Incredibles 2 Official Trailer


  1. Roi and Brian

    Roi and Brian21 hour ago

    6756565456564646787897975422345878765432499999999999999/10 movie


    BΛD VIBΞZDay ago


  3. Ovan Nantaa

    Ovan NantaaDay ago

    Kapan ada di tv??

  4. Amber O

    Amber O2 days ago

    Worth the wait:)

  5. GIRLS & BOYS 7

    GIRLS & BOYS 73 days ago

    I want you make film incredibles 3

  6. Rockstar Movies

    Rockstar Movies3 days ago

    After they make a toy story 4 will they make a bugs life 2

  7. fidget midgit

    fidget midgit4 days ago

    Math Is Math

  8. Maris Atra Septia

    Maris Atra Septia4 days ago

    Yg di tunggu² keluar jg 😍

  9. Maris Atra Septia

    Maris Atra Septia4 days ago

    Aahh w bener² suka sm kartun iniiii 😍

  10. Maris Atra Septia

    Maris Atra Septia4 days ago


  11. Damals Mensch

    Damals Mensch4 days ago

    Mal ganz ehrlich.Ich schaue gerne Animationen.Warum ist eigentlich Disney der einzige beste der Filmanimation. Gerade Incredible 2 geschaut.Einfach nur Profis Profis Profis Profis.Sagenhaft was die schaffen .Danke dafür

  12. Prince Christian

    Prince Christian4 days ago

    I'm watching it2003. I'm 4 now I'm 19yrs old.???

  13. Nicole Moore

    Nicole Moore5 days ago

    Easter eggs in this trailer!

  14. Cira Björklund

    Cira Björklund5 days ago


  15. Anon ymous

    Anon ymous7 days ago

    Went and saw the movie today. Unfortunately my hunch was right about it not being as good as the first but i never properly judge a film on the first watch espeiclaly when seen at the cinema. It takes me a few more times to watch it prefrably in the comfort of my own home to fully appreciate/understand the film. The first film was groundbreaking in both visuals and stroy. One of Pixars finest for sure. Came out of knowhere. Not dissapointing but the fact i fell asleep severla times says it all really. Anyone ever get the cinema to yourself btw? Why is it so hard for me to find an empty screen room? Am i not going often enough? I thought yesterday was the day as i was all alone up until one black guy came and sat in. TBh wasn;t as big of a deal having it to myself more of anovelty would have been nice htough. Not having to worry about making noise, sitting wher ei want and have more freedom. Choosing which seat i wnated to sit in for th ebest view was great also.

  16. [PR]Coolgu y

    [PR]Coolgu y7 days ago

    *_W H E R E I S M Y S U P E R S U I T?_*

  17. W R

    W R8 days ago

    😂😂😂This is soo relatable😂😂😂

  18. Wan Don

    Wan Don8 days ago

    Elastic girl is THICC

  19. Aris Romadhon

    Aris Romadhon8 days ago

    Aw jack-jack is so cute 😱😍😍😍🤗🤗

  20. Dinesh Pal

    Dinesh Pal8 days ago

    Upload movie

  21. Ninja Hyper

    Ninja Hyper8 days ago

    I love moms new job

  22. Ninja Hyper

    Ninja Hyper8 days ago

    It is time to make wrong things right

  23. Jas Mint

    Jas Mint9 days ago

    the kid is like my lil bro, i hate him

  24. Nadia Rose Anderson

    Nadia Rose Anderson9 days ago

    this is awsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  25. MrViMichael

    MrViMichael10 days ago

    Im already over 20 years old, but I still stuck in my Childhood because Disney wants to...

  26. Cole Norton

    Cole Norton10 days ago

    Who else likes bobs scream

  27. Antonio Borja

    Antonio Borja10 days ago

    You take

  28. Harsh Joshi

    Harsh Joshi11 days ago

    Lovely movie it is..😘😘😵😱😰😂😛😍😍😄

  29. E S

    E S12 days ago

    waited so long for this ! and it is good really , really good for a family hero movie! this is a sequel master piece ! and i dont normaly like sequels! i would take my hat off and bow to Brad Bird about the incredibles 2 story!

  30. justarandom girlhere

    justarandom girlhere12 days ago

    This movie brings back childhood memories man... I used to watch the Incredibles as a little kid, me and my dad loved it and we legit watched it once a year until I was 12 or so. We're gonna watch the sequel together soon

  31. KroeKlaw

    KroeKlaw12 days ago

    "TOO LATE! 15 years, too late..."

  32. Nelkon Shuaibu

    Nelkon Shuaibu13 days ago

    I've been waiting for this!

  33. Angel Claudio

    Angel Claudio14 days ago


  34. The crazy Dog

    The crazy Dog15 days ago


  35. Amir Hossen

    Amir Hossen15 days ago


  36. Holly wood movie தமிழ்

    Holly wood movie தமிழ்15 days ago

    my chennal this movie plece suggested

  37. Danthepaperman6/ClassicalCabc

    Danthepaperman6/ClassicalCabc16 days ago

    It says releases in June 15th only to re release in labor day in some movie theater locations.

  38. vini gray dbz

    vini gray dbz16 days ago


  39. Ilikefood

    Ilikefood16 days ago


  40. Josh Gore

    Josh Gore16 days ago

    Violet: Did you wash your hands? Dash: Speeds off and come back Violet: with, SOAP? Dash: Squish and comes back Violet: Did you dry them? Dash: shakes hands hard like bird flapping wings

  41. Ega Marini

    Ega Marini16 days ago

    Incredibles is my favorite

  42. Christopher Königsfeld

    Christopher Königsfeld17 days ago

    More of them and cars!

  43. Ag Jr

    Ag Jr17 days ago

    *What some people know:* This movie was originally supposed to come out next year. *What more people don't know:* The reason it was moved to this year was because they switched its release date with that of Toy Story 4.

  44. Morito Cabron

    Morito Cabron17 days ago

    very disappointing film

  45. MrGabeanator

    MrGabeanator18 days ago

    the bluray is already on my Christmas list anyone else?

  46. Roxyeeyee _

    Roxyeeyee _18 days ago

    I think it was worth it! But have caution, it does have a lot of (even unecessary) violence.

  47. Sprinkles- The Loud House

    Sprinkles- The Loud House18 days ago

    "Edna Mode.... And Guest!"

  48. Bleron Mehmeti

    Bleron Mehmeti18 days ago

    that movie is really funny

  49. Meat Claw

    Meat Claw21 day ago

    5/10. Stock story by the end. No syndrome esq baddies

  50. 花由

    花由21 day ago

    From Japan! I just saw this movie. The best!

  51. Leo Donald

    Leo Donald22 days ago

    Saw this today. Awesome job

  52. entertainment life of sagar

    entertainment life of sagar22 days ago

    I love Disney Pixar and walt

  53. iPh03nix

    iPh03nix22 days ago

    Wall-E 2 Coming? :P

  54. Xova

    Xova23 days ago

    This movie is indeed incredible. But not as incredible as Shrek.

  55. zyriuz2

    zyriuz22 days ago

    somebody once told me that. i disagreed

  56. Eloleth Eltarsi

    Eloleth Eltarsi11 days ago

    have to agree

  57. Ky Maloney

    Ky Maloney24 days ago

    Great film despite waiting a long time for it to come out. Better than the first one.

  58. Mustofa Zaenuddin

    Mustofa Zaenuddin24 days ago


  59. Wiilis

    Wiilis24 days ago

    Where you going asap? You *BETTER* be back asap!

  60. Lavender Animates

    Lavender Animates24 days ago


  61. TheLazi Animator

    TheLazi Animator24 days ago

    I watched the movie it’s great I’m going to see it again with my friend :D I really recommend this

  62. Eva Dobre

    Eva Dobre24 days ago

    Hei ! Can you please make a “Warriors cats” movie ? I really like “Warriors cats” and I would like to see a movie about this ! You can read the books, for ideas and please make it 12+ because it contains blood and death .... Tell me if you like my idea !

  63. teresa kalinowska

    teresa kalinowska24 days ago

    10 years for lego city 3 years for finding dory 7 years for incredibles 2

  64. Diogo

    Diogo25 days ago

    I still can't believe I haven't watched this yet!! Ahhhh

  65. chase Jackman

    chase Jackman25 days ago

    🤣🤣🤣 NO it won't

  66. Kaden P

    Kaden P26 days ago


  67. Kaden P

    Kaden P26 days ago

    Math is math MATH IS MATH

  68. Kaden P

    Kaden P26 days ago

    :dash WHAT is this all vegetables WHO ORDERED ALL VEGETABLES:me XD :mom i did dash :(( 00:15

  69. لأفلام والغاني

    لأفلام والغاني26 days ago

    شنو اسم الفلم

  70. Dragonboyair axel hawk

    Dragonboyair axel hawk26 days ago


  71. JADE Lp

    JADE Lp26 days ago

    Super and cool

  72. Ashley xox MSP

    Ashley xox MSP26 days ago


  73. BlueFright

    BlueFright26 days ago

    That was “i n c r e d i b l e”

  74. Leonardo Carbone

    Leonardo Carbone27 days ago


  75. Kenyon Scott

    Kenyon Scott27 days ago

    They forgot "The" in the logo, it pronounced "The Incredibles 2"

  76. Henry Goater

    Henry Goater27 days ago

    Just saw it in cinema, it was *WAY* better then I thought it would be!

  77. Taiga AisKa

    Taiga AisKa27 days ago

    WANN KOMMT ER 😅😅😍😍

  78. Pfannkuchen

    Pfannkuchen27 days ago

    0:02 Musically :)

  79. Jackier Abaday

    Jackier Abaday27 days ago

    trailer much better than the movie Its kinda boring

  80. Farhan Khan

    Farhan Khan27 days ago

    Why mrs incrible is talking to table

  81. Dennis C

    Dennis C28 days ago

    The trailer doesn’t do the movie any justice, by design on purpose. The plot was amazing, and the humor in between was brilliant. Good job team Pixar!

  82. Sunil Paswan

    Sunil Paswan28 days ago


  83. brendyndisney Perkins

    brendyndisney Perkins28 days ago

    I love this movie and this movie is so awsome😀😀😀😀

  84. Malik Gunebakan

    Malik Gunebakan28 days ago

    Soooooo..... when’s the third movie coming out? Or we gotta wait another decade for that one?

  85. nerka raguckas

    nerka raguckas28 days ago


  86. Homosapien

    Homosapien29 days ago

    Who just came here after watching the actual movie 😂😂😂

  87. Bleach

    Bleach29 days ago

    “Where you going ASAP?” “You better be back ASAP” Once a legend, always a legend

  88. Unicornz

    Unicornz29 days ago

    It was AWESOME

  89. Storm Trooper

    Storm Trooper29 days ago

    Saul Goodman was here

  90. Matthewrundle loves pugs2018 Rundle

    Matthewrundle loves pugs2018 RundleMonth ago


  91. LilMissPerinu 20

    LilMissPerinu 20Month ago

    When you accidentally show your identity in front of your crush. Violet : *[I have an advanced thinking]*

  92. Max Robert

    Max Robert22 days ago

    That profile pic is amazing 👌



    That baby is savage hahaha

  94. EveyXx Lovely

    EveyXx LovelyMonth ago

    Ima watch it today but I’m not sure it’s gonna be “good

  95. EveyXx Lovely

    EveyXx Lovely7 days ago

    Lee Ara OMG!!! I have tbh I didnt really like the first movie but this ONE IS THE BOMB SO AMAZING!!!!

  96. Lee Ara

    Lee Ara16 days ago

    how'd you like it?

  97. Katerina Rose

    Katerina RoseMonth ago

    Oh, finally.... After 14 years..

  98. Emirhan  Herek

    Emirhan HerekMonth ago

    What a

  99. Groundhog Day 1993 is AWESOME!

    Groundhog Day 1993 is AWESOME!Month ago

    Cars 4 ..... back off!

  100. J J

    J JMonth ago

    frozones wife gonna be the main villain in incredibles 3

  101. How To Make Sushi

    How To Make SushiMonth ago

    So lovely for the kids

  102. Donna Rodríguez

    Donna RodríguezMonth ago

    so cute

  103. EarthBass

    EarthBassMonth ago

    where is my super *succ*

  104. Mukesh Grg

    Mukesh GrgMonth ago


  105. Quinten Dande

    Quinten DandeMonth ago

    After 14 years and I still love it.