Inside a $20 Million NYC Apartment | ABC News


  1. K.A. GORDON

    K.A. GORDONDay ago

    Id rather take that 20 million and put it towards ending euthansia in animal shelters and poaching of elephants in Africa. There is not a damn thing special about this place unless you are so empty inside this is the only thing that would make you feel damn sad. I do love NYC though from street level.

  2. K.A. GORDON

    K.A. GORDONDay ago

    I expected so much more. Views...who cares. Im afraid of would have to pay me to live there. The shower wont get you and cleaner than a regular garden hose and you might get labeled a sex deviant if you bath in full view of anyone that can see you with a telescope. Pass.

  3. Scott Calder

    Scott Calder21 day ago

    And what if there's a fire?

  4. Luxx Verum

    Luxx VerumMonth ago

    There's isn't 20 million worth inside this apartment... It's a $10,000 a month rental, boosted up for someone's Ego, that's all, they're looking for a Sucker.

  5. PuFFTea GT

    PuFFTea GTMonth ago

    Imagine showering naked and a helicopter flew past.

  6. Sarah Leblanc

    Sarah LeblancMonth ago

    Imagine being in the bath and the window cleaner comes 😂

  7. Jorge Gómez

    Jorge Gómez2 months ago

    Well if I had 20 million, I could buy a big penthouse in one of the best neighboorhoods in the city, and I'll have 19 million to spare. Maybe, if you want like the top of the top penthouse, you could go to 3 million, but that would be a one chance.

  8. Dane Pacheco

    Dane Pacheco2 months ago

    Wonder what Casey neistats studio goes for in rent

  9. Jacqueline Lee

    Jacqueline Lee3 months ago

    Mobile Alabama

  10. Suad Radoncic

    Suad Radoncic3 months ago

    Someone that has hundreds of a millions this is nothing to them thats who buys it....levels to this shit young boy

  11. shibuya01

    shibuya013 months ago

    people don't get it. Those who can afford this can also afford a mansion by the sea and a chalet in Aspen etc. So don't say "i'll buy this instead of this $20M apartment." No bitch you can't get either.

  12. Paul Allen -Squid

    Paul Allen -Squid3 months ago

    I'd rather a house

  13. Bobby Joe

    Bobby Joe3 months ago

    I wanna be on the ground with my AK when the shit will hit the fan

  14. Lemon Fresh

    Lemon Fresh3 months ago

    I want to be fucked in that bed

  15. Mohamed Rafrafi

    Mohamed Rafrafi3 months ago

    Live large or die trying

  16. Jose SUAREZ

    Jose SUAREZ3 months ago

    A month?

  17. Jash Modi

    Jash Modi3 months ago

    With that amount I would buy a house in Beverly Hills. At least I would have my own land.

  18. Ayyad Agar io

    Ayyad Agar io4 months ago

    Fuck the soualkilling concreet view i would chose the see

  19. Ayyad Agar io

    Ayyad Agar io4 months ago

    Is he gay!?

  20. Armando Sanchez

    Armando Sanchez4 months ago


  21. Anna Ket

    Anna Ket4 months ago

    I love the views...than nothing is meter

  22. Vhris Jones

    Vhris Jones4 months ago

    i’ll take a view like this but in la

  23. Liu Tze Long

    Liu Tze Long4 months ago

    That’s cheap for 20 million when a tiny ass loft with a view of a brick wall is almost 30 mil

  24. Jonathan

    Jonathan4 months ago

    I wouldn’t even want to live there for 20 million

  25. DJ Trinivibes

    DJ Trinivibes4 months ago

    I won't be able to sleep in that place

  26. Elena Powers

    Elena Powers5 months ago

    Too much for a view

  27. Kingsley Frizzell

    Kingsley Frizzell5 months ago

    This would be perfect for golem

  28. Erick Lluch

    Erick Lluch5 months ago

    😕Im impressed!!! The view and the price tag. Inside 👀quality and design👎modernsilly...plain. Kitchen counter beautyfull!...little else. ...(😳I must say though...Iiii Would NOT!!!! mind having it!😊)

  29. Gerald Nordahl

    Gerald Nordahl5 months ago

    There is no patio balcony.How am I going to poop on the pedestrians?

  30. Mr.Snuffles 10000

    Mr.Snuffles 100005 months ago

    Wdym 4 and a half bathrooms? Do they have half a toilet in the bedroom or somethinga?

  31. asdf;lkj123

    asdf;lkj1232 months ago

    Half bathroom is just a toilet and a sink. Something like that. Guess thats an american thing

  32. Too lazy for A name

    Too lazy for A name5 months ago

    Gayest intro in the whole world

  33. Michael Shew

    Michael Shew5 months ago

    Love it but for all that $ they couldn’t do custom vent covers in the place? At 3.07, you can see the cheap work that was done with the vent size and vent cover. $20 million? should be zero mistakes!

  34. Miss Sincere

    Miss Sincere5 months ago

    You know what you could get for $500,000 ?????

  35. Miss Sincere

    Miss Sincere5 months ago

    So an air plane can go by and see me naked 😣😣😣

  36. asdf;lkj123

    asdf;lkj1232 months ago

    Yea like airplanes will be flying 10 yards from ur windows

  37. Miss Sincere

    Miss Sincere5 months ago

    Nahh. Bruh I cant live like that.

  38. Bryant Granvill

    Bryant Granvill5 months ago

    The poop go down

  39. Virginia Vallez

    Virginia Vallez5 months ago

    This is for rich people that don't know what to do with there money..crazy what a waste!!!

  40. vamshi gundamraj

    vamshi gundamraj5 months ago

    Paying $20M to let others see you naked in the bathroom. Bizarre!

  41. asdf;lkj123

    asdf;lkj1232 months ago

    Yea cause everyone is gonna see u when ur that high up

  42. ellenpower

    ellenpower5 months ago

    1:19 how do you have 4 and a half bathroom?!

  43. Ayden O'Shaughnessy

    Ayden O'Shaughnessy5 months ago

    Or for $500k you can buy a house that looks the same down south

  44. asdf;lkj123

    asdf;lkj1232 months ago


  45. Jeff

    Jeff5 months ago

    This looks like one of those places an American Psycho would live in

  46. YA BOI

    YA BOI5 months ago

    The price of this apartment alone is $10billion in my currency

  47. Lisa Muchi

    Lisa Muchi5 months ago

    The Owner of that property could Donate; 10 Million dollars towards building Property for those that lost their homes in the California fires; & are not lucky enough to have Money to rebuild. Nobody needs an Apartment that Fancy!!!!! Too much money don't know what to do with it 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️.

  48. Zwizard247

    Zwizard2475 months ago

    2:27 yup, when you want to have people to see you taking a bath even at that height, someone will have a drone or something to record

  49. Luke, I'm your father!

    Luke, I'm your father!5 months ago

    It better have a fucking helicopter

  50. Luke, I'm your father!

    Luke, I'm your father!5 months ago

    What do you get? A thai whore every night

  51. hold up wait a minute

    hold up wait a minute5 months ago

    2 0 1 8 ?

  52. William Griffin

    William Griffin5 months ago

    its totally confidential what apartment building this is ? i am just guessing 53 west 53rd on west side of Central Park ??

  53. Alexander the Greater

    Alexander the Greater5 months ago

    I thought it would be a regular ass apartment Tbh

  54. Lantanian

    Lantanian5 months ago

    Are you doing mortgage to down payment?

  55. Danielle Tandugon

    Danielle Tandugon5 months ago

    I'd rather use $15M for my dream house like that and I will give my other $5M to the poor as a donation so everyone could enjoy The MONEY👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😅😅👍👍😅👍😅😅👍😅👍😅👍😅

  56. Mr.L u d e n s

    Mr.L u d e n s5 months ago

    It's not worth it.. i mean it's just new york, not a beautiful city like Rio or Barcelona, it's simply not worth it.

  57. Calvin Gilmore

    Calvin Gilmore5 months ago

    Too much for an apartment

  58. xglad dope

    xglad dope5 months ago

    Love that tub veiw

  59. Joker

    Joker5 months ago

    Who the hell needs 4 bathrooms ? what are you gonna do let 30 people stay for a month ?

  60. Lil speedy

    Lil speedy5 months ago

    Nah that should not be 20 mill ricegums house is 14 mill and its bigger that should be around 5-10 mill

  61. Joey Fingers

    Joey Fingers5 months ago

    Apartment lol

  62. Brandon from Kentucky

    Brandon from Kentucky5 months ago

    Until your naked in the bath tub and a helicopter tour goes by.

  63. Brandon from Kentucky

    Brandon from Kentucky5 months ago

    The whole skit to advertise a TV show

  64. Marley Lydster

    Marley Lydster5 months ago

    How do you have half a bathroom 😂

  65. German Square

    German Square5 months ago

    It's not really worth it for 20 million there is very little you could get the same thing for way less

  66. SUCHDOGHE_ 360

    SUCHDOGHE_ 3605 months ago

    Fortnite dance

  67. 1212matt

    1212matt5 months ago

    You can't take it with you. ..

  68. Roi DEMON

    Roi DEMON5 months ago

    This Is not Worth 20m, and i have a better kitchen

  69. en Norske

    en Norske5 months ago

    20 milion dollalr. It is 200 milion kroner in my contry

  70. Alllii F/O

    Alllii F/O5 months ago

    It is not worth 20 million ..if i have 20 million i will buy a beautiful house in the middle of the 🍊 orange forest 10 000 meters and some bmw car and ford Malibu.. some horses .. and a Stadium ..-so still have 12 million in my account ... start helping homeless people stand again .. so really you can do a lot with 20 million ..not buying an apartment with no soul

  71. 林浩澄

    林浩澄5 months ago

    I would rather use 20millions to do investment and generate more money , money makes money .

  72. Echo Yas

    Echo Yas5 months ago

    I can get a mansion that is 5 million dollars

  73. skullbuster

    skullbuster6 months ago

    I currently have less than 20$ with no job and depend on financial support from parents but here at 1 post midnight, I am luring over 20 M $ Manhattan penthouse.

  74. Rosco Jenkins

    Rosco Jenkins6 months ago

    2 faggs,...Nice pad!

  75. AttilatheThrilla

    AttilatheThrilla6 months ago

    Goes to show the New York is an overpriced shit hole..

  76. Panic! At the ramen noodles

    Panic! At the ramen noodles6 months ago

    And it’s an APARTMENT

  77. angelina angel

    angelina angel6 months ago

    20 million oh what a piece a cake. Lemme jus go rob a few banks first lol

  78. CinBad 278

    CinBad 2786 months ago

    ....I have 20 cents

  79. DiceyDie

    DiceyDie6 months ago

    He looks and sounds gay. Swedish people fr

  80. Salil Wilson

    Salil Wilson6 months ago

    too much$ for so little

  81. Heavy-purple-Mixx

    Heavy-purple-Mixx6 months ago

    2:31 wtf? What is with the Window?! I don't know why, but for me it would be weird if I know, that somehow sombody could watch me taking a bath xD

  82. Muhammad Amirul Ashraf Azhar

    Muhammad Amirul Ashraf Azhar6 months ago

    is this whats for sale with a view?

  83. Syed Usama

    Syed Usama6 months ago

    I wanna buy it contact with me it's heaven what's your demand 20M $ I will purchase in 27

  84. Helen Boula

    Helen Boula6 months ago

    If I was rich I would love s big country house Horses cows chickens pigs grow my own food Raw milk.this was my childhood and I do miy it.i live in Houston t x hate it I'm just making the best of it

  85. Helen Boula

    Helen Boula6 months ago

    You could not give me a high rise apt in any city.i would feel so closed in I just want a simple small house or apt with a yard with open space.i love to have a each it's own.

  86. Costi Mc7

    Costi Mc76 months ago


  87. Chan

    Chan6 months ago

    Not that good of a view

  88. Nicholas Zavala

    Nicholas Zavala6 months ago

    Daft punk

  89. Isaac Sil

    Isaac Sil6 months ago

    And Zedd's California mansion costs $16 million..

  90. Nabil Ali

    Nabil Ali6 months ago

    ***4 and a half bathroom???***

  91. Hollywood Hawkins

    Hollywood Hawkins6 months ago

    Not worth 20million..

  92. John Jordan

    John Jordan6 months ago

    Only a moron with money will think this is a deal !

  93. Mary Jane Robb

    Mary Jane Robb6 months ago

    I would be terrified to live up that high.

  94. Is this a Username

    Is this a Username6 months ago

    I’d rather buy a Mansion on Long Island for wayy less

  95. Bob Bob

    Bob Bob6 months ago

    What’s up with abc’s editing lol...

  96. Ed Evans

    Ed Evans6 months ago

    Views to die for? How Ugly is that concrete eyesore? Give me mountains and trees any day.

  97. SpomenkoJabučar

    SpomenkoJabučar6 months ago

    I love it when I go to a party and proceed to take a shower with the homeowner and six other guests

  98. TINI

    TINI6 months ago


  99. Jose Mandujano

    Jose Mandujano6 months ago

    For 20 million I’d build a whole other building next to it wth

  100. Jose Mandujano

    Jose Mandujano6 months ago

    Why would I want a shower full of people abc? 🤔

  101. Constance Connie

    Constance Connie6 months ago

    Why even waste that much money when you can be owning a house. I’ve see better looking apartments where rent is $1500-$2000. 20 mil my ass. That view will get old once the honeymoon phase has worn off and you realize you’re wasting away your money.

  102. كرار العراقي

    كرار العراقي6 months ago

    I have a 20$ i won't this 🤗

  103. Scrollkart India Pvt Ltd

    Scrollkart India Pvt Ltd6 months ago

    Man look that master bed room its its a chocolate man look at the direction man look that walls and tub view wow awesome work man

  104. sacheverelle

    sacheverelle6 months ago

    $30mil less than Tommy Hilfiger's house.