Inside Kylie Jenner's Secret Life As A Mom


  1. BT21 TATA

    BT21 TATA2 days ago

    Why do you have to look into people's private life

  2. Debra DuPreez

    Debra DuPreez6 days ago

    The prices they charge the super rich for anything example Kylie baby stroller is because they know the rich can afford it but it's no better than what hard working men and women pay for their children's stuff that they need

  3. Carlos Contreras

    Carlos Contreras8 days ago

    ppl suck for real shame

  4. Jameia Pettus

    Jameia Pettus14 days ago

    Could it be possible that a woman can carry two babies at the same time with one baby as a surrogate (such as Kim and Kanye's baby) and the other biologically their own child (Kylie and Travis)?

  5. Marcus

    Marcus16 days ago

    Hi Kylie, your daddy is a faggggg.

  6. Jose Lizarraga

    Jose Lizarraga18 days ago



    BUENONA CARRERA19 days ago

    All of you please stop talking sgit if you guys had the money you would all change something and you all know it so stop talking shit...

  8. Naomi Rae

    Naomi Rae23 days ago

    I don’t judge

  9. Luis Anderson

    Luis Anderson24 days ago

    Diapers are the American word for nappies by the way.

  10. Tammy alexander

    Tammy alexander26 days ago

    All about the $$$$

  11. yiseth andrade

    yiseth andrade27 days ago

    Que negro tan feo el marido de kalye

  12. Meleyeah Amorsita

    Meleyeah Amorsita28 days ago

    Narcissistic for dying her hair blond?? Stupid af smfh

  13. Meleyeah Amorsita

    Meleyeah Amorsita28 days ago

    That baby looks like Travis lol

  14. Milly Beattie

    Milly Beattie29 days ago

    a Mum & Rich, living the dream life 😂

  15. Member information

    Member informationMonth ago

    1 Peter 3: 8 Finally, all of you, be like-minded, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble.

  16. Umm Barakah AK

    Umm Barakah AKMonth ago

    Yeah u need kids and get four nannies to take care of one

  17. Santa Valerino

    Santa ValerinoMonth ago

    I agree with any decision that Kylie takes. She is smart and good mum.

  18. HellePoulsen Loveyourself

    HellePoulsen LoveyourselfMonth ago

    I hope Travis and Kylie get alot of kids, 8-10 that will be great !!!

  19. Cessia Fuentes

    Cessia FuentesMonth ago

    This is an old video, now she has 14 baby sitters and all has changed.

  20. Sweetken Di

    Sweetken DiMonth ago


  21. Fairlie Mhitz Pedronan

    Fairlie Mhitz PedronanMonth ago

    Stormi looks like Tyga❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  22. Ryad Chelbi

    Ryad ChelbiMonth ago

    "jordyn wood"

  23. 2829121

    2829121Month ago

    Travis lives in another house. Her baby belongs to her Asian mixed bodyguard.

  24. Darling Nikki

    Darling NikkiMonth ago

    Lol BROOD "a large *BROAD* of children?!?!? It's pronounced "brude" .LONG O, NOT SHORT A, you dummy!!!!

  25. Marla Lamont

    Marla LamontMonth ago

    It is brood not broad.

  26. Flor Chavez

    Flor ChavezMonth ago

    I have no one to vacay I never really had friends or real parents just mom's she tried...omg.not having anyone's baby.👻💔💕💋

  27. Flor Chavez

    Flor ChavezMonth ago

    not giving a chance to waste my time one.

  28. Marilynn Canale

    Marilynn CanaleMonth ago

    Baby is adorable!

  29. Chip Douglas

    Chip DouglasMonth ago

    The way she says Stormi is so annoying...

  30. GuoxinZ.

    GuoxinZ.Month ago

    Stormi’s cute already! I hope Stormi doesn’t need plastic surgery 😒

  31. Anita Blount

    Anita BlountMonth ago

    But Kylie's baby looks exactly like Khloe & Trisian's baby.

  32. dawn smythe

    dawn smytheMonth ago

    Suck it up cupcake this video acts like mom’s who are not famous don’t get judged as much REALLY GTFOH the only reason it’s more out there with her is because she “”famous”” but all moms dads get judged you just don’t report on it

  33. A You

    A YouMonth ago

    The most original

  34. Jay Belin

    Jay BelinMonth ago

    Good for her!

  35. Stancy Heddens

    Stancy HeddensMonth ago

    Stormi is absolutely adorable! It’s getting on my nerves though when this chic keeps saying how much help she gets from her family & how exhausting it is being a new mom like not getting enough sleep ummm I do know what it’s like being so tired you feel like you’re going to pass out but legit this she has 4 counting 4 nannies. She’s definitely getting a shit ton of help

  36. Stancy Heddens

    Stancy HeddensMonth ago

    Having 4 nannies too I’m sure helps a lot to

  37. en cee

    en ceeMonth ago

    Kylie and Travis are annoying but that baby is gorgeous bless her cute little face

  38. Cary Pragdin

    Cary PragdinMonth ago

    With so many teen (and pre-teen) pregnancies around the world, I find it bizarre that people have a problem with Kylie giving birth at 20. And there is no need to criticize her for any parenting decision because her child is guarateed to have the best healthcare, nutrition and care 24/7. It is unrealistic to expect a parent (of either gender) to spend 24 hours a day with their offspring, because happy mom = happy baby. And I haven't noticed anybody flaming Scott Travis for not spending 24 hours a day, every day, with the child... Or for any other decisions he made during or after the pregnancy... Where do you guys live, in glass bubbles?! This young woman has not only survived an upbringing that would have driven many to substance abuse or worse, but has carved out her own niche to boot. Her baby is healthy and has consistent nutrition and care, as well as guaranteed access to education, medical care and/or specialist treatments/remedial education should they be required. I really don't see the need to criticize her for anything that she has done thus far, as either a person or a parent.

  39. Amy Brown

    Amy BrownMonth ago

    A mom 😂 that’s funny I think they forgot to mention the cleaners house keepers assistants and the nannies that actually raise her child she doesn’t do anything but shop

  40. Martinka Angelface

    Martinka AngelfaceMonth ago

    what is REAL on her???? lmaooooo

  41. Nely Torres

    Nely TorresMonth ago

    shit why can’t celebrities just live their life’s without so much negativity????😒🤔

  42. Scottie Clevinger

    Scottie Clevinger2 months ago

    Need to find another rapper to get your publicity and money you nasty thing

  43. Andriaan Djamin Mohammed

    Andriaan Djamin Mohammed2 months ago

    I'm the dad of that baby.

  44. Ronni Dume

    Ronni Dume2 months ago

    Ellas son media locas, pero no se sacan bebes ✌✌.

  45. james dean

    james dean2 months ago

    How does anyone with no talent whatsoever become rich?

  46. Murarescu Letitia

    Murarescu Letitia2 months ago

    No, you don't have to end your life if you make a kid, you can go have fun, work, manage your business or follow your passions, there is no need in most of the cases whatsoever to be captive in your own house 2-3 years without doing anything else besides changing diapers. Why do we still dish woman so much for not following old traditional gender roles?


    BTS GREETINGS2 months ago

    I awwed the entire video because of adorable Stromi! 😍😍😍😍

  48. Geordine Fasiki

    Geordine Fasiki2 months ago

    I’m literally the same of her and I have a daughter too and trust me she has no fucking idea what being a mom is and how hard it’s to accept your body after .

  49. love joy Peace & hope

    love joy Peace & hope2 months ago

    Poor girl just can't win.... Damned if you do damned if you don't 💜

  50. Donneita Fullmer

    Donneita Fullmer2 months ago

    I think its a great think to do for and her daughter stormi

  51. Rebecca Zvobgo

    Rebecca Zvobgo2 months ago

    She was very beautiful at the met gala she is so fit keep doing what you're doing Kylie you slammed the red carpet you're biggest fan

  52. Rebecca Zvobgo

    Rebecca Zvobgo2 months ago

    I don't know how it feels but Kylie is a perfect mother and if you were in the public eye I would do the same thing love Kylie your biggest girl fan in the world

  53. Kori Garbison

    Kori Garbison2 months ago

    I see why she doesn't want to raise her kid in the public eye, she wants her daughter to be raise with out worry about camera and media and public eye

  54. cua kina

    cua kina2 months ago

    Fake plastic whores that let servants do all their work, while they get cut on and altered all day long.

  55. Rosio Hernandez

    Rosio Hernandez2 months ago


  56. Queenin' X

    Queenin' X2 months ago

    Better to keep her daughter away from the public. Some people are cruel

  57. Edna Ruby

    Edna Ruby2 months ago

    Where do y’all get this information from cause most if it is false😂😂

  58. Ruth Nebiat

    Ruth Nebiat2 months ago

    idk why yuo guys shame kylie bc Kylie is a better paarent than all of you guys

  59. Suzanna Hilario

    Suzanna Hilario2 months ago

    In Arminian

  60. Suzanna Hilario

    Suzanna Hilario2 months ago

    You guys owe a hotels

  61. Isb Lp

    Isb Lp2 months ago

    Putas putas zorras

  62. Zeinabe Djire

    Zeinabe Djire2 months ago

    J'adoré Kylie Jenner

  63. Hope& Ahliah

    Hope& Ahliah2 months ago

    She ain't even a mom lol 😂

  64. Chelsi*Anessa*Olivia

    Chelsi*Anessa*Olivia2 months ago


  65. Chelsi*Anessa*Olivia

    Chelsi*Anessa*Olivia2 months ago

    WOW Is All I Got To Say Like I’m Sick Of People Bashing All These Celebrities Like They Are Human Just Like Us & I Always Say All Mother’s Deserve To Get Out Of The House For ALittle & Have There Me Time Like & NO ONE SHOULD EVER BASH A MOTHER FOR THERE MOTHERING SKILLS LIKE THATS A NO NO & IF YOU DO YOU DESERVE PUNCHED IN THE FACE & THROWEN IN THE TRASH CUZ YOUR A PEICE OF SHIT😠😠😡😡🤬🤬🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  66. blancaruiz2010

    blancaruiz20102 months ago

    I can’t believe I wasted like 10 mins of my life watching stupid vids about this woman!! The only one that I sorta like before was Khloe, but she’s just like the rest. Good luck ladies. ✌🏼

  67. katherine H.

    katherine H.2 months ago

    i think that's a fantastic idea. i believe kids shouldn't be introduced to the internet until the age of 7 or 8. then they can start to use a computer, in my opinion.. kids should have fun and play outside in the grass or sand!

  68. Daniel Lopez

    Daniel Lopez2 months ago

    Kendal has no surgery

  69. mona mcguire

    mona mcguire2 months ago

    All the Kardashian women look like they got deformed asses well more power to them if that's what's making them so rich and famous their asses

  70. Dianne Hill

    Dianne Hill2 months ago


  71. Dianne Hill

    Dianne Hill2 months ago


  72. Stacey Salgado

    Stacey Salgado2 months ago

    This makes me like her.

  73. twerk@work

    twerk@work2 months ago

    A farm?! She won't even pick up her own dog's shit

  74. Debbie Ryan

    Debbie Ryan2 months ago

    She is a billionaire wtf .....I wouldn't show nothing of my baby to many fn nuts....and it is none of anyone business...none of anyone 's business she is rich as f

  75. Avalisa Williams

    Avalisa Williams2 months ago

    Y'all mfs just to fast

  76. Afsha Ilyas

    Afsha Ilyas2 months ago

    Why would anyone judge her she tries her best

  77. Shifa Qureshi

    Shifa Qureshi2 months ago

    Omg stormi is soooo cute 😍😍 and I’m sure Kylie is going to be a great mother I’m so excited

  78. Gracie Mednx

    Gracie Mednx2 months ago

    I’m just ganna be honest I think Kylie Jenner was never pregnant by how could she lose that weight that fast

  79. Glenda Landen

    Glenda Landen2 months ago

    I feel sorry for the babies born into that family...just fashion accessories and You Know they have nannies, no matter what they say...they don't do it like the rest of us do...anything for Fame and MONEY

  80. Ga Peach Georgia

    Ga Peach Georgia2 months ago


  81. holiday 2406

    holiday 24062 months ago

    The Talko....I doubt very much that YOU actually know what Kylie Jenner is doing.....She has zillions to be able to hire nannies. I doubt very much if Stormi has her mother around her more than 3-4 hours per day.....

  82. September Angel

    September Angel2 months ago

    I really wanna see more Stormi but social media is so cruel. So let Kylie keep her safe and let her do whatever she wants to. Parenting at young age when you are a famous person and billionaire, things can be very stressing. But she is handling the situation very well. Let her live her life her own way people. Love my Kylie baby boo...

  83. Mansing

    Mansing2 months ago

    Lol what is a kid doing having kids of her own when she should be busy becoming mentally emotionally and spiritually mature before even going into any romantic relationship? Can't even deal with her own insecurities yet. Besides, she's hiding the baby coz it's looking more and more like her Asian bodyguard 😂

  84. Tania sheridan

    Tania sheridan2 months ago


  85. Duaa Ben Salem

    Duaa Ben Salem2 months ago

    I’m not a fan of Kylie, but don’t you guys realize that she’s only about 20 years old and she shouldn’t just skip having fun because she’s got a baby. She still can live a fun life and isn’t obliged to spend all her time with stormi!!

  86. Sydney h.

    Sydney h.2 months ago

    They looks like a manekin So CRAZY STUPID DUMMY A.H family To many children no husbands 😨😨😨😨😨😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲

  87. Angela Gay

    Angela Gay2 months ago

    Was young "at the time" she is still young, not like she had a kid 10 years ago.

  88. Seyna Doumbouya

    Seyna Doumbouya2 months ago


  89. Seyna Doumbouya

    Seyna Doumbouya2 months ago

    I thing she should keep picture of her daugther pirvate away form socail meadia if there going to be mean . But u can't make everyone happy.

  90. Tiffany Lewis

    Tiffany Lewis3 months ago

    kylie baby is so cute

  91. Wilfred Letio

    Wilfred Letio3 months ago

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  92. MayorOfMoetown

    MayorOfMoetown3 months ago

    her asian baby..

  93. maria bettencourt

    maria bettencourt3 months ago

    Beautiful baby!

  94. Lisa Gauthier

    Lisa Gauthier3 months ago

    Can you imagine if they didn’t have nannies Kylie wouldn’t no what to do about baby crying I took care of my 3 boys single and father did not want anything to didnt have nannies kylie is a brat and gets nannies cause they have so much money must be nice and taking a trip with your 5 month old baby and now I herd second baby well I guess it doesn’t matter cause they have nannies right they have no idea to be raising kids all by your self I don’t believe anything she says in hear sorry but she just has fame from her mom and sisters

  95. sabrina white

    sabrina white3 months ago

    People are so judgemental when they have no right to judge someone who they do not even know. Kylie is lucky enough to have the money to pay good people to help her because any mother knows how hard it is to have kids without any help. Daycare is expensive enough but in order to work which you have to do in order to survive. Having the resources to hire a good nanny to help you is not something anyone should shame her for. You do not know what she goes through every day therefore do not judge her on what kind of parent she is. She looks great after having her daughter and she deserves to have her hair done if she is able to. She deserves to feel beautiful as alot of new mothers have a difficult time right after birth and become depressed so good for her that she is still doing what she needs to do for herself because having a baby should not mean that you let yourself go. I feel that when you take some time for yourself it will make you a better mother who is less stressed and tired. I am so sick of hearing people judge Kylie and other mother's just because they have people who help them. I wish I had the resources to have a nanny and other people to help me instead of having to do everything by myself and I don't think anyone should be judged as a parent whether they have help or not. Kylie obviously loves her daughter just as much as any of us who have children love our children so who cares if she has money to hire help, who are we to judge her or any mother for that matter. Leave her alone and stop judging her because she might go out and look amazing doing it. She looks great and she is still young and she deserves to live her life however she wants. I do not envy her one bit because people are cruel and judgemental. Take a look at your own life and stop judging someone who you do not even know!

  96. joico1234

    joico12343 months ago

    she probably doesn't want to put stormi on social media without her permission. even tho Stormi is a baby when stormi is older she might get mad that she was on social media before she could make her own desions.

  97. Bella Donald

    Bella Donald3 months ago

    Good job kylie.. you did a good thing .. You gonna be a better mum. Filter the comments and keep being the better you... mummy kylie...

  98. Shams Ibrahim

    Shams Ibrahim3 months ago


  99. Violet Rose

    Violet Rose3 months ago

    I Don’t think it’s that hard for her since she’s getting more help than she need but Issa fine

  100. bkliin

    bkliin3 months ago

    When it comes to few months old Stormi.. Travis, you are NOT the father

  101. Afnan Khaled

    Afnan Khaled3 months ago

    I think people should leave her alone. She has nannies, so what? She has the right to live her life, too. Wouldn’t you do the same if you were in her shoes? People are so jealous.