Introducing Amazon Sumerian Hosts


  1. Ali Ahmad

    Ali AhmadMonth ago

    Amazon Sumerian VR for Factory Planning

  2. Crickredux

    Crickredux2 months ago

    The voice quality is awful and sounds pretty robotic. the character designs are not horrid which these kind of platforms usually have. The body animation is not totally horrible, but the lip sync is still terrible. Good job Amazon on creating the least awful VR/AR clipart generator.

  3. Ryan Scott

    Ryan Scott4 months ago

    I hope you'll give blinking a try.

  4. Yau David

    Yau DavidYear ago

    It's just amazing! Add me , @3dtimes and let's discuss how to make full use of Sumerian .

  5. Frank Tinsley

    Frank TinsleyYear ago

    Microsoft's Bob returns!!

  6. Nick Dauchot

    Nick DauchotYear ago

    The voice is uncanny but the technology has it's uses...

  7. Brian Hanley

    Brian HanleyYear ago


  8. Peter Belanger

    Peter BelangerYear ago

    Ok, I don't get it. What is the need for cartoon hosts for what is basically a game engine API. Really its just more hyper-centralized bs. Now Amazon can be at the core of everyone's code. Good job INGSOC, polish up the old, unpleasant 'big brother' image and make it a cute cartoon avatar tyranny. But to me, trying to sell a programming api with cartoon characters is a red flag that I'm being sold junk. You guys are just waving something shiny for the little kids to giggle and coo at. I will pass on this service, thank you. Anyway, we need to revise history and knock the Sumerians off their pedestal, there was more civilization further east, long before them. Our current version if the history of civilization is too pre-occupied with the eastern Mediterranean and is biased to those belief systems originating there.

  9. Steven Halls

    Steven HallsYear ago

    Great Character design. Good eye contact, but lacks look-away. Fantastic little head-bobs while speaking. Lacks friendly smiling, bland affect. Lip-sync is rather poor (compared to new talking moose). But overall, very impressive. Congratulations.

  10. synairesis

    synairesisYear ago

    if we're building tools to create virtual worlds in an anthropomorphic shape that mirrors the world we currently inhabit, human potential is going in the wrong direction


    ALIENS MAZYear ago

    đã lâu không gặp bạn.

  12. Niraj Gandhi

    Niraj GandhiYear ago

    yes.. The Amazon has did it again.. I hope this brings wider penetration of Ar & VR in the market. Would love to know more about it.

  13. Nick Romanek

    Nick RomanekYear ago

    Kudos Amazon. Keep pushing the boundaries here, this is a field where the explorers and innovators will reap massive rewards. Offering tools to non-programmers to make their visions a (virtual) reality really is a game-changer. AI combined with virtual reality will create a huge market for this. IBM has a tool where you can simply speak virtual items into existence (create a house, create rocket launcher, etc). This is just the beginning.

  14. Dusty2455433

    Dusty2455433Year ago

    Exactly. And when they have more users to provide feedback and offer suggestions, Amazon will only make this service better to suit the needs of the customers.

  15. mbawg

    mbawgYear ago

    so dumb

  16. Owen Dall Sotomayor

    Owen Dall SotomayorYear ago

    I clicked on the link, but it appears to be broken:

  17. Praise Worship

    Praise WorshipYear ago

    Why is it called Sumerian? What is the symbolism?

  18. Joshua Dixon

    Joshua Dixon2 months ago

    I guess Sumerians has some of the first form of language and writing. Who knows , I think they should have chose another name.

  19. Ehi Binitie

    Ehi BinitieYear ago

    The first civilizations in vr

  20. Richard Bejtlich

    Richard BejtlichYear ago

    It reminds me of the Civilization games. The Sumerians were one of the first civilizations, and you can play as the Sumerians in the game. I wonder if that's where they got the name?

  21. TheJrbdog

    TheJrbdogYear ago

    Maybe it's named after Sumeria because that is regarded as the first human civilization, and the entirety of modern civilization was built from Sumeria; This program allows you to build virtual worlds from the ground up?

  22. Jason Gomez

    Jason GomezYear ago

    This service needs to be a little more trippy and British accents please.