I Tried To Make This Chocolate Crepe Cake


  1. Marcela Gasmido

    Marcela Gasmido8 hours ago

    The Motherfudge of cakes hahaha

  2. Laylah Easley

    Laylah Easley14 hours ago

    Take a shot every time she says ow

  3. chaos the fox that's me

    chaos the fox that's me20 hours ago

    what Nikki is a lesbian?????? Cool

  4. Ummm IDK

    Ummm IDK21 hour ago


  5. chaos the fox that's me

    chaos the fox that's me21 hour ago

    "ahhhhhhh" Me:"omg!!!!!" *laughs

  6. Sajid Saeed Khan

    Sajid Saeed KhanDay ago

    Rie is the Queen of Tasty!

  7. Rusty Fox

    Rusty FoxDay ago

    0:21 Niki : I am a big fan of crepes ( sounds creeps ). Me : Guess what? I know thousands of creeps sitting at those british or japanese bars!

  8. PeachlikeApple

    PeachlikeAppleDay ago

    its crep not crape

  9. Faiza Shah

    Faiza Shah2 days ago

    I think you can creat anything

  10. Rainbow kittypals

    Rainbow kittypals2 days ago

    Just made this I love this

  11. humna Athar

    humna Athar2 days ago


  12. venness chen

    venness chen2 days ago

    nikki is like so honest she was like "in case i cant do this"

  13. Coolinee Kerman

    Coolinee Kerman2 days ago

    5:55 Just lost a lot of repect for her

  14. Anna Hoang

    Anna HoangDay ago

    Coolinee Kerman rude

  15. nyasia Huyler

    nyasia Huyler2 days ago


  16. James Cooper

    James Cooper3 days ago

    I love the dramatic music when she calls her wife

  17. ruki stunz

    ruki stunz3 days ago

    Did Anyone feel like rie was annoyed by nikki

  18. Kidedaion Symoti

    Kidedaion Symoti3 days ago

    Flipping crepes is awfully easy. You just need to be brave and commit!

  19. Evan Varghese

    Evan Varghese3 days ago

    10:30 ohh look it’s my friends hi friends!

  20. shadowless Ashlyn

    shadowless Ashlyn3 days ago

    i just relized that nikki has a WIFE not a husband

  21. Plug Collapsed

    Plug Collapsed3 days ago

    7:58 "Oozed like a *****" You had one job 😂😂😂😂😂

  22. BokChoyKhoi

    BokChoyKhoi3 days ago

    Number One Rule: “Keep your station clear! Look at this mess!” Colette, Ratatouille

  23. Bbanana 05

    Bbanana 054 days ago

    Me during finals: 9:45

  24. Angelina Tube

    Angelina Tube4 days ago

    I lovvveeee Rie!!:)❤️❤️love from Sg 🇸🇬Singapore

  25. RionaJamila 13

    RionaJamila 134 days ago

    Niki's wife???

  26. Sebastian Chiat

    Sebastian Chiat4 days ago

    rie is always the person that they call if they need help. Just shows you how good she is at cooking

  27. Timmy Su

    Timmy Su4 days ago

    Alvin is the Tasty dad he Is the best because he never gives up

  28. Anastasia Payzia

    Anastasia Payzia4 days ago

    I love how Rie is so quiet compared to most people at buzzfeed

  29. Sneha Jay

    Sneha Jay5 days ago

    i really shudnt be watching Tasty videos at 2 a.m. ,now im starving

  30. osman gani bhuiyan

    osman gani bhuiyan5 days ago

    i had the same problem as niki when i first made crepes.

  31. Jesus Perez

    Jesus Perez5 days ago

    Rie should be my culinary arts teacher

  32. Hope Is here

    Hope Is here5 days ago

    She lesb

  33. Justin Glaser

    Justin Glaser6 days ago

    Niki is lesbian

  34. Songs And more songs

    Songs And more songs6 days ago

    Did u notice the missed the high five

  35. Chubby Pikachu

    Chubby Pikachu6 days ago

    4:16 That sound she made was so cute and funny 😂

  36. PotSticker Hax

    PotSticker Hax6 days ago

    Cream watch 2018

  37. Breiny Medina Martinez

    Breiny Medina Martinez6 days ago

    when she was singing about how many crepes she was making at a time had me DEAD 💀💀😂😂😂

  38. SamTDG Gaming

    SamTDG Gaming6 days ago

    Niki's wife 😂

  39. chloe zhen

    chloe zhen7 days ago

    Rie is a master at making cakes and more this she is amazing like is you agree

  40. mltfndm

    mltfndm8 days ago

    Me @6:50

  41. RimieqiffGaming

    RimieqiffGaming8 days ago

    she knows whats shes doing. she have made crepes before.

  42. Figmein&Mauve

    Figmein&Mauve8 days ago

    I Watch These And I Suffer From It... I Want It...

  43. Thomas Matthew

    Thomas Matthew8 days ago

    Wife material.

  44. Enchanted Rose

    Enchanted Rose8 days ago

    Pause at 6.26 😂

  45. Jacky Jiang

    Jacky Jiang8 days ago

    What Nikki’s wife


    ICE BEAR 25 GAMIN9 days ago

    "she" has a "wife!?"

  47. ariannah nicole de guzman

    ariannah nicole de guzman9 days ago

    what nikis wife !!!!

  48. Rebekah W

    Rebekah W9 days ago

    oh my gosh I just realised why your crepes didn't work!! You were using that tasty stove right?? This is literally a video showing how that tasty stove failed..! This is so weird - see I watched a review on the buzz feed tasty stoves - and the circle of heat is only around the middle - it showed that things would burn on there and this video actually is literally tasty hanging their own neck so to speak without anyone realising. (If that stove is a tasty stove)

  49. Amina Haque

    Amina Haque9 days ago

    This series should've been called "Feeding ur feed"

  50. xexes86 Fujiwara

    xexes86 Fujiwara9 days ago


  51. aby august

    aby august10 days ago

    Two *things* of cream


    ALEKXXK10 days ago

    i don’t think rie likes niki. it’s kinda looks like niki annoys her.

  53. Cai Mcausland

    Cai Mcausland10 days ago

    This is how u say crepe crep

  54. Ale xd

    Ale xd10 days ago

    This was very easy, I did it at first try lol


    FAITH PLAYS10 days ago

    Is Nikki a tomboy?

  56. Isla Spence

    Isla Spence10 days ago

    It’s said crep not crape

  57. 가르멘박

    가르멘박10 days ago

    Wait, what? Niki is a lesbian?

  58. Crecy Dsouza

    Crecy Dsouza10 days ago

    U guys are having lots of fun, wish I was there to test.Love it.Keep doing something new.All the best dear

  59. Yellow Gun

    Yellow Gun10 days ago

    She made a p****

  60. Emily OKeefe

    Emily OKeefe10 days ago


  61. Richard Elizabeth III

    Richard Elizabeth III10 days ago

    12:58 *Rie has left the chat.*

  62. xxtenation _

    xxtenation _10 days ago

    Make chessecake

  63. Gina Lee

    Gina Lee10 days ago

    ganache means "fool." it was invented because this one patisserie accidentally but too much milk into the chocolate. turns out the head patissier liked it, and made it a menu in his bakery

  64. YourFellow LowLife

    YourFellow LowLife11 days ago

    The penis really topped of the whole cake

  65. Diamond Kone

    Diamond Kone11 days ago

    8:02 It looked like a *censored* so they blured it out xD

  66. jess Kitteh

    jess Kitteh11 days ago

    I have a crepe maker xD

  67. Apoorva Jain

    Apoorva Jain11 days ago


  68. Morkelisa

    Morkelisa11 days ago

    Oh y✨ e✨ s✨

  69. Dramione Forever

    Dramione Forever11 days ago

    Is there like a pea? No- but there is a penus.

  70. Danielle Lee

    Danielle Lee11 days ago

    In 1:24 , where i live the butter does not show how many tablespoons there is 😭😅😩

  71. Lorde Platypus

    Lorde Platypus11 days ago


  72. Madison Ingargiola

    Madison Ingargiola11 days ago

    Last year when this video came out was the week I broke my left pinki too!!!

  73. Goldenheart !

    Goldenheart !11 days ago

    Drinking milk makes it pretty easy to tell wether it's ba dor not, and it's less likely to hurt you because it's pasteurized. Never drink raw & unpasteurized milk, though, that's a pretty bad idea..

  74. Vega Andaru

    Vega Andaru12 days ago

    "Wait, are you there??" I've heard this many times before.

  75. Trixxy_Fox

    Trixxy_Fox12 days ago

    They keep blurring out the penis pancake but forgot 11:51 its just chilling on the right side of the cake

  76. Rannia Alamsyah

    Rannia Alamsyah12 days ago

    is niki a lesbian she has a wife like whattt

  77. Orange dude

    Orange dude12 days ago

    12:14 anyone see the blur on the left she didnt cover it all with chocolate ha

  78. Collin Josef

    Collin Josef12 days ago

    i'll marry Rie right now

  79. Rihanna Dayne

    Rihanna Dayne12 days ago

    *Niki is lesbian*😱*

  80. Seedra Muhammed

    Seedra Muhammed12 days ago

    Pause your video then 10:50 look at her face 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  81. LisMahAgo

    LisMahAgo12 days ago

    It really irks me the way she calls them ‘ Crapes’ instead of ‘Crêpes’

  82. Isobel Hereward

    Isobel Hereward12 days ago

    It's always funny watching Americans try and make crepes

  83. Iris Guyot

    Iris Guyot13 days ago

    She’s using the wrong kind if pan, it’s way too deep

  84. Steven1230

    Steven123013 days ago

    12:59 Rie was dying of laughter 😂😂😂😂

  85. yury agibalova

    yury agibalova13 days ago

    4:08 ı no longer feel crepe about this.

  86. Shard

    Shard13 days ago

    Hould on a secc Niki is lesbi???

  87. Kmine Channle not yet complete

    Kmine Channle not yet complete13 days ago

    Sour milk is actually better for cooking and baking

  88. Alexa Greiner

    Alexa Greiner14 days ago

    Looks yummy 😋😂😋

  89. Game Over

    Game Over14 days ago

    Niki is homosexual?

  90. Mudda Pedro

    Mudda Pedro14 days ago

    Rie is like Bish it will work 😂 7:12

  91. James Delaney

    James Delaney14 days ago

    Rie lowkey reminds me of the chef from Ratatouille

  92. Jonathan Rowe

    Jonathan Rowe14 days ago

    I love Niki!

  93. Han Jang

    Han Jang15 days ago

    she is a lesbian???????

  94. Tada Banri

    Tada Banri15 days ago


  95. Simon Lo skydynasty

    Simon Lo skydynasty15 days ago

    Are you a girl??!?!?

  96. Nina Person

    Nina Person15 days ago

    is niki a lesbian?

  97. prom drom

    prom drom16 days ago

    12:21 autism be like

  98. Litfan88 XD

    Litfan88 XD16 days ago

    It’s funny 😄

  99. Alshow ali

    Alshow ali16 days ago

    are all the girls working here asian ?

  100. Not My Real Name

    Not My Real Name16 days ago

    I pronounce crepe as creepy.

  101. It'z Me

    It'z Me16 days ago

    The penis hahaha