I Went Makeup-Free For Two Weeks


  1. Helēna Ose

    Helēna OseHour ago

    I love my pimples.

  2. Sukhman K

    Sukhman KDay ago

    Girl her eyes 😻😻

  3. Jenna Jones

    Jenna Jones3 days ago

    Her eyes are so friggin gorgeous

  4. Bethany Barron

    Bethany Barron3 days ago

    Does anyone know where I can get a bottle of this stuff from, like, can I get it online and if so where? Also, does the brand test on animals does anybody know? I'd really like to try it

  5. Haylee _Jo

    Haylee _Jo7 days ago

    Ughhh she has perfectttt skin. I look like a dead person without makeup

  6. Zinnia Jane

    Zinnia Jane9 days ago

    She's beautiful!

  7. JuaniqueVerde

    JuaniqueVerde10 days ago

    I really wish she’d stop hiding behind her hair! 😖 just move it outta the way & show your beauty!!

  8. Selin Gürel

    Selin Gürel16 days ago

    Why she so BOOTEFUL

  9. Chana Lieberman

    Chana Lieberman17 days ago

    Why is Lindsay literally Betty cooper?!

  10. Jo sInger

    Jo sInger18 days ago

    would love to see her with a side parting. not sure the centre parting does her justice or fully swept off her face. very beautiful girl

  11. Em mardini

    Em mardini19 days ago

    Just do the ad and go, ugh

  12. Em mardini

    Em mardini19 days ago

    Shes acting like its a big deal

  13. Hannah Gabriella

    Hannah Gabriella19 days ago

    You look gorgeus with and without makeup

  14. Sophia Shelley

    Sophia Shelley19 days ago

    Do more videos!!

  15. Kyra Birdsong

    Kyra Birdsong20 days ago

    she kinda looks like the redhead from jumanji

  16. ilive2laugh1

    ilive2laugh120 days ago

    her skin looked so great i wanted to try the product...until i found out its $179

  17. Anaya Javvad

    Anaya Javvad22 days ago

    Man a skin like you you shouldn’t wear makeup you are beautiful. I have so many pimples

  18. Jordan Caroe

    Jordan Caroe24 days ago

    Wow, so brave

  19. Ms. BTS BISH

    Ms. BTS BISH24 days ago

    I think her eyes look brighter without makeup and overall she is just beautiful. WORK IT, GIRL!

  20. Soccer Queen

    Soccer Queen25 days ago

    Me everyday😂

  21. Judi Dale

    Judi Dale25 days ago

    i really like her make up free face. She is beautiful. I really think people should try it at times. I get that people are very insecure because of acne scars or the whole acne business but letting it breathe sometimes is really nice. i have horrible acne scars and acne but because of my friends i have never worn makeup. People give looks but at this point i really don't care anymore. I am still trying to treat my skin but being make up free is really nice. I did try make up for a week but yeah i kept worrying about how i looked so i kept stressing myself XD. People make up is nice but you need to embrace your bare face as well. One thing i do not get is that i kept most of my insults are from women. Please people especially women don't judge other women so harshly if you have never been in their shoes and we are women it is better to be united rather than hating each other. (sorry for the bad grammar)

  22. Brooklyn McCready

    Brooklyn McCready27 days ago

    Me- *reads title and thinks " I went make-up free for 13 years"* Also me- *watches video and thinks "boi, I don't wear makeup yet my face is greasy, and I get blemishes(lol) all the time. "* Like boi

  23. Inima Djanna Farkas Istvan

    Inima Djanna Farkas IstvanMonth ago

    I kinda have her nose

  24. Barbara Danley

    Barbara DanleyMonth ago


  25. aquarius bitch

    aquarius bitchMonth ago

    i have severe acne (not like i say i have acne and have 2 pimples, i usually have about 20) and i could never do this.

  26. Addy Lu

    Addy LuMonth ago

    her eyes are so pretty

  27. Cv Surya Rao

    Cv Surya RaoMonth ago

    Her EYES man

  28. Imogen Bowers

    Imogen BowersMonth ago

    Her eye colour is GORGEOUS!

  29. Alif Megantara

    Alif MegantaraMonth ago

    is it me, or she's really look alike rose of gone girl...

  30. kylie huang

    kylie huangMonth ago

    she's gorgeous

  31. TrashPanda x

    TrashPanda xMonth ago

    I'm 27 and have only wore make up maybe 5 times in the past 10 years. I forget that so many women are self conscious about going "bare faced" especially on social media and i post makeupless selfies all the time without even thinking about it. Be your barefaced, natural, beautiful self and fkk what "social norms" have to say. ♡

  32. Noa Claeys

    Noa ClaeysMonth ago

    She is very beautifull with make-up but she looks GORGEOUS without ❤️

  33. emma towers

    emma towersMonth ago

    you have the most beautiful eyes i have ever seen oh my god

  34. kathleen swenning

    kathleen swenningMonth ago

    I love your hair up so that we can see your beautiful makeup-less face ! You look beautiful with makeup too!

  35. Kat Marie

    Kat MarieMonth ago

    Y’all I know that she doesn’t really have any problems as far as skin goes, and I know that it’s hard for people with acne or blemishes to go without makeup, but she still has insecurities. She loves makeup and she didn’t do it for 2 weeks, she has inner demons just like the rest of us. Hating on her won’t make our skin any better 🤷‍♀️

  36. Candy Gala

    Candy GalaMonth ago

    I can do this challenge because I don't wear makeup

  37. Evie Hallmets

    Evie HallmetsMonth ago

    I think buzzfeed should make a new group that tests fashion trends, new clothes out there, and makeup stuff- - Jazz, , crissy, cissy etc.) maybe buzzfashion (buzzfeed... BUZZFashion-- get it)

  38. Directioner Forevah

    Directioner ForevahMonth ago

    I don't think it's crazy to wear makeup in 7th grade. I started with wearing lip gloss probably like 9 or ten years old and then only lipstick when I was 11. Then, I started wearing everything but brows or foundation when I was on sixth grade. Into school I wore mascara. I just loved makeup! I was not self concious or anything, I just thought that I just felt like It was art, only on skin! I can go out without any on, but I still obviously love putting it on too.

  39. CSoccers2 5

    CSoccers2 5Month ago

    You are so pretty without makeup! You don’t need it!

  40. Bente de Haan

    Bente de HaanMonth ago

    Container commonly public activist cave speech middle transform appeal spill sell.

  41. Sophia Poirier

    Sophia PoirierMonth ago

    i hate how she persus her lips like that in photos

  42. Michelle Leung

    Michelle LeungMonth ago

    She's beautiful without make-up. Her face is naturally striking so she definitely doesn't need any make-up.

  43. Agathe Brusselmans

    Agathe BrusselmansMonth ago

    your eyes are so beautifull

  44. Srfna__ Dlrpdp

    Srfna__ DlrpdpMonth ago


  45. gif pop

    gif pop2 months ago

    but shes stunning so whats the challenge

  46. Savanna LaVera

    Savanna LaVera2 months ago

    She's so pretty

  47. ship gay gay

    ship gay gay2 months ago

    Pink panther😂😂😂😂💞

  48. idk hehe

    idk hehe2 months ago

    does she have a instagram acc

  49. Amanda

    Amanda2 months ago

    she kinda looks like saorise ronan

  50. Elana Gomes

    Elana Gomes2 months ago

    Amazing skin!!!

  51. Ana Sofia

    Ana Sofia2 months ago

    She’s so pretty wow

  52. Cora Leigh

    Cora Leigh2 months ago

    I initially started wearing makeup because I thought it was so fun, colour and experimentation . My mum didn't let me wear any till 14 because she wanted me to feel confident in my own skin, when my friends were wearing it at 8. At first it was for special occasions, now everyday, that has now made me more insecure now than ever. A year an a half on I am now dependant. I want to be more confident in my skin so will be trying to do this too. Wish me luck

  53. OceanSprinkles

    OceanSprinkles2 months ago

    you look so amazing without makeup

  54. SkyLove Nightcore

    SkyLove Nightcore2 months ago

    Stop hating because she already had beautiful skin. They did this with Lindsey because she loves makeup and she did explain the difference it made to her skin in the video. Shush your mouths.

  55. SkyLove Nightcore

    SkyLove Nightcore2 months ago

    Her skin was glowing from day 1. And can we acknowledge her beautiful blue eyes? 😍

  56. alma nolasco

    alma nolasco2 months ago


  57. Wajeeha Hasnain

    Wajeeha Hasnain2 months ago

    Your eyes are sooo pretty

  58. Cloe Schroeder

    Cloe Schroeder2 months ago

    I’ve been wearing makeup sense 5 grade and I’m in 6 right now

  59. RAFAELA!Eleonor

    RAFAELA!Eleonor2 months ago

    Su piel luce tan bien si maquillaje que no lo necesita

  60. Lillian Barz

    Lillian Barz2 months ago

    i need her skin care routine

  61. Adelina Clamser

    Adelina Clamser2 months ago

    I went an entire semester without makeup bc I was too tired to put it on

  62. Amy Cao

    Amy Cao2 months ago

    I only bought it because sooyoung from SNSD endorsed it

  63. D A N I E L A

    D A N I E L A2 months ago

    Omg she has really pretty eyes😍

  64. Emily Thompson

    Emily Thompson2 months ago

    her eyes are beautiful

  65. Elizette Joys Monsale

    Elizette Joys Monsale2 months ago

    FRESH and YOUNG statement

  66. The KPOPgurl

    The KPOPgurl2 months ago

    U are beautiful with and without makeup 🤗

  67. Bentley Bennett Vlogs

    Bentley Bennett Vlogs2 months ago

    omg her eyes are so pretty

  68. gaffy h

    gaffy h2 months ago

    It's sad that women think they need to wear makeup. Honestly, nobody cares if you have a pimple or red skin or dark patches. Just be you. Too much makeup has the opposite effect.

  69. leave my fucking coffee

    leave my fucking coffee2 months ago

    When buzzfeed starts repeating ideas

  70. Claire D

    Claire D2 months ago

    Lindsay is literally so beautiful!

  71. payton richelle

    payton richelle2 months ago

    lokey reminds me of the lady in despicable me but that’s no hate she’s pretty haha

  72. Aliyah Ali

    Aliyah Ali2 months ago

    Your skin is beautiful regardless. I think maybe the video might have been more useful if someone with more ‘problematic’ skin tried the experiment so see changes/effectiveness. My skin gets me very down sometimes & I’m always looking for good products.

  73. Vanessa Yaroschak

    Vanessa Yaroschak2 months ago

    She’s very beautiful without makeup

  74. The Glutton

    The Glutton2 months ago

    Her eyes 😍😍😍 They’re so beautiful ❤️

  75. Jordan Carlisle

    Jordan Carlisle3 months ago

    Never wear make up again. You are honestly naturally STUNNING!!!

  76. piills

    piills3 months ago

    I've stopped wearing make up for about six months now and even thought i have acne, people don't notice/say anything negative. The more i feel confident about my face the more i look confident, the more people don't notice anything.

  77. Fatmaalmuhairi

    Fatmaalmuhairi3 months ago

    whats her instagram?

  78. TheThailaRose

    TheThailaRose3 months ago

    that glow at the end omg

  79. Laura Hodge

    Laura Hodge3 months ago

    I RARELY in life see a woman perfectly made up and put together. They’re like unicorns. Folks, take the time to live in reality versus social media and you’ll notice that everyone is so wrapped up in their own crap they don’t care about yours. Side note, society doesn’t dictate beauty standards- magazines, TV and social media do. So if you’re feeling insecure, simply unplug for a while and check out real life. ❤️

  80. The_Nomad70

    The_Nomad703 months ago

    You are such a beautiful young woman. Such a natural beauty, no need for all the makeup.

  81. Ally Rose

    Ally Rose3 months ago

    Her eyes are sooo pretty.

  82. MarlonOwnsYourCake

    MarlonOwnsYourCake3 months ago

    It's so weird and messed up that not having any makeup on is such a big deal. Like, it's just your face. I mean, it's not your fault but it's still weird

  83. Belle Balboa

    Belle Balboa3 months ago

    You look very different since you were using it!!! Definitely much healthier and glowing!

  84. D Murrieta

    D Murrieta3 months ago

    As a dude who loves chicks, I think no make up is hot!, ol natural, especially you your very beautiful georgeous actually ( ;

  85. Nej Tak

    Nej Tak3 months ago

    WHAT kind of shampoo do you use your hair looks so soft

  86. Wizzle

    Wizzle3 months ago

    Jesus... I bet she would be pretty attractive if she wasn't so pretentious...

  87. How to make Pizza at home

    How to make Pizza at home3 months ago

    Everyone is better without makeup, its so point less using makeup, all it does is paint a face that's beautiful already, sp it just makes girls uglier

  88. Habon Hajira

    Habon Hajira3 months ago

    I wear full face once in a while but I do wear concealer and lipgloss everyday 🙌🏽 I support women who wear makeup and those who don’t 😫❤️

  89. Directioner Forevah

    Directioner Forevah3 months ago

    You're so beautyful without makeup!!!!

  90. juliagulia

    juliagulia3 months ago

    “Harpo!ll”, who dis woman??!!

  91. Shanlee Ma. Edlor Ilagan

    Shanlee Ma. Edlor Ilagan3 months ago

    am i the only one who thinks she looks like Siaorse from Lady Bird?

  92. Cora Jade

    Cora Jade3 months ago

    Her eyes are enough damnnn 😍

  93. Jessica shaffer

    Jessica shaffer3 months ago


  94. Elliot

    Elliot3 months ago

    I wear just eye liner once to twice a week my skin looks fine.

  95. julienne lampa

    julienne lampa3 months ago

    I freaking love lindsay she's so freaking gorgeous!!😍

  96. Mitra Yaqin

    Mitra Yaqin3 months ago

    I am so upset that she thinks it’s so hard not to wear makeup even though she has perfect skin if I was her I would go makeup free everyday I think that this channel done a bad job and should’ve picked someone with more issues on there face and I think that could inspire other people to go makeup free instead people with problematic skin might be very affected by that and might think that well she can go makeup free because she doesn’t have any imperfections whereas I do and if she felt insecure how would I feel

  97. Jason Miller

    Jason Miller3 months ago

    No matter how much make up you wash away you can't wash away the fact that you're still a clown

  98. Kritika .M

    Kritika .M3 months ago

    Is it just me that she's giving me Rachel Green vibes

  99. Delilah Strange

    Delilah Strange3 months ago

    Sponsored, right? Lol

  100. Porcelain Doll

    Porcelain Doll3 months ago

    Everyone is saying how they'd go make up free if they had her perfect skin but like I never use make up and my skin isn't perfect does that mean I need to wear make up????? ╯△╰