I Wore Only Body Glitter For A Day


  1. Squishy Mochi

    Squishy Mochi4 hours ago

    “Remember...Love myself...Love yourself”-BTS RM The answer is to love ourselves♥️

  2. Elise Bonapart

    Elise Bonapart4 hours ago

    They could at least put something on her nipples

  3. Mia Kedlarchuk

    Mia Kedlarchuk7 hours ago

    I hv bigger boobs than her and I’m fuckin 13 I hate my boobs tbh there heavy af

  4. Jocelynn Johnson

    Jocelynn Johnson8 hours ago

    Does she havr a bra on

  5. Ari Neal

    Ari Neal10 hours ago

    how is she so perfect

  6. CosmoCloud

    CosmoCloud15 hours ago

    shes gonna have glitter in her buttcrack for life

  7. comedian puppy corn wack a doodle squid

    comedian puppy corn wack a doodle squid16 hours ago

    Doez nipples do

  8. Anna Grebenyuk

    Anna Grebenyuk16 hours ago

    was she wearing a bra?

  9. Anna Grebenyuk

    Anna Grebenyuk15 hours ago

    comedian puppy corn wack a doodle squid ikr her boobs are like sagging so much

  10. comedian puppy corn wack a doodle squid

    comedian puppy corn wack a doodle squid16 hours ago

    Anna Grebenyuk probably not

  11. HarpiiKatAnimations

    HarpiiKatAnimations17 hours ago

    “I feel like I’m at Coachella but no one else is at Coachella “ I DIED >*

  12. comedian puppy corn wack a doodle squid

    comedian puppy corn wack a doodle squid16 hours ago

    HarpiiKatAnimations Me at Coachella 😂

  13. Anna Louise Hague

    Anna Louise Hague17 hours ago

    We technically just saw her boobs

  14. Afia Nisar

    Afia Nisar21 hour ago

    Your boobs are the best

  15. comedian puppy corn wack a doodle squid

    comedian puppy corn wack a doodle squid16 hours ago

    Afia Nisar OMG U PERV

  16. fairy wingz

    fairy wingzDay ago

    Your body is on fleek girl . Be confident in you'd body

  17. Kiera Pree

    Kiera PreeDay ago

    How do the cover that other bit...? Edit: oh it’s underwear...

  18. Chloe Chavez

    Chloe ChavezDay ago

    How come its age restricted??!!

  19. Beatriz Adriana Maya

    Beatriz Adriana MayaDay ago

    The breast part is very inappropriate.....😣😖

  20. Natalie G

    Natalie GDay ago

    I agree with the guy at the end. I don't know his name but I would cover myself in body glitter in the pride flag colors and order of the flag for pride fest.

  21. Clay Connolly

    Clay ConnollyDay ago

    Don't forget that it's holo...💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿

  22. Someone In the middel of no where

    Someone In the middel of no where2 days ago

    WoW your body is beautiful

  23. Beautiful Sheep fluff

    Beautiful Sheep fluff2 days ago

    There are kids in the streets don’t show ur nipplesssss

  24. Beautiful Sheep fluff

    Beautiful Sheep fluff2 days ago

    Ewwww I saw her nipplessss 🤢🤢🤢

  25. Aishoo 1234

    Aishoo 12344 days ago

    I would do this, but I would wear a strapless bra. I don't feel comfortable with people knowing the shape or how saggy my boobs are.

  26. its jocie 400

    its jocie 4004 days ago

    I dont like how he butt crack is kinda showing

  27. M

    M5 days ago

    My god that is so terrible for the environment.

  28. BubbaCrane

    BubbaCrane7 days ago

    You wore only body glitter for this video.

  29. Muriah Miles

    Muriah Miles7 days ago

    What do you guys use to make it stick to the skin?

  30. Violet Baudelaire

    Violet Baudelaire7 days ago

    dangit its age restricted

  31. LA SINGS

    LA SINGS8 days ago

    I wanted her to jump and rain glitter

  32. Ian Thomas

    Ian Thomas9 days ago

    You are a bit espoused . But I love it

  33. Crystal Ellis

    Crystal Ellis11 days ago

    At 3:27 the guys keeps looking at da ladies [BOOBS]

  34. Daisy Medina

    Daisy Medina11 days ago

    Ok then let's step it up a notch

  35. NefertitiindaHouse11

    NefertitiindaHouse1112 days ago

    Wow, you are so brave! I love the look.

  36. Questions of the World

    Questions of the World13 days ago

    It’s holo

  37. Questions of the World

    Questions of the World13 days ago

    Wait so she’s naked??

  38. AbbyViberStirlingite1219

    AbbyViberStirlingite121914 days ago

    The glitter is HOLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. industrial.beauty

    industrial.beauty14 days ago

    She is sooooo gorgeous. Her skin is like another element 😍❤️

  40. What's up squad!

    What's up squad!14 days ago

    I love it

  41. Grace Dennis

    Grace Dennis14 days ago

    I don't even know why its age-restricted. 🙄

  42. TheDarkAmethyst OG

    TheDarkAmethyst OG15 days ago

    Is it a phase? Lol

  43. Got_me_jungshook

    Got_me_jungshook15 days ago

    Might be pretty but you ain’t never gonna get that all off

  44. Audrey lamontagne

    Audrey lamontagne17 days ago

    Guessing game! How many people do you think masturbated​ to this video because they can see her chesticles?

  45. Monfe

    Monfe17 days ago

    Butt cleavage tho

  46. Alexis Hayashi

    Alexis Hayashi19 days ago

    She looks like a badass superhero

  47. Madison Heinkens

    Madison Heinkens19 days ago

    Your Stomach Is Flatter Than Mine and I Have A Healthy Weight Healthy Amount Of Fat And I'm 13

  48. Darknessmy Waifu

    Darknessmy Waifu19 days ago


  49. Gas'n'Oil

    Gas'n'Oil20 days ago

    2:45 hmmmm, I disagree

  50. Elizabeth Haze

    Elizabeth Haze20 days ago

    “I feel like I’m at cochella but nobody else is at cochella” 🤣🤣

  51. Leoa HD

    Leoa HD20 days ago

    i feel bad for her shower

  52. Cutekawaiimarshmallow Kutie

    Cutekawaiimarshmallow Kutie20 days ago

    Isn’t selorm a vampire

  53. Mofeoluwa Adeyemi

    Mofeoluwa Adeyemi20 days ago

    sorry B but ur going to be in that shower for *lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggg*

  54. Nickook's unicorn

    Nickook's unicorn22 days ago

    Oh noo

  55. okur gurl bye

    okur gurl bye22 days ago

    Oh my lord

  56. Nickesha Wallace

    Nickesha Wallace22 days ago

    The definition of black girl magic

  57. Xo pizza Xo

    Xo pizza Xo23 days ago

    ”Instead of glitter im basically naked” but you also have a thong thing on tho

  58. Georgia Ignat.

    Georgia Ignat.24 days ago

    She is very pretty inside and out.

  59. Keisha Milord

    Keisha Milord24 days ago

    She is so pretty #sunkiss

  60. marek libunao

    marek libunao24 days ago

    I can't lol they put this as age restricted like 😂

  61. Shana C.

    Shana C.24 days ago

    It looks great. The world could always use more sparkle.......but rain could be bad.

  62. syd vineyard

    syd vineyard24 days ago

    *her boobies touching mine* died laughing

  63. Asher Ray

    Asher Ray24 days ago

    Why is it age restricted?? :(((

  64. Annedria Loomis

    Annedria Loomis25 days ago

    Ok... how do you make this glitter stick to your body?

  65. Safa Justo-Basheer

    Safa Justo-Basheer25 days ago

    Age restricted again

  66. roxiemoxie66

    roxiemoxie6625 days ago

    You look amazing

  67. Sam: The legend

    Sam: The legend26 days ago

    I have to do this at a sleep over with a bunch of friends 😁

  68. sososlimy22 awesomeness

    sososlimy22 awesomeness27 days ago

    come on

  69. Jessica

    Jessica28 days ago

    Does anyone know by chance where the top she’s wearing at the beginning is from? It’s so cute I want it!

  70. Audrey Nivarosa

    Audrey Nivarosa28 days ago

    It looks so great but just a reminder that glitters are 100% polluting so if Go Get Glitter could find something more eco friendly that's be great

  71. Bubbles 2007

    Bubbles 200729 days ago

    “OMG look at my butt” Lmao

  72. Louisa Madeleine

    Louisa Madeleine29 days ago

    The top looks so amazing but I would definitely wear a normal shorts

  73. Violet2010

    Violet201029 days ago

    Wait.... nothing at all???

  74. Shashta Lila

    Shashta Lila29 days ago

    They won't even let you watch the video

  75. Robert Harden

    Robert Harden29 days ago

    This is one of the coolest things

  76. Kate O Hanlon

    Kate O Hanlon29 days ago

    You look so pretty

  77. Abigail Davis

    Abigail DavisMonth ago

    What if she had a million fly bites( like I do now😬) how would she itch them??

  78. Qq Ww

    Qq WwMonth ago

    المشكلة الهطوف يعززونلها

  79. sop10818

    sop10818Month ago

    U r right that u shouldn't judge

  80. Femke Van Wageningen

    Femke Van WageningenMonth ago

    3:15 Pat pat

  81. Sydney Wattier

    Sydney WattierMonth ago

    I'm all for confidence in one's self but this seems a smidge too over the top. Maybe just cuz it's not professional or that appropriate but I feel there are so many other ways to exert self confidence

  82. shyann buckley

    shyann buckleyMonth ago

    I'd do it for the gays

  83. Dev Hawkins

    Dev HawkinsMonth ago

    You look amazing girl

  84. RandomThingsWithMe

    RandomThingsWithMeMonth ago

    How do u go to the toilet?

  85. Rizwan Basit

    Rizwan BasitMonth ago

    I saw Holo 😍😍😍😍😍 Any holosexual

  86. Pamela Tutor

    Pamela TutorMonth ago

    I want your body 😭

  87. Logangster 9000

    Logangster 9000Month ago

    She is the glitter fairy

  88. syafizaazwanajamuri

    syafizaazwanajamuriMonth ago

    I love the art when she said "the girls"

  89. Ayo Aroks

    Ayo AroksMonth ago

    Absolutely not!

  90. mackenzie mueller

    mackenzie muellerMonth ago

    "I feel like i'm at Coachella but no one else is at Coachella" me all the time lmao

  91. FleetingMoons

    FleetingMoonsMonth ago

    Biodegradable ❤️❤️ YES 🖤🖤

  92. Nightcore_wolves

    Nightcore_wolvesMonth ago


  93. Amanda G

    Amanda GMonth ago

    Me when I get a new highlighter

  94. Miss Kweenie

    Miss KweenieMonth ago

    Perverts gonna look closer

  95. Just sydney

    Just sydneyMonth ago

    Wow MReporter why u gotta age restrict every video? Its not nudity its a grown woman covered in beautiful glitters

  96. Eko Foo

    Eko FooMonth ago

    It looks awsome

  97. Tacocat B&R

    Tacocat B&RMonth ago

    Huh! Oh No!!! They glitter is falling off her boob/chest area

  98. Sierra

    SierraMonth ago

    “Glitter for everyone”

  99. jrgalbus

    jrgalbusMonth ago

    You shouldn’t have to be completely naked in order to prove that you are happy with your body

  100. Kupcakes

    Kupcakes11 days ago

    Thank u someone with actual sense

  101. SaraBellaBoo

    SaraBellaBooMonth ago

    Salorm is a goddess 🙌

  102. Maria Eduarda Faviano

    Maria Eduarda FavianoMonth ago


  103. Just lailah

    Just lailahMonth ago

    *•I would do it for the gays•*

  104. Aneta Mirosz

    Aneta MiroszMonth ago


  105. Foxygirl505 Gamingandmoreisbackinbusiness

    Foxygirl505 GamingandmoreisbackinbusinessMonth ago

    they saw it can cause bad stuff to body and i don't believe them