I tried to go to Canada but got stuck in Minneapolis


  1. Jaiden Animations

    Jaiden Animations8 months ago

    btw the ari merch is a joke I’m not selling that bootleg logan maverick design lol I’d get sued, don’t expect to find it in the shop. 👌🏼 but it makes for a bomb twitter banner I’ll tell ya that 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 #arigang 👌🏼👌🏼

  2. MJ Caboose

    MJ Caboose15 hours ago

    Dang it

  3. BluFondue

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  4. AnnasAwkwardCorner ree

    AnnasAwkwardCorner reeMonth ago

    Jaiden Animations I got 500th reply!

  5. Andrew w

    Andrew wMonth ago

    Last comment

  6. Luna Mangle

    Luna MangleMonth ago


  7. Yoshimusic999

    Yoshimusic9994 minutes ago

    This is the first video I watched from Jaiden. When it was new, which doesn’t even feel that far away

  8. Denmarynne Domingo

    Denmarynne Domingo2 hours ago


  9. Lily Hackman

    Lily Hackman2 hours ago

    Canada’s great I love my country

  10. Restless Butter

    Restless Butter2 hours ago

    4:48 u gonna die

  11. TheLegit TUBER

    TheLegit TUBER2 hours ago

    Malaysia is even worst

  12. xXkoalathingisweirdXx

    xXkoalathingisweirdXx3 hours ago

    i love west edmonton mall.alberta is GREAT.

  13. xXkoalathingisweirdXx

    xXkoalathingisweirdXx3 hours ago

    i bet alberta is alberts fave province

  14. Party Boi

    Party Boi4 hours ago

    T SERIES: we are coming for u Pewdiepie: (Aneurysm Attack)

  15. JJ22FTW

    JJ22FTW4 hours ago

    I live in Edmonton And we have that amazing mall with the water park and theme park Canada is gr8!

  16. GooderThanYou

    GooderThanYou4 hours ago

    I’m a proud Minnesotan

  17. Lindsay Miller

    Lindsay Miller5 hours ago


  18. Masked Man

    Masked Man6 hours ago

    “We were always ontop, We’re America’s hat.” -Gingerpale

  19. ms black

    ms black6 hours ago

    what wasn't possible is now doable

  20. Colin .M

    Colin .M6 hours ago

    I live in canada and it is awsome no guns ya

  21. Jesra Renee

    Jesra Renee6 hours ago

    As someone that works in the pharmacy near the airport that takes passport pictures. Sorry.

  22. V.E. Theorist

    V.E. Theorist6 hours ago

    Hold up -- where's the luggage? Edit: oh wait. -_-

  23. Crimsonism

    Crimsonism6 hours ago

    *i desire to expire*

  24. Pepsiikan _?

    Pepsiikan _?7 hours ago

    I love my poutine

  25. Eclipsen eclipse

    Eclipsen eclipse7 hours ago

    Screw canada tetr would be no canada without Americas protection

  26. Oscar Mendoza

    Oscar Mendoza8 hours ago

    Whats a shuddle?

  27. Noobsty Aminates/Plays

    Noobsty Aminates/Plays9 hours ago

    Well if ya dont mind me im just gonna chill up here on a town about 3 hour drive away from toronto (its also below toronto)

  28. Trinh Vu

    Trinh Vu9 hours ago

    Sorry our state caused so much trouble.

  29. Lucia Nicklaus

    Lucia Nicklaus10 hours ago

    I live in Minnesota! And I've been to mall of America! I actually can't say how fun mall of America was because all that happened was I had to drive an hour and my aunt just dragged me to some stupid clothing stores.

  30. Patrick Star

    Patrick Star10 hours ago

    Did you have maple syrup

  31. The Dmonster

    The Dmonster11 hours ago

    omg jaiden i live next to you

  32. crystal. _ .moonlight

    crystal. _ .moonlight11 hours ago

    Wait a minute, Jaiden's mom is a hairdresser?

  33. The MN railfan 1003

    The MN railfan 100311 hours ago

    I actually flew to Phoenix via Minneapolis twice 0.o

  34. Mohsin Gandhi

    Mohsin Gandhi12 hours ago

    this video made me pull my hair out LORD that story was frustrating

  35. Larry

    Larry12 hours ago

    your mom is my MOM !!! OH Goodness :'D

  36. DaGreenPopularPro ProMineCrafter

    DaGreenPopularPro ProMineCrafter13 hours ago

    I used to live in Minneapolis but now I live in Roseville

  37. Daniel Vargas

    Daniel Vargas14 hours ago

    Siempre me entretienen tus historias

  38. Злая зубная щетка

    Злая зубная щетка14 hours ago

    ... mall of america ... oh no....

  39. xXShintaXx Senpai

    xXShintaXx Senpai14 hours ago

    Incredible storytelling and voice keep it up

  40. 2923 Random

    2923 Random15 hours ago

    Wait you not to much older than me

  41. 2923 Random

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  42. 2923 Random

    2923 Random15 hours ago

    Im in ak so I know whats like in Canada im also in fairbanks so Im really close to Canada

  43. 2923 Random

    2923 Random15 hours ago

    I wish I was special

  44. Twistedtruthes Twisted

    Twistedtruthes Twisted15 hours ago

    I live in Canada

  45. It'sTrix 30 For you

    It'sTrix 30 For you17 hours ago

    WOw! domics is in this! HEHEHEHHE

  46. Squid the Gamer

    Squid the Gamer18 hours ago

    2:46 Your blanket looks like a butt.

  47. Sel _x2

    Sel _x219 hours ago

    Stand for the Canadian Anthem,O'Canada *O Canada!* *Our home and native land!* *True patriot love in all of us command.* *With glowing hearts we see thee rise,* *The True North strong and free!* *From far and wide,* *O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.* *God keep our land glorious and free!* *O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.* *O Canada, we stand on guard forrrrrrrrrrr theeeeeee*

  48. Cindy Vega

    Cindy Vega19 hours ago

    "We're America's Hat!" Me: XD

  49. Elle Gray

    Elle Gray20 hours ago

    Hello Fellow Canadians!

  50. Christina B

    Christina B21 hour ago

    3:34 is a fucking mood if I have ever seen one

  51. Dalton 6Gunz

    Dalton 6Gunz21 hour ago

    Hey jaiden! I'm going to be a animated for MReporter btw I'im 9years old btw I love your vids

  52. MichaelMyers87

    MichaelMyers8721 hour ago

    This story reminds me of how much I hate how overcomplicated and tedious life can be sometimes. I'm glad everything worked out in your story, and yes you're mother is bad ass.

  53. StamX

    StamX23 hours ago

    imagine being next to a country so big that you are considered its hat...

  54. Hazim Badlishah

    Hazim BadlishahDay ago

    Your mom went back to the hotel to take your stuffed animal back..... l My mom says to buy a new one 🙂

  55. Arizona

    ArizonaDay ago

    Why your 20?

  56. AJ Starman

    AJ StarmanDay ago

    Thank God I'm already Canadian lol

  57. Enchiladattack

    EnchiladattackDay ago

    Me, a libertarian: *dying inside*

  58. Victoria Gatner

    Victoria GatnerDay ago

    Let's just say it's cold and snowy.

  59. Talia Barabash

    Talia BarabashDay ago

    Wow I actually live in Edmonton and go to West Ed almost every month... so... *IM ON TOP YEAH!*

  60. Michael Salazar

    Michael SalazarDay ago

    1 year ago: Domics: I’m Asian Me: I thought you are American?!?!? 🤨

  61. Corporal Bodhi

    Corporal BodhiDay ago

    Its a lit place though

  62. newns9649

    newns9649Day ago

    Welcome to Canada.

  63. Calculus Daddy

    Calculus DaddyDay ago

    Who else's here in 2019!?!

  64. Bendy the dancing demon

    Bendy the dancing demonDay ago

    6:28 pause and look at the moms face

  65. Prianshini Sudhun

    Prianshini SudhunDay ago

    My favourite anime MReporterr are rotes on this video sonic and jaiden

  66. Mr. Koala

    Mr. KoalaDay ago

    I live in MN, Minneapolis

  67. Mr. Koala

    Mr. KoalaDay ago

    Wow I wasn’t born yet, WOW

  68. Viggo

    ViggoDay ago

    as a resident of minnesota, the mall is amazing

  69. Stella Mortensen

    Stella MortensenDay ago

    I live in Minnesota and I’ve been to mall of america

  70. Pauper Player's Brew

    Pauper Player's BrewDay ago

    Minnesota is my life

  71. Hughmcd13

    Hughmcd13Day ago

    Actually the Mall of America is getting a water park to and have a huge hotel now

  72. Alaura Soriano

    Alaura SorianoDay ago

    2:02 mall of america r u serious that place is freakin crazy it has amusement park in it

  73. Hamad The Dolphin Man

    Hamad The Dolphin ManDay ago

    *_I live in Canada._*

  74. Faze traze

    Faze traze3 hours ago


  75. Savage Doggo

    Savage Doggo4 hours ago


  76. IronPopperPan

    IronPopperPanDay ago

    Wait... Jaiden... are you born 2000!!! Im 17 now (2018) and I haven't done bits!!! Wile you are running a fucking famous YT channel!

  77. Les critiques

    Les critiquesDay ago

    The Canada is the hat of the North America. I love my country (even if there is many snow)

  78. Siraaji Nur

    Siraaji NurDay ago

    I LIVE IN MINNEAPOLIS . . . . And yes! MOA is great, (West Edminton seem SOOOOO much better!)

  79. ITSYABOI219219

    ITSYABOI219219Day ago

    This stresses me out

  80. Laura Gamer

    Laura GamerDay ago

    I was 3 At the Time

  81. Natasha

    NatashaDay ago

    Wait do you live in Canada?

  82. Γιάννης Φραγκουλάκης

    Γιάννης ΦραγκουλάκηςDay ago

    Love u from Greece, keep going. I work 14 hours a day and i have watched all your videos on smartphone. You have good sense of real humor, and you look very smart !

  83. baemheadshot86

    baemheadshot86Day ago

    holy hell i almost got an aneurysm from that story, hope your mom didnt like take any lasting damage from that whole ordeal xD how come you not on that 6 mil! poods sends his regards. i'm 9 btw

  84. 1blackice1

    1blackice1Day ago

    Twas better pre-9/11. When me and my family went to Canada with just a birth certificate an photo ID. And the border crossing didn't even check them 4 out of the 6 times we crossed...

  85. Marganillo

    MarganilloDay ago

    In the EU you just go over the border. That's it. No questions asked. Well except you are from the UK in 2019.

  86. Durr.Burrger

    Durr.BurrgerDay ago

    *we made it*

  87. Hasna Hagi

    Hasna HagiDay ago

    Everything was going smoothly and perfectly fine when I was at the Manchester airport to Dubai, until my brother started whining about the toilet, and be had a good fifteen minutes till the flight so my mom agreed and then the idiot got himself lost and we barely made it to the airport, sadly though, I have a massive fear of aeroplanes, so on takeoff well- nevermind. One of the reasons why I’m scared of them is the TIOLETS!! They flush so loudly and I felt like I was gonna be sucked out so every time I go on the plane I open the door and flush and immediately sonic back to my chair

  88. JayJay Noelastnām

    JayJay NoelastnāmDay ago

    The ending reminds me of the Detroit become human. The part when Kara and Alice cross the border to Canada and the receptor let them pass even though they were androids.

  89. oofBrendan

    oofBrendanDay ago

    i thought that you don’t need a passport to travel from one state to the other in america

  90. ៚PS៚ GamePlay

    ៚PS៚ GamePlayDay ago

    Is your much real? It looks Logan's Mitch!! 😂😂😂😂

  91. tam nguyen

    tam nguyenDay ago

    jaiden mom butt or thicc :D

  92. Apple Lover

    Apple LoverDay ago

    She's 22 now, i think

  93. Yoongi’s Piano

    Yoongi’s PianoDay ago

    Yay Domics 👏🏻👏🏻

  94. ANDII

    ANDII2 days ago

    Lol americas hat🤣🤣🤣🤣

  95. IonClaw

    IonClaw2 days ago

    I came here from Rewind memes... got more then I wanted.

  96. a c

    a c2 days ago

    you really should shoot for 10:01 videos for the extra ad. cutting off at 9:51 is such a waste!

  97. Katie Sims

    Katie Sims2 days ago

    This story gave me anxiety 😂

  98. Cyrinus Lademora

    Cyrinus Lademora2 days ago

    New subscriber here.... anyway i have my fair share of getting stuck in minneapolis story too hahahahah...... but the bad thing is im alone 🙃

  99. Jack GAMER 123

    Jack GAMER 1232 days ago

    Did Domics stop making videos

  100. SokoolCereal

    SokoolCereal2 days ago

    Luck 100

  101. Joel Chambers

    Joel Chambers2 days ago


  102. Butter Man

    Butter Man2 days ago

    Hey don’t throw shade at my hometown

  103. Potatogod999

    Potatogod9992 days ago

    Canada doesn’t exi-

  104. Zahir Hadi

    Zahir Hadi2 days ago

    better than logan paul merch

  105. Man Among Men

    Man Among Men2 days ago

    Yeah, sounds like a standard day in Minnesota. And yeah, Canada has a better mall. (I need to move.)

  106. Seth Goff

    Seth Goff2 days ago

    TECHNICALLY Canadians are American because they are on the North America continent (forgive me if I’m dumb I’m in 4th grade)

  107. Pumkin_Puffs Gaming and More

    Pumkin_Puffs Gaming and More2 days ago

    I always go to mall of America every winter to visit my family. I love mall of America.

  108. The Mad Hatter

    The Mad Hatter2 days ago

    *OH BOY!!! I'M IN HER LIFE!!! Although I'm not a boy... and I'm the oldest... BUT WHO CARES??!!! :3*