iOS 11.4 Released! Everything You Need To Know


  1. Diva Hammad

    Diva Hammad5 months ago

    maby you should put home pod update instead of waisting my time. dgaf about your views

  2. mary. sridhar

    mary. sridhar5 months ago


  3. Lil 7even7

    Lil 7even76 months ago


  4. Lil 7even7

    Lil 7even76 months ago

    I have it lol

  5. bassbonewurtz21

    bassbonewurtz217 months ago

    Can anyone else not delete their fucking apps??? When I press and hold on the app, it just goes to a menu instead of popping up with the delete option. 😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬

  6. KawaiiKenzie

    KawaiiKenzie7 months ago

    I have a question, I updated my phone today and I forgot to update it last month. And I'm updating it right now. Is that a good time to do it? I have an iPhone 7.

  7. Sam O'Nella's gay clone

    Sam O'Nella's gay clone7 months ago

    Love this new content

  8. Determinemily

    Determinemily7 months ago

    My phone has just bugged out, I’ve restarted about 6 times and done a hard reset. The problem is that my background has turned black and some of my apps are just called “placeholder.” As well as it’s very laggy, freezing in every app.

  9. HELL WITH IT!! B. L. A.

    HELL WITH IT!! B. L. A.7 months ago

    Instant battery drain after the download and working. Erased phone and restarted with backup prior to update backup. Maybe it’s just me. lol

  10. Death Death

    Death Death7 months ago

    So it’s really nothing much, except for pro apple hypes

  11. Ernesto Mobile Gang Gang

    Ernesto Mobile Gang Gang7 months ago

    I wanted you to know that i just Found out that going to General>Profile device management its gone. I cant install any app that are not from the app store. Now i dont know if this was due to the update or just a malcontent on my device

  12. asfa rehman

    asfa rehman7 months ago

    How to delete any app?

  13. TheShadeOfDeath TV

    TheShadeOfDeath TV7 months ago

    Should i update my Iphone SE ? I got it few days ago and its version is 11.3. Should i update to 11.4 ?

  14. Miguel Garcia

    Miguel Garcia7 months ago

    Battery life or no life🙅‍♂️

  15. Isabella Kopriva

    Isabella Kopriva7 months ago

    how do you jailbreak ios 11.4?

  16. E-Dub

    E-Dub7 months ago

    I'm running 10.3.3 on my iPhone 7... should I update? I don't even know what the update would be too... it says 11 when I go to 'general' and check... I don't want to beta test 12... any feed back would be greatly appreciate it. Thanks, E

  17. Exclusive king. God is life.

    Exclusive king. God is life.7 months ago

    The iPhone 6s is going to get slow

  18. Magic Moon

    Magic Moon7 months ago

    I have no Animoji on ios 11.4

  19. Kevin Camino

    Kevin Camino7 months ago

    Watchig on my iphone 6

  20. anvesh kumar

    anvesh kumar7 months ago

    It’s not present in 6s+

  21. Master Karim™

    Master Karim™8 months ago

    I have ios 10.2 should i update to ios 11.4? (Iphone 6)

  22. Kimmy A.

    Kimmy A.8 months ago

    After I updated mine,my battery drains so FAST! Can anybody help me?😭😢

  23. Tesa Mae Lim

    Tesa Mae Lim8 months ago

    Worse for ip6

  24. Niratap

    Niratap8 months ago


  25. mynnylaislife :

    mynnylaislife :8 months ago

    Why did it delete wallpapers ?

  26. enderspearl184

    enderspearl1848 months ago

    I found a freeze that you can do at will. It may only work on iPads as I haven’t tried on my phone. First, tap and hold a folder but don’t move your finger away from the spot. Tap another folder with a different finger but don’t hold it. Hold the home button to get Siri to open and Move your finger from step 1. Close Siri and hold one of the icons until the icons start shaking. Let go of the folder that showed up when Siri was open Drag the icon you held a little and let go after the icons stop moving everywhere. (If they do) Your device is now frozen and you need to force restart from what I found as that is the only way I could fix it

  27. shane lauer

    shane lauer8 months ago

    I’ve updated my iPod Touch 6 to ios 11.4 but don’t see any difference in speed, wallpapers, or appearance.

  28. drake outy

    drake outy8 months ago

    should I upgrade from 9.3.2 to 11.4?

  29. Jimmy The Powerful ! FU

    Jimmy The Powerful ! FU8 months ago

    With the same amount of money this imbecile retard gives out for his multiple homepods other families have to live on several months... idiocy has no limits it seems !

  30. Himanshu Gupta

    Himanshu Gupta8 months ago

    Hey...big fan !! Love your work n always looking up for your next videos. I am using iPhone X...after upgrading it to iOS phone is charging very slowly. It’s now taking 4-5 hours to charge full. Have you noticed something like this or anyone else has noticed it....?? Let me know your thoughts on this.

  31. Yanaki Plamenov

    Yanaki Plamenov8 months ago

    How is the performance on iPhone 6s ? The battery life ? Should I update to 11.4?

  32. sunil das

    sunil das8 months ago

    hi, i noticed that my mic of bluetooth headset (am using xiaomi sports headset) has stopped working with this update .. which was working fine earlier.. any help??

  33. jessahmary08

    jessahmary088 months ago

    Is it just me or ios 11.4 wont allow you to screen record your internal music for example screen recording what your doing with your phone with internal background audio

  34. S Tea

    S Tea8 months ago

    another buggy release... can they make a solid software anymore??

  35. Mohammad Hassan

    Mohammad Hassan8 months ago

    I had a wifi disabled on my iPad Air 2 on iOS 11.4 Now I am using my ipad 2 on iOS 7 until they fix that bug fast

  36. Danproud

    Danproud8 months ago

    It’s not fair, when I updated it, it said NO SERVICE 😡

  37. Magdalena Koh

    Magdalena Koh8 months ago

    Thank you for the review. I’m considering buying the X but do u think I ought to wait for the 11 should Apple name the next version?? Thank you


    MOTODREAD8 months ago

    Facebook is super glitchy but ONLY when messenger has your photos on read and write, after you take it to never the glitches slow down but that’s not the only thing. Idk why the battery dies so fast now when last update it lasted all day now 2-5 hours it’s dead. Gotta keep it on low battery mode to have a chance of it lasting


    MOTODREAD8 months ago

    This update sucks!!! Glitches and huge battery consumption

  40. Almir Salibasic

    Almir Salibasic8 months ago

  41. Oulfat Benson

    Oulfat Benson8 months ago

    I have iPhone 6 plus and I’m on ios 11, I bought an Apple Watch and i couldn’t pair it because I need to update my phone to ios 11.4 what should i do please please answer

  42. xzjrf

    xzjrf8 months ago

    any help

  43. xzjrf

    xzjrf8 months ago

    can anyone help? everytime i facetime someone it says connects and then it ends right away and it pisses me off

  44. GBE Smokes

    GBE Smokes8 months ago

    Great...something almost no one uses...just what we wanted...

  45. Rovmel Trinidad

    Rovmel Trinidad8 months ago

    I dont update at all

  46. Yuvanesh Silvanathan

    Yuvanesh Silvanathan8 months ago

    2:16 my reaction each time a software update has aesthetic changes.

  47. maddieoffical msp

    maddieoffical msp8 months ago

    I have a iPhone SE, should I update?

  48. maddieoffical msp

    maddieoffical msp8 months ago

    All I Smoke is Gas GBE haha ikr

  49. GBE Smokes

    GBE Smokes8 months ago

    rarelol_ msp same I was’s seems pointless until we get that 32 FaceTime jutsu....why ppl hate on us SE users man...we just tryna live life like everyone else

  50. Fikri Hamdani

    Fikri Hamdani8 months ago

    can help me to jb ios 11.4 on iphone 6 ?

  51. Cat G

    Cat G8 months ago

    Will this improve my i7?

  52. GrayMan187

    GrayMan1878 months ago

    I think this update messed up my GPS

  53. Keno Beatz

    Keno Beatz8 months ago

    How do I get it

  54. Khan-Mura eBX

    Khan-Mura eBX8 months ago

    Is there jalibreak coming out for 11.4 ?

  55. GBE Smokes

    GBE Smokes8 months ago

    Khan-Mura eBX eventually

  56. tn m

    tn m8 months ago

    I have iOS 11.2.2 on iPhone 6 Plus and I was about to update to the next one then I heard some complaints and decided not to will it hurt if I go from my current iOS straight to 11.4?

  57. Kengkemenengkew Bernardo

    Kengkemenengkew Bernardo8 months ago

    whenever i watch your videos i always end up with an headache.. too many unnecessary movements.. im just saying the reason why i unsubscribe and never watching any of your videos again. sorry bro

  58. GBE Smokes

    GBE Smokes8 months ago

    Kengkemenengkew Bernardo lol

  59. Impendence Kitty

    Impendence Kitty8 months ago

    How many Storage Will Take?

  60. Štěpán Krejčiřík

    Štěpán Krejčiřík8 months ago

    Where can I get wallaper with 11.4 logo?

  61. Wilson Feliz

    Wilson Feliz8 months ago

    1:07 🤯

  62. Fluffy Jays

    Fluffy Jays8 months ago

    I already have this

  63. Paul Michael

    Paul Michael8 months ago

    So you are talking about homepods for 95% of the video

  64. Vishal Rathi

    Vishal Rathi8 months ago

    The blue wallpaper link is not the wallpaper that is used in the iPhone

  65. Harrisey101

    Harrisey1018 months ago

    Is there anything ever fun added in an update. -.-

  66. Stefano Turcarelli

    Stefano Turcarelli8 months ago



    DUNCAN PRESLY8 months ago

    Why can't someone help and buy me just iPhone 8 plus to make my dream come true.... Plis

  68. christopher lim

    christopher lim8 months ago

    Why doesnt he want to show us his face?

  69. william tha king

    william tha king8 months ago

    What song is that ? Can’t find it.

  70. Christopher Portillo

    Christopher Portillo8 months ago

    How did you find that song on itunes im trying to search it on itune but i do not find it

  71. swinglow33

    swinglow338 months ago

    What gen phone will the update benefit besides the X?

  72. notlit.justmatt

    notlit.justmatt8 months ago


  73. Houssam

    Houssam8 months ago

    Just upgraded from ios 10.3.3 on my iPhone 6s and It’s so fast it’s unbelievable, the performance is impeccable !

  74. ComputerAndGameLover

    ComputerAndGameLover8 months ago

    So, I can reproduce a glitch/bug that will only display the time on the lock screen! It looks really good with a completely black background! It makes it look like a semi-always on display mode, or what it should look like!

  75. Hzay zH

    Hzay zH8 months ago

    Still using iPhone 6 on iOS 10, should I update it to iOS 11?

  76. BerSerK✔️

    BerSerK✔️8 months ago

    Yo i went to the barber shop and I said I want something top notch and he said say no more fam and he made my hairline like the iPhone X notch

  77. BerSerK✔️

    BerSerK✔️8 months ago

    I change the time and had then11.4

  78. A H

    A H8 months ago

    Is there a jailbreak for 11.2.6 iPhone 7

  79. NChync

    NChync8 months ago

    How’s AirPlay 2 on your HomePods?

  80. Joseph Kappaz

    Joseph Kappaz8 months ago

    Where does he get those cool wallpapers someone plz respond!!!!




  82. khgriffi

    khgriffi8 months ago

    The home pods are bad azz

  83. Awakening To The Universe

    Awakening To The Universe8 months ago

    This video was geared towards the home pod it should have been titled that instead 5:00 out of 6 min just about home pod crap. Wow very poor video. Wouldn’t have been so poor if the title really stated what it was about. Even towards the end more about how your exited about the home pod stuff man for real? Unsubscribe for sure I’ll find a channel that doesn’t talk about just how exited they are about one thing for an entire video. Especially since you didn’t sum up on all of the topics you mentioned in the beginning that you were going to talk about.

  84. aavas gurung

    aavas gurung8 months ago

    This update have so many bugs

  85. mrjigga225

    mrjigga2258 months ago

    Oh well I don’t have a HomePod

  86. Charlotte pinare

    Charlotte pinare8 months ago

    C’est nul bouffon

  87. Fot fot

    Fot fot8 months ago

    My iphone 7 lags so much after i updated to ios 11.4, don't know what to do. :\

  88. Average Joe

    Average Joe8 months ago

    My iPad 10.5 sped up visibly. Its crisp again. Hopefully they are done messing with the battery/performance.

  89. ashish shinde

    ashish shinde8 months ago

    Hey man your iPhone's wallpaper is awesome....will you please share the link...

  90. mrbyrd3000

    mrbyrd30008 months ago

    What kind of case do you have? The silver one.

  91. Shoehefner101

    Shoehefner1018 months ago

    Why do I have to restart my iPhone?...NO WAY!!!

  92. Thomas Lim

    Thomas Lim8 months ago

    I cant manage to download the wallpaper from the link provided hmm

  93. TheTurboDriver

    TheTurboDriver8 months ago

    using 2 (up to 3 or 4, also depends on the power of our Apple device) Airplay Speakers or something else at the same time was able since minimum of 3-4 years by the app WHAALE

  94. cool mshade dude

    cool mshade dude8 months ago

    I got it yesterday

  95. wenjie liu

    wenjie liu8 months ago

    Where is the wallpaper? The section of the cell

  96. Martin marty

    Martin marty8 months ago


  97. Detox

    Detox8 months ago

    Hello people scrolling what kind of phone you got or device you watching this on?Im watching it on my IPhone 7plus

  98. The_ Joker

    The_ Joker8 months ago

    Big day! LOL How miserable a life have you?!?

  99. Mr.dabbs420

    Mr.dabbs4208 months ago

    Is there a jail break yet for this🤔

  100. Angel Gitev

    Angel Gitev8 months ago

    I have(or had because I don't know if it will work again) an iPhone 6 16gb and I updated it to ios 11.4 and everything was fine but after 2 or 3 days it started having bugs and i turned it off and after I turned it on few minutes later I realised that it isn't turning on and stayed on the apple logo...I tried many ways to fix it and now I left it in a shop to be repaired...I don't know if it's because of the ios or sth else but I'm dissapointed of apple

  101. R1Willem

    R1Willem8 months ago

    Still can’t change MReporter volume on apple tv...

  102. zuluula

    zuluula8 months ago

    basically you're on of those apple zombies that gets exited over silly things like , wow they changed the button woooow , and now they changed this one option from green to yellow ,woooow all that wifi bluetooth in your pocket and on your wrist can defiantly affect your health in long term , be careful

  103. Luqman Ghani

    Luqman Ghani8 months ago

    What's the phone cover he's using?

  104. Marc Ferrer

    Marc Ferrer8 months ago

    That iPhone X case makes the phone looks like it has a HUGE bezel