Incredibles 2 Official Trailer


  1. Max Souza

    Max Souza7 hours ago

    Admit it, we all just want more of Mrs. Frozone.

  2. LadyAC/DCAngus Young Fan1998

    LadyAC/DCAngus Young Fan19988 hours ago

    Mr incredibles reaction at 0:46 in, “even better then me?” With his own wife beside him lol.

  3. Albert Puentes

    Albert Puentes8 hours ago

    Haha elasthicc girl

  4. Emerson Dudley

    Emerson Dudley8 hours ago


  5. Proud of what I am today

    Proud of what I am today8 hours ago

    The advertisement was this trailer I'm so lucky

  6. Puddle of Adrenaline

    Puddle of Adrenaline8 hours ago

    Nom Nom Cookie. Cookhie

  7. Help Me Get 100 Subscribers Without Any Videos

    Help Me Get 100 Subscribers Without Any Videos8 hours ago

    Can't believe the first Incredibles was 15 years ago... *BECAUSE I'M 15 AND I DON'T REMEMBER IT.*

  8. Sir Ryan of Glasgow

    Sir Ryan of Glasgow9 hours ago

    *pops bubblegum bubble all over face in amazement*

  9. Долинушка

    Долинушка9 hours ago

    Cool! Cool!Cool!

  10. Phteve Vai

    Phteve Vai9 hours ago

    I had a nightmare about this last night

  11. Max Isola

    Max Isola9 hours ago

    2:10 Pixar knows exactly what their audience wants

  12. Narayan Aryal

    Narayan Aryal10 hours ago


  13. Ana Singeorzan

    Ana Singeorzan10 hours ago

    1:17 Did he say "Is she having act lessons?" Sounds like it.

  14. Reckless& Relentless

    Reckless& Relentless10 hours ago

    I have waited so long for this movie!

  15. Aroha Abraham

    Aroha Abraham10 hours ago

    14 years wow never to late in my book so excited

  16. Kikky Sanchez

    Kikky Sanchez10 hours ago

    The screen slaver interrupts this program for an important announcement loll🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♂️

  17. PerfectlyLion

    PerfectlyLion11 hours ago


  18. Nancy King

    Nancy King11 hours ago

    More Disney garbage!

  19. Egor Biletskiy

    Egor Biletskiy11 hours ago

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  20. TurtleGames

    TurtleGames11 hours ago

    0:03 - 0:13 2 FAST 4 U

  21. Srijoni Sengupta

    Srijoni Sengupta11 hours ago

    Mom's away: The movie

  22. Carlo pistolesi-Inciardi

    Carlo pistolesi-Inciardi11 hours ago

    Now we wait for incredibles 3.......

  23. JoeMilano9

    JoeMilano911 hours ago

    The incredibles theme is............. Incredible

  24. Assinine Syndrome

    Assinine Syndrome11 hours ago

    Bout to watch this movie ASAP

  25. Video/Comment Police

    Video/Comment Police11 hours ago

    Can't wait to see my old friends at the theater lol.

  26. Umbreon

    Umbreon12 hours ago


  27. Malidictus

    Malidictus12 hours ago

    The hell? The Incredibles was 14 years ago? When? I can swear it was a lot less than that!

  28. kelvin lor

    kelvin lor12 hours ago

    :O MY GOD 😀😃😀

  29. elijah swearingin

    elijah swearingin12 hours ago


  30. Anonymatrix

    Anonymatrix12 hours ago

    I'll be the biggest kid in the theatre. Can't wait till some kid says "I love incredibles " and I go full blast "YOU WERENT EVEN BORN WHEN IT CAME OUT."

  31. Naruto Fan#1

    Naruto Fan#112 hours ago

    He looks like Logan Paul

  32. Naruto Fan#1

    Naruto Fan#112 hours ago

    I really like it😯you can't unsee it

  33. Gregory Ashton

    Gregory Ashton12 hours ago

    Hey, it’s Saul Goodman :)

  34. Katie Bowen

    Katie Bowen13 hours ago


  35. Gabriel Tobing

    Gabriel Tobing13 hours ago


  36. coco pup

    coco pup13 hours ago

    4 on trending in NZ 😀

  37. Astral Fire

    Astral Fire13 hours ago

    It's amazing how Frozone's wife is never on screen, but she has such a huge character to her...

  38. Rashed Elamin

    Rashed Elamin13 hours ago

    F R O Z O N E ' S W I F E

  39. Alberto Najera

    Alberto Najera13 hours ago

    Disney got inspired by infinity war!

  40. prince by-tor

    prince by-tor13 hours ago

    It's cool to see how much the animation has improved since the first one

  41. Cool Prison lifedude

    Cool Prison lifedude14 hours ago

    Lol it’s been forever since I’ve watched the first movie. I’ll be watching this one too but I feel like I’m too old for it.

  42. Kourtnie Davis

    Kourtnie Davis14 hours ago


  43. Hotdog Channel

    Hotdog Channel14 hours ago

    Still better love story than twlight

  44. BIG L 14

    BIG L 1415 hours ago

    Took them a long time

  45. FLY GUY1201

    FLY GUY120115 hours ago

    Jack Jack went berserk

  46. Eyal Bor

    Eyal Bor15 hours ago


  47. Tony Wang

    Tony Wang15 hours ago


  48. Div Patel

    Div Patel15 hours ago

    Easter egg spotted the Chinese food labels at the beginning are from inside out

  49. that one username that isnt about kpop. oh wait

    that one username that isnt about kpop. oh wait16 hours ago

    W H E R E I S M Y S U P E R S U I T

  50. Ugandan Knuckles

    Ugandan Knuckles16 hours ago

    Omg the math one... So true 👌

  51. TeLk0

    TeLk016 hours ago


  52. Beebosssquad

    Beebosssquad16 hours ago


  53. oh no SCHOOL

    oh no SCHOOL16 hours ago

    Ha math is math

  54. Goober and Buddy

    Goober and Buddy16 hours ago


  55. Davis Jackson

    Davis Jackson16 hours ago

    I'm going to watch the entire Incredibles trilogy before I see Incredibles 2. Wait...

  56. Laddie  B

    Laddie B16 hours ago

    people Are complaining about the voices like it hasn't been 14 years and people don't age and change.

  57. zeruel31

    zeruel3116 hours ago

    Mum is the greatest good you'll ever get.

  58. Debra Bertelli

    Debra Bertelli17 hours ago

    The Incredibles is a fantastic movie. I am so looking forward to part 2.

  59. Raymundo Ruiz

    Raymundo Ruiz17 hours ago


  60. Jackimator

    Jackimator17 hours ago

    He found the super suit......

  61. Bailey Henderson

    Bailey Henderson17 hours ago

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  62. Hexa Promos

    Hexa Promos17 hours ago

    Anyone here played The Incredibles: Rise of the Underminer on the OG Xbox?

  63. Adrian Desousa

    Adrian Desousa17 hours ago

    This is true because I saw the trailer in cinemas

  64. MyCreativeName

    MyCreativeName17 hours ago

    When you waited for this as a kid and don't know how to feel as a teen

  65. ItsRK Playz

    ItsRK Playz17 hours ago

    can't wait to watch it

  66. Catalina Orrego

    Catalina Orrego17 hours ago


  67. Rodolfo Ruvalcaba

    Rodolfo Ruvalcaba17 hours ago

    Good vieo

  68. Joey Ojeda

    Joey Ojeda17 hours ago

    50 years later. I think I was in high school when the first one came out...worth the wait I guess 😁

  69. Fiona Wallace

    Fiona Wallace17 hours ago

    Looks like frozone has finally remembered where his super suit is

  70. Mateus Loubach

    Mateus Loubach18 hours ago

    I've been waiting for this since 2004...when I was still learning English! Thanks Pixar!!! Rest In Peace, Elizabeth Peña! #ripMirage

  71. Mike Hawk

    Mike Hawk18 hours ago

    Were gonna need our super suits for thisnone ammirite bois? 😣💦💦💦

  72. Bailey Henderson

    Bailey Henderson18 hours ago

    Don't worry about frsh it has been worse

  73. Sharmin Rima

    Sharmin Rima18 hours ago

    waiting 😍

  74. Bailey Henderson

    Bailey Henderson18 hours ago

    Buy frsh now

  75. Bailey Henderson

    Bailey Henderson18 hours ago

    Buy 7 million shares of frsh now tech companies are overbought

  76. PikaPopster 91

    PikaPopster 9118 hours ago

    Thank you Pixar for bringing this back after like 15 years

  77. ClickBait Lord

    ClickBait Lord18 hours ago

    Where is ma supa suit 😂😂

  78. Get Switched

    Get Switched18 hours ago

    Real funny, now where is the real sequel?

  79. Copeland Ahaus

    Copeland Ahaus18 hours ago

    Wait it said this summer on June 15th? That is still in spring.

  80. Victor Wouters

    Victor Wouters18 hours ago

    Prosecutor subtle tip spiritual presence beneath rail assemble should strain

  81. The Screenslaver

    The Screenslaver18 hours ago


  82. R.I.P. M3RK

    R.I.P. M3RK18 hours ago

    Math is Math. It’s okay Dad.. *MATH IS MATH!*

  83. Max Hennessey

    Max Hennessey18 hours ago

    Looks good, but I don't think this trailer does it any justice. The jokes seem a bit forced and the voice acing is a bit dodgy in this trailer

  84. Sєηα ღ ƘaѕнίwazaƘί 柏崎 星奈™

    Sєηα ღ ƘaѕнίwazaƘί 柏崎 星奈™19 hours ago

    Not trying to be mean..but why have the dash

  85. CeltycSparrow

    CeltycSparrow19 hours ago

    So remember when Wonder Woman came out last year and there was showings exclusively for the ladies to see it. I think there should be at LEAST one day where its JUST showings of this movie for adults who have been waiting for this sequel for the last decade because it looks AMAZING>

  86. Deijha Hill

    Deijha Hill19 hours ago

    I hope this is more about the problems of 50/50 parenting, and why a family means actually doing things together. If this is all about feminism, i aint got time for all that.

  87. Dream Chaser97

    Dream Chaser9719 hours ago

    I have a question. Why is the baby still a baby? And the kids still kids?

  88. Wilton Starbuck's

    Wilton Starbuck's20 hours ago

    Imagine a family pulls up to watch the movies and sees all grownups filling up the seat

  89. Adriana Joram

    Adriana Joram20 hours ago

    YESS 😍💣

  90. noso 2lip

    noso 2lip20 hours ago

    I REALLY don’t know why this sequel took by 14 years🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  91. SecretLars

    SecretLars20 hours ago

    They should have had the super suit suit missing.

  92. rose

    rose20 hours ago

    my childhood is finally complete, thank you

  93. MainlyMatty

    MainlyMatty20 hours ago

    New villain😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  94. Tallia Stamper

    Tallia Stamper20 hours ago

    "you betta be BACK asap!" I LOVE FROZONE!!!! "Honey! WHERES MY SUPA SUIT?"

  95. Aria Olson

    Aria Olson20 hours ago

    Violet @ 1:12 same way I look when I come for breakfast.

  96. MaximumGunMetal

    MaximumGunMetal20 hours ago


  97. Danny Alejandro Barragán Valencia

    Danny Alejandro Barragán Valencia20 hours ago


  98. Aria Olson

    Aria Olson21 hour ago

    I was four years old when the first movie came out.

  99. Batata Torrada

    Batata Torrada21 hour ago


  100. Richard Myers

    Richard Myers21 hour ago

    Looks like the (((producers))) are leeching feminist and liberal propaganda into our favorite movie franchises. Robots was bad enough.