I Tried To Make This Chocolate Crepe Cake


  1. Temmie

    Temmie3 hours ago

    isnt being gay kinda gay

  2. Alexa Chirinos

    Alexa Chirinos4 hours ago

    That looks so good

  3. Micheal Makun

    Micheal Makun6 hours ago

    Who knew she was a lesbian



    Nikki You have a wife since when

  5. Iz Ward

    Iz WardDay ago

    Niki is so clumsy but she's aMaZiNg

  6. elisa loo

    elisa looDay ago

    Ganache means fool or idiot

  7. elisa loo

    elisa looDay ago

    The story was that a French pastry chef had been teaching his apprentice to make chocolate, but the apprentice poured in too much milk (i think), so the pastry chef called him a fool (Ganache) but he tried it and said it was good.

  8. WalnutTime

    WalnutTimeDay ago

    Tasty>the rest of buzzfeed

  9. WalnutTime

    WalnutTimeDay ago

    When is season two coming out

  10. reina nishida

    reina nishidaDay ago

    Wife, what wife

  11. Ken Lata

    Ken LataDay ago

    I want to be a tasty producer too.. i want to experience the enjoyment they experience when they cook..

  12. Cory Newham

    Cory NewhamDay ago

    Rie's face Nicki said she has made them before was like nah u lying

  13. Harley Quinn

    Harley Quinn2 days ago

    She should get an electric crepe pan instead

  14. WorldReligion

    WorldReligion2 days ago

    Niki's one looks way more delicious than the original tasty video.

  15. ruhi hayat

    ruhi hayat2 days ago

    Niki is a girl or boy

  16. Gadeer Abdo

    Gadeer Abdo2 days ago

    Ilove you to 💜💜🌸🌍

  17. Susilo Attan

    Susilo Attan3 days ago

    Why Rie is look beautiful in every scene

  18. Eline Brouwer

    Eline Brouwer3 days ago

    It's the eggs, she used only 4

  19. Magnitude

    Magnitude3 days ago

    nvever knew niki was les xd

  20. The kawaii factory

    The kawaii factory3 days ago

    I didn't know she was married. She looks so young. Plus I shipped her with andrew

  21. Sweaty Hands

    Sweaty Hands3 days ago


  22. Moataz Jemni

    Moataz Jemni4 days ago

    7:58 penis karma to the lesbian lady xD

  23. Moataz Jemni

    Moataz Jemni4 days ago

    the best thing is to get diarrhea after eating that cake with outdated milk

  24. Kawaii Sprinkles Unicorns n Everything Cute

    Kawaii Sprinkles Unicorns n Everything Cute4 days ago

    This video teaches you not to assume anything for example it looks like your trying to be fancy but you might just have a broken pinky

  25. Riddhi Aich

    Riddhi Aich4 days ago

    She should have scraped the bowl of whipped cream to get more

  26. Bad JunJun

    Bad JunJun4 days ago

    Wait she has a Wife... WHAT... Im Confused 😕

  27. Hebert Gonzalez

    Hebert Gonzalez4 days ago

    Why is everybody getting pissed off that niki is pronouncing it “craip” like leave her the fuck alone we get it you think the world revolves around you but like stfu

  28. Veloci Gaming

    Veloci Gaming4 days ago

    You have been stopped

  29. Random Guy That Comments on Youtube videos

    Random Guy That Comments on Youtube videos4 days ago

    5:07 They did it in the video because they werent using the stupid tasty one top. It heats up unevenly, it cant boil water, its just bullshit

  30. xojoyce

    xojoyce5 days ago

    creape cake euheuheuh

  31. Audrey & Co.

    Audrey & Co.5 days ago

    I think everyone needs a Rie in their life to guide them through

  32. Audrey & Co.

    Audrey & Co.5 days ago

    I think everyone needs a Rie in their life to guide them through



    Captain here: Ganache means idiot or jackass in french. That's what the confectioner said to the trainee, when he accidentally added milk to the chocolate

  34. OG PAKSU gang

    OG PAKSU gang5 days ago


  35. Jerwin Villamero

    Jerwin Villamero6 days ago

    Adam and Andrew are my daddies.

  36. Daniel Romero

    Daniel Romero6 days ago

    Rie plz be my mum

  37. Aya

    Aya6 days ago

    When Niki called her wife i felt disgusted

  38. Luis Contreras

    Luis Contreras6 days ago

    I want fuck to Rie

  39. Rachael Oike

    Rachael Oike6 days ago

    I think Nikki could be possibly the funniest person I have ver watched on MReporter. She is so witty and funny!

  40. YoursTruly

    YoursTruly7 days ago

    Andrews my best friend no he's not Adam is LOL 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  41. Taina Ramirez

    Taina Ramirez7 days ago

    Oh look it’s my friends! hiiii friends

  42. zaraThe Narrator

    zaraThe Narrator7 days ago

    Is it just me but have never ate a crate

  43. Cici Mayo

    Cici Mayo7 days ago

    Does anyone know nikis instagram @?

  44. Sujata Guha

    Sujata Guha7 days ago

    I think that Nikki is really cute and talented

  45. The K&KVlogz

    The K&KVlogz7 days ago

    Me 10:29

  46. • send help •

    • send help •7 days ago

    *egg juice*

  47. Nikolina Ferk

    Nikolina Ferk7 days ago

    I just put all ingredients in bowl mix all with mixer so there's no lumps and then you put just a little bit of vegetable oil in pan and wait until the pan is hot and then you put the batter in pan and you wait like 1 min or less and then you flip with spatula and you get a perfect crepe

  48. • MusicalStephen •

    • MusicalStephen •7 days ago

    12:04 that high five tho....... (NO HATE)

  49. Greeshma R

    Greeshma R8 days ago

    I like all of you

  50. P_quack Crafter

    P_quack Crafter8 days ago

    It's was a mistake letting my dad cook. - - - - - - - He lit a pancake on fire...

  51. maggy manolova

    maggy manolova8 days ago

    11:52 we can definetly see it ;-;

  52. Jodie Adshead

    Jodie Adshead8 days ago

    Cr ep e

  53. GamersMark3

    GamersMark38 days ago

    So she’s simply.. *Lesbian?*

  54. manisha kejriwal

    manisha kejriwal8 days ago

    Niki is boy

  55. QQ Claws

    QQ Claws8 days ago

    Wow... Niki is LESBIAN?!? I never knew that...

  56. Cat Girl

    Cat Girl8 days ago


  57. Isabella Sofia

    Isabella Sofia8 days ago

    Tasty should do sum eating asmr

  58. Audrey

    Audrey9 days ago

    At 12:09 what the heck is blurred out on the cake? 🤔

  59. Audrey

    Audrey9 days ago

    Oh nvm i figured out 😂😂

  60. MylkT1023

    MylkT10239 days ago

    Batter tip: Don't whisk it. Use a blender. Its a lot faster and more consistent. Also let the batter rest for about an hour after you strain it

  61. Victoria Animations Official

    Victoria Animations Official9 days ago

    Why isn't Rie my aunt? (This comment is for fun oof

  62. PrettyInInk x

    PrettyInInk x9 days ago

    Rei being done with Niki's shit is my aesthetic

  63. mkay marcuz

    mkay marcuz10 days ago


  64. Kayla N.

    Kayla N.10 days ago

    Rie the tasty mom Niki the tasty daughter Andrew the tasty son And Adam the tasty dad Tasty family?


    KAYATHEFIRE10 days ago


  66. انثويه اناقه

    انثويه اناقه10 days ago

    انا من الوطن العربى من العراق

  67. bedosone2 - ROBLOX

    bedosone2 - ROBLOX10 days ago

    I am not a professional baker at all, but I think the batter was too thin...in fact, I’m not a baker AT ALL, I just looked st the batter...

  68. Emoji Toys

    Emoji Toys10 days ago

    Every time she says crepe or crepes take a shot!

  69. GeekHide

    GeekHide10 days ago

    Most of the buzzfeed employees are gays...

  70. Sihan Ahmed

    Sihan Ahmed10 days ago

    you know who’s beautiful? me.

  71. FakeRei

    FakeRei10 days ago

    Is that a fact or a opinion?

  72. Avery Gaidosch

    Avery Gaidosch10 days ago

    8:01 cracked me up "it looks like a penis"

  73. Adar Sherzad

    Adar Sherzad10 days ago

    why dont u make 100 layers of crepe cake?

  74. 12346unknown

    12346unknown10 days ago

    12:08 why did they blurr something on the left of the cake? Guess there was a gap in the chocolate but still seems silly n tryhard...

  75. Mr. Lightning Gaming

    Mr. Lightning Gaming10 days ago

    Is nikki a boy or a girl? Please tell me. I am so confused.

  76. Mr. Lightning Gaming

    Mr. Lightning Gaming9 days ago

    +FakeRei oh sorry i thought you were insulting me

  77. Mr. Lightning Gaming

    Mr. Lightning Gaming9 days ago

    +FakeRei what was that for?

  78. FakeRei

    FakeRei10 days ago

    Mr. Lightning Gaming girl

  79. Ama Amzat

    Ama Amzat10 days ago

    Niki is literally me talking about ginash

  80. BS

    BS10 days ago

    i dont want to be that guy but its pronounced "crape"

  81. Shresth Sharma

    Shresth Sharma11 days ago

    Rie is stupid!!!

  82. Alinna For Ever

    Alinna For Ever11 days ago

    I Love Niki's hair😍❤️

  83. Ian Smith

    Ian Smith11 days ago

    13:05 Andrew studies the penis crepe carefully 😏

  84. Calice gaming123

    Calice gaming12311 days ago

    In the UK most butter has no measures on the side and most of our butter comes in plastic sealable containers so we can easily measure one TSP or tablespoons

  85. Maui Francisco

    Maui Francisco11 days ago

    Is niki lesbian or not why does she have a wife?

  86. Farhana Ahmad

    Farhana Ahmad11 days ago

    Is it just me or does she has a very annoying voice?

  87. Nidhi Ahir

    Nidhi Ahir11 days ago

    Who the hell add expired milk in a batter?

  88. Julia Maliha

    Julia Maliha11 days ago

    Sorry if i made you angry

  89. Julia Maliha

    Julia Maliha11 days ago

    Can i ask you? Niki have wife?she lesbian?

  90. Emmanuelle Mutima

    Emmanuelle Mutima12 days ago

    She reminds members of Jen from Ladylike for some reason

  91. A W

    A W12 days ago

    It’s hard watching these kind of videos while dieting 💔

  92. Lovely Ivy Lusterio

    Lovely Ivy Lusterio12 days ago

    Actually just when I'm thinking if Niki already has a husband, she mentioned her WIFE

  93. Helen Zhong

    Helen Zhong12 days ago

    Great song at 8:40 Niki!

  94. spooky jim

    spooky jim12 days ago

    her first instinct was to call her wife. if ur relationship isn’t like this, ur relationship is cancelled.

  95. Danzel Dayondon

    Danzel Dayondon13 days ago

    Niki's wife?!?!?!?!

  96. Azra Papakee

    Azra Papakee13 days ago

    Make bubble milk tea !!!!!

  97. Laura Kubacka

    Laura Kubacka13 days ago

    You know when to flip it if you shake the pan a little. A cooked crepe should unstick, a raw one should not.

  98. Tracy Martell

    Tracy Martell13 days ago

    Y don't u just use a crepe pan its so much easier

  99. Noiz

    Noiz13 days ago

    why do they strain the doug ?

  100. Cristina Mcgee

    Cristina Mcgee13 days ago

    corporation voter restaurant remark jury responsible under train.

  101. Kya

    Kya13 days ago

    I wish rie could make my life decisions

  102. Tatastic Turtle

    Tatastic Turtle13 days ago

    Her wife???????? Shes already a girl

  103. Eye lash

    Eye lash13 days ago

    Thats not how you eat a crepe..

  104. EXE Majestic - Fortnite

    EXE Majestic - Fortnite13 days ago

    So many lesbians and gays in buzzfeed

  105. David Pimlott

    David Pimlott14 days ago

    Was watching and enjoying until I heard who she was calling

  106. Pizza Box

    Pizza Box14 days ago

    I love Rie so much!

  107. Queenofwheels

    Queenofwheels14 days ago

    She annoying