I Tried To Re-Create This Giant Ramen


  1. Chambeki Official

    Chambeki OfficialDay ago

    Im here for Rie

  2. Colleen Kelly

    Colleen Kelly2 days ago

    I love niki she is hilarious

  3. Ken Man

    Ken Man2 days ago

    This youtube channel must waste a lot of food that can feed an African tribe.

  4. Spider Toes the cringe

    Spider Toes the cringe3 days ago

    Ria is my favorite

  5. Alyss Kim

    Alyss Kim3 days ago


  6. Itzgacha Gurl

    Itzgacha Gurl3 days ago

    2:51 the way she said BrOTh

  7. Karissa Watts

    Karissa Watts4 days ago

    Rip pinky

  8. zoe pancake

    zoe pancake4 days ago


  9. FlamerzZz

    FlamerzZz5 days ago

    I always cook noodles, whenever you cook noodles with broth the broth needs to be more saltier. Even you put soups in rice the rice will absorb most of the salt. Same theory.

  10. TheRedGuyYT Roblox and More

    TheRedGuyYT Roblox and More5 days ago

    4:06 *Mrs.Potato Head*

  11. Munchkin Galaxy

    Munchkin Galaxy5 days ago

    Ramen daisuke koizumi~san SPonSEReD By mAnY rAMEn ShOPs

  12. Andaruz

    Andaruz6 days ago

    Howtobasic can make it better

  13. KudosK

    KudosK7 days ago

    My God their EATING IT WRONG

  14. Chezca Villota

    Chezca Villota8 days ago

    3:32 I have never heard Adam talk that much

  15. ImHotDog

    ImHotDog8 days ago

    Give this ramen to the Matt Stonie. Hi will eat this in 5 minutes

  16. Andrew Kirkhope

    Andrew Kirkhope8 days ago

    little did she know she would be making an even bigger ramen

  17. Dark_Pinoy

    Dark_Pinoy9 days ago

    Ahhhhh so that's why the broth is so salty in the beginning. The bean sprouts water it down so it tastes perfect.

  18. Blocked and Reported

    Blocked and Reported9 days ago

    Is this the daughter of David and Suki )might have spelt that wrong) in Hotel Hell episode 4 season 2. She looks so much like her and they both worked in a kitchen. Idek

  19. Whotwee Walker

    Whotwee Walker10 days ago

    This is the first video I've seen where Adam actually said something in front of the camera. Normally he just stares at the camera and eats. :)

  20. Phantom Gacha

    Phantom Gacha10 days ago

    Everyone Friend is adam

  21. Minh Tran

    Minh Tran11 days ago

    I wanna try to finish that lol

  22. Aniket Bhunia

    Aniket Bhunia11 days ago

    I need a sister like you, Nikki. Cutely talkative.

  23. Huzaifa Ahmed

    Huzaifa Ahmed11 days ago

    When Niki says ramen 'broth', it kinda sounds like ramen 'bruh'!!

  24. Exodus Edwardson

    Exodus Edwardson12 days ago

    I thought she was Japanese

  25. Ysabel Garcia

    Ysabel Garcia12 days ago

    Oh what happen to her pinky i hope it doesn't hurt to bad

  26. Gianna Francesca Reyes Francisco

    Gianna Francesca Reyes Francisco12 days ago

    The *BeAN sPrOUtS!!!*

  27. Azure Randomness

    Azure Randomness12 days ago

    Niki: “I’ve never made ramen before. But, how hard can it be?” I’m just gonna patiently wait for the expression that says otherwise xD

  28. Oreo Gaming

    Oreo Gaming13 days ago

    Anyone find the bubbles satisfying?

  29. Kameelah Houston

    Kameelah Houston14 days ago

    Every time adam tries sum he always says woah and that's it

  30. Meet Patel

    Meet Patel14 days ago

    I loved the way you commented an I would love to try that fried chicken

  31. MXL - Anims

    MXL - Anims14 days ago

    Thats ehy the broth was salty

  32. Jade Go

    Jade Go14 days ago

    8:08 yeah my fave annie right there

  33. Hans

    Hans14 days ago

    4:08 What in the bloody hell is that facial expression

  34. Rosi Gonzalez

    Rosi Gonzalez15 days ago

    She left all the fatty bits on the chicken 😭

  35. bill smith

    bill smith15 days ago

    you should really use an air fryer

  36. The H twins

    The H twins15 days ago

    Can you make that like stretchy ice cream

  37. Plezheartmeh overwatch

    Plezheartmeh overwatch15 days ago

    Could do without the bean sprouts but I hate you cause it looks good as hell

  38. The Splatoon gamer

    The Splatoon gamer16 days ago

    I came to look at the famed not diki 😝

  39. eawrfasd sdFSD

    eawrfasd sdFSD16 days ago

    Is niki gay? No offense just asking

  40. Jasmeet K

    Jasmeet K16 days ago

    eawrfasd sdFSD yeah i think so

  41. Flamingo - Kun and Itarks !

    Flamingo - Kun and Itarks !16 days ago

    best line of 2018 : *_tHe BeAn SpRoUtS sOaKeD iT aLl Up, AlRiGhT !!!?_*

  42. Jovs Do

    Jovs Do16 days ago


  43. HoeFist -

    HoeFist -17 days ago

    Chitoge: *BEAN SPROUT*

  44. Ace Planets

    Ace Planets17 days ago

    When you taste chicken its always desame -.-

  45. Brielle Horton

    Brielle Horton18 days ago

    I never had beansprouts how are they?

  46. Zakiry

    Zakiry18 days ago

    Looks weird not going to use it, that’s like the most American thing I’ve heard that’s related to cooking

  47. Erdenebayar Ankhbayar

    Erdenebayar Ankhbayar18 days ago

    0:03 did niki just hit the woahh hahahaha

  48. Erdenebayar Ankhbayar

    Erdenebayar Ankhbayar18 days ago

    Why does she look constipated on the thumbnail😂😂😂

  49. Plezheartmeh overwatch

    Plezheartmeh overwatch15 days ago

    Shes trying to become the next captain marvel


    NILS KIEMLE16 days ago

    This comment made me hella laugh

  51. Praise Apanisile

    Praise Apanisile19 days ago

    Matt Stonie entered the chat

  52. Aditi Shenai

    Aditi Shenai19 days ago

    Is it only me whose mouth is watering

  53. Alex Miller

    Alex Miller20 days ago

    She is adorbs and I need her making cheeseburgers, grilled cheese sandwiches and chicken wings. NOW

  54. Roast God146

    Roast God14620 days ago

    She didn't put enough salt

  55. Andy Tang

    Andy Tang19 days ago

    no duh



    She looks like Olive from Popeye!!!!!

  57. Eduard Kesel

    Eduard Kesel21 day ago

    u didnt even wash the meat ewww

  58. Brianna Berny

    Brianna Berny21 day ago

    Love rie! But I have disliked this lady since the buffalo chicken taste test episode. She seems very fake and tries too hard her voice kills me I can’t any longer watch this episode. I’m sorry I dislike her very much

  59. Strike The Furry

    Strike The Furry21 day ago

    When in doubt, bring in Rie.

  60. ggamer_ bro

    ggamer_ bro22 days ago

    1:12 yes I remember when me and my bro always by these and we start chanting *SHOTS!* *SHOTS!* *SHOTS!* and the song :p

  61. absol1626 AJ

    absol1626 AJ23 days ago



    CORWINPLAYZ23 days ago

    I would eat deh sprout

  63. Adriano Fazzari

    Adriano Fazzari25 days ago

    For kara-age you need to use chicken thigh (momo in japanese) and shio broth is supposed to be salty because it is literally salt broth

  64. pompom

    pompom26 days ago

    "ok so here we are"

  65. Livvy Sweets

    Livvy Sweets27 days ago

    *Matt Stonie would like to know your location*

  66. notAstereotypicalAsian 1

    notAstereotypicalAsian 128 days ago

    Oh she shouldn't have added the water when tasting the broth, it's supposed to be salty to counter the water from the bean sprouts.

  67. Captain Adultney

    Captain Adultney29 days ago


  68. SoyNutsAndKale

    SoyNutsAndKaleMonth ago

    Rie is the most popular Tasty Producer

  69. mari isgood

    mari isgoodMonth ago

    she is trying to be funny....it looks so fake

  70. Kristian Satya Raharjo

    Kristian Satya RaharjoMonth ago

    from his video I know how to cook a better chicken haha they all praise the chicken

  71. Tropixelate

    TropixelateMonth ago

    noooo the broth is nothing because u watereD IT DOWN

  72. caillou aileen

    caillou aileenMonth ago

    adam looks exactly like a teacher at my school

  73. mahlogonolo mphahlele

    mahlogonolo mphahleleMonth ago

    Adam is so quiet

  74. SH fortnite

    SH fortniteMonth ago

    2022 anyone?

  75. Ruin Uzumaki

    Ruin UzumakiMonth ago

    does any1 know what that music is when Niki is putting everything in the bowl it sounds like a piano

  76. Malak Mohammed

    Malak MohammedMonth ago

    Okay! I love adam ❤

  77. Big Chungus

    Big ChungusMonth ago

    Give it to Matt stoine

  78. Ho Tung

    Ho TungMonth ago

    I like Rie's hair :))

  79. Erin Z

    Erin ZMonth ago

    3:20 - 3:22 "This feels very... *SALTY"* - Niki (it made me feel like she was talking about me, lol)

  80. CluTheGamer

    CluTheGamerMonth ago

    when you need to take a dump 7:00

  81. The Stammering Dunce

    The Stammering DunceMonth ago

    The bean sprouts soaked the saltiness. Basically, the broth should have called for more salt.

  82. Cody Mo

    Cody MoMonth ago

    I like your spicy song

  83. I smell chezz

    I smell chezzMonth ago

    I was eating ramen while watching

  84. PrinceThePommy

    PrinceThePommyMonth ago

    *”mY fInGeRs aRe GoNnA sMeLl sO sPiCy”*

  85. Neko_August

    Neko_AugustMonth ago

    *Giant bowl of Raw Men*

  86. Uke 4eva

    Uke 4evaMonth ago

    You should make the fruit jelly things next

  87. calvin arifianto

    calvin arifiantoMonth ago

    Not as bad as when i made a salty poisioned muffin



    This is the first women I see that doesn't belong in the kitchen but rather in the nazi oven

  89. TheAbydos76

    TheAbydos76Month ago

    Way too many bean sprouts! That was like witnessing an Asian version of Taco Bell in some alternate universe double down on the lettuce so they didn't have to come through on the meat.

  90. Micaela Rueda

    Micaela RuedaMonth ago

    5:40 p l e r p

  91. bratty iyah

    bratty iyahMonth ago

    b b r r o t t h h

  92. EllieTheGamer_2007 :-O

    EllieTheGamer_2007 :-OMonth ago

    Once my mom was making ramen for my lunch and I said "gimme them noods mommy!" (not knowing what 'noods' meant) and she was just like wtf?

  93. Alberth Pangaribuan

    Alberth PangaribuanMonth ago

    Call matt stonie for the ramen challange

  94. Gunjan K

    Gunjan KMonth ago

    I'm watching this for 12th time

  95. Brandon Flores

    Brandon FloresMonth ago

    The reason the broth is so salty is because the bean sprouts dilute the broth as it is

  96. YH ZHENG

    YH ZHENGMonth ago

    5:17 when your mum says your not grounded anymore

  97. Herzh Gaming

    Herzh GamingMonth ago

    Adam and niki is a PERFECT COUPLE

  98. Christian Velarde

    Christian VelardeMonth ago

    2:51 😂😂😂

  99. Adam Neetoo

    Adam NeetooMonth ago

    Missed niki so had to come back here

  100. Loser Loaf

    Loser LoafMonth ago

    Why does this person act just like me

  101. Cloyie DS

    Cloyie DSMonth ago

    4:07 me thinking about my expenses

  102. Tanusree Basak

    Tanusree BasakMonth ago

    What is wrong with her pinky finger

  103. i have an avocado

    i have an avocadoMonth ago

    Why are we cooking soy sauce? Lmao that made me laugh idk why

  104. Carbon Dioxide

    Carbon DioxideMonth ago

    4:07 my face when I see a gigantic bug