Inside a $20 Million NYC Apartment | ABC News


  1. Brian Palmer

    Brian Palmer6 hours ago

    Is this the only black guy in the world that can't dance nice Pony dancing buddy

  2. tzotz87

    tzotz8720 hours ago

    20 000 000 is The cost of shitting at that higths! World is crazzy and im poor.,

  3. buddhastaxi666

    buddhastaxi666Day ago

    Is that yellow smog? On a clear day you can see Donnie taking a dump in Trump Tower.

  4. DryPaste

    DryPasteDay ago

    not worth the 20 million

  5. Zhivko Yabandzhiev

    Zhivko YabandzhievDay ago

    You have to be one biiig dumb ass millionaire to buy this apartment for 20 mil... actually you have to be a dumb ass to buy apartment to live in, if you have money.

  6. Scouty D

    Scouty D5 days ago

    New thirsty

  7. RJ Johnson

    RJ Johnson6 days ago

    Wow, im too cheap or I need trees and way more space. But its NY! People there have more money than they need anyway. Most people

  8. Sunnyneko *

    Sunnyneko *7 days ago

    I just need a place to be clean, sleep and make food like ramen...and computer work

  9. Sunnyneko *

    Sunnyneko *7 days ago

    That shower is like an elevator but why would that have to do with party...I don't want to think about it

  10. Dman Manley

    Dman Manley7 days ago

    thats really dumb

  11. Mark Mannings

    Mark Mannings8 days ago

    im not living in a place that my only escape is a elevator, sorry...

  12. Venumpty

    Venumpty8 days ago

    bruh imagine how many times lighting strikes literally on top of you whenever theres a storm

  13. Patrick Falla

    Patrick Falla8 days ago


  14. John Bailes

    John Bailes10 days ago

    There is a construction elevator column in some views. There is a building adjacent that is higher. View is not 360 degrees if that matters.

  15. Myrna Lemke

    Myrna Lemke12 days ago

    ☆☆☆ I like Trump's penthouse better! You walk into this apartment, into a hallway! No foyer for that price??? Views were great..... but I don't know if I would want to bathe in front of all that glass! Too many telescopes around these days!!!

  16. - -

    - -12 days ago

    he is so so gay it is annoying

  17. Ziggmanster

    Ziggmanster13 days ago

    That view is beyond amazing! I'd trade in my view of the Pacific Ocean for that any day! At least I won't have to worry about Earthquakes.

  18. T.E. Burgos

    T.E. Burgos14 days ago

    What an absurd life. Nobody needs all of this "luxury." Too sad that Americans get socialized into believing that the definition of "success" is acummulating crap that one does not need.

  19. michael dawkins

    michael dawkins15 days ago

    Move to Texas for that kind of money you can get a house twice the size 1,000,000 acres and all the steaks you can eat

  20. Carlos Mar

    Carlos Mar17 days ago


  21. De La Cruz Reyna

    De La Cruz Reyna18 days ago

    yes how do I get in contact with him I am gonna buy it!

  22. Rochelle Pratt

    Rochelle Pratt18 days ago

    WHY ?

  23. Ted B

    Ted B18 days ago

    Rochelle Pratt why what? Lol

  24. ทวีชัย สมอาสา

    ทวีชัย สมอาสา21 day ago

    I don,'t talk to pressidend but no requiet me

  25. Nulanula

    Nulanula22 days ago

    "...with a wrap-around unobstructed view of hundreds more ugly skyscrapers." Gosh, sounds like a dream...

  26. Karim Spahi

    Karim Spahi22 days ago

    20 million what ?! With 20 million dollars i can own a mansion !

  27. John David

    John David22 days ago

    He's selling $20 million apartments, but wearing a Hugo Boss suit. haha.

  28. Caqil Abdisalan

    Caqil Abdisalan23 days ago

    Just for the view man. I could buy the best view from Netflix less than $10.

  29. Nina

    Nina23 days ago

    Lame asf tbh

  30. Alya Scarden

    Alya Scarden24 days ago

    Why would anyone use all this money just to get here... i admit, it is beautiful here. But you can buy one whole mansion with that money... maybe 2 or 3.

  31. cory hill

    cory hill24 days ago

    Not even close to being worth 20 million.That seller jacked the price up by about 10 million

  32. billy payne

    billy payne25 days ago

    Of course that is not the real price, this is cheap TV folks, come on !! wake up !!!

  33. v

    v26 days ago

    Fuck NY, I want GREEN!

  34. se7en

    se7en26 days ago

    Are all rich people cringe?

  35. Lord of Nothing

    Lord of Nothing27 days ago

    I instantly disliked the broker.

  36. abcabcboy

    abcabcboy28 days ago

    Fredrik first did gay porn when he came to America...

  37. Sondra Kaplan

    Sondra Kaplan28 days ago

    Showering in front of all that glass facing NYC is not a place I want to shower...$20 mil or not!!!!

  38. Marmoolak Kandoostan

    Marmoolak Kandoostan28 days ago

    a wise cactus told me once ''if the apartment is worth 20million dollar, dont buy it...''

  39. Javier Porras

    Javier Porras29 days ago


  40. Chris

    Chris29 days ago

    I wanna have this :c

  41. Edward

    Edward29 days ago

    Even Donald Trump would be impressed

  42. Ben Palmer

    Ben PalmerMonth ago

    I'd rather purchase a $2 million dollar mansion at ground level with ease of entry, and just keep the other $18 million.

  43. dremid445

    dremid445Month ago

    God damn that hanging light fixture in the bedroom is one sinfully ugly POS. Brass n' glass bedside tables? Ugly ass toilet too. Small bathtub. And I imaginer the cheapo chrome-ish metal all over the bathroom is going to look great constantly covered w/ dried/calcified water droplets from the shower. I mean - I get it - for someone dropping $20mm on a condo, the issue of furniture/interior fitout is sort of negligible. But on the same token, I'd say it's BECAUSE of how negligible the cost is, that the furnishings/fitout should LOOK nice (at the very least) in a $20mm penthouse.

  44. dremid445

    dremid445Month ago

    also, im not wealthy, but imo $20mm somehow doesn't seem bad for all of this?

  45. dremid445

    dremid445Month ago

    ....boss? lol gross

  46. Dennis Vu

    Dennis VuMonth ago

    Eh too cheap for me

  47. White Snow

    White SnowMonth ago

    What view? View of Gray buildings?

  48. John Johnson

    John JohnsonMonth ago

    I wouldn't buy a cheeseburger from this lying faggot.

  49. VitalExistence

    VitalExistenceMonth ago

    the windows are cool, but besides that everything else is just normal, besides the showers, oh yeah and that is one tiny black man

  50. ِ

    ِMonth ago

    Wow. I live in a $2,500,000 NYC apartment. I’m a peasant..

  51. De G

    De GMonth ago

    Give me 1minite with these creatures

  52. Matt Crossley

    Matt CrossleyMonth ago

    1:55 the finger guns

  53. Perplexer1

    Perplexer1Month ago

    Who doesn't want to bathe next to a giant window with about a million of NY creeps watching you with binoculars and telescopes, right?

  54. John G

    John GMonth ago

    Lmao this is barely better than my 1,500 a month apartment i had in Brooklyn. Only the stupid transplants that wanna be new yorkers (you never will be) would do this shit.

  55. steve leaned

    steve leanedMonth ago

    What a rip offd

  56. Wendy Knox-Leet

    Wendy Knox-LeetMonth ago

    He is a fool, a liar and fake



    I thought apartments were paid in rent per month, and condos were luxurious apartments that you could purchase to own. ...wait...this isn't a 20 million dollar a month deal is it? LOL.

  58. Ray Charron

    Ray CharronMonth ago

    Why 4.5 bathrooms. Can only use one at a time. This idiot has too much money.

  59. Rapist Spongebob

    Rapist SpongebobMonth ago

    wow the most amazing view of a shit hole!!! you can see the rotting old disgusting buildings and people being mugged WOO FUCKING HOO!!!

  60. Griffin Barnes

    Griffin BarnesMonth ago

    That news guy was so short

  61. #brianjones1986

    #brianjones1986Month ago

    The views are spectacular but I'm not into the style of the apartment. You walk through the door or come out of the lift and the first thing you see is a wall. Plus The onsuite looks like a joke squeezed on the side of the bedroom. It's still a decent price and very beautiful though I'm sure it sold.

  62. Master Chef Videos

    Master Chef VideosMonth ago

    20 Million my ass, who would buy. apartment for 20 million that only has 4 bathroom

  63. Warmbeer

    WarmbeerMonth ago

    Wow, cringe.

  64. Darth Gamer

    Darth GamerMonth ago

    Looking at old ugly worn down buildings in a city isn't worth 20 million dollars. A view would be a house where there is NO city lights and where you can stargaze and look at Northern Lights every day without having to leave home. That I would pay 20 million for.


    REALITY CHECKMonth ago

    Ugly decor! Expected much better!!

  66. yourcreativestrength

    yourcreativestrengthMonth ago

    I am going to live in that apartment

  67. alaska madness

    alaska madnessMonth ago

    Fuck that man, 20 mil on a fucking apartment?!?!? Only a truly mentally handicapped person would buy, wait no they wouldn't even be buying it, they would be renting that crap. If I had 20 mill I would buy a ton of land here in Alaska, and use it to hunt on, build a cabin, who knows, the possibilities are limitless, but I would never waste money on something like that.

  68. Katarzynamaria Muszynska

    Katarzynamaria MuszynskaMonth ago

    You could buy a house for 1 million on the beach i rather have that

  69. Katarzynamaria Muszynska

    Katarzynamaria MuszynskaMonth ago

    Its beautiful but price i think its too much

  70. Bryan

    BryanMonth ago

    Even when taking a selfie the cameraman still is filming, dedication

  71. Della Green

    Della GreenMonth ago


  72. Sylvia North Carolina

    Sylvia North CarolinaMonth ago

    Bringing up groceries and shopping bags omg!

  73. abcabcboy

    abcabcboy28 days ago

    If you are that wealthy, you have someone bring them up ;)

  74. Bobs Uruncle

    Bobs UruncleMonth ago

    Totally not worth it.

  75. Slyarno. Rj

    Slyarno. RjMonth ago

    Omg amazing I love it

  76. Pfunzo Nevhusenga

    Pfunzo NevhusengaMonth ago

    When they say $20M does it mean if the buyer gives them $20M its his for ever?

  77. gary Van winkle

    gary Van winkleMonth ago

    Eat my shot you sunk eaters..

  78. gary Van winkle

    gary Van winkleMonth ago

    Sucks his own cock... probably a Jew..

  79. Mohammed Hussain

    Mohammed HussainMonth ago

    No thanks I have money instead

  80. Afrocentric AnatomyTV

    Afrocentric AnatomyTVMonth ago

    I would rather see the ocean

  81. Husky Lover

    Husky LoverMonth ago

    It doesn’t even look that good though and it’s so small wtf. Just get a 1 mill mansion and I bet it’s bigger wtf.

  82. Villani David

    Villani DavidMonth ago

    I love you Murica never change, so we can buy your country in 30 years

  83. My Stock

    My StockMonth ago

    too expensive..not worth it... with 20 million, i can buy 20 houses in another state with many luxury things

  84. Ehcko

    EhckoMonth ago

    What's up with rich people and windows?? I hate windows and sun, I cover that shit up cuz I like living like a cave rat..

  85. LIL SCAR

    LIL SCARMonth ago

    i want that mansion rn

  86. Christopher Sabionski

    Christopher SabionskiMonth ago

    I prefer my five acres, single-wide mobile home, organic gardens, and wildlife...only cost me $62,500.

  87. PJ ChJ

    PJ ChJMonth ago

    Just making for millionaire and hollywood a-list only. The view is unreal

  88. Aman Kumar

    Aman KumarMonth ago

    My home even not worth of that bathroom...

  89. Sunny shah

    Sunny shahMonth ago

    Umm no Thank You. If i had $20 million to spend, i'd rather buy a bungalow or some beach front property in California or Florida i don't want to be looking at buildings all day when i look out the window i'd rather see the ocean, and feel a little tranquility

  90. Steven Novak

    Steven NovakMonth ago

    fagits..... com=on abc!

  91. InfernoCyclone

    InfernoCycloneMonth ago

    this is one of those lil tay apartments

  92. I don't know

    I don't knowMonth ago

    I do have agoraphobia, and I need to hug my dog, in the closet. I mean, great view. 😓

  93. Blarg Kliggle

    Blarg KliggleMonth ago

    The tallest fire engine ladder in the world goes to 13 stories, thats just my two cents.

  94. Donald Trump

    Donald TrumpMonth ago

    Its sad knowing that the only hope i ever have of living like that is to win a massive Powerball jackpot

  95. Clorox Bleach

    Clorox BleachMonth ago


  96. Yousuf Njr11

    Yousuf Njr11Month ago

    I'd rather get a mansion in the suburbs for that price

  97. BloodyTheEnderKitty

    BloodyTheEnderKittyMonth ago

    damn rich people ;-;

  98. TeacherTeacher

    TeacherTeacherMonth ago

    What do you think HOA monthly fee is? $2,000?

  99. Dany_Playz Games

    Dany_Playz GamesMonth ago

    2:14 wth lol

  100. Interested In

    Interested InMonth ago

    Manhattan real estate is one big lie.

  101. Ecclesiastes III

    Ecclesiastes IIIMonth ago

    Worth millions but to a man afraid of heights it's not worth a penny

  102. 360 TV

    360 TVMonth ago

    Is that baruch at 1:22 i miss that school 😢