iOS 12 - What We Know So Far


  1. zollotech

    zollotechYear ago

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  2. Offtrailed Dino

    Offtrailed DinoYear ago

    zollotech Siri still isn't a proper AI, that's sad when siri is all most 8 years old.

  3. Dennis W

    Dennis W8 months ago

    I don't care for bugs and I don't want software that requires more hardware than my current device has. I feel like they pushed my old iPad and iPhone 4 too far and really bogged it down, maybe trying to get me to buy a new phone.

  4. Jephthe Richardson

    Jephthe Richardson8 months ago

    I would love to see more features

  5. Jin Luncheonmeats

    Jin Luncheonmeats8 months ago

    Definitely wish to have stability over style. They can take a whole 2 years, just restore iOS to its former glory.

  6. Rebbeca Wisner

    Rebbeca Wisner9 months ago

    It would be cool if they do new icons and new wallpaper and just make it look better

  7. enternamehere

    enternamehere9 months ago

    iOS needs a new design. They also need to refine stock apps like calendar reminders and notes. Give me a month view in calendar, allow me to set location reminders for notes, or the ability to “group” reminders like a grocery list so I only receive a list, not a thousand reminders. Oh yeah, and I want to control the home screen layout like you can on android.

  8. HDSQ

    HDSQ9 months ago

    Damnit you didnt let siri try to reply to all that stuff you said about it

  9. Sir Dankalot

    Sir Dankalot9 months ago

    Needs dark mode 110%

  10. Howie Isaacks

    Howie Isaacks9 months ago

    Animoji is interesting, but I really don't give a rat's ass about it. And I don't give a rat's ass about emojis either. I use a smiley face or sad face sometimes, but I don't spend my days waiting on Apple to add new ones to iOS.

  11. Moses The Meek

    Moses The Meek9 months ago

    I hope Apple understands that stability at this point in the game is everything

  12. Jelo Gutierrez Cantos

    Jelo Gutierrez Cantos9 months ago

    I guess Apple may shut the iPod touch out for iOS 12 unless they release a newer one.

  13. Craxy

    Craxy9 months ago

    Battery life, bugs, slowness sometimes/lag appears, stability. This is some of the stuff they should fix, personally.

  14. naveen chauhan

    naveen chauhan9 months ago

    Will they stop throttling old iphones like my iPhone 6? I'm getting sick of this harassment...

  15. Michael Gill

    Michael Gill10 months ago

    Yep stability for sure. iOS 11 is quite buggy on my iPhone 7 plus.

  16. Sander169

    Sander16910 months ago

    Dont you have those FPS drops and hick ups here and there?For me and my iPad 10.5 am getting constantly bad performance in the App Store or music player.. and even the photos App some times. The most hick ups appears when swiping up for the task window to show up. It’s very frustrating.

  17. Mykel Hernandez

    Mykel Hernandez10 months ago

    Reliability and stability? I don't run across any of these problems. No bugs etc. Everything runs smooth. They can fix that minor shit and offer a re designed ui or something lol. I don't use animojis at all though. I rarely use emoji.

  18. Steel sniper

    Steel sniper10 months ago

    Stability yes

  19. Dutch landishRDM

    Dutch landishRDM10 months ago

    Sorry but I never had any serious issues with ios11

  20. koolkatken

    koolkatken10 months ago

    My wife and I have iPhone 6s and se, iPad Pro 12.9 and 10.5 (and an older 13.9). Honestly haven’t minded at all iOS 11. Loved it for iPads in fact. All this unstable stuff we just haven’t noticed to be honest. I just hope 12 will be great for iPads once again.

  21. Sander169

    Sander16910 months ago

    Dont you have those FPS drops and hick ups here and there? For me and my iPad 10.5 am getting constantly bad performance in the App Store or music player.. and even the photos App some times. The most hick ups appears when swiping up for the task window to show up. It’s very frustrating.

  22. BRBallin1

    BRBallin110 months ago

    iOS connected to my home WiFi so quickly until iOS 11 came along...

  23. Morris Smith

    Morris Smith10 months ago

    What wallpaper is that can you send a link

  24. FootballLyfe 23

    FootballLyfe 2310 months ago

    It simply amazes me that Apple keeps devoting all this time to Animoji's. Does anyone with half a brain at Apple realize or understand that like 95% of their users don't care about or use these gimmicky features. It'll be honestly amazing if they decide to yet again use such useless features as the focal point of their new OS.

  25. Tati More

    Tati More10 months ago

    I will not like the 2 year cycle

  26. Rhon Rhon

    Rhon Rhon10 months ago

    Why i didnt see ios 12 in software update..?

  27. terry collins

    terry collins10 months ago

    I have had an iPhone now since it first came out and I feel that they have lost there way a bit as I’m sick of the bugs and everything that comes with it as come with everything now a days they should have sorted out a lot better battery as it is shocking but also the software as we should have new things aswell as a stable software I never update to the iPhone 8 or 10 as they need to sort everything out some how if they can

  28. Armando Aguilar Jr

    Armando Aguilar Jr11 months ago

    Why does anyone care about the damn animoji so much? I literally used for one day and haven’t used it since.

  29. James BigJ

    James BigJ11 months ago

    why can’t they just do both.

  30. O R

    O R11 months ago

    Why we should choose between stable iOS system and better features? We pay 1200€ for it don’t we? I don’t understands why we the customers should choose? Can’t we get the whole package from apple anymore?🤔🤭

  31. O R

    O R11 months ago

    IphoneX - face id is not functioning in horizontal position!! Its device that cost 1000€+ Even more face id don’t function with sunglasses (bright ones) 🤔🤔🤔

  32. zollotech

    zollotech11 months ago

    They function fine with sunglasses, unless they have polarized lenses.

  33. donjuan649

    donjuan64911 months ago

    I love the stock app

  34. Erik Martin

    Erik Martin11 months ago

    All I want is a freakin hide app labels option

  35. Rich Odonnell

    Rich Odonnell11 months ago

    People leave iPhone because it’s the same thing year after year. We need motto be able to make iPhone are own, like you can do with android. Different home screen layout, dark mode, picture in picture. Portrait or landscape mode on all Devices.

  36. Alice

    Alice11 months ago

    In my opinion, animojis isn’t a feature worthy of Apple. It’s ridiculously overrated (by Apple). The target group for animojis is children. Give us some serious and useful features for grownups, ie the buyers.

  37. Super Arranged

    Super Arranged11 months ago

    So bad display screen iphoneX in all features and design because of Notch and all people hate it .We need and wish Triple or quadruple camera lens for new mobile and really need finger print back and Really Super Big AMOLED 4K UHD display screen , solar energy power battery for next iphone

  38. mohdridzuanzainal

    mohdridzuanzainal11 months ago

    No thanks..I'm sticking with my 11.2.2

  39. Jae Jackson Jr

    Jae Jackson Jr11 months ago

    apple need to build ios 2-3 years before release smh hire more ppl mon

  40. dsiiist

    dsiiist11 months ago

    iOS is in desperate need of a redesign, just that and stability would make this a great update.

  41. Roland Dombi

    Roland Dombi11 months ago

    ios 11 is still a demo like version, full of laggs, stutters and battery drains...but yeah...focus on 12, but dont forget to slow down the 12 on iphone 8 and X!

  42. famousnikko

    famousnikko11 months ago

    Features 😩

  43. Dr Moto

    Dr Moto11 months ago

    What I know so far, ios11 killed my phone, I didn't have the $1000 for the new one so now I have an android. Thanks for making my last iphone useless.

  44. dr someone

    dr someone11 months ago

    5.8 inches display Still shoots square photos Apple is not what it used to be honestly.

  45. Mocha

    Mocha11 months ago

    pcs get malware and macs don't

  46. Mocha

    Mocha11 months ago

    my pc can't boot anymore too because i installed an update but macs don't have that problem

  47. Mocha

    Mocha11 months ago

    Apple needs to make siri listen to you better

  48. Todestelzer

    Todestelzer11 months ago

    Yeah fixing bugs should be a high priority but it would be nice when they would update the camera app already...

  49. Joseph Price

    Joseph Price11 months ago

    iOS 12 definitely needs to be focused on bug fixes and stability updates. iOS 11 was an absolute mess at launch and took a good two months to stabilize. Despite that iOS 10 is still far more stable.

  50. jonnyboy4music11

    jonnyboy4music1111 months ago

    I would prefer a more stable iOS and some slightly cool features

  51. Prabhat Sharma Vishnubhatla

    Prabhat Sharma Vishnubhatla11 months ago


  52. Prabhat Sharma Vishnubhatla

    Prabhat Sharma Vishnubhatla11 months ago

    Apple need to be perfectionists agaun

  53. Robert Costin

    Robert Costin11 months ago

    When is this comming ?

  54. Bronxs15

    Bronxs1511 months ago

    with apples resources and the supposed power of the a11 chip, it really shouldn't be a choice between features vs stability. Google pixel is eating them for lunch in terms of features, and by all accounts it's pretty reliable and stable!

  55. Bronxs15

    Bronxs1511 months ago

    I'm thinking of ditching my iphone for pixel 2. I guess no animoji for me... but i will enjoy google maps on my car's display!

  56. faiz awang

    faiz awang11 months ago

    Please fix ghost touch

  57. loveablevirgo81 Copeland

    loveablevirgo81 Copeland11 months ago

    They need o up date the ringtones

  58. Mek Awomi

    Mek Awomi11 months ago

    Whatever I regretted switching android to iPhone -_-

  59. Balloy

    Balloy11 months ago

    3:53 😂 they'll make the voice better after watching this

  60. Balloy

    Balloy11 months ago

    iOS 11.3 beta 4. I'm like wtf?

  61. Monin Jose

    Monin Jose11 months ago

    bring back 10.3.3

  62. Jay Hooper

    Jay Hooper11 months ago

    I really need 4-5 things sooner rather than later. -Please please please fix the notifications tab. It’s so messy. -A non disruptive incoming call screen. -A non disruptive volume adjustment screen. -Dark mode. -Face ID/biometric locking on individual apps

  63. Jet Earlewood

    Jet Earlewood11 months ago

    I want the "paste" icon like on the iPad.

  64. KeybladeScar

    KeybladeScar11 months ago

    Disappointing waiting till iOS 13 for now I'll still be on iOS 10.3.3

  65. Jackson Furen

    Jackson Furen11 months ago


  66. NileshR12

    NileshR1211 months ago

    Can't Apple work on doing both at the same time? Because they're still kind of behind Android when it comes to software features. They should have two teams, one to work on the current bugs & one to test bugs with upcoming versions of their software to improve the performance & reliability of the OS update

  67. angelrosas999

    angelrosas99911 months ago

    How about cool ringtones?!!!

  68. Dude Love

    Dude Love11 months ago

    If they can do it with jailbreak tweaks Apple should be able to do it.

  69. Dude Love

    Dude Love11 months ago

    Picture in picture, multi screen, dark mode, fix notifications, and some sort of new look.

  70. Dude Love

    Dude Love11 months ago

    I feel like they can add a couple extra iOS 11 versions to get things stabilized. I don’t want the world but I feel like this is an opportunity since they are skipping out on major stuff to give us the things we have always wanted.

  71. Wayne Buffin

    Wayne Buffin11 months ago

    I want wireless charging

  72. Bryan Miller

    Bryan Miller11 months ago

    Wayne Buffin that’s on iPhone 8, 8+ and iPhone X

  73. Logan Sharpe

    Logan Sharpe11 months ago

    I’m using a 7 Plus and I don’t have any problems with iOS. I’m not sure why people are saying it’s unstable? I want a redesign so bad! I’m bored of the same old home screen

  74. Carrie Gordon

    Carrie Gordon11 months ago

    Yes to the two year cycle! Sick of the the bugs!

  75. Chyan Schneider

    Chyan Schneider11 months ago

    You should be able to change the front by now.

  76. Hunter Feist

    Hunter Feist11 months ago

    All I want is it to be faster, less buggy, better battery life, and new icons

  77. Hunter Feist

    Hunter Feist10 months ago

    ayyy TRUE dark mode, like working through all applications not just some

  78. ayyy

    ayyy10 months ago

    Huk 77 there is already dark mode? You just need to go to the settings and Invert colors

  79. Hunter Feist

    Hunter Feist11 months ago

    And dark mode for the love of god 😤

  80. lokoserialful

    lokoserialful11 months ago

    2 years but no bugs is perfect

  81. Jack Manning

    Jack Manning11 months ago

    You can’t have Animoji on the older phones. It uses the dot projector as well as the front-facing camera to create the Animoji. I’m not sure why everyone thinks it only uses the camera

  82. zollotech

    zollotech11 months ago

    Me either, but I never said it would work on older phones.

  83. Mechanical Pianist

    Mechanical Pianist11 months ago

    The features presented in the video are mostly impossible or will make your usage of the phone extremely uncomfortable. People, let it think, some of the features interrupt or simply exclude other gestures or processes, thats insane. And, honestly, I dont like the changed design in any way in terms of scaling icons or changing the grit.

  84. Enrico Allorio

    Enrico Allorio11 months ago

    Maybe a function with enable at all my device (Mac/iPad/iPhone) at the same time do not distrurb function ! I hope to explain this and sorry for my poor english 🙂.

  85. William Duke

    William Duke11 months ago

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  86. Marcus Young

    Marcus Young11 months ago

    Does airmail support yahoo email bcuz I bought it but can’t install my yahoo account

  87. Chronic Town

    Chronic Town11 months ago

    I'm glad to hear Apple hanging back a bit, to focus. There's sooo much to iOS 11, it's inevitable bugs emerged. I love iOS 11 overall; it's made of the iPad Pro a "power" tablet, and I put it through it's paces! But iOS 11 has been amazingly wonky.

  88. Randall Collins

    Randall Collins11 months ago

    I guess you have to ask yourself how many new features do people actually use or care about? I'm all for improving what's there already.

  89. Dan World

    Dan World11 months ago

    haven't they pretty much done a 2/3-year cycle already? I mean 8 was refined by 9 and 10..

  90. TB

    TB11 months ago

    Please do a review of alternative Mail apps! I am done with the fact that the stock Mail app does not support push for Gmail.

  91. TB

    TB11 months ago

    I cannot believe how much I have grown to get used to the notch. At first, I did not like it at all and thought it was just Apple wanting to top the ranking of screen-to-body ratio and sacrificing its idealistic design approach. But now I think it actually looks nice and unique.

  92. Andrew Hoffman

    Andrew Hoffman11 months ago

    No I think that's the way to go - make the system more stable, reliable and efficient.

  93. Alan Ingram

    Alan Ingram11 months ago

    Fix the notch with a black bar.

  94. nycbike73

    nycbike7311 months ago

    I don’t see why Apple can’t do both, give us more features and be stable. Cmon apple really. I’m a long time user and I would like to be able to place apps where I want to without my entire screen shifting locations.

  95. Antwaine C

    Antwaine C11 months ago

    Need to fix notifications for my apps

  96. Nazif Sejfulai

    Nazif Sejfulai11 months ago

    Wallpaper please

  97. zollotech

    zollotech11 months ago

    It’s always in the description

  98. ꧁꧂

    ꧁꧂Year ago

    I hope ios 12 won’t rape my 6s’ CPU. 🤞🏻

  99. eseccer

    eseccerYear ago

    Wallpaper Iphone x please

  100. eseccer

    eseccerYear ago

    Ok I finding

  101. TheReal Braylen

    TheReal BraylenYear ago

    Apple is already losing millions of dollars from their poor decisions they’ve been making an with this upcoming iOS 12 being just “bug fixes” the adoption rate is going to decline soo much! We need new features and bug fixes and honestly they have time to fix these bugs in iOS 11, they’ve had ample amount of time to do that! We need something new! New icons, new gestures, why not a split screen or something similar to it I mean we are getting a plus model of the X this year! Why not a dark mode, a number row in the keyboard, haptic feedback in the keyboard, stock fonts and gestures for the keyboards such as swype, etc. why not bring a new way for incoming calls that doesn’t interrupt my phone while I’m doing something . Like come on Apple who do you all have testing your softwares ? Because they cannot be an everyday user! 🤦🏼‍♂️ but if y’all want to continue to lose money and consumers then go ahead with this new “2-year cycle” and watch everybody go grab a galaxy! THINK SMART

  102. zollotech

    zollotechYear ago

    That article is wrong. Look at their most recent financial statement from their earnings call.

  103. TheReal Braylen

    TheReal BraylenYear ago

    zollotech no they are, I was reading up on an article yesterday! There losing a lot of money

  104. zollotech

    zollotechYear ago

    They’ve made more money this last quarter than they’ve made ever in their existence. From a financial perspective Apple is not in decline.

  105. adnan jan

    adnan janYear ago

    I want to signal icon change old one is better iOS 10

  106. Lionel L

    Lionel L11 months ago

    They changed it for the iphone x.. the dots wouldn't fit the reduced space in the top

  107. Samuel Mcclymont

    Samuel Mcclymont11 months ago

    It looked better on IOS 10, but I don't think it would suit IOS 11. Maybe, it is just because I am used to the new one.

  108. Tide Pods

    Tide PodsYear ago

    I want the Animojis for all apple devices on iOS 12

  109. prod gbc

    prod gbcYear ago

    What y’all think y’all know so far

  110. Peter Parker

    Peter ParkerYear ago

    Im still in ios 10.3.3, glad that i didn't update to ios 11.. very buggy shitty software ever in apple history..

  111. Brandon Rivera

    Brandon RiveraYear ago

    Dumb question...Why can't Apple add feature AND implement bug fixes. Don't understand with it has to be one or the other.

  112. Brendan Brown

    Brendan BrownYear ago

    i just want a brand new fresh design, apple still hasnt had a big change since ios 7

  113. Alex Fischer

    Alex FischerYear ago

    stability enhancements all day every day.

  114. GamerPalmSweats

    GamerPalmSweatsYear ago

    Apple should start the 2 year cycle after refreshing iOS 12 with a new coat of paint.

  115. James

    JamesYear ago

    and this will put Apple and IOS years behind the competition. Split screen should be done already on iphones.

  116. Nayk McNulty

    Nayk McNultyYear ago

    We know nothing John