In-N-Out Burger VS. Five Guys (American Fast Food Review!)


  1. Linda Wilson

    Linda Wilson7 hours ago

    Well, I think I will like Five Guys more. Thanks for reviewing both!

  2. Donald Nelson

    Donald Nelson10 hours ago

    There is no doubt about it, Mark Wiens is the Man! Tons of personality! Guy Fieri, it is time for you to share the spotlight!

  3. Miguel Ramos

    Miguel Ramos11 hours ago

    5 guys all the way

  4. Ali M

    Ali M16 hours ago

    Burger tease😂

  5. Eric Xu

    Eric XuDay ago

    1:05 that van with the little black sensor on top is Google's self driving car!!!

  6. Glotch

    GlotchDay ago

    Meanwhile a whopper at Burger King is $10

  7. Rodney Johnston

    Rodney JohnstonDay ago

    5 guys sucks I would rather eat at a McDonald's But Annette other hand in-and-out rocks

  8. Douglas Weih

    Douglas WeihDay ago

    I have had both but I feel that your on point with the Five Guys burger and yes the fries taste more earthy that how I have taught how to cook the fries. and the burgers well are as you said are more dense and filling...

  9. Juan Oteo

    Juan OteoDay ago

    I don't know why but i want to hug this guy

  10. aldrin llegado

    aldrin llegadoDay ago

    Etong yung favorite food bloger ko. Talagang mararamdaman mo din ung feeling ng kumaen ng food na binoblog nya. 👍

  11. jonathan hiwatig

    jonathan hiwatig2 days ago

    U should try tommys burger

  12. Ali M

    Ali M3 days ago

    I am eating burgers right now...❤️

  13. Buddharatna Sahare

    Buddharatna Sahare3 days ago

    Background music is so funny

  14. Brittany Patrol

    Brittany Patrol3 days ago

    Amazing vid

  15. Jenn Mte

    Jenn Mte3 days ago

    You should def try Whataburger in TX !!!!

  16. Brandon Marquez

    Brandon Marquez3 days ago

    50 year old fagot

  17. Andy Do

    Andy Do4 days ago

    Your making me hungry.

  18. Orlando Baquero

    Orlando Baquero4 days ago

    Next time you have to try Fat Burger also a really good burger

  19. GravityGamerXCII™

    GravityGamerXCII™4 days ago

    You need to step it up with those little bites

  20. mixampo

    mixampo4 days ago

    Relax your muscles dude



    Mark I really wish you had the animal style fries and yellow peppers from in n out!!

  22. Paul Freitag

    Paul Freitag5 days ago

    Hi.Mark.If ever in Palo Alto Ca.Try Kirks Burgers the best ever.A P A favorite since the fiftys.the pineapple burger is the bomb.

  23. Jimbo Slice

    Jimbo Slice5 days ago

    you have to try What-a-Burger and Griff's Burgers in Dallas Texas.

  24. Supadupaswankn 47

    Supadupaswankn 478 hours ago

    Good guy jimbo 😂😅

  25. Erin Davila-Ọnụ 1976

    Erin Davila-Ọnụ 19765 days ago

    you can tell you're in AMerica. So clean and modern

  26. Charlie Vuong

    Charlie Vuong5 days ago

    They also have yellow peppers but you have to ask for them

  27. Shirley Dukes Wade

    Shirley Dukes Wade5 days ago

    U are a greedy little man u better stop putting. Everything in ur mouth from these different places some of this sht u put in ur mouth I wouldn't dare it ur gonna regret this when u get older what people do for money bye

  28. jim Nutzer

    jim Nutzer5 days ago

    Man!!!!have you also realised that He almost does make the Same Face Expression after the First bitte.

  29. Dominic Sam

    Dominic Sam6 days ago

    In n Out!

  30. David Shamiri

    David Shamiri6 days ago

    Great descriptions. He is right on

  31. x Lifted x

    x Lifted x6 days ago


  32. Patrick Meister

    Patrick Meister6 days ago

    Ridiculous. You don’t go to 5 guys and forget the Cajun fries. Total amateur.

  33. Don Herget

    Don Herget6 days ago

    This was the first time I have heard of Five Guys so I thought I would google them and found one close to where I live. I will be going to Five Guys today in Roseville California and trying a double burger with eveything on it.

  34. Fight

    Fight6 days ago

    Are you smiling all the time or is your face always like that?

  35. mundo b49

    mundo b497 days ago

    Mark you should have order it "animal style" and you forgot to get the yellow peppers @ in n out

  36. Jerardo Vazquez

    Jerardo Vazquez7 days ago

    Try. BoBo's. 🍔🍟

  37. calinewera

    calinewera7 days ago

    5 guys looks like a hiped up whopper... Theres a reason In n out is #1 in sales and quality and there only in 4 or 5 states, compared to the whole US or around world like McDonalds...

  38. Rhonda Eason

    Rhonda Eason7 days ago

    I’m not proud at all that I just spent 20 minutes of my life watching a guy eat burgers. But this video is awesome! His pure joy at seeing an extra level of onions and then...oh the cheese, oh my gosh the cheese! Hilarious!

  39. Marlon Nuvia

    Marlon Nuvia8 days ago

    Fat burger it's way better than in and out and five guys

  40. OnlyBlindSeeTheTruth

    OnlyBlindSeeTheTruth8 days ago

    in and out looks like bigger McDonalds and still plastic...while five guys looks fresh and really good

  41. Are Dam

    Are Dam8 days ago

    you can have one in-n-out for a fries at 5 guys

  42. MoeBulldogs2196

    MoeBulldogs21968 days ago

    lmo at FIVE GUYS . mark u went outside . due to the fact that you dont wana get the music in your vlog

  43. Rudy Rangel

    Rudy Rangel9 days ago

    or pino burger Laredo Texas

  44. Rudy Rangel

    Rudy Rangel9 days ago

    try whataburger triple meat laredo texas

  45. Hayden Taylor

    Hayden Taylor9 days ago

    If i saw u eating. Id slap tf out of u

  46. Breezy Trees

    Breezy Trees9 days ago

    This is sending a text message to my belly, and its going..... "EAT ME" !!

  47. nicole Vatu

    nicole Vatu9 days ago

    Seing people smile makes me happy!!!

  48. Jake C

    Jake C9 days ago

    Looks like the crazy dude with blue hair from Dr Phil

  49. Lisa Anderson

    Lisa Anderson9 days ago

    My goodness, there is a $4 difference in the burgers though! It looks so good, but I can't pay $8 for a cheeseburger at a fast food place.

  50. Mj Nut

    Mj Nut9 days ago

    Five Guys !!!

  51. Gf Dontplay

    Gf Dontplay10 days ago

    Why I’m watching this while hungry

  52. DoggieNYC

    DoggieNYC10 days ago

    Five Guys is a greasy mess compared to In N out. I won't even eat Five guys it's so greasy.

  53. Emily Weeks

    Emily Weeks11 days ago

    I have never had in and out, but I love five guys. It is my favorite burger for sure! The fresh beef and melted cheese is hard to beat.

  54. Jhoan Prieto Fuentes

    Jhoan Prieto Fuentes11 days ago

    Tus ojos me dan risa eres de descendencia latina provecho

  55. krialaison 01

    krialaison 0111 days ago

    lol "everytime i have in and out before me", relax man its just a burger

  56. Great Value Bleach

    Great Value Bleach11 days ago

    Bro why tf you so tense?

  57. Teresa Mackay

    Teresa Mackay12 days ago

    Hey Mark,you should come here to Victorville ,CA there is a hamburger stand called the Apollo Burger's .Oh my god they have a burger that is huge ,the buns are grilled cheese sandwich's with fresh ground beef which they grind themselves ,they make homemade fries ,fryed zucchini .You need to come try it out

  58. You Gotta Ride Jimin Before You Park Jimin

    You Gotta Ride Jimin Before You Park Jimin12 days ago

    I’m glad I live in Southern California with an IN-N-OUT like 2 miles away.

  59. yesenia juarez

    yesenia juarez12 days ago

    You forgot the yellow peppers at in and out!!!

  60. St. Luc

    St. Luc13 days ago

    Man I envy the Americans.

  61. Ricardo Williams

    Ricardo Williams13 days ago

    I Hate The Way Slim Eat

  62. Cardo Sookram

    Cardo Sookram13 days ago

    It's obvious he loves onions guys lol but greatttt food review guy 👌👌🔥

  63. Lisa Carpenter

    Lisa Carpenter13 days ago

    How do you stay so thin with all the food you eat!?!?

  64. joei zheng

    joei zheng13 days ago

    Ying wants five guys in her

  65. BC Drummer

    BC Drummer13 days ago

    you're an a**hole but worse, you are not even creative.

  66. Mary Ellen Brixey

    Mary Ellen Brixey13 days ago

    5 guys

  67. Chelstylar

    Chelstylar14 days ago

    Yummy looks soooo goood !! 🤤🤤😍😍

  68. ARandomBoi

    ARandomBoi14 days ago

    Great now I’m hungry

  69. Vts Jc

    Vts Jc14 days ago

    I'm surprised he didn't order his burger from five guys with jalapenos

  70. michael michael

    michael michael14 days ago

    3.85 for that big burger,thats cheap

  71. Darryl T

    Darryl T14 days ago

    No, don't press the burger...

  72. Ανδρέας Αργύρης

    Ανδρέας Αργύρης15 days ago

    Your reactions eating burgers are so funny😂😅

  73. Arnold Franco

    Arnold Franco15 days ago

    Looks like you got the last of the batch of fries, they look terrible

  74. Mygel52

    Mygel5215 days ago

    The in n out burger is cheap compare to california. The double double in around $7.60 something with the meal.

  75. Jose Garcia

    Jose Garcia15 days ago

    Bruh this guy looks like a nice guy like very nice guy

  76. Son of man

    Son of man15 days ago

    I usually get the little burger at 5 guys, the fries are more greasy there since they use peanut oil so heavier too ... for the money in and out is cheaper and less greasy and less heavy ... in and out you can get the burger animal style and its no extra cost

  77. Auggie Morales

    Auggie Morales15 days ago

    You look evil when you eat

  78. wackedout13

    wackedout1315 days ago

    In n out is way better everything is fresh even the meat never frozen that’s why they haven’t franchisees in n out

  79. Luisaõ Syskill

    Luisaõ Syskill15 days ago

    mytho va avec tes french fries

  80. alberto abarzua

    alberto abarzua16 days ago

    Ur gonna have diarrhea with that burger.




  82. M. Lymann

    M. Lymann17 days ago

    Don't know why Mark would even eat burgers. He has the capacity to travel the world and eat all kinds of foods. Oddly he chose In-n-Out/Five Guys. There must be something better to eat in the States than eating burgers. Maybe not?

  83. miguel Luevano

    miguel Luevano18 days ago

    6:59 how you look when you see your girl naked

  84. powerpooch2000

    powerpooch200018 days ago

    In and out is nothing more than a disguised McDonalds.

  85. PrintSolution100

    PrintSolution10018 days ago

    Why is he not 300lb

  86. FCBLegoLover

    FCBLegoLover18 days ago

    I just moved to Arizona from Massachusetts witch is at the basically at the very top of North America by CAR. It was a five day drive. You can excuse the fifth day because we were in Arizona but are new home is basically in the middle of Arizona. We stayed at a hotel. And the next day after 4 hours of driving we were there! the nearest in and out is exactly 25 minutes away. Do you think is try it?

  87. Supadupaswankn 47

    Supadupaswankn 478 hours ago

    Why not?

  88. alexaoo

    alexaoo18 days ago

    Wtf with that funny face at the beginning hahahahaha

  89. Lily Bergreen

    Lily Bergreen19 days ago

    Great thing about In n Out is that all of our produce is fresh and we never start making your meal until its is ordered to ensure that it is 100% fresh and our potatoes are peeled and chopped right in front of you for even more assurance that we care for you and your meal


    DJMARLEY HYPE19 days ago


  91. tony Hern

    tony Hern19 days ago

    Got to go animal style.

  92. PA_Cybermatrix

    PA_Cybermatrix19 days ago

    Okay, let’s just say there all better than burger king

  93. Click Me

    Click Me19 days ago


  94. Dylan Hong

    Dylan Hong20 days ago

    I’m in out is the goat


    DOMO1 HUNDO20 days ago

    Extra onions gross!

  96. Nona Cee

    Nona Cee20 days ago

    How is he so skinny? I gained weight just watching him eat. Cute family too.

  97. Viki Evendri

    Viki Evendri21 day ago

    Mak Diii

  98. CoZmic Curd

    CoZmic Curd21 day ago

    What if you’re allergic to peanuts? Literally all the fries are fried with penut oil

  99. PandaNation

    PandaNation21 day ago


  100. Danny-_- Boy24

    Danny-_- Boy2421 day ago

    Why he leave his wife alone though

  101. Andrick's channel

    Andrick's channel21 day ago

    yea In and Out is good, So is Five guys/ but have you guys tried Whatburger ?

  102. Charles Rosenquiest

    Charles Rosenquiest21 day ago

    Think I would like my burger hot and not talk so much.

  103. ian Rogers

    ian Rogers21 day ago

    Thx Cody and Noel 😂