Incredibles 2 Official Trailer


  1. darkwear gt growtopia

    darkwear gt growtopia4 hours ago

    2003 2018 2033

  2. Matias Pereira

    Matias Pereira10 hours ago

    1:19 i want to touch her legs

  3. Salesi Taulepa

    Salesi Taulepa21 hour ago

    Just imagine if The Incredibles Made An Appearance In Kingdom Hearts That Would Be Awesome And I Would Love To See The Incredibles Made Their Kingdom Hearts Debut In The next Kingdom Hearts Game

  4. Nobody

    NobodyDay ago

    Wow! This is why I don’t watch trailers of sequels before watching the movie; they’re all spoilers

  5. Nikolai Angel Vrachanski

    Nikolai Angel Vrachanski2 days ago

    Roses are red I am groot Honey where’s my super suit 🤗

  6. Stay Lowkey

    Stay Lowkey5 days ago

    Best film ever.. Love the story lines!!

  7. ʋǟռɨʟʟǟ

    ʋǟռɨʟʟǟ8 days ago

    only watching this for ict homework sigh i need to sleep

  8. Madhukar Soni

    Madhukar Soni9 days ago

    I'll be right there ASAP Where're you going ASAP ? You better be back ASAP.🤣🤣

  9. Harry Blake

    Harry Blake9 days ago

    I loved it

  10. Brianna P.

    Brianna P.10 days ago

    They need a real life incredible movie

  11. Noah McDonald

    Noah McDonald10 days ago

    Incredibles 3 the rise of Dragons.

  12. Stefan Tomasi

    Stefan Tomasi12 days ago

    I watched this amazing sequel when I was on vacation on the Disney Dream Cruise!! It was so much fun.

  13. Iodyzer

    Iodyzer15 days ago

    I don't understand the hate in this movie... It's cool.

  14. Anime Man

    Anime Man15 days ago

    Just like yesterday since 2004/2018

  15. Gregorius Rex

    Gregorius Rex16 days ago

    I hate Violet Parr

  16. MrGabeanator

    MrGabeanator17 days ago

    1 of 2 films robbed at the Oscars

  17. Harshit Soni

    Harshit Soni19 days ago

    All I wanted was another Dash chase scene :(

  18. Mohammed Wadah

    Mohammed Wadah25 days ago

    This movie is amazing

  19. Just Ganesh

    Just Ganesh26 days ago

    Jai balayya..😂

  20. Vasif Nuriyev

    Vasif Nuriyev28 days ago

    Film watchers, where did the enemy go, İ mean mole?

  21. Shadow Crafter

    Shadow CrafterMonth ago

    I have an Incredibles 3 somewhat plot. So, if you made a trailer, we would either see violet with short hair or Evelyn in jail either trying to break out or with an evil look. Then, we elastigirl ex boyfriend, don't remember his name so I'll say that, anyway I read one of the comic books and her Ex sent a letter to each villain in jail and would soon be free. In more of the trailer we see some of the new supers working together with the incredibles. Possibly the villans were free. But anyhow, Helen probably has gotten a bit more 40 ish and Bob too. Winston and Evelyn also. Violet probably older dash too probably and Jack jack a toddler (able to walk a bit more) I'll think more into it though thanks!

  22. PaingPaingPP

    PaingPaingPPMonth ago

    Where's my super suit?

  23. Diego

    DiegoMonth ago

    Stop making remakes

  24. Tiffany chau

    Tiffany chauMonth ago

    I don’t know that way! Why would they change Maths?! MATHS IS MATHS. MATHS IS MATHS!😂

  25. Azim Alif

    Azim AlifMonth ago

    So, guy who can stop trains, lift trucks, punch a guy trough multiple walls vs a guy with jackhammer hands. the rest of the body if still human like right? he's not as strong as Mr incredible right.

  26. Liam smith

    Liam smithMonth ago

    The villain in this reminds me of the puppet master in ghost in the shell

  27. pooh Roo

    pooh RooMonth ago

    Disney Pixar All Movies Toy Story A Bug's Life Toy Story 2 Monsters. Inc Finding Nemo The Incredibles Cars Ratatoullie Wall-E Up Toy Story 3 Cars 2 Brave Monsters University The Good Dinosaur Inside Out Finding Dory Cars 3 Coco Incredibles 2 Toy Story 4

  28. Adam Petrillo

    Adam PetrilloMonth ago

    Really Disney & Pixar? Strobe lights? 2:06? Whatever happened to you guys not realizing that this is a general audience rated movie. This better be the last time you guys add these in your movies. You guys got some highlights on how bad it was for people with epilepsy/seizures. I really hope toy story 4 and your future films from Pixar don’t run into this situation again.

  29. Ryder Barton

    Ryder Barton25 days ago

    Adam Petrillo you know it’s a PG Movie.

  30. Tamsyn Shaw

    Tamsyn ShawMonth ago

    Some people: I watch this movie because of Mr Incredible! Me: I watch this movie because of Edna, Frozone and his wife

  31. Oliversfilmsdotcom Films

    Oliversfilmsdotcom FilmsMonth ago

    made to make men look bad

  32. Oliversfilmsdotcom Films

    Oliversfilmsdotcom FilmsMonth ago

    I'm not gonna watch a film which presents men in a negative way

  33. Kathy Kat

    Kathy KatMonth ago

    Frozone's wofe is good wife material

  34. Oliversfilmsdotcom Films

    Oliversfilmsdotcom FilmsMonth ago

    I refused to watch this film, it is very stereotypical anti-men

  35. Mitch Hazel

    Mitch HazelMonth ago

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m really glad this movie got made and it was a pretty good movie overall, but I’ll always be a little annoyed that they made us wait over a DECADE just to see what happened 2 seconds after the first one ended. If they ever make a third I really hope it releases sooner this time.

  36. eric echols

    eric echolsMonth ago

    Can't wait for part 3!!! Another, 14 years in waiting!🙁😫😭 A Incredibles t.v. series would, be nice.

  37. David Dolan

    David Dolan28 days ago

    It won't be another 14 years. Honestly, if it's not here by 2025, it will never come.

  38. eric echols

    eric echolsMonth ago

    Things to ponder? Does Violet Parr favour Aubrey Plaza? Does Edna favour Linda Hunt? (who plays on CSI:Los Angeles.) If they every made a live, movie version, hmmm???🤔

  39. Gabe

    GabeMonth ago

    Right now, the longest Pixar film and the longest computer-animated film to date.

  40. MisterAhmad

    MisterAhmadMonth ago

    incredible way better than the first one. baby jack jack stole the show!!!

  41. tech A

    tech AMonth ago

    Why it took so long for them to make it???! 14 years is alot

  42. Faith The Potato

    Faith The PotatoMonth ago

    After Dash saying what’s new about his homework,I’m guessing he’s in fourth grade,he also said Decimals wrong,that’s what gave it off..

  43. FlambeHarbor483 YouTube

    FlambeHarbor483 YouTubeMonth ago

    0:03, tiktok meme

  44. Sang Woody

    Sang WoodyMonth ago

    I love this family


    WHYDO SPEAKS?Month ago

    *WhEreS My SupEr SuIT*

  46. Drohim. 1

    Drohim. 1Month ago

    Who still sees this trailer in 2019 February?

  47. bubble bath

    bubble bathMonth ago

    they did so good with this. honestly looks like the studio outdid itself! the beauty is in the details of this movie, as an animation student and as a movie enthusiast I really appreciated it. The pacing, compositions of the frames, storytelling, 'camera' work, lighting, body language....there is so much cool stuff to appreciate in the Incredibles 2, it's gorgeous! 👏

  48. Queenie Memes

    Queenie MemesMonth ago

    Love how Evelyn isn’t shown ironic am I right

  49. Queenie Memes

    Queenie MemesMonth ago

    Wait sksksksk, vi doesn’t say “moms new job” when they’re eating Chinese! Great editing Pixar

  50. Ddlc Natsuki

    Ddlc NatsukiMonth ago

    1:01 : Baldi's basics in a nutshell.



    I'm not saying this is bad but i 100% prefer the first one is better .

  52. Tyrel Keatts

    Tyrel KeattsMonth ago

    Seeing this in theaters was the best experience. Glad I went !!!!

  53. Dria Woods

    Dria WoodsMonth ago

    I wonder how many 18-25 year olds were in the movie theater watching this. We've been waiting for so long💀 I just started thinking of the video game for the first movie and it was lit and frustrating to beat - especially the dad and dash levels. I hope they make an even better game for this one 😍

  54. Vp03 Pogodin

    Vp03 PogodinMonth ago


  55. Ülkü Demirel

    Ülkü Demirel2 months ago

    The movie was incredible!!

  56. Iron Spider

    Iron Spider2 months ago

    If there is going to be a 3rd I'll be there

  57. Nova J.

    Nova J.2 months ago

    best movie ever

  58. pallavi raj

    pallavi raj2 months ago

    It is not better than bumble bee

  59. Low Roar

    Low Roar2 months ago

    Just saw it and loved it

  60. Deamond Deamond

    Deamond Deamond2 months ago

    I watched the whole movie at school

  61. Christine Alguadich

    Christine Alguadich2 months ago


  62. Daniels Channel

    Daniels Channel2 months ago

    People are saying this movie is bad because it “didn’t live up to the original”. I know it was 14 years for a sequel, but you got what you got. Be happy that everybody got what they wanted so badly.

  63. Ryder Barton

    Ryder Barton25 days ago

    John McSween your Expectations went too high.

  64. John McSween

    John McSweenMonth ago

    It sucked and if people waited so for this they need a life.

  65. theobarbs

    theobarbs2 months ago

    What I don't like about the 2nd movie is that it's full of action and fights and they are all small in duration while the 1st movie had fewer fights and action but they were longer in duration which was amazing and all of them are iconic.

  66. Draw Colour

    Draw Colour2 months ago

    Loved I2. So funny. I was blown away. Loved all of the easter eggs. I wish on the Blu-ray release there were mini movies of the stuff they were watching on TV. That store robbery scene on the tube was hilarious.

  67. Xurv

    Xurv2 months ago

    George W. Bush Made This Movie Along With Micheal Michard Pence.

  68. XBluegy

    XBluegy2 months ago

    Frozone found he supersuit. The best Character : Jack-Jack

  69. Earl Reyes

    Earl Reyes2 months ago

    I know im late but... THIS MOVIE IS AMAZING

  70. TheTruthIsRacist

    TheTruthIsRacist2 months ago


  71. Joshua Gore

    Joshua Gore2 months ago

    Who is hotter? violet or elastigirl?

  72. FR55D0M 12

    FR55D0M 122 months ago

    I hate this movie with a passion.

  73. Joe Whitehead

    Joe WhiteheadMonth ago

    FR55D0M 12 How?

  74. MrGabeanator

    MrGabeanator2 months ago

    I got the bluray for Christmas I cant wait to watch it

  75. Bemocracy

    Bemocracy2 months ago

    Violet is so charming because of her own gloomy personality! I love her 😆

  76. Steve Wertz

    Steve Wertz2 months ago

    I saw the movie using boxxy software - great app on my TV Box👍 . Taking advantage of an excellent distribution, with a lot of famous actors

  77. Dave Smith

    Dave Smith2 months ago

    best movie ever

  78. Gautham Ananthanarayanan

    Gautham Ananthanarayanan2 months ago

    Student: That's not the way we do it. Flips. That is only the way we do it. Me: Seriously. Insane. Math is Math!

  79. El KlouDee

    El KlouDee2 months ago

    2:11 Chicklet.HF & MaleniCruz😂

  80. Delilah Watson

    Delilah Watson2 months ago

    Watching it now!!!!!!!

  81. Kathy Kat

    Kathy Kat3 months ago

    You better be back asap

  82. JKirbyD

    JKirbyD3 months ago

    Num num cookie? 😂

  83. Hack the Planet

    Hack the Planet3 months ago

    Such a good movie, I enjoyed every minute of it.


    MOHAMAD IKHWAN3 months ago

    **E L A S T H I C C G I R L*

  85. Manuel Vega

    Manuel Vega3 months ago

    Stuart Little and Branch as Bob Parr/Mr. Incredible Margalo and Poppy as Helen Parr/Elastigirl Lola Bunny and Starfire as Violet Parr Puss in Boots and Tulio as Dash Parr Alvin (Simon and Theodore as Extras) as Jack-Jack Parr Chicken Little (with Barry B Benson as an Extra) as Lucius Best/Frozone

  86. Carmen Caldwell

    Carmen Caldwell3 months ago

    Finished watching this movie last nite, it was pretty good, if not a little better than Ralph Breaks the Internet. Spider-Verse, even.

  87. Zakwan Azani

    Zakwan Azani3 months ago

    Can we have a Jack-jack standalone vs the Raccoon Lord?

  88. Ozyalp Uygun

    Ozyalp Uygun3 months ago

    is that better call Saul ? ? 0:43

  89. avbarbertebeverballe

    avbarbertebeverballe3 months ago

    definitely not an extra sjw twist on this one, not at all.

  90. Clare J.

    Clare J.3 months ago

    better than the incredibles 1..

  91. garbage girl

    garbage girl3 months ago

    i watched this a few months ago, it was okay, the voice acting, and animation are phenominal but in the end this movie wasn't really my cup of tea...Personally, i prefer 2009 and back Disney/Pixar.

  92. B R

    B R2 months ago

    garbage girl Understandable.

  93. Widdekuu91

    Widdekuu913 months ago

    Awesome movie.

  94. Clipt Ic

    Clipt Ic3 months ago

    *49,745,126* *people* *came* *for* *elastigirl*

  95. Paladin Headquarters

    Paladin Headquarters3 months ago


  96. marco polo

    marco polo3 months ago

    Was in kindergarten when the first movie came out, it’s been my favorite movie all this time. Now I’m in college, ran to the theatre to see it on the release day. And you bet I bought it on dvd.

  97. Jason Sieffert

    Jason Sieffert3 months ago

    “It’s been 14 years of silence, it’s been 14 years of pain, it’s been 14 years that I never got and I’ll never have again.”

  98. Ozzie comedian

    Ozzie comedian3 months ago

    I guess you can say this movie was pretty incredible.

  99. Glanced

    Glanced3 months ago

    "where you going ASAP you better be back asap"

  100. Ryan Stolz

    Ryan Stolz3 months ago

    Imagine what if your girlfriend is elastigirl :D

  101. akhil a

    akhil a3 months ago

    9.8/10... Awesome movie waiting for another series of it...👌👌😍😍😍 incredible 3

  102. Oneil One

    Oneil One3 months ago

    This movie officially destroyed my childhood

  103. Mehmet Canbaz

    Mehmet Canbaz3 months ago

    INCREDIBLES 2 Gods!!! 3 4 5 6 . .. .. 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  104. Steveyfnj 15

    Steveyfnj 153 months ago


  105. 민윤기

    민윤기3 months ago

    I'm watching it rn

  106. RieberGems

    RieberGems3 months ago

    Season 6 is the sixth season of Independent Memories. It was originally going to air in Fall 2019 on Cartoon Network And VRV.

  107. Stone Odje

    Stone Odje3 months ago

    Where you going asap, you better be back asap.... Box office 👌