I Wore Only Body Glitter For A Day


  1. MrxTORCHx

    MrxTORCHxHour ago

    That takes guts to do what she did! Props to Selorm

  2. Ivanna Marshmallow

    Ivanna Marshmallow15 hours ago

    How is this aged restricted ? Lol

  3. Hadley Johnson

    Hadley Johnson2 days ago

    who saw you click this vid and it said this video inappropriate

  4. Giselle Violet

    Giselle Violet2 days ago

    OMG shes sooooo god damn gorgeous

  5. Miguel A Salazar Jr

    Miguel A Salazar Jr3 days ago

    I love ittt

  6. Taylor Alliease

    Taylor Alliease3 days ago

    Lol that was cool but yeah I could never go to work like that .

  7. Callum Mightytree

    Callum Mightytree3 days ago

    She’s got a beautiful body, I hope this made her feel more confident in it.

  8. Marylin The Unicorn

    Marylin The Unicorn3 days ago

    I agree with the whole “be confident in your own body” thing but this is just too far😅 (in my opinion)

  9. kid catastrophe

    kid catastrophe6 days ago

    Me to

  10. The Otaku

    The Otaku6 days ago

    I was scared for her. The perverts.... The perverts are out.... Careful

  11. Anghel Aureliana

    Anghel Aureliana6 days ago

    3:14 doesn't she? Yes,she doeeees

  12. Anghel Aureliana

    Anghel Aureliana6 days ago

    1:42 no,no,no,no. You look so good I could become bi. Don't think you don't look good,'cause you do look good.

  13. Anghel Aureliana

    Anghel Aureliana6 days ago

    I respect you so much,girl.

  14. Hrybie

    Hrybie7 days ago

    Simplynailogical where you at

  15. Lo Kowy

    Lo Kowy7 days ago

    omg sooo beautiful

  16. Everli_ high

    Everli_ high7 days ago

    no one sees she's naked am i wright

  17. Bunny Chico

    Bunny Chico7 days ago

    3:33-3:35 best quotr ever

  18. Sofia Razlovan

    Sofia Razlovan8 days ago

    Did anyone notice the silver and blue were ....H💿L💿??? 😃😃😃

  19. Alison Liew

    Alison Liew8 days ago

    human unicorn xD

  20. Aleena Shahzad

    Aleena Shahzad9 days ago

    Her voice overs sound like Lindsy Lohan's voiceovers from Mean Girls.

  21. Sky's Corner

    Sky's Corner10 days ago

    Oh that's the easy part The hard part is finding and cleaning all the glitter in your house Have fun :)

  22. rania lotfi

    rania lotfi13 days ago

    I'm thinking about how can she remove all that glitter Ooooh my loord!!!!

  23. Adriana Larry

    Adriana Larry15 days ago

    I will pray for her shower...

  24. Hope Petty

    Hope Petty15 days ago

    age restricted?????

  25. NiyaSoFly

    NiyaSoFly15 days ago

    Why would you wear that exposing yourself this isn't being your self or upgrading your confidence

  26. Marinamarceti Marcet Infante

    Marinamarceti Marcet Infante16 days ago

    yeah... The body paint one was more aproppiate because men don't have boobs...

  27. Luna_Love

    Luna_Love16 days ago

    Lmao it's age restricted

  28. Zoe Aguilar

    Zoe Aguilar18 days ago

    Cristine should do this for the HOLO

  29. Razan B

    Razan B18 days ago

    Loool instant regret but trying to give a positive message

  30. Stella Bosman

    Stella Bosman19 days ago

    They have paint her but really weard

  31. Kayleigh Gregory

    Kayleigh Gregory20 days ago

    your so holo

  32. Maria Lakatosova

    Maria Lakatosova20 days ago


  33. Callitutorials ;

    Callitutorials ;20 days ago

    How do you survive in a air-conditioned room..?

  34. Ashley bundy

    Ashley bundy20 days ago

    Definitely should be illegal to do this anywhere and everywhere.

  35. mangle the rainbow human fox 2018

    mangle the rainbow human fox 201820 days ago

    Did you get cat called?outside???

  36. Pusheen Cat

    Pusheen Cat22 days ago

    Why is this age restricted

  37. marceline the vampire queen

    marceline the vampire queen22 days ago

    I wanna do that but im fat af

  38. Shanveer Singh

    Shanveer Singh23 days ago

    So coool

  39. Grace McEwing

    Grace McEwing23 days ago

    This really shouldn't be age restricted.

  40. Anabelle Chase

    Anabelle Chase23 days ago

    I don't think I would be comfortable not wearing a bra with no shirt on

  41. CrazyCuriousCockatiel :3

    CrazyCuriousCockatiel :324 days ago

    I hate glitter, Lmao

  42. WutThe Unicorn

    WutThe Unicorn24 days ago

    I liked all the glitter outfits that the ladies did

  43. Gaming Gal

    Gaming Gal24 days ago

    1:27 woah not so close....

  44. Rambat 2020

    Rambat 202025 days ago

    “Feel comfortable in your own skin.” Proceeds to cover skin in glitter.

  45. Adrian_ Sarkisov

    Adrian_ Sarkisov26 days ago


  46. Ellielou Baldwin

    Ellielou Baldwin27 days ago

    I love this 😂😂

  47. Christina Incognito

    Christina Incognito27 days ago

    Back could've been higher to cover butt crack!! And they could've did a beautiful colorful design on her!!

  48. wolf tom2

    wolf tom227 days ago


  49. Juliet Farley

    Juliet Farley27 days ago

    I see h💿l💿

  50. lily miller

    lily miller27 days ago

    I find it annoying how this video is AGE RESTRICTED like seriously !!!

  51. Play Me

    Play Me28 days ago

    Why didn't she just wear shorts and make them paint it? People are just gonna stare at her wedgie lmao

  52. Maddy Overby

    Maddy Overby28 days ago

    “I feel like I’m at Coachella but nobody else is at Coachella”

  53. DarqeDestroyer

    DarqeDestroyer28 days ago

    Selorm is just ridiculously beautiful, I don't even.

  54. Allison Althof

    Allison Althof28 days ago

    They need to get in touch with Simply Nailogical so that Christine can become full holo

  55. meme invasion

    meme invasion28 days ago

    I get why is it age restricted

  56. dreamcatcher

    dreamcatcher28 days ago

    Her skin is BEAUTIFIL!!!😍

  57. Dana Alameri

    Dana Alameri29 days ago

    Idk how tf she felt comfortable to go out with basically nothing like I can't even get out of my house without a bra

  58. Anisha Saxena

    Anisha Saxena29 days ago


  59. Tammy Stevenson

    Tammy Stevenson29 days ago

    My boobs are too pointy for that 😭

  60. Blake Alan

    Blake Alan29 days ago

    Only thing I don't like is the gold but damne beautiful so beautiful❤❤

  61. Devina Mondragon

    Devina Mondragon29 days ago

    Why is this age restricted

  62. Christal String's

    Christal String's29 days ago

    I wanna do that XD

  63. Alessandro Riedel

    Alessandro RiedelMonth ago

    Why is this age restricted I saw this when it came out and there was nothing wrong with it, it had a great message and the glitter looked beautiful now it’s age restricted unnecessarily.

  64. Layla Marie Tv

    Layla Marie TvMonth ago

    everyone got good boobs n mine sagg n im only 13 like this makes no since

  65. Jorich santos

    Jorich santosMonth ago

    Wait Do i hear HOLO💿 CRISTINEEEEEE

  66. The Real Deal 2.1

    The Real Deal 2.1Month ago

    Imagine getting an Ich

  67. Mary Ogundipe

    Mary OgundipeMonth ago

    How bold🙂🤗

  68. A person who likes to draw ;-;

    A person who likes to draw ;-;Month ago

    ITS HOLO!!!!!!!!!

  69. Kanika choudhary

    Kanika choudharyMonth ago

    I love glitter but I won't wear it.

  70. Milka :3

    Milka :3Month ago

    Is she nacked?! Oh god please save me..