IHOb Burger ?


  1. TheReportOfTheWeek

    TheReportOfTheWeekYear ago

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  2. keiichi maebara

    keiichi maebaraMonth ago

    @II-BadSport Vulture-II Don't waste your money will usually overcooked That's the whole reason They had to market their burgers because no one was buying them because they're not that great

  3. keiichi maebara

    keiichi maebaraMonth ago

    @Tyler M23 they lied and if talked to a manager They would have been in trouble But you're not missing out Their burgers suck I like the guy in the video I like his videos but most diners have better burgers Whataburger has better than IHOP So the whole Ihob Thing was pointless because the reason the was getting the burgers is because they're always overcooked and dry and had no Seasoning and flavor

  4. keiichi maebara

    keiichi maebaraMonth ago

    I don't like I hop burgers Because they are nasty to me my expectation for burgers are higher because I have whataburger I think Ihop the overcook them And real diners don't do that I'd like your video though you're one of my favorite youtubers and I find it unique that you always wear a suit

  5. The Seventh Apparition

    The Seventh Apparition2 months ago


  6. GMS T H E G I F T E D R U L E R

    GMS T H E G I F T E D R U L E RYear ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek it's was an advertisement for their burgers they aren't actually changing their name to IHOb

  7. High Alert CODE RED

    High Alert CODE RED23 hours ago

    wow it take at least 2 hrs just get a burger soooooo busy lolololol

  8. Angel c

    Angel c2 days ago

    Your precious bites are so small

  9. 3P3KVisuals

    3P3KVisuals3 days ago

    Du' probably takin' everybody hoes just from the etiquette

  10. Cole Trickle

    Cole Trickle3 days ago

    What's goin on in the top left corner

  11. Julio Ramirez Vasquez

    Julio Ramirez Vasquez3 days ago

    This is beautiful.

  12. Justin Albritton

    Justin Albritton3 days ago

    Dude this guy is one of the best u tubers of all time im not being funny either.

  13. Marc D

    Marc D3 days ago

    I just have to smile and laugh when I watch his reviews. Spiritually uplifting ;)

  14. PostxAtomic

    PostxAtomic5 days ago

    I could tell you enjoyed it with the movements you made when you took that bite.

  15. Mannama Dectos

    Mannama Dectos5 days ago

    International house of berger

  16. Brian Leister

    Brian Leister7 days ago

    Omg what a mess🤣

  17. Aaaa Onetwothree

    Aaaa Onetwothree8 days ago

    Car and truck

  18. Aaaa Onetwothree

    Aaaa Onetwothree8 days ago

    Wood and stone

  19. Aaaa Onetwothree

    Aaaa Onetwothree8 days ago

    Flying bird

  20. Aaaa Onetwothree

    Aaaa Onetwothree8 days ago

    Cold and wet

  21. Aaaa Onetwothree

    Aaaa Onetwothree8 days ago

    Camel spider

  22. Aaaa Onetwothree

    Aaaa Onetwothree8 days ago

    Stale and dry

  23. Aaaa Onetwothree

    Aaaa Onetwothree8 days ago

    Onion nuggets

  24. Aaaa Onetwothree

    Aaaa Onetwothree8 days ago

    *n o u*

  25. Earrol Mierez

    Earrol Mierez8 days ago

    At the 6:27 mark one can see the moment the protein and sugar high kicks in for Mr. Reviewbrah. Respectfully.

  26. Cygnus Floyd

    Cygnus Floyd9 days ago

    3:47 How many worlds have been destroyed with that gesture? I shutter to think....

  27. adam gilligan

    adam gilligan9 days ago

    That hamburger looked and sounded not fun if I had to judge whether I wanted to eat this just by this video I would say " No I will not eat this burger! "

  28. Stegotyranno 420

    Stegotyranno 42012 days ago

    You should try the habit burger char burger with bacon

  29. Jaydan Long

    Jaydan Long13 days ago

    King of sarcasm

  30. Sweet Vanilla

    Sweet Vanilla13 days ago

    2:44 so funny

  31. Lego City S.W.A.T Team and Termination Terminator 2

    Lego City S.W.A.T Team and Termination Terminator 217 days ago


  32. Lego City S.W.A.T Team and Termination Terminator 2

    Lego City S.W.A.T Team and Termination Terminator 217 days ago

    Luckily I won’t have grand children cuz I’m not gonna tell them let’s go to fucking I hop and then they will correct me Ah god bless mike Tyson

  33. InterMystery

    InterMystery18 days ago

    My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

  34. MagNick18

    MagNick1819 days ago

    Holy crap that's my IHOP

  35. Nunyo Bidness

    Nunyo Bidness20 days ago

    Your dry humor in the beginning of this video is a breath of fresh air. You should do that kind of thing more often. Made me smile

  36. Kaleigh Laferriere

    Kaleigh Laferriere20 days ago

    He starts panicking when he doesn’t have a napkin to wipe his face........such good manners👍

  37. John Rahm

    John Rahm17 days ago

    I read this comment right as he did so.

  38. Tracy Dee

    Tracy Dee21 day ago

    It pleases me to see such high praise for you in the comments. Truly are my Favorite MReporterr.

  39. first name

    first name22 days ago

    OMG, this is the funniest video ever

  40. Flares Pone

    Flares Pone22 days ago

    one year later

  41. Matthieu Côté

    Matthieu Côté24 days ago

    This guy takes the most unsatisfying bites... But here I am.

  42. Matthieu Côté

    Matthieu Côté24 days ago

    It actually took 5 bites to finally hit the upper bun.

  43. snibeti snab-xD

    snibeti snab-xD25 days ago

    Now that red robin went to crap everyone is eating more burgers at ihop

  44. alex s

    alex s26 days ago

    *b o r g e r*

  45. Emanuel B.

    Emanuel B.28 days ago


  46. Irishpotato ,

    Irishpotato ,Month ago

    This shit made my day

  47. Codie Fitz

    Codie FitzMonth ago

    And, cousin, business is a-boomin’

  48. Erik Hertzer

    Erik HertzerMonth ago

    ...it’s served in a bucket...

  49. Owen Johnzon

    Owen JohnzonMonth ago

    "for any of you pickle freaks who want to live that kind of life..."

  50. TWEED speculum

    TWEED speculumMonth ago

    he said "with bacon" im fucking dying 3:43

  51. Str8Fappin 69

    Str8Fappin 69Month ago

    I will be my Master's guardian, my life to serve you Reviewbrah

  52. Douglas Castromedina

    Douglas CastromedinaMonth ago

    I love how funny you where about the clip when u where inside IHOP, oops autocorrect corrected lol😂😁

  53. Trevor Hodge

    Trevor HodgeMonth ago

    And don't forget to dip each bite into IHOB's signature maple syrup.

  54. Infinite Powers

    Infinite PowersMonth ago

    Take a man bite out of it, Jesus Christ!

  55. /Gameboy2000color /

    /Gameboy2000color /Month ago

    This man was ahead of the times. Doing mukbang before everyone else on here..... except not absolutely fucking disgusting


    BROKEN JOEMonth ago

    Bruh we all must worship this man as our god. He must be a magical creature because he’s not human. No human even comes close to him

  57. torba

    torbaMonth ago

    I miss when IHOP was IHOP.