IHOb Burger ?


  1. TheReportOfTheWeek

    TheReportOfTheWeek5 months ago

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  2. king deredrick

    king deredrick4 months ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek it's was an advertisement for their burgers they aren't actually changing their name to IHOb

  3. crazy4bdd

    crazy4bdd4 months ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek Hi!! Is that IHOP in Titusville? I love your channel, it's a GREAT show!! You definitely keep me captivated!!

  4. So I sat there Muchacho Sauce on my titys

    So I sat there Muchacho Sauce on my titys4 months ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek Tour the only food review guy who isn't cringey good videos! Keep It up.

  5. Zac Torres

    Zac Torres4 months ago

    You're so white i thought you had gloves on for 5 mins

  6. Jonathan Retkinski

    Jonathan Retkinski4 months ago

    Thomas Jefferson 😂🤣

  7. Fuzzy

    FuzzyDay ago


  8. RustySkull Productions

    RustySkull Productions2 days ago

    Great dude I can’t tell you enough how much I like your table and cabinet.

  9. schweglerd

    schweglerd4 days ago

    That might be the nicest ihop....hob sorry, ive ever seen

  10. Wilson Harris

    Wilson Harris4 days ago

    Your sarcasm when you got to Ihop was hilarious.

  11. Garth St. Omer

    Garth St. Omer6 days ago

    Oh please stop your killing me, I can't stop laughing. 😂😂

  12. Baleur

    Baleur11 days ago

    4:02 man i HATE when burger joints do that, they just willy nillyly SLAP the burger together without any care or attention what so ever, look at that fucking lopsided abomination. They couldnt even be arsed to spend an extra TWO SECONDS of their working hour to place the beef properly centered on the bread. Fuck this. I hate when they are THIS lazy. I'm paying my hard earned money on their cheap-ingredients 400% pure profit margin product and they cant spend 2 seconds extra to make it look normal?

  13. Ma DixieWrecked

    Ma DixieWrecked11 days ago

    This guy is a straight up G

  14. Clayton

    Clayton11 days ago

    I n s a n i t y

  15. Cheesus Sliced

    Cheesus Sliced13 days ago

    They get one customer all day and they don't even make a neat burger. For shame.

  16. NeverMindGaming

    NeverMindGaming14 days ago

    They switch back to ihop

  17. TrevS2288

    TrevS228818 days ago

    He’s playing y’all idiots. Go ahead and support him on Patreon. But a shirt. I live in NYC. Never. Seen. One.

  18. TrevS2288

    TrevS228818 days ago

    Yes I get IHOP is IHOP not IhOB.

  19. TrevS2288

    TrevS228818 days ago

    I’m done with this guy. He talks too much. He has 1 million subscribers?

  20. rabbit uchiha

    rabbit uchiha19 days ago

    Their slogan: “ *i hop* e we get more customers”

  21. Elizabeth Rose

    Elizabeth Rose20 days ago

    This guy is funny

  22. Rickey Burchett

    Rickey Burchett24 days ago

    man you funny as hell lol

  23. killzoid the lethal

    killzoid the lethal24 days ago

    The leap for the napkins

  24. Ashes1032

    Ashes103225 days ago

    2:28 is the most savage roast in restaurant history

  25. Jen Pearson

    Jen Pearson28 days ago

    Anyone else try to guess his rating before he announces it? I thought 8.7. Only missed it by . 2

  26. Dillan Edwards

    Dillan Edwards28 days ago

    I wanna bash you in he face with a baseball bat so that I can fix his fucked up eyes

  27. TheReportOfTheWeek

    TheReportOfTheWeek28 days ago

    My Response: mreporter.net/v/video-6Km34EXxGZ4.html

  28. скра-па-па

    скра-па-паMonth ago

    3:47 what a weird gesture

  29. Killer Croc

    Killer CrocMonth ago

    Their burgers ain’t that good. Go to a fast food place

  30. ProfessorCreepyPasta

    ProfessorCreepyPastaMonth ago

    I love your sarcasm

  31. Mark J. Bullock

    Mark J. BullockMonth ago

    Your sarcasm is my absolute favorite part!

  32. Solenya

    SolenyaMonth ago

    Looks like a dry burger

  33. Aigera Winchester

    Aigera WinchesterMonth ago

    Very interesting, intriguing individual

  34. Will Brown art

    Will Brown artMonth ago

    WHEN THE DUSTY CHAINS OF SLANDER BEAT AGAINST THE STEEL CAGE OF RAGE ! 17 HIPPOS WILL HARMONIZE IN THE COOL LONDON STREETS TO BRING HEALING TO YOUR SOUL . Rest rest rest my freind your days are like the days of old but your future will be forever told. .. . .

  35. Luke Patterson

    Luke PattersonMonth ago

    You know free you being the only one to order you'd think they'd make your burger with care....like I see the anger seething from the cook when he realized he actually had to cook something. He just slapped it right on there and said F#$k it.

  36. SAMurai2K18

    SAMurai2K18Month ago

    The sarcastic comedy was hilarious especially when you walked in and said that you were shocked you could even get in and that business is great

  37. Not Here

    Not HereMonth ago

    I just found his channel, I adore him. I love everything about this.

  38. Ivan Maya

    Ivan MayaMonth ago

    Reviewbrah would be such a great wingman... So classy , drive chics crazy

  39. Mr. Wonky

    Mr. WonkyMonth ago

    A diner burger is a pretty good place to be, places with burgers above diner style are usually places where there's much better food on offer. Unless it's a pub, of course.

  40. Berkserker

    BerkserkerMonth ago

    Love the sarcasm man. Keep up the good work.

  41. Juicy

    JuicyMonth ago

    You look like a severely tired vampire accountant.

  42. The Greek

    The GreekMonth ago

    Does it come with lettuce

  43. Rene M

    Rene MMonth ago

    Now I'm hungry

  44. David M

    David MMonth ago

    Ok. Does anyone really need a kid in a suit to tell you how crappy fast food is. It's fast food, for crying out loud!

  45. AJ72281

    AJ722812 months ago

    So I just rewatched this review and I think Reviewbrah is classic............. with bacon!

  46. Bastion Cory

    Bastion Cory2 months ago

    His bites are smaller then my IQ...............which is really small

  47. who

    who2 months ago


  48. Maria João Primo

    Maria João Primo2 months ago

    In Europe we don't have these kind of problems because we don't have any of these fast food chains

  49. Ken Seewald

    Ken Seewald2 months ago


  50. bri_

    bri_2 months ago

    When you said Alright at 2:28 I literally jumped I thought someone was behind me.

  51. bed lam

    bed lam2 months ago

    50,00 customers use to live in ihob, now its a ghost town

  52. Danny Brockman

    Danny Brockman2 months ago

    How are you not fat as shit?

  53. guitarheromorello

    guitarheromorello2 months ago

    The IHOB Burger was so good, it gave everyone who ate it the power of invisibility. Truly amazing!

  54. Mikhail Naumov

    Mikhail Naumov2 months ago

    Something is.. off, I think it's the cheese. Something just isn't right there, it's WAY too yellow and bright.

  55. CaptBunnykiller

    CaptBunnykiller2 months ago

    I like how in America there are a thousand burger chains. McD and BK don't leave room for anyone else in Germany.

  56. Jraybay

    Jraybay2 months ago

    I laughed way too hard at this 😩👽

  57. Pooqua

    Pooqua2 months ago

    Why not have extra THICC pancakes as burger buns, lads?

  58. Administrator Skye

    Administrator Skye2 months ago

    Skip to 2:37 and watch till 3:40 where Reviewbrah throws straight L’s at Iho🅱️

  59. Paramexer

    Paramexer2 months ago

    This mutherfucker has severed human heads in his freezer

  60. Leon Andrews

    Leon Andrews2 months ago

    This boy needs a girlfriend, get some pussy and where normal clothes.

  61. Leon Andrews

    Leon Andrews2 months ago

    I live overseas and came back to America to see my parents and I was shocked on the general state of television in general especially the commercials. It seems that every fucking restaurant chain are advertising BURGERS. This “burger”, that “burger”, try our new Burger. Now I really detest the word “burger”. Just stop with the bullshit. It is a slab of cooked mince between two pieces of bread. Add condiments, cheese and various salad and that’s it. Why is this simple food some colossal obsession. But anymore “Burger” ads and I will do an Elvis and shoot the TV.

  62. Dee Ca.

    Dee Ca.2 months ago

    that burger is leaking as much as my pp when i watch your vids

  63. Chris Craven

    Chris Craven2 months ago

    Where's all those people packing the place, I can't see em...?

  64. Chris Craven

    Chris Craven2 months ago

    Barenstain Bears, my Mandela Effect...

  65. enaswede

    enaswede2 months ago

    Dude cut your fingernails!!

  66. Ashley Ayn

    Ashley Ayn2 months ago

    *an anchorman voice* FOOOOOWWWD REVIEW

  67. KingFlippyNips

    KingFlippyNips2 months ago

    Eat the purger, you beautiful gangly creature!

  68. Tristan B

    Tristan B2 months ago

    KingFlippyNips lmfao

  69. pityo gonzalez

    pityo gonzalez2 months ago

    "Mandela effect"..lol

  70. Mitosis 123

    Mitosis 1232 months ago

    Haha I love this video!

  71. The Great Hawk

    The Great Hawk2 months ago

    Hey ReviewBrah! Where were all the employees? Did you break in after hours or something?

  72. Tim Nkl

    Tim Nkl2 months ago

    IHOP ? Isn’t that where all of the one legged waitresses work ?

  73. Killswitch Gaming

    Killswitch Gaming2 months ago

    I legit thought he was going to spit the burger into the napkin

  74. brykidla

    brykidla2 months ago

    Review the Impossible Burger!

  75. John Stultz

    John Stultz2 months ago

    I love you

  76. John Wawrose

    John Wawrose2 months ago

    Can you do a review of a Barry White record (anyone of them). We will appreciate it. Also, I think you should do a podcast, so we can listen to you when we are at the gym. Thanks for all your videos


    RIAKKLI WILLIAMS3 months ago



    RIAKKLI WILLIAMS3 months ago


  79. 2nooby2 Idol

    2nooby2 Idol3 months ago

    IHOP did have burgers, cause I remember my friend got a burger there one time before it was IHOB.

  80. G Man

    G Man3 months ago

    the thing is.....review bruh is so chill.....that actually WAS "absolute insanity" to him.

  81. Matt Brown

    Matt Brown3 months ago

    I love Reviewbrah sarcasm it's so serious I doubt my senses

  82. Robert Gordon

    Robert Gordon3 months ago

    I believe he hit the nail on the head...they have a storehouse of frozen burgers and its a marketing ploy to turnover inventory...I havent been in to get one yet...they are the same as they ever were...a good diner type burger...like Dennys...an 8...if you order the fries golden brown and eat in , they are very good. Dont order the bacon...its not crispy...if you request crispy they may spit on your food.

  83. cordell Rohde

    cordell Rohde3 months ago

    did u know that depending on how hungry you are, food will automatically have a different taste ?

  84. Marques Young

    Marques Young3 months ago

    Well I'll just take a stack of pancakes and some OJ👍

  85. Mt.Ramen

    Mt.Ramen3 months ago

    The only one who was not fooled...

  86. Christian Contreras

    Christian Contreras3 months ago

    Hey its an albino rat

  87. Stephen Doyle

    Stephen Doyle3 months ago

    He would make a happy hilarious hungry haberdasher.. that is for sure viewers.. now try saying that ten times fast..

  88. John Doe

    John Doe3 months ago

    fuck, that pepsi looked so good!

  89. Master NiggerWhipperBillCosby

    Master NiggerWhipperBillCosby3 months ago

    You should just stare at the camera the entire time while eating, to mock us

  90. Rydon Romaniuk

    Rydon Romaniuk3 months ago

    What's the best burger you have ever had??

  91. Quantum Video Store

    Quantum Video Store3 months ago

    can some one make a meme where he is leaning into the camera and has a small face with the caption "i'll eat it later"

  92. Micro Wave

    Micro Wave3 months ago

    Jk he is cool

  93. Micro Wave

    Micro Wave3 months ago

    An Uber from his left eye to his right eye cost 4$

  94. Childish Gambino

    Childish Gambino3 months ago

    Non-stand User POV

  95. Gregg Sinini

    Gregg Sinini3 months ago

    With those bites, we are going to be here for a while, folks!!!

  96. Lazy-Assed Wanderer

    Lazy-Assed Wanderer3 months ago

    He pre recorded the audio part

  97. Julie-Marie

    Julie-Marie3 months ago

    Lorde is that you???

  98. NeverMindGaming

    NeverMindGaming14 days ago

    It’s her bother

  99. Roslynn Arias

    Roslynn Arias3 months ago


  100. Childish Gambino

    Childish Gambino3 months ago

    Julie-Marie wtf he does look like Lorde

  101. stuckonyou tube

    stuckonyou tube3 months ago


  102. David Sutton

    David Sutton3 months ago

    "Beef patty between two pancakes "!!!

  103. Jack D

    Jack D3 months ago

    That packaging seems kinda OTT and wasteful in terms of amount of plastic used. It must bump up the price of the meal too. Other than that it seems like a good meal.

  104. Casey DuBay

    Casey DuBay3 months ago

    ......*with bacon*

  105. Santino Martinez

    Santino Martinez3 months ago

    He reminds me smegal from lord of the rings lmfaoo

  106. Lorenzo Chamberlin

    Lorenzo Chamberlin3 months ago

    Pretty sure the burger is fake, you can see the strings

  107. HunterXray

    HunterXray3 months ago

    5:16 That classic "looking around for a trash can look".

  108. HunterXray

    HunterXray3 months ago

    I don't watch TV and wasn't even fooled for one second. The WONDERs of not watching TV and the BS contained within.

  109. fecal matter

    fecal matter3 months ago

    Glitched out

  110. TheDude

    TheDude3 months ago

    You look like a young version of a buddy of mine named Donny. Poor bastard never had a chance.

  111. Mmmm Bbbb

    Mmmm Bbbb3 months ago

    You look like you're dying slowly. You looked more alive in earlier videos