International Dunkin Donuts Taste Test


  1. Ruby Yaoi Lover

    Ruby Yaoi LoverDay ago

    As an Argentinian I can confirm we do have pig blankets, we call them "salchichas envueltas (wrapped sausages)" and we make them with empanadas dough, they are a really common snack tbh

  2. Xavier Allred

    Xavier Allred2 days ago

    wait they dont eat kolachies in the rest of the US?

  3. Vinnie Wilson

    Vinnie Wilson2 days ago

    Rett: 6 Link: 4

  4. Hollie Marie

    Hollie Marie2 days ago

    Link - "I'm from the USA and I like this" (Doughnut is from the USA) 😆

  5. Frigid Phoenix

    Frigid Phoenix3 days ago

    Kolochies were brought to Texas from German settlers so in a way you were right Rhett

  6. wolfgirl07

    wolfgirl073 days ago

    I’m sad that ppl don’t really go to Worcester for tours or even to see fans and I’m sad lol

  7. flamingdragon 126

    flamingdragon 1263 days ago

    I live in the USA and I never had the pig in a blanket

  8. scaroe89

    scaroe895 days ago

    link won by 3 cm..."again"

  9. Imago

    Imago5 days ago

    Being a resident of Texas, I had no clue that Kolaches were mostly a.. well Texas thing. That's nuts

  10. Luis Matias

    Luis Matias5 days ago

    The girl at the end is cute

  11. Karl Girling

    Karl Girling5 days ago

    Loving these videos guys, well done 👍

  12. Ary

    Ary6 days ago

    Sugar and cheese as a combo is actually really popular in SE Asian countries!

  13. KingGhaffar HD

    KingGhaffar HD9 days ago

    Proud to be 🇮🇩.... whose Indonesian?

  14. SuavestHades80

    SuavestHades809 days ago

    Honduras absolutely does not kiss mexico

  15. Neolexious Neolexian

    Neolexious Neolexian11 days ago

    Imagine if the donart didn't leave any marks at all??? Or if they didn't look as carefully as they did? "Rhett, you have twenty... and Link, you had infinity"

  16. Kong Doo

    Kong Doo11 days ago

    Ughh 13:10

  17. Jennifer Banegas

    Jennifer Banegas11 days ago

    Yes Honduras! Never seen it in a donut but they are usually put in a flour tortilla called baleadas and they’re so delicious and have even their own fast food franchise called Baleada Express

  18. Lilitalian

    Lilitalian14 days ago

    4:48 did link say the n word?🤭

  19. sam jordan

    sam jordan16 days ago

    Rhett won at the end according to the points

  20. ImDoneWithYou Animations

    ImDoneWithYou Animations18 days ago

    "aimming for the germans..." -US pilot going on a bombing run in west gemany 1944

  21. Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM

    Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM23 days ago

    Rhett says: the Le cassoulet doughnut toped with ceviche coconut sweet chocolate

  22. Magic Siddiq

    Magic Siddiq25 days ago

    Fl got a place called donut king it's the best the one in Clermont better than Orlando

  23. •jules •

    •jules •26 days ago

    We have kolaches everywhere here in texas. Are we the only state with them?

  24. Hubert Hoodie

    Hubert Hoodie26 days ago

    you're telling me there are no kolaches up north? that's crazy

  25. Milkshakes

    Milkshakes25 days ago

    I'm from Virginia, never heard of it

  26. FrOsT Squad

    FrOsT Squad26 days ago

    That pork floss on bread and cheese is delicious

  27. Björn Trier

    Björn Trier27 days ago

    Germany has least I never saw one

  28. Melissa Apoka

    Melissa Apoka25 days ago

    Of course we have Dunkin Donuts

  29. Hayden

    Hayden29 days ago

    Very funny. I’m from Texas and thought it was crazy they didn’t recognize it! It’s the main thing at all donut shops

  30. Gisselle F.

    Gisselle F.29 days ago

    So happy seeing Honduras on GMM ^-^

  31. gibihakkasy

    gibihakkasy29 days ago

    I never saw that donut here in Indonesia

  32. NOISEf7

    NOISEf7Month ago

    Not the world here we go to Tim Hortons

  33. DebunkeDescant

    DebunkeDescantMonth ago

    Does the rest of the US not have pig in a blanket???

  34. Infamous Rage

    Infamous RageMonth ago

    I thought kolaches were sold everywhere in the us!!! Texan btw

  35. Michael Rowley

    Michael RowleyMonth ago

    This show could do without Link..

  36. Bree The Nerd

    Bree The NerdMonth ago

    It's hairable

  37. Udit Pradhan

    Udit PradhanMonth ago

    4:49 did link just say the n-word🤣🤣🤣🤣

  38. Corni S.

    Corni S.Month ago

    5:47 just like grandpa used to do 😂

  39. Fh 247

    Fh 247Month ago

    I’ve never had a Dunkin donut

  40. Jessica Smith

    Jessica SmithMonth ago

    5:03, why are there chairs sqeaking so much btw sorry if someone already said this

  41. Maestroalex

    MaestroalexMonth ago

    11:45 that LAUGHTER hahahah

  42. TenPixelsTall

    TenPixelsTallMonth ago

    i hate to "um actually" this extremely old video, but...... calling that a kolache is actually a misappropriation, albeit a very common one. A kolache is actually a typically square, fruit-filled dessert pastry. The delicious savory snack you have there is actually more accurately referred to as a klobasniky. Now you hit up the big cities in Texas that typically don't know about the dessert version and refer to that as a kolache you would be fine, but head to a small czech/german heavy texas town like im from, and we refer to those bad boys just as "pigs" or like link said "pig in the blankets". my job is complete, heaven here i come.

  43. TenPixelsTall

    TenPixelsTallMonth ago

    +Jaze right, it is a very common mistake. so universal in-fact that the calling it out is somewhat meaningless now; everyone knows that as a kolache. just thought i'd share a little insight.

  44. Jaze

    JazeMonth ago

    GMM didn’t name it a kolache, Dunkin’ Donuts did

  45. rich lopez

    rich lopezMonth ago

    These guys look like the booth you just walk by but they beg you to come over and try their product

  46. What am i Doing

    What am i DoingMonth ago


  47. MasterNite

    MasterNiteMonth ago

    they should invite a professional dart thrower to partake in these.

  48. Anu Thomas

    Anu Thomas28 days ago

    He could throw on Link's behalf. That could be the advantage!

  49. David Dean

    David DeanMonth ago

    So weird...I live in Texas and Dunkin’ Donuts was the last place to get kolaches 😂

  50. Daniel Gonzalez

    Daniel GonzalezMonth ago

    I love molletes

  51. The Stammering Dunce

    The Stammering DunceMonth ago

    As an Indonesian, I haven't been to Dunkin Donuts for a long time. But, I am not surprised that choco cheese donut exists. We Indonesians have a habit of mixing choco and cheese in some of our desserts. We serve deep fried bananas and grilled bananas with both ingredients. In supermarkets and bakery, one may find choco cheese buns. Unless one has been to the country or has eaten lots of its dishes, one can be forgiven for not thinking about Indonesia when seeing and tasting the donut.

  52. Meow The Hero

    Meow The HeroMonth ago

    As a Texan, I can confirm. We love kalaches

  53. Just Viktoriya

    Just ViktoriyaMonth ago

    We don’t have a dunkin doughnuts in Bulgaria 🇧🇬 so I don’t know where you got that from

  54. vesela manolova

    vesela manolovaMonth ago

    We have in Sofia :)

  55. Nothingtoseehere

    NothingtoseehereMonth ago

    It’s kinda ironic that they put Rhett on the left and Link on the right when their names start with the opposite letter on the side they sit on

  56. Cece413

    Cece413Month ago

    Dear Dunkin Donuts, England is a country btw We may have a few but more is needed

  57. jeke mangold

    jeke mangoldMonth ago

    To Rhett and link as a Texan who enjoys Colotchie’s or however they’re spelled, Texas is full of German heritage, so if I had to guess y’all would be right with guessing Germany🤟🏼

  58. Starla Lunde

    Starla Lunde26 days ago

    jeke mangold after world war 2 a bunch of Germans came to America to help with the Cold War. Most of the stuff was in Texas I believe so it makes sense

  59. Joseph Koester

    Joseph KoesterMonth ago

    12:30-12:36 GMM out of context

  60. GlumGatsby

    GlumGatsbyMonth ago

    Could use my maaaahnchkins on this one

  61. aceparker25

    aceparker25Month ago

    International Taste Test Scoreboard (before this video): Rhett: 6 Link: 3


    BAD POETRY WITH: SidMonth ago

    As a Texan I can say whole heartedly we love our Kolaches

  63. Aubree Grant

    Aubree GrantMonth ago

    Were they cheating???



    Rhett says you’ve won by three centimetres @ 13:30

  65. Bhabie Kyara

    Bhabie KyaraMonth ago

    13:20 😂😭😭

  66. James Mary

    James MaryMonth ago


  67. Moocat Rosie

    Moocat RosieMonth ago

    In Kansas Kolaches look a LOT differnt! For starters they are round and can have fruit in them!

  68. Señior mc No Furrys Allowed

    Señior mc No Furrys Allowed2 months ago

    They should of given link 12 dounut holes to throw at the bored

  69. Justin Schmitt

    Justin Schmitt2 months ago

    Wow this was made on my birthday last year and i missed it.... :(

  70. Austin Taylor

    Austin Taylor2 months ago

    I didn’t know kolaches were only popular here in Texas????

  71. Isaiah Clark

    Isaiah Clark2 months ago

    There needs to be a collab between the YT Channel @GeographyNow and GMM for this show in particular.

  72. Trey Striedel

    Trey Striedel2 months ago

    A pig in a blanket is not a koloche😂

  73. jaida manary

    jaida manary2 months ago

    Not the whole world runs on dunk,n,donuts i live in gravenhurst and we dont have dunk,n,donuts.

  74. SweetBizou

    SweetBizou2 months ago

    The French did colonize Morocco, Rhett is a pretty smart dude.

  75. CosmicWatersYT

    CosmicWatersYT19 days ago

    +Morgan Freeman Some people don't know basic history sadly, just let their compliment be

  76. Morgan Freeman

    Morgan FreemanMonth ago

    Basic history makes you pretty smart?

  77. KingK21 !!!

    KingK21 !!!2 months ago

    They def knew the answers to this one.

  78. Kraven Spider

    Kraven Spider2 months ago

    6:03 WOOOHOOO!!! My home state!!!

  79. No Body

    No Body2 months ago

    Testicle moose is my favorite moose

  80. Jeanie Nguyen

    Jeanie Nguyen2 months ago

    as a Texan I am shocked that they didn’t recognize the kolache

  81. Hamile Muneeb

    Hamile Muneeb2 months ago

    You have to do any pakistani food in international taste tes too either rice, BBQ, sweet, drink or snack

  82. Steel Sword Gaming

    Steel Sword Gaming2 months ago

    I have never seen that donut in Indonesia, honestly.

  83. Jenna John

    Jenna John2 months ago

    In Texas we call that a kolaches lol

  84. I Like The Guy In The Thumbnail

    I Like The Guy In The Thumbnail2 months ago

    when ever i go to thailand i have pork floss donuts all the time, they're actually so nice

  85. JiMbO

    JiMbO2 months ago

    voice crack at 4:46

  86. wilson yeo

    wilson yeo2 months ago

    links first win in this game

  87. Jorge Ibarra

    Jorge Ibarra2 months ago

    They make this too easy to win for link

  88. Big Roar

    Big Roar2 months ago

    Wait what are kolaches not a thing outside of Texas ????

  89. manzzz with the planzzz

    manzzz with the planzzz2 months ago

    Co-loch-key 5 times fast is how u say it in texas

  90. Frank Castle

    Frank Castle2 months ago

    You're a dork get off the internet.

  91. Reece Burnett

    Reece Burnett2 months ago

    Prolly would be a good idea to take Korea out of China hahaha

  92. Paxton Hunt

    Paxton Hunt2 months ago

    I'm so proud of Link

  93. Mary Red

    Mary Red2 months ago

    Za waldo runs on dunkin


    DED RXBBIT2 months ago

    Why do i feel like Chase is always the scapegoat? 😂

  95. Mini Donutz

    Mini Donutz2 months ago

    Is there a gif for their high five miss?! Lol

  96. Mario Naccarato

    Mario Naccarato2 months ago

    1:51 the feels bad face! Lmao

  97. Not Rachel

    Not Rachel2 months ago

    ok, as a 10-year texas resident, i did not know that kolaches were not a national thing. dunkin needs to fix that 😂

  98. Tab Adab

    Tab Adab2 months ago

    Link Neal: Enjoying life and not thinking.

  99. Squid Poop

    Squid Poop2 months ago

    Pork floss is soooo good 🤤 Yea I'm Asian lmao

  100. DameOfTheRose

    DameOfTheRose2 months ago

    im a texan and I thought everyone knew what a kolache was

  101. Kosta Koffe

    Kosta Koffe2 months ago

    Why are North Korea, South Korea, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan all part of china on the map?

  102. darcipeeps

    darcipeeps2 months ago

    Kosta Koffe maybe the pork floss donut is served there too. Is weird though

  103. Ailurophile

    Ailurophile2 months ago

    1:42 The map has incomplete Philippines on it.

  104. Sylthaya

    Sylthaya2 months ago

    at the start rhett was closer to the china dot than link, #rhettrulessupreme

  105. Amateur 1

    Amateur 12 months ago

    That Indonesian donut looked so good.

  106. Magnus McKie

    Magnus McKie2 months ago

    why do americans call sausage rolls pigs'n' blankets? pigs'n'blankets is sausage wrapped in bacon.

  107. Daniela Reynoso

    Daniela Reynoso2 months ago

    Your up first Neal

  108. 강민승

    강민승2 months ago

    I know that this isn't relevant but I just want to say that they marked Korea as a part of China. So please keep this in mind

  109. Hufflepuff_ Lauren102

    Hufflepuff_ Lauren1022 months ago

    Kolaches aren’t a normal thing?

  110. Rumen Videnov

    Rumen Videnov2 months ago

    So... I’m from Bulgaria and... I have NEVER seen this donut

  111. Brandon Song

    Brandon Song2 months ago

    china has annexed Korea again