I Tried To Make This Chocolate Crepe Cake


  1. jessie hutcheson

    jessie hutchesonHour ago

    She lesbian

  2. Its Me! Nadia Bittie

    Its Me! Nadia Bittie2 hours ago

    Niki looks amost like Alix seriously

  3. Sarah Streeter

    Sarah Streeter5 hours ago

    Did you know that you don’t have to flip them if they’re thin enough?

  4. Ella Osmonson

    Ella Osmonson7 hours ago

    my mouth is watering

  5. Lelaina Coplea

    Lelaina Coplea7 hours ago

    who else was wanting uncensored pics of that crepe

  6. Aleena Ghaffar

    Aleena Ghaffar7 hours ago

    Rie reminds me of that girl from ratatouille

  7. Mystic Light

    Mystic Light8 hours ago

    wait...... Niki has a wifeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee? I didn't know that, well... i know now xD THE MORE YOU KNOW

  8. Meezii

    Meezii9 hours ago

    Take a shot every time she says crêpe

  9. Saideh Ashuri

    Saideh Ashuri11 hours ago

    Auu motherfagerrr??🌝💛i love you niki😂💛

  10. mahchymk93

    mahchymk9313 hours ago

    I need more friends like Niki and Rie in my life

  11. mahchymk93

    mahchymk9313 hours ago


  12. billie eilish

    billie eilish15 hours ago

    why is everyone best friends with adam??

  13. Unboxer Gamer

    Unboxer Gamer18 hours ago

    Wait...Wait, does she really have a wife?

  14. thebooksgirl

    thebooksgirl23 hours ago

    I made this after the buzzfeed layoffs came out because i love niki so much and i needed comfort food! (i added coconut flakes on every other layer and it was NICE!!) Niki, you will be seriously missed!! I've followed all of your series on Buzzfeed and I will follow you wherever you end up! Love you so so much!!

  15. Kenny Hore

    Kenny Hore23 hours ago

    Rie is the best chef

  16. Alifi Nanda Nandi Asa

    Alifi Nanda Nandi AsaDay ago


  17. Stacey Irungu

    Stacey IrunguDay ago

    Shout out to the people who knew Niki had a wife from the "Wedding Season" series. P.S her wife is gorgeous. 😃

  18. JohnX

    JohnXDay ago


  19. Abigail Raphael

    Abigail RaphaelDay ago

    0:55 is me internally and eternally

  20. Niamh

    NiamhDay ago

    Rie is Niki's Senpai

  21. A.Lorraine Bradley

    A.Lorraine BradleyDay ago

    Rie is always there when you cook

  22. Shadow_wolf246810 ROBLOX

    Shadow_wolf246810 ROBLOXDay ago

    She too lazy

  23. Tushar Kapoor

    Tushar KapoorDay ago

    *doubts Rie’s recipe* *batter turns out exponentially better than own recipe*

  24. Dean O Brien

    Dean O BrienDay ago

    Anyone else say it like creps instead of crapes


    JNPL MLBBDay ago

    I love you guys! 😁

  26. Ifti_827

    Ifti_827Day ago

    12:03 they missed...

  27. Arganat Benarqan

    Arganat BenarqanDay ago

    Hi tasty You guys are using a lot of eggs i only use 1 egg to make crepe an it come a lot and it tast it so yummy i only use flour,1 egg ,2or3 sugar big teaspoon and water only no milk or butter. Either way gone try your recipe👌. Thanks💋

  28. ixlani 101

    ixlani 1012 days ago

    Niki is gay???????

  29. Mimi Animated

    Mimi AnimatedDay ago

    ixlani 101 yah

  30. Primo Antonius

    Primo Antonius2 days ago


  31. nikos axiotis

    nikos axiotis2 days ago

    every one nikki is gay no joke

  32. Suppenhuhn007

    Suppenhuhn0072 days ago

    Isnt it „best before“ on amarican products? So why shouldnt it be good after that day?

  33. Mimi Animated

    Mimi AnimatedDay ago

    Milk expires really fast,


    BARK HOUSE2 days ago


  35. Iqram Hoque

    Iqram Hoque2 days ago

    0:56 how do u make that face 😂😂😂

  36. Jiyatube

    Jiyatube2 days ago

    The thumbnail pic looks soooooo yummy!

  37. mkay marcuz

    mkay marcuz3 days ago

    Nikki’s wants Senpai to notice her lmfao

  38. Art and Drawings

    Art and Drawings3 days ago

    Wait....she has a wife?! I love her😂 I'm gay and I would never think she had a wife😂

  39. Vieille Garcia

    Vieille Garcia3 days ago

    I wonder who washes all their dishes.. thats a lot

  40. Steven Dunlap

    Steven Dunlap3 days ago


  41. bricat saxton

    bricat saxton3 days ago

    princess and the penis

  42. Anne-Sophie G.-N.

    Anne-Sophie G.-N.3 days ago

    I looooove her and I love this video!

  43. Emma Nendza

    Emma Nendza3 days ago

    Hold up, I ain’t judgin’ but is Niki a lesbian?

  44. Nena van Teeseling

    Nena van Teeseling2 days ago

    Uhhhhh yes I think?

  45. Isabel  Christie

    Isabel Christie3 days ago

    When Niki said my wife my little queer heart went 💓💖💘💕💘💗💓💞💗💖💘💕

  46. Kawaii Panda queens

    Kawaii Panda queens3 days ago

    Is niki lesbian

  47. Bela Lugosi

    Bela Lugosi3 days ago

    Niki saying, “my wife” is therapeutic tbh.

  48. Sravan Gandepalli

    Sravan Gandepalli3 days ago


  49. Nae BearX

    Nae BearX3 days ago

    Adam is me

  50. MintPanda

    MintPanda3 days ago

    I love how this show is basically Rie and her 4 kids. 😄

  51. Affan Anees

    Affan Anees3 days ago

    Who is better rie or alvin

  52. Roza Korkmaz

    Roza Korkmaz4 days ago

    30 minutes outside or in the fridge

  53. Kitty Pads

    Kitty Pads4 days ago

    I was today years old when I found out that niki has a wife

  54. YamiAlex224

    YamiAlex2244 days ago

    Rie Friend Chief extrodanry Measures in cats Is awesome person overall

  55. Joanne Matar

    Joanne Matar4 days ago

    How does niki has a wife niki is a woman is she married to another woman Woman and woman I didn't understand

  56. Zack Falcon

    Zack Falcon4 days ago

    Niki is gayyyyyyyy iwwwwwwwww

  57. TheVampireRay Msp

    TheVampireRay Msp4 days ago

    wait niki is MARRIED??? whaaatt?

  58. Vanish 89

    Vanish 894 days ago

    Nikki is a lesbian but still act like a girl

  59. Me myself and You

    Me myself and You4 days ago

    She’s a lesbian?

  60. Umama Ansari

    Umama Ansari4 days ago

    How is Nikki married to a girl

  61. Dead inside

    Dead inside5 days ago

    Am i the only one who found it so cute when Andrew ate the crepe cake at 12:42?

  62. Ella P.

    Ella P.5 days ago

    Rie is such a sweet bean we must protect her. ❤️

  63. Blue_ Constellations_

    Blue_ Constellations_5 days ago

    Okay. 0:32 WHY are they giving credit to THEMSELVES?!

  64. Frishta Safi

    Frishta Safi5 days ago


  65. Theowlgirl Pizz

    Theowlgirl Pizz5 days ago

    You forgot the powdered sugar

  66. Mrs Me

    Mrs Me5 days ago

    This is the only area of buzzfeed I can tolerate

  67. Michi- Mochi

    Michi- Mochi5 days ago

    So i realized that adam is like their taste tester at every “Eating your feed” video

  68. ac enguero

    ac enguero5 days ago

    In all the video i watched in Tasty they ALWAYS call Rie, ALWAYS

  69. Thunder Rhododendron

    Thunder Rhododendron5 days ago

    Worst crepe pan ever.

  70. Kaustav Kapur

    Kaustav Kapur5 days ago

    Maybe you could make and pit a crepe shaper in the pan so you can get your crepes to have a greater thickness. Let apply science and math by changing the variables. Volume=area x height. If the amount of mixture you put in the pan is the same, but decrease the area of the crepe by putting the shaper, then the height will increase. The amount of mixture stays the same but decreasing the area makes it less spread out so it jumbles up on top of each other and makes it thicker. HOWEVER, do not decrease the area too much because if you do, then the thickness will be too great and it won't cook evenly and won't be easy to flip without breaking.

  71. Kaustav Kapur

    Kaustav Kapur5 days ago

    Your batter is too thin.

  72. Kaustav Kapur

    Kaustav Kapur5 days ago

    The reason why she probably could not lift the crepe the first times was because there was chocolate in the batter and when you saw the batter pouring down it looked like liquefied so she was essentially trying to lift chocolate in liquid form.

  73. Vi-Linh Nguyen

    Vi-Linh Nguyen5 days ago

    The flipping with your fingers fills me with concern.

  74. Frost_ JP

    Frost_ JP5 days ago

    Replays 1 like for 1 replay 0:00 0:00 0:00

  75. OwO factor

    OwO factor5 days ago

    I only now know that Niki is straight up *not straight* I support her very muoooch🌝

  76. RobloxLoVeR :3

    RobloxLoVeR :36 days ago

    Andrew is sad lol

  77. Username Username

    Username Username6 days ago

    I ship rie and niki

  78. RunAwayMob_YT

    RunAwayMob_YT6 days ago

    Waitt. Niki's lesbian??

  79. Do not subscribe to Me

    Do not subscribe to Me6 days ago

    5:54 Woah, that was unexpected.

  80. Kaitlyn Kopp

    Kaitlyn Kopp6 days ago

    Make the 23 layer Michael Jordan cake

  81. Nick Brock

    Nick Brock6 days ago

    wait when did she get married? why didnt i hear about this?!


    KKARIS CCONNERY6 days ago

    Would it not be easier to use a griddle

  83. Pro Odermonicon

    Pro Odermonicon6 days ago

    Kraypay Not Krape

  84. Anime Cube

    Anime Cube6 days ago

    Everyone just loves Adam, huh? xD

  85. Fany Puspita

    Fany Puspita6 days ago

    BYE NIKI :(

  86. Infinity_# Gaming

    Infinity_# Gaming6 days ago

    niki is a lesbian

  87. Mark Sadejev

    Mark Sadejev7 days ago

    Milk can be drank, if it was kept in the fridge. For up to 3 days after the date

  88. Nadja Mirkovic

    Nadja Mirkovic7 days ago

    Wait Niki is a lesbi**

  89. Dapix

    Dapix7 days ago

    It honestly would have been perfect if you used Dark Chocolate for the Ganache, and you let the cake sit on the fridge at least 30min. Good job tho

  90. Tired Taurus

    Tired Taurus7 days ago

    Sometimes I forget Niki’s gay and I was very delighted when the screen just showed “Nikis wife”

  91. weekoony

    weekoony7 days ago

    I didn't know Niki was a fellow Gaysian!

  92. xXAtlantisXx - official acc

    xXAtlantisXx - official acc8 days ago

    “One at a timeeeeeeeeeee”

  93. Mizz Kittay

    Mizz Kittay8 days ago

    Nikki and Rie are amazing!! I laughed so hard when they blurred out the penis. I just wasnt expecting that.

  94. Violent Immortal

    Violent Immortal8 days ago

    Americans are so awkward, either call it a pancake or pronounce crêpe correctly

  95. Minny Mouse

    Minny Mouse8 days ago

    Too many rejections in one episode. Andrew got rejected as Niki’s best friend, and Niki went unseen to eat crepe cake with Rie. Oof poor children.

  96. Queer Gene

    Queer Gene8 days ago

    Im crying pure queer angel tears :,)

  97. Gacha edits AND GMMV AND GGMV

    Gacha edits AND GMMV AND GGMV8 days ago


  98. only some kpop multifandom

    only some kpop multifandom8 days ago

    When they say Niki have wife I was like OMGGGGGGGG

  99. nickey

    nickey8 days ago

    The dick on the crape cake thooo

  100. joinsnack

    joinsnack8 days ago

    at 6:10 the sound of them saying craip is starting to sound like nails on a chalkboard!!!! :)

  101. Eden Chang

    Eden Chang8 days ago

    Eating Your Feed: Fail then call Rie

  102. drawing panneko demon

    drawing panneko demon8 days ago

    I remember making 100 crepes...

  103. MrJudger567

    MrJudger5679 days ago

    Rie is so fine