iPhone 11 Price Leaks! 2018 iPhone XI Latest Rumors


  1. Michael W

    Michael W3 days ago

    Ha, Apple dropping prices. Well that didn’t happen

  2. Adib Hussain

    Adib Hussain6 days ago

    Idiot is as best in spreading rumors

  3. Miah Stalings

    Miah Stalings9 days ago

    I Gotta say goodbye Android 😂😄

  4. Miah Stalings

    Miah Stalings9 days ago

    Okay so my 8 is otw in the mail! So u guess I'll keep it til the 11 comes out! Thinking I'll give my husband the 8plus 😂 he's still using the 5 😂. That 11 plus is mine in red 😍🤗

  5. brenno silva

    brenno silva12 days ago

    So excited! I’m gonna Buy

  6. General Cody YT

    General Cody YT12 days ago

    Uh interesting

  7. JoJo J

    JoJo J17 days ago

    Oh well i guess am gonna cancel the iphone x that i bought

  8. TXxL

    TXxL21 day ago

    Anyone know what the prices of the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus will be roughly once all these new phones come out? Because some of the iPhone 8s are already £600 and I might get one of those once the new ones release.

  9. Woody Wood

    Woody Wood23 days ago

    So many ads - barf city

  10. izmme1

    izmme124 days ago

    I get a new Samsung every year, i don't know why this year i think i might try apple! I haven't had an apple since apple 5! I am just bored with Samsung!

  11. SimpleSimms

    SimpleSimms26 days ago

    Collab with Justine??

  12. SimpleSimms

    SimpleSimms26 days ago

    R the prices still up to date

  13. Melissa Hannah

    Melissa Hannah27 days ago

    Get rid of the Notch !!!!!!

  14. Lingchen Shi

    Lingchen Shi27 days ago

    I switched to samsung because there isnt a 128gb option, and I can't afford the 256gb one. Phones pricing are getting silly now, samsung or iphone

  15. Johny Ventura

    Johny Ventura28 days ago

    iPhone X red while I have the iPhone 8 red 😂

  16. Rashid Ahmad

    Rashid Ahmad29 days ago

    Very nice Rashad Khan Kuwait

  17. brian pardo

    brian pardoMonth ago

    Finally I could buy the 5s!

  18. Dankmemer2000

    Dankmemer2000Month ago

    damn still 900 dollars? overpriced as hell. "its 100 dollars less than last year" dude i can buy a nice used fucking car with 900 dollars.

  19. InTo ReKa

    InTo ReKaMonth ago

    x plus looks like a ipad mini mini lmao


    PARVEZ RAEENMonth ago

    wich price something iphone x plus ????? and release date ????

  21. HendGamer 10

    HendGamer 10Month ago

    llllove ittttt!!!

  22. Schaeffer John

    Schaeffer JohnMonth ago


  23. Tia Tots

    Tia TotsMonth ago

    I love the iPhone X plus rose hold I’ve got the 10 and I get an upgrade every time the new phone comes ouz

  24. Asif Khan

    Asif KhanMonth ago

    Apple please iPhone X is u curved at top For next models Please keep c curved at top for camera,sensor antenna etc it will be very beautyfull I don’t like IPhone X display curved one. It’s a request as a fan

  25. anil muktavar

    anil muktavarMonth ago

    Your Clean, Explicit and Super Clear Presentation is seriously impeccable. Congrats for being blessed with an imposing Voice. Praise the Genetics.

  26. Poitimonl Khan

    Poitimonl KhanMonth ago


  27. ColoraBlues

    ColoraBluesMonth ago

    just because apple found a way to cut cost, it does not mean we will get a price cut. the only way we will see a price cut is if apple believes the demand for the phones has fallen. If not, apple will just pocket any manufacturing costs they were able to cut.

  28. Yudhvir singh Sidhu

    Yudhvir singh SidhuMonth ago

    I don't think so 11 is launching in 2018

  29. Raymond P D'Souza

    Raymond P D'SouzaMonth ago

    You are a wast of time please give me a brake.

  30. Nikhil John

    Nikhil JohnMonth ago

    what wiil be the anticipated battery capacity,??? in mah how many MAH battery

  31. Texas Beast956

    Texas Beast956Month ago

    I going a cry I want a red one🔥🔥🔥

  32. h4x0rl33tee

    h4x0rl33teeMonth ago

    If you go any lower you would end up with a Samsung

  33. JJ NuNu

    JJ NuNuMonth ago

    Wow..apple actually listened to people and even phone company’s when they said the phones were way to expensive for what you’re getting....😂

  34. MaddieBelle

    MaddieBelleMonth ago

    Can we have the headphone jack back???

  35. Kenshintherabbit

    KenshintherabbitMonth ago

    You add too much adverts! It gets annoying since I keep on skipping it when you are saying something interesting.

  36. jelly ness

    jelly nessMonth ago

    I’m currently using a 128 GB iPhone 7 plus I hope in the next version has a 128gb option

  37. Fazi Rashid

    Fazi RashidMonth ago

    I want the iphones of 2018!!!

  38. TripDigi

    TripDigiMonth ago

    My fart is blue.

  39. Mike

    MikeMonth ago

    Still I have iPhone 4 & I’m happy with it ,

  40. Nolita Reyes

    Nolita ReyesMonth ago

    Apple should make iCam A camera with 360 camera angles. A camera touchscreen and 360 filters. Then it should have 500MB capacity. And a lot of settings...

  41. Feel Free To Subscribe

    Feel Free To SubscribeMonth ago

    Iphone 11 - It's the Iphone X, but with color 😎

  42. Davey

    DaveyMonth ago

    Apple needs to make a tuff'n rugged model for us firemen, construction workers, military and police who like iPhones. The wife got me on iPhones and the OS is great and all but the phones are too delicate. I bent my iPhone 7p in my pocket slightly and it was enough to kill the motherboard, ironically the screen didnt break. Since it was already destroyed I wanted to see how much more it could take and I tacoed it in my hands - far too easily. I dont like how thin they are if durability tanks on the big screens.

  43. E A

    E AMonth ago

    Aww maan I just bought the X, Oh well I’m gonna wait for the 2019/2020 season I sense something huge in the horizon.

  44. Steve Jobs

    Steve JobsMonth ago

    I’m just going to buy the next phones and make some little tweaks

  45. Key

    KeyMonth ago

    As long as they remove that ugly ass notch with the camera that looks like a black stain of turd in my LCD screen I wouldn't mind the wait.

  46. Abraham Bernard

    Abraham BernardMonth ago

    i am going to sell my iphone 7 plus 128 GB on ebay😝

  47. Abraham Bernard

    Abraham BernardMonth ago

    charge ur phone underwater that’s just dumb fr.

  48. Charlie playz bowmasters

    Charlie playz bowmastersMonth ago

    9is comming

  49. Ahmed Soltan

    Ahmed SoltanMonth ago


  50. Gracie Wang

    Gracie WangMonth ago

    is this for sure

  51. Ilustrado

    IlustradoMonth ago

    That's one spacious house brother.

  52. Josh Medeiros

    Josh MedeirosMonth ago

    Sorry but extremely happy with my X. Don’t need to upgrade this soon after spending $1000. Don’t need to upgrade just for only about a half inch more of screen. It’s gotten to a price point where there needs to be a major change to a new phone to justify cost of upgrade. But as always Apple will keep increasing prices as people keep shelling out the $.

  53. Irvin Deleon

    Irvin DeleonMonth ago

    Will the iphone 11 be going back to normal LCD screens ?? I got a burn in on my s8 which is why I'm no longer getting the X, I'm now switching to the iPhone 8+

  54. Jacob Carlin

    Jacob CarlinMonth ago

    Love your videos man

  55. Kenneth Prophete

    Kenneth PropheteMonth ago

    A lot of androids didn’t have buttons before the iPhone X came out, so technically apple copied android

  56. Jack Kristensen

    Jack KristensenMonth ago

    Why the fuck do phones have different GB storages making different phones. Omg it’s dumb just make every phone 500BG

  57. Asap Sam

    Asap SamMonth ago

    Apple should actually make this man the Ceo 👨‍💼 or something lol, he knows his stuff

  58. Caden Trim

    Caden TrimMonth ago

    Damn bro you rich af 😂😂

  59. FireEaglePro

    FireEagleProMonth ago

    You should be able to by a iPhone x1 with a headphone jack for just 10 bucks more # I won’t by more apple products cause they removed the headphone jack

  60. Twizzler 0017

    Twizzler 0017Month ago

    Rumors say that Apple will come out with the iPhone 9 with a big variety of colors and they will also come it with the iPhone 10 plus or iPhone X plus (same thing) but that’s only rumors.

  61. Ashley Rafferty

    Ashley RaffertyMonth ago

    I wouldn't be happy to have an iPhone X contract at that point... Knowing I could have just waited a lil bit and got a plus for the same money. The X is still too expensive even on a 2 yr contract, so how are they planning to stop the value of the X plummeting when the new ones come out? Even the 6S is around £400 new in the UK and that's like 4 years old now

  62. Montel Dublin 3.0

    Montel Dublin 3.0Month ago

    if you are reading this and this make you sad or upsets I am sorry, I believe Satan you know from church, will use peoples technology to help put , way so call believe and follower of Jesus way from getting a close release ships with Jesus, were you put Jesus in front of you love one and true Jesus to keep your love one safety if them life or die for now.

  63. Chaseordie

    ChaseordieMonth ago

    You are aware that android phones had a notch 1st right ? Fanboy

  64. Prashant Tandon

    Prashant TandonMonth ago

    Does the cost that Apple bears (mentioned by you) include the expenses of R&D?

  65. Preoximerias

    Preoximerias2 months ago

    Will not buy ANY new iPhone until they take out that ugly af notch.

  66. Slime's Bffs

    Slime's Bffs2 months ago


  67. Jan Hoogendijk

    Jan Hoogendijk2 months ago

    Brrr not nice Apple you lost it



    Look your tittle is to talk about the price rangers why are you making long stories ? We don’t like long stories be *NSYNC and to the point 🤦🏾‍♂️

  69. Janese c:

    Janese c:2 months ago

    So honestly, I don't really like iPhone 11, 10, 8, and 7. It's just my dislikes. So here are my reasons: 11 is too much money, I also really enjoyed the home button. No headphone jack as well. 10 is also too much money, again I enjoyed the home button. Once again, no headphone jack. 8 I've heard it's basically like glass. One wrong move and it'll crack if you drop it. Again, no headphone jack. 7 was almost perfect, although I wanted the headphone jack, once again. 6 Plus is basically perfect for me. I like how it is, honestly. Yep 👍🏻

  70. Ghazi Khan

    Ghazi Khan2 months ago

    Please include a Fast Charger!

  71. 7075 Aluminium

    7075 Aluminium2 months ago

    Someone please tell me how much iphone X with cost when XI gets released

  72. Abdullsatar Miskinyar

    Abdullsatar Miskinyar2 months ago

    Please tell me when is it coining the new iPhone

  73. Dutchess lust Moon

    Dutchess lust Moon2 months ago

    Philip :: you are so beautiful 😍 to see !! Russian men are so sexy !!

  74. bob lock

    bob lock2 months ago

    what about i phone 9?????

  75. Glenda Rogers

    Glenda Rogers2 months ago

    Im gettin this shit 🔥🔥🔥🙌🏾👏🏽ty!!!! 😘

  76. A duck that wants 1,000 subscribers

    A duck that wants 1,000 subscribers2 months ago

    The reason why they skipped 9 is because 7ate 9😂

  77. Angry Doggo

    Angry DoggoMonth ago

    pls die... you didn't even make the joke right

  78. infinite freddy

    infinite freddy2 months ago

    I hate the charger

  79. Alambe727

    Alambe7272 months ago

    a lot of talk, no facts


    DANIELDOH2 months ago

    For the record, android phones have been doing it first!

  81. BJ Gamers

    BJ Gamers2 months ago

    Yay. Just means the 8 plus will be cheaper

  82. Metalmachine467

    Metalmachine4672 months ago

    An sd card would be good but not apple

  83. Alan Rabago

    Alan Rabago2 months ago

    I dont like the iphone 10 model i lile how the 8 looks in my opinion

  84. Snsg Sgsgs

    Snsg Sgsgs2 months ago

    $899 us or canadian?

  85. Bits and pieces Cartoons

    Bits and pieces Cartoons2 months ago

    0:21 the date it said was my birthday! I am destined to get that phone

  86. Luis Ernesto

    Luis Ernesto2 months ago

    I will buy the 6.1 LCD, due to the screen and price, and the notch for me it’s really weird on the x plus, and hopefully they have the same technology and the variations are just in size and design :)

  87. Mabobber

    Mabobber2 months ago

    his house is nice af

  88. Fidan Qurbanova

    Fidan Qurbanova2 months ago

    İmagine they call it Iphone IX .Both 9 and X series 😂

  89. Anna Simone

    Anna Simone2 months ago

    Honestly I am perfectly fine with 64 gb but like, why 256?! Where is the 128??

  90. Diamond Violets

    Diamond Violets2 months ago

    I rather have the iphone 7 plus anyday of the week

  91. blujay8teen

    blujay8teen2 months ago

    Is that us dollars?

  92. Huan Bui

    Huan Bui2 months ago

    After all those years assembled in China, this iphone XI is dedicated to chinese and china president mr XI jinping.

  93. Myserious Gaming

    Myserious Gaming2 months ago

    fuck no bruh u stupid af iphone copy android on the full screen so dont come with that bs #unsubscribe

  94. Roxanne c.a

    Roxanne c.a2 months ago

    I can’t wait to own a iPhonex gold 🙌🏻

  95. Jamie Devine

    Jamie Devine2 months ago

    'android' didn't copy apple, apple copied the essential phone. Dn't say stuff just because you're an apple fanboy, you need to research and speak facts. Also don't generalise, not all android phones are the same.

  96. Daniel Hirsh

    Daniel Hirsh29 days ago

    Jamie Devine essential copies the sharp aquos 2

  97. Nick A

    Nick A2 months ago

    a new iphone 11 and the iphone XL

  98. Colton Gordon

    Colton Gordon2 months ago

    Idk if my dads girlfriend got scammed but she signed up for when the iPhone 11 comes out she will get I say what is wrong with a 7s

  99. Shahwaz Alom

    Shahwaz Alom2 months ago

    lunches date

  100. Cameron Blasingame

    Cameron Blasingame2 months ago

    The iphone x was worth it it's real nice and I all ready forgot my password

  101. ep1phany62

    ep1phany623 months ago

    Get rid of the frickin notch!

  102. Modus Ponen

    Modus Ponen3 months ago

    Sorry bruh. They getin rid of one sensor, so yeah, narrow notch but not THAT much. 2.5mm so only 1.25mm per side. Your render squad took off like a whole cm.