In-N-Out Burger VS. Five Guys (American Fast Food Review!)


  1. Sandy Nas

    Sandy Nas2 hours ago

    You know you're getting BIG when u have all these judgey haters. Nice video man! I live on east coast so never had in & out!

  2. Yousef Aldossary

    Yousef Aldossary8 hours ago

    this guy is weird

  3. HKashaf

    HKashaf13 hours ago

    You have to try Cajun fries from five guys.

  4. Hina Adnan

    Hina Adnan16 hours ago

    Your so cute! how u feel food 😍

  5. Zikomo Mbewe

    Zikomo Mbewe18 hours ago

    There is in an out in Texas

  6. T Boi

    T Boi21 hour ago

    Your face when you eat


    EH NATION22 hours ago

    Bros face has me Dying

  8. Ferguson Maikah

    Ferguson Maikah22 hours ago

    I love five guys🥰

  9. Breanna Northrup

    Breanna NorthrupDay ago

    Everyone who knows knows shake shack is the best

  10. Indigo Fox 72

    Indigo Fox 72Day ago

    Denny’s diner San Francisco, California love your channel

  11. Anthony G

    Anthony GDay ago

    1986, huh? Thanks......I'm now "officially old" since I have kids older than you! Lol. I was just at the Sparks, Nevada In and Out yesterday with my mother in law. She was complaining about the $3.80 price tag for a double-double......and I told her to enjoy her burger as it is about the best in the state! My honest opinion: the fries are AWFUL!! I just don't like the thin cut! Larger fries and maybe an option on some ONION RINGS would be awesome!!

  12. Dany Fairuzy

    Dany FairuzyDay ago

    I gain weight by just watching this.

  13. Steve T

    Steve TDay ago

    That double double looks bigger than what I usually get. The one I usually get is the same size as McDonald double cheese burger.They must of gave him a different burger cause they knew he's doing a review.

  14. PhootPhetishPhilip !

    PhootPhetishPhilip !Day ago

    Theres a Philly place where ketchup is banned you can't even ask for the ketchup it's on the wall 🚫Ketchup🚫 Its like literally the first burger joint in america Forget the name looks like a Medieval Castle or bar No not white castle its not a chain

  15. PhootPhetishPhilip !

    PhootPhetishPhilip !Day ago

    Thought Megan from Drake & Josh was with you loll 0:24 0:24

  16. Paul Hodireff

    Paul HodireffDay ago

    Whose clientele is heavier on rednecks with buck teeth?

  17. Amel Murati

    Amel MuratiDay ago

    "I am gonna step outside for next bite" cuz my wife doesn't let me eat in the car

  18. Shahnoor - Shahid

    Shahnoor - ShahidDay ago

    You make the same Insane eyed face for all the food you eat and say MMMMhmm.. How do i know which one to actually trust?

  19. Elad

    Elad2 days ago

    Loook your face when you smile and you very very stupid

  20. Sydni Ritch

    Sydni Ritch2 days ago

    I can’t vote honestly because I have never had In n out burger.... I’m from Michigan and we love our five guys 😍

  21. Sergio Chavez

    Sergio Chavez2 days ago

    Right eye kinda goes everywhere when he takes a bite hahahahaha

  22. Scott Aubel

    Scott Aubel2 days ago

    In-n-out is my church. I had it for the first time in 1997 in Las Vegas. It was my first true spiritual moment. Five guys is......meh.

  23. Scott Aubel

    Scott Aubel2 days ago

    Next time get that double double animal style.

  24. alex Blesoch

    alex Blesoch2 days ago

    boy yo face looks sacary bro

  25. FEAR_ ShadowClaw

    FEAR_ ShadowClaw2 days ago

    You eat and smile weird dude. 😂😂😂 love the vid though

  26. cute Princess

    cute Princess2 days ago

    Most big bites omg😱

  27. Nick Fury

    Nick Fury3 days ago

    Damm the Burgers are so cheap and much bigger then in germany. crazy americans.

  28. Lain Serrato

    Lain Serrato3 days ago

    The way you act after taking that bite with ketchup is priceless 15:24

  29. Trey Byrd

    Trey Byrd3 days ago

    Wish we had in-n-out burger in Michigan.

  30. Lynn Brown

    Lynn Brown3 days ago


  31. The real HG 88

    The real HG 883 days ago

    Hate this guys noises when he eats

  32. harmonized_ jauregui12

    harmonized_ jauregui123 days ago

    Jeez I wish I could be as happy as this dude but one can only dream

  33. eddibetty10

    eddibetty103 days ago

    Why do people order the burger with raw onion when you can get grilled. 😐

  34. lookatyourpastside

    lookatyourpastside4 days ago

    i didn't know in n out was that cheap sucks i live in florida

  35. Renelle Simboo

    Renelle Simboo4 days ago

    hey mark do u work out? to keep your body healthy

  36. Gabriel Leme

    Gabriel Leme5 days ago

    omg, stop smiling all the time, you look like a psychopath!

  37. Gabriel Leme

    Gabriel Leme4 days ago

    +piggy Rogers this is what joker would say.

  38. piggy Rogers

    piggy Rogers4 days ago

    You sound very angry, maybe you should smile more. 🙂

  39. Destiny Marin

    Destiny Marin5 days ago

    God Is Good !

  40. Whats in Michaels Bag.

    Whats in Michaels Bag.5 days ago

    Just subscribed luv your enthusiasm.

  41. Shamin Sheik

    Shamin Sheik5 days ago

    You look like Ralf in flash

  42. borb

    borb5 days ago

    Where are my east coasters who will never be able to experience in-n-out? It’s sad man

  43. The Diamond Company

    The Diamond Company2 days ago

    borb me I’m in NC

  44. vishnu suresh

    vishnu suresh6 days ago

    where did you live?

  45. Accurize2 | Survival Gaming Channel

    Accurize2 | Survival Gaming Channel6 days ago

    Scientifically flawed burger experiment! You needed both burgers delivered to a midway point so they were both off the grill about the same amount of time and then take back-to-back bites. Secondly, if you eat one entire burger first, the second burger will not be nearly as appealing. ...oh now your filling up more on peanuts! You must have a philosophy or art degree to bastardize this experiment so badly! Jk...great video. Love them both!

  46. jeff Webb

    jeff Webb6 days ago

    In-N-Out fries are not the best regardless how they fry them. At least they offer a choice. Usually, I skip those.

  47. jeff Webb

    jeff Webb6 days ago

    When I purchased my home in Las Vegas, coming from the Southeastern part of the country: One of my requirements for buying a house is that it is within very easy driving distance from and In-N-Out Burger, Whole Foods Market, Trader Joe's and Sprout's Farmers Market. Face it, in Florida where I am a native, Georgia and South Carolina - this type of fast food does not exist it's all McCrap and Chic-A-Fil (deliberately misspelled) and KFC. No thanks! Las Vegas, has Tommy's, Fat Burger, Five Guy's, Smash Burger, Shake Shack all within a few minutes drive.

  48. jeff Webb

    jeff Webb6 days ago

    Don't forget that In-N-Out is owned by the corporation and not franchised. THAT in itself makes a huge difference. Five Guy's and most other outlets are franchises and in many cases not as good as a company owned restaurant.

  49. Wheeler

    Wheeler6 days ago

    in n out is so overrated, five guys isnt that good either. shake shack beats them combined

  50. Krazylegz King

    Krazylegz King6 days ago

    5 guys is waaaaay better than in an out in my opinion

  51. Krazylegz King

    Krazylegz King6 days ago

    Yo I swear ying brightens my day with that laugh/smile

  52. libertateaaa

    libertateaaa7 days ago

    i just got my us visa i will go in road trip just to eat ...

  53. Aziz Rehman

    Aziz Rehman7 days ago

    artificial food dont like

  54. MojoRadio

    MojoRadio7 days ago

    He seems even more off-putting when put in the context of a normal fast food place.

  55. Shadow Government

    Shadow Government7 days ago

    Only if you had what I usually get 3x3 animal style with no Tomatoes Animal Fries

  56. Danny Thomas

    Danny Thomas7 days ago

    Five guys burgers are so much better. I would say they are #1 on the fast food side, or very close to In N Out. Fun fact, I work there, get paid minimum while our burgers are almost $10, while In N Outs burgers are $3, and they pay their employees $15. Probably cuz of business.

  57. Allen Fiddler

    Allen Fiddler7 days ago

    "I've eaten 5 guys before..." No Doubt.

  58. Talal 8000

    Talal 80008 days ago

    You are so wired

  59. Josh Nova

    Josh Nova8 days ago

    You should come to Texas and get yourself a WhatAburger. I guarantee you will not be disappointed, the fries are good.

  60. X X

    X X8 days ago

    How do you stay so thin🤫

  61. kareem Ahmed

    kareem Ahmed8 days ago

    i just have 1 double double

  62. David Vega

    David Vega8 days ago

    Wtf why did he say in n out tasted fast foody it’s literally free of gmo and all the products are fresh they get there meat and everything in the morning and nothing is pre made

  63. Intensified Death

    Intensified Death8 days ago

    6:46 Wtf your left eye is bigger than your right eye lmao Left eye to my perspective

  64. The Official Food Review Channel

    The Official Food Review Channel8 days ago

    Looks Tasty. Happy Holidays

  65. Ali Anjum

    Ali Anjum8 days ago


  66. حمود محمد القحطاني

    حمود محمد القحطاني8 days ago

    الله يلعن وجهك يا صيني

  67. Ivan Moreno

    Ivan Moreno9 days ago

    #1 animal style w/ chopped chili’s, cheese fries & an Arnold Palmer w/ light lemonade please!!!

  68. alexsam

    alexsam9 days ago

    Always while eating his hands shiver like any thing and nerves in neck pop out😃😂

  69. Mohamad Azmeer Rodzali

    Mohamad Azmeer Rodzali9 days ago


  70. oguzhan korkut göral

    oguzhan korkut göral9 days ago

    ımmm very nice H.H.O

  71. amillis25

    amillis259 days ago

    5 guys is more expensive but the pattie taste way more fresh and hearty

  72. scott lint

    scott lint10 days ago

    The meat is bland. Its the thousand island and crisp bun that makes people sit in the drive thru line like assholes.

  73. scott lint

    scott lint10 days ago

    Idk what in n out that is, but their double doubles NEVER look like that. That had to be a special tv commercial put together burger.

  74. Nelson Lorenzo

    Nelson Lorenzo10 days ago

    This guy is weird

  75. Adrian Magana

    Adrian Magana11 days ago

    In n out cheaper n better never liked 5 guys burgers.

  76. SuperBallin100

    SuperBallin10011 days ago

    Your enjoying and savoring the moment....Lol

  77. Daniel Devine

    Daniel Devine11 days ago

    you're the man mark! show em how to grind!

  78. Matilde Flores

    Matilde Flores11 days ago


  79. Matilde Flores

    Matilde Flores11 days ago

    Your gonna get🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔 fat

  80. trending live

    trending live11 days ago

    lol one eye always opens wider then the other 😂😂😂

  81. Kimberly Lipford

    Kimberly Lipford11 days ago

    y'all know y'all mouth watering

  82. Manuel Barajas

    Manuel Barajas12 days ago

    Definitely Five Guy can seems better in flavor

  83. Smokey

    Smokey12 days ago

    5 guys in your mouth 😂

  84. MARDUK

    MARDUK12 days ago

    It is funny to see a citizen of the world having a burger on a racist and moody country. You can hear worldly accent on Mark's ''thank-you'' when he gets the food from the vendor, feels out of place. I'm used to see him eating everywhere on real living vivid and happy places. The man is so natural that he ended up eating outside of the place to prove my point.

  85. Juan Quiroz

    Juan Quiroz12 days ago

    10:42 that’s what she said

  86. Whitey McWhiteman

    Whitey McWhiteman12 days ago

    Its a no brainer. In N Out smokes 5 Guys and it's half the price. Neither place has very good fries but at least at In N Out, you can order the your fries crispy and they're decent. At 5 Guys, the fries are always soggy, no matter how you order them, because they shove them into that stupid cup to steam and them serve them.

  87. Rob Chesley

    Rob Chesley7 days ago

    I agree.. In an out: flavor is 10/10 (burger) The quality an freshness are 10/10 Burger is the the perfect balance an not overdone... I dont feel weighed down an tired after In n Out.. 5 Guys flavor is 8/10 imho. Seems to have great quality an freshness. But to me their "thing" seems to be burgers with a lot going on. They pile lots on their burgers. Unfortunately to me it means I leave feeling like I need a nap. An the burgers seem to fall apart quick. I will say however.. 5 guys fries are much better.. but animal style option can help that even out :)

  88. owb 1

    owb 110 days ago

    its 1000 times better at five guys. get outta the hood boy and get some class in your burger.

  89. hypr lxry

    hypr lxry10 days ago

    +Whitey McWhiteman I like them.

  90. Whitey McWhiteman

    Whitey McWhiteman12 days ago

    +GARY BAGDASARIAN I don't know anyone who thinks 5 Guys has good fries. Its an overpriced, greasy burger on a flat bun, with soggy fries. Enjoy your peanuts. No thanks.

  91. jennifer attias

    jennifer attias13 days ago

    I couldn't share my fries even with my husband!

  92. A_HEAT07

    A_HEAT0713 days ago

    did u take happy pills?


    MANDEEP CHAUHAN13 days ago

    Mark you forgot to grab the jalapeño peppers in the condiments counter in the In N Out?

  94. M M

    M M14 days ago

    This man is gonna make me drive out at 0130 to get some five guys because their isn’t an in out in my state.

  95. Márton Pollák

    Márton Pollák14 days ago

    This guy o-O is always happy after the first bite whatever he eats...unbelievable

  96. sneakzzzz

    sneakzzzz14 days ago

    Shake Shack > In-and-Out

  97. Me hoi Me noi

    Me hoi Me noi14 days ago

    How is this dude still skinny

  98. Melissa In Oregon

    Melissa In Oregon15 days ago

    In N out is SOOOO over rated! Not that good

  99. Steliano Al-Rashad

    Steliano Al-Rashad15 days ago

    I was told that speaking with a full mouth was considered rude🤷🏻‍♂️

  100. Jose Avila

    Jose Avila15 days ago

    this guys face when he eats😂

  101. arbit3r

    arbit3r16 days ago

    4:26 when you ain't nutted in weeks.

  102. J Lee

    J Lee16 days ago

    In and out is overrated crap. 5 guys all the way!

  103. Todd Smith

    Todd Smith16 days ago

    Shake Shack better than both In-Out-Out and Five Guys.....

  104. Shawn Daniel

    Shawn Daniel17 days ago

    We don't have and In-and-out here. But we do have 5 guys and the burger factory, both excellent. It's Awesome watching your face light up when you try the food. Very cool.

  105. J loc

    J loc17 days ago

    Heyyyy your in my town! How cool ! 👍🏼

  106. Aidan Jimmy

    Aidan Jimmy17 days ago

    the dramatic music is the best lol

  107. Nguyễn Thị Nhàn

    Nguyễn Thị Nhàn17 days ago

    Welcome to Vietnam 🇻🇳