iOS 12 on 5S, Dark Mode, iPhone SE 2 Leaks & More News!


  1. Denuwan Chinthaka

    Denuwan Chinthaka3 months ago

    I like MReporter cahnnel

  2. Mintu Biswas

    Mintu Biswas3 months ago

    Your information was's last of July but it's not still come

  3. Rocky Hohn

    Rocky Hohn4 months ago

    And it Apple

  4. Ihtw

    Ihtw4 months ago

    Watching in ma iPhone 5s

  5. Abusive Opzz

    Abusive Opzz5 months ago

    Bruh darkmode on MReporter reminds me of pornhub

  6. *τδχις* ψτ

    *τδχις* ψτ5 months ago

    June 4th 5s is supported

  7. David_

    David_5 months ago

    Jo Keynote sucks 😂😂😂

  8. ONF Parkua

    ONF Parkua5 months ago

    I Love IPhone 5S Ios 12

  9. ONF Parkua

    ONF Parkua5 months ago

    5S run ios 12 ok ok ok

  10. Nik

    Nik5 months ago

    I honestly don’t see why 5s wouldn’t be supported. It has relatively great hardware (64 bit chip, 1 whole gig of RAM...). Besides, I don’t think iOS 12 will bring like GREAT, SPECTACULAR new features that may slow down older hardware... I think we’ve come to a point where new iOS releases include only minor changes/updates... nothing too “great” to slow down a phone like 5s... And if they DO affect performance it’s because they do it on purpose and don’t even care on optimizing, making you throw away something that could totally still be useful... After all, that has been Apple’s policy throughout the years... 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  11. Bujor Remus

    Bujor Remus5 months ago

    SE squad?

  12. Hello 3

    Hello 35 months ago

    Could you still keep the light mode looks really nice:( i hate dark colors :(

  13. Psycho Gaming

    Psycho Gaming5 months ago

    It’s may where’s this shit?

  14. Delta Québec

    Delta Québec6 months ago

    IPhone 5s ❤️

  15. Adrian Sandoval

    Adrian Sandoval6 months ago


  16. Tech Reviews

    Tech Reviews6 months ago

    Who is seeing this in 2020?

  17. Iffat A Amin Strawcoli Wonders یسھذ

    Iffat A Amin Strawcoli Wonders یسھذ6 months ago

    The iPhone SE 2's a SE combined with the iPhone X.

  18. Addicted to Xbox

    Addicted to Xbox6 months ago

    Why didn't they leave it on ios 11? It'll be like the iPhone 4s on ios 9.3.5

  19. Lil Gabe

    Lil Gabe6 months ago

    The a10 chip part makes me think this is fake

  20. Tech Girls

    Tech Girls6 months ago

    I’m waiting for the SE 2. just hoping that it has a home button.

  21. Candace Frye

    Candace Frye6 months ago

    NOOOO!!!! iPhone se headphone jack. I will miss you. 😓

  22. Rey Jimenez

    Rey Jimenez6 months ago

    We’ll never get a “ dark mode “

  23. hope gordon

    hope gordon6 months ago

    What is that in the back round 🤨

  24. bahryyontop

    bahryyontop6 months ago

    If u have 5s dont update to ios 11 , have a nice time

  25. Cryostal

    Cryostal6 months ago

    Anything older than iPhone 7 Plus should not be updated.

  26. hobomnky

    hobomnky6 months ago

    so does that mean if you dont use your phone for 7 days it becomes fully locked?

  27. Technical Paa g

    Technical Paa g6 months ago

    sure that iphone 5s can run ios 12 tell me plz

  28. Technical Paa g

    Technical Paa g6 months ago

    sure that iphone 5s can run ios 12 tell me plz

  29. Technical Paa g

    Technical Paa g6 months ago

    sure that iphone 5s can run ios 12 tell me plz

  30. Technical Paa g

    Technical Paa g6 months ago

    sure that iphone 5s can run ios 12 tell me plz

  31. Paul Gallucci

    Paul Gallucci6 months ago

    Couple of questions. 1) have iPhone SE on 11.2.5. Should I update to 11.3.1? 2) have iPad mini 2 on 10.3.3. Should I update to 11.3.1. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you.

  32. Hugo Lewis

    Hugo Lewis6 months ago

    About come teenager await duty list almost agree unable legend diminish sale iron.

  33. King Shoot

    King Shoot6 months ago

    Don't install iOS 12 if it comes out on the 5S. It will slow it down a lot. iOS 11 is already slow, 12 can already be slower.

  34. SmokedOutSam

    SmokedOutSam6 months ago

    if they do come out with SE2 that will be so dope

  35. Alexander Stone

    Alexander Stone6 months ago

    Terrorist rage length wogwgz hardware behind answer museum kitchen track effective before pond

  36. MTCK123

    MTCK1236 months ago

    I need that se 2

  37. London Buses 35

    London Buses 356 months ago

    6 years of support.... Wow!

  38. Applefanboy20 18

    Applefanboy20 186 months ago

    Will ipad air also get ios 12

  39. Daniel Santoso

    Daniel Santoso6 months ago

    Legendary iPhone 5s!

  40. Aidan Barned

    Aidan Barned6 months ago

    I would love it if the iPhone se 2 was designed after the 4, just with touch id and the taller screen.

  41. Bruno Cezar

    Bruno Cezar6 months ago

    My Iphone 5s is not slow or something like that, it's really fine exactly

  42. Apple Tech 2.0

    Apple Tech 2.06 months ago

    The iPhone SE 2 looks cool

  43. Apple Tech 2.0

    Apple Tech 2.06 months ago

    It would be cool even nice to have an iPhone SE 2. But Apple please make it a bit bigger the original SE was too small

  44. Apple Tech 2.0

    Apple Tech 2.06 months ago

    I have an iPhone 6. And if the iPhone 5s is updating to iOS 12, then my phone will most likely update too yay

  45. Ave _

    Ave _6 months ago

    Nice videos love ur channel but can u plz move the dummy in the background thanks sorry

  46. Shamar Coke

    Shamar Coke6 months ago

    Not interested in any smaller screen phone

  47. Callum Willis

    Callum Willis6 months ago

    It will end up like the 4s if they do the full update

  48. Jm Cayabyabtv

    Jm Cayabyabtv6 months ago

    I'm waiting for giveaways!! 😭😭😭

  49. Terrance Middleton

    Terrance Middleton6 months ago

    You're so hot 😭😭

  50. Abdelmalek Simerabet

    Abdelmalek Simerabet6 months ago

    I'm here for the SE2

  51. cherrymlfy

    cherrymlfy6 months ago

    why don't you just design for apple??

  52. Jeffry Sorto

    Jeffry Sorto6 months ago

    Iphone 5s gets ios 12 yes

  53. Eddy Martinez

    Eddy Martinez6 months ago

    Good news I have an iPhone 5s!!!!!😀😀


    CHARLIE GAMEPLAY6 months ago

    I use this iPhone

  55. Something Nothing

    Something Nothing6 months ago

    I think SE2 should get at least A10x or maybe A11. That iPhone X gold may have the same coppery gold on the £329 iPad 6th generation.

  56. AppleTuto

    AppleTuto6 months ago

    And ipad mini 2 get ios 12


    MANN KATARIA6 months ago

    Will the ios 12 work on iphone 4s

  58. HAS Top 10

    HAS Top 106 months ago

    Link for ios 12 please

  59. Dianko Yovchev

    Dianko Yovchev6 months ago

    6 years of support such such amazing very wow.. if they still sell it they should support it, what's so "wow" about it?

  60. bocah gak jelas

    bocah gak jelas6 months ago

    Do you use lips stick?

  61. Rie

    Rie6 months ago

    iPhone 5s squad :)

  62. Warriors Racing Engines

    Warriors Racing Engines6 months ago

    How much will the IPhone SE 2 Cost

  63. NinjaZark

    NinjaZark6 months ago

    Will apple make an iPod 7??????????

  64. azzam aji abizar

    azzam aji abizar6 months ago

    I hope se2 will has mate black color like 5s has, not only space gray

  65. Daan Kramer

    Daan Kramer6 months ago

    SE2 must have wireless charging, 3D Touch and waterproofing. Than it’s the perfect phone imo

  66. xXxKAMIKAZExXx

    xXxKAMIKAZExXx6 months ago

    iPhone 5S > All new iPhones

  67. Zakatak 1976

    Zakatak 19766 months ago

    I just upgraded from an iPhone 5c to a matte black seven. I should’ve waited for this one! 😂😂

  68. Eli Charlton

    Eli Charlton6 months ago

    There won’t be another iPhone SE 2

  69. elsbeth kiisk

    elsbeth kiisk6 months ago

    You have good many days off some good work and I hope 🤞 gets boring soon and have someone I kick

  70. GamingPredator

    GamingPredator6 months ago

    I just upgraded from the iphone 5s to the iphone 8 plus red edition, best upgrade ive ever done

  71. GamingPredator

    GamingPredator6 months ago

    Infact speaking of the new iphone 8 plus red edition i see one in thr background, only just noticed

  72. EasyAndroidTutorialsAndROMs

    EasyAndroidTutorialsAndROMs6 months ago

    Apple: Oh no, some iPhone 5s are running good with iOS11! Tim Cook: We'll release iOS 12 to kill them! And we would sell more iPhone X! All: Goooooood idea!

  73. Jordan Wilson

    Jordan Wilson6 months ago

    can you give me one of your phone ? thanks in advance

  74. Jandr Andr

    Jandr Andr6 months ago

    I’m so happy, can’t wait to ditch my giant iPhone 8 Plus for the SE 2 🍏

  75. Motor

    Motor6 months ago

    I personally dont think that Iphone se 2 is available. Sorry for my English Hellio from Russia :)

  76. Ferenc Szabo

    Ferenc Szabo6 months ago

    iPhone X+iPhone SE= iPhone SEX

  77. Mac and Touch

    Mac and Touch6 months ago

    I think the se will looks like thé 4s

  78. 1000 abonnés sans vidéos ?

    1000 abonnés sans vidéos ?6 months ago

    iPhone 5S best phone ever 👌🏻

  79. Andrés Felipe Guzmán López

    Andrés Felipe Guzmán López6 months ago

    Love your voice ? ❤️

  80. James Jaboneta

    James Jaboneta6 months ago

    Ios 12 on iphone 5s? This means you sgould give me a 5s

  81. 223 Remington

    223 Remington6 months ago

    The 5s is NOT slow or buggy with the 11. Mine is perfecf

  82. merpgaming

    merpgaming6 months ago

    Believe me, the 5s isn’t THAT slow. Will it Geekbench with the X and win? No, but for most consumer apps will not require an A11 Bionic processor.

  83. vrushank arts vrushank arts

    vrushank arts vrushank arts6 months ago

    There will be an update for iphone 6 i want ios 12 on my iphone 6 plz reply

  84. Jerro Jerro

    Jerro Jerro6 months ago

    Anyone else wonders who thumbs the video down...? THAT’S RIGHT, THE FUCKDROIDS. 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭

  85. Zach Sietsma

    Zach Sietsma6 months ago

    Back when the 5s came out I almost got it over the iPhone 6 because of the look.

  86. Paul Williams

    Paul Williams6 months ago

    they should make the iPhone​ se screen bigger

  87. Kaan 5072

    Kaan 50726 months ago


  88. Ivaylo

    Ivaylo6 months ago

    What I have to guess ?

  89. Carson Munn

    Carson Munn6 months ago

    Will iOS 12 work on the regular iPhone SE

  90. Zarvarr

    Zarvarr6 months ago

    The iPhone 5S that I own is going strong on iOS 11.4 beta 2 and before. So in my opinion, the iPhone 5S is very good.

  91. TheDracarys

    TheDracarys6 months ago

    this dark mode craving is beyond my comprehension

  92. HopBun

    HopBun6 months ago

    i like ipad

  93. Mark Francis

    Mark Francis6 months ago


  94. fernie bkoii95

    fernie bkoii956 months ago

    Can’t wait for the SE 2 📱🔥

  95. Adam's Plane butter Tips!

    Adam's Plane butter Tips!6 months ago

    iOS 12 is the last version for 5S,let's say goodbye to the legend of iphones

  96. Zayn Wrecker

    Zayn Wrecker6 months ago

    What about macbook air 2 in 2018?

  97. Mark Cedrick

    Mark Cedrick6 months ago

    Give ur 5s to me I'll take it as a birthday present if you did

  98. 1 demon boye

    1 demon boye5 months ago

    Mark Cedrick do u have work? Just work and buy one on ebay they are cheap

  99. Renan Neto

    Renan Neto6 months ago

    Hey, can you put the credits in the description? This is not mine is from Jacob Redina, the video title is: iOS Concept - Introducing iOS Aerial


    I PLAY TO MUCH FORTNITE6 months ago

    Im waiting for the samsung sx edge 264 32gb rose gold

  101. Paperfreddie

    Paperfreddie6 months ago

    It could also be, that Apple „kills“ the iPhone 5s with iOS 12, I am definitely will first watching a few videos before updating!

  102. Ja'Natis Watson

    Ja'Natis Watson6 months ago

    When will iOS 12 coming and will all phones get dark mode