Incredibles 2 Official Trailer


  1. Mimi Younis

    Mimi YounisHour ago

    I am a in a family of five.2 brothers and me.(a sister) My dad and mom. We saw this movie

  2. Funtime_ Swagbear

    Funtime_ SwagbearHour ago

    Kids born in 2007 WTH is a incredible

  3. Cats lover !

    Cats lover !2 hours ago

    I will be there asap Were ya going asap u better be here asap

  4. mrtttdog warr

    mrtttdog warr4 hours ago

    Wow first time I went to a kids film and heard a whole room of kids crying. Tromatised. The little film before is messed up. A Chinese woman makes a dupling baby and then eats it. Who ever came up with that idea is messed up.

  5. Violet Parr

    Violet Parr6 hours ago

    40 million views!

  6. Lewis

    Lewis8 hours ago

    Please don't tell me I have to wait another lifetime for the next film.

  7. Nabinani Neptuner

    Nabinani Neptuner10 hours ago

    That movie was, wait for it... INCREDIBLE!

  8. Violet

    Violet13 hours ago

    💜 signed by Violet 💜

  9. Yeoss :3

    Yeoss :313 hours ago

    ElasTHICC girls

  10. Smiley Leung

    Smiley Leung14 hours ago

    I watched the movie yesterday and it was GREAT! I loved it soo much I can watch it o over and over again...!

  11. lasspenny

    lasspenny17 hours ago

    Edna is the best!

  12. Joan Pahl

    Joan PahlDay ago

    and I love The Incredibles 2

  13. Joan Pahl

    Joan PahlDay ago

    I saw the movie. at South Park

  14. missbunny

    missbunnyDay ago

    I thought it was brilliant

  15. maria youtuber 1

    maria youtuber 1Day ago

    As u can see there is two cups and then when it faces her there is only one😱😮

  16. Mariana :3

    Mariana :3Day ago

    Can't wait to see it! Its gonna be AWESOME!!! ❤❤❤

  17. Cybo_Vampire

    Cybo_VampireDay ago

    I just realized, since Ellen Parr can stretch any part of her body, was child birth even painful for her? I mean, she does have 3 children now.

  18. Sophie Struggs

    Sophie StruggsDay ago

    I just got back from waching this I love it

  19. Julie

    JulieDay ago

    14 years and Jack Jack is still 1

  20. Sami TheWeirdOne

    Sami TheWeirdOneDay ago

    Going to see it in an hour! I can’t wait!

  21. Weird Birdo

    Weird BirdoDay ago

    I watched this And anyone before watch this i have to warn you IT HAS A LOT OF FLASHING LIGHTS

  22. Aylin Cruz

    Aylin CruzDay ago

    14 years later from now incredibles 3 😸

  23. slime time

    slime timeDay ago

    Trash stuff

  24. Lisa Jones

    Lisa JonesDay ago


  25. Juiced pineapple 0

    Juiced pineapple 02 days ago

    The woman from the bussnes is the villain

  26. No NAME

    No NAME2 days ago

    Personally, It aint good enough as that of the first part 🙄 ruined the classic with misandristic propaganda

  27. T Mos

    T Mos2 days ago


  28. Eloy Rottoli

    Eloy Rottoli2 days ago


  29. Jane O'Riley

    Jane O'Riley2 days ago

    I can't wait to watch it to day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. A x

    A x2 days ago

    it finally came out in the uk yesterday and i’m going to go watch it in an hour. IM SO EXCITED.

  31. Colorful Codes

    Colorful Codes2 days ago

    I loved it.

  32. gilad fadel

    gilad fadel2 days ago


  33. DerpyLerpyCow React

    DerpyLerpyCow React2 days ago


  34. Alice Angel

    Alice Angel2 days ago

    I'm watching it in a few hours. Can't wait!

  35. jae

    jae2 days ago

    the villain is the guys sister

  36. nvyous

    nvyous2 days ago

    I’ve been waiting 16 years for this 😂😂😩

  37. Yasaman A

    Yasaman A2 days ago

    Yo this movie was soo gooddd

  38. jyothi jinde

    jyothi jinde2 days ago

    Enjoyed a lot

  39. Pooskar Dahal

    Pooskar Dahal2 days ago


  40. Nazia Habib

    Nazia Habib2 days ago

    It's going to cost tickets $$$$$$ $ $ :)

  41. Nazia Habib

    Nazia Habib2 days ago

    Today I'm going to watch this movie in the movies cool right

  42. Nguyen Khoa Phuong VPG

    Nguyen Khoa Phuong VPG3 days ago

    Incredibles 3 Edna Mode vs Doctor Strange's Cape

  43. Jarra7 Games

    Jarra7 Games3 days ago

    Frozone is cool

  44. Jessie Walker

    Jessie Walker3 days ago

    I really want to see this movie but I can't because with all the flashing lights! I'm so disappointed😔😭

  45. Jesse

    Jesse2 days ago

    Jessie Walker Theres only about 30 seconds of seizure scenes but i avoided it by covering my eyes. The rest of the movie was great

  46. David Toone

    David Toone3 days ago

    Who loves the incredibles 2

  47. JD Bond

    JD Bond3 days ago

    Watching this tonight.

  48. Yellow Waffle

    Yellow Waffle3 days ago

    Took you a while guys , we had to put up with movies for kids that promote trash and lies while you were thinking to release a second movie ,we missed a decent animated movie that is kids friendly.

  49. Leah-Jaye Taylor

    Leah-Jaye Taylor3 days ago

    I watched the first one last night ready for it being in cinemas tomorrow

  50. J E ss E Y

    J E ss E Y3 days ago

    I just finished watching the movie. IT WAS AWEOMSE!!!!

  51. Samikshya Sherchan

    Samikshya Sherchan3 days ago

    Jack jack is soooooo cute 😘😘😘😘😘

  52. 김동준

    김동준3 days ago

    난 영변 안됐고. 시간의 알파와 오메가 기록과 비슷한거 볼수있는 새까만이. 사탄만드는 재애 머리 볼수있다는. 여러사람 중추뺐어 쓸수 있다는 새까만이. 머리안 개애기도 내용물 바꾸는ㅣ

  53. 김동준

    김동준3 days ago

    난 영변 안됐고. 시간의 알파와 오메가 기록과 비슷한거 볼수있는 새까만이. 사탄만드는 재애 머리 볼수있다는. 여러사람 중추뺐어 쓸수 있다는 새까만이.

  54. Cinnigen

    Cinnigen3 days ago

    Seen this at the movie

  55. Alan Tejeda

    Alan Tejeda4 days ago


  56. Gaming With Bianca

    Gaming With Bianca4 days ago

    This movie, was so worth waiting, because it's so good, it has so much effort in it! So far the second incredibles, is the best! ❤️💗❤️😍Can't wait until the DVD!❤️💗❤️😍

  57. Gaming With Bianca

    Gaming With Bianca4 days ago

    I've watched it, a couple of minutes it blinded me. It gave me a jump scare at the part where Ilastic girl, went into the evil guy's room? And he thrightened me o.o I'll give this movie a 7 out of 10. But it's better than the first one. Edna was funny a little :P

  58. Bloo Blood

    Bloo Blood4 days ago

    Anybody know what track 1:42 is from on this soundtrack?

  59. Sajid Heron

    Sajid Heron4 days ago


  60. Sajid Heron

    Sajid Heron4 days ago

    2:12 *finally* he gets him super suit

  61. Sajid Heron

    Sajid Heron4 days ago

    *wHeRe is MY SUPER SUIT*

  62. FarGlaze

    FarGlaze4 days ago


  63. -bft- _eml_

    -bft- _eml_4 days ago

    Sacred texts part two.

  64. Badar Tamim

    Badar Tamim4 days ago

    Kids lol

  65. Sarah Hachem

    Sarah Hachem4 days ago

    Why would they change math!? MATH IS MATH!!!!

  66. kgrl11 tuber

    kgrl11 tuber3 days ago

    +Sarah Hachem girl

  67. Sarah Hachem

    Sarah Hachem3 days ago

    kgrl11 tuber are u a girl or a boy?

  68. kgrl11 tuber

    kgrl11 tuber3 days ago

    +Sarah Hachem sorry I'll stop

  69. Sarah Hachem

    Sarah Hachem3 days ago

    kgrl11 tuber yes I deleted my videos and why do u keep talking to me

  70. kgrl11 tuber

    kgrl11 tuber3 days ago

    +Sarah Hachem do u have a MReporter channel?

  71. Ron Lai

    Ron Lai4 days ago

    violet held the chopsticks wrong

  72. Soumyaa Dubey

    Soumyaa Dubey4 days ago

    Love it

  73. Jack Robins

    Jack Robins4 days ago

    Yes Robert, Helen needs her spotlight. You’ve already had your film time! 😂


    FLAWDAWADA84 days ago

    The main villain was meh

  75. EastonPlayz

    EastonPlayz4 days ago

    1:42 the lady from the insurance place in Incredibles 1??????????????????

  76. Madelyn Dollar

    Madelyn Dollar4 days ago

    Saw the "did you wash your hands" on!!

  77. wind tiger

    wind tiger4 days ago

    oh sultan fairuz , sultan faiq , dan puteri adis selamat menikmati the incredible 2 di BTM or CCM..

  78. ليان المري

    ليان المري5 days ago


  79. Tomato Head

    Tomato Head5 days ago

    I wish there were more supersuits

  80. Flaming hot Cheetos

    Flaming hot Cheetos5 days ago

    Most people are here to see ELASTHICC GIRL

  81. Flaming hot Cheetos

    Flaming hot Cheetos5 days ago


  82. Elias Saucy

    Elias Saucy5 days ago

    The Incredibles 2 and still No The Iron Giant sequel



    I goona love it

  84. Ran9113

    Ran91135 days ago

    good _god_ i could see the fabric on their wonder it took 14 years

  85. technical gamer

    technical gamer5 days ago

    Very cute baby

  86. Noah Ayres

    Noah Ayres5 days ago

    Not as good as the original.

  87. Ryder Barton

    Ryder Barton5 days ago

    Noah Ayres you been watch movies too long.

  88. gatito-man barra

    gatito-man barra5 days ago


  89. aaronl22

    aaronl225 days ago

    1:26 got my biggest laugh🤣 "Nam Nam cookies" 🤣😂

  90. Christopher Martin

    Christopher Martin6 days ago

    Edna: means FIRE Robert. Super saiyan Demon

  91. Ashton Ashcraft

    Ashton Ashcraft6 days ago

    Incredible movie

  92. Luca Ferioli

    Luca Ferioli6 days ago

    Thicker than a snicker

  93. Drastic

    Drastic6 days ago


  94. Anaïs

    Anaïs6 days ago

    I have watched it yesterday and omg it was hilarious Even better than the first movies Go and watch it!

  95. NS 124

    NS 1246 days ago

    Mostly the whole trailer snitched the movie in later on parts you will forget watching this trailer I just watched the movie yesterday and I regret watching this trailer.

  96. Luna Ranger

    Luna Ranger6 days ago

    This is bizarre. Mr.Incredible has been the face of there superhero squad since the first movie and all of a sudden they want Elastigirl to be the representative?? Feminists must love this movie

  97. avery

    avery3 days ago

    Luna Ranger why do you care. good god can we have a female main character without yall going FEMNSISNSISISTS!!!!!!!

  98. Jermy Flem

    Jermy Flem6 days ago

    Too many jokes around Jack Jack, why try to make anything actually funny when you can just spam the baby.

  99. Thicc Bear

    Thicc Bear7 days ago


  100. youtuber Fox

    youtuber Fox7 days ago

    This movie was a cash grab

  101. Ryder Barton

    Ryder Barton4 days ago

    youtuber Fox you been watch movies too much.

  102. ALLboutXARE Lovez

    ALLboutXARE Lovez7 days ago

    I didn’t like the girls teeth they bothered me tho whole video! And the mom’s lips to . Jack jack was the best

  103. Mark Grecko

    Mark Grecko7 days ago

    I personally think that Disney is trolling us by waiting 10years to make this sequel.

  104. MeGustaCantar

    MeGustaCantar7 days ago

    Really a good movie

  105. Esmeralda__Rojo

    Esmeralda__Rojo7 days ago

    “Where you goin ASAP? You betta be back ASAP!” IM WHEEZING😭💀

  106. ME 0020

    ME 00207 days ago

    a women being the main protagonist in a movie how new and edgy no one's ever done that before

  107. ME 0020

    ME 00203 days ago

    your comment is only showing up in my notifications i probably missed half of it but when was i whining about feminist propaganda what are talking about

  108. ME 0020

    ME 00203 days ago

    I care because I don't like seeing old stale tropes that have been going on for decades and ,"shut up" what are you like 12

  109. avery

    avery3 days ago

    ME 0020 why do you care shut up

  110. lef zer

    lef zer7 days ago

    the baby is GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  111. Sean Quiap

    Sean Quiap7 days ago

    She already knows the baby's power at the incredible 1

  112. Sergigames

    Sergigames7 days ago

    I watched it its so funny