iOS 12 is FAST! iOS 12 Speed Test on ALL iPhones


  1. Nasir Chaudhry

    Nasir Chaudhry12 hours ago

    maybe try pressing them together not 1,2 😂🤦🏼‍♂️

  2. Ahmed Khan

    Ahmed Khan2 days ago

    Transitions sucks on iOs 12 i deferential i can say that Apple is once again making us fool. if They do care for you they will sign all ipsw's and their sale may decrease at least 30%.

  3. Vishal Kumar

    Vishal Kumar3 days ago

    After Steve Jobs, Apple has become only a shit. Apple has limited the use of a samrtphone only to calling. Limitations while downloading a song, a video, compare app size of apple and android (approx 50-60MB larger). Lightning cable is designed in such a way that it will break exactly after 1 or 1.5 years, the new cable costs around $20, only as liability. Nothing new to ios 12, only Animations are fast. I think if apple will launch a dual sim phone in future, Apple fans will say "WOW great feature, we haven't seen such an innovation, love you apple". Fuck you Apple, Switching to One plus as soon as someone become ready to buy this shit from me.

  4. Neruchuu

    Neruchuu3 days ago

    Is it a good update? How do i get it for iPhone 8?

  5. Neruchuu

    Neruchuu3 days ago

    Is it aa good update? How do i get it for iPhone 8?

  6. Gabby Thermitus

    Gabby Thermitus4 days ago

    *One two*

  7. Audrey Palmer

    Audrey Palmer4 days ago

    I’m watching on iPhone SE

  8. siteking

    siteking4 days ago

    Please do it again with the dev beta #4. its actually faster now.

  9. Twisted Dew

    Twisted Dew5 days ago

    We can't say ios 11 is faster until the official ios 12 come out

  10. Jack Barrett

    Jack Barrett6 days ago

    6s is still a beast

  11. Razzzorback

    Razzzorback6 days ago

    all devices has to be equal.. freshly installed... same apps. no background apps.. etc..

  12. James Lewis

    James Lewis7 days ago

    I dont really like apple or ios (yea one of those guys) but just appearing on the screen doesn't necessarily mean its loaded the app properly im sure everyone has experienced every now and then opening an app and for a second or so things arent responsive instantly. I haven't used it myself but perhaps ios 12 is loading it faster but properly hence why it appears at around the same time for most apps however being loaded correctly before you are even able to interact with the app.

  13. Moritz

    Moritz7 days ago

    Is this really the kind of innovation that gets apple fans excited nowadays?

  14. Everythingapplepro 123

    Everythingapplepro 1237 days ago

    Iphone x is on ios 11.3.1

  15. _Аlesha-Laptev_ 1337

    _Аlesha-Laptev_ 13377 days ago

    Лайк👍кто русский🙋

  16. Michél Bötig

    Michél Bötig8 days ago

    at 3:33 you have an iphone se on the left and an iphone 5s on the right, why is that? I saw it due the corners of the left phone are prushed.

  17. Crammananne

    Crammananne8 days ago

    This nigga. Please state that iOS 12 is starting slower BECAUSE it's in BETA 1. Not Beta 2, or the full release, even. 11.4 has been perfected/fully released.

  18. sudha maduri

    sudha maduri8 days ago

    can you give me one iphone plzzzz

  19. 100 Мбит/с

    100 Мбит/с9 days ago

    Hi, who can halp me I have some problems with recharging my iphone on ios 12. How i can to resolve it?


    VF VIDEOS9 days ago

    After all ios 12 is a beta.

  21. iTzra1n

    iTzra1n10 days ago

    Keep in mind that iOS 12 is still a beta. It will definitely get faster with the upcoming betas even on older devices. I can confirm that my iPhone 6 is now faster on iOS 12. :)

  22. Night owl xXx

    Night owl xXx10 days ago

    Please give your iPhone 8

  23. Ktk Noks

    Ktk Noks11 days ago

    iphone 8plus has the same amount of ram as iphone x i think !! Nice video...

  24. elwingy

    elwingy11 days ago

    Anyone know where i can get the left (ios 11.4) wallpaper from 0:12 in the video?? Would appreciate it!

  25. LandexGaming

    LandexGaming11 days ago

    I am on the iPhone 5S

  26. AnomzGamingz

    AnomzGamingz11 days ago

    Can You Give Me An Iphone X Plz, I Really Want One :)

  27. Leniwy Creeper

    Leniwy Creeper13 days ago

    ja tam z polski. kto też łapka w górę

  28. Ravi Rathee

    Ravi Rathee13 days ago

    Brother i have iPhone 8 iOS 11.4 My iphone is not showing contact photos on full screen when the person is calling since a year now ☹️

  29. Deepak Kumar

    Deepak Kumar14 days ago

    how to get these pictures of 12 ans 11.4 written on it

  30. Justin Y.

    Justin Y.15 days ago

    One two three...

  31. adam tomlinson

    adam tomlinson16 days ago

    Slower in almost everyday usage application but when you get a higher Geekbench score iOS 12 is faster 😂

  32. Shayan Taherian

    Shayan Taherian17 days ago

    Can you pls do the same speedtest with ipads

  33. kasjkasjk kajksdjka

    kasjkasjk kajksdjka18 days ago

    not update to any ios if you want your iphone to fly as the first day

  34. Eitel Von Muhlenbrock

    Eitel Von Muhlenbrock19 days ago

    One two

  35. Chocolate Unicorn

    Chocolate Unicorn19 days ago

    soo...i have iphone 5s and it wont update to ios 😓😢

  36. Hazardz TO

    Hazardz TO20 days ago

    Wallpaper link

  37. BackToU389

    BackToU38920 days ago

    iPhone 5s users are so happy. *Me*

  38. dimensionxii

    dimensionxii21 day ago

    Your one, two bs makes videos like this so painful to watch.

  39. Peddinti Kartik

    Peddinti Kartik21 day ago

    A beta thrashed an official stable release 😊

  40. Тима Ильясов

    Тима Ильясов22 days ago

    wallpaper please 11.4????

  41. Legend Fluff

    Legend Fluff22 days ago

    Who’s using ios 12 right now?

  42. Grayson Owens

    Grayson Owens22 days ago

    I just got the public beta on my iPhone SE, and it’s extremely noticeably faster, looking forward to improvement and updates!

  43. Aj2002

    Aj200221 day ago


  44. Grayson Owens

    Grayson Owens21 day ago

    Alex Sexton yeah you should be fine getting it now

  45. Aj2002

    Aj200221 day ago

    I have a iPhone se 32 bit device and I mostly use it for gaming

  46. Grayson Owens

    Grayson Owens21 day ago

    Alex Sexton what sort of phone do you have and what do you mainly use it for? If it’s a phone you use for work, maybe wait until the official release, but if you don’t rely on it extremely, I enjoy doing beta tests

  47. Aj2002

    Aj200222 days ago

    Grayson Owens Would you recommend getting the beta for my phone

  48. Casper1

    Casper123 days ago

    Nothing changed except wallpaper

  49. Cynosure

    Cynosure23 days ago

    next time you do a test of this sort please make sure that you open the apps once before the test and do the initial settings like allow using location/mic or whatever, so both phones are on the same page. your test was kind of annoying.

  50. Christian Bucad

    Christian Bucad24 days ago

    iPhone SE 🙋🏻‍♂️

  51. Moody G.

    Moody G.25 days ago

    Naah I think my 5s is still doing better on iOS 8

  52. Kaylee Jane

    Kaylee Jane26 days ago

    Red iPhone X?

  53. Kaylee Jane

    Kaylee Jane26 days ago

    When does the iOS 12 release!!!

  54. Chad Lawhorn

    Chad Lawhorn26 days ago

    The real question is... Which phone does he actually use???

  55. Arbela Rama

    Arbela Rama26 days ago

    I’m still on iOS 11.4 is apple gonna give us a update

  56. ExtraSpicyMemes

    ExtraSpicyMemes26 days ago

    How can they make claims when the software is still in beta?

  57. Daniel Bohry

    Daniel Bohry26 days ago

    You are comparing Beta version agains Release version... nice...

  58. TheRetroGamest

    TheRetroGamest26 days ago

    This channel has become shit

  59. Kubatko

    Kubatko26 days ago

    I don't think it's possible to test this launching with your fingers, especially when I see them going out of sync all the time.

  60. Luiz Oliveira

    Luiz Oliveira27 days ago

    keyboard on the 12 is more fast? I have a iphone 6 and the keyboard is very slow.

  61. Christopher Inductivo

    Christopher Inductivo27 days ago

    I don't care if it's a beta or not, if they promised better performance, and it has been released to the public, it needs to perform as advertised. This early beta release is inexcusably slower. For all you people saying it's just a beta and there's room for improvement, stop justifying this update. That's what I and many others said when iOS 11 beta was released, and until now it's still slow and buggy. Now with iOS 12, I feel like Apple is just bullshitting us by saying they focused on performance. But you can clearly see in this beta that it's not even remotely faster (in fact slower in many cases). iOS 6 was the most optimized software Apple released. Everything after was prettier and more feature rich but sacrificed performance.

  62. Jay Jenkins

    Jay Jenkins27 days ago

    What kind of WiFi are you using? That is the fastest WiFi I’ve ever seen... I usually get 10 download and 5 upload..

  63. Dalien Fischer

    Dalien Fischer27 days ago

    Just a suggestion, but maybe use that iOS 12 and iOS 11.4 images as backgrounds on the corresponding devices, please for your sanity and ours

  64. Agent SKY

    Agent SKY27 days ago

    Chup madarchod....

  65. TheBowzCameIn

    TheBowzCameIn27 days ago

    IOS 12 IS FAST! "feels the same as ios 11"

  66. xXEthan0011233YTXx

    xXEthan0011233YTXx27 days ago

    Wait a second, 8:57 IS DAT Da TU CoSTA....?

  67. riordan bagaskara

    riordan bagaskara28 days ago

    I allready upgrade my iphone 6 to ios 12 beta 2

  68. Adam Herbert

    Adam Herbert28 days ago

    It’s a beta v a 12 month matured version. Not exactly fair at the moment. A waste of time really I till full release.

  69. cute unicorn

    cute unicorn28 days ago

    please do a size and everything else of a comparison of the 5 and x thanks .I love your channel😊

  70. cute unicorn

    cute unicorn28 days ago

    please do a size and everything else of a comparison of the 5 and x thanks .I love your channel😊

  71. preben nielsen

    preben nielsen29 days ago

    "blew you away"?? This is so little an improvement that it's insignificant ! Fix your title.

  72. Serget M.k

    Serget M.k29 days ago

    Here TheTrue Of apple i know americans love slavery but read it i see from your eyes how they make there millions

  73. Jackie

    Jackie29 days ago

    Staying with ios 10.3 on 6s as its super smooth. Been reading its better since ios 11, but still issues reported, still hesitate to update.

  74. Branden

    BrandenMonth ago

    CNN is fake news.

  75. XVI

    XVIMonth ago

    ''on all iphones''

  76. durden02

    durden02Month ago

    The results here show that ios 12 is barely faster, so I don't think it should be called 'fast'. iPhone 5s-6 users were promised much more substantial improvements in the last Apple event, so I hope the update will eventually deliver.

  77. Choudry Sirbuland

    Choudry SirbulandMonth ago

    reply bro i am waiting

  78. Choudry Sirbuland

    Choudry SirbulandMonth ago

    i dont use twitter or instragram so tell here

  79. Choudry Sirbuland

    Choudry SirbulandMonth ago

    what you give the iphone or not please tell me reply

  80. H K

    H KMonth ago

    It’s beta ya know soo wait till the release

  81. Caner Güder

    Caner GüderMonth ago

    EN BaŞa DöN -)

  82. Bånty Jhå

    Bånty JhåMonth ago

    please give me an iphone its my dream hope you can understand.

  83. Blackdani

    BlackdaniMonth ago

    These benchmarks are just numbers. Apple can alter them to make people believe their phones are faster. Look at how ios 11 killed 12 in speed and loading

  84. Damien Lambert

    Damien LambertMonth ago

    Your Wifi is mad slow


    MOHIB ALIMonth ago

    I want to see iOS 12 on iPad please

  86. laki milenkovic

    laki milenkovicMonth ago


  87. laki milenkovic

    laki milenkovicMonth ago


  88. Gareth Hughes

    Gareth HughesMonth ago

    I’m here for the iOS 11.4 wallpaper. Where is that from please?

  89. FortniteEno

    FortniteEnoMonth ago

    Is it beta

  90. Choudry Sirbuland

    Choudry SirbulandMonth ago


  91. Choudry Sirbuland

    Choudry SirbulandMonth ago

    you have so much i phone i love i phone please give me one phone i love i phone 8

  92. Э Бямбасүрэн

    Э БямбасүрэнMonth ago

    It's the same, if not slower, accept it guys. For the people shouting it's in beta, here is the fact to think about: if Apple announced 12 should be xxx time faster, iOS 12 here should show that already, even though its beta, it is using the new iOS 12 core, not the old iOS 11 core. Only sheep would not think it this way.

  93. Sercan Ates

    Sercan AtesMonth ago

    Hey everythingapplepro got a iphone 7plus 128gb looses 6% of battery over that too much? Its conecctet to ap3, wireless off and flightmode off

  94. Gaurav Mishra

    Gaurav MishraMonth ago

    Grrr.!! All those 1 2 1 2

  95. darkmatter.99

    darkmatter.99Month ago

    My op5 with a 💩 beta is faster on every task

  96. darkmatter.99

    darkmatter.99Month ago

    It's fast for the iPhone standard 😂

  97. ted mrazz

    ted mrazzMonth ago

    Gimmie one phone please😆😆

  98. Great Okoh

    Great OkohMonth ago

    One two

  99. It’s Alexxx Trending Videos

    It’s Alexxx Trending VideosMonth ago

    Thanks for using other iPhones you are awesome 👏 now I feel a lot better

  100. J. Smith

    J. SmithMonth ago

    Is it possible to reverse back to the CURRENT operating system iOS., after downloading the iOS 12 beta?

  101. anubhav gupta

    anubhav guptaMonth ago

    can i have 1 of those....!

  102. Shane Moore

    Shane MooreMonth ago

    who cares about boot up. I do that once every 6 months. I care about everyday usability.

  103. Everythingapplepro 123

    Everythingapplepro 123Month ago

    IOS 12 will have 5-7 betas because it’s so stabile

  104. Bolerophon

    BolerophonMonth ago

    Jesus, can you imagine updating and configuring all those iphones uhhh