Inside a $20 Million NYC Apartment | ABC News


  1. Lee Connect

    Lee Connect13 hours ago


  2. Lee Connect

    Lee Connect13 hours ago

    I pryd agst loneliness today's, Ottoman,b dollar crime mcb, wealth too g y ppl pulled technology on, satbru

  3. lo linares

    lo linares17 hours ago

    Still waiting to see what makes this 20 mil

  4. songoku243

    songoku243Day ago

    Why would you want a shower for 8 people? orgies?

  5. Living Accident

    Living AccidentDay ago

    If you are rich and do not share your wealth, you need to die. Don’t agree? Well, unfortunately, you need to die as well.

  6. SquidCookies

    SquidCookiesDay ago

    Won't be the first time the dude had 7 dudes in the shower

  7. Kharkovkid

    KharkovkidDay ago

    A two million dollar apartment with an 18 million dollar view. Who does the windows, how much do they charge and how often do they need to come?...

  8. Jiblert CP

    Jiblert CP2 days ago

    Imagine having to take an elevator everytime you leave and return home...I imagine it would get tedious after a while.


    SUK MIKE HOK l2 days ago

    20 million is not enough for taxs for this Odeon Tower Penthouse, Monaco - $440 Million,but hey hows counting when u r a trillionair

  10. shit stain

    shit stain2 days ago

    Smh that isn't worth 20 million. Move to South Lake Texas and you can get a house for triple the size for a fraction of the cost. With 1000 acres of land to go along with it.

  11. Hyicrotai

    Hyicrotai2 days ago

    That's not even a good apartment it's just location cost

  12. 1sean campbell

    1sean campbell2 days ago

    P 20 million to live in an apartment or by 20 million worth of property and Lease all

  13. 1sean campbell

    1sean campbell2 days ago

    P 20 million to live in an apartment or by 20 million worth of property and Lease all

  14. Mohammad Eid

    Mohammad Eid2 days ago

    Is he a gay or just excited? lol

  15. Manoj Pawar

    Manoj Pawar3 days ago

    Why these people wear shoes inside the house?

  16. Gurosama Bltch

    Gurosama Bltch3 days ago

    also dont forget that you can buy a huge palace with the same amount of money

  17. dog filter

    dog filter3 days ago

    4 1/2 bathrooms 🤔

  18. johnkevin h.maula

    johnkevin h.maula3 days ago

    20 million? are sluts free?

  19. Hakuna Matata

    Hakuna Matata3 days ago

    How about just use the money to hire an architect to design a badass motherfucking house for you?

  20. Self Made records

    Self Made records3 days ago

    20 mill my ass

  21. Renny Perez

    Renny Perez3 days ago

    Advertising Orgies

  22. Andy Guo

    Andy Guo3 days ago

    No blinds on the window in the bathroom. Someone with a telescope might get the wrong full moon one day.

  23. nic

    nic3 days ago

    please give me this im homeless

  24. aether juice

    aether juice3 days ago

    New York gets away with some of the most greedy jew shit.

  25. Robin Hansson 5 Västra Ramlösa skola

    Robin Hansson 5 Västra Ramlösa skola3 days ago

    "you can almots see Sweden from here" I live in Sweden did you see me?

  26. andrew wyatt

    andrew wyatt3 days ago

    Considering it's 600 dollars a month for a shoe box in central new York I'm not surprised's a massive apartment with all those views !! Shit that's a lot of money lol 20 million! I'd be very happy living on 2 million with a posh flat for 600 thousand in Southampton England with ocean views or a dockside lol ..20million I have to say though what a flat !!

  27. thedude22

    thedude224 days ago

    Fuck that shit, I wouldn't pay $20 for a home I couldnt look out the window of. My aunt lived in a highrise is Chicago at one point. We went up there when I was a kid, I couldnt go by the windows (out of pure fear)

  28. Wise Men

    Wise Men4 days ago

    you don't buy a land for 20mill $ you buy AIR . not worth it.

  29. Vino sitas

    Vino sitas4 days ago

    4,5 bathrooms... so like... 0,5 a toile- what does that mean????

  30. D.riverasssx 06

    D.riverasssx 064 days ago

    this does not have a home feeling

  31. Better Than pac

    Better Than pac4 days ago

    You can buy a private islands for 14 million



    Literally paying 20 million to live in a high-rise cuck shed... lmao

  33. desmondhatch •

    desmondhatch •4 days ago

    You can have so much more in life for $20 million then this apartment.

  34. mowlid 17

    mowlid 175 days ago

    you can see all the way down sweden

  35. Lil Ghost

    Lil Ghost5 days ago

    I would love to wake up in the morning and stand in front of the window butt naked looking down at the city

  36. Yeet boi Oomawe

    Yeet boi Oomawe5 days ago

    Why doesn’t man move in a fucking mansion

  37. Dee West

    Dee West6 days ago

    Party ready! - 8 people go in shower

  38. Glenn Evans

    Glenn Evans6 days ago

    but can you open a window

  39. baba Burnweedsan

    baba Burnweedsan6 days ago

    $$$$DOING BIG THANGS!!!!$$$$

  40. Given jade corre

    Given jade corre6 days ago

    buy a yacht rather

  41. Our Shopkin Universe

    Our Shopkin Universe7 days ago

    Honeybun boys

  42. Aquatic Potato

    Aquatic Potato7 days ago

    By the way it’s D.A.N.G.E.R.O.U.S It’s so high that 9-11 could get you one time

  43. Arman Aslanyan

    Arman Aslanyan7 days ago

    Average apartment with a view of the city for 20 million dollars? Have ya'll lost your damn minds?

  44. Daylight Wolf

    Daylight Wolf8 days ago

    Just asking..., If you had 20$ Million Would you spend it on a house or apartment?

  45. 2enchant

    2enchant8 days ago

    Worth 100k tops!

  46. Nagella Jean-Baptiste

    Nagella Jean-Baptiste8 days ago

    Nice view and alot of dizzyness. I like my place better try to make it look like a million bucks.

  47. Janie Falzon

    Janie Falzon8 days ago

    I'd rather have a cabin in the woods😀

  48. American Penny

    American Penny8 days ago

    I would be scared to death of even flickering near the window.

  49. Wormy Worm slayer

    Wormy Worm slayer9 days ago

    4 and a half bathrooms?😂1:17

  50. smoohtalker321

    smoohtalker32110 days ago

    All will be taken back in kind when we enslave you.. Karma.. Coming to visit esau soon... Apttmh ..


    KI CHEOL LEE10 days ago

    As for Kendis Gibson, Kendis Gibson should apologize BTS directly about his mistakes because Kendis is also a famous announcer in ABC broadcasting company, so other alternative ways can show the avoidance of adults when the adults made mistakes in front of kids and students. If Kendis Gibson doesn’t apologize directly to BTS, many young generations can understand there are some bad ways to be innocent whatever guilty behaviors will be done by using social attribute. If we cannot have good morality, who can blame on the felony perpetrator? This is not simple situation for Kendis Gibson.

  52. Gentleman. LOWS

    Gentleman. LOWS10 days ago

    New Amsterdam, I mean New York is going to be the first place they do away with.

  53. rickey bobs

    rickey bobs10 days ago

    I feel poor

  54. Hai there

    Hai there10 days ago

    And I'm here feeling rich with ten dollars.

  55. Dervi 'The Child' Aja YUDA Êvêo

    Dervi 'The Child' Aja YUDA Êvêo10 days ago

    Shabbat Shalom and Greetings From The San Francisco Bay Area, Richmond California 🕎🤔😁💡🎥🎬

  56. Eddie Bacon

    Eddie Bacon10 days ago

    And we wonder why 1 bed room cost like 950 a month. Retards will by anything when they are stupid with money

  57. AngelAbreu

    AngelAbreu11 days ago

    This apartment totally was worth 20 million dollars that's why I bought it check the public records 😁

  58. vexviet

    vexviet11 days ago

    Dirty racist

  59. Iris Y

    Iris Y11 days ago

    I knew it. He just have a tendency to be so jealous of those people. That' why....a poor racist. Or a xenophovian. Think abot wayyyyy back in tim. Look at urself now. love urself♥

  60. Leena Jaafar

    Leena Jaafar12 days ago

    Erkkk...if I buy this apartment I throw Kendis out thru the window. We do need this kind of disrecpect man on this earth

  61. truth seeker 502

    truth seeker 50212 days ago


  62. Randy Pullman

    Randy Pullman12 days ago

    I may not have forked over 20big but I can open my windows for some fresh air and enjoy wall speakers. Geez

  63. Nonius Aries

    Nonius Aries13 days ago

    Islam will destroy it soon.. don't waste your time..

  64. Voda Fone

    Voda Fone13 days ago

    To be on top in real estate industry as per top realtor and become a top real estate broker / agent. Do something different.


    FOOTLONG BLACK COCK13 days ago

    All of this is impressive, but not all women crave this. All women do crave the BBC though ... I’ll stick with what I got

  66. Amore Evans

    Amore Evans14 days ago

    2:09 Fornite Dance

  67. 1.25 x Speed

    1.25 x Speed14 days ago

    Very very gran very expensive

  68. Just Some Guy Ok

    Just Some Guy Ok14 days ago

    That is an orgy shower for sure.

  69. Byron silas

    Byron silas14 days ago

    That's scary way up there, period.....

  70. Y Z

    Y Z15 days ago

    Not impressed.

  71. eye  v

    eye v15 days ago

    Dude asked why is it ONLY 20 million


    BOSS FROG16 days ago

    Is this about his gayness or the ^%*&^ apartment? I give up already exit stage left.

  73. Snake

    Snake16 days ago

    If i had 20mil i would by a medium sized house pay all the morgage and live life...

  74. djhavok101

    djhavok10117 days ago

    Why would someone spend $20 million on an apartment?

  75. Thomas Jefferson

    Thomas Jefferson17 days ago

    1. Manhattan center of NYC center of New York center of the US center of the Americas center of the world center of the universe protected by God. 2. Do the dishes

  76. Eddy Cruz

    Eddy Cruz17 days ago

    What a ripoff How to waste ur money

  77. PolarAnt

    PolarAnt17 days ago

    Views to die for. I'd die if I looked out of my window and saw that concrete jungle.

  78. The Stank

    The Stank18 days ago

    Y’all ever seen that video of Zedd’s $16 million mansion? Yeah it’s about 20x bigger, just as nice if not nicer, has just as amazing views, and is $4 mil cheaper

  79. Phil Swift

    Phil Swift18 days ago

    Gta apartments

  80. Official Filmilen

    Official Filmilen18 days ago

    Fredrik Eklund is the best realtor in New York

  81. Soniverse

    Soniverse18 days ago


  82. moshiko ssaass

    moshiko ssaass18 days ago

    waste of money, people these days are so dumb.

  83. subwaymallorca

    subwaymallorca19 days ago

    wtf? Are all real estate agents gay???

  84. Drew Harrison

    Drew Harrison19 days ago

    "Shower Fits 8 with room for many more" *looks in camera and winks*

  85. redfern playa

    redfern playa19 days ago

    I’ll take 2

  86. Glorious4K60FPS

    Glorious4K60FPS20 days ago

    For 20 million Id buy a house on a large property sorry but I need grass and trees and birds chirping. Cities are cancers to the earth.

  87. Stardust

    Stardust20 days ago

    Clearly I need to be rich. This middle class life isn't working out.

  88. Bandito

    Bandito20 days ago

    now thats a large shower, as a millionaire i would buy a ton of hookers and fuck em' all in the shower.

  89. Hue Lu

    Hue Lu21 day ago

    that looks ugly 🤦‍♀️

  90. Jaredsfarm

    Jaredsfarm22 days ago

    *whiney shit about college and healthcare being expensive*

  91. Mr Smoothy

    Mr Smoothy22 days ago

    it is an investment that is what it is

  92. it is what it is

    it is what it is23 days ago

    Just a quick way to blow 20 mill because that price is ridiculous for the space and views


    DWYS WYSD23 days ago

    Take the $20M, travel the world 1st class for 10 years and come back truly inspired instead of living in a well decorated closet with a "view"

  94. Wayne Govender

    Wayne Govender3 hours ago

    You and I think alike. But I guess if someone can afford this they probably well travelled already

  95. KOH Joo Hua

    KOH Joo Hua24 days ago

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  96. PapaJake

    PapaJake24 days ago

    Why is it only 20m? You think it should be 25m? Are they out of meds or something?

  97. blurry

    blurry24 days ago

    ew if you think that’s a view ... go to the Grand Canyon or something the “view” is just gross

  98. Kristina Coffman

    Kristina Coffman24 days ago

    People that are scared of nights could never!

  99. Wisepersonsay

    Wisepersonsay24 days ago

    Tastes differ. I'd rather have the forest and nature view than ugly greed infested NYC view. Do you?

  100. BroccoliQueefed

    BroccoliQueefed25 days ago

    That place feels cold as ice. 😕😕😕. What you're buying is service, convenience, location. $20 million? Are they serious? Even in Los Angeles the places you could get for $20million are a far better value than that.

  101. jenny nagel

    jenny nagel25 days ago

    A goal we didn’t know we had: 20 million dollar view while doing dishes.