In-N-Out Burger VS. Five Guys (American Fast Food Review!)


  1. Mariah Greely

    Mariah Greely6 hours ago

    Weird he’s saying that cause all of in n outs food is fresh. Heck, our meat is never even frozen.

  2. Ferny Lopez

    Ferny Lopez12 hours ago

    How you doing, Mark... When you come to los Angeles, California not around los Angeles, downtown los Angeles, you should contact me, and we can go to the, Hobbit, them burgers are delicious... Take care


    JUSTIN LEASK17 hours ago

    Sweet video my friend but I'm a five guys fan myself sadly my nearest is a 100 mls round-trip so it's definitely a treat when I have one, take care 👍

  4. BLADE

    BLADE18 hours ago


  5. Miri

    MiriDay ago

    In and out all the way! Five guys sucks!! Tried it for the first time a couple weeks ago and it was not good!

  6. blockthis08

    blockthis08Day ago

    Heart attack

  7. steven dj unique hudgins

    steven dj unique hudginsDay ago

    Was in LA last month the best burger I ever ate in my life

  8. Amjed Alderbi

    Amjed AlderbiDay ago

    I’ve eaten five guys before 😳🤯

  9. Modest Mind25

    Modest Mind252 days ago

    Ask for spread, yellow peppers, fries and burger animal style. Rookie stuff.

  10. Eric Morgan

    Eric Morgan2 days ago

    We don't have IN N OUT here in Kansas so were stuck with 4 million five guys restaurants. Not a huge fan

  11. Ivan Moreno

    Ivan Moreno2 days ago

    This guy make sum ridiculous stupid faces everytime he takes a bite one eye always gets bigger then the other lol 😆 its also disgusting watching this guy eat can't watch any longer.

  12. Meme Vids

    Meme Vids2 days ago

    Respect this guy

  13. steven musselman

    steven musselman3 days ago

    Nothing better then a Super Burger.

  14. KingtoaGod

    KingtoaGod3 days ago

    No lies watching you eat is actually very entertaining and comfortable idekw

  15. KingtoaGod

    KingtoaGod3 days ago

    People talking about how Five Guys is way more expensive, but when you think about there are more five guys than In N outs meaning you gonna waste more money going to an In N out if you don't have one in your state

  16. KingtoaGod

    KingtoaGod3 days ago

    2:07 Why tf is it not crowded? its always crowded when I get there and its usually no during lunch time tf

  17. KingtoaGod

    KingtoaGod3 days ago

    Five Guys personally I love better because their fries are fire

  18. Kelli Contreras

    Kelli Contreras3 days ago

    Five Guys! Love their Bacon Cheeseburger. And their fries!

  19. Diego Amaya

    Diego Amaya3 days ago

    The Double Double at In and Out near my house looks nothing like that. Here it’s half the size. California.

  20. Godly playss

    Godly playss3 days ago

    I can demolish double doubles in minutes if im hungry an of and canes

  21. Ashot Machitarian

    Ashot Machitarian3 days ago

    He loves nuts

  22. hojo 2156

    hojo 21563 days ago

    Best eater and smile while eating

  23. lnghrnfn

    lnghrnfn3 days ago

    Lucky enough to have both places within a 10 min drive or less. (in Texas) I don't really like the fries at either place. I have to have crispy if I do get them. (fave style is crisp crinkle-cut but they are so hard to find anywhere) I love In & Out & usually get animal style-protein style. If I'm wanting a bun, then just animal style. I also ask for well done beef. (no pink) Haven't had 5 Guys in awhile but it's OK. I have to split it with someone- it's just too much. They also get points taken away for not having a drive-thru. (lame)

  24. Supremester

    Supremester4 days ago

    why the hell is a five guys cheese burger 12$ here in dubai?

  25. Om Singh

    Om Singh4 days ago

    When you say last bite😭😭❤❤

  26. Samantha Khamraj

    Samantha Khamraj4 days ago

    I had no idea five guys served peanuts tf.

  27. Matthew Rider

    Matthew Rider4 days ago

    The size comparison is more accurate when understanding the difference in pricing. Cheeseburger, fries, and drink at Five Guys = $13.75 Double-Double, fries and drink at In-N-Out = $6.75 Frankly, you would have to buy TWO Double-Double combinations to equal the price of a Five Guys combination.

  28. Noah Ramirez

    Noah Ramirez4 days ago

    That face he makes when he bites the burger 0:08

  29. Kamyar Shahmoradi

    Kamyar Shahmoradi4 days ago

    Who cares in n out vs 5 guys, the best burger is shake shack but in n out for the price will always be a go to

  30. Tony Reynosa

    Tony Reynosa3 days ago

    10 shake shack vs 2 2x2 from in n out... better fries but not the burger

  31. Kyle Cusa

    Kyle Cusa4 days ago

    Why make fun of his eyes? I am sure not everyone on here is perfect?

  32. j rosas

    j rosas4 days ago

    I work at in n out...That tomato wasn't supposed to be used it had a hole:]

  33. j rosas

    j rosas2 days ago

    Al Caponey yeap, we take the core off the tomato. That's why there's a hole. We're supposed to cover the hole with a smaller tomato.

  34. Al Caponey

    Al Caponey2 days ago

    j rosas What’s that hole anyway? Looks funny, like it’s been punctured with a utensil lol

  35. Chad Higgins

    Chad Higgins4 days ago

    Great Video. Love the ethusiasum. I ordered 5 guys a couple months ago and there was sooo much greece that my burgers fell out the bottom of the bag and so did the fries. It fell out on my microfiber couch and stained it. LOL I took my daughters to utah and we found an in and out burger so of course we had to go. my daughters took pictures everywhere at the dinner so they could brag and post on face book. LOL girls..... I have to say, i was more impressed with the in and out burger. To me the in and out burger tastes juicy, and has a certain formula the way the burger is built. The bun is alot of the the taste too.. I had a double burger with a large fry and my burger had the works. Simply amazing. We went back every night for dinner. My girls even said that they were impressed how good the fry and burger was. I was blown away how thier soda had a bite to it. Like coke out of a can. You take a drink and wash that burger and fry down. Yeah in and out was the and i give them 3 thumbs up. Now to be fair, i went to 5 guys dinner, and it was fun, the peanuts are very good, the guys talk while they cook, repeating the order, and flipping the burgers, begging frys. It was fun for my two little girls to watch. They play loud music but nothing that you cant stand. It was a great dinning experiance, but when we got our food, again,lots of juices/greece. The soda and frys and burger cost me an arm and a leg, especially for 3 of us. I give 5 guys 2 thumbs up. But if they could somehow lower the greece content, and lower the price down a bit. I would give 5 guys burger 3 thumbs up. Seriously the real amazing place is in a small town called Camas. They have a burger joint that has maybe 8 tables in it, and a little drive thru. Looks like an old dairy queen that had walk up service. Those burgers are seriously hands down the best in the west. No complaints when i have to wait an hour to get my order. No one complains. It is an honor to buy thier burgers and frys. They also serve a mean milk shake, and it is a must, get the bubble gum flavor milk shake, a cold soda to wash down the amazing burger and the family size frys they give you. Many potatos were harmed to make this one meal. I give this place 4 thumbs up and my offical approval. That link is a picture of the burger. Google TOP BURGER CAMAS. IF YOU ARE IN THE VANCOUVER/PORTLAND AREA, CHECK THEM OUT. REMEMBER TO ORDER DOUBLE BURGER, FRYS, COLD SoDA A BIG ONE, AND A FAMOUS SHAKE, BUBBLE GUM YOU CANT GO WRONG. When you are done eating it, you will look like the guyon this video, smiling, and simply a great human being. :) Thanks for listening and have a great day. I am going to go there today, i am seriously hungrey for a fat burger with some salty frys and a cold soda. Followed by a shake and of course dip some of your frys in the shake. You can go wrong. Two people only cost about 10 dollars.

  36. Ta Poe

    Ta Poe4 days ago

    big M is the best! my dawn

  37. Sarah Aldino

    Sarah Aldino4 days ago

    I love this guys happiness and personality it’s so contagious :)

  38. Man Cool

    Man Cool5 days ago

    Do a skyline In Cincinnati, Ohio also there are a few in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky do a skyline vs gold star that would be a good one. Also great video loved it also I subbed

  39. Sten Schmidt

    Sten Schmidt5 days ago

    To all the butthurt 6 y/o s who think this man is getting "bullied" for his looks and mood, please grow up and understand that someone can be criticized with humor and still be appreciated.

  40. Sten Schmidt

    Sten Schmidt5 days ago

    Those are some prestigiously trimmed fingernails, which I appreciate for someone who eats food with a camera in their face

  41. Sten Schmidt

    Sten Schmidt5 days ago

    He's so happy and enthusiastic it's like he's on crystal meth

  42. Mr. Peanut Dab

    Mr. Peanut Dab5 days ago

    Five guys is fast casual, not fast food!

  43. Joe Nuno

    Joe Nuno5 days ago

    Hey Mark, for the price you paid at Five Guys $23 for one person is ridiculous high. I could feed myself and two others at In-N-out burger and that’s a combo meal too, for me I prefer In-N-Out And don’t forget that you could have ask them in animal style and a 4by4 👍

  44. Leorita Foss

    Leorita Foss5 days ago

    What did your wife and baby get to eat??

  45. Jankawass Fissawwr

    Jankawass Fissawwr6 days ago

    Bro, train your neck please

  46. Nick Eh 99

    Nick Eh 996 days ago

    He looks so exited when he arrives at in n out

  47. Rian Leaf

    Rian Leaf7 days ago

    Five Guys is for surre better than In N Out 100%

  48. triix

    triix7 days ago

    It’s sad when you live in Canada and can’t eat the best fast food burgers, eh?

  49. Jayl

    Jayl4 days ago

    triix fiveguys is in Canada and in and out does pop up sometimes

  50. Glock Nine

    Glock Nine7 days ago

    This dude is serious bout his onions

  51. SavageFootBallBoy Xx7

    SavageFootBallBoy Xx77 days ago


  52. Jonathan Rodriguez

    Jonathan Rodriguez7 days ago

    You should try the animal style fries from the secret menu at In-n-out ...also the quadruple cheeseburger .. Danm im hungry now. PD: ive tasted in n out in different locations in the San Diego county but for some reason the one in National City is the best in my opinion.

  53. Distant_ Dark

    Distant_ Dark7 days ago

    One cheese burger at 5guys is the same price as a #1 at in-n-out

  54. Steve  Davis

    Steve Davis7 days ago

    Up in Canada this burger and fries similarity will cost you about 20 bucks at Burger King But it no ( In and Out ) Burger. Dammm that's a great looking burger.

  55. Miguel Arroyo

    Miguel Arroyo8 days ago

    I think I have found the cringiest guy on MReporter

  56. Medley kush

    Medley kush8 days ago

    Your son looks a little big to be sitting backwards in the car seat. But I don’t have a kid so what do I know.

  57. john Quillan

    john Quillan8 days ago

    Glass eye guy?

  58. Ed Jr1970

    Ed Jr19708 days ago

    In&out burgers bread too thick too much bread and not enough beef. Burgers are way too thin and the fries are nasty,. 5 guys way better and they got the best fries


    PASSPORT PAPIII8 days ago

    This is the first time I ever heard him give a negative remark on food he eats

  60. Ghostchile1980

    Ghostchile19808 days ago

    Five guys too expensive

  61. Ghostchile1980

    Ghostchile19808 days ago

    Get an in and out burger spread and onion only the bomb

  62. Magucci13

    Magucci138 days ago

    No jalapenos on the fire guys??

  63. Feuerwehrmann Sam

    Feuerwehrmann Sam8 days ago

    14:56 this guy has an orgasm haha

  64. Glen Kellner

    Glen Kellner8 days ago

    Awesome video Mark!

  65. Rock Hard

    Rock Hard8 days ago

    I went to school up the street from and later got a job across the street from an I-n-O (almost 40 years of being a customer) and I never ate anything 'animal style' - it wasn't until I moved to the east and went back for a visit that I tried it. I didn't care for it and almost chucked the dang thing out. What no one tells you about the fries that some are 'refried' French fries. Potatoes are cut fresh and fried, the fries that don't make it into an order are added to the next batch that go into the fryer and reheated. That is how the get the 'crunchy/potato stick' consistency.

  66. Deer park tv D

    Deer park tv D8 days ago

    Five guys soooo good

  67. L81 batman

    L81 batman8 days ago

    In-N-out burger needs to come to the UK if its better then 5 guys it's got to be pretty fantastic

  68. Thomas Hates Idiots

    Thomas Hates Idiots8 days ago

    Five guys all the way..

  69. KingtoaGod

    KingtoaGod3 days ago


  70. KuRdz1 2

    KuRdz1 28 days ago


  71. KuRdz1 2

    KuRdz1 28 days ago

    In n out

  72. Chase Morgan

    Chase Morgan8 days ago

    Too bad hot N go want around still..

  73. Jizzy D

    Jizzy D9 days ago

    1. Five guys 2. In n out 3. Shake shack 4. Jack in a box's 5. Culver's 6.Whataburger

  74. Daniele Sensi

    Daniele Sensi9 days ago

    1 in n out

  75. carlos quintana

    carlos quintana9 days ago

    I saw this video I I got hungry I live in Orlando Florida and nothing was open at 4:30 AM except for steak and shake so I had to get a steak and chicken burger came home and watch the video while I was eating the 🍔 burger 😂😂❤️

  76. the legend

    the legend5 days ago

    carlos quintana Yea I can never watch these videos without actually eating myself. It’s torture. Had to go get me some IN N Out while I watched this. Lmao.

  77. Elizardo's VARIOUSTv

    Elizardo's VARIOUSTv9 days ago

    lol it be funny, when he bites food... he starts to look crazy and his eyes twitch

  78. Adrian Hernandez

    Adrian Hernandez9 days ago

    In n out is complete trash. Burger city grill is where it's at.

  79. Ali Khan

    Ali Khan9 days ago

    my next stop is five guys awesome

  80. hardwarehacker

    hardwarehacker9 days ago

    What I do when I go to Five Guys is get two containers when I get peanuts and put the shells in the second container. It helps contain the mess I give it up for the bacon cheeseburger "all the way". I also get the bacon cheese dog. They split their dog in half from end to end so it cooks more evenly. Five Guys is also one of the few places I can get my favorite soda up here in Massachusetts. I'm talking about Pibb Extra. That and a large fry usually complete my order one every few months

  81. Kaleb Yacob

    Kaleb Yacob9 days ago

    Final verdict: Five Guys wins (check the description)

  82. Kaleb Yacob

    Kaleb Yacob9 days ago

    The face you make at 6:43 😂😂 and basically every bite it’s so funny lol. No hate, like the vid

  83. Flight_Jaruto

    Flight_Jaruto9 days ago

    Five guys fries better

  84. 123 456

    123 4569 days ago

    Five guys fries are better

  85. JSweetz Tv

    JSweetz Tv9 days ago

    Five Guys

  86. Vicky Potter

    Vicky Potter9 days ago

    Five Guys is way better!!!

  87. Kevin Flum

    Kevin Flum10 days ago


  88. Supremekickz Supremekickz

    Supremekickz Supremekickz10 days ago

    Were are the yellow peppers bro u need them with the in n out burger bro

  89. neck short

    neck short10 days ago

    My favorite video and beat!!

  90. EdgeTo Everything

    EdgeTo Everything10 days ago

    Why does that burger in In n Out look so organized!? My burger always comes messy which i like!

  91. Nico Collado

    Nico Collado10 days ago

    A bite big like that i would have lock jaw

  92. Anthony

    Anthony10 days ago

    What a waste of video get off you-tube and go back to China.

  93. Noah Sucks

    Noah Sucks10 days ago

    “mingle all those juices together” love this guy already

  94. Zamri Yusof

    Zamri Yusof11 days ago

    Dayum Dayum Dayum

  95. Valentine Faith

    Valentine Faith11 days ago

    This guy's the best! Keep up what makes you happy and keep these comments trolling af

  96. Lara Antonio

    Lara Antonio11 days ago

    Is it just me or is in n out overrated

  97. GabDPanda

    GabDPanda10 days ago

    How are fast food places considered overrated? everyone has different sense of taste not everything you think is bad will be bad for everyone aswell

  98. crazy DRUNKy

    crazy DRUNKy11 days ago

    Mark wiens for ever

  99. Mobile Maddness

    Mobile Maddness11 days ago

    I go to the same in and out but a different 5 guys

  100. Invexstion

    Invexstion11 days ago

    That in n out was lonely asf dammmmm

  101. Baby's Gaming

    Baby's Gaming11 days ago

    I've never seen a man so happy to eat food. I love this 😂💕

  102. Abbas Fawaz

    Abbas Fawaz11 days ago

    Talking about clean. *Comes to a fast food chain*

  103. Enoch כוח

    Enoch כוח11 days ago

    yuck way too much onion for me, and eeewwwee its raw, helll naw, and your comparrison to in and out burgers as manufactured fast food are the biggest insult to that company, they strive to make everything fresh, including the buns, they have no microwaves or freezes to ensure freshness so if they ever saw this video... wow... that sound so harsh.

  104. Avjit 3000

    Avjit 300011 days ago

    Ich hasse diese wixer die schmatzen du hund verpiss dich

  105. mariana astudillo palacios

    mariana astudillo palacios11 days ago

    At the beginning I thought that you had ptosis in your left eye, but know I think that maybe you’re having a traction of your right eyelid. Please check out your thyroid hormones. Btw I love your videos

  106. Nick Eh 99

    Nick Eh 9911 days ago

    Why does anybody care about the receipt


    FUSION ROUSH12 days ago

    What the F#%& , how you stay so thin? I'm watching you in all this country's eating all kinds of heavy ( delicious) food . When you travel to my country (Brazil) Try our Feijoada and picanha barbecue , I'm sure you gonna love it!

  108. Khris G

    Khris G12 days ago

    I don’t like it cause of his chin the way he just ate nvm don’t judge