iOS 12 is FAST! iOS 12 Speed Test on ALL iPhones


  1. Hana Banana

    Hana Banana10 days ago

    Rip ios X and 11 hi ios 12

  2. evi_

    evi_24 days ago

    *Pause At 5:17 T-Mobile : iOS 12 Verizon : iOS 11

  3. sexmachine-Stay on the scene

    sexmachine-Stay on the sceneMonth ago

    Ios 12 way faster on 6 no doub

  4. Brad Lee

    Brad LeeMonth ago

    I have 6s im keeping it on ios 11

  5. prismstudios001

    prismstudios001Month ago

    As of today (for me, it auto updated tonight) iOS 12.1 .....

  6. J dubstepking181

    J dubstepking181Month ago

    A big effect could be they both have different network carrier and different wifi network

  7. J dubstepking181

    J dubstepking181Month ago

    Anyone want to know his first and last name it's David vlasenko

  8. J dubstepking181

    J dubstepking181Month ago

    The newest iOS 11 realese is 11.4.1 dude

  9. Miao Wei

    Miao Wei2 months ago

    with major release after beta they slow down the phone.

  10. ภาณุเดช สมิทธิวุทธิกุล

    ภาณุเดช สมิทธิวุทธิกุล2 months ago

    Why you are still think about new iOS will faster than before... How fast iphone 3,4,5,6 on first date release firmware compare to lastest firmware it can go? New firmware will have more function and feature. but your phone stil old specification. It can’t faster than old firmware. This is smartphone business do...

  11. OCP Chan

    OCP Chan2 months ago

    Thank you for unlocking the full potential back to normal after slowing down phones on purpose, Apple. This is not an improvement, its getting yourself out of trouble next time.

  12. M C

    M C2 months ago


  13. TSI - Shadow

    TSI - Shadow2 months ago

    I swear to god if this guys says one two ONE MORE TIME

  14. Sherkhan Nasim

    Sherkhan Nasim2 months ago

    Can you do an updated test now that the public one is released

  15. Makan Hati

    Makan Hati2 months ago

    Please give me your iphone 6s

  16. Gordon Jeffrey

    Gordon Jeffrey2 months ago

    My Antutu scores are shit on my iPhone 7 running 12. iOS 11.4: 173423. iOS 12: 134561. Wtf?????

  17. sachin gaur

    sachin gaur2 months ago

    Iphone SE Rocks

  18. Apipoulaï

    Apipoulaï2 months ago

    iPad Air speed? Still on 10 because I don't trust 11 on it

  19. Elijah Peters

    Elijah Peters2 months ago

    it wont let me delete any of my emails if they are in the archive section

  20. Alessandro Cornacchia

    Alessandro Cornacchia2 months ago

    O N E T W O

  21. TheRichyBoy

    TheRichyBoy2 months ago

    Wait my iPad 2017 can't Even have iOS 12!? 😭😭😭😭

  22. Tamer Samara

    Tamer Samara2 months ago

    I have iOS 11

  23. Himanshu Gupta

    Himanshu Gupta2 months ago

    I am using iphone 8 since october and i am getting exchange offer with s9 plus 128gb just 2 month old.. should i go for it? Want to use for long period of time ..

  24. Ice Inducer

    Ice Inducer2 months ago

    Annnnd the iPhone 5S is the Only iPhone that is still slow on iOS 12 unlike the other iPhones.

  25. Postman Chat

    Postman Chat2 months ago

    Not exactly faster is it

  26. 頂点を目指す焼き鳥

    頂点を目指す焼き鳥2 months ago


  27. xTonyFTW CriticalOps

    xTonyFTW CriticalOps2 months ago

    I'm on iOS 10.3.3 Jailbroken

  28. Tommy Hutomo

    Tommy Hutomo2 months ago

    Dude, someone steal your video

  29. Pink Cloud

    Pink Cloud2 months ago

    Lol I got the iPhone SE Rose Gold

  30. Eric Weah

    Eric Weah2 months ago

    Can I get one

  31. Марат Гараев

    Марат Гараев2 months ago

    iOS 12 хуже чем iOS 11. И Android 9 и Android 8

  32. Joshua Chen

    Joshua Chen2 months ago

    You must have more than eight brains and sixteen hands to hold so many iPhones. Apple should write a thanks letter to you for your purchase

  33. Jonathan Hernandez

    Jonathan Hernandez2 months ago

    Do a speed test. iOS 12 beta 13

  34. Tossy Bros.

    Tossy Bros.2 months ago

    At 6:07 You can find out his youtube videos he watches

  35. RollaN Eng

    RollaN Eng2 months ago

    fucking waste time

  36. Welisson Silva

    Welisson Silva2 months ago

    Sempre quis ter um iPhone, e vc tem todos esses, poderia me dar um? 😁

  37. succubye nf

    succubye nf2 months ago

    3:40 First iPhone opened Photo mode, second iphone opened video mode? but if they both open the photo

  38. Kreat ywny

    Kreat ywny2 months ago

    As allways New IOS slows down devices ;) i want 9.3.5 ..... make speed test IOS 11 vs IOS 12 vs 9.3.5 !!

  39. Juan Álvarez

    Juan Álvarez2 months ago

    It’s the beta

  40. Cripto Tec

    Cripto Tec2 months ago

    In Brazil, we like the compare !!! Tks !

  41. VladDikPie

    VladDikPie2 months ago

    дай мне один из этих айфонов пожалуйста

  42. winnonahrey

    winnonahrey2 months ago

    i just got my new iphone 6splus.. should i update it to ios 12 ???


    MOINA OFFICIAL2 months ago

    If you have any iCloud unlocker software then plz send me

  44. mvpPogo

    mvpPogo2 months ago

    david vlasenko

  45. Rucker Chen

    Rucker Chen2 months ago

    iOS12 to Apple = Trump to the USA


    RUSHEEL PRO GAMER12 months ago

    Why does he have this many phones?

  47. Proto Kola

    Proto Kola2 months ago

    I got a samsung galaxy note 9 fortnite galaxy skin ad. On a iphone video

  48. Alex Gauvin

    Alex Gauvin2 months ago

    On the iPhone 5s camera test id doesn't count because one was set to video and the other to picture...

  49. sonicheroes 645

    sonicheroes 6453 months ago

    You forgot the se In Touch ID

  50. Apple iOS

    Apple iOS3 months ago

    No es posible que hable en español!

  51. Lasse

    Lasse3 months ago

    so discasting to see i have only an iphone six and he have like every

  52. Jméno Příjmení

    Jméno Příjmení3 months ago

    Bro its only beta

  53. I can't feel my neck Mr. Stark

    I can't feel my neck Mr. Stark3 months ago

    "FAST" in this video mean faster than IOS 1 "NO DOUBT"

  54. Martin Jareš

    Martin Jareš3 months ago

    Well that is FAST wifi! If I consider, that my wifi has 15Mbps 😂

  55. Otakus United

    Otakus United3 months ago

    What wallpaper is that with the iPhone with 11.4 written on it

  56. Victor Rykowski

    Victor Rykowski3 months ago

    Is ios 12 coming to iphone 7? Couse im getting one

  57. Gab G

    Gab G3 months ago

    Ios 12 on my iphone 6 from beta 1 to 6 cause i downgraded when b7 came out but from my experience bullshit the only thing i like was the tiny features like all notification dismiss and stuff and wallpapers but speed was getting slower and slower each beta on ios 11.4.1 its faster

  58. Chris Marchian

    Chris Marchian3 months ago

    Who cares! The difference is not so big!

  59. Sima

    Sima3 months ago

    checking the speed of opening websites on one link XDDDD

  60. DLAROC

    DLAROC3 months ago

    As long as it doesnt make my 6s plus slower im happy.

  61. Aaron Taylor

    Aaron Taylor3 months ago

    I want a iPhone se So bad 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  62. CEZA YT

    CEZA YT3 months ago

    Do for iPad’s

  63. meganick12345

    meganick123453 months ago

    Wow apple pro 11 on airplane mode dum

  64. Elizabeta Mzhavanadze

    Elizabeta Mzhavanadze3 months ago

    And iPhone 4

  65. Elizabeta Mzhavanadze

    Elizabeta Mzhavanadze3 months ago

    I really want iPhone 11 . I have only old little phone like you know

  66. Elizabeta Mzhavanadze

    Elizabeta Mzhavanadze3 months ago

    And iPhone 4

  67. Kiergard

    Kiergard3 months ago

    *ios 12 is fast clickbait title* Actually shows that the shitty ass 11.4 is still faster in most cases. Wow ios 12 is so fast. 🙄

  68. Inkie

    Inkie3 months ago

    All phones that support it Not all phones smh

  69. Matthis Fabien

    Matthis Fabien3 months ago

    man can't you give me one of them😭😭😭

  70. Rehan Sherazi

    Rehan Sherazi3 months ago

    I have one porblem in my phone 6s plus I want to update ios 12 How to possible

  71. D3adlyTrip

    D3adlyTrip2 months ago

    Download the license to your phone. If not it comes out officially on the 12'th of September.

  72. Rehan Sherazi

    Rehan Sherazi3 months ago


  73. PUBG TheMan

    PUBG TheMan3 months ago


  74. Ahmet Gur

    Ahmet Gur3 months ago

    he had fortnite on one of the phones

  75. alex naranjo

    alex naranjo3 months ago

  76. Ferdinand S

    Ferdinand S3 months ago

    That moment when a 2 year old phone is faster in singlecore performance than your laptop in multicore (talkin geekbench)

  77. Noah Ward

    Noah Ward3 months ago

    Yo awesome and😭

  78. ASSASIN Superspygurl

    ASSASIN Superspygurl3 months ago

    You cant just test a app one time just to say the old is faster,most of them need network to start,maybe your network is slow

  79. Eduardo Sosa

    Eduardo Sosa3 months ago

    3:20 if you slow the video down iOS 12 loaded the camera fast

  80. Zubin X

    Zubin X3 months ago

    Apple just removed/reduced the animation to make the camera open up 70% faster. To actually make a phone faster you've to give it a speedier SSD, which is a hardware upgrade.

  81. Norbert YT

    Norbert YT3 months ago

    Dude this is BETA version

  82. Ripon Uddin

    Ripon Uddin3 months ago

    He said that at the start stupid

  83. Tiisetso Hlatshwayo

    Tiisetso Hlatshwayo4 months ago

    IOS One,Two is very fast...

  84. Call Me Dy

    Call Me Dy4 months ago

    wish battery life more longer in the next update 🙏

  85. Nasir Chaudhry

    Nasir Chaudhry4 months ago

    maybe try pressing them together not 1,2 😂🤦🏼‍♂️

  86. Ahmed Khan

    Ahmed Khan4 months ago

    Transitions sucks on iOs 12 i deferential i can say that Apple is once again making us fool. if They do care for you they will sign all ipsw's and their sale may decrease at least 30%.

  87. Vishal Kumar

    Vishal Kumar4 months ago

    After Steve Jobs, Apple has become only a shit. Apple has limited the use of a samrtphone only to calling. Limitations while downloading a song, a video, compare app size of apple and android (approx 50-60MB larger). Lightning cable is designed in such a way that it will break exactly after 1 or 1.5 years, the new cable costs around $20, only as liability. Nothing new to ios 12, only Animations are fast. I think if apple will launch a dual sim phone in future, Apple fans will say "WOW great feature, we haven't seen such an innovation, love you apple". Fuck you Apple, Switching to One plus as soon as someone become ready to buy this shit from me.

  88. Kitty

    Kitty4 months ago

    Is it a good update? How do i get it for iPhone 8?

  89. Kitty

    Kitty4 months ago

    Is it aa good update? How do i get it for iPhone 8?

  90. G4BBN 1

    G4BBN 14 months ago

    *One two*

  91. Audrey Palmer

    Audrey Palmer4 months ago

    I’m watching on iPhone SE

  92. siteking

    siteking4 months ago

    Please do it again with the dev beta #4. its actually faster now.

  93. Twisted Dew

    Twisted Dew4 months ago

    We can't say ios 11 is faster until the official ios 12 come out

  94. Jack

    Jack4 months ago

    6s is still a beast

  95. Razzzorback

    Razzzorback4 months ago

    all devices has to be equal.. freshly installed... same apps. no background apps.. etc..

  96. Jlewis Media

    Jlewis Media4 months ago

    I dont really like apple or ios (yea one of those guys) but just appearing on the screen doesn't necessarily mean its loaded the app properly im sure everyone has experienced every now and then opening an app and for a second or so things arent responsive instantly. I haven't used it myself but perhaps ios 12 is loading it faster but properly hence why it appears at around the same time for most apps however being loaded correctly before you are even able to interact with the app.

  97. Kofferkuli

    Kofferkuli4 months ago

    Is this really the kind of innovation that gets apple fans excited nowadays?

  98. Slavic 4life

    Slavic 4life4 months ago

    Iphone x is on ios 11.3.1

  99. _Аlex_ Laptev_

    _Аlex_ Laptev_4 months ago

    Лайк👍кто русский🙋

  100. Michél Bötig

    Michél Bötig4 months ago

    at 3:33 you have an iphone se on the left and an iphone 5s on the right, why is that? I saw it due the corners of the left phone are prushed.

  101. Ripon Uddin

    Ripon Uddin3 months ago

    Those were from drop test

  102. Crammananne

    Crammananne4 months ago

    This nigga. Please state that iOS 12 is starting slower BECAUSE it's in BETA 1. Not Beta 2, or the full release, even. 11.4 has been perfected/fully released.

  103. Jai Surya

    Jai Surya4 months ago

    can you give me one iphone plzzzz

  104. 100 Мбит/с

    100 Мбит/с4 months ago

    Hi, who can halp me I have some problems with recharging my iphone on ios 12. How i can to resolve it?