Insane Taekwondo stunts in 4K Slow Motion


  1. pinkphoenix110

    pinkphoenix1102 hours ago

    I'm speechless. I am without speech! 😮

  2. its all about unicorns

    its all about unicorns3 hours ago

    I myself can do teakwondo

  3. MR nickname

    MR nickname3 hours ago

    8:45 haha he is so noob he didn’t got the last one

  4. fauzan miftahul fadli

    fauzan miftahul fadli3 hours ago


  5. Lucid

    Lucid3 hours ago

    Just pressed play and I know it will be amazing...

  6. NCE

    NCE4 hours ago

    The shot at 4:31 isnt the same as 4:34.... hmmmmmmmm Probably because at 4:31 her ankle gets caught on the board and breaks the wood. They didn't want to show this because the wood theyre using is delicate af

  7. Paradox Edge

    Paradox Edge4 hours ago

    I've always found Taekwondo to be a very intriguing martial arts style over Karate and Jujitsu. I've always liked the concept of primarily using leg power and agility to overpower enemies.

  8. Sunita Maan

    Sunita Maan6 hours ago

    the wooden slabs broke into smooth edge pieces.. something not everyone noticed

  9. Gaurav Raghuvanshi

    Gaurav Raghuvanshi6 hours ago

    9:06 Indian Flag ❤️

  10. B Dennis

    B Dennis7 hours ago

    I have never been so amazed at a video like these one before.

  11. M1RM41D C0SM0S

    M1RM41D C0SM0S7 hours ago


  12. MineCraftManiaxx

    MineCraftManiaxx8 hours ago

    I hope those guys got to see their own footage

  13. APJ TV

    APJ TV9 hours ago

    What an incredible feat! (i'm not sorry)

  14. boby zausa

    boby zausa10 hours ago

    ilove taekwond

  15. David

    David10 hours ago

    That roar @ 4:44 ...

  16. David

    David10 hours ago

    More humans!

  17. David

    David10 hours ago

    humans, the animal

  18. Diced Up

    Diced Up12 hours ago

    So this is what Q from impractical jokers has been up to? Lol

  19. Khaleel Rahman

    Khaleel Rahman12 hours ago

    Chilly looks just like Dan I wonder if they are related

  20. Out Chillin Media

    Out Chillin Media13 hours ago


  21. Athan Delumen

    Athan Delumen14 hours ago

    Thats incredible amazing human skill.

  22. Maulana Reza Prasetya

    Maulana Reza Prasetya14 hours ago


  23. JaakIsOP

    JaakIsOP14 hours ago

    I do taekwondo I also am a small channel trying to grow

  24. Henry Rahardja

    Henry Rahardja14 hours ago

    that awesome woman walk in the air while kicking 3 wooden boards but less famous than scantly clad women dancing and singing in autotune. Same with the awesome gentlemen on this amazing Kukkiwon Taekwondo Team.

  25. UNTITLEDdotexe 0088

    UNTITLEDdotexe 008815 hours ago

    8:44 i am so unsatisfied and disappointed right now

  26. Sharp Chedder

    Sharp Chedder16 hours ago

    I shouldn't have quit taekwondo when i was a kid lol.

  27. Charlie Villanueva

    Charlie Villanueva16 hours ago

    Those boards are dumb easy to break but the flips were cool

  28. Bill Granddaddy

    Bill Granddaddy17 hours ago

    Then the guy nailed the landing in the center of the mat!

  29. HourglassHeart

    HourglassHeart18 hours ago

    That's insane. My feet hurt

  30. Photelegy

    Photelegy18 hours ago

    9:13 Did he really miss the last one? ... says someone who can't even make it with one 😂

  31. Porschen Hund

    Porschen Hund18 hours ago

    Taekwondo is only useful when fighting giraffes.

  32. Zachary Hardgrave

    Zachary Hardgrave18 hours ago

    4:44 😂

  33. Tegnet

    Tegnet19 hours ago

    Film one of those dudes who can actually shoot a can in the air multiple times.

  34. Dang Lien

    Dang Lien19 hours ago

    It’s it possible to slow light speed?????

  35. That one moth in your room

    That one moth in your room20 hours ago

    1:02 my heart drops every time i bear this in zombie mode

  36. Conrad Campbell

    Conrad Campbell20 hours ago


  37. Josef stalin

    Josef stalin21 hour ago

    he squatting cars

  38. Avalanche Guy

    Avalanche Guy22 hours ago

    Will Smith: 4:43 it's rewind time!

  39. WildBoarHuntingTV

    WildBoarHuntingTV22 hours ago

    Where this camera has been when Bruce Lee was in his martial top!

  40. Ashok N Gowda

    Ashok N Gowda22 hours ago

    HIT Like if you saw INDIA Flag :)

  41. Tumpa Talapatra

    Tumpa Talapatra22 hours ago

    The last jump was like 25 foot in the air. Wow. Like watching Jacky Chan movie.

  42. Cadenthor

    Cadenthor22 hours ago

    4:43 6:06 7:17 11:11

  43. Block Code

    Block Code22 hours ago

    OSU from Shin Kyoshin

  44. jeevan nv

    jeevan nv22 hours ago

    crazy talent !!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Dani Khan

    Dani Khan23 hours ago

    another unexpected recomendation of youtubee!

  46. Mohammad Harris Zaman

    Mohammad Harris Zaman23 hours ago

    very interesting

  47. Lisek Pro

    Lisek Pro23 hours ago

    Who's training taekwondo?

  48. Suryakant Soni

    Suryakant SoniDay ago

    Lovely to see Indian Flag behind along with all other flags. and Hats off to those Heroes.

  49. Mr Umashankar

    Mr UmashankarDay ago

    @ 12:09, the glorious Indian flag is on the left. Jai Hind.

  50. Guilherme Veloso

    Guilherme VelosoDay ago

    Whaaaaaaaaat!?!?! This video is insane!!

  51. Kak Jah

    Kak JahDay ago

    Theyer legs like theyer blade sorry bad english

  52. Sismodium

    SismodiumDay ago

    Goosebumps... Just goosebumps.

  53. Anh K. Tran

    Anh K. TranDay ago

    10:55 the slowmo scene of the two guys expression at the bottom killed me 😂😂

  54. Manjunath Manja

    Manjunath ManjaDay ago

    This is very pleasing to watch.

  55. Manohar Reddy

    Manohar ReddyDay ago

    they should have won world's best!

  56. Nate J

    Nate JDay ago

    Probably one of your coolest videos yet!

  57. Plínio Oliveira rios Oliveira rios

    Plínio Oliveira rios Oliveira riosDay ago

    Alguém br

  58. Shikhar Khurana

    Shikhar KhuranaDay ago

    one word.. Spectacular!!

  59. Edinson Davalos

    Edinson DavalosDay ago

    Soy el comentario en español que buscabas 😏 yo lo sé pues mascota xDl

  60. Ultimate Agent

    Ultimate AgentDay ago

    2:40 but can you do this

  61. Daniel Hady

    Daniel HadyDay ago

    Super impressive.

  62. Rage Thorner

    Rage ThornerDay ago

    They are kicking with the top of there feet they need to kick with the ball of there feet.

  63. G-mod Player

    G-mod PlayerDay ago

    My feet are getting cramps watching this

  64. Михаил Ганькин

    Михаил ГанькинDay ago


  65. melvin johnson

    melvin johnsonDay ago

    Was I the only one looking at her dirty feet.

  66. Marx Mill

    Marx MillDay ago

    Aren't these boards actually weak asf?

  67. nonamescript

    nonamescriptDay ago

    this boards is lie, but jumps are amazing

  68. Corinne Quinones

    Corinne QuinonesDay ago

    Excellent 👍

  69. KG Drago

    KG DragoDay ago

    Imagine if they were all having a party and somewhere tried robbing them To be continued

  70. CriticoolHit

    CriticoolHitDay ago

    Always cool when the reality of the situation makes the movies seem less preposterous and you start to go "oh.. Alright well i guess they can do that"

  71. The Splixter

    The SplixterDay ago

    And the Donald Trump fears North Korea...

  72. The Splixter

    The SplixterDay ago

    If I had a hundred one hundred dollar bills and one of them took it, I would just be like ya bro I was gonna give that to you, please don't kick my head off.

  73. PickleStew

    PickleStewDay ago

    Why do they make these stupid sounding screams at the end

  74. Bob Smith

    Bob SmithDay ago


  75. crunk hunk

    crunk hunkDay ago

    9:09 What facility is this? Indian, British, Chinese and French flags at the ceiling.

  76. Bob Smith

    Bob SmithDay ago


  77. Bob Smith

    Bob SmithDay ago

    5:37 front left guy OOOOOF THAT MUST HAVE HURT LIKE NUTS those boards got his ankle

  78. Bob Smith

    Bob SmithDay ago


  79. Bob Smith

    Bob SmithDay ago

    oof that last kick the triple kick, she got it with her knuckles of her feet OWIE

  80. Bunch Z

    Bunch ZDay ago Slow Motion

  81. Rohit Kumar

    Rohit KumarDay ago


  82. OL LW

    OL LWDay ago

    Pre cutted wood...pathetic

  83. lustremyg

    lustremygDay ago

    i wish i would've continued with taekwondo

  84. Lion Freak

    Lion FreakDay ago

    9:35 when i See my Ex 😷😂

  85. Gog Noggler

    Gog NogglerDay ago

    Ol' Chilly Gruchy!

  86. Lu Shen Pao

    Lu Shen PaoDay ago

    That was fantastic!

  87. Twister

    TwisterDay ago

    i am surprised that neither one of them commented about the screaming even once, especially considering how they make a common about actually everything they see

  88. Harsh Pandey

    Harsh PandeyDay ago

    *Chinese wood* does't last long ..😂😂

  89. Connell Koba

    Connell KobaDay ago

    Respect to all my fellow taekwondoe black belts. Not the most popular form of martial arts but defiantly the best

  90. Connell Koba

    Connell Koba20 hours ago

    I’m pretty sure it’s karate that is the most popular

  91. O. M.

    O. M.Day ago

    It is (or it used to be) the most popular martial art of them all (by number of federated people, at least).

  92. Mam Mubeen

    Mam MubeenDay ago

    I saw tht india flag i am proud

  93. MrBlens

    MrBlensDay ago

    where are the comments saying "in muay thai they do it better" ? donde están los comentarios diciendo " en muay thai lo hacen mejor " ?

  94. Tenacious Ferocity

    Tenacious FerocityDay ago

    It actually doesn't hurt at all. You're using your heel, top of foot, balls of feet, shin, etc. And in the US Tae Kwon Do, we use our Kyup to bring forth our inner power into our strikes. In South Korea, they use their Kyup to strike fear into their opponents. Something this made me remember.

  95. trajan 9

    trajan 9Day ago

    Boards don't hit back

  96. Benjamin Franklyn

    Benjamin FranklynDay ago

    Real life ninja

  97. Jason Tomlin

    Jason TomlinDay ago

    Dude I’ve been doing Taekwon-Do for about 10 years now and this video motivated me to show the potential of the martial art and I want to be able to be like them someday...someday very. Very soon..

  98. Randal boi

    Randal boiDay ago

    lmao i saw wat they did.if u wanna get it in like 5 years then u got to do a looott of physical training on your stamina ,agilty and power in ur legs,oso gotta at minimum do a full split after 30 sec of stretching

  99. Sumesh Kuriakose

    Sumesh KuriakoseDay ago


  100. A

    ADay ago

    *Mother:* Come here son, your Hawaiian Pizza is ready for lunch! *Me:* 7:34 7:41

  101. Muddy Golem

    Muddy GolemDay ago

    How do they get sound🤔

  102. Aaron

    AaronDay ago

    One day I will spread my wings and fly like these guys

  103. Rajdeep Saha

    Rajdeep SahaDay ago

    with how many years of practice could one learn these to grow these level of abilities??... any idea??