iOS 12 on 5S, Dark Mode, iPhone SE 2 Leaks & More News!


  1. El Capitano

    El Capitano2 months ago

    Yeah they provided years of updates to SLOW down your phones.

  2. Adrian Cygan

    Adrian Cygan3 months ago

    Still using 5s on ios 9 and it isn't buggy at all.

  3. Jaysann22

    Jaysann225 months ago

    Nope!! No iPhone SE2. Just that goofy ass “budget “ device the iPhone XR... >:(

  4. riley busse

    riley busse6 months ago

    the 5S was released in 2013 in this video which means it would only have gotten 5 updates not 6

  5. Denuwan Chinthaka

    Denuwan Chinthaka11 months ago

    I like MReporter cahnnel

  6. Mintu Biswas

    Mintu Biswas11 months ago

    Your information was's last of July but it's not still come

  7. Rocky Hohn

    Rocky HohnYear ago

    And it Apple

  8. Ihtw

    IhtwYear ago

    Watching in ma iPhone 5s

  9. W ic kEd

    W ic kEdYear ago

    Bruh darkmode on MReporter reminds me of pornhub

  10. Fortnite_bot oof

    Fortnite_bot oofYear ago

    June 4th 5s is supported

  11. David_

    David_Year ago

    Jo Keynote sucks 😂😂😂

  12. ONF Parkua

    ONF ParkuaYear ago

    I Love IPhone 5S Ios 12

  13. ONF Parkua

    ONF ParkuaYear ago

    5S run ios 12 ok ok ok

  14. Nik

    NikYear ago

    I honestly don’t see why 5s wouldn’t be supported. It has relatively great hardware (64 bit chip, 1 whole gig of RAM...). Besides, I don’t think iOS 12 will bring like GREAT, SPECTACULAR new features that may slow down older hardware... I think we’ve come to a point where new iOS releases include only minor changes/updates... nothing too “great” to slow down a phone like 5s... And if they DO affect performance it’s because they do it on purpose and don’t even care on optimizing, making you throw away something that could totally still be useful... After all, that has been Apple’s policy throughout the years... 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  15. Bujor Remus

    Bujor RemusYear ago

    SE squad?

  16. i have a obsession with bts

    i have a obsession with btsYear ago

    Could you still keep the light mode looks really nice:( i hate dark colors :(

  17. Riip my Snipez

    Riip my SnipezYear ago

    It’s may where’s this shit?

  18. Delta

    DeltaYear ago

    IPhone 5s ❤️

  19. Adrian Sandoval

    Adrian SandovalYear ago


  20. Best Funny YouTube compilations

    Best Funny YouTube compilationsYear ago

    Who is seeing this in 2020?

  21. Iffat A Amin Strawcoli Wonders یسھذ

    Iffat A Amin Strawcoli Wonders یسھذYear ago

    The iPhone SE 2's a SE combined with the iPhone X.

  22. Liam Holmes

    Liam HolmesYear ago

    Why didn't they leave it on ios 11? It'll be like the iPhone 4s on ios 9.3.5

  23. Lil Gabe

    Lil GabeYear ago

    The a10 chip part makes me think this is fake

  24. Tech Girls

    Tech GirlsYear ago

    I’m waiting for the SE 2. just hoping that it has a home button.

  25. Candace Frye

    Candace FryeYear ago

    NOOOO!!!! iPhone se headphone jack. I will miss you. 😓

  26. Rey Jimenez

    Rey JimenezYear ago

    We’ll never get a “ dark mode “

  27. Fortnite faze Christian

    Fortnite faze ChristianYear ago

    What is that in the back round 🤨

  28. bahryyontop

    bahryyontopYear ago

    If u have 5s dont update to ios 11 , have a nice time

  29. Cryostal

    CryostalYear ago

    Anything older than iPhone 7 Plus should not be updated.

  30. hobomnky

    hobomnkyYear ago

    so does that mean if you dont use your phone for 7 days it becomes fully locked?

  31. Abdullah Chaudhry

    Abdullah ChaudhryYear ago

    sure that iphone 5s can run ios 12 tell me plz

  32. Abdullah Chaudhry

    Abdullah ChaudhryYear ago

    sure that iphone 5s can run ios 12 tell me plz

  33. Abdullah Chaudhry

    Abdullah ChaudhryYear ago

    sure that iphone 5s can run ios 12 tell me plz

  34. Abdullah Chaudhry

    Abdullah ChaudhryYear ago

    sure that iphone 5s can run ios 12 tell me plz

  35. Paul Gallucci

    Paul GallucciYear ago

    Couple of questions. 1) have iPhone SE on 11.2.5. Should I update to 11.3.1? 2) have iPad mini 2 on 10.3.3. Should I update to 11.3.1. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you.

  36. Tech Channel

    Tech Channel6 months ago

    Paul Gallucci yes update but to 12

  37. Hugo Lewis

    Hugo LewisYear ago

    About come teenager await duty list almost agree unable legend diminish sale iron.

  38. King Shoot

    King ShootYear ago

    Don't install iOS 12 if it comes out on the 5S. It will slow it down a lot. iOS 11 is already slow, 12 can already be slower.

  39. SmokedOutSam

    SmokedOutSamYear ago

    if they do come out with SE2 that will be so dope

  40. Alexander Stone

    Alexander StoneYear ago

    Terrorist rage length wogwgz hardware behind answer museum kitchen track effective before pond

  41. MTCK123

    MTCK123Year ago

    I need that se 2

  42. Oxlactical Three-Six-Five

    Oxlactical Three-Six-FiveYear ago

    6 years of support.... Wow!

  43. gothsatanist2019 demotic goth

    gothsatanist2019 demotic gothYear ago

    Will ipad air also get ios 12

  44. Dan X

    Dan XYear ago

    Legendary iPhone 5s!

  45. Aidan Barnes

    Aidan BarnesYear ago

    I would love it if the iPhone se 2 was designed after the 4, just with touch id and the taller screen.

  46. Bruno Cezar

    Bruno CezarYear ago

    My Iphone 5s is not slow or something like that, it's really fine exactly

  47. Crumbsss 12

    Crumbsss 12Year ago

    The iPhone SE 2 looks cool

  48. Crumbsss 12

    Crumbsss 12Year ago

    It would be cool even nice to have an iPhone SE 2. But Apple please make it a bit bigger the original SE was too small

  49. Crumbsss 12

    Crumbsss 12Year ago

    I have an iPhone 6. And if the iPhone 5s is updating to iOS 12, then my phone will most likely update too yay

  50. Ave _

    Ave _Year ago

    Nice videos love ur channel but can u plz move the dummy in the background thanks sorry

  51. Shamar Coke

    Shamar CokeYear ago

    Not interested in any smaller screen phone