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Imagine Dragons - Natural (Audio)


  1. Diego Rodriguez

    Diego Rodriguez25 minutes ago

    Fuck despacito

  2. Diego Castro

    Diego Castro29 minutes ago

    No sé por qué pero se me viene a la mente un trailer de ark o Eve online

  3. Gavin Russell

    Gavin Russell34 minutes ago

    Clicks on video. *instantly goes to comments*

  4. golden corgi

    golden corgi44 minutes ago

    i saw ya at hersey imagine dragons


    MUDSWAT53 minutes ago

    These guys can't make bad music!

  6. NiNADeKiLLER_3097 CreepypastaBaeNiNaDeKiLLEr

    NiNADeKiLLER_3097 CreepypastaBaeNiNaDeKiLLErHour ago

    imagine dragons~best song out of all of them so far very catchy!

  7. Messias Vinícius

    Messias ViníciusHour ago

    Yt deveria ter poção de traduzir os coments dos gringo.Só assim já que não tem Br. Cadê os Br??? '-'

  8. CasualGamer33

    CasualGamer33Hour ago

    What album is this???

  9. Bruno Joel

    Bruno JoelHour ago


  10. bryce seyboth

    bryce seyboth2 hours ago

    imagine dragons arw just so natural at making music

  11. bryce seyboth

    bryce seyboth2 hours ago


  12. Kaylan Leech

    Kaylan Leech2 hours ago

    I love imagine dragons and my mom can't stop listening to this song

  13. awatarix 123

    awatarix 1232 hours ago


  14. Predo Salsa

    Predo Salsa2 hours ago

    Why he going in the siva replication chamber

  15. Matthew Melenhorst

    Matthew Melenhorst2 hours ago

    simply amazing

  16. Dan Tutors

    Dan Tutors3 hours ago

    This is best song. Brs?

  17. ShookValerie

    ShookValerie3 hours ago

    Imagine dragons Imagine dragon Imagine drago Imagine drag Imagine dra Imagine dr Imagine d Imagine Imagin Imagi Imag Ima Im I Im Ima Imag Imagi Imagin Imagine Imagine d Imagine dr Imagine dra Imagine drag Imagine drago Imagine dragon Imagine dragons I love this song so much

  18. MoonWolf LPS

    MoonWolf LPS4 hours ago

    I went to your concert and i really enjoyed it!

  19. Nyankitty

    Nyankitty4 hours ago

    This is a freaking bop and I love it 💞💞

  20. drollcarton0 0000000000000000000000000000000000000

    drollcarton0 00000000000000000000000000000000000004 hours ago

    i cant stop listening to this amazing song

  21. Noah R

    Noah R4 hours ago

    Panic at the Disco vibes.

  22. Athena Rogers

    Athena Rogers4 hours ago

    My favorite song ever 😍😉☺😊😀😃😄😛😝😜😙😗😚😘😌😁😆😋😎😇😏

  23. christopher rodriguez

    christopher rodriguez4 hours ago

    This song is amazing

  24. jtwestful

    jtwestful4 hours ago

    Evil boys.

  25. TakenEcho

    TakenEcho5 hours ago

    1.5x 🔥

  26. Kacper Stachowicz

    Kacper Stachowicz5 hours ago

    This song is fire! 🔥

  27. LargadoGamer

    LargadoGamer5 hours ago

    I'm hear this song in brazil , and you ?

  28. Doofy Duck

    Doofy Duck5 hours ago

    i love it im a jugeeeeeeeee fan 1#fan i love them so much eeeeeeeeeee

  29. Doofy Duck

    Doofy Duck5 hours ago

    lol so natural love itttttt

  30. rob eis

    rob eis5 hours ago

    I bought loudest headphones to hear it harder 😃

  31. Диана Хапусова

    Диана Хапусова5 hours ago


  32. Annabelle Chapman

    Annabelle Chapman5 hours ago

    I'm in love with the beginning

  33. Tomás Craft97

    Tomás Craft976 hours ago

    this is simply ... *EPIC*

  34. TaTaR EpT

    TaTaR EpT6 hours ago


  35. Marsbar

    Marsbar6 hours ago

    Anyone else getting Glass Animals vibes from the start? Just me? Ok T^T

  36. Ufuk Türetken

    Ufuk Türetken6 hours ago

    Typical Imagine Dragons Song Nice!!😀😀

  37. Rosemary Parmelo

    Rosemary Parmelo6 hours ago

    is a best music

  38. xXAmelciakXx

    xXAmelciakXx7 hours ago

    I I l I lo I lov I love I love I I love Im I love Ima I love Imag I love Imagi I love Imagin I love Imagine I love ImagineD i love ImagineDr I love ImagineDra I love ImagineDrag I love ImagineDrago I love ImagineDragon I love ImagineDragons I love ImagineDragon I love ImagineDrago I love ImagineDrag I love ImagineDra I love ImagineDr I love ImagineD I love Imagine I love Imagin I love Imagi I love Imag I love Ima I love Im I love I I love I lov I lo I l I

  39. noelle miller

    noelle miller7 hours ago

    Well dammmmmmm

  40. mr. adventure

    mr. adventure7 hours ago

    "You got to be so cold to make it in this world"

  41. Z I N Ø

    Z I N Ø8 hours ago


  42. Aidan Olivier

    Aidan Olivier8 hours ago

    I am addicted to this band. Besides Fortnite tgis is the second most addicting thing I know.

  43. Sada De Vries

    Sada De Vries8 hours ago

    Love the 2.06 part the rest not so much ....

  44. Sammy Lee

    Sammy Lee8 hours ago

    Headphones or loud speaker really amps up the WOW in this song 😱😭❤️

  45. Mira The Fox

    Mira The Fox9 hours ago

    here before the animation memes start

  46. Rui Ribeiro

    Rui Ribeiro9 hours ago

    I thought he said unatural. If thats even a word cause English is my weak point lol.

  47. Rui Ribeiro

    Rui Ribeiro2 hours ago

    Shreeze Yeah I was finding it quite weird 😅 thanks

  48. Shreeze

    Shreeze2 hours ago

    Treethan unnatural with 2 nn’s is a word. Lol. They might’ve just made a spelling mistake. They are pronounced the exact same way so “a natural” could sound like “unnatural”.

  49. Rui Ribeiro

    Rui Ribeiro7 hours ago

    Treethan ok thanks 😅

  50. Treethan

    Treethan7 hours ago

    unatural isn't a word, i looked it up

  51. Jillian Elise

    Jillian Elise9 hours ago


  52. Diego Alberto

    Diego Alberto10 hours ago

    Alguien noto un parentesco a Michael Jackson?

  53. Doubs Smith

    Doubs Smith10 hours ago

    I love this song 👌👌👌 🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  54. LittleLioness

    LittleLioness11 hours ago

    that intro humming sounds sO much like Radioactive...

  55. Ragul Raj

    Ragul Raj11 hours ago

    Dragons rulez😘 rise up and natural.

  56. Aditya Deswal

    Aditya Deswal12 hours ago

    I feel so much energetic and numb at the same time while listening to this song

  57. Spyro_fan / Youngminer359

    Spyro_fan / Youngminer35912 hours ago

    Sound a bit like friction from mission impossible fallout (which was made by them)

  58. Marcell lland

    Marcell lland12 hours ago

    Here 0:00 thanks to me later

  59. WonderLoaf

    WonderLoaf13 hours ago

    This is fucking great, I'm just not looking forward to when it gets played to death like all other ID songs. Guess I'll just enjoy it while it's fresh.

  60. Theologos Del

    Theologos Del13 hours ago

    you gotta be so cold to make it in this world

  61. CURUTCHET Nicolás

    CURUTCHET Nicolás13 hours ago

    your song always get better XD

  62. GR_XproMel TV

    GR_XproMel TV13 hours ago


  63. GR_XproMel TV

    GR_XproMel TV13 hours ago

    I I l I lo I lov I love I love I I love Im I love Ima I love Imag I love Imagi I love Imagin I love Imagine I love Imagine D I love Imagine Dr I love Imagine Dra I love Imagine Drag I love Imagine Drago I love Imagine Dragon I love Imagine Dragons I love Imagine Dragons s I love Imagine Dragons so I love Imagine Dragons so m I love Imagine Dragons so mu I love Imagine Dragons so muc I love Imagine Dragons so much I love Imagine Dragons so much!

  64. GR_XproMel TV

    GR_XproMel TV13 hours ago

    ελλαδα greece

  65. Ulisses Motta

    Ulisses Motta13 hours ago

    kd os BR kkkk

  66. Диас Камел

    Диас Камел13 hours ago

    New hit 2018

  67. MLG User

    MLG User14 hours ago

    another piece of art from Imagine Dragons, nothing to say but PERFECT.

  68. Pascal Pascal

    Pascal Pascal14 hours ago

    Where's that image from?

  69. LLekic

    LLekic15 hours ago


  70. Agnez

    Agnez15 hours ago


  71. alex vitor

    alex vitor15 hours ago


  72. Antony Mariyanajakam

    Antony Mariyanajakam15 hours ago

    0:46 is the best bit

  73. Antony Mariyanajakam

    Antony Mariyanajakam15 hours ago

    well the only thing i can say. is that they are just naturals.

  74. dogebrozzz z

    dogebrozzz z16 hours ago

    Yep 😂




  76. md0 stars

    md0 stars16 hours ago

    Jesús Crist the lord of the lords

  77. md0 stars

    md0 stars16 hours ago

    A to Z

  78. The _Sun

    The _Sun17 hours ago

    Great song

  79. Rick

    Rick18 hours ago


  80. Galaxy Inspired

    Galaxy Inspired18 hours ago

    Just another product of today

  81. Alan Walke r

    Alan Walke r18 hours ago

    크으...역시 상상용님!!

  82. Rachael Lanigan

    Rachael Lanigan18 hours ago

    Best song ever

  83. Mateusz Kopiński

    Mateusz Kopiński18 hours ago

    A gdzie Polska?😂

  84. Mark Rugani

    Mark Rugani18 hours ago


  85. Yavuz Sultan Kemal

    Yavuz Sultan Kemal17 hours ago


  86. Watt Wilson

    Watt Wilson20 hours ago


  87. TacoBroko

    TacoBroko20 hours ago

    Where’s my beer

  88. Sanjith Plays

    Sanjith Plays20 hours ago

    Play first time (amazing) Repeat mode on Now on playlist Thats The Power Of IMAGINE DRAGONS❤❤

  89. riaa708

    riaa7082 hours ago

    Sanjith Plays yhdjb

  90. comedy club

    comedy club21 hour ago

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  91. Danga Dino

    Danga Dino21 hour ago

    Llego el sensei fiesta al 100

  92. Jackafer 57

    Jackafer 5721 hour ago

    Looks like destiny 2 warmind , right

  93. PandaJack6

    PandaJack621 hour ago

    My favorite song is believer, but this is definitely up there!

  94. cakecrumb095

    cakecrumb09523 hours ago

    Waiting now for the obligatory Marvel video paired to this song.

  95. Aldo Villegas

    Aldo Villegas23 hours ago

    Muy hermoso

  96. Gregory Moutzouris-Lygeros

    Gregory Moutzouris-Lygeros23 hours ago

    why the f youtube took a month to recoment this to me

  97. Teodor cu H

    Teodor cu H23 hours ago

    The Best miusic !!!

  98. Sonic The Hedgehog

    Sonic The Hedgehog18 hours ago


  99. Gab Lorenzo

    Gab LorenzoDay ago


  100. samantha williams

    samantha williamsDay ago

    never get sick of listening to your music at full volume anywhere anytime

  101. Claudinei Bertotti

    Claudinei BertottiDay ago



    DAWN LAWSONDay ago

    I love all your songs they are so great!🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎵🎵🎵💜

  103. Lisa Aleman

    Lisa AlemanDay ago

    When I herd you lost your voice after this song I was laughing so hard

  104. Z. Bendegúz Winkler

    Z. Bendegúz WinklerDay ago

    As a Metalhead I have to say, I'm also a Imagine Dragons fan! :D

  105. pikachu electric

    pikachu electricDay ago

    Omg this is amazing I love ya I saw ya at hershey

  106. Star Wars fan 2000

    Star Wars fan 2000Day ago

    This is a good song for Twd also I love this song a good!!

  107. Jarrett Brooks

    Jarrett BrooksDay ago


  108. Brandon Dunn

    Brandon DunnDay ago

    Panic at the Disco much? Revisit your last cd