iOS 11.3.1 Released! What's New?


  1. DxDeity

    DxDeity9 months ago


  2. KalebelaK

    KalebelaK10 months ago

    Hey how do I jailbreak 11.3.1? I tried looking it up but I don’t trust other people and Ik your a trust worthy person so if you could help me out man that would be great!

  3. Ali3n Technologies

    Ali3n Technologies11 months ago

    Misleading title

  4. The Inferno

    The Inferno11 months ago

    "So I'd stay away from 11.3.1, if you're hoping for a jailbreak" 😹 *11.3.1 jailbreak on the way 😹

  5. Linden Johnson

    Linden Johnson11 months ago

    where can i download 11.3.1 ?

  6. Dark_Voltz

    Dark_Voltz11 months ago

    Currently coolstar is working on a 11.3.1 jailbreak so if you're on an iPhone that has no jailbreak as of this moment you should update to 11.3.1 immediately. More information can be found on the Reddit Jailbreak thread

  7. Rogelio Schevenin Jr.

    Rogelio Schevenin Jr.11 months ago

    Anyone coming here to decide on whether or not to give up your 11.1.x jailbreak? haha

  8. Supreme Fishy

    Supreme Fishy11 months ago

    Lol, He says stay away from 11.3.1 to Jailbreak, Next second a Jailbreak is being released for 11.3.1

  9. Dream Life

    Dream Life11 months ago

    There’s a bug on iOS 11.3.1 you key in using passcode on your iPhone you scroll down notifications then you see all the number to enter your password

  10. Joshua Leon

    Joshua Leon11 months ago

    With NEW News releases about IOS 11.3.1 Exploits should we update???

  11. Ally Playz

    Ally Playz11 months ago

    instead of using 3rd party displays, just buy a defective phone (make sure its not the screen that's defective) and it will be cheaper since you're getting a whole (defective) phone for parts

  12. Abdidoz

    Abdidoz11 months ago

    still waiting for a jailbreak on ios 11.2.1

  13. QuietQuan

    QuietQuan11 months ago

    What’s the best Adblocker(that works with MReporter app) for ios11?

  14. PPS076 Reviews

    PPS076 ReviewsYear ago

    Anyone else having problems with WiFi dissconecting all the time with iPad Pros?

  15. Leonardo Elvinci

    Leonardo ElvinciYear ago

    What’s up guys what is iOS I am new to I phone😳

  16. robert hingston

    robert hingstonYear ago

    11.3.1 as some bugs in it

  17. Deepak Dhaka

    Deepak DhakaYear ago

    What should i do my touch is not working after update , say me on my email account Please please help me 🙏

  18. Peeyush Makhija

    Peeyush MakhijaYear ago

    Hello everything apple pro I'm currently running iOS 11.2.5 on my iPhone X should I upgrade to iOS 11.3.1 though I don't face much of bugs in iOS 11.2.5. I need to know how is iOS 11.3.1 on iPhone X?



    11.3.1 is the problem, it didnt solve anything . i had a customer who had an iphone 8plus, and couldnt use the phone at all he couldnt navigate nothing just screen of death , and all from an update

  20. Peeyush Makhija

    Peeyush MakhijaYear ago

    Hello everything apple pro I'm currently running iOS 11.2.5 on my iPhone X should I upgrade to iOS 11.3.1 though I don't face much of bugs in iOS 11.2.5. I need to know how is iOS 11.3.1 on iPhone X?

  21. Gustin TV

    Gustin TVYear ago

    I dunno if this pertains to the 7 Plus, but my gf just recently repaired her screen with a 3rd party and it seems to function fine however the colors are noticeably more washed out. We could tell when we compared our phones side by side. The 3rd party screen must've done something to the color saturation or something. I checked the settings, and they were unchanged so it wasn't that.

  22. Abhishek Yadav

    Abhishek YadavYear ago

    My camera doesn’t work what can I do

  23. Soni Barn

    Soni BarnYear ago

    Yea my iPad use to do it no screen Replacements this update fixed it I just updated.

  24. wan khalil wan sapian

    wan khalil wan sapianYear ago

    GPS issue not settle. stupidddd!!!!

  25. Harvey Smothers

    Harvey SmothersYear ago

    Updating my iPhone 4s ☺️☺️

  26. Patel Parth

    Patel ParthYear ago

    Hey Buddy Can You Help Me with this problem? As I have updated my iPhone 8+ with 11.3.1 version now the problem is that the battery will stick to 80% afterwards battery doesn’t get charged, is there a problem with this update??

  27. christeder

    christederYear ago

    714MB update, mine shows 50MB :O

  28. Tariq mahmood

    Tariq mahmoodYear ago

    Who is third party . 🤔 I think spy agencies

  29. Alan Montoya

    Alan MontoyaYear ago

    The last update also made third party charging cables useless if you’re using them to connect your phone to al older car stereo, it’ll charge my iPhone X but will not connect phone via usb.

  30. Gage Smith

    Gage SmithYear ago

    Some people have been saying that the new update has a virus.

  31. dominionn09

    dominionn09Year ago

    Does iphones have true multitasking like split screen yet? I can't have one until this comes out. No good for my business

  32. Jeremie Fasolati

    Jeremie FasolatiYear ago

    I aint even change my screen but its still experiencing this what’s so called “ghost touch”

  33. Thomas Boone

    Thomas BooneYear ago

    Can you tell me. How to remove 11.4 beta without computer

  34. Jeseef Cm

    Jeseef CmYear ago

    On my iPhone 7plus on 11.3.1 spring board is not rotating

  35. cgwworldministries

    cgwworldministriesYear ago

    Apple does screen for 30 bucks... idk how much cheaper you can possibly get...

  36. Kurt Magbujos

    Kurt MagbujosYear ago

    DO NOT UPDATE. Battery drain on iOS 11.3.1 is very severe. It's not worth the update.

  37. Bob Smiles

    Bob SmilesYear ago

    Am I the only one who has problems with the mic after the update??

  38. Hélio Solar

    Hélio SolarYear ago

    They did that on purpose..

  39. Riki Tiu

    Riki TiuYear ago

    my iPad Mini has ghost touch

  40. squall44

    squall44Year ago

    I have a X and my battery started to drain after this update. This is ridiculous, I actually gave apple a try this time and I’m highly disappointed. This should be a serious issue for Apple. Paying 1000 dollars for a phone that drains itself within a few hours?

  41. Cristian Moore

    Cristian MooreYear ago

    Why has nobody talked about Siri's new laugh? It's creepy! Possibly something new in iOS11.4 beta 4. Send a message to yourself like "That's funny. Haha." Ask Siri to read it and listen.

  42. Ricky 74361

    Ricky 74361Year ago

    How does he get that wallpapers

  43. Gєє χl

    Gєє χlYear ago

    I have a iPhone 8 Plus Should I update it to 11.3.1?

  44. Park PB

    Park PBYear ago

    2:48 what app is he using?

  45. John Lourence Tan

    John Lourence TanYear ago

    Will upgrading from ios 10.3 to 11.3 erase all my data ? TIA

  46. Keiara Janae

    Keiara JanaeYear ago

    Does anyone have battery issues with this update?

  47. power

    powerYear ago

    I recently got the iPhone X and it has some problems that I don't know how to fix. For instance, the battery is absolutely bad, I just go to school with 100% and come back with 50% after not using it that much. On my previous iPhone (iPhone 7 Plus) the battery lasted so long. I went to school with 100% and came back with 80%. I have no idea what's the problem. And as for my second problem, I just updated to IOS 11.3.1 and my iPhone keeps overheating. Any solutions?

  48. Shawn James

    Shawn JamesYear ago


  49. NelsonTiger

    NelsonTigerYear ago

    Everything you need to know about iOS 11.3.1 The 1

  50. John SM

    John SMYear ago

    i updated today,fixed the washed out colours on my 7

  51. difux

    difuxYear ago

    Where can i find the wallpaper from the beginning 0:00

  52. kilischmitti

    kilischmittiYear ago

    In IOS 11.3.1 on the IPhone 7 there is a bug. When you unlock your phone and use straight after unlocking 3D Touch, it does not work.

  53. Avie S

    Avie SYear ago

    I'm still on iOS 8.3 👌

  54. wooferjay West

    wooferjay WestYear ago

    They probably only did it to avoid losing a lot of Customers.

  55. RG PATIL

    RG PATILYear ago

    Hello sir pls suggest me My iPhone 7 Plus battery draining fast after this new update so pls tel me What can i do

  56. Leon Darko

    Leon DarkoYear ago


  57. Kaitlin McLaine

    Kaitlin McLaineYear ago


  58. Muhammed Jallow

    Muhammed JallowYear ago

    Is anyone else’s update not working, is keeps saying failed verification no longer connected to internet even though I am

  59. Sujith

    SujithYear ago

    I face call failure most of the time😬😬 in ios anyone with the same issue?

  60. Smart Tech

    Smart TechYear ago

    How is the battery life on iPhone 6s on iOS 11.3 guys? Please let me know my battery was draining so fast. Please help me guys

  61. Yodda Gaming

    Yodda GamingYear ago

    I love apple and I wanna eat...😦😦

  62. Austen Deckard

    Austen DeckardYear ago

    How are you supposed to update your phone if you can’t use your screen😂

  63. larry cowan

    larry cowanYear ago

    Fuck iOS 11.3.1 fucked iPhone x all to hell gay ass Apple didn't even beta test 11.3.1, ya what security updates??? Half of setting features now missing, seems every update except 11.3 Apple has done has messed things up, where are the network call timers in settings aka call statistics and the reset option??

  64. Jigar Patel 17

    Jigar Patel 17Year ago

    I use iphone 7+ and I updated 11.3.1 automatically and I check my photo apple make my all Portrait photos is normal photos . 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🤦🏻‍♂️

  65. Miguel Avila

    Miguel AvilaYear ago

    Did you say that there won’t be a jailbreak for 11.3?

  66. alectric alexia

    alectric alexiaYear ago

    Am I the only one that didn't get major crazy glitches from the 11.3.1 update I have a iphone 7 and it runs really smooth on my phone the glitches I recently had was from 3.0 on imessages but they been fixed for me I don't understand why a lot of other people iphone is experiencing crazy glitches and issues also for the iphone 7 users there have been a reported bug issue that if you update to 11.3.1 your mic would stop working and no one would be able to hear you but this glitch haven't happened to me and I am on a iphone 7 maybe the update just effects certain people iphones? I'm not sure. apple really need to fix all this mess.

  67. acrprmann

    acrprmannYear ago

    Apple wants you to buy a new device if it breaks. It’s the only reason possible to explain “bricking” devices. The security explanation is absolute hogwash. The right to repair is picking up steam. Apple did this update for PR reasons only.

  68. Sarah Bingham

    Sarah BinghamYear ago

    Exact Release note from apple: iOS 11.3.1 improves the security of your iPhone or iPad and addresses an issue where touch input was unresponsive on some iPhone 8 devices because they were serviced with non-genuine replacement displays. Note: Non-genuine replacement displays may have compromised visual quality and may fail to work correctly. Apple-certified screen repairs are performed by trusted experts who use genuine Apple parts. See for more information. For information on the security content of Apple software updates, please visit this website:

  69. Ardo Brunch

    Ardo BrunchYear ago

    Can we have a black text screen background I’m sick of the white!

  70. Silas Adabert

    Silas AdabertYear ago

    Hi! Can you review it on iPhone 6s Plus? Because after I upgraded mine, it is contains a lot of bugs and slow performance as well, Battery life drop and overheat. Thanks

  71. David

    DavidYear ago

    whats the name of the wallpaper at 0:00 without the IOs Vers. logo?

  72. Hammad Asghar

    Hammad AsgharYear ago

    What should I do now I have updated my iPhone

  73. Indeera udayanga

    Indeera udayangaYear ago

    Should I update my 6s to ios 11.3.1 ?

  74. Chuck Coty

    Chuck CotyYear ago

    Forbes put out a rather scathing review. Anyone else having severe battery issues.

  75. L-series Official

    L-series OfficialYear ago

    Can you fucking make a video not with only iPhone fucking X .... thank you

  76. ignacio a

    ignacio aYear ago

    Since I have this update my phone lacks a lot

  77. Ocean Audios

    Ocean AudiosYear ago

    Will it destroy my iPhone 6s

  78. Jonah Stevens

    Jonah StevensYear ago

    There is a glitch when you cover the top part of your phone where the ambient light sensor is your screen goes black. Quite annoying

  79. Tilen Seme

    Tilen SemeYear ago

    My lock and home screen do not rotate to landscape mode, no matter what i do... Was the home screen rotation eliminated with the ios 11.3.1 perhaps? I literally just got the iPhone 8, and did the update immediately...

  80. Aqil Almosawi

    Aqil AlmosawiYear ago

    Apple screwed the Chinese companies ?! ha


    SMOKE RAYYear ago

    My home button doesn’t work now

  82. Jason O'Leary

    Jason O'LearyYear ago

    Sick of apple and their money grabbing ways!! Think lots of ppl are feeling the same way!! Paying a fortune for a product that’s designed to either break or become obsolete within a couple of years of purchase.. just so we can spend even more thousands on the next line of stuff that does exactly the same thing with maybe 1 or 2 gimmick that no one cares about! Oh, and then have to replace all your old charging cables/ docking devices as they are now defunct.. total rip off!!

  83. Layton Natale

    Layton NataleYear ago

    It’s funny how apple tells you not to use third-party screens apple needs to stop charging us so much money to fix it

  84. TheRealWeaZ

    TheRealWeaZYear ago

    Is this your channel; or did someone take your video..

  85. D M

    D MYear ago

    Gr8 update on the update!!

  86. D M

    D MYear ago

    Apple is a utilitarian company. They don’t listen to their customers. They lecture us. Their Mac hardware and software is devolving. No new Mac mini, etc

  87. odedo1 :

    odedo1 :Year ago

    I read somewhere that the next generation of Apple products screens will have their own UDID and will be marriage to the chip in the iPhone or iPads so no 3rd party screens will work no matter what ( same as they have done with the Touch I’D sensors ). Knowing Apple I actually believe that article I’ve read about this, no more 3rd party screens is totally an Apple style of a move!

  88. tora datang lagi

    tora datang lagiYear ago

    With this update, i lost wifi signal when open up apps such as ebay. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  89. Bradley Weese

    Bradley WeeseYear ago

    so I have the iPhone 6 plus and it will not let me go to the appstore or other certain apps and safari wont load anything at all. any suggestions on what to do or what is wrong

  90. NIKE_KID600

    NIKE_KID600Year ago

    Don’t update

  91. Jonathan Hernandez

    Jonathan HernandezYear ago

    Buy a good case for protection and a glass screen will save you time and money from damaging your iPhone.

  92. Simangsa

    SimangsaYear ago

    Is it worth upgrading on iphone se? I am on iOS 10.3.3 btw.

  93. Lorena ST

    Lorena STYear ago

    Simangsa DON'T

  94. Lil Bean

    Lil BeanYear ago

    Wtf I still don’t even have iOS 11.3 available to update

  95. HuNGr丫 B当AST

    HuNGr丫 B当ASTYear ago

    After this my touch id is not working its showing unable to activate touch id can u help me what to do

  96. alectric alexia

    alectric alexiaYear ago

    The bug is fixed in 11.4 beta 3 which 11.4 isn't yet released to public but if's free to download the beta version

  97. alectric alexia

    alectric alexiaYear ago

    Protein Overdose It's a bug

  98. Star Wars Dude

    Star Wars DudeYear ago

    Fuck Apple & u

  99. Shabaz Patel

    Shabaz PatelYear ago

    I have bought an iPhone X 2weeks ago.. I have problem using you tube some time .. the search bar shifts up on the screen behind the iconic notch .. .. and under Instagram I’m not able to like comments .. plz healp . Wht should I do ?

  100. MAZ Vines

    MAZ VinesYear ago

    Can it be downloaded on iPad 4mini

  101. Faridzz TV

    Faridzz TVYear ago

    best tips

  102. S colly

    S collyYear ago

    Apple are thick as fuck not everyone can afford a screen that costs £400 there money grabbing bastards and there pathetic for stopping jailbreaking and everythingapplepro is right Apple need to stop taking the piss and just bring out iOS 12 what has loads of sick features like jailbreaking well if I carry on I will get really mad n going into a massive argument but I agree with everything that everythingapplepro says

  103. Nrfa

    NrfaYear ago

    I have a iPhone 6s. Is it even worth updating to the 11.3.1??? Probably not?

  104. alectric alexia

    alectric alexiaYear ago

    Nrfa No don't update there is major bugs on that update that needs to be fixed.