1. Darsy Hernandez

    Darsy HernandezHour ago

    While he was talking about video games i remember sword art online😝😝😝

  2. Gabriel Preda

    Gabriel Preda2 hours ago

    How many other introverts clicked on the video because they feel it’s about them?

  3. Daiquan Smith

    Daiquan Smith2 hours ago

    Bro please tell me the name of your animation program!

  4. Staino 84

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  5. Star Sparkle

    Star Sparkle2 hours ago

    I'm both extrovert and introvert😞😞

  6. dylan west

    dylan west3 hours ago

    Thanks for this. I love your channel. I'm not sure if you know or if it's your other channel, my bad haha but there's another animation channel with your stories animated. Check theodd1sout channel on roommates it's exactly like yours

  7. ElAnzuGamerZ

    ElAnzuGamerZ4 hours ago

    im extrovert i wanna just go to my new school and make new friends

  8. FirefulXD

    FirefulXD4 hours ago

    Christ this video was pretentious, coming from an introvert myself

  9. Lin.Holmes

    Lin.Holmes5 hours ago

    I saw myself in this video. You explained being introverted very well. I'm not really good at explaining and had trouble to explain to others that I feel better being alone than being around other people. A great video, thanks a lot, I feel like I can explain my situation more properly now 👌😀

  10. Misha Yunyshev

    Misha Yunyshev5 hours ago

    Lakad Matataaag!

  11. Tyler Janemba

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  12. Killer553

    Killer5536 hours ago

    3:40 One of the reasons why i prefer playing alone is because you can often trust AI more than actual players.

  13. Tess Feldman

    Tess Feldman7 hours ago

    True, Killer Whales are dolphins, but dolphins are types of whales, and their official name is Orca.

  14. J Nguyen

    J Nguyen7 hours ago

    I can totally relate because people think I’m shy or anti social but I’m just reserved and like to spend my time reflecting

  15. AwesomeRico Gaming

    AwesomeRico Gaming7 hours ago

    Why do people celebrate birthdays? Mine is always forgotten 😐

  16. AwesomeRico Gaming

    AwesomeRico Gaming7 hours ago

    And it's mine birthday today.

  17. Eggsy

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    What game would the part in the middle

  18. franis youtubetrash

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    I don't even know what I am... 😂😂I just go with what I want to do, when I want to do it😂

  19. Alfha Robby

    Alfha Robby8 hours ago

    honestly i wonder if its my fault for being too stupid since my brain simply fail to comprehend why most people thought me as weird & antisocial since i spend most of my time alone while i indeed feel really comfortable alone compare to spend my time with other people but it doesn't mean that i don't have any friend and not enjoy spending my time with other people. there's even some dude that try to extort my money (typical cliche Delinquent appear) and fight back yet my teacher simply blame me for hurt those dude even thought i was the victim while they gang up (3 people) on me, its not like i wasn't injured slightlestly but i never regret it since they no longer dare to mess around with me (oh and they even call me coward for report this incident to my Parent even thought they gang up upon me). of course i feel happy when i talk and play football with my friend while i feel more happy when i spend my time alone like read books at Library, Play Computer Game and surf the Internet at Home alone.

  20. trumpman96

    trumpman968 hours ago

    you're like Rin from katawa shoujo

  21. xXTheQuirkyArtistXx XD

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    I’m a new animator, shout out?

  22. Foster Johnston

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    you model Gundam mecha? cool

  23. Southern lifestyle Master

    Southern lifestyle Master9 hours ago

    Dolphins are whales

  24. Linh Nhật

    Linh Nhật10 hours ago

    "Seeking for help does not make you weak.It's merely a step to make you stronger!"

  25. erin.koljonen

    erin.koljonen11 hours ago

    I really want more friends, in theory I know how to kinda? but when I'm actually around people I get panic attacks just thinkin about having to go up to them and talk to them, like what if they actually hate me, what if I make everything akward and after that they'll hate me, what if they don't accept me as a normal person that just wants to be friends????? I just can't

  26. gabriel cañizares

    gabriel cañizares12 hours ago

    I feel beter talking to my self at the Bathroom mirror and the bathroom is the place that i think of stuff i will do for the day lol

  27. ItzWillPower

    ItzWillPower12 hours ago

    I'm an outrovert but I just like walking around town and stuff with my friends. I mainly have a group of 4 friends including me, butsome of the time when im tired I really hate being around people because I'm unpredictable

  28. Dealms

    Dealms12 hours ago

    Im alone and happy lol, socialization (for me) i think is very tiring and you have to talk alot, listen to other people's problems, have to worry about them, etc. alone is happy, its amazing honestly.

  29. Croatia Noobs

    Croatia Noobs12 hours ago

    Isn't it weird how almost all "animated" storytime youtubers are introverts... I mean you were one of the first so I doubt you copied

  30. estephaxy

    estephaxy13 hours ago

    lmfao I feel ALL these at age 12

  31. Nerd Studios

    Nerd Studios14 hours ago

    3:37 that reminds me of an anime or video game...idk

  32. Clowa Flora

    Clowa Flora14 hours ago

    love that

  33. Aleana LovePlayz

    Aleana LovePlayz14 hours ago

    Yo dom i have a question for you what can you see in the middle of the sea that you cannot see in the galaxy other people can answer to

  34. VieweR

    VieweR15 hours ago

    Thank you very much. I m learning english throught your videos for more than month! I really have success!! Move in this direction further. And I don't say that for my own benefit. I really like what you do. Well, best wishes(of course if you ll read this rave). P.S. I m Ukrainian :>

  35. Eerik Värk

    Eerik Värk15 hours ago

    Hmm what's the middle of introvert and extrovert well whatever the middle of those is I am that

  36. Zimorik live

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    I love domics! Я живу в россии:(

  37. Jessalyn b

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    I love all these comments down here i feel like they've said all things I wanted to say

  38. pineapple ish

    pineapple ish18 hours ago

    I hate all people which is why I’m an introvert

  39. Random account

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    Hmm seeing a little bit a sword art online😂👌🏾

  40. Melissa Moran

    Melissa Moran20 hours ago

    Dude is he like dead he hasnt posted in like forever

  41. maulik velani

    maulik velani20 hours ago

    Ammm an introvert, a lonely one, like to think alone, like to work alone, spend time over pondering meaning of life, social people dont attract more, a self taught person, unique, motivated, zealous, and hard to understand (complicated). So like me !!! Thank god im not alone. :) appreciate your content. Cheers!!

  42. Jayden Barreiro

    Jayden Barreiro20 hours ago

    I have a question can you animate on photoshop?

  43. Charlene Hamilton

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    Me i am crazy

  44. Stormrider51

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    Sounds like sao

  45. SplatTab

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    Whenever you explained it I realize this is exactly me

  46. Danielle

    Danielle21 hour ago

    1:18 - 1:49 I can relate to this the most.

  47. Jose Pan

    Jose Pan22 hours ago

    6:13 a little animation error there

  48. Freya Rose

    Freya Rose23 hours ago

    I love you more than I can explain 😢 srry it's my 1 year domics anniversary I'm getting emotional 😶😶😶 Ignore me I love him a lot

  49. KiyoSilverWolf Howl

    KiyoSilverWolf Howl23 hours ago

    Spoken like a true poet. You really showed how much appreciation that everyone should have/or do. Thanks so much for the inspiration Dom!! Your the best!! :).....BTW...Try to get a vacation for yourself so you can sleep more lol. Time to chill and relax X3

  50. swarlock

    swarlockDay ago

    Well done.

  51. toxicbot vain

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    hey domics what religion are you?is it a filipino religion?

  52. Elijah A.

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    Yes. He is filipino.

  53. BlarghMan

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    Yeah! Gundam

  54. Truckz And mud

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    Or god bless Donald trump and America

  55. Truckz And mud

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    God bless America and president trump

  56. Adamovic Elena

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    I'm introvert too...😊

  57. Kristian Lautaro Cardenas

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    Youre lucky u have friends. I am a lonely little asshole

  58. Sébastien Cardenas

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    Maaaaan! Finally something interesting on MReporter 😵

  59. Midnight Crafter

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    *I don't have friends, they disappoint me.*


    HAXNARICS 1Day ago

    My self ,is that you?

  61. Yacquub Omar

    Yacquub OmarDay ago

    Man, I love being alone sometimes. It so refreshing, you feel like all your duties are gone. Sometimes you play games, watch movies. Sometimes you just think about anything and start a random debate with yourself. I even think of nothing sometimes. Jeez. That's life man. That's life.

  62. ender 103

    ender 103Day ago

    Мне нравить что тебя озвучивают на руском на канале просто озвучка

  63. Victoria Mitchell

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    I relate to this so much

  64. s a

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    Check out this. Cool Challenge

  65. Gerald Alexander

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    Verb 2-1 over mook. Mook so trash now. Nigga need to catch up with the generation! #MookIsWashed

  66. •Владимир_ Даргуновский•

    •Владимир_ Даргуновский•Day ago

    Same i love my own company I actually sometimes stay home for more then 3 weeks sometimes months (we live in big Farm) my 2 friends are like how can you stay home for all that Long there's nothing to do go out and have fun i reply im having a lot of fun on my own just me and the nature and the peace of mind is all i need i guess im in introvert :D

  67. Frey Simeone

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    plz be my boyfriend PS: #nohomo

  68. •Владимир_ Даргуновский•

    •Владимир_ Даргуновский•Day ago

    Same i love my own company I actually sometimes stay home for more then 3 weeks sometimes months (we live in big Farm) my 2 friends are like how can you stay home for all that Long there's nothing to do go out and have fun i reply im having a lot of fun on my own just me and the nature and the peace of mind is all i need i guess im in introvert :D

  69. David Hall

    David HallDay ago

    I almost accidentally mistook this video, for this video: It's really stuck with me, and...yeah

  70. MATT 123

    MATT 123Day ago

    I finally figured out what I am.

  71. Hudaef Cares?

    Hudaef Cares?Day ago

    I'm a bit of both. I enjoy parties and being with other people, neeting new people. But I also enjoy being left alone with a good game, a good book, a TV or a solid wifi password. XD Whenever I'm in my introvert mode my siblings get annoyed because I'm the 'shut up go away don't bother me' type of introvert. When I'm being an extrovert I get loud, full of energy and do stupid things. Recently though I noticed I forget lots of stuff. I tend to meet my cousins' friends over and over... And over and over again, but I always forget. It took me literal years to remember most of them, but I'm not confident I'll recognize any of them next time. I also tend to not understand what they're telling. Like, they'd talk to me about things, and I listen, but they'd ask me something about what thry just said and I'd be like, 'huh? What?' Usually I'd just nod to pretend I understood them fine and get context from what they'll say next. I swear I'm listening, my eyes staring at theirs, but it's like their words aren't entering my ears. I feel weird about this, is something wrong with me? Ugh nevermind, I was probably just absent-minded that time.

  72. Diana 12

    Diana 12Day ago

    I love being an introvert. I love myself. I love drawing abstract art most of the time and I feel proud of myself doing so. I think having less people around you is less problems you have to deal with.

  73. erfat 014711

    erfat 014711Day ago

    I am not introvert . .. I am Sasuke. ... .😼

  74. Dalila Caramanna

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    Fellow INxP spotted :D not sure if Thinker or Feeler

  75. FoxDrawing Art

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    J'ai adoré ta vidéo et je suis aussi un peu comme ça ^^

  76. Spoidd Michael

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    *do we have enough toilet paper*

  77. Ykc Diamondrex

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    I call myself an extraverted introvert

  78. Adi veroply

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    Seven minutes of dom being relatable!!!

  79. AA FreeGod

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    I fell asleep watching as much as these vids I can there awesome

  80. Emory Brabson

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    and jomm is that your dom voice @ the end

  81. Emory Brabson

    Emory BrabsonDay ago

    qq what is that game [assuming its not an idea that you or jomm or somm body thought of] in the rpg sequence

  82. Emory Brabson

    Emory BrabsonDay ago

    +also is that a gundom model..?

  83. Emory Brabson

    Emory BrabsonDay ago

    jeez grim opening

  84. Lev Khmelev

    Lev KhmelevDay ago

    I'm a loner so , yeah I love to be alone and yeah we'll life is hard .

  85. Wohlf

    WohlfDay ago

    Alert : Shyness is different from Introvertness and Anxiety is also different from both and Loneliness depends if you like it or not; if you find Loneliness better than being around people you are probably an Introvert. If you just don't like people around you and you feel like you always get judged badly by everyone that is Social Anxiety. If you are an extrovert but feel like an introvert you might be an Ambivert or you are just shy. Edit : I have Shyness, Introvertness, and Social Anxiety so god help me.

  86. just passingby

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    Quality animation👍👍

  87. Gamerlolyl Gamer

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    I’m kinda like you lol

  88. skull games

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    dom are ou dead

  89. olivia

    oliviaDay ago

    ‘feeling alone even in a group of friends’ never related so much. i only feel comfortable with a few people.

  90. Shikamaru Nara

    Shikamaru NaraDay ago

    I wish I could play games SOLO but its too boring to play alone

  91. L L

    L LDay ago

    Basically, Sasuke.

  92. Shikamaru Nara

    Shikamaru NaraDay ago

    2:28 I think the better word is LOST

  93. Shikamaru Nara

    Shikamaru NaraDay ago

    Im like in the middle. In school I have lots of friends I enjoy being with and I like going to school to see people I like. I also play Football my Team is very important to me. But when Im Home Alone I enjoy drwaing and sketching and watching Anime. Thats the Time when I need a break of being social

  94. adorkable.jelly

    adorkable.jellyDay ago

    I thoguht he was going to be serious about the most dangerous fish int he world ........ did not expect it to be "catfish" XD I laughed too loud!

  95. Hannah Windle

    Hannah WindleDay ago

    This is actually kinda awesome because I , myself am an introvert. It really is nice to be alone for what seems like weeks on end so ya also i think that laziness and advice is one I’m really good at. ( I don’t know if that has anything to do with being an introverted person)🤷‍♀️

  96. March

    MarchDay ago

    I also find comfort on being alone. Even at multiplayer games, I prefer to go solo just like you and I find many other similarities that you mentioned that I also do.

  97. Ragingmaster 2.

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    Hey when will you pose next

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  99. xSonra

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    That maplestory reference is accurate 👌

  100. Evolved Pikachu

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    For Asocial people to meet others just like them

  101. Brandy Singer

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    I adore you Dom, you're an amazing person! Stay golden💛 I love how he can express what he feels and what I feel but as a whole different person

  102. Dragonwarrior 574

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    That's just Deep

  103. Dragonwarrior 574

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    In a good way