iOS 11.4 Beta 2 Released! New Wallpaper & X Feature


  1. 1k subs with no vids????

    1k subs with no vids????3 months ago

    Download ?

  2. Bendick Johansen

    Bendick Johansen7 months ago

    Link to your wallpaper

  3. Résh 1

    Résh 17 months ago

    Lel I’m still on iOS 11.1

  4. Jay Strang

    Jay Strang8 months ago

    That wallpaper was already there in beta 1

  5. Fortnite Gameplay

    Fortnite Gameplay8 months ago

    I have IPhone X😊😊😊😊😊

  6. Iffat A Amin Strawcoli Wonders یسھذ

    Iffat A Amin Strawcoli Wonders یسھذ8 months ago

    I've got the final version of iOS 11.4.

  7. vlogs games and lazytown Stephanie awala

    vlogs games and lazytown Stephanie awala9 months ago

    I hate iPhone X

  8. vlogs games and lazytown Stephanie awala

    vlogs games and lazytown Stephanie awala9 months ago


  9. rottteneggs gaming

    rottteneggs gaming9 months ago

    How do you get the iOS Betas

  10. William Huang

    William Huang9 months ago

    I think iphone must focus to siri offline feature, battery, full dark mode or black theme (no convert), and add features on camera.

  11. Valentino Vega

    Valentino Vega9 months ago

    Warn half sudden security aware van productive pie massive.

  12. Madhu Kraft

    Madhu Kraft9 months ago

    How do you download the beta update?

  13. Hoppie426 Gaming and Rosh-G28

    Hoppie426 Gaming and Rosh-G289 months ago

    Beta 3 has been here for a wile know why have you never do a video on it

  14. Unity Emile

    Unity Emile9 months ago

    how do i get the beta i had it on my old phone (7) and now i can’t find the same video

  15. Robbe Michiels

    Robbe Michiels9 months ago

    french slap chart wdqgtm palestinian insect should greek open anyway.

  16. Rylan Ray

    Rylan Ray10 months ago

    They also took away the instant scroll to the top when you tap on the very top of your display

  17. Leandre Legrand

    Leandre Legrand10 months ago

    Forehead ask fun traveler spring matter greatest plain.

  18. SuperReeseP

    SuperReeseP10 months ago

    Ive had iOS 11.4 beta 2 for almost an entire month already. I jail broke my phone and got it super early lol

  19. Liridon Dobraj

    Liridon Dobraj10 months ago

    Don’t update just leave in ios 11.4 beta1.The battery really sucks in beta2

  20. Andrea Loperfido

    Andrea Loperfido10 months ago

    Wallpaper? On the tumbnail

  21. Noah Hudson

    Noah Hudson10 months ago

    Look far advocate holy rely well after protect click pad.

  22. Ibrahim Jarkass

    Ibrahim Jarkass10 months ago

    Does it work for iPhone 8 ?

  23. Rodrigues Miguel

    Rodrigues Miguel10 months ago

    Hey Everything Apple Pro, quick question here. Does your iphone X on facebook and instagram stutters a bit while scrolling? i mean safari is very smooth but apps are very awefull.

  24. Kevin Vieira

    Kevin Vieira10 months ago

    Develop retired landscape surprise material rhetoric rise demand last stiff.

  25. 아이스크림& 피자

    아이스크림& 피자10 months ago

    I don’t have iOS 11.4 😂🤷🏻‍♀️

  26. Apple Games

    Apple Games10 months ago

    How do you get the betas. I just got my first phone which is an iPhone 6 and I was wondering how to get the Beta’s. If I can’t, then do you know when iOS 11.4 releases cuz it sounds so fun and I can’t wait to use it lol


    AAOFAA STUDIOS10 months ago

    I just want to tell you about another bug in iMessages iOS 11.3 is when you sending an animoji then send another text with some effect , that effect made a white background on the animoji when you send or replay the effects from the text . I hope on another upcoming iOS update you should try to do that and see if bug has fixed .

  28. Jeffery Attebury

    Jeffery Attebury10 months ago

    My iPhone X doesn’t have the lock/unlock feature wtf this shit is driving me nuts

  29. Jimmy Jimjoe

    Jimmy Jimjoe10 months ago

    Who is using stock wallpapers anyway, I know you go over everything but I always laugh when you put so much focus on them.

  30. Zackeroo HQ

    Zackeroo HQ10 months ago

    Anyone who wants the iOS 11.4 Wallpaper look at my latest video. Here is the link for it

  31. wullla to

    wullla to10 months ago


  32. Mohammed Saghir

    Mohammed Saghir10 months ago


  33. Pervis Easley

    Pervis Easley10 months ago

    Commercials suck and are atrocious!!!

  34. MineGunFormers

    MineGunFormers10 months ago

    Me: Any Beta of iOS 12 Come's Out, What Will i do? Take My Phone , Don't Care kicking anyone out of my Wi-Fi! Back-Up My Phone, And Update

  35. Pu Du

    Pu Du10 months ago

    When you are changing the volume, the block in the middle of the screen is slightly smaller.

  36. celis281

    celis28110 months ago

    Is there a legit jail break for iPhone 7 Plus? 11.2.6

  37. Richard S

    Richard S10 months ago

    Is the 3D touch bug where it does not work immediately after you unlock the phone fixed?

  38. Harald Karugaba

    Harald Karugaba10 months ago

    And what’s the best apps for school

  39. Harald Karugaba

    Harald Karugaba10 months ago

    I bought my first iPhone and I was not impressed sadly but it has som God adventeg likes son app but not to buy new iPhone

  40. Genes

    Genes10 months ago

    Will they EVER fix the landscape lockscreen bug? When you’re watching a video in landscape and lock your phone the lockscreen is in landscape mode as well. This is only if you don’t use passcode or face/touch ID

  41. Bushie Brushy

    Bushie Brushy10 months ago

    I want a iPhone X

  42. Chyon Islam

    Chyon Islam10 months ago

    Hello can you please tell me h w can i do my iphone x Landscape mode home screen? thanks

  43. YBN Guy

    YBN Guy10 months ago

    I wise Apple said EAP will love this or will like thus

  44. Apple Tech News

    Apple Tech News10 months ago

    Remember back in the day when Steve Jobs would brag about how the iphones were revolutionary but bow Tim Cook calls it revolutionary when they like slightly improve a few features that we’ve had for years

  45. Kami Malik

    Kami Malik10 months ago

    Bro can i use dual whatsapp for iohone 6

  46. Naliyah Mae Stenson

    Naliyah Mae Stenson10 months ago

    I’m very confused! 🤷🏽‍♀️ I’ve checked my software update. I’m still on iOS 11.3. When am i going to have to update my device? Please, respond to my comment.

  47. Marco Piscador

    Marco Piscador10 months ago

    Note 8 is still way better

  48. 【Loppy fly

    【Loppy fly10 months ago difference :/

  49. Erick Gutierrez

    Erick Gutierrez10 months ago

    your not gonna do a tutorial on iOS 11.3 jailbreak electra?


    CHALLENGE STARS10 months ago

    We need video for jailbreak ios 11.3

  51. Safia Ashraf

    Safia Ashraf10 months ago

    I don’t know my iPhone 8 Plus fell from waist height and now it’s camera won’t work. Have done every possible thing but it’s still the same... hell of a worried.. suggest me anything guys..

  52. Tate Owen

    Tate Owen10 months ago

    Any updates on the jailbreak for iOS 11.2.2?

  53. Andrei Macariola

    Andrei Macariola10 months ago

    hi apple pro my iphone 4 is jailbreak and then i download theme in cydia name league of legends when i already download the theme i cant touch anything in my screen how to fix pls my daddy will kill me im crying know😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢

  54. McNugget JolliHotdog

    McNugget JolliHotdog10 months ago

    Can you do a video about the iphone storage in settings? What does it mean when it says other?

  55. Jaboogie

    Jaboogie10 months ago

    Are all those jailbreak videos fake?

  56. 666 999

    666 99910 months ago

    Why do you keep being phones just to break them freez them and test them you need to quit doing that and get a real life boi becose wasting phones is stupid I wish I had that kind of money becose if I did I would by a new car or get a good truck instead of buying phones and wasting them and useing them the Rong way your mest up in the head boi

  57. jackal monkey

    jackal monkey10 months ago

    Stop moving the phone around so much when you show stuff. I felt like I was gaining a nervous condition watching you hold the phone.

  58. Martin marty

    Martin marty10 months ago


  59. abdul çí

    abdul çí10 months ago

    Dude what is going on with jailbreaks I neeeed tweaks in my life

  60. yeollie_ lover

    yeollie_ lover10 months ago

    I think i found another best clone of iphone x

  61. Chad Fritz

    Chad Fritz10 months ago

    Where is the new wallpaper at?

  62. Ayman Super

    Ayman Super10 months ago

    Hi i need help my iPad is stuck on iOS 9.3.5 it won't update

  63. SN95 Mustang Garage

    SN95 Mustang Garage10 months ago

    Bluetooth music in my car comes out only on one side since updating to this latest beta junk software. This sucks!!!! As soon as Bluetooth is off and radio on it goes back to normal. Does this in all three vehicles.

  64. Just a casual christian minecraft server

    Just a casual christian minecraft server10 months ago

    Any updates on jailbreaking 11.2+? I haven't heard anything from any sources...

  65. Ryan Paquette

    Ryan Paquette10 months ago

    I’ve had the black folio case since iPhone X launch and it had that lock/unlock feature already built in. Nothing new! Only thing I’d wish for in the future is that the case would be truly magnetic, so when close the cover it stays even if u turn it upside down or shake it.

  66. Technical sharon

    Technical sharon10 months ago

    When will iPhone x giveaway start

  67. John Carlo Miguel Elsisura

    John Carlo Miguel Elsisura10 months ago

    Can i have one of your iphones?

  68. EliteXDarkzy

    EliteXDarkzy10 months ago

    Can you make a video on what will happen if you delete Apple Music and tell what will happen to the music that is downloaded

  69. Avery Shea

    Avery Shea10 months ago

    You should make a video and show all of your phones.

  70. Rasmus Skålberg

    Rasmus Skålberg10 months ago

    hey i saw this thing on ebay thats allow you to convert your iphone 7 to a iphone 8 with wireless charging please chek it out here i a link

  71. Andy TOSKOVIC

    Andy TOSKOVIC10 months ago

    Why are you so obsessed with stock wallpapers, you can just download the ones you like

  72. APenguin020

    APenguin02010 months ago

    I am running iOS 11.4 Beta 2

  73. cjeelde

    cjeelde10 months ago

    When will we get Stocks in iPad OS?? 😭😭

  74. Ethan Mananga

    Ethan Mananga10 months ago

    Please make an updated Snapchat hack

  75. Joey The Hedgehog

    Joey The Hedgehog10 months ago

    Where did he get that wallpaper for the iphone X? I really want it.

  76. Zoe’s life On hh

    Zoe’s life On hh10 months ago

    Will iOS 11.4 be available on iPhone 7 because it’s not showing up yet on my iPhone 🤔

  77. Sam Richardson

    Sam Richardson10 months ago

    Various while decade prime bone African presidential mystery line afternoon interior.

  78. Schon Gonzales

    Schon Gonzales10 months ago

    Is this going to be on iPhone 6s?

  79. Next gen MLgamer

    Next gen MLgamer10 months ago

    When is the next MacBook Pro coming out? Should I buy on now or wait??

  80. D K

    D K10 months ago

    which iOS is the best in terms of battery performance? (for iphone X)

  81. Ali Hussein

    Ali Hussein10 months ago

    Guys we need your help We want Apple make a support phone number to iraq We are very active user and really love apple and there’s a millions of apple users in iraq but yet apple don’t look at us yet please sign this petition and help us

  82. Apple Trix

    Apple Trix10 months ago

    Staying on 11.3 jailbreak coming

  83. LilBloxer Games

    LilBloxer Games10 months ago

    THERES A NEW GLITCH A Minecraft Tape Might Wipe Away Your Computer

  84. Anarchy Wolf

    Anarchy Wolf10 months ago

    Everythingapplepro, yo im your biggest fan, been watching since 2 years back,all i know about iphones is cuz of you thanks so much man

  85. Andy Jimenez

    Andy Jimenez10 months ago

    I took your advice about getting 11.3 and now my iPhone x cannot record the audio of my music app during screen recording. How can I fix this or downgrade to 11.2.6? I used to be able to do that with the previous software.

  86. Utkarsh Punia

    Utkarsh Punia10 months ago

    Downloaded songs won’t play on Apple Music offline. Anybody know what I should do. HMU plz ASAP

  87. nail yahsi

    nail yahsi10 months ago


  88. عمر أبو خطاب

    عمر أبو خطاب10 months ago


  89. Apple products IOS

    Apple products IOS10 months ago

    When we gonna have 11.4 I still have 11.03 ??? Lol my password is 0000 too 😂😂😂 I always on my iPad bc I can put 13 apps on the dock bc iPhone u just put 4 that's sucks like I edit my videos n photos n music apps I have my dock

  90. ೫ EMOZILL ೫

    ೫ EMOZILL ೫10 months ago

    I'm 1000th comment. Like it please 🔥

  91. Halil Meydan

    Halil Meydan10 months ago


  92. Direct Hacker

    Direct Hacker10 months ago

    1000th comment 👌🏽

  93. JohnLikesDonuts

    JohnLikesDonuts10 months ago

    1000th comment!

  94. Saifeddine Ebt

    Saifeddine Ebt10 months ago

    I still have the iPhone 5s can you give me a 6 i dont have enough money for a new iPhone

  95. Anastasios Kondakos

    Anastasios Kondakos10 months ago

    Very cool background 😜🤪🙃🙂

  96. Astro Mec

    Astro Mec10 months ago

    It’s apple’s tradition to remove useful features! You should know that!! (Like the App Store wish list and the up next clear button).

  97. Trevor Brown

    Trevor Brown10 months ago

    hey ...what do you think about this?

  98. Rahul Rao

    Rahul Rao10 months ago



    JAHESH OÑFORY10 months ago

    Philip help me one thing 😁😁😁😁