iOS 11 Review! Should You Update?


  1. zenseven 7ph

    zenseven 7ph3 months ago

    It will take another 10years to put the numbers on the keyboard. Woohoo

  2. Batool Reza

    Batool Reza4 months ago

    I have an iPhone 5s with very bad storage and very bad battery life. Should I update it?? Will it become better???

  3. the typical savage 21

    the typical savage 215 months ago

    who’s watching this after the iOS 12 update?

  4. Vedant Tiwari

    Vedant Tiwari5 months ago

    Watching with iOS 12

  5. browney maggi

    browney maggi5 months ago

    Ipod 6squad


    TBNR FRAGS6 months ago

    If u update it does ur apps will be deleted or data will be lost cos im worried about my game if i update it

  7. Leigh Peel

    Leigh Peel6 months ago

    The value on this video for me was amazing. Thank you for taking the time to give the viewers great content.

  8. ᑕOᒪIᑎᑎIᑎᒍᗩ14 ಠ_ಠ

    ᑕOᒪIᑎᑎIᑎᒍᗩ14 ಠ_ಠ6 months ago

    It still works for the 3D Touch for switch app on the side I use it every day

  9. nick bax

    nick bax7 months ago

    Fresh 😂😂

  10. Ramen Boodle

    Ramen Boodle7 months ago

    I just switched to Android after being so disappointed with iPhones over the course of 6 years, and I am not looking back. IOS11 is straight dick.

  11. ProJanitor

    ProJanitor7 months ago

    Dude, shut the fuck up about "dark mode" already.

  12. Ryder Wilson

    Ryder Wilson7 months ago

    iOS 11 is cute but it also kills my battery

  13. BionicUbiytsa Official

    BionicUbiytsa Official8 months ago

    Whos watching on IOS 12 Developer beta 1 ?

  14. Rocio Murillo

    Rocio Murillo8 months ago

    It says "it's up to date" and I have iOS 10.3.3 RIP it sucks all of my friends have the iOS 11 and I'm kinda jealous :( I wanna update so bad someone help me please

  15. Zavien Morales

    Zavien Morales9 months ago

    The 3D Touch switcher does work

  16. iamdxpe

    iamdxpe9 months ago

    Watching before iOS 12

  17. Sir Fa

    Sir Fa9 months ago

    Im on ios 9.1 is it possible for me to chose to if i want to update to 10 or 11?

  18. Audie

    Audie9 months ago

    I have iOS 11 omg yes you should update you can do wayyyyy more. There are better emojis and it’s just amazing I highly reamoend it

  19. Moo Moo Puppy

    Moo Moo Puppy9 months ago

    Why does my MReporter viewing suck on 10.x? before this I had the stock IOS from day one of owning my iPad4, now videos on youtube don't auto-shrink to fit the screen. Is there a media playing app that will bypass the native player and will be the default player?..or do I have to rollback to a previous IOS that is known to be stable "all-around"? I am thinking the new IOS player is "optimized" for the new 9.7" iPad Pro. Maybe their is a setting im missing? thanks!

  20. Gazooo29

    Gazooo2910 months ago

    What if your using an iPad Air with ios 8? Is it worth it.

  21. Alex Gacha

    Alex Gacha11 months ago

    I have 9.3.5😭

  22. enrique bravo

    enrique bravo11 months ago

    I just updated my iPhone to iOS 11 I been on iOS 10 the past year lol 😂

  23. Alan M

    Alan M11 months ago

    Yeah will this update slow my phone?

  24. Vault Boy

    Vault Boy11 months ago

    Should i update iPhone SE iOS 9 to 11???

  25. Dark Meagan

    Dark Meagan11 months ago

    Should i upgrade to ios 11 on ipad mini 2

  26. Rape

    Rape11 months ago

    This is bullshit

  27. Asad Amjad

    Asad Amjad11 months ago

    Does ios 11 makes iphone7 slow???

  28. Wassim El Shamy

    Wassim El Shamy11 months ago

    You are the best

  29. NinjaNarutoJapan

    NinjaNarutoJapan11 months ago

    But iOS 11 is catching viruses ... apps stirring alone opens, close, keyboard, deletes, light high and low ... worse Apple is virus

  30. GummyTee

    GummyTeeYear ago

    Im not that sure I should update it I have iPhone SE should I?

  31. Ben Tarr

    Ben TarrYear ago

    7:12 That isn't some funny or cute video. That dog is terrified and being extremely submissive.

  32. TrainExplorer

    TrainExplorerYear ago

    Updating to this today. Thanks for the review.

  33. Helloitsleticia

    HelloitsleticiaYear ago


  34. nicolas van ransbeeck

    nicolas van ransbeeckYear ago

    Basicly they added stuff that exists for years already on android... I miss the days when apple actually was trying to be innovative.

  35. Graphx

    GraphxYear ago

    iPhone 3GS squad lol

  36. IllidanLol

    IllidanLolYear ago

    The only important thing about iPhones is that Apple will make your phone crappy with a new update after 1 year and a half. Your phone will become slow, bad and always low battery to make you decide to change your phone and give them your new money like a patsy. coooooooo cooooooooooooooo ! I left after IOS 11. Someone wants some seeds ?

  37. Kwan Linus

    Kwan LinusYear ago

    Stay on iOS 10.3.3

  38. Kwan Linus

    Kwan LinusYear ago

    The simple answer: no.

  39. ajh21313

    ajh21313Year ago

    is it worth updating if you have a 6+ still?

  40. HomoEconomicusX

    HomoEconomicusXYear ago

    ultimate bullshit ... wish i never updated.

  41. Winningeleven only

    Winningeleven onlyYear ago

    I dont like the signal icon. Look ugly

  42. andrew hennessey-clark

    andrew hennessey-clarkYear ago

    wtf am i updating i have all this shit

  43. andrew hennessey-clark

    andrew hennessey-clarkYear ago

    i havent watched it yet and im updating to it so if it ruins my iphone im going to freak out ........ ok bye

  44. nismo armada

    nismo armadaYear ago

    I heard when you update they slow your phone down

  45. Estelita Solinap

    Estelita SolinapYear ago

    Watch my funny videos! 😊

  46. Gabriela Reyes

    Gabriela ReyesYear ago

    I just got the update 11.2.2😳

  47. froggstyl84

    froggstyl84Year ago

    Should I update? Just got a new iPhone 7 plus

  48. Thedarkslender

    ThedarkslenderYear ago

    Will iOS 11 slow down my iPod touch 6th gen 16gb?

  49. Klēfer

    KlēferYear ago

    Despite 11 being slower and laggier than other versions, what else is bad about 11?

  50. Diy Chanel

    Diy ChanelYear ago

    Idk what happened I just downloaded iOS 11 and my phone just started tripping and lagging pls help me nooooo emoji keyboard is no more working :{

  51. Jaz Corner

    Jaz CornerYear ago

    Me: omg this is a really cool update I should definitely get it. Him: the only difference is on the iPhone 5s. Me:*stares at screen horrified* Does anyone that has an IPhone 5S get this update? If so did it work.

  52. wan marzuki

    wan marzukiYear ago

    Lagging or not??

  53. M. I.

    M. I.Year ago

    QUESTION, If i am on ios10.3.2 and update my iphone 7+ which update will i be updated to? If i go into settings, general, and software update, it says ios 11. Does anyone know the answer?

  54. BossLadyMJ

    BossLadyMJYear ago

    I just this phone yesterday and I'm not trying to mess it up. So is it worth it?

  55. Vic Wiseman

    Vic WisemanYear ago

    Still running 10.3.3 on 6S Plus. Battery life and reduced performance is my main concern. The only benefit I see to upgrading is security and the settings options from the home screen.

  56. Spyker Gamer

    Spyker GamerYear ago

    battery drains so fast after updating to ios 11 ?


    UNMPLYDYear ago

    Just in case if you want to learn how to cancel my subscription 👌🏻🔥See you in the next video

  58. Devendra Parasram

    Devendra ParasramYear ago

    Was looking for battery life in this video

  59. SupremeKermit

    SupremeKermitYear ago


  60. Mystery207

    Mystery207Year ago

    Well so much for podcasts I really used to love the podcast program on the phone now it’s just like any of the podcasts programs so I don’t need that anymore thanks update people

  61. Nova

    NovaYear ago

    I'm on IOS 10.2 Semi Jailbreak so not sure if I wanna update...

  62. caitlin Davidson

    caitlin DavidsonYear ago

    Can you use normal earphones

  63. Al-Mohanad Al-Siyabi

    Al-Mohanad Al-SiyabiYear ago

    The most ridicules company ever. Have you seen a company that updates its phones and destroy all people's information? Yeah, welcome to apple is really playing with the nervous. thanks apple for losing another consumer. Proudly moving to Samsung

  64. Raitis Štobe

    Raitis ŠtobeYear ago

    Is there going to be a jailbreak for iOS 10.3.3 anytime? That hope is the only reason that stops me from updating

  65. CrazyBoy Peash

    CrazyBoy PeashYear ago

    Same design 😔

  66. Brian Griffin

    Brian GriffinYear ago

    iphone 6 squad

  67. Simon

    SimonYear ago

    If you wanna screen record I recommend ios 11 it has its own screen recorder

  68. vince verano

    vince veranoYear ago

    I have an iphone 6+ and I have noticed that if you have a earphones plugged in and are playing nothing, it echos after an alarm goes off. Has anyone else noticed this on other devices or is it just me?

  69. Matthew W

    Matthew WYear ago

    Wow this guy is full of shit. ios 11 sucks even after 11.2 it lags and is buggy as fuck. Not to mention the battery drain of ios 11. This guy must have his head up his ass to do a review telling people to update to this piece of shit

  70. Ja ck

    Ja ckYear ago

    My internet doesn't turn off i have to go into the settings every time

  71. Sudhan pzl

    Sudhan pzlYear ago

    iPhone 5 What next for me???

  72. Ultimate Gamer 2637 HD

    Ultimate Gamer 2637 HDYear ago

    my dad is really mad from the update

  73. Andy Nolch's Channel

    Andy Nolch's ChannelYear ago

    ios 11 is so fucking shit, worst upgrade ive ever done, this video is full of bullshit, my battery runs out way faster, it looks shitter, its slower to load

  74. shwai55

    shwai55Year ago

    to be honest I didn't update my iOS ,after what my sister suffered with her iphone7P and her iPhone 6s .. they both suddenly turned off and kept restarting for a while and if her 6s finally turns on she couldn't use her touch to inter the password , and even my unupdated phone suddenly restarted and once I inter my password it freezes with the screen on . finally after one hour of charging my phone and giving second chances it worked just fine but still I'm really dissapointed .Im an apple products lover and ill always be but this is soooo disappointed.

  75. Zaya Gaming

    Zaya GamingYear ago

    I miss the iOs 10. It seems professional than this one. How to make the apps smaller and the battery doesn’t have a white layer for this iOs 11?

  76. HassanAli Zahoor

    HassanAli ZahoorYear ago

    #Apple should Update Call #Recorder that's compulsory plus the #Screen recorder can save a #Silent Video clip into your Camera Roll and nothing more then this we can't hear anything if we recorded Someone Video call #Shitt #Apple

  77. F L

    F LYear ago

    10:00 nice prediction! ;)

  78. Sourojit Roy

    Sourojit RoyYear ago

    Shit phone shit software!!

  79. pradeep galukagama

    pradeep galukagamaYear ago

    what is the most comforttable bag watch now.

  80. Markus Lissheim

    Markus LissheimYear ago

    Sinse I updated to Ios 11 my Iphone 6s brightness level seems to adjust itself. I can turn it down low to a brightness level just the way I like and then after awhile it could be on a completely different level and vice versa. This is extremely irritating. Am I the only one who has this problem? Also, the command center shouldn’t effect the task you are doing at the moment wherever you are right? Well it does. When watching a MReporter clip in landscape and you need to bring up the command center to adjust sound or brightness for instance, after coming back to the clip and bringing the CC down again the video disables landscape mode and you need to activate it again. Very annoying too

  81. ThePeoplesChamp

    ThePeoplesChampYear ago

    Everyone, this video lies at 2:20. The multitasking gesture has NOT been removed. Instead of swiping all the way like normal, you need to swipe until there are 2 pages visible, then simply let go. I’m doing it right now on the iPhone 6s Plus.

  82. KoolDee 149

    KoolDee 149Year ago



    UNMPLYDYear ago

    Hello everybody. If you would like to learn how to unsubscribe from an app on iOS 11 watch this video 👍🏻👻see you on the next video.

  84. Wihfx Tryhard

    Wihfx TryhardYear ago

    I’m on iOS 11 on iPad Air model A1472 I cant use the right swipe multitasking :(

  85. DipSetNY

    DipSetNYYear ago

    All this update did was slow down my fucking phone!!!

  86. dole

    doleYear ago

    1. Should i upgrade from Samsung Galaxy J7 to iPhone 7 plus? 2.Should i upgrade to ios 11?

  87. Md shojib Ahmed

    Md shojib AhmedYear ago

    How to Fix iPhone update or restore problem or stuck on Apple / iTunes Logo

  88. Ukjent oversetter

    Ukjent oversetterYear ago

    i have an IPod touch 6th generation and it seems like controlling the music menu got more inconvenient....I shouldnt update yet, definitely.

  89. Pecagaming 2006

    Pecagaming 2006Year ago

    How long does it need to update? Does it require 1 hour to update?

  90. jas s

    jas sYear ago

    Where my iPhone 3s gang at!1!

  91. TrishaJean Holt

    TrishaJean HoltYear ago

    Is he going to do a jailbreak for iOS 11?

  92. KingVudoo771978

    KingVudoo771978Year ago

    I can’t open most of my old apps I purchase when I updated to iOS 11 do anyone have the same problem too?

  93. John-Paul D'Agostino

    John-Paul D'AgostinoYear ago

    It's nothing fundamental. It's just a historical convention, like using foo as the name of a variable when you have no clue what to name it. In more detail: The simplest way to test for a buffer overflow is to type a long string of A's (AAAAAAAA...) into a text field, and see what happens. If the program crashes, it might be vulnerable. If the program crashes and a debugger shows 0x41414141 in the program counter, ooh boy, you hit pay dirt: the program is almost surely vulnerable. (Remember, the ASCII code for 'A' is 0x41 in hex, so 0x41414141 is what you'd see if you looked at the byte-level representation of a string of A's in a hex editor.) Why A's? No reason at all; they're just the first letter in the alphabet. So, this is a quick-and-dirty test that pentesters sometimes use. But of course, there's nothing special about 0x41414141. Douglas Adams fans could type in a long string of B's, and then look for 0x42424242. That'd be equally effective, and even more fun. I gotta remember to use that one in my next hacking demo.....

  94. jc cloud

    jc cloudYear ago

    You know what Iphone needs? More fucking updates. Like every other day because once a week just isn't fucking enough.

  95. v60x idk

    v60x idkYear ago

    I’ve been updated on my iPad and people say their phones haven’t worked good with the update. My iPad is working just fine with the update.

  96. Nivain Alahakone

    Nivain AlahakoneYear ago

    Don’t update guys it’s really bad and the multitasking is soooo bad

  97. Nivain Alahakone

    Nivain AlahakoneYear ago

    Haha ur phone password is 000000 lol just 6 zeros

  98. Hassan Usman

    Hassan UsmanYear ago

    where is new ios ?? this ios 11.0.3 totally fail

  99. ELS Enterprises

    ELS EnterprisesYear ago

    Wheres my blackberry gang! Ohhh they left me already. :(