iOS 11.4 Beta 1 Released! What's New?


  1. Electro Sound

    Electro Sound3 months ago

    Hy I think to jail break my iphone 6 plus This is good or bar Can i unjail break It can harmful for my device After unjail break i get fresh iphone 6 plus ios 11.4.1 Please help me and reply I am fan of you

  2. vampire Boy

    vampire Boy3 months ago

    When coming iOS 12 🤔🤔

  3. Dance Life

    Dance Life3 months ago

    I have the IPhone SE and I don’t have the update

  4. Stefan Georgiev

    Stefan Georgiev4 months ago

    Compare with iphone se?

  5. jay Jay

    jay Jay5 months ago

    Kills my battery it sucks it just made it slower!!!!!!! It’s suppose to be an upgrade Apple step up!

  6. Jace Wheeler

    Jace Wheeler5 months ago

    Who saw fortnite

  7. Mohammed Rhriba

    Mohammed Rhriba5 months ago

    I still dont see 11.4 on my iphone 6s yet!) How come apple pro? I m on 11.3 and it says i am up to date!

  8. Bhda

    Bhda5 months ago

    Where do you get that wallpaper??

  9. Basith Rahman

    Basith Rahman5 months ago

    I need that wallpaper

  10. David Dix

    David Dix5 months ago

    Has anyone mentioned the new screen recording? When you do a screen recording, you can now enable the microphone so while you’re screen recording you can talk/record sound as well!

  11. one piece [TEAM]

    one piece [TEAM]5 months ago

    Can you give me ??😇😇😇 Hahah

  12. Qz_2018

    Qz_20185 months ago

    I like your English 👍👍👍 точно на 1:01 Jah Khalib 👍🎶 если бы не комент ниже я бы не догадалась ,что вы русскоязычный !

  13. Qz_2018

    Qz_20185 months ago

    Is it a beta ?! LOL I didnt update and I still have iOS 11.2.6 😅

  14. Typical Guy

    Typical Guy5 months ago

    Is battery life better

  15. Nuny Rivera

    Nuny Rivera5 months ago

    Is it just me that is having battery drain issues with iOS 11.3 on the 7 plus?

  16. P K

    P K5 months ago

    I wish Apple brought back the live wallpapers for the iPhone 6s.😢💔

  17. timstring0902

    timstring09025 months ago

    It is not 11 point 4, it is 11 dot 4. OS versions are not a mathematical quantity, so that dot is not a decimal point.

  18. Leon van der Linden

    Leon van der Linden5 months ago

    Drink sodium even mad classical stand emergency farm then protein expertise.

  19. Andy Jimenez

    Andy Jimenez5 months ago

    except that my music player is now fucked up. Every song appears to be on the first second instead of where it's actually playing

  20. CoachSarfo

    CoachSarfo5 months ago

    How do I get my device management and profile to general setting please

  21. Khmaibuk Media

    Khmaibuk Media5 months ago

    who else is on iOS 11.1 using electra? hit that like button

  22. Ryan Paquette

    Ryan Paquette5 months ago

    Is anyone else dealing with constant resprings with this beta? Driving me crazy! 😡

  23. Ramiz Akter

    Ramiz Akter5 months ago

    U didn’t face the battery issue on iPhone x for 11.3 ..battery sudden drops ....if yes then suggest some helpful methods to recover that...

  24. Peter Cordeiro

    Peter Cordeiro5 months ago

    I’m currently torn. As of right now I’m on iOS 11.1.2 and am using that to my advantage for apps such as Torngat where I can change things such as icon masks, boot up logos, etc. I was wondering if I should sacrifice those customizations for the newer versions of iOS. Any input would be appreciated.

  25. Cristien Perezzx

    Cristien Perezzx5 months ago

    Apple keeps you in shape and keed the doctors away

  26. Mikey Peters

    Mikey Peters5 months ago

    Is there a way to stop photos on I message? Even if it’s just over cellular?

  27. Chrisanthos Nonis

    Chrisanthos Nonis5 months ago

    More bugs, more OS complete crashes

  28. Justice

    Justice5 months ago

    My battery life on the iPhone 6s is so bad since ios 11.3 .. seriously... i dont know what i Should do. I just bought the iPhone 6s new and got a 100% battery life

  29. shanu sinha

    shanu sinha5 months ago

    no any changes apple have to focus to fix the battery issues animation lag and slower performance of ios 11

  30. Tech Sayyam

    Tech Sayyam5 months ago


  31. West_bmxer

    West_bmxer5 months ago

    I’m on the beta and now my Touch ID does not work

  32. Ken Matharoo

    Ken Matharoo5 months ago

    Still no fix for the insane system storage usage? Apple is snorting some crazy stuff.

  33. sohel world's

    sohel world's5 months ago

    can you bay one phone for me ples i bage you

  34. Mark Davis

    Mark Davis5 months ago


  35. Charles-Émile Lauzon

    Charles-Émile Lauzon5 months ago

    I’ve got iPhone 10... but not able to download it again...

  36. Nived Ullas

    Nived Ullas5 months ago

    man i have been aking for a long time where do you get your wallpapers from.

  37. Mm11m Top

    Mm11m Top5 months ago


  38. Lucky Sonava

    Lucky Sonava5 months ago

    Hy I have got an 6s and I had subscribed to Apple Music and its get over suddenly and I have got many downloaded songs So who can I listen to them!! Help please

  39. Antonio Medina

    Antonio Medina5 months ago

    Anyone have a problem with screen recording a vid? It just gives me a black screen

  40. Planet Earth

    Planet Earth5 months ago

    So happy with 11.1.2 jail broken.

  41. Vandit Mahendru

    Vandit Mahendru5 months ago

    There is a glitch with Siri in 11.4 . Now any of my friends can say “Hey Siri” and Siri responds. It never happened earlier!

  42. Bragainrain 700

    Bragainrain 7005 months ago

    Will this work on 7+


    Br. SHAN MATHEW SHALU5 months ago

    The iBook text to speech now after iOS 11.3 reads the book title in every page and while using ALEX voice the screen blinks every time it reads a comma. Do you think it will be solved.

  44. Lorenzo Warie

    Lorenzo Warie5 months ago

    I always had the option for multi-room support... or am I so wrong?

  45. J Star

    J Star5 months ago

    Anyone having problems with pictures? My iphone x on 11.4 beta 1 is not saving pictures after i take them.

  46. Orangenick08

    Orangenick085 months ago

    I have the newest iPad and I cannot see it

  47. Yan Dsouza

    Yan Dsouza5 months ago

    Name of the wallpaper

  48. Tech Riches

    Tech Riches5 months ago


  49. SM Asraf

    SM Asraf5 months ago

    I see a vedio i phone vs train.its very sad u waste ur money.can I see train vs ur head??

  50. ChristoDubb Channel

    ChristoDubb Channel5 months ago

    Is it buggy?

  51. Alaa Mrad

    Alaa Mrad5 months ago

    I noticed a change of animation when you try to get/buy an app on the AppStore on iPhone X. Now the animation tells you to double click the side button explicitly

  52. Christhekid

    Christhekid5 months ago

    You can never fully trust a beta update

  53. Keegan Goerz

    Keegan Goerz5 months ago

    Sprint. Weird.

  54. Philip Shanu Prem

    Philip Shanu Prem5 months ago

    Didi anyone notice at 0:58, In control panel you get network and battery status!!

  55. Alessandre Diaz

    Alessandre Diaz5 months ago

    yo, My iphone charger is working but my earphones aren’t any help!? (iphone 7)

  56. Alessandre Diaz

    Alessandre Diaz5 months ago

    Tommy literally got my moms new earphones from iphone x box 😩

  57. Tommy

    Tommy5 months ago

    Alessandre Diaz earphones broke

  58. miketech00

    miketech005 months ago

    Where can I get his wallpaper ?

  59. Amber Hite

    Amber Hite5 months ago

    There’s new in the’s battery health beta

  60. Brandon Baker

    Brandon Baker5 months ago

    Who else is watching on iPhone X or has one

  61. Spiral face 2007

    Spiral face 20075 months ago


  62. Spiral face 2007

    Spiral face 20075 months ago

    I cant update

  63. brandonjr36

    brandonjr365 months ago

    Apple has definitely went down hill. My iPhone X lags all the time. It’s terrible.

  64. Endrit Shala

    Endrit Shala5 months ago

    Bruh I just installed 11.3

  65. Bryce Covington

    Bryce Covington5 months ago

    Is there a red iPhone X

  66. Emirates

    Emirates5 months ago

    which wallpaper is that

  67. alex3261

    alex32615 months ago

    Maybe this update will bring fixes to the numerous iOS bugs, including a fix for the annoying broken sync. The meaning of the updates is to bring functionality not just new animations and useless emojis.

  68. Shiva Paul

    Shiva Paul5 months ago

    Why don’t u post link for the wallpapers??

  69. darius ryan

    darius ryan5 months ago


  70. Salman Farizi

    Salman Farizi5 months ago

    It should be 11.3.1 lol

  71. Chirag Aggarwal

    Chirag Aggarwal5 months ago


  72. KiwiBeats

    KiwiBeats5 months ago

    It’s software. Not firmware.

  73. Dustin Lear

    Dustin Lear5 months ago

    This updated murdered my battery life. I have no idea what’s going on. (iPhone 8 Plus)

  74. Sebastian Sandstrom

    Sebastian Sandstrom5 months ago

    product track giant crbbia colony hardware nice like wisdom newspaper beside freedom promise.

  75. Nisrin Moha

    Nisrin Moha5 months ago

    so should i keep using iphone x or switch to an android phone?

  76. itsoliviarose

    itsoliviarose5 months ago

    lol I’ve been waiting for iMessages on iCloud since iOS 11 was released

  77. Larry Ganz

    Larry Ganz5 months ago

    I love your channel, but Dude!! I just watched your 11.3 review and my iPhone X and 7+ are both being updated right now to get the iMessage in the cloud and Airplay 2, only to find out in your 11.4 review that THEY AREN'T IN 11.3 like you said. You had one phone with the 11.3 Beta and another iPhone with the final release, and U never said anything other than the features were the same. PLEASE UPDATE YOUR 11.3 REVIEW

  78. Bryan Agapito

    Bryan Agapito5 months ago

    I’m not getting your notifications even though I have them on

  79. Mac Junky

    Mac Junky5 months ago

    Hey Yo Chuffing

  80. Dreadhead ink

    Dreadhead ink5 months ago

    They need to update the software to us being able to use Walmart cable cords. I’m tired of my phone saying ‘accessory may not be supported ‘ 😡 And they took away Bluetooth connection to other devices. 😡 Apple has to many restrictions. I’m going back to android next month.

  81. Jonas Reichert

    Jonas Reichert5 months ago

    You ve got some E-Mails to read^^

  82. iScreamCandy TV

    iScreamCandy TV5 months ago

    Apps keep closing mail app won’t even open. TERRIBLE beta

  83. Marty McLean

    Marty McLean5 months ago

    I hope iOS 11.4 finally fixes the Music app + widget, but I'm not holding my breath.

  84. Vladimir Calixte

    Vladimir Calixte5 months ago

    Did they ever fix the screen record audio ?

  85. Henry Barber

    Henry Barber5 months ago

    I FOUND SOMETHING NEW. When your on your homepage you cant read the news. There is no options. Nothing.

  86. Vaibhav Lakhani

    Vaibhav Lakhani5 months ago


  87. Vaibhav Lakhani

    Vaibhav Lakhani5 months ago

    This happens only when i m on home screen and not on any app

  88. bassam fakhouri

    bassam fakhouri5 months ago

    Hi From were ur wallpaper in ur phone

  89. Brandon VanVorst

    Brandon VanVorst5 months ago

    First issue I had right after update. I was connected to Wi-Fi and VPN and watched this video then was prompted to enter in my password for my iCloud. It would take after several attempts, so I disconnected Wi-Fi and vpn and then reconnected and was able to enter in my iCloud pw. Then google accounts needed to be updated. Idk if it was Wi-Fi or vpn that was blocking my info but it worked after reconnecting

  90. Ryan Millington

    Ryan Millington5 months ago

    I’m on IOS 11.3 and whenever I go into settings and check my phone storage it freezes settings. I can close out of it but it freezes all other apps too, someone plz test it and see if it’s just me. I’m on an iPhone X 256Gb version

  91. Daniel Kutomi

    Daniel Kutomi5 months ago

    Battery design is different.

  92. Cristian Rios

    Cristian Rios5 months ago

    What is name of this wallpaper???

  93. Lionel Andres

    Lionel Andres5 months ago

    I need this wallpaper

  94. Dark Charizard 31

    Dark Charizard 315 months ago

    Is it worth updating for someone who is still using an iPhone 5s?

  95. stormytuber

    stormytuber5 months ago

    i cant update cuz it doesn't show, i have iphone 6s

  96. yeaturi naresh

    yeaturi naresh5 months ago

    Pleaze i want apple iphone 6 or 7 pelase... Sir...... Please...... For me free......

  97. Zachary Helfrich

    Zachary Helfrich5 months ago

    hey where can i get the wallpaper?

  98. Frankie V

    Frankie V5 months ago

    Anyone with IOS 11.3 having LTE issues ?

  99. Karabo ManneZA

    Karabo ManneZA5 months ago

    I didnt know apple had an event😱omg i dont care about apple anymore😢

  100. mujjuman

    mujjuman5 months ago

    i means its the FIRST dev beta..... u cant expect anything lmao

  101. Naram Alhasani

    Naram Alhasani5 months ago

    anyone got the wallpaper?

  102. BeastArts

    BeastArts5 months ago

    Link for the wallpaper please?

  103. saza23

    saza235 months ago

    @EverythingApplePro Hey, do you know any trick or App that can set the alarm/reminder every 24 hrs not regarding to the time on the clock? I have to take a medication every 24 hrs and it is very confusing how many hrs has passed by when I have to travel in different time zones and my phone clock is set to auto-adjust on local time.