Introducing: The Players! - Super Smash Bros. Invitational 2018


  1. Ultra Knight Jimenez

    Ultra Knight Jimenez2 days ago

    We want Waluigi for Smash!!!! We will keep asking until you do it.

  2. Wannabe Justin Y.

    Wannabe Justin Y.Month ago

    Where tf is nairo

  3. LukeWomboCombo

    LukeWomboCombo2 months ago

    Nintendo you are my favorite video game company and I don’t know wouldn’t be here now if it weren’t for you thanks Nintendo for being the best company ever.

  4. Alonso gamer

    Alonso gamer2 months ago

    Zero vamos papu tu eres el mejor

  5. Juan Osorio

    Juan Osorio3 months ago

    ¿Lucky? Hay jugadores más representativos y más reconocidos que él

  6. Juan Osorio

    Juan Osorio3 months ago

    El que nada tiene que hacer ahí es ese tal "lucky" la verdad no figura mucho. Hay otros jugadores de smash que son más reconocidos que él, no tengo nada en contra de él, pero considero que sería mejor haber invitado a jugadores de smash más reconocidos que él. Por lo demás jugadores no hay problema, todo bien.

  7. Alien Unicorn

    Alien Unicorn3 months ago

    Add Travis Touchdown to the roster! Do it for true friendship

  8. Zariah Williams

    Zariah Williams3 months ago

    So hyped

  9. RainboDashed

    RainboDashed3 months ago

    Wait, mango's here? Doesn't he swear a lot? Not that it's a bad thing to me, but probably to nintendo audiences.

  10. Faith Dani

    Faith Dani3 months ago

    can you just put in spongebob i want him!

  11. MarkFenrir

    MarkFenrir3 months ago

    Us 2-times winners from South America salute you guys from North America. GG but try better next time.

  12. Avaneesh Kanshi

    Avaneesh Kanshi3 months ago

    Guys subscribe to my channel and i will subscribe to yours

  13. Leonel Remille

    Leonel Remille3 months ago


  14. toast

    toast3 months ago

    W H E R E I S G O K U N I N T E N D O (this is a joke)

  15. Yakō kuma

    Yakō kuma3 months ago

    Lol why armada. He plays melee. Or even mango. Or any melee player..😐 Wheres my boi nairo or even frickin etika. They deserve it more.

  16. Noi iOn

    Noi iOn3 months ago

    Zero won

  17. Teal Appeal

    Teal Appeal3 months ago

    It's today right??? The Invitational??

  18. A guy with random convictions

    A guy with random convictions3 months ago

    Not sure if just Ultimate or... *ULTIMATE MELEE*

  19. Izzy Pajares

    Izzy Pajares3 months ago

    Rip Erika

  20. Scieta

    Scieta3 months ago

    Zero is just going to win.

  21. Damien Tran

    Damien Tran3 months ago

    Let's not forget the character we all want: SHANTAE

  22. Cozmo

    Cozmo3 months ago

    just tuning in before the tourney, WHOS HYPED?

  23. Kodey Riley

    Kodey Riley3 months ago

    Cozmo what time is it?

  24. PikaZ 96

    PikaZ 963 months ago

    Where is it? today is the day....

  25. FireBreathingDragon

    FireBreathingDragon3 months ago

    Today's the big day!

  26. MicaelHD

    MicaelHD3 months ago

    I come from the future, the new Smash's name is Ultimate

  27. Maze DIs

    Maze DIs3 months ago

    No Ally?

  28. DatSniperBietch

    DatSniperBietch3 months ago

    Give these dudes a soap pls.

  29. Lps Sky Life

    Lps Sky Life3 months ago

    I want this game!

  30. NintendoFan021

    NintendoFan0213 months ago

    Okayyy, but Where is Mew2King???

  31. Kevin Rsfael

    Kevin Rsfael3 months ago

    Where is hungrybox?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Zero Wolf

    Zero Wolf3 months ago

    lol despite of being the champion, in the previous invitational (wiiu), he insulted reggie for not playing smash properly. so probs thats the reason he wasnt invited.

  33. King_Ferdinand 44

    King_Ferdinand 443 months ago

    Mkleo better win

  34. dark brawler

    dark brawler3 months ago

    L am mii brawler

  35. randomhumorbros

    randomhumorbros3 months ago

    xenoblade is lit

  36. Adrian de la Paz

    Adrian de la Paz3 months ago

    Vamos MKLEO tu puedes ganarles ya eres un orgullo para la comunidad de smash en México pon en alto el nombre de Mexico en este Esport yo sigo tus peleas viejo

  37. Marco Arreola

    Marco Arreola3 months ago

    At what hour is this going to start?

  38. Smash Tube 124

    Smash Tube 1243 months ago


  39. Kirbyman 160

    Kirbyman 1603 months ago

    Where is Smash... this is Bull... Smash Bros Should be Today

  40. Random Fan

    Random Fan3 months ago

    I was expecting the characters for Smash bros...

  41. Ivan Lozoya

    Ivan Lozoya3 months ago


  42. RamenDaddy

    RamenDaddy3 months ago

    Today is the big day guys :D

  43. Octo Alex

    Octo Alex3 months ago

    sad no one chose splatoon

  44. Louis Wouters

    Louis Wouters3 months ago

    Turning on my Gamecube for the first time. Never thought of that, but yes that is an awesome memory! I can't pick my favourite moment, I have so many: - Playing battle mode in Mario Kart Double Dash till 4 am with a bunch of friends - First time Mario Galaxy - Playing BOTW on launch day and spending 5 hours just exploring on the great plateau - Playing Luigi's ghost mansion and mario chase with 5 people. - Beating New Super Mario Bros Wii U on launch day with 5 people all while throwing each other into the ravine. - many more, but I gotta run now

  45. Orlando Brant

    Orlando Brant3 months ago

    Today's the day

  46. Crimsn SP

    Crimsn SP3 months ago

    *TODAY* *BOIS!!!!*

  47. [-Cyanic-Music-]

    [-Cyanic-Music-]3 months ago


  48. Smash Nerd

    Smash Nerd3 months ago


  49. lonewalker

    lonewalker3 months ago

    alright today is the day of super smash bros for nintendo switch tourney i can,t wait. you know i,m dutch and i should cheer for MR.R but screm him i,m for ZERO baby

  50. Brambles

    Brambles3 months ago

    Is Mango's favourite Nintendo game really MK8DX? Never heard anyone say their favourite viode game is Mario Kart...

  51. Jimmy

    Jimmy3 months ago

    😤 Why isn't this a new trailer?!


    GAMER BLOGS3 months ago

    June 12 here in Kuwait

  53. Enderfire64

    Enderfire643 months ago


  54. alexander romero

    alexander romero3 months ago

    Ya estoy viendo a bayonetta otra vez top tier

  55. GBR47

    GBR473 months ago

    Today :D

  56. mr. mug gaming

    mr. mug gaming3 months ago

    We're only a few hours away from this

  57. Golia animali

    Golia animali3 months ago

    Hello Nintendo swich non so l inglese ma volevo dirti se puoi vedere il video di scottecs riguardo al cane grazie!👍

  58. Lunixknight X

    Lunixknight X3 months ago

    Woo smash invitational is today

  59. Xavier McKnight

    Xavier McKnight3 months ago

    Never knew that was mangos favourite game, maybe it was a current thing

  60. Chalón Mendoza

    Chalón Mendoza3 months ago

    C'mon Mkleo 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

  61. duper dude

    duper dude3 months ago

    *shut up and take my money*

  62. Alexander Jones

    Alexander Jones3 months ago

    No Fatality 2/10

  63. AntarianSPACE

    AntarianSPACE3 months ago


  64. A Person With a Name

    A Person With a Name3 months ago

    10 HOURS...

  65. Red Penguino

    Red Penguino3 months ago

    Tommorow is the day boys

  66. Quinn plays Mc

    Quinn plays Mc3 months ago

    oh hey its june 12

  67. NintendoFan021

    NintendoFan0213 months ago

    Okayyy, but Where is Mew2King???

  68. Derek Metante

    Derek Metante3 months ago


  69. Vicente. M

    Vicente. M3 months ago


  70. Mr.Niszt 4_20

    Mr.Niszt 4_203 months ago


  71. ThAnOs ThE SnAppEr oF DeATh

    ThAnOs ThE SnAppEr oF DeATh3 months ago

    I would destroy some of these people in this video honesty

  72. Majoras Arbok

    Majoras Arbok3 months ago

    Knack 4 smash baby

  73. Aiga Akaba

    Aiga Akaba3 months ago

    I can’t wait for tomorrow

  74. LegoLiam1803

    LegoLiam18033 months ago

    Dunkey isn't in this. Wow.

  75. Buterbal/ E/TLM425

    Buterbal/ E/TLM4253 months ago

    let’s go zero

  76. Fala Arthur!

    Fala Arthur!3 months ago

    Call me!!!! I have 11 years, o know, but i Love playing with kirby and meta knight! I know every trick!

  77. Planty

    Planty3 months ago

    Their hobbies are pitiful.

  78. Desghidorah The great

    Desghidorah The great3 months ago

    TEAM U.S.A 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  79. Tamashii

    Tamashii3 months ago

    Of course, the Japanese guy's hobby is watching anime.

  80. Robert :v

    Robert :v3 months ago

    Just one freaking day >:v

  81. Mr Gato gato

    Mr Gato gato3 months ago

    Iiiiiii neeeeeed STARFOOOOOOOOX!

  82. Nino Blarrow

    Nino Blarrow3 months ago


  83. IamHam

    IamHam3 months ago

    Placing my bets on Zero. No questions asked.

  84. Max Carvalho

    Max Carvalho3 months ago

    Please Nintendo bring back Pichu squirtle ivysaur Young link and add Bomberman and doctor Luigi in dr Mario slot please # maybe the best super smash ever made

  85. Dio Drando

    Dio Drando3 months ago

    Mango's Final Smash: SRIRACHA SMACKDOWN.

  86. Electronic game boy

    Electronic game boy3 months ago

    I really want Crash Bandicoot for Smash Brothers

  87. Annie Gayheart

    Annie Gayheart3 months ago


  88. Narwhalmelon

    Narwhalmelon3 months ago

    Last dude loves MK8D? Time for Pink Gold Peach...

  89. Emilio Peñaloza

    Emilio Peñaloza3 months ago

    Super Slash Bros ltteration is Getting Mes 🎮,?

  90. ZibeyLOLs

    ZibeyLOLs3 months ago

    Viva Mexico!!! 🇲🇽

  91. Jesse skate 13 game

    Jesse skate 13 game3 months ago

    Is there undertale characters in Super Smash Bros switch

  92. Connor Schiralli

    Connor Schiralli3 months ago

    Tomorrow my comrads

  93. Nino Blarrow

    Nino Blarrow3 months ago

    1 MORE DAY

  94. crazy gamer 970

    crazy gamer 9703 months ago

    Vamos mkleo

  95. chakdoge

    chakdoge3 months ago

    Vamooooh chileeee 🇨🇱

  96. Wubzy

    Wubzy3 months ago


  97. Blue Panther

    Blue Panther3 months ago

    Where’s dunkey wtf Nintendo??

  98. Super Adventure

    Super Adventure3 months ago

    Vamos mexico :3

  99. IttiOnYouTube

    IttiOnYouTube3 months ago

    Scatt is not coming? Ok I guess

  100. Scald

    Scald3 months ago

    I would like to see mango absolutely demolish zero that would be nice :)

  101. mattia -san

    mattia -san3 months ago

    *_T O M O R R O W_*

  102. Miel Gerson

    Miel Gerson3 months ago

    it's coming tomorrow