must be cousins with intel minions...sheep, overpriced over rated

  19. Lobetec

    Lobetec7 months ago

    Im from the future, we have 3 new phones :/

  20. Yvonne

    Yvonne7 months ago

    I have the XR now but i can say im already saving for the 11 😂😍

  21. Mavrick Faust

    Mavrick Faust8 months ago

    Big changes iPhone 6 X

  22. YouTube Chicken

    YouTube Chicken8 months ago

    Oh for fuck sake , apple wasn't the company that started the notch.

  23. Keila Lugardo

    Keila Lugardo8 months ago

    it was called iphone xr, xs, xs max

  24. Brookeism

    Brookeism8 months ago

    Looking back from post iPhone XS and XS max, this really wasn’t too far off. Great job guys!

  25. Edrine

    Edrine8 months ago

    Nah, Samsung will beat the new iPhone or 11 as you call it. Sumsang shall be all screen.

  26. Edrine

    Edrine8 months ago

    0:33 So you're running Windows 10 on a mac?

  27. dennis vesz

    dennis vesz5 months ago

    some 3d programs are faster when using windows instead of mac os

  28. Milky Way

    Milky Way8 months ago

    Wished they would remove the receding hairline on the new iphones.

  29. lucho

    lucho8 months ago

    We introduce the new iPhone XI, We’ve made this special new phone to get your attention and for you to give us your money 😁 it’s basically like our last iPhone but more expensive 👍

  30. Cherrie

    Cherrie8 months ago

    First, S update looks same to the previous model but the number update should have some appearance change. Tho we can't say that for sure because it hasn't really change any shxt since ip6. I think the next iPhone is gonna move towards the new iPad direction, which means they might switch back to design that's similar with iPhone 5 but with full screen. Hopefully they will go back to the thinner and lighter approach for phone design, rather than a brittle giant phone that's not very convenient to use.

  31. KevBOB

    KevBOB8 months ago

    iPhone X people will be triggered

  32. ಠ_ಠ

    ಠ_ಠ8 months ago


  33. Matthew De Vuono

    Matthew De Vuono9 months ago

    I will go 8 thanks.

  34. Chisha

    Chisha9 months ago

    Please just get rid of the notch 🙏🏾😭

  35. Sjk THop GTNCT

    Sjk THop GTNCT9 months ago


  36. Vedant Tiwari

    Vedant Tiwari9 months ago

    iPhone XS and XS MAX

  37. Michael W

    Michael W10 months ago

    Ha, Apple dropping prices. Well that didn’t happen

  38. Adib Hussain

    Adib Hussain10 months ago

    Idiot is as best in spreading rumors

  39. Miah Stalings

    Miah Stalings10 months ago

    I Gotta say goodbye Android 😂😄

  40. Miah Stalings

    Miah Stalings10 months ago

    Okay so my 8 is otw in the mail! So u guess I'll keep it til the 11 comes out! Thinking I'll give my husband the 8plus 😂 he's still using the 5 😂. That 11 plus is mine in red 😍🤗

  41. brenno silva

    brenno silva10 months ago

    So excited! I’m gonna Buy

  42. Apple Fanboy16

    Apple Fanboy1610 months ago

    Uh interesting

  43. Joanna J

    Joanna J10 months ago

    Oh well i guess am gonna cancel the iphone x that i bought

  44. Meticulous Broadcast

    Meticulous Broadcast10 months ago

    Anyone know what the prices of the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus will be roughly once all these new phones come out? Because some of the iPhone 8s are already £600 and I might get one of those once the new ones release.

  45. Woody Wood

    Woody Wood10 months ago

    So many ads - barf city

  46. izmme1

    izmme110 months ago

    I get a new Samsung every year, i don't know why this year i think i might try apple! I haven't had an apple since apple 5! I am just bored with Samsung!

  47. Maren Archibald

    Maren Archibald10 months ago

    Collab with Justine??

  48. Maren Archibald

    Maren Archibald10 months ago

    R the prices still up to date

  49. Melissa Hannah

    Melissa Hannah10 months ago

    Get rid of the Notch !!!!!!

  50. Lingchen Shi

    Lingchen Shi10 months ago

    I switched to samsung because there isnt a 128gb option, and I can't afford the 256gb one. Phones pricing are getting silly now, samsung or iphone

  51. Johny Ventura

    Johny Ventura10 months ago

    iPhone X red while I have the iPhone 8 red 😂

  52. Rashid Ahmad

    Rashid Ahmad10 months ago

    Very nice Rashad Khan Kuwait