I Tried To Make This Chocolate Crepe Cake


  1. Shizophrenology

    Shizophrenology6 minutes ago

    I want to have sex with RIE All week long every day....

  2. vaz catilo

    vaz catilo2 hours ago

    Andrew’s face when he heard about the penis tho 🤣🤣

  3. Rotmg Lover

    Rotmg Lover2 hours ago

    Niki is lesby?

  4. Asvitha Sivathasan

    Asvitha Sivathasan2 hours ago

    M I L k

  5. joni Sinoimeri

    joni Sinoimeri5 hours ago

    I do not want to be rude or mean or stuff like this but... is she lesbian?

  6. Lille 00

    Lille 006 hours ago

    You don't use batter that's quite as thin and you spread it out using a tool, otherwise the crêps will be to thick👍 You can't just add more milk to make the crêps thinner😂

  7. Tawfiq Zafar

    Tawfiq Zafar7 hours ago

    Niki is a lesbian nooo

  8. Gabe Monce

    Gabe Monce10 hours ago

    I work at a crepe restaurant and was amazed how different she makes her crepes compared to mine lol.

  9. Slimey Annihilation

    Slimey Annihilation11 hours ago

    Is the crepe made by alexis 🤔

  10. Tiara Khairunnisa

    Tiara Khairunnisa11 hours ago

    Niki are you a lesbian?

  11. Natalie Bencivenga

    Natalie Bencivenga13 hours ago

    Only at tasty can you make 3 crepes at once😂

  12. Emily Hembree

    Emily Hembree13 hours ago

    Bruh Rie is like...why the fuck am I here

  13. Allison Hoang

    Allison Hoang14 hours ago

    Good job Nikki

  14. hunter dolinko

    hunter dolinko14 hours ago


  15. hunter dolinko

    hunter dolinko14 hours ago


  16. hunter dolinko

    hunter dolinko14 hours ago


  17. hunter dolinko

    hunter dolinko14 hours ago


  18. hunter dolinko

    hunter dolinko14 hours ago


  19. Miguel Curaraton

    Miguel Curaraton16 hours ago

    5:10 😂

  20. Jeiel Twaño

    Jeiel Twaño16 hours ago

    I love Nikki. ☺️

  21. DANK MEMES Kid

    DANK MEMES Kid17 hours ago

    Ohhhh she's gay

  22. eniahs T

    eniahs T17 hours ago

    Is adam single?

  23. star butterfly

    star butterfly20 hours ago

    Maybe it was the milk 😂

  24. BigAsianDude

    BigAsianDude21 hour ago

    Rie is so adorable...

  25. Elijah Belay

    Elijah Belay21 hour ago

    Any one else say pronounce crêpes, cr-eh-pes ?

  26. Vanessa Lehmann

    Vanessa Lehmann22 hours ago

    You are pronouncing Crèpe so wrong

  27. Marja Rautala

    Marja Rautala23 hours ago

    Why don’t people at Tasty use a knife for cutting? A fork isn’t a knife!

  28. Tamar Pink

    Tamar Pink23 hours ago

    CRAPES!!?! I think you mean CREPS!!

  29. sofia

    sofia23 hours ago

    I came here because of Kennedy

  30. Parshad Das

    Parshad DasDay ago

    Adam doesn't care about no bad milk

  31. Null8Fuffzn

    Null8FuffznDay ago

    I always just wait for Rie to show up. Always a delight to see her cook/do basically anything lol

  32. alain haberstich

    alain haberstichDay ago

    ever wonder why the french created a special rount hot-plate with a destinct wooden tool to spread de batter? maybe you should try using that!

  33. Ruby Keenan

    Ruby KeenanDay ago

    Crepes are exactly like British pancakes

  34. Its Jada

    Its JadaDay ago

    Who else is hungry.

  35. Harmonic Melody

    Harmonic MelodyDay ago


  36. Jαsოιიε

    JαsოιიεDay ago

    You guys should try making pancake art

  37. W Smith

    W SmithDay ago

    Fuck she is stupid

  38. Maggie Ante

    Maggie AnteDay ago

    DoNt gEt EgG jUiCe On My pInKy

  39. MizzAnonymous

    MizzAnonymousDay ago

    Like azzyland always says..... DELICIOUS!!!

  40. Sisypheap Mey

    Sisypheap MeyDay ago

    One question. Is Nikki a transgender?

  41. Michael Li

    Michael LiDay ago

    Is she drunk ?

  42. katelynn Leo

    katelynn LeoDay ago

    That looks more like the thing to cut watermelon.

  43. Lally Bayanay

    Lally BayanayDay ago

    Rie reminds me of horror movies from japan

  44. Murhaf Darwish

    Murhaf DarwishDay ago

    How the fuck i got here at 3 am?

  45. Issa_Abby _Baby

    Issa_Abby _BabyDay ago

    She did nothing wrong it is the heat top she is using. in another video i watched they tested to see the range of heat by a flour test and only an inner circle burned the flour so it is not her fault her crepes were cooking funny.....3:21........

  46. Angel pun

    Angel punDay ago


  47. Arshbir Singh

    Arshbir SinghDay ago


  48. London1869

    London1869Day ago

    There could be another compilation/clip show called. "Rie to the Rescue."

  49. Varnika Varyani

    Varnika VaryaniDay ago

    Plot twist: They all got diarrhoea because of the milk. Jk Love your show btw...😍😍😍

  50. Gerhard Prins

    Gerhard PrinsDay ago

    Crepe is pronounced ‘crap’ in Dutch, lol

  51. dani banwart

    dani banwartDay ago

    I did not nikki was gay. p.s I am not judging

  52. Jasmine DoggieTvn

    Jasmine DoggieTvnDay ago

    Chocolate crap cake is what i heard ;-; XD

  53. Lxxa

    LxxaDay ago

    the pan has to be a pan with shorter edges and a wider base

  54. Anastasia Stanishevskaya

    Anastasia StanishevskayaDay ago

    Ok so I’m Russian, I literally learned how to make crapes at the age of 5 or 6

  55. Inuyasha69

    Inuyasha69Day ago

    Rie is waifu

  56. banqtaen_

    banqtaen_2 days ago


  57. Captain Cold

    Captain Cold2 days ago


  58. Mark Petrowsky

    Mark Petrowsky2 days ago

    Notice how her laptop had a "queer" sticker on it...

  59. robspunk

    robspunk2 days ago

    Too runny liquid. Another rookie mistake

  60. Idiot Weirdo

    Idiot Weirdo2 days ago

    Watching Americans try to watch crepes is funny

  61. K Liaw

    K Liaw2 days ago

    "Sigh" Where's Andrew!!!!

  62. Yashoda Ghosh

    Yashoda Ghosh2 days ago

    at 12:08 does anyone see the little blurred/pixeled thing on the left

  63. Piggyback

    Piggyback2 days ago

    I ship her and adam because I’m an annoying shipper

  64. Piggyback

    Piggyback2 days ago

    Nvm she has a wife

  65. Vien Veniz Juzane

    Vien Veniz Juzane2 days ago

    Is niki a girl or a boy

  66. Frosty Rays

    Frosty Rays2 days ago

    niki's wife ????

  67. Erin Mash

    Erin Mash2 days ago

    aaaHh MOTHER FFFFudgER

  68. Nashitah Tasnin

    Nashitah Tasnin2 days ago

    i feel like rie is a professional chef nd whem she sees the others do sth she's like 'these little fucker took all day. i did this in 2 minutes.' lmao

  69. Jarukit Wuttimarnop

    Jarukit Wuttimarnop2 days ago

    she really funny

  70. Jarukit Wuttimarnop

    Jarukit Wuttimarnop2 days ago

    she has a wife?

  71. Jarukit Wuttimarnop

    Jarukit Wuttimarnop2 days ago

    is she ***

  72. Jarukit Wuttimarnop

    Jarukit Wuttimarnop2 days ago

    she is so so funny


    MINMINBYUL PARK2 days ago

    Is she lesbian or not?

  74. Afshan Shakir

    Afshan Shakir2 days ago

    Mother fudger 😂😂😂😂😂

  75. Daniel Quijano

    Daniel Quijano2 days ago

    Esta es la tipa que pregunto que se sentía ser del mismo género que Donald Trump?

  76. Gray_Ty 1

    Gray_Ty 12 days ago

    I tried this...I failed.

  77. Cracklty 13

    Cracklty 132 days ago

    I feel like Adam just gives people challenges when he is hungry

  78. Wet Watermelon

    Wet Watermelon2 days ago


  79. John Vazquez

    John Vazquez2 days ago

    On of my favorite segments for sure

  80. John Vazquez

    John Vazquez2 days ago

    Rie said I don’t remember lol

  81. Zoper

    Zoper2 days ago

    Did they censor the word penis?

  82. Elveena Noronha

    Elveena Noronha3 days ago

    What do they mean by Niki wife ???)???????????(??????(?????

  83. John Doe

    John Doe3 days ago

    Where's Andrew?

  84. Sara Miller

    Sara Miller3 days ago

    I love rie’s Accent

  85. Lovina Abbas

    Lovina Abbas3 days ago

    Niki is lesbian

  86. Soulafa Nahfawi

    Soulafa Nahfawi3 days ago

    The way she says crepe annoys me 😂😂 “ I never made a chocolate crape cake😂

  87. LunaTheMoose

    LunaTheMoose3 days ago

    Did anyone see the face pop up at 10:06 - 10:07

  88. Rogue Loki

    Rogue Loki3 days ago

    word of advise from an actual crepe chef: ADD SOME MORE FLOUR also i ALWAYS use whole milk, fat is not your enemy in crepes

  89. Eli Duran

    Eli Duran3 days ago

    The best by date is the expected date for when it will go bad but a lot of the time a product is good up to two days after the due date. With dairy and meat products I don’t recommend ignoring the due date but I have done it before with milk two days after. I smelled it first then used it in pancakes. Nobody got sick and they tasted great... so 😆 Yeah haha

  90. Eli Duran

    Eli Duran3 days ago

    I thought she was going to say Eating Your Feelings 😆😆 I was like this is my channel.

  91. MushRoom X7

    MushRoom X73 days ago

    More Niki

  92. Reece Lukacs

    Reece Lukacs3 days ago

    This looks so amazing😍

  93. Roland Deschain

    Roland Deschain3 days ago

    This is like Baumkuchen. Have to try this very very very soon. haha

  94. Nyan Anon

    Nyan Anon3 days ago

    Fun fact: milk actually expires a week or so AFTER its expiration date.

  95. d e p r e s s i n g

    d e p r e s s i n g3 days ago

    12:08 why did they censor a small part on the crepe

  96. David Gravy

    David Gravy3 days ago

    I cringed at the way she said crépes

  97. Orlaigh Shinners

    Orlaigh Shinners3 days ago

    I say it crep she said crape

  98. Abdallah Atout

    Abdallah Atout3 days ago

    Niki is lesbian

  99. Galahad the Genji

    Galahad the Genji4 days ago

    Is Niki A boy??

  100. LugiaAddicted

    LugiaAddicted4 days ago

    Wow she's transgender I never knew. I never saw a transgender

  101. LugiaAddicted

    LugiaAddictedDay ago

    Thanks, dude

  102. q

    qDay ago

    she isnt trans, she's lesbian

  103. i got lost in cape town

    i got lost in cape town4 days ago

    as an european, what the fuck is this??? that is n o t how you make crepes