I Tried To Re-Create This Giant Ramen


  1. Havila, A.

    Havila, A.Day ago

    The cameran man gets to eat and taste

  2. Ninja Chikkun

    Ninja Chikkun2 days ago

    "My BF Adam".

  3. Catwalk Productions

    Catwalk Productions2 days ago

    Niki reminds me of Kiki from Kiki’s delivery service

  4. Dream

    Dream3 days ago

    Who let you get that fade in the back.

  5. juan corrales linares

    juan corrales linares3 days ago

    1:53 T O S S

  6. juan corrales linares

    juan corrales linares3 days ago

    0:31 yaaaaaaay...

  7. Kpop Ruined My Lifeu

    Kpop Ruined My Lifeu3 days ago

    5:17 look at all those *CHICKENS*

  8. Mobi

    Mobi4 days ago


  9. Emmaline Ortegon

    Emmaline Ortegon5 days ago

    2:50 the way she says broth😂😂😂😂❤️❤️

  10. Nina

    Nina5 days ago

    How to be Tasty staff pls XD

  11. Leia Organa-Elizabeth Johnson

    Leia Organa-Elizabeth Johnson5 days ago

    Wow that's a lot of bowl of ramen I bet that Chie can eat all of that ramen


    ROMINA DUENAS6 days ago

    I think her broth would’ve been better if she hadn’t watered it down. The bean sprouts soak up a lot of the salt

  13. Ronin Aji

    Ronin Aji6 days ago

    i need to know where here that restaurant be to try that and beat it because i need da ramen the 3 bowls a day will not do

  14. Lyn Acio

    Lyn Acio7 days ago

    Is Niki Lezpian cause i saw in her chocolate crepe video she has a wife?

  15. Unofficially Talented

    Unofficially Talented7 days ago

    How do you not add a recipe

  16. Irina Condrea

    Irina Condrea7 days ago

    6:58 song?

  17. jUngKoOks HoLy SHiTeU

    jUngKoOks HoLy SHiTeU7 days ago

    Is it just me or..at 3:50 she sounded like rie

  18. Gunner Green

    Gunner Green8 days ago

    I mean... it’s bigger than my face

  19. Mix3d 3m0ti0ns

    Mix3d 3m0ti0ns8 days ago

    *sniffs* *Intense-* MMMMMMMMM

  20. kleeyo santna

    kleeyo santna8 days ago

    watching this video it just came up to my mind..what do they do with this amount of food? and yeah lots of food get wasted too! And what is the point of making such large amount of food!? It is just wastage of energy, fuel, food etc. You could have fed 5 homeless people or donate the money that cost for preparing this large amount of ramen to underprivileged kids!

  21. Gaming Youtubers

    Gaming Youtubers9 days ago

    In India we do all of that without gloves

  22. xXRickyDaNoob Kwel

    xXRickyDaNoob Kwel9 days ago

    If Rie is there the videos gonna get 5 million biews

  23. Akmal Ahmad

    Akmal Ahmad9 days ago

    Hahahahaha her face at the end thooo

  24. Esther Kim

    Esther Kim10 days ago


  25. Juan Pablo Park

    Juan Pablo Park10 days ago


  26. t매

    t매10 days ago

    i am a korean and i noticed that ice cream. ya its from Korea

  27. GAMINGwith TRIZ

    GAMINGwith TRIZ10 days ago

    How much is 5 yen

  28. Icey

    Icey12 days ago

    you have to fry it two times xD


    ASHLYN CONNELL12 days ago

    5:18 jet Piskinski (I don’t know if that is spelled right, but I don’t care!)

  30. iiCloudish ii

    iiCloudish ii12 days ago

    I love this girl's commentary 😂

  31. Jephthah Paurom

    Jephthah Paurom12 days ago

    The reason why i came on this video because of the FRIED CHICKEN.

  32. LG

    LG12 days ago

    unpopular opinion but i like bean sprouts not that much bean sprouts, but like they just crunchy noodles

  33. Mr.chair

    Mr.chair13 days ago

    The thumbnail looks like katsudon soo tasty

  34. Mr. Popcorn Head

    Mr. Popcorn Head13 days ago

    2:09 did anyone else see her pinky nail?

  35. Azeem ahmed Nalka

    Azeem ahmed Nalka14 days ago

    Call matt stonie

  36. Chicken Gaming

    Chicken Gaming14 days ago

    Adam just gets to eat everything they make for free and still gets paid

  37. GamerGirl XA

    GamerGirl XA14 days ago

    You messed up in the beginning where you watered the broth down Bc the broth was going to suck most of it up🤣🤣

  38. Ahahahahahaha kween kay

    Ahahahahahaha kween kay14 days ago


  39. Bryane Russell

    Bryane Russell14 days ago

    Nikki is a meme and a mood

  40. dweeds

    dweeds14 days ago

    she cant cook

  41. Luke Bell

    Luke Bell15 days ago

    Do they tell her do make the ugliest face possible for the thumbnail?

  42. Sophie Baerend

    Sophie Baerend15 days ago

    Imagine if she had to make it all over again!

  43. IStanGays IMeanExoAndSeventeenBIJJ

    IStanGays IMeanExoAndSeventeenBIJJ15 days ago

    *"It's tasty.."* Soooo cute!!

  44. Meme-ic

    Meme-ic16 days ago


  45. Samantha Chhuon

    Samantha Chhuon16 days ago

    I love that the video is her making giant ramen and eating Asian snacks

  46. voldicity RBLX

    voldicity RBLX16 days ago

    Rie is basically in every video, this is why we refer her as the “Tasty Mom”

  47. America Estrada

    America Estrada16 days ago

    8:08 what is her name?? ❤️

  48. Enderkid16 Enderz

    Enderkid16 Enderz16 days ago

    Matt stonie should make that

  49. Azri Aziz

    Azri Aziz16 days ago

    It's salty probably because of the bean sprout's existence

  50. ITzrenzo hdMORE

    ITzrenzo hdMORE16 days ago

    Potato flouaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  51. ITzrenzo hdMORE

    ITzrenzo hdMORE16 days ago

    She's pretty

  52. hajfjs babfnanf

    hajfjs babfnanf17 days ago

    h8 this dumb feminist hoe

  53. TheGuyWhoSomedayHaveACommentOnEveryYTvideo

    TheGuyWhoSomedayHaveACommentOnEveryYTvideo18 days ago

    That Asian that doesn't know sh* about their culture........I relate

  54. Snipars223

    Snipars22318 days ago

    -MATH! Says someone who just put 10 tablespoons instead of 9

  55. Jonathan Asnan

    Jonathan Asnan19 days ago

    2:51 *B R O T H*

  56. Roskoe P

    Roskoe P19 days ago

    How to ruin Ramen in four complicated steps.

  57. Plazma Volt

    Plazma Volt19 days ago

    Oh the broth is so salty lemme water it down 10 minutes later gosh darn its not salty enough

  58. The Randomizer

    The Randomizer19 days ago


  59. Ibrahim Hassan

    Ibrahim Hassan19 days ago

    A violently unnecessary amount of bean sprouts.


    LD TRIPLE G20 days ago


  61. Alex Ramirez

    Alex Ramirez20 days ago

    My dms are open rie 😋🤤

  62. Gray Griffin

    Gray Griffin20 days ago

    4:07 The face you make as you stare at the pile of dirty dishes still sitting in the sink that your mother told you to wash hours ago and now she's pulling up in the driveway 😂😂

  63. Xfiles 2k

    Xfiles 2k20 days ago

    RAMEN Sounds like RAW-MEN HAHAHA

  64. Mythical_ Nighte1452

    Mythical_ Nighte145221 day ago


  65. Xx ShyMooflon Xx

    Xx ShyMooflon Xx21 day ago

    I’m eating and I am getting hungry *how does this work??*

  66. soft taetae

    soft taetae21 day ago

    2:56 me at the math test

  67. Aishath Thuga

    Aishath Thuga22 days ago

    I just love rie

  68. monk voodoo

    monk voodoo22 days ago

    5:17 did she just praise the sun like a sun bro? If so I shed a tear of joy if not and she doesn't know what she just did then ok.

  69. Bee thebee

    Bee thebee22 days ago

    5:03 what happened to her voice? 😂

  70. Andrew Gonzalez

    Andrew Gonzalez22 days ago


  71. S. Nonaka

    S. Nonaka22 days ago

    Coo u made mochico chicken as we call in Hawaii

  72. cleo reyes

    cleo reyes22 days ago

    I idolized rie so much notice me😓😓😓

  73. Snow Star

    Snow Star23 days ago

    Tasty should do a challenge where someone takes all the water from pots etc. in one day, and tries to make some sort of soup out of it.

  74. Explicit Content

    Explicit Content23 days ago

    even a buzzfeed employee dosent ustand a buzzfeed recipe

  75. MrFelixify

    MrFelixify23 days ago

    Being a food channel. you would think they could invest in an actual kitchen

  76. William Innenberg

    William Innenberg23 days ago

    She cut her left pinky off *_*

  77. Derio Johansen

    Derio Johansen23 days ago

    B R O T H

  78. B

    B23 days ago

    Americans ruin everything

  79. Anson Li

    Anson Li24 days ago

    I’m Asian

  80. Knots John

    Knots John24 days ago

    Did is adorable😍

  81. Blight VonDrake

    Blight VonDrake25 days ago

    I KNEW she would end up watering it down too much!

  82. kuggacourage gx

    kuggacourage gx25 days ago

    Come on beans sprout isnt hard to eat

  83. alvinraydj3

    alvinraydj325 days ago

    how to get hiv for dummies

  84. ExtremeDestroyer629

    ExtremeDestroyer62926 days ago

    I heckin' love Rie...

  85. Addan Imran

    Addan Imran26 days ago

    i thought i was the only one who confuses garlic with ginger

  86. Derill Troy Tacang

    Derill Troy Tacang26 days ago

    Too much complain 🙁

  87. Ruby Main

    Ruby Main27 days ago


  88. Adri

    Adri27 days ago

    Beans and noods? Das distusting

  89. Sai Teja

    Sai Teja28 days ago

    at 7:00 niki looked like amir khan smile face

  90. Ur Mum

    Ur Mum28 days ago

    Never ask your girlfriend for noods

  91. mkay marcuz

    mkay marcuz28 days ago

    Beans And Noods.......

  92. Arizona Drone

    Arizona Drone29 days ago

    the bean sprouts didn't water it down. U watered it down.

  93. Xander  Vin Collin Lie

    Xander Vin Collin Lie29 days ago

    2:50 The way she said "Broth"😂😂😂

  94. Clayton Fritho

    Clayton Fritho29 days ago

    Where is this place

  95. Batman

    Batman29 days ago

    Anybody else just mute the video while she was making it? She talks so much

  96. Tuan Dang

    Tuan Dang29 days ago

    That bandage tho

  97. KayLily M

    KayLily MMonth ago

    I love Tasty Videos

  98. amir anuar

    amir anuarMonth ago

    7:00 why are we still here... just to suffering...

  99. mrereviews andrecipes

    mrereviews andrecipesMonth ago

    They pull in the only asian because shes the only asian

  100. Greenblood 82

    Greenblood 82Month ago

    What ever it is. It´s not ramen.