Inside An Amazon Warehouse On Cyber Monday


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  2. Bradley Petersen

    Bradley Petersen6 days ago

    I'll the fort worth location blocks handicap spaces for ther employees to park they they have 18 wheeler parking in the do not park zones for fire fighters.

  3. pash vang

    pash vang7 days ago

    Vote Andrew Yang. #yang2020

  4. WoW - Gold Empire

    WoW - Gold EmpireMonth ago

    now holding 7 share of amazon =D hope ill be able to buy more

  5. WoW - Gold Empire

    WoW - Gold EmpireMonth ago

    @Christian P 10 years i guess it might be at a minimum price of 6k since stock mostly double each 5 year i put 50000$ into CNR and my shares have done 110% since i bought em, i bought 50 share of master card at 125$ each MA stock now worth 250$, i bought 175 share of Visa at 140$ in january now worth 165$/share i bought 1000 share of canopy at 8.5$ last year sold em at 65$ couple month ago and splited that 65k into Hexo, aurora, and canopy last week i put 5k into mcdonald and 5k into costco both up 5% it is totaly realistic that amazon share would do 200% in 10 year in fact that they are not giving any dividend that compagny is going to grow massivly with drone delivery system

  6. Christian P

    Christian PMonth ago

    @WoW - Gold Empire And how much will that be in 10 years

  7. WoW - Gold Empire

    WoW - Gold EmpireMonth ago

    @Thomas Coles bought one at 1400 ,1500,1600 and 4 at 1950 =( sadly .. haha im still in the red but i realy think over 10 years amazon could double again

  8. Thomas Coles

    Thomas ColesMonth ago

    WoW - Gold Empire how much did you pay for all the shares ?

  9. Muiseyy

    MuiseyyMonth ago

    Alot has changed since then

  10. Gustavo

    Gustavo2 months ago

    Incredible !!!!

  11. White Tiger

    White Tiger2 months ago

    I Wish In Our Philippines Would Be Have A Amazon.

  12. Roderick V

    Roderick V2 months ago

    Got plenty of jobs available if you're a robot

  13. Roderick V

    Roderick V2 months ago

    I thought Amazon would be a better alternative from buying in regular stores but even with a Prime Membership the items are so overpriced and it takes way too long to get to your house I tried it out and it doesn't work for me I don't like Amazon

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    ABRAHAM3 months ago

    That's reminds me of wall.E

  16. Fuad Hasan

    Fuad Hasan3 months ago

    Whose music is this?

  17. John Brougham

    John Brougham4 months ago

    Slavery is back. !!!

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  19. John Adams

    John Adams5 months ago

    Smells like low pay and hard work. I hope the people working go on strike. Absolutely Ridiculous. CEO is only the richest person in the world

  20. Missmeow

    Missmeow5 months ago

    Love that

  21. Rehák Lóránd

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    Crhis Villacorta6 months ago

    Be just HAPPY😊

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  24. Maverick D.

    Maverick D.7 months ago

    Everyone is happy but the workers...

  25. Swag Lord

    Swag Lord7 months ago

    OAK4! wheres my B Mod Stowers at!?

  26. Brian Brewster

    Brian Brewster7 months ago

    Amazing how this video gives the majority of focus to the thousands of robots working in these massive fulfillment centers and hardly a parting view of the human element. I've worked in one of these fulfillment centers a couple years back when our ranks swelled to 6,000 workers during Peak season. It's maddening and unrealistic the pressure they put on all of us in terms of performance and dedication. Then it's equally disheartening to be layed off soon after when the holiday season ends.

  27. The Max Knight

    The Max Knight7 months ago

    Now, Amazon in Italy (my homeland) has been gotten an authorized company about mail service. I can mail a package to a pizza joint from my home. Wow!! 😂

  28. EPG Field Service Tech

    EPG Field Service Tech7 months ago

    Amazon delivery drivers are just about worthless. They should replace them with robots

  29. Stan Patterson

    Stan PattersonMonth ago

    I just had my first order delivered by a "Amazon Delivery driver" after having UPS, FedEx, Purolator screw it up for years. The only thing wrong with the Amazon delivery was that someone let them into the building, they never phoned me or rang the buzzer, the person parked the package at my door, took a picture of it there, and left. Never knocked on the door even. About 5 in the afternoon, I check my email, find a picture of my door with a box in front of it, sitting there apparently since 8:45 in the morning. The package was intact, well packed, but I'm just disappointed that they didn't knock or try in any way to get my attention. Might as well replace them with robots, but the question is, will the robots knock on the door or call me to advise of arrival or placement of the package?

  30. patrica bruce

    patrica bruce7 months ago

    Great deals this year! loving the Kindle Paperwhite and Lumiy Lightblade Lamp PERFECT!

  31. Guwop Cheop

    Guwop Cheop8 months ago

    Its crazy to think this company is becoming the wealthiest company of all time and all they do is let other companies sell their products on their website

  32. Xpert Studio

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    i want to share your video on my channel. to promote whats going on in this world with my family as well as my friends, i put your channel url in my description

  33. DHRUvin TANna

    DHRUvin TANna8 months ago

    World's biggest useless store hai I even not get my order after 15 after paying online finally I cancelled it


    YOUR IMAGINATION I AM8 months ago

    Warehouse in India then more good

  35. James moore

    James moore8 months ago

    Good jobs for factory Beautiful

  36. Ajith R

    Ajith R9 months ago

    Worst service

  37. himanshu kaushik

    himanshu kaushik9 months ago

    Coincidentally Amazon work space is 1.1 million and views on video is also 1.1 m

  38. dd dd

    dd dd9 months ago

    that robotic machines if not used could have give jobs to millions people around the world

  39. jay sheriffe

    jay sheriffe8 months ago

    if not used would also make all amazons prices probably quadruple in order to pay the wages of all those people needed to maintain the current level of efficiency that amazon has. The robots have made it so us pickers don't have to wander around a huge ware house with a heavy trolley for 10 hours ( instead of us going to the items the items come to us)...They haven't taken my job they have made my job easier and i love them for it.

  40. h scnu

    h scnu9 months ago

    In india no need this much set up i think

  41. Ricky Spanish

    Ricky Spanish10 months ago

    That black guy looked under pressure 🤯

  42. Justice Betancourt

    Justice Betancourt6 days ago

    Everyone working at Amazon works under pressure. And if you are told to work off the assembly line, it's considered "down time", earning a different rate.

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  44. Binoy

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    I went to do this job...but how...?plz rupply me

  45. Dj Reverse

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    Apply at

  46. Youtube L

    Youtube L10 months ago

    I dont believe on online shopping, unless a product is not available in local bazar or market. Usually I see the price are less in local markets. My main concern is about quality and I am not going to call customer care for a couple of days for an unworthy product. Although Amazon is cool.

  47. Ajit Shirtawle

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  48. J R

    J R11 months ago

    Amazon has patented a product that basically would fit onto the wrists of employees to "make sure that they are moving their hands enough" to stay productive. Can't wait until that comes out and half of their work force walks away.

  49. jay sheriffe

    jay sheriffe8 months ago

    nah i'll probably just walk away with the rest of the people before hand lol. But anyway my job security wasn't the point here, i know i will probably get fired if my productivity drops too low that's besides the point. I'm just saying they already have systems to monitor the scan to scan system and idle time monitor, which basically does the same thing as this wristband so unless this greatly increases productivity/ efficiency it'll probably just get scraped/sold like a lot of R&D prototypes do. Even if a piece of equipment like this does become mandatory you're still being overly dramatic about any repercussions. Also i didn't claim to know everything that goes on i simply quoted the source you sent me.

  50. J R

    J R8 months ago

    @jay sheriffe Perhaps you'll find out one day when they fire you for being unproductive? Happens every day. Just because you work there doesn't mean that you know everything that is going on or are valued in the eyes of corporate more than any new person that they could replace you with who would do the job for less.

  51. jay sheriffe

    jay sheriffe8 months ago

    lol you are being quite over dramatic here bud. ("Can't wait until that comes out and half of their work force walks away.") "unclear if Amazon planned to actually manufacture the tracking device and have employees wear it." It just part of amazons routine R&D there is literally a story similar to this like every other year and most of the time they sell on the technology anyway. the patent is just to cover themselves doesn't mean it becomes 100% mandatory across all warehouses. The only way that happens is if the technology ends up being a big deal and greatly increases efficiency. (like the robots did)

  52. J R

    J R8 months ago

    @jay sheriffe It hasn't gone into effect yet, but is patented by Amazon.

  53. jay sheriffe

    jay sheriffe8 months ago

    really?! wheres mine!? none of us in Manchester have that. we have a computer that calculates our productivity %...and if we are performing really badly like 20 % for example they walk us into a room give us a drink and have a casual chat where they take our feedback and give us tips on how to improve.

  54. Krishna Vijay

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    Froud com

  55. Ori The GachaWolf

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    My father stills thinks it's a scam

  56. Jr Leonardi

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    igual aos correios...

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    Just amazing!

  59. Vikram Jain

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    Hi I have a Property Which I want to give it on rent to Amazon could you share me the link or email id which Department looks after this.

  60. Aman Panda

    Aman Panda11 months ago

    So you just casually don't show the typical work environment as has been reported by news agencies and verified by thier workers too, it lead to one its top level executive to resign as well because he couldn't bear what was happening in ground. Just sayin

  61. c greeks

    c greeks11 months ago

    Ali Baba group does the same thing

  62. carlo0910

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    Its all about adrresses

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    jesus i just wanted my monitor...

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