I Went Makeup-Free For Two Weeks


  1. The Glutton

    The GluttonDay ago

    Her eyes 😍😍😍 They’re so beautiful ❤️

  2. Jordan Carlisle

    Jordan Carlisle4 days ago

    Never wear make up again. You are honestly naturally STUNNING!!!

  3. piills

    piills6 days ago

    I've stopped wearing make up for about six months now and even thought i have acne, people don't notice/say anything negative. The more i feel confident about my face the more i look confident, the more people don't notice anything.

  4. Fatmaalmuhairi

    Fatmaalmuhairi7 days ago

    whats her instagram?

  5. TheThailaRose

    TheThailaRose7 days ago

    that glow at the end omg

  6. Laura Hodge

    Laura Hodge8 days ago

    I RARELY in life see a woman perfectly made up and put together. They’re like unicorns. Folks, take the time to live in reality versus social media and you’ll notice that everyone is so wrapped up in their own crap they don’t care about yours. Side note, society doesn’t dictate beauty standards- magazines, TV and social media do. So if you’re feeling insecure, simply unplug for a while and check out real life. ❤️

  7. Xaviar

    Xaviar8 days ago

    Says 4-5 dumps 10 to 20 drops

  8. Xaviar

    Xaviar8 days ago

    Still beautiful

  9. The_Nomad70

    The_Nomad708 days ago

    You are such a beautiful young woman. Such a natural beauty, no need for all the makeup.

  10. Ally Rose

    Ally Rose8 days ago

    Her eyes are sooo pretty.

  11. MarlonOwnsYourCake

    MarlonOwnsYourCake8 days ago

    It's so weird and messed up that not having any makeup on is such a big deal. Like, it's just your face. I mean, it's not your fault but it's still weird

  12. Belle Balboa

    Belle Balboa8 days ago

    You look very different since you were using it!!! Definitely much healthier and glowing!

  13. D Murrieta

    D Murrieta9 days ago

    As a dude who loves chicks, I think no make up is hot!, ol natural, especially you your very beautiful georgeous actually ( ;

  14. Every Great

    Every Great9 days ago

    You're what's wrong with the world

  15. Nej Tak

    Nej Tak9 days ago

    WHAT kind of shampoo do you use your hair looks so soft

  16. Wizzle

    Wizzle9 days ago

    Jesus... I bet she would be pretty attractive if she wasn't so pretentious...

  17. How to make Pizza at home

    How to make Pizza at home9 days ago

    Everyone is better without makeup, its so point less using makeup, all it does is paint a face that's beautiful already, sp it just makes girls uglier

  18. Habon Hajira

    Habon Hajira10 days ago

    I wear full face once in a while but I do wear concealer and lipgloss everyday 🙌🏽 I support women who wear makeup and those who don’t 😫❤️

  19. rinkeli ahonen

    rinkeli ahonen10 days ago

    You're so beautyful without makeup!!!!

  20. juliagulia

    juliagulia10 days ago

    “Harpo!ll”, who dis woman??!!

  21. Shanlee Ma. Edlor Ilagan

    Shanlee Ma. Edlor Ilagan10 days ago

    am i the only one who thinks she looks like Siaorse from Lady Bird?

  22. Boss dizle

    Boss dizle10 days ago

    She's pretty without make-up

  23. Cora Jade

    Cora Jade10 days ago

    Her eyes are enough damnnn 😍

  24. Jessica shaffer

    Jessica shaffer10 days ago


  25. Julia Kay

    Julia Kay10 days ago

    I wear just eye liner once to twice a week my skin looks fine.

  26. julienne lampa

    julienne lampa10 days ago

    I freaking love lindsay she's so freaking gorgeous!!😍

  27. Mitra Yaqin

    Mitra Yaqin10 days ago

    I am so upset that she thinks it’s so hard not to wear makeup even though she has perfect skin if I was her I would go makeup free everyday I think that this channel done a bad job and should’ve picked someone with more issues on there face and I think that could inspire other people to go makeup free instead people with problematic skin might be very affected by that and might think that well she can go makeup free because she doesn’t have any imperfections whereas I do and if she felt insecure how would I feel

  28. Jason Miller

    Jason Miller11 days ago

    No matter how much make up you wash away you can't wash away the fact that you're still a clown

  29. Kritika .M

    Kritika .M11 days ago

    Is it just me that she's giving me Rachel Green vibes

  30. Delilah Strange

    Delilah Strange11 days ago

    Sponsored, right? Lol

  31. Cutie Pie

    Cutie Pie11 days ago

    Everyone is saying how they'd go make up free if they had her perfect skin but like I never use make up and my skin isn't perfect does that mean I need to wear make up????? ╯△╰

  32. Mazie Wilson

    Mazie Wilson12 days ago

    I heard or read something somewhere that said literally no one treats you any differently if you wear makeup or not, and that’s helped me so much being ok with not wearing makeup in public bc it’s true. I love makeup, it’s my passion but no longer feel insecure without it when I experienced everyone treating me the exact same lol.

  33. Staz Charlie Bløød

    Staz Charlie Bløød12 days ago

    Accept yourself for who you're, human judgement has no matter; only you can judge yourself. If they talk trash about you, just know that they're doing it so they can feel superior, but all humans have their own fault and insecurities. No one is perfect. That is why I dispose of make up. Make up is like a mask hiding your true identify from underneath.

  34. molly lake

    molly lake12 days ago

    They should do this with people who actually have “bad” skin. It’s not that easy going out knowing that the first thing people notice about me is my acne

  35. Malia Yuson

    Malia Yuson13 days ago


  36. Dazzle Girl

    Dazzle Girl13 days ago

    LOL I got an ad on this while I was trying to listen to my anime music and stopped to watch it. This was TOTALLY worth it! Idk why I watched it though it was just a great challenge story. :3

  37. Ughhh

    Ughhh14 days ago

    Wow girls look horrible without makeup lol

  38. IGH Fernandez

    IGH Fernandez14 days ago

    U have rly pretty eyes

  39. EnriqueDominican

    EnriqueDominican14 days ago

    Regular light make up is ok, ive seen women with 2 tons of makeup, sadly look like clown

  40. Wendy Dickason

    Wendy Dickason14 days ago

    I never wear make up and I wear my hair in a ponytail

  41. Nomin Erdenebayar

    Nomin Erdenebayar14 days ago

    I dont know why im crying watching this. Im on my period. Maybe thats why

  42. LifeAnimations

    LifeAnimations14 days ago

    She looks amazing without make up!

  43. Emma Olsson Thorell

    Emma Olsson Thorell14 days ago

    My face gets oily after half a day no matter if I wear makeup or not

  44. Misa Showz

    Misa Showz15 days ago

    I've never really gone out without makeup unless I know I won't see anyone I know >__

  45. Artthana Raveendran

    Artthana Raveendran15 days ago

    I love her friends

  46. Kaya b cat

    Kaya b cat15 days ago

    But you look the same without makeup so there's nothing different!!you should have done this with somebody that has acne or skin problems

  47. Dogs Rule

    Dogs Rule15 days ago

    I love her eyes!

  48. Emily Engel

    Emily Engel15 days ago

    Her insta???

  49. b e e

    b e e15 days ago

    Her skin looks the same when she has make-up.

  50. Jacob Stone

    Jacob Stone15 days ago

    Nobody cares

  51. Nykira Sharp

    Nykira Sharp16 days ago

    Her eyes are soo peng oh my gosh, absolutely beautiful

  52. Mackenziey Ting

    Mackenziey Ting16 days ago

    Her eye color tho ❤️❤️❤️

  53. Saira Banu

    Saira Banu16 days ago

    Inner corner has makeup😭

  54. Maggie Moo

    Maggie Moo16 days ago

    her house is lit

  55. jessica zhu

    jessica zhu16 days ago

    i never work face make up but still have bad skin T_T

  56. KitsunepawsAJ

    KitsunepawsAJ16 days ago

    is it just me or doesn't she look like Jasmine Thompson

  57. Kawaii Donut

    Kawaii Donut17 days ago

    Tbh, all I put on is mascara and chapstick and that’s how I leave the house 😂

  58. Melissa Vargas

    Melissa Vargas17 days ago

    You are stunning with it without makeup... flawless honey! 🙌🏻

  59. pepe

    pepe17 days ago

    Pppfft im gonna need 3 years of that stuff to get her skin. She looks the same, nothing happened

  60. Mazz y

    Mazz y17 days ago

    I never wear makeup.... XD

  61. Zander33 Linus

    Zander33 Linus17 days ago

    I went makeup free for my entire life.

  62. Donald Swink

    Donald Swink17 days ago

    And you were probably beautiful.!!

  63. sasquatch1 #1

    sasquatch1 #118 days ago

    Some ppl look great without it!!! You are 1 in 10,000

  64. TheMoshe100

    TheMoshe10018 days ago

    I whent makup free my whole life!!!

  65. rach g

    rach g18 days ago

    i realized i depended on makeup too much when i tried going out without it. i felt like the whole world was just staring and judging my pimples and spots and i looked dead. then i stopped wearing foundation for 3 months and it was seriously so difficult!! that’s when i realized makeup is like a drug for me and i feel bad when i think about all the times i would go to school every day with makeup on since i was 13 to 18. all those chemicals in my face at such a young age 😫 and all because i had acne and cared about what people said, i still wear it today but way less

  66. Ashik Islam

    Ashik Islam18 days ago

    I find her more beautiful with makeup!! is that weird??

  67. cat love

    cat love18 days ago

    Omg she's so pretty with out makeup

  68. Bob Goudreau

    Bob Goudreau18 days ago

    You look better without makeup.

  69. Rocio

    Rocio19 days ago

    I been makeup free all my life 😂😂

  70. Cloud Girl

    Cloud Girl19 days ago

    Well if I have clear skin, thick brows, lashes, pinkish lips then I'd go make up free but no I don't have those so I'mma wear make up because I want to feel more confident.