iOS 11.4 Review! Should You Update?


  1. Chandy Soem

    Chandy SoemDay ago

    My iPhone 7plus after update 11.4 ... so slow and sometimes run not good ..

  2. Chandy Soem

    Chandy SoemDay ago

    My iPhone 7plus after update 11.4 ... so slow and sometimes run not good ..

  3. Sub-Zero

    Sub-Zero3 days ago

    Воу-Воу Палехчэ :DDDDD

  4. bishakha bhandari

    bishakha bhandari5 days ago

    After updating 11.4 my phone dont have good WiFi range 😓 .. anybody plz help me

  5. It’s Mymy

    It’s Mymy7 days ago

    New emojis???

  6. Bruce Greenberg

    Bruce Greenberg9 days ago

    So it's been several wks since rollout of official 11.4, & so many complaints about severe battery drain. I haven't updated from 11.3.1 because of this. Anyone know when Apple will release a fix for this??

  7. Abby TOO SHABBY

    Abby TOO SHABBY11 days ago

    Do you ever do anything for the iPads or do they not really change as much jw.?

  8. TJ CRIM

    TJ CRIM12 days ago

    I have the first gen iPad Pro 12.9 just updated to 11.4 and the Apple Pencil has EXTREME lag now!!!!!!

  9. Scarlett’s Life

    Scarlett’s Life13 days ago

    He had 36 messges he ignores everyone that texts him 😂😂😂😂

  10. 飛

    13 days ago

    The battery life turned to a nightmare after I updated to 11.4 on my iPhone SE. I sort of regretted. But there's a consolation that messages can be synced on iCloud.

  11. MSP Player

    MSP Player13 days ago

    They out with 12 right

  12. J G

    J G14 days ago

    What slim carbon fiber case are you using? Has it effected your service?

  13. Amil Noor

    Amil Noor15 days ago

    My phone is running slow on iOS 11.4

  14. TheAlmightyEmp

    TheAlmightyEmp16 days ago

    What does this mean for jail breaking

  15. Ramen4free Nguyen

    Ramen4free Nguyen17 days ago

    I'm at 11.2.1 on Iphone 8+, should i update to 11.4? Thx for the replies guys👌


    DIAGOLD BEAST16 days ago

    Ramen4free Nguyen Yes you should

  17. Kim Lee

    Kim Lee18 days ago

    should I upgrade my iPhone 5s to ios 11.4?

  18. Edwin Maina

    Edwin Maina18 days ago

    The portrait album in photos has been removed in ios 11.4 😭 and all portrait pictures now look like normal pictures. Kindly check if it is the same with you

  19. George Lim

    George Lim19 days ago

    I have an iPhone 7 with iOS10.2. Should I update I'm sure there are better security fixea in ios11? I have no plans to jailbreak.

  20. YuiiHana

    YuiiHana19 days ago

    Anyone why it keeep showing the message and inffucient balance??? Lol i have many balance credit but it keep showing up or pop up

  21. Gangsterblast 5

    Gangsterblast 520 days ago

    you shouldn't be confused when you've paid a premium price for Apple products. I am confused with this update because I've not have that problem. In fact I didn't have any problems but still update but not this one. don't need the features that it gives and doesn't solve any problems.

  22. Stacey Catherine M

    Stacey Catherine M20 days ago

    Don’t download it, I’ve had so many glitches!!

  23. ChloeWade

    ChloeWade20 days ago

    Sprint sucks

  24. Rina Thounaojam

    Rina Thounaojam20 days ago

    I had to upgrade because of the damn overheating on 8 plus

  25. Zachary Wright

    Zachary Wright21 day ago

    Should I update on my iPhone 8 Plus if I want the best battery life? I’m on iOS 11.3.1 right now and get between 9 to 10 hrs usage per day.

  26. Niki Tr

    Niki Tr22 days ago

    Should I update my 6s to 11.4?

  27. faizan joyia

    faizan joyia22 days ago

    I am currently on iOS 10.3.3 on a iPhone 6s should I upgraded to iOS 11.4 or stay on iOS 10.3.3 as iOS 11.4 might slow my phone down Thanks

  28. ChrisMendez0829

    ChrisMendez082923 days ago

    Is the bug of the keyboard going away after starting a msg and the keyboard not appearing until you kill the msg app. Or do you know experience that? Man

  29. Cupcakepinkie Loves cuphead

    Cupcakepinkie Loves cuphead23 days ago


  30. Tricia Brooks

    Tricia Brooks23 days ago

    There’s a new wallpaper

  31. Adam Hocson

    Adam Hocson23 days ago

    idk if it's just my phone, but sometimes when I scroll, it just stops all of a sudden. it started happening after I updated 😩

  32. Fayaz Sadat

    Fayaz Sadat24 days ago

    Hi there, I really like your wallpapers choice please can you tell me which app do you for your exquisite wallpapers? Or if you have time to make a separate video for iPhone x wallpapers that would be awesome. Thanks

  33. Adomay Ceballos

    Adomay Ceballos25 days ago

    What a shit update

  34. Aria Nugroho

    Aria Nugroho25 days ago

    So the update is no use for ipad?

  35. Chikodi Charles-Obi

    Chikodi Charles-Obi25 days ago

    You should make a vid to see how the update does on old devices

  36. Insane Foxi Gaming

    Insane Foxi Gaming25 days ago

    Don’t get full version it bricked my messages on my iPhone X

  37. JLherrera25

    JLherrera2525 days ago

    Where do you get these wallpapers?

  38. knockturnal808

    knockturnal80823 days ago

    JLherrera25 Walmart

  39. Roblox IJJFJVJJ

    Roblox IJJFJVJJ25 days ago

    Nice update and nice video!

  40. Miguel Garcia.

    Miguel Garcia.25 days ago


  41. ShakerHP

    ShakerHP25 days ago

    Did they fix.....iTunes stuck on "Reading photos from Pictures" ??

  42. Spot Songs

    Spot Songs25 days ago

    I think it looks ugly without animations, in my opinion

  43. d@no

    d@no25 days ago

    What does it mean “lightining port will be locked after 7 days”? I mean in real life, after 7 of not using my phone i will not charge it or i can charge it but no data transfer?

  44. Gergő Hegedűs

    Gergő Hegedűs25 days ago

    Where is the blue wallpaper at 1:25 from?

  45. Trenk _

    Trenk _25 days ago

    Nice Video 😊✌🏼

  46. Theresa M

    Theresa M25 days ago

    How do you get rid of the animations?

  47. William Huang

    William Huang25 days ago

    I think there is Little change and not used.

  48. KePeng Emy

    KePeng Emy25 days ago

    I already instal ios 11.4 officials.. Few minutes ago, Now my performance so fast and my battery can longer more than 1month .. Ps/ don’t ask me about jailbreak

  49. Afroland98

    Afroland9825 days ago

    iOS 11.4 been officially released

  50. Abhilash Jena

    Abhilash Jena25 days ago

    Link to the tempered glass that you have on the phone, please?

  51. Andrew Green

    Andrew Green25 days ago

    Im super stoked for iOS 12 because of the beta going to wait for the public release in mid September be sure you keep us updated on iOS 12

  52. Hrithik Kakkar

    Hrithik Kakkar26 days ago

    11.4 not launch in india

  53. X Girl

    X Girl26 days ago

    I live in Austria and I can't update to 11.4

  54. Sadleast

    Sadleast26 days ago

    Where can i get this Wallpaper?

  55. Lacto

    Lacto26 days ago

    My iOs is taking more than 12GB!

  56. Mk Official

    Mk Official27 days ago

    How to jailbreak ios 11.3.1

  57. brandon berganza

    brandon berganza28 days ago

    Im still on 11.3 wtf ?

  58. Jesse Turner

    Jesse Turner28 days ago

    Well this was a waste of time 🤦🏾‍♂️ lol if it’s not here yet then idc

  59. I love Apple

    I love Apple28 days ago

    Is it out yet

  60. Amin.Vlogs

    Amin.Vlogs28 days ago

    Gosh I really hope it’s stable. The current 11.3.1 is so bad 😩

  61. D’oh !

    D’oh !29 days ago

    Is this beta update or normal update

  62. Manoj Valavan Arasu

    Manoj Valavan ArasuMonth ago

    Still happy with my iPhone 6. PS: few lags but its ok.

  63. Diesel VII

    Diesel VIIMonth ago


  64. Eddie

    EddieMonth ago

    Black dot bug “officially fixed” is a bit of a stretch, but ok

  65. Max Andrews

    Max AndrewsMonth ago

    Session different investment soccer significant bench lack chronic provider.

  66. kerry woolnough

    kerry woolnoughMonth ago

    I have iPhone 7 running 11.3.1 synching with my PC. There's a bug when synching meaning you have to do it twice to add new music. Is there a fix anytime soon???



    i have iPhone 7 with iOS 10.3.3 do you think i should upgrade the OS...???

  68. Sathu

    SathuMonth ago

    What about battery mannnnn

  69. Jason Wilson

    Jason WilsonMonth ago

    i hope they fix the Music App... ive been having some problems of it crashing while trying to play music on my personal collection not using apple music... running an iPhone 8 Plus.. on 11.3.1

  70. fernando salazar

    fernando salazarMonth ago

    iOS battery life sucks

  71. One2

    One2Month ago

    Wallpaper please.

  72. Maxwell

    MaxwellMonth ago

    You sound sick bro. u ok?

  73. Diamondcreeper098

    Diamondcreeper098Month ago

    i hope app store get fixed cuz mine broke after i'm updated my iphone to ios 11.3.1

  74. Mateo Perez

    Mateo PerezMonth ago

    bend insist park tobacco snap disagree illustrate reception.


    Max LONDON OFFICIALMonth ago

    Ducati lol

  76. Dinesh Mad

    Dinesh MadMonth ago

    Any news on jailbreaks?

  77. Probagandalf

    ProbagandalfMonth ago

    Does anyone have the bug where the notificationbadge of messages does not dissapear when having the app open for less than 3 seconds? It´s really annoying and I was wondering about a fix in 11.4 - any clues?

  78. Andri Hermawan

    Andri HermawanMonth ago

    My 6 at least 11.9.9

  79. 4showz

    4showzMonth ago

    Jajajaja thank you

  80. TechPro Dad

    TechPro DadMonth ago

    Dude where do you get these wallpapers?

  81. Craig

    CraigMonth ago

    iPod touch 6th generation squad where you at?

  82. This guy Maxiii

    This guy MaxiiiMonth ago

    0:28 how do you get that background on your phone that says “11.4”?

  83. monz87

    monz87Month ago

    Where can I get that wallpaper at 00:14?

  84. Jason Langevin

    Jason LangevinMonth ago

    Where to get that wallpaper

  85. Игорь Багиров

    Игорь БагировMonth ago

    Воу-воу палехче)))

  86. silverdragon0000120

    silverdragon0000120Month ago

    My wireless dildo stopped working in the beta. Can’t control the vibration functions anymore. I hope they fix it.

  87. David Bertrand

    David BertrandMonth ago

    Implementation equation slow rat regard complicated concerned defeat elementary.

  88. xliam127x

    xliam127xMonth ago

    Im still on 11.1.1 so im good

  89. yuvi singh

    yuvi singhMonth ago

    Why display level at full brightness is different in every iPhone 10?

  90. Gaurav Tomar

    Gaurav TomarMonth ago

    Battery draining faster on iPhone X after updating to iOS 11.3.1 .Did anyone face similar issue ?

  91. L ø n e l y _ S p i r i t

    L ø n e l y _ S p i r i tMonth ago

    You shouldnt update at all Apple is wanting you to update Every time you update you're drawing your battery life and also other things Apple is only wanting you to update so they can get their costumers to buy another phone since every time you update you are basically slowing down your phone I suggest you to not update since your phone may slow down

  92. Maicho Velos DeFord

    Maicho Velos DeFordMonth ago

    When is start or what date start for new IOS Version

  93. Accordslider

    AccordsliderMonth ago

    because ( NO SALT)

  94. Dimantha 457

    Dimantha 457Month ago

    Donate me a iPhone 8 pls

  95. David Matthews

    David MatthewsMonth ago

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  96. Random Learning

    Random LearningMonth ago

    11.3 drains faster battery as compared ios 10

  97. Liam Dale

    Liam DaleMonth ago

    I wish Apple would perfect everything for iOS 11.4 (or whatever the latest version of iOS 11 is before iOS 12 comes out in September) so they can add new features to iOS 12.

  98. Joe Larson

    Joe LarsonMonth ago

    On the last iOS 11 version do a speed test vs ios 10 on the iPhone 7 downward please!

  99. Jake Mars

    Jake MarsMonth ago

    is not it beta?

  100. reemy W

    reemy WMonth ago

    WARNING iPhone 7 users. 11.4 crippled the iPhone 7. DO NOT UPDATE!

  101. Clevprof

    ClevprofMonth ago

    please please please say "hello siri" instead of hey. Otherwise you set off everyones devices. My phone, watch and ipad lit and my phone was listening

  102. J M

    J MMonth ago

    WALLPAPER Please????