I Wore 9-Foot-Long Extendo Jeans For A Day


  1. Safiya Nygaard

    Safiya Nygaard11 months ago

    HELLO FRIENDS!! yes, some of you may have guessed this was going to be a video from my instagram... it's another installment of "questionable fashion decisions"! what do you think of these pants? would you wear them? PS, please excuse the boxes of old makeup in my closet! we filmed this while we were filming our decluttering video - so we hadn't thrown them away yet! hehe :)

  2. Roll Damn Tide

    Roll Damn Tide24 days ago


  3. Grace Hardy

    Grace Hardy25 days ago

    You kinda look like a college frat boy that wanted to start a trend of saging in a different part of the pants

  4. how questionable

    how questionable2 months ago


  5. how questionable

    how questionable2 months ago

    omg lol ily but no i wouldnt

  6. It'z Bob

    It'z Bob2 months ago

    Pro Player

  7. Mahnoor Kazmi

    Mahnoor KazmiHour ago

    Whip your tentacles around🤣🐙

  8. Black Violet

    Black VioletHour ago


  9. Lucy Fewson

    Lucy Fewson6 hours ago

    she spent $500 on those...

  10. Ashley Bouchet

    Ashley BouchetDay ago

    I wanna see slender saf.

  11. Eliana Kreider

    Eliana KreiderDay ago

    Safiya is really out here living her absolute best life

  12. Gacha Ghost

    Gacha GhostDay ago

    Can’t you just make some with some of ur normal jeans?

  13. Russell Porsley

    Russell PorsleyDay ago

    12:04 ventriloquism lol

  14. LazyCatLikestoSleep

    LazyCatLikestoSleep2 days ago

    That's not a pair of jeans, that's a weapon

  15. Ariel Hablewitz

    Ariel Hablewitz2 days ago

    You look like a mermaid with them down off the pier and flipping them together 🤣

  16. sheryl sandhu

    sheryl sandhu2 days ago


  17. xSiana ST

    xSiana ST3 days ago


  18. _ Cocoa_Likes_Cookies _

    _ Cocoa_Likes_Cookies _3 days ago

    those pants look like those party trumpet things

  19. Lara R.

    Lara R.3 days ago

    You should do a vid of wearing all those strange clothes as an outfit for a day or something

  20. thirdsouthobbi

    thirdsouthobbi4 days ago

    One thing you could do is open up the side seams and add a panel of denim or some other fabric. That was a trend back in the 90s, but it would give you the room to have the stilts in there! Also, my husband said you look like a human squid with both the jacket and jeans.

  21. Eve-Chan

    Eve-Chan4 days ago

    Now you have 3 new pair of pants! 😱

  22. Ayden

    Ayden4 days ago

    Dude, just slice off your toes.

  23. Ella Klinkers

    Ella Klinkers4 days ago

    I looovvveee how in every video she says ‘HELLO FRIENDS’

  24. Stephanie Garcia

    Stephanie Garcia4 days ago

    The pants are good for ppl that like to use stilts

  25. xXGacha VioletXx

    xXGacha VioletXx4 days ago

    Like the man with no name XR

  26. 재희 jaehui

    재희 jaehui5 days ago

    But im 1.4 M... That jeans are lowkey a dress for me

  27. luma moonlight

    luma moonlight5 days ago

    Finally something that will fit my long legs

  28. KM Su

    KM Su6 days ago

    Oof! Imagine washing that! It must be sooooooooo heavyyyyyy!😂😂😂

  29. Lulu And lucy

    Lulu And lucy6 days ago

    What is the purpose of this???

  30. Willow Moose

    Willow Moose6 days ago

    Finally... jeans that i can actually fit into

  31. Cool Beans!

    Cool Beans!7 days ago

    Imagine getting it stuck in a escalator XD

  32. Bts flying wings .___________.

    Bts flying wings .___________.7 days ago

    1:00 you don't need to spend that much saf even said they are 3 jeans sew together so you make your own by doing the same thing 😂😂😂😂

  33. Emilys Gacha Life

    Emilys Gacha Life7 days ago


  34. Harley quinn

    Harley quinn7 days ago

    They made jeans for slenderman

  35. Ahlam Mahamud

    Ahlam Mahamud8 days ago

    You should have worn the denim jacket with the jeans!

  36. Rylie Hawthorne

    Rylie Hawthorne8 days ago

    Wear the jacket with the pants

  37. Kittendab THAT thing

    Kittendab THAT thing8 days ago

    You should’ve climbed a tree with the jean jacket and scream at people from below lol

  38. Ringmaster's Circus

    Ringmaster's Circus8 days ago

    Put your legs all the way through the pants and then attach the stilts to your feet

  39. Caine Zerafa

    Caine Zerafa8 days ago

    You look great😂

  40. 500 Subscribers Without A Video?

    500 Subscribers Without A Video?8 days ago

    The man with no name needs these pants.

  41. Cohen Albury

    Cohen Albury8 days ago

    1:49 is that a chicken⁉️

  42. Chloé Pierson

    Chloé Pierson8 days ago

    I genuinely like the clear knee mom jeans XD

  43. Angelika Joy

    Angelika Joy9 days ago

    looks like something billie eilish would wear

  44. Wolfie Swinson

    Wolfie Swinson9 days ago

    They tried to put me on the cover of Vogue but my legs were to to LONG

  45. Kadija Jimoh

    Kadija Jimoh9 days ago

    Those are a waste of money u can just sew 3 pant together and boom and they sold it for 500$ you can do make those bye your self for 50$

  46. Love Twice

    Love Twice9 days ago

    It's like being Rapunzel but not from the top, from the bottom👖👖👖👖

  47. Gu avocados

    Gu avocados9 days ago

    Next up, 30 ft beanie

  48. shaaswatha ramachandran

    shaaswatha ramachandran10 days ago

    me: mom my jeans are too long mom: we have smaller jeans at home smaller jeans at home:

  49. Megan Johnson

    Megan Johnson10 days ago

    Wear these and the slenderman jacket to become a slender denim

  50. Logan Longworth

    Logan Longworth10 days ago

    i see billie elish would wear these (sorryfor misspelling)

  51. Francis Mangulabnan

    Francis Mangulabnan11 days ago

    The man with no name is quaking

  52. Umnia Afifa

    Umnia Afifa11 days ago

    You should give them to slender man he will fit in perfect :3

  53. Angel Love

    Angel Love11 days ago

    you should try to wear those with the slender man jacket

  54. Mythical Moves

    Mythical Moves11 days ago

    My steps on how to annoy people 1. Go to the person u wanna annoy and say their name ____ u sock. 2. Then go to them and give them a note saying u sock 3. Make them write i sock 4. Make them listen to turkey gobbling then my lust on how to annoy people is done

  55. GippyHappy

    GippyHappy11 days ago

    I like how you say the pants can’t support a whole person but what I saw was Tyler not being able to support his own weight