iOS 12 - What We Know So Far


  1. zollotech

    zollotechYear ago

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  2. Offtrailed Dino

    Offtrailed DinoYear ago

    zollotech Siri still isn't a proper AI, that's sad when siri is all most 8 years old.

  3. Dennis W

    Dennis WYear ago

    I don't care for bugs and I don't want software that requires more hardware than my current device has. I feel like they pushed my old iPad and iPhone 4 too far and really bogged it down, maybe trying to get me to buy a new phone.

  4. Jephthe Richardson

    Jephthe RichardsonYear ago

    I would love to see more features

  5. Jin Luncheonmeats

    Jin LuncheonmeatsYear ago

    Definitely wish to have stability over style. They can take a whole 2 years, just restore iOS to its former glory.

  6. Rebbeca Wisner

    Rebbeca WisnerYear ago

    It would be cool if they do new icons and new wallpaper and just make it look better

  7. enternamehere

    enternamehereYear ago

    iOS needs a new design. They also need to refine stock apps like calendar reminders and notes. Give me a month view in calendar, allow me to set location reminders for notes, or the ability to “group” reminders like a grocery list so I only receive a list, not a thousand reminders. Oh yeah, and I want to control the home screen layout like you can on android.

  8. HDSQ

    HDSQYear ago

    Damnit you didnt let siri try to reply to all that stuff you said about it

  9. Ant Biggs

    Ant BiggsYear ago

    Needs dark mode 110%

  10. Howie Isaacks

    Howie IsaacksYear ago

    Animoji is interesting, but I really don't give a rat's ass about it. And I don't give a rat's ass about emojis either. I use a smiley face or sad face sometimes, but I don't spend my days waiting on Apple to add new ones to iOS.

  11. Moses The Meek

    Moses The MeekYear ago

    I hope Apple understands that stability at this point in the game is everything

  12. Jelo Gutierrez Cantos

    Jelo Gutierrez CantosYear ago

    I guess Apple may shut the iPod touch out for iOS 12 unless they release a newer one.

  13. Craxy

    CraxyYear ago

    Battery life, bugs, slowness sometimes/lag appears, stability. This is some of the stuff they should fix, personally.

  14. naveen chauhan

    naveen chauhanYear ago

    Will they stop throttling old iphones like my iPhone 6? I'm getting sick of this harassment...

  15. Michael Gill

    Michael GillYear ago

    Yep stability for sure. iOS 11 is quite buggy on my iPhone 7 plus.

  16. Sander169

    Sander169Year ago

    Dont you have those FPS drops and hick ups here and there?For me and my iPad 10.5 am getting constantly bad performance in the App Store or music player.. and even the photos App some times. The most hick ups appears when swiping up for the task window to show up. It’s very frustrating.

  17. Mykel Hernandez

    Mykel HernandezYear ago

    Reliability and stability? I don't run across any of these problems. No bugs etc. Everything runs smooth. They can fix that minor shit and offer a re designed ui or something lol. I don't use animojis at all though. I rarely use emoji.

  18. Topside Trucker

    Topside TruckerYear ago

    Stability yes

  19. Dutch landishRDM

    Dutch landishRDMYear ago

    Sorry but I never had any serious issues with ios11

  20. koolkatken

    koolkatkenYear ago

    My wife and I have iPhone 6s and se, iPad Pro 12.9 and 10.5 (and an older 13.9). Honestly haven’t minded at all iOS 11. Loved it for iPads in fact. All this unstable stuff we just haven’t noticed to be honest. I just hope 12 will be great for iPads once again.

  21. Sander169

    Sander169Year ago

    Dont you have those FPS drops and hick ups here and there? For me and my iPad 10.5 am getting constantly bad performance in the App Store or music player.. and even the photos App some times. The most hick ups appears when swiping up for the task window to show up. It’s very frustrating.

  22. BRBallin1

    BRBallin1Year ago

    iOS connected to my home WiFi so quickly until iOS 11 came along...

  23. Morris Smith

    Morris SmithYear ago

    What wallpaper is that can you send a link

  24. FootballLyfe 23

    FootballLyfe 23Year ago

    It simply amazes me that Apple keeps devoting all this time to Animoji's. Does anyone with half a brain at Apple realize or understand that like 95% of their users don't care about or use these gimmicky features. It'll be honestly amazing if they decide to yet again use such useless features as the focal point of their new OS.

  25. Tati More

    Tati MoreYear ago

    I will not like the 2 year cycle

  26. Rhon Rhon

    Rhon RhonYear ago

    Why i didnt see ios 12 in software update..?

  27. terry collins

    terry collinsYear ago

    I have had an iPhone now since it first came out and I feel that they have lost there way a bit as I’m sick of the bugs and everything that comes with it as come with everything now a days they should have sorted out a lot better battery as it is shocking but also the software as we should have new things aswell as a stable software I never update to the iPhone 8 or 10 as they need to sort everything out some how if they can

  28. Armando Aguilar Jr

    Armando Aguilar JrYear ago

    Why does anyone care about the damn animoji so much? I literally used for one day and haven’t used it since.

  29. James BigJ

    James BigJYear ago

    why can’t they just do both.

  30. O R

    O RYear ago

    Why we should choose between stable iOS system and better features? We pay 1200€ for it don’t we? I don’t understands why we the customers should choose? Can’t we get the whole package from apple anymore?🤔🤭

  31. O R

    O RYear ago

    IphoneX - face id is not functioning in horizontal position!! Its device that cost 1000€+ Even more face id don’t function with sunglasses (bright ones) 🤔🤔🤔

  32. zollotech

    zollotechYear ago

    They function fine with sunglasses, unless they have polarized lenses.

  33. Donjuan

    DonjuanYear ago

    I love the stock app

  34. Erik Martin

    Erik MartinYear ago

    All I want is a freakin hide app labels option

  35. Rich Odonnell

    Rich OdonnellYear ago

    People leave iPhone because it’s the same thing year after year. We need motto be able to make iPhone are own, like you can do with android. Different home screen layout, dark mode, picture in picture. Portrait or landscape mode on all Devices.

  36. WHITE9

    WHITE9Year ago

    In my opinion, animojis isn’t a feature worthy of Apple. It’s ridiculously overrated (by Apple). The target group for animojis is children. Give us some serious and useful features for grownups, ie the buyers.

  37. Luxury arranged Lifestyle

    Luxury arranged LifestyleYear ago

    So bad display screen iphoneX in all features and design because of Notch and all people hate it .We need and wish Triple or quadruple camera lens for new mobile and really need finger print back and Really Super Big AMOLED 4K UHD display screen , solar energy power battery for next iphone

  38. mohdridzuanzainal

    mohdridzuanzainalYear ago

    No thanks..I'm sticking with my 11.2.2

  39. Jae Icon

    Jae IconYear ago

    apple need to build ios 2-3 years before release smh hire more ppl mon

  40. dsiiist

    dsiiistYear ago

    iOS is in desperate need of a redesign, just that and stability would make this a great update.

  41. Roland Dombi

    Roland DombiYear ago

    ios 11 is still a demo like version, full of laggs, stutters and battery drains...but yeah...focus on 12, but dont forget to slow down the 12 on iphone 8 and X!

  42. famousnikko

    famousnikkoYear ago

    Features 😩

  43. Dr Moto

    Dr MotoYear ago

    What I know so far, ios11 killed my phone, I didn't have the $1000 for the new one so now I have an android. Thanks for making my last iphone useless.

  44. someone

    someoneYear ago

    5.8 inches display Still shoots square photos Apple is not what it used to be honestly.

  45. Oh Yeah Mista Krabs

    Oh Yeah Mista KrabsYear ago

    pcs get malware and macs don't

  46. Oh Yeah Mista Krabs

    Oh Yeah Mista KrabsYear ago

    my pc can't boot anymore too because i installed an update but macs don't have that problem

  47. Oh Yeah Mista Krabs

    Oh Yeah Mista KrabsYear ago

    Apple needs to make siri listen to you better

  48. Todestelzer

    TodestelzerYear ago

    Yeah fixing bugs should be a high priority but it would be nice when they would update the camera app already...

  49. Joseph Price

    Joseph PriceYear ago

    iOS 12 definitely needs to be focused on bug fixes and stability updates. iOS 11 was an absolute mess at launch and took a good two months to stabilize. Despite that iOS 10 is still far more stable.

  50. jonnyboy4music11

    jonnyboy4music11Year ago

    I would prefer a more stable iOS and some slightly cool features

  51. Prabhat Sharma Vishnubhatla

    Prabhat Sharma VishnubhatlaYear ago


  52. Prabhat Sharma Vishnubhatla

    Prabhat Sharma VishnubhatlaYear ago

    Apple need to be perfectionists agaun

  53. Robert Costin

    Robert CostinYear ago

    When is this comming ?

  54. Bronxs15

    Bronxs15Year ago

    with apples resources and the supposed power of the a11 chip, it really shouldn't be a choice between features vs stability. Google pixel is eating them for lunch in terms of features, and by all accounts it's pretty reliable and stable!