Inside a $20 Million NYC Apartment | ABC News


  1. Zoey Raven

    Zoey Raven7 hours ago

    thats an apartment? hell no looks like transparent mansion

  2. Tommy Stuart

    Tommy Stuart8 hours ago

    Person: "Hey should we focus on real estate prices and the market in this area of NY?" Producer: "No, let's have some gay people make jokes"

  3. Xiomara Morales

    Xiomara Morales13 hours ago

    To much money for a plain apartment 😑

  4. Brenda Tracey

    Brenda TraceyDay ago

    20 mil to look at ...NOT trees and fresh air...what a steal.

  5. Flame

    FlameDay ago

    Doesn’t look worth the price at all!

  6. Chaster Legend

    Chaster LegendDay ago

    Love to live there!!!!! Now taking donations!!!!!

  7. arlen jxra

    arlen jxraDay ago

    I am afraid of heights. If I have 20 million dollars I am NOT going there.

  8. Willie WMS

    Willie WMS2 days ago

    Not worth it.


    WINTER SOLDIER2 days ago

    20 million at 30 years mortgage: roughly 60K a month. WOW

  10. Niko Rodriguez

    Niko Rodriguez2 days ago

    2:06 :D

  11. Lt. Jim Dangle

    Lt. Jim Dangle3 days ago

    $20 mill for that? I'd rather buy a ranch on 5,000 acres and do whatever i wanted for the rest of my life

  12. steve Kos

    steve Kos3 days ago

    a house is still better. a house has a backyard.

  13. Lucky L

    Lucky L3 days ago

    Frederick Ecklund needs to have his face slapped. & who the fuck wants views of mile after mile of concrete jungle - at a price of about twenty times what it's really worth?

  14. Reversed Tech

    Reversed Tech4 days ago

    2:26 Time for a drone to spy on someone having a bath.... TOTAL lack of privacy

  15. rolandgrz1975

    rolandgrz19754 days ago

    Would not like to be around ((them)).

  16. Jelle Otter

    Jelle Otter4 days ago

    Anyone notice the finger prints on the bathroom door 2:55

  17. Jelle Otter

    Jelle Otter4 days ago

    Multiple dishwashers ? lol wtf

  18. facciaditosta

    facciaditosta4 days ago

    Halfway through and they haven't shown the apartment

  19. lutetia

    lutetia5 days ago

    Anybody who’d buy this in my opinion has got to be missing brain cells. Why would you spend 20 million dollars on an apartment in nyc? I mean, it sure is luxurious, and the view is stunning. But don’t get me wrong because I, myself live in nyc. You could spend 1,2 or 5 million dollars on a beautiful big mansion, 1 million on cars, donate 1 million to charity and use the remaining 17, 16, or 13 million on whatever you desire. For instance, a beach house, luxurious trips to places like London, Japan or Paris, invest within the money; make a TV show, a new revolutionary product, etc. you can also adopt rare breeds of dogs that are expensive, buy the things you’ve always wanted, for you, and your family, and retire on that money, because it will surely last you a lifetime if you spend it wisely. Atleast, this is what I’d do if I had 20 million dollars. (:

  20. Bunnies&Kookies

    Bunnies&Kookies5 days ago

    i wonder.. does he feel satisfied after buying such a house? We always dream of big cars, big houses and big rings, but will those reallly make us happy?

  21. ShesThe1yup

    ShesThe1yup5 days ago

    Have you seen mirrors edge (the game) all glass walls, roof, floors etc if I were that rich it would be all glass like that, and hopefully the entire city would look that modern

  22. Martina Debono

    Martina Debono5 days ago

    Why buy an apartment when you can buy a mansion

  23. Evan Wilkinson

    Evan Wilkinson6 days ago

    i am afraid of heights, so no thanks.

  24. AntilopeSalga

    AntilopeSalga6 days ago

    How do you close the windows??

  25. Collectors Unboxing Games figures

    Collectors Unboxing Games figures6 days ago

    2:06 WTF

  26. Laura TT

    Laura TT6 days ago

    Also ridiculously overpriced

  27. Adrallex

    Adrallex7 days ago

    $20M for that? Never.

  28. Jory White

    Jory White7 days ago

    Im scared of heights_i dont Like those windows_you could slip and fall_break the window and fall to your death

  29. Tha Dood

    Tha Dood7 days ago

    I would suck 10 dicks a day for the rest of my life to be able to live in that place.

  30. mac Stanford

    mac Stanford7 days ago

    Can get a way better mansion for that price with land

  31. Jean Mentos

    Jean Mentos7 days ago

    1:02 flat earther

  32. AlgerianGT

    AlgerianGT7 days ago

    Nån svensk?

  33. Tate Clark

    Tate Clark8 days ago

    Rent must be dew every 20 years...

  34. 46foryounger Livestreams

    46foryounger Livestreams8 days ago


  35. The Big Lebowski

    The Big Lebowski9 days ago

    That is beyond too much money for that

  36. Lauren Widmann

    Lauren Widmann9 days ago

    Get your feet off the furniture!

  37. Portal's Edge

    Portal's Edge9 days ago

    good stuff

  38. emorej1

    emorej110 days ago

    What is there to see ? You call this a beautiful view ? Are you kidding me? Its just buildings and thats all you see ,you must be outta of mind to buy this for 20 million

  39. TJ

    TJ10 days ago

    And yet we have the worst homeless problem in the 1st world along with thousands of homeless veterans. SMH

  40. Ben Seal

    Ben Seal11 days ago

    You might be able to get more than 8 people in the shower but only one shower head?

  41. jassir amed

    jassir amed11 days ago

    I wanna become rich

  42. Jordan Noel

    Jordan Noel11 days ago

    2:06 that fortnite danse

  43. Sara Kohl

    Sara Kohl12 days ago

    bruce darnell in young

  44. Meg Skylet

    Meg Skylet12 days ago

    Why 20m is it just bcz of the view it’s a normal and just nicely decorated and you cited buy stuff to deco it that you can get its stores and still won’t add up to 20m not even 1m

  45. fuZe

    fuZe12 days ago

    911 lol

  46. I love Cheese

    I love Cheese13 days ago

    My house has 5 bathrooms ha

  47. Peridot

    Peridot13 days ago

    2:07 fresh.

  48. monica wilcox

    monica wilcox13 days ago

    Plenary grad edmonton

  49. John Dunbar

    John Dunbar14 days ago

    homosexuals are gay

  50. John Paul Paquibot Cebu Real Estate

    John Paul Paquibot Cebu Real Estate14 days ago

    what is wrong with me ?


    KOMODODRAGON14 days ago

    The dude looks like Rich Piana

  52. ozmliad ozmliad

    ozmliad ozmliad14 days ago

    k, this is the type of place i have had nightmares about living in, the building starts to tilt after an earthquake and you slide or roll to the window only to fall out ....

  53. welcome back

    welcome back14 days ago

    Even when the reporter jumped he didn't reach the realtor's height....

  54. Jotaykra Rodgers

    Jotaykra Rodgers15 days ago

    The sale of that NYC apartment has been reported have dropped my $19.99 million dollars after ABC news left. LOL #AlwaysBroadcastingCrapABC

  55. Life, The Universe and other Crap with MOOCH

    Life, The Universe and other Crap with MOOCH15 days ago

    How sad

  56. Bobby L

    Bobby L15 days ago

    A really nice apartment, but $20 is way over the top in my opinion for that small space. The "master bedroom" was totally small. The bathroom was hot, but I've seen tons better. I get the whole location, location, location thing of New York City, but I'd sooner go out my buy myself four huge 5 million dollar houses in different parts of the country, than blowing $20 million on that place.

  57. Itso Ez

    Itso Ez15 days ago

    For 20 mil why is the master bedroom so small?

  58. christine

    christine15 days ago

    :( in ma dreams

  59. Brian Sokoloski

    Brian Sokoloski15 days ago

    Much better to look at trees and have the fresh air than buildings and smog and traffic 24 hours a day lifestyle

  60. TheFrost63

    TheFrost6316 days ago

    Some real Orthodox Christian Saints says that for the sodomy to flourish society needs have enough and more than enough food, money, comfort and absence of religion. This is exactly what Western society is right now. And the whole world is turning to the same thing...

  61. Ben Mcinnis

    Ben Mcinnis16 days ago

    2:05 okaay

  62. SyncHerø

    SyncHerø16 days ago

    i want to bomb that building out of jealousness XD

  63. Iwona Rudnik

    Iwona Rudnik16 days ago

    i dont get people sometimes....who the hell can enjoy that digusting look on that concreat town ...

  64. N2 DaAIR

    N2 DaAIR16 days ago

    Wow, it’s amazing what some folks call a nice view. That’s one of the ugliest views I’ve ever seen, imo. In fact, you couldn’t pay me enough to live there.

  65. Ng Shi Nong

    Ng Shi Nong17 days ago

    Malaysia Ex Prime Minister Najib Razak can afford this.

  66. zedrick zedwick

    zedrick zedwick17 days ago

    it’s only 20 million because of the location.... put the same suite in the woods, it would be much less....

  67. Jaret Wood

    Jaret Wood17 days ago


  68. Robert Jensen

    Robert Jensen17 days ago

    For $3 Million you could get a full HOUSE in San Diego County, with a view of the ocean, with more space than this apartment. And a big yard as well. Top of the line , brand new, as nice or nicer than anything in this video. NYC is a freeking ripoff.

  69. Rebel Son

    Rebel Son17 days ago

    No NYC is a massive city where tons of millionares and billilonares live and they need to live in the center of new york. It's not a rip off. It's business.

  70. ArchAngel Gabriel

    ArchAngel Gabriel17 days ago

    95% of the cost is just for the location.

  71. MrBigT

    MrBigT17 days ago

    *Take a son to work day*

  72. Red Dian

    Red Dian17 days ago

    It’s like there’s no elevator

  73. Cheeky Nham

    Cheeky Nham17 days ago

    Looks like any other fancy multimillion dollar home. Nothing worth paying an arm, a leg, a tit or a penis for.

  74. jdmikeg4

    jdmikeg418 days ago

    U can rent a hotel with a better view and get bored of it in a few days.

  75. 1 Alsaidi

    1 Alsaidi18 days ago

    Do I even have $20 dollars in my pocket 😂 let me check

  76. Victor 96

    Victor 9618 days ago

    Gay as fuck, spoiled lil' bitch. Even if he's straight, he's gay, but if he's actually gay then i wanna cuss him straight. Fuckin' straight pussy licker

  77. Rebel Son

    Rebel Son17 days ago

    Lmfao how is he spoiled? He moved the the US by himself from Sweden and managed to become a millionare with no ones help there. I think you're just mad because you're an unemployed adult failed musician.

  78. Freedom Of Thot

    Freedom Of Thot19 days ago

    lol Kendis is PUMPED!

  79. Misc Acct

    Misc Acct19 days ago

    20 million where I live would probably get you your own zip code. Not an apartment but hey if you can’t live without the location, dive on in.

  80. Saif Chowdhury

    Saif Chowdhury19 days ago

    I am also wonderig how it is only 20mil.... the furniture and electrical appliances alone should be 20mil.

  81. steven joel

    steven joel19 days ago

    You got to admit that pad is to die for

  82. Barking Spider

    Barking Spider19 days ago

    20 million is nothing in manhattan, but go check out other apartments for 20 million in Manhattan. You'll find better.

  83. scrange times

    scrange times19 days ago

    2:45 why did this make me think of the holocaust gas showers?

  84. scrange times

    scrange times19 days ago

    January 26th is my birthday!

  85. M Y

    M Y19 days ago

    I don't care the view at all. There's no green! Nothing but concrete buildings.

  86. Star Power

    Star Power19 days ago

    5. People. In. Shower. With. ONE. Shower. Head 👅👅👅 This. Is. Ingorant. LIFE. 👅👅👅

  87. Star Power

    Star Power19 days ago

    Great. View. Of. GETTO. !!! 👅👅👅

  88. Star Power

    Star Power19 days ago

    ARE. They. 💲💲💲. TAX'S. ???

  89. Jesse Valdez

    Jesse Valdez20 days ago

    Should of had the real wanye brady do this .

  90. Sazumaru

    Sazumaru20 days ago

    20 milion ?? please 1 milion and ill make better one

  91. SevenDeMagnus

    SevenDeMagnus21 day ago

    lol poor him. Cool. A house without much houses surrounding it that's still inside a cool city is still the best. God bless, Proverbs 31

  92. Reed Icculus

    Reed Icculus21 day ago

    You couldn’t pay me 20 mil to live in that hellish city

  93. Johnfuse

    Johnfuse21 day ago

    If that fucking snob with his dog is greeting me i would say "Nope, searching for something else"

  94. Tarun Kumar

    Tarun Kumar21 day ago

    Capitalism for you: Homelessness by millions with 20 million mansion

  95. The real Jimmy Dore

    The real Jimmy Dore21 day ago

    pffffff my uncle pays 1500 Euros every month for a place as big but not as high.

  96. Sirios Star

    Sirios Star22 days ago

    Not sure what's more pretentious and annoying , the two guys going gaga over each other, the absurd cost of the apartment or the fact that ABC would glorify the entire event for a few ratings points.

  97. Robert Hills

    Robert Hills22 days ago

    Didn’t realize Kendis is a midget ,,, oops I meant Little person, or vertically challenged 🤗

  98. Bad Luck Brian

    Bad Luck Brian22 days ago

    I wouldn't mind this

  99. viky viky

    viky viky23 days ago


  100. Richard Behrendt

    Richard Behrendt23 days ago

    Has Music from Beyonce... plays random bullshit

  101. TinaMay TheFam

    TinaMay TheFam23 days ago

    I wouldn't pay $20.00 for it,it's ugly.

  102. Heal-Thy Life

    Heal-Thy Life23 days ago

    Lol no I'm tryna have a view with some natureeee