Incredibles 2 Official Trailer


  1. Ozyalp Uygun

    Ozyalp Uygun15 hours ago

    is that better call Saul ? ? 0:43

  2. avbarbertebeverballe

    avbarbertebeverballe2 days ago

    definitely not an extra sjw twist on this one, not at all.

  3. Clare J.

    Clare J.3 days ago

    better than the incredibles 1..

  4. garbage girl

    garbage girl5 days ago

    i watched this a few months ago, it was okay, the voice acting, and animation are phenominal but in the end this movie wasn't really my cup of tea...Personally, i prefer 2009 and back Disney/Pixar.

  5. Widdekuu91

    Widdekuu915 days ago

    Awesome movie.

  6. Carmen Caldwell

    Carmen Caldwell7 days ago

    Y’know, as much as I loved Ralph Breaks the Internet, there is a chance this film might win the Beast Animated Film Golden Globe. It is Pixar, which has won the golden Globe many times, so that’s my tea. (BTW, I still haven’t watched Incredibles 2, but I’m trying to see whether or not it is good just in case it wins)

  7. Cool Kid

    Cool Kid9 days ago

    *49,745,126* *people* *came* *for* *elastigirl*

  8. jordan10

    jordan109 days ago


  9. Paladin Headquarters

    Paladin Headquarters9 days ago


  10. marco polo

    marco polo9 days ago

    Was in kindergarten when the first movie came out, it’s been my favorite movie all this time. Now I’m in college, ran to the theatre to see it on the release day. And you bet I bought it on dvd.

  11. Jason Sieffert

    Jason Sieffert9 days ago

    “It’s been 14 years of silence, it’s been 14 years of pain, it’s been 14 years that I never got and I’ll never have again.”

  12. Ozzie comedian

    Ozzie comedian9 days ago

    I guess you can say this movie was pretty incredible.

  13. Glanced

    Glanced11 days ago

    "where you going ASAP you better be back asap"

  14. Ryan Stolz

    Ryan Stolz11 days ago

    Imagine what if your girlfriend is elastigirl :D

  15. akhil a

    akhil a12 days ago

    9.8/10... Awesome movie waiting for another series of it...👌👌😍😍😍 incredible 3

  16. Oneil One

    Oneil One12 days ago

    This movie officially destroyed my childhood

  17. Mehmet Canbaz

    Mehmet Canbaz13 days ago

    INCREDIBLES 2 Gods!!! 3 4 5 6 . .. .. 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  18. Steveyfnj 15

    Steveyfnj 1514 days ago



    MIN YOONGI14 days ago

    I'm watching it rn

  20. Dennis Gemburgs

    Dennis Gemburgs14 days ago

    Season 6 is the sixth season of Independent Memories. It was originally going to air in Fall 2019 on Cartoon Network And VRV.

  21. Stone Odje

    Stone Odje16 days ago

    Where you going asap, you better be back asap.... Box office 👌

  22. LE6ION

    LE6ION16 days ago

    The action in this movie is more for adults, And this movie is like an marvel movie

  23. Suraj ChOudhary

    Suraj ChOudhary16 days ago

    10/10 absolutely right rating for this 😘

  24. freddy Montes

    freddy Montes16 days ago

    OH WOWY WOW🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  25. Arnøld Castîllo

    Arnøld Castîllo19 days ago

    That Screensaver guy well girl has a very nice mask, it kinda looks like mine if you look at it closely

  26. Davin Perrera

    Davin Perrera19 days ago

    1:06 *memes* 2:09 *another meme*

  27. LunaMedia International

    LunaMedia International19 days ago

    *incredibles 3, coming soon 2032*

  28. John Grande

    John Grande20 days ago

    incredibles 3

  29. John Grande

    John Grande20 days ago

    3 plsss

  30. Super Cars in Africa• 35.4M

    Super Cars in Africa• 35.4M20 days ago

    Elastic girl sounds like someones grandma.

  31. Emma McLaughlin

    Emma McLaughlin20 days ago

    0:59 That was me and my dad doing math homework in 4th grade. I'm not joking😂

  32. Dice

    Dice20 days ago

    I will wait the third part after 14 years

  33. Lloyd Cruz

    Lloyd Cruz20 days ago

    Still wondering what happened to the Underminer

  34. Daniel Slewa

    Daniel Slewa21 day ago

    Who's watching Incredibles 2 on DVD and Blue-ray?!

  35. Marie Launchbury

    Marie Launchbury21 day ago


  36. Raphiell

    Raphiell21 day ago

    Screenslaver monologue is a bit better than Syndrome's

  37. Jota3214

    Jota321421 day ago

    In another universe... Saul Goodman is the owner of a company dedicated to save Superheroes.

  38. damien claxton

    damien claxton21 day ago

    Elastigirl cheated on her husband and Jack Jack is the result and his biological father will be the villain of Incredibles 3 who has more than 50% of Jack Jack's powers. Youre welcome Disney. Now send me a cheque

  39. Norbert Alsotun

    Norbert Alsotun3 days ago



    SELENATOR S21 day ago

    Jack jack

  41. Kika Park

    Kika Park24 days ago

    Even better than first movie

  42. Rhythm F.

    Rhythm F.26 days ago

    That was a lot of talk and build up for one fight??

  43. BJ JR

    BJ JR27 days ago

    🚫🍪 =🔥😡🔥

  44. GamingReese's 3

    GamingReese's 327 days ago

    great movie

  45. mostafa Shaaban90 Shaaban

    mostafa Shaaban90 Shaaban27 days ago


  46. Seina Kimura

    Seina Kimura29 days ago

    Need more Edna

  47. SwensonOG

    SwensonOG29 days ago


  48. Alexa Ivanca

    Alexa Ivanca29 days ago

    I Like it

  49. Ndeye Diokhane

    Ndeye Diokhane29 days ago

    Gfi bff

  50. JRN 97J

    JRN 97J29 days ago

    I was a little disappointed they didn't at least have a Syndrome cameo.

  51. timmy mouse

    timmy mouseMonth ago

    Frozone is my fav character. wHeRe is mY suPEr sUiT?

  52. Baron TMM

    Baron TMMMonth ago

    See you guys in 2032.

  53. Bts Bigbang got 7

    Bts Bigbang got 7Month ago

    I remember watching this when I was in second grade

  54. Toby white

    Toby whiteMonth ago


  55. Miguel Santos

    Miguel SantosMonth ago

    I just watched this yesterday 😍❤️

  56. UltraOtaku Sings Vocaloid

    UltraOtaku Sings VocaloidMonth ago


  57. Epic Movie Compilations

    Epic Movie CompilationsMonth ago

    I hate it when Pixar make a sequel and yet, no third film. A trilogy consists of a beginning, middle and an end. Incredibles 2 should never have happened. Toy Story 4 seems fitting since there actually is more to explore. Hell, people thought Toy Story 3 was a bad idea.

  58. Old Childhood

    Old ChildhoodMonth ago

    I love this film, but man it's full of jump scares.

  59. 인아kk무로오오오오LLK

    인아kk무로오오오오LLKMonth ago


  60. WillBrink

    WillBrinkMonth ago

    If you enjoyed the first one, you'll enjoy the second one, but it lacks something hard to define. The movie attempts to throw everything but the kitchen sink at you, as well as attempt to cover social topics we don't really need addressed in a Disney/Pixar film, and it just tries to hard. CGI is excellent, but unlike the first movie, does not take advantage of it well. Some good dialogue, but too socially awares to just be fun...Two, took them so long to do II, those who enjoyed the first one probably college age by now and "too cool" to watch such things. I had high hopes for this one... B-

  61. Clarence Hudson

    Clarence HudsonMonth ago

    It’s prolly gonna take another 14 years to make the 3 one

  62. Dazed Pain

    Dazed PainMonth ago

    Clarence Hudson fr

  63. Sushi Birb

    Sushi BirbMonth ago

    I could not stop replaying this when it came out.

  64. Spider Riszer

    Spider RiszerMonth ago

    1:41 music

  65. Guillermo Rangel

    Guillermo RangelMonth ago

    Incredible 2 is my favorite Disney Pixar movie

  66. aisla and jeffy

    aisla and jeffyMonth ago

    I've seen that a lot of people have been like (not aiming towards everyone) '' Jesus this took AGES,'' they probably started making this WHEN THE FIRST MOVIE WAS MADE these things take TIME! If they released it after the first film it would have been absolute TRASH.

  67. SH A HI D HZ

    SH A HI D HZMonth ago

    11/10 because of jack jack and edna

  68. _ _siR

    _ _siRMonth ago

    YEEEEEsss GREAT MOVIE _"sighs and resets alarm clock for another 7,363,289 Minutes and renames it Incredibles 3"_

  69. Phil John

    Phil JohnMonth ago

    cant wait for this one it looks … incredible!

  70. Samhitha Chandrashekhar

    Samhitha ChandrashekharMonth ago

    Ohhhh... Hrs called Jack Jack because he's the Jack of all trades but master of none!!!

  71. Ben Chipchase

    Ben ChipchaseMonth ago

    I didn't really like Incredibles 2, I pretty much prefer the first one

  72. Joseph Benson

    Joseph BensonMonth ago

    I just saw the movie and I have a question. if the villains hypnotizing goggles rely on somebody watching them in order to work. why don't the heroes just close their eyes right before the villains put the goggles on them? I know once they're hypnotized they have no real choice but there's nothing stopping the heroes from just closing their eyes right before the goggles get put on them, pretend like you're hypnotized until they get a chance to rip them off.

  73. Grace Woofter

    Grace WoofterMonth ago

    *_MATH IS MATH_*

  74. Jacqueline Morano

    Jacqueline MoranoMonth ago

    2:02 - An interesting fun fact, but a spoiler alert: The actress, Catherine Keener, who voiced and played Evelyn Deavor, who’s alter ego is ScreenSlaver used hypnotism in The Incredibles 2. While in another film, Get Out, Catherine Keener plays Missy Armitage, whose character also used hypnotism!

  75. Jagatpagal

    JagatpagalMonth ago

    This movie sucked big tim compared to part one

  76. hiep nguyen

    hiep nguyenMonth ago

    So what happened with the Underminer after the movie???!!!

  77. BlackLister

    BlackListerMonth ago

    200 mil to make this kid's movie.. how????!!!!!

  78. Sheena Dayanan

    Sheena DayananMonth ago

    Didn't noticed Roxy from Megamind was here and she's a villain now? haha

  79. Al Dusty

    Al DustyMonth ago

    0:13 that expropriation do

  80. CIA

    CIAMonth ago

    I think I’ve found the meaning of life...

  81. Black TearDrop

    Black TearDropMonth ago


  82. Francisca Geneke

    Francisca GenekeMonth ago

    I watched this movie

  83. Fenly Papendang

    Fenly PapendangMonth ago

    Samuel L. Jackson must freezed Thanos with superpower.

  84. Tohrzy

    TohrzyMonth ago

    Saul goodman anyone?

  85. Holly S

    Holly SMonth ago

    Violet is so cool with her powers! I want incredible 3!!!!

  86. F dL

    F dLMonth ago

    I don't have seizures but I can see why one of the fight scenes could cause one. 😲

  87. Sudhir Pandey

    Sudhir PandeyMonth ago


  88. Edward Cullen

    Edward CullenMonth ago

    Is there going to have incredibles 3??? Pls tell me

  89. Dinesh Manchukonda

    Dinesh ManchukondaMonth ago

    I want jack jack stand alone film

  90. Captain Jakemerica

    Captain JakemericaMonth ago

    1:08 me when I do my math homework

  91. The chan

    The chanMonth ago

    20 years for batman lego movies 🎥

  92. The chan

    The chanMonth ago

    Who's the strongest one?

  93. Miss Anonymous

    Miss AnonymousMonth ago

    Hahaha I love this villains Hypnosis in reality maybe all president on nuclear then war begin.

  94. Miss Anonymous

    Miss AnonymousMonth ago

    Mean in reality this world have super hero but them hidden some where because politics hate them they know if super hero help people mean we not need more police or another government more...

  95. Cartier Naruto

    Cartier NarutoMonth ago

    When do we get to see frozone Wife??

  96. Martin Kojac

    Martin KojacMonth ago

    Take my money 💰💰💰

  97. M

    MMonth ago

    Worst voices choice ever!

  98. Restine Vergara

    Restine VergaraMonth ago

    Thank you and God bless

  99. Lukemario192 Del

    Lukemario192 DelMonth ago

    Can you make a Finding Marlin

  100. Abdul Majied

    Abdul MajiedMonth ago

    Violet is so annoying with his bf issue. I want more dash moment. Dash look like a boy that my mom babysit, accept dash had a blonde hair.

  101. Haso Gho

    Haso GhoMonth ago

    Fab movie!

  102. rujan singh

    rujan singhMonth ago

    Evelyn looks like Roxanne from Megamind. Anyone else wants to see a crossover between the two movies?

  103. mohammad rahman

    mohammad rahmanMonth ago

    i know that incredibles 2 is coming up in june 12 or 15