iOS 12 Will Fix EVERYTHING! Features Leak


  1. Tigerheart 85

    Tigerheart 855 days ago

    I just got my iPhone X and it quits certain apps and is buggy. I’ve had it one week and I’m not 100% sure I made the right decision. I think Apple is behind in the phone department but I would like to see more stability in apps and more features that keep me interested and entertained in using a $1000 dollar phone. I choose to use my phone to do a lot of things so the more it can do the better.

  2. anantha krishnan

    anantha krishnan28 days ago

    a proper dark theme , surely would help with battery life and add a refreshed feel to the ios experience

  3. Cassius Sexton3162

    Cassius Sexton316228 days ago

    Everything-apple-pro! Do you have to have iOS 12 developer beta to get the iOS 12 September update?(Not trying to be stupid)

  4. akhil dev

    akhil devMonth ago

    I have a doubt the cloud storage in 12 needs any data access that it can only be accessed during data connection any one tell me

  5. Toxic Azera

    Toxic AzeraMonth ago

    Bro how do u get that iOS 12 Wallpaper?

  6. Moriah Hargraves

    Moriah HargravesMonth ago

    1) Guest mode and lock your apps 2) Dark mode 3)Group facetime 4) Redesigning of iOS 5) Reliability/ stability

  7. Sonu mehta

    Sonu mehtaMonth ago

    I have a app 5s im happy 😊 thanks sir

  8. Tech 700

    Tech 700Month ago

    Stability is neeeeeded

  9. zebonaut smith

    zebonaut smithMonth ago

    Put a clock and weather on the damn first icon page already.

  10. Francheska Pagan

    Francheska PaganMonth ago

    Hey i prefer a bugy iphone 6 with new features because al iOS update is bacecly the same but not ios 11

  11. jamesen

    jamesenMonth ago

    1) Dark Mode 2) Redesign 3) Stability

  12. ayan mughal

    ayan mughalMonth ago

    control center from up

  13. Robert W

    Robert WMonth ago

    I really want to see Reminders added to the iOS calendar, so both can be viewed together and function as one app.

  14. What Up It's Shanaenae

    What Up It's ShanaenaeMonth ago

    what made you delete your iOS 12 leak video. HMMMM?

  15. What Up It's Shanaenae

    What Up It's ShanaenaeMonth ago

    what made you delete your iOS 12 leak video. HMMMM?

  16. PokemonforYouandMe

    PokemonforYouandMeMonth ago

    the ability to lock turning on/off hot spot on lock screen like if agree

  17. Rejaw Uddin

    Rejaw UddinMonth ago

    5s battery life and and performance sucks if they can fix it up then it’ll be amazing

  18. El Barto

    El BartoMonth ago

    DARK MODE!! I can "overlook" not having any other new features but Apple, please, DARK MODE!

  19. Xx_DJ_xX

    Xx_DJ_xXMonth ago

    how about both/ like if u agree

  20. Cray McDaniel

    Cray McDanielMonth ago

    Light clean OS with manual camera.

  21. Nigel Burrell

    Nigel BurrellMonth ago

    Stability of course! This was the main reason I went with Apple iPhone from the beginning. I'm wishing for the "it just works" reality to return once again.

  22. Woochan Nou

    Woochan NouMonth ago

    Add Face ID on all the iPhones :3

  23. Robbert Lucassen

    Robbert LucassenMonth ago

    IOS needs a fully autonomous mode. Doing everything for you. Asking you if its OK to proceed.

  24. Mysterian

    MysterianMonth ago

    now I'm gonna be that person and say those features were available in android since forever. App lock is really useful. Ultra powersaver would also be really useful for iphones but I wish they would just give them a better battery.



    faceunlock in every iphone

  26. Robert Burgie

    Robert BurgieMonth ago

    I would like to NOT have to hold down the app when discarding on iPhone X. I want to flip it away like you can on the iPhone 8. It’s annoying have to hold it down to get the red - before you can discard.

  27. Rodrigues Miguel

    Rodrigues MiguelMonth ago

    Why no one , not a single MReporterr that have a iPhone X talks about the oled uniformity problem at dark greys ?

  28. Keith Russell

    Keith RussellMonth ago

    I've been running 11.4 betas up to 6 now as you know and I've not experienced any of the issues you're reporting. I do believe you and others do experience them. Not sure why. But I vote for balls to the wall - all the new features. They beta it so maybe that has to be a longer process. That should shake out the majority of the issues. IMO. Yes! And Dark mode is a requirement! ;-)

  29. “Qeyanzar from YouTube”

    “Qeyanzar from YouTube”Month ago

    When will update in Philippines 🇵🇭 tell me pls

  30. Mark AC

    Mark ACMonth ago

    “Qeyanzar from MReporter” Sa june 4 hindi exact 12:00 am

  31. CitizenMC21

    CitizenMC21Month ago

    Hopefully they add a feature that allows me to slap someone through the phone.

  32. CitizenMC21

    CitizenMC21Month ago

    To me, it seems like a poor excuse. If I was struggling to design a new look and new features....I too would say were trying to "focus on performance"

  33. MonkeyMan

    MonkeyManMonth ago

    They need to fix aftermarket screen issues on iPhone 7 Plus. I thought it would have been resolved on the last one but I guess they only care about the 8.

  34. Rob Brouwer

    Rob BrouwerMonth ago

    Will it fix the fact that an external mic or bluetooth mic can't be used with the native camera app for recording video..??

  35. aRhi Exz

    aRhi ExzMonth ago

    i LOve all of your videos man i watched your video everyday :) keep it up man

  36. Dan Singh

    Dan SinghMonth ago

    Stability sounds great but I'd like a slight redesign just to refresh the look of the iPhone, I'm on a iPhone 7 recently switching from a galaxy s7 and would love more control over the home and lock screens

  37. Colin Ricketts

    Colin RickettsMonth ago

    Landscape face ID unlock

  38. Parag Kakati

    Parag KakatiMonth ago

    We need only 1 thing in iOS 12 and that is Battery Improvement 👍🏻

  39. william paul smith

    william paul smithMonth ago

    The best thing they could do is put a automatic history clean so people don’t need to keep deleting internet history to save battery life an a automatic shutdown of background apps that don’t need to run an a built in free vpn to stop spying

  40. SriAdithya CH

    SriAdithya CHMonth ago

    Improved notification bar and optimized apps!! Then apple is going to be the champ again!

  41. 四十五AnimeZero

    四十五AnimeZeroMonth ago

    I want apple to fix the battery

  42. Francesco Giacomelli

    Francesco GiacomelliMonth ago

    Some iOS power in iPads

  43. Rafael Gomes

    Rafael Gomes2 months ago

    in app setings on camera !


    GUNNER EPIC2 months ago

    (þ = th)(Þ = Th) Pretty sure þat’s þe iPhone 11.4’s job, not þe iPhone 12’s job, þere’s more stuff þat needs to be added to þe iPhone 12 þan þe optimism. Ok?

  45. TheZombaslaya

    TheZombaslaya2 months ago

    An app that gives you free money.

  46. Khalfan Ak

    Khalfan Ak2 months ago

    I am a iphone 7 user Can l get Face ID lock by the update of ios 12

  47. Radegast is king

    Radegast is king2 months ago

    1K + phone is buggy? Quality all the way!!!! But this is what fanboys deserve if they completely let go of any critical thinking and reality.

  48. Scotty McLeod

    Scotty McLeod2 months ago

    Totally custom sounds like is possible on Android for every third party app but like Windows Phone 8.x handled by the iOS and not the app to control proper sandboxing security

  49. Ibrahim Sahin

    Ibrahim Sahin2 months ago

    Splitscreen like android

  50. KEEVVY

    KEEVVY2 months ago

    Will not fix everything I think will fuck batteryes like evrey new ios does on older devices

  51. Unknown User

    Unknown User2 months ago

    The notifications on iphones needs a major overhaul! Jeez it's messy. And let me decide when i turn my bluetooth on again when i turn it off. Same goes for wi-fi.

  52. Donut Dog

    Donut Dog2 months ago

    Am I the only one who isn't getting problems from ios 11

  53. Robert Hamer

    Robert Hamer2 months ago

    the ability to flag and set reminders in text message. Also having a tab added to contacts to schedule appointments or meetings quickly.

  54. ahmad al-jallad

    ahmad al-jallad2 months ago

    It’s not crashing with me

  55. Sam Orange

    Sam Orange2 months ago

    i need the Iphone X Controls on Older Phones

  56. Je Trinidad

    Je Trinidad2 months ago

    Hi can you try to charging Iphone8plus then shut it down and turn it back on. Kindly notice the sudden increase of battery percentage. I was able to escalate this to Apple Support already, but there seems to be no resolution. It is good that the battery is increasing but the sudden increase gap from 5-10% of percentage is quite alarming. I dunno if my new Iphone8plus batter is jammed or if this is just a bug. You do have great videos, I wish to be a vlogger just like you. Keep it up!

  57. The FatRat

    The FatRat2 months ago

    I want the old music player from ios 5 back. I want to scroll through my albums again...

  58. zach langley

    zach langley2 months ago


  59. Prince Andfernee

    Prince Andfernee2 months ago

    Why not add the features without breaking the system? Add the planned features and at the same time, improve stability

  60. Alex P

    Alex P2 months ago

    3D touch in Control center to access the settings behind the function for example WLAN - not only to turn it on and off

  61. Chewy V

    Chewy V2 months ago

    Would be nice if I could take a full screen picture instead of these lame square pictures

  62. Evan Hanna

    Evan Hanna2 months ago

    The worst iPhone I’ve ever had is iPhone X. Very disappointed and battery is the worst always heats up badly.

  63. Kitty Mew

    Kitty Mew2 months ago

    As a iPhone 5s user I’m REALLY happy about this. iOS 11 has been buggy and because of this this phone will get 1 last year of updates 💜 iOS 12. (iPhone 5s user)

  64. reece watkins

    reece watkins2 months ago

    Not my most wanted feature but I’d really appreciate a “Clear notification badge” option when force touching app icons. I like having a clean home screen and it really bugs me when I have to open an app just to remove the badge when I’ve already read the notification on my lock screen...

  65. Sofia Uzumaki

    Sofia Uzumaki2 months ago


  66. KhaledAliTV

    KhaledAliTV2 months ago

    Touch ID, full screen without the notch, battery percentage,

  67. Simon Matthews

    Simon Matthews2 months ago

    Apple needs to go back to basics & make sure their iOS 12 is sound before they release it for iOS 11 has been the worst iOS in living memory! Apple should make all iPhones 100% water proof for that would make it stand out from the crowd & keep the notch!

  68. edgar silva

    edgar silva2 months ago

    Dark mode becaude will improve battery life

  69. WarmazinG

    WarmazinG2 months ago

    Dat nose tho

  70. Le_Mon

    Le_Mon2 months ago

    Здарова на*уй

  71. Moritz Sturm

    Moritz Sturm2 months ago

    What is this Highway Screen Saver in the background called? ^^

  72. Marques King

    Marques King2 months ago

    To be able to completely turn off features from the control center rather than delay. Also add shuffle and repeat to the music lock screen

  73. EUnicorn

    EUnicorn2 months ago

    Tbh, Apple should have left their updates at iOS 9

  74. EUnicorn

    EUnicorn2 months ago

    I’m at the beginning, iOS 12 better fix my reboot loop.

  75. Adam Arihi

    Adam Arihi2 months ago

    i would love a fast charger! since it's 1000 dollars they should include the fast charger!!!

  76. Madhawa priyadarshana

    Madhawa priyadarshana2 months ago

    too much talking... i skipped several times!

  77. Isaiah Gaming

    Isaiah Gaming2 months ago

    Face ID on every iPhone,Gust mode, more battery life for older iPhone like 6 plus and down, no random crashing, different icons, Group face time, Dark mode, Lock apps, always on device

  78. Wyatt Massie

    Wyatt Massie2 months ago

    1) Redesign the look. Dark mode, please. 2) Give us more ways to almost instantly move around the phones more common useful features and apps.

  79. Will Walsh

    Will Walsh2 months ago

    ... and I’m still stuck here with an iPhone 6...

  80. Welly H

    Welly H2 months ago

    Dear Apple .. it’s time to change everything

  81. Rohan Khurana

    Rohan Khurana2 months ago

    I really would like to see improved camera and portrait modes for all the iPhone and a octa core processor and compTibility to all smart TVs that would be really cool

  82. Chris Summers

    Chris Summers2 months ago

    I would like to see 3D touch expanded & more control over a true home screen. I would also like to see a better emplamentatiin of control center on the bezalless iPhones.

  83. Sreejithsivankutty Nair

    Sreejithsivankutty Nair2 months ago

    I would like to see multi task split screen

  84. sharon devasia

    sharon devasia2 months ago

    @EverythingApplePro your videos are awesome .. I love it .. I totally agree with you , the updates that iOS will release are so boring that I had to skip your video again and again

  85. Finnei L.

    Finnei L.2 months ago

    Swipe to unlock

  86. スケボー・スノボ凄技集

    スケボー・スノボ凄技集2 months ago

    I hope they will fix how fast phone dies compared to iOS 10

  87. ImTheMacHelper

    ImTheMacHelper2 months ago

    My iPhone 6S just crashes at random times for no reason. Huh?

  88. Andrew B

    Andrew B2 months ago

    Enable USB 3 speeds on the x

  89. KG

    KG2 months ago

    I’m happy about it :) but it’s Apple so I can’t be upset

  90. Jeong-hun Sin

    Jeong-hun Sin2 months ago

    Users: "Everything...?" Apple: "Except for that."

  91. KemyszPL

    KemyszPL2 months ago


  92. Henry Seney

    Henry Seney2 months ago

    You know when your os is fucking shit when you can’t even add features. How about they just fucking do their job and not make shit os. It’s Apple. And iOS is a fucking joke.

  93. Ravi Gaurav Pandey

    Ravi Gaurav Pandey2 months ago

    Group FaceTime and Guest Mode would be definitely a great thing to see.

  94. Jordy Levy

    Jordy Levy2 months ago

    I have an 8. I have a problem every once in a while, but not anything like the 10.

  95. Mark Kendrick

    Mark Kendrick2 months ago

    Increased stability would be great but adding split screen multitasking would be great. They already do it with iPad so it should be doable

  96. Joe Leblanc

    Joe Leblanc2 months ago

    They Should Add Unknown Sources Feature that Allows user to install Apps outside of Apple AppStore and Allow Apple User to Download And Set the Ringtones without Connecting to iTunes same With adding Music just like How Android Was Functions

  97. Robert F.

    Robert F.2 months ago

    I don’t trust Apple updates. Why are there bugs on a closed system, hardware/app store? I thought Apple would test their IOS throughly before releasing it, guess they don’t. Makes me appreciate windows updates on how well they work on different hardware. Maybe Apple has a new slogan for app developers and customers, adopt or die, be thrown under the bus.


    VIVEK SUTHAR2 months ago

    - grouping notification - touch id for individual apps - the thing that i hate is, i always have to go to settings to turn off Bluetooth and WiFi , because in control center its not completely off

  99. Miles M

    Miles M2 months ago

    When will ios12 happen

  100. VietGuy2NV

    VietGuy2NV2 months ago

    She Likes It Huge

  101. Monkey GamingHQ

    Monkey GamingHQ2 months ago

    Face ID and fingerprint on one phone