IHOb Burger ?


  1. TheReportOfTheWeek

    TheReportOfTheWeek2 months ago

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  2. king deredrick

    king deredrickMonth ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek it's was an advertisement for their burgers they aren't actually changing their name to IHOb

  3. crazy4bdd

    crazy4bddMonth ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek Hi!! Is that IHOP in Titusville? I love your channel, it's a GREAT show!! You definitely keep me captivated!!

  4. Dankius Memius

    Dankius MemiusMonth ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek Tour the only food review guy who isn't cringey good videos! Keep It up.

  5. Zac Torres

    Zac TorresMonth ago

    You're so white i thought you had gloves on for 5 mins

  6. Jonathan Retkinski

    Jonathan RetkinskiMonth ago

    Thomas Jefferson 😂🤣

  7. 2nooby2 Idol

    2nooby2 IdolDay ago

    IHOP did have burgers, cause I remember my friend got a burger there one time before it was IHOB.

  8. G Man

    G Man2 days ago

    the thing is.....review bruh is so chill.....that actually WAS "absolute insanity" to him.

  9. Matt Brown

    Matt Brown4 days ago

    I love Reviewbrah sarcasm it's so serious I doubt my senses

  10. Gordon Nilsen

    Gordon Nilsen4 days ago

    I believe he hit the nail on the head...they have a storehouse of frozen burgers and its a marketing ploy to turnover inventory...I havent been in to get one yet...they are the same as they ever were...a good diner type burger...like Dennys...an 8...if you order the fries golden brown and eat in , they are very good. Dont order the bacon...its not crispy...if you request crispy they may spit on your food.

  11. cordell Rohde

    cordell Rohde4 days ago

    did u know that depending on how hungry you are, food will automatically have a different taste ?

  12. Marques Young

    Marques Young4 days ago

    Well I'll just take a stack of pancakes and some OJ👍

  13. FlapJack

    FlapJack4 days ago

    The only one who was not fooled...

  14. Christian Contreras

    Christian Contreras5 days ago

    Hey its an albino rat

  15. Stephen Doyle

    Stephen Doyle5 days ago

    He would make a happy hilarious hungry haberdasher.. that is for sure viewers.. now try saying that ten times fast..

  16. John Doe

    John Doe6 days ago

    fuck, that pepsi looked so good!

  17. Master NiggerWhipperBillCosby

    Master NiggerWhipperBillCosby6 days ago

    You should just stare at the camera the entire time while eating, to mock us

  18. The Great Hawk

    The Great Hawk11 days ago

    "You can just ring that thing out like a towel in your mouth..."

  19. Rydon Romaniuk

    Rydon Romaniuk12 days ago

    What's the best burger you have ever had??

  20. Quantum Video Store

    Quantum Video Store12 days ago

    can some one make a meme where he is leaning into the camera and has a small face with the caption "i'll eat it later"

  21. Micro Wave

    Micro Wave12 days ago

    Jk he is cool

  22. Micro Wave

    Micro Wave12 days ago

    An Uber from his left eye to his right eye cost 4$

  23. nick Elker

    nick Elker13 days ago

    international house of niggers

  24. Childish Gambino

    Childish Gambino14 days ago

    Non-stand User POV

  25. Gregg Sinini

    Gregg Sinini15 days ago

    With those bites, we are going to be here for a while, folks!!!

  26. Lazy-Assed Wanderer

    Lazy-Assed Wanderer16 days ago

    He pre recorded the audio part

  27. Julie-Marie

    Julie-Marie16 days ago

    Lorde is that you???

  28. Roslynn Arias

    Roslynn Arias14 days ago


  29. Childish Gambino

    Childish Gambino14 days ago

    Julie-Marie wtf he does look like Lorde

  30. stuckonyou tube

    stuckonyou tube17 days ago


  31. David Sutton

    David Sutton17 days ago

    "Beef patty between two pancakes "!!!

  32. Jack D

    Jack D20 days ago

    That packaging seems kinda OTT and wasteful in terms of amount of plastic used. It must bump up the price of the meal too. Other than that it seems like a good meal.

  33. Casey DuBay

    Casey DuBay20 days ago

    ......*with bacon*

  34. Santino Martinez

    Santino Martinez20 days ago

    He reminds me smegal from lord of the rings lmfaoo

  35. Lorenzo Chamberlin

    Lorenzo Chamberlin22 days ago

    Pretty sure the burger is fake, you can see the strings

  36. HunterXray

    HunterXray22 days ago

    5:16 That classic "looking around for a trash can look".

  37. HunterXray

    HunterXray22 days ago

    I don't watch TV and wasn't even fooled for one second. The WONDERs of not watching TV and the BS contained within.

  38. fecal matter

    fecal matter23 days ago

    Glitched out

  39. TheDude

    TheDude23 days ago

    You look like a young version of a buddy of mine named Donny. Poor bastard never had a chance.

  40. Mmmm Bbbb

    Mmmm Bbbb24 days ago

    You look like you're dying slowly. You looked more alive in earlier videos

  41. Life Is XP Waste

    Life Is XP Waste24 days ago

    Lol I love the intro

  42. Drunk Bishop

    Drunk Bishop25 days ago

    Cut your nails, get some sun, blowdry your hair with a matte clay instead of that greasy pomade. Just some constructive criticism.. I want to see you take care of yoursel and be the best you can be :) have a good day!

  43. Pokemon Central

    Pokemon Central25 days ago

    I watched him eat a burger for a solid 3 min, after that all he said was a CLASIC burger with oh don't forget BACON, pure cringe

  44. Chandler Hayden

    Chandler Hayden25 days ago

    you get beat up a lot don't you

  45. absolutetruthgirl

    absolutetruthgirl26 days ago

    you are brilliant.

  46. Scott Medina

    Scott Medina27 days ago

    Reminds me of a young Mr burns

  47. Miscellaneous D

    Miscellaneous D27 days ago

    Review Brah you are so funny lol! But I was so angry when they announced a name change good thing it was marketing well almost a good thing hehe.

  48. Papa B

    Papa B28 days ago

    Gods gonna tell us whats good.

  49. The First One Out

    The First One Out28 days ago

    Why u said Ihob

  50. Voodoo Child

    Voodoo Child28 days ago

    Is this guy a character or for real ????

  51. CaptainJazzbo

    CaptainJazzbo28 days ago

    Sunglasses??? You go out in the sun???

  52. J 90

    J 9029 days ago

    Briliant maestro

  53. BigJuicyMan

    BigJuicyMan29 days ago

    You man are my lord and savior, please have my children even though im male, fuck my wife

  54. Nocturnal Toothbrush

    Nocturnal ToothbrushMonth ago

    LOL Love your videos

  55. Zagexx

    ZagexxMonth ago

    This Man would be disqualified if he was in a food eating contest

  56. arcaneflow

    arcaneflowMonth ago

    Lmao bahahaha

  57. Alyssa Pierce

    Alyssa PierceMonth ago

    You looked happy in this video! You're a little sweetie and my sister and I love watching your videos!

  58. Danny Devito

    Danny DevitoMonth ago

    Alaska used to be where Korea is now, Is this wrong?

  59. Mind Package

    Mind PackageMonth ago

    Burgers are a quintessential, American menu item so it makes perfect sense that IHOP, one of the most iconic!

  60. steven musselman

    steven musselmanMonth ago

    Nickel for a pickel

  61. Joseph Rose

    Joseph RoseMonth ago

    I like your sarcasm

  62. odon seel

    odon seelMonth ago

    "Hello this is.. albino rat"

  63. Frankin Ferter

    Frankin FerterMonth ago

    2:30 - 3:40. I love you. 😂

  64. April Mae

    April MaeMonth ago

    Why am I not surprised that you TALK TO YOUR FOOD, DUH!!! also noticed you looked off to your right, was your Mom yelling at you about your room rent being LATE! ?

  65. hot pockets

    hot pocketsMonth ago

    Are you tired? you look tired?

  66. Savage Cabbage

    Savage CabbageMonth ago

    Why does everyone call him reviewbrah

  67. Savage Cabbage

    Savage CabbageMonth ago

    What does running on empty mean

  68. Cristina LaBarbera

    Cristina LaBarberaMonth ago

    4:18 I want someone to comfort me like Reviewbrah comforts that burger.

  69. ok let's go

    ok let's goMonth ago

    It was a joke IHOP put out there!

  70. Lawrence Culhan

    Lawrence CulhanMonth ago

    Why do you keep turning your burger 🍔?

  71. The Eyesight Dim

    The Eyesight DimMonth ago

    M A N D E L A E F F E C T

  72. Graham White

    Graham WhiteMonth ago


  73. Ryan Hastings

    Ryan HastingsMonth ago

    I love the sarcasm lol

  74. Ozirus Torres

    Ozirus TorresMonth ago

    Every single time i watch these first thing i notice is his long fingers are,talk about piano hands he is the piano god 😂

  75. Deon Houston

    Deon HoustonMonth ago


  76. Wayne Mcquarrie

    Wayne McquarrieMonth ago

    I'm in Massachusetts there's a commercial that tells you it was a gimmick and their not changing the name.

  77. Paupers Budget

    Paupers BudgetMonth ago

    Ughhhh That lettuce looks nasty. . .

  78. Paupers Budget

    Paupers BudgetMonth ago

    I worked at "I - Hop" back when it was the International House Of Pancakes

  79. Lonnie Williams

    Lonnie WilliamsMonth ago

    I love his reviews but I really wish he would take a larger bite the first time he bites. That little nibble looks so weird

  80. Duck Gang

    Duck GangMonth ago

    Normal persons bite > review bra bite.. 😂

  81. aSiriusThoth

    aSiriusThothMonth ago

    "Business is incredible" LMAO

  82. Masinfira1

    Masinfira1Month ago

    This is the first time I saw him drinking something different than water.

  83. Hotrodjman Official

    Hotrodjman OfficialMonth ago

    Everyone's a VAMPIRE!?

  84. Aidan Colley

    Aidan ColleyMonth ago

    He looks like a fish

  85. Swordog

    SwordogMonth ago

    I went to ihob recently and it took 7 minutes for the employee to come out of the kitchen because they were so surprised that anyone showed up.

  86. *vi sh*i

    *vi sh*iMonth ago

    3:43 :3

  87. crystal nicole

    crystal nicoleMonth ago


  88. Destiny Hunter

    Destiny HunterMonth ago

    the sarcasm 😂

  89. Emman

    EmmanMonth ago

    take a shot every time burgers or ihob

  90. Êdø Štrîké

    Êdø ŠtrîkéMonth ago

    Turns out IHOb was a publicity stunt. Go figure.

  91. YoungWizz

    YoungWizzMonth ago

    Why tf he look like Eminem when he was in his teens

  92. Dillon C

    Dillon CMonth ago

    I love this guy. It’d be cool if he secretly flew around in a fuckin UFO and just hypnotized employees to give him free food. Like a badass

  93. Dillon C

    Dillon CMonth ago

    Fr fr 😂😂😂

  94. JasonVredenburgOfficial

    JasonVredenburgOfficialMonth ago

    I’ve never felt more awkward and on edge before while watching a video 😂

  95. Elsuper2000

    Elsuper2000Month ago

    Are you from Canada?

  96. Baad Gal kaii

    Baad Gal kaiiMonth ago

    Im deadd asf😂😂

  97. AbduCola

    AbduColaMonth ago

    Holy shit those has to be the most pathetic bites I've ever seen. I saw you wolf down the pickle fried chicken, and know you're capable of more than those bitch bites

  98. Ken Young

    Ken YoungMonth ago

    99 per cent of fast food is underwhelming. It's over-processed, uses cheap base products, has too much salt, sugar and additives. Why are we still eating or reviewing it? It may seem cheap but the profit margins are huge so every time you buy some you are feeding the corporate growth of the fast food empire. An industry that is a major contributor to two of today's biggest killers: high blood pressure and obesity. Yes, people choose to eat fast food but lemmings also jump off cliffs. Ignorance is not bliss. These reviews deal with the taste experience but bearing in mind the dietary experience is so poor its pretty irrelevant. Its great to see reviews of food millions of people eat but something is missing. Calorie and mutritional data would be a good start. Its no coincidence that the purveyors of fast food make this information hard to find.

  99. octogeek

    octogeekMonth ago

    You know it’s a pure channel when the creator hopes everyone had a happy weekend. 👌

  100. Kathy McCrory

    Kathy McCroryMonth ago

    Too much lettuce on that burger

  101. Kathy McCrory

    Kathy McCroryMonth ago

    I remember Ihop but I've never been there

  102. Clever Leprechaun

    Clever LeprechaunMonth ago

    I haven’t had a burger from IHOB because honestly, I don’t want a burger from people that decided pancakes were too hard.

  103. StudioGamezTAB

    StudioGamezTABMonth ago

    The reason reviewbrah never finishes his food on video is because it will take too long. he finishes off camera.

  104. Sergio Lucas

    Sergio LucasMonth ago

    that was a great burger *WITH BACON*

  105. TheNovalis666

    TheNovalis666Month ago

    i think these are 3 gnomes in a suit

  106. Celeste Vangeli

    Celeste VangeliMonth ago

    OG sassmaster

  107. Donkey Squidward

    Donkey SquidwardMonth ago

    IHOP, they take memes too seriously



    Did the ppl in the restaurant agreed to be recorded? 😂