I Wore Only Body Glitter For A Day


  1. Twyla Beachy

    Twyla Beachy15 hours ago

    I would not do this I hate glitter it sticks to everything I just hate it

  2. Anna Browne

    Anna BrowneDay ago

    Your so cute

  3. Gerard Hodgkinson

    Gerard Hodgkinson15 days ago

    She is so pretty and I like you

  4. Emma H.

    Emma H.15 days ago

    The most distracting part is the boobs. If she wore a bra over it and painted the glitter over it it would be cool

  5. Emma H.

    Emma H.15 days ago

    Isn’t this illegal because she’s not wearing any clothing except for panties?

  6. Miniarmimi Miniar

    Miniarmimi Miniar16 days ago

    So stupid

  7. Tonya Williston

    Tonya Williston20 days ago

    U still nipples

  8. kab kab

    kab kab22 days ago

    Stunningly Beautiful!!!

  9. Just-so-Jhordan Mcfall

    Just-so-Jhordan Mcfall22 days ago

    The talking over the video reminds me of mean girls 😮

  10. yosan hagos

    yosan hagos26 days ago

    How is she gonna use the bathroom???!!!

  11. Gabi

    Gabi28 days ago

    She gonna find glitter every where for 3 years ... good luck getting that glitter ghost out of ur house tho

  12. Edwardecko

    Edwardecko29 days ago

    Why the h*** do people even care. Just because she's brave enough to take on something that people aren't... Embrace it...🤙

  13. Autumn Wills

    Autumn WillsMonth ago


  14. Nandana Shaji

    Nandana ShajiMonth ago

    This video was.. itchyfull !!! Got it??? NO?? Like instead of beautiful it's Itchyfull!! Cause of the glitter!!

  15. Manal Abdi

    Manal AbdiMonth ago

    Girl you are litterly naked

  16. Mavlidam Abdulajian

    Mavlidam AbdulajianMonth ago


  17. Hayden Wuelfing

    Hayden WuelfingMonth ago

    Her boobs are so droopy

  18. Sean Ely

    Sean ElyMonth ago


  19. Kaisen Bray

    Kaisen BrayMonth ago

    Selorm is my favorite

  20. Gabrielle Dittmerelli

    Gabrielle DittmerelliMonth ago

    That is never coming off 💀

  21. Christina Logan

    Christina Logan2 months ago

    Do they wear glitter braws because there kinda loose

  22. makaila shelton

    makaila shelton2 months ago

    Kids cover your eyes 👀 👀

  23. Mika Bunny

    Mika Bunny2 months ago

    she looked like a superhero! i love selorm so much, i definitely wanna get that rainbow look for coachella one day lol

  24. Ana the loner1

    Ana the loner12 months ago

    So, you are naked ... But not since You have Glitter as clothes

  25. Claudio Congo

    Claudio Congo2 months ago

    Selorm stop it! Your hips are perfect and so is your tummy. In other words you are beautifully imperfect. Peace and stay blessed young lady.

  26. Kaitlyn Kirkendall

    Kaitlyn Kirkendall2 months ago

    That is a TON of glitter I wish I could do that

  27. PhoenixWolf XOX

    PhoenixWolf XOX2 months ago

    How do u sit with that

  28. Ella Ryd

    Ella Ryd2 months ago

    How tf did you get this off

  29. Clarissa Maravilla

    Clarissa Maravilla2 months ago

    Wow that cool

  30. Holly Mcdonald

    Holly Mcdonald2 months ago

    Hey My name is Holly

  31. Oof OOF

    Oof OOF2 months ago


  32. Chinz Thiru

    Chinz Thiru2 months ago

    Did she wore a bra??

  33. Mike Poole

    Mike Poole2 months ago

    You know kid's watch this

  34. Caroline Brett

    Caroline Brett3 months ago


  35. Dayana Plaz

    Dayana Plaz3 months ago

    what glue do they use!

  36. Amy-Chat

    Amy-Chat3 months ago

    Wow men do not watch this video

  37. unicorn cookies

    unicorn cookies3 months ago

    shes the gliter fairy!!!

  38. unicorn cookies

    unicorn cookies3 months ago

    i feel people are gonna say "AM GONNA YOUR MOM"

  39. Jonesy_The_Legend

    Jonesy_The_Legend3 months ago

    Hmmm how should we find a way to respect women? Oh I know get naked like a hooker and prostitute and get away with it because its "comfortable to be in your own skin" which is disrespectful towards both males and females.

  40. Jonesy_The_Legend

    Jonesy_The_Legend3 months ago

    Just cuz I don't care what I look like doesn't mean I'm gonna strip naked and paint myself that's gross

  41. Jonesy_The_Legend

    Jonesy_The_Legend3 months ago

    I support pride but being naked is not a pride thing is very gross idc if its natural and the cave people did it its 2018 and we made clothes that are meant to be worn so wear them.

  42. Mrpeachees

    Mrpeachees3 months ago

    This is just weird. I don’t see why anyone would want to do this, other then the chance to walk around naked. I’m sure you could get arrested in some parts of the world for being naked in public.

  43. Leslie Walker

    Leslie Walker3 months ago

    That is butifule

  44. Srishti Chauhan

    Srishti Chauhan3 months ago

    THAT is not how you gain confidence about your body.

  45. R B

    R B3 months ago

    @3:30 is that tje guy from TASTY?!

  46. Henz Sol

    Henz Sol3 months ago

    This is appropriate for the workplace, when your workplace is a strip club. Glitter is definitely appropriate in the strip club.

  47. Alex Chappel

    Alex Chappel3 months ago

    This glitter is not biodegradable

  48. Cadence Tucker

    Cadence Tucker3 months ago

    Um ok this is a look actually

  49. cheese kimbap fondue

    cheese kimbap fondue3 months ago

    1:52 asscrack

  50. The llerena sis Forever

    The llerena sis Forever3 months ago

    *My eyes are burning*

  51. Estephanie Garcia

    Estephanie Garcia3 months ago


  52. sasha BDS

    sasha BDS3 months ago

    You look so pretty and you are slaying it plus the glitter girls are amazing

  53. Alma Valdez

    Alma Valdez4 months ago


  54. ziomalisty

    ziomalisty4 months ago

    She wore pants. So the video is a lie.

  55. Amanda Bentes

    Amanda Bentes4 months ago

    yaaas for biodegradable glitter 💞💖💞💖💞

  56. frozen yoghurt

    frozen yoghurt4 months ago

    this is sick. and I DO NOT LIKE IT.

  57. jamane moye-hill

    jamane moye-hill4 months ago

    I would wear that OK but like illll I don't think so many people would do this especially when it's a boy painting you😣😣

  58. Lil smokey

    Lil smokey4 months ago

    "I didn't do this for attention" yeaaaaaaa..mmmmmhmmmmmmm sure. Dear ladies, no one believes you when you say you're doing it for yourself and not to garner attention. Let's stop pretending you're not an attention ho.

  59. Lil smokey

    Lil smokey3 months ago

    Let me guess...You're an idiot? But go on, continue whining about sexual objectification and cat calls when you do crap like this. lol. The lack of self-awareness never stops blowing my mind.. Also, I swear it's like you 2 year olds learned a new word and keep putting it in everything and repeating it. Ignorance means you lack info on something. Using common sense to observe something is the complete opposite of 'ignorance' It's like when women say "we wear makeup and dress up nice for ourselves and other women" and yet not only are men blamed but you whine about how male things set unreal expectations. You literally cannot have it both ways. So pick one. Either women do it for themselves and other women (which ironically just says women are judgemental and conceited) OR you do it for male attention. You can't claim it's the first but then turn around and blame men for setting unreal beauty standards.

  60. starlight FIFI

    starlight FIFI3 months ago

    Lil smokey oh wow.....let me guess.. you’re sexist? No one can be so ignorant

  61. Chandra Kala

    Chandra Kala4 months ago


  62. myopinions mythoughts

    myopinions mythoughts4 months ago

    u r still luks sooo uncomfortable!!

  63. panda_ girl

    panda_ girl4 months ago

    you should try only wearing paint for a day(with bra and shorts white works best)#AS/IS if you agree

  64. lili playsroblox

    lili playsroblox4 months ago

    Ew that would feel uncomfortable..

  65. Marianne D

    Marianne D4 months ago

    @simplynailogical where u at #rememberwhenshedidnailart

  66. Nicole Li

    Nicole Li4 months ago

    Next Instagram post: I pee glitter!

  67. George Anderson

    George Anderson4 months ago

    Ridiculous body

  68. Mary Klingeisen

    Mary Klingeisen4 months ago

    That's so awsome

  69. NoVaKane

    NoVaKane4 months ago

    Who's disgusted by boobs ?

  70. velmir9

    velmir94 months ago

    body positivity ; )

  71. kris

    kris4 months ago

    Could u sit and keep ur butt glitter?

  72. Sevalecan

    Sevalecan4 months ago

    1:43 ... It's not what other people think about your body that you're concerned about, it's your own thoughts. I mean seriously, complaining about your thighs and tummy when they're basically perfect... And that negative speech is from the inside, how many people are walking up to you and telling you your stomach isn't flat enough?

  73. Ammie Washington

    Ammie Washington4 months ago

    Can someone please tell me how this is done.

  74. D A B Gaming

    D A B Gaming4 months ago

    "Ma Gurls"

  75. lana s

    lana s4 months ago

    How you get it all of tho?

  76. Haley Darby-Miller

    Haley Darby-Miller4 months ago

    Age restricted video ......... Hm

  77. nvmpaloma

    nvmpaloma4 months ago

    lmao her co-workers definitely thought she crossed a LINE

  78. Morgan Steinman

    Morgan Steinman4 months ago

    “I would do it with the gays” hon me too

  79. MaNson Fan. Bye!

    MaNson Fan. Bye!4 months ago

    Dude, this is cool, I've seen body paint before, but not this.

  80. Natasha Chandler

    Natasha Chandler4 months ago

    Wait why is this age restricted?

  81. Sodam Jeong

    Sodam Jeong4 months ago

    Its beautiful but what about all the micro sized plastics...😢

  82. GothEvilButterfly91

    GothEvilButterfly914 months ago

    So how do you get off all of the glitter?

  83. Lillie Snow Leopard

    Lillie Snow Leopard4 months ago

    This is age restricted can some one do anything?

  84. Jennifer Schepens

    Jennifer Schepens4 months ago

    I love her hair like that

  85. Eena B

    Eena B4 months ago

    She feels naked because she IS naked...😆

  86. Mima Flaherty

    Mima Flaherty4 months ago

    How she get that off though? Glitter takes forever to get off!!😶

  87. Makaylah Brown

    Makaylah Brown4 months ago

    She got the worse case of glitter herpes

  88. MayMay

    MayMay4 months ago

    She’s so beautiful!!

  89. Biazinha Blogueirinha

    Biazinha Blogueirinha4 months ago

    Her body Is amazing

  90. Mimi McGee

    Mimi McGee4 months ago

    Is this nudity

  91. Sally Kploanyi

    Sally Kploanyi4 months ago

    selorm's sis Sally kploanyi dat was nice

  92. Hey Itzyoyo

    Hey Itzyoyo4 months ago

    I legit watched this like 2 months ago and now when I wanna watch it again it’s age restricted

  93. Nestor Marcano

    Nestor Marcano4 months ago

    So cool

  94. Jaimee callaway

    Jaimee callaway4 months ago

    Im nacked

  95. MrJreed1000

    MrJreed10005 months ago

    How do I get the job of tidday glitter painter? 🤔

  96. Imposter Pandacat

    Imposter Pandacat5 months ago

    At least she has boobs....

  97. Lemon Milk

    Lemon Milk5 months ago

    “ I’d do it for the gays. “ *~Same.*

  98. Aradhya Singh

    Aradhya Singh5 months ago


  99. Nasikoya Pm

    Nasikoya Pm5 months ago

    oh my goodness 😘😘😘😘😘

  100. Brittany Winans

    Brittany Winans5 months ago

    Don’t worry about your body, if you keep worrying it will drive you insane

  101. JustBread

    JustBread5 months ago

    I would definitely wear only glitter for pride and i'd encourage others to as well just to show the haters that no matter what they say and do, or try to protest against our choices, that we are humans and have rights over what we do with our OWN lives and our OWN relationships. and you know, having glitter all over your body just has an effect that makes you happy

  102. Kylie Arizona

    Kylie Arizona5 months ago

    Imagine going to the bathroom....