I tried to go to Canada but got stuck in Minneapolis


  1. Jaiden Animations

    Jaiden Animations11 months ago

    btw the ari merch is a joke I’m not selling that bootleg logan maverick design lol I’d get sued, don’t expect to find it in the shop. 👌🏼 but it makes for a bomb twitter banner I’ll tell ya that 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 #arigang 👌🏼👌🏼

  2. Isaac Naranjo

    Isaac Naranjo12 hours ago

    Those are cool designs though.

  3. scioopler s

    scioopler s14 days ago

    Jaiden Animations LoL

  4. Laythen Phillips

    Laythen Phillips29 days ago

    Jaiden, if I ever see you wearing that I would say "QUICK SOMEONE GIVE THAT LADY A LAMBORGHINI!" XD lol

  5. LillyNg29

    LillyNg29Month ago

    Dang I would have bought that

  6. Grant plays

    Grant playsHour ago

    I love Canada

  7. Black Cat66

    Black Cat66Hour ago


  8. Unit KAU

    Unit KAU2 hours ago

    go canada!

  9. keepwinning #1

    keepwinning #13 hours ago

    Welcome to America xD

  10. Slytherin Sniper

    Slytherin Sniper4 hours ago

    Woo. Yeah! I live in Minnesota

  11. Wolfycat Yt

    Wolfycat Yt4 hours ago

    Don’t you just hate it when your children expire?

  12. CAN I GET 30 subs

    CAN I GET 30 subs8 hours ago

    Domics doesnt live in canada he live on philippines

  13. Яна Корчагина

    Яна Корчагина10 hours ago


  14. kerby4590

    kerby459012 hours ago

    Jaiden, you must have got super light headed when recording the mother panic attacks. i get light headed when doing that doing some sonic kinda breathing.

  15. Rosa Rodriguez

    Rosa Rodriguez13 hours ago

    It's okay because I lost my stuffed animal in Las Vegas.R.I.P Mike.Can I get a F in a chat.Oof

  16. Andy Hunjan

    Andy Hunjan14 hours ago

    Why would you need both parents' approval? What if they only have one parent? What if they have three? Would they then need three notaries?

  17. Kitty Cat Luna

    Kitty Cat Luna15 hours ago

    My stuffed animal's name is April...and I got her for my birthday.......and my birthday....IS IN APRIL! I DIDN'T EVEN NAME HER! SHE WAS NAMED THAT WHEN I BOUGHT HER!

  18. ACD DCA

    ACD DCA15 hours ago

    I live in Canada

  19. Adriel Flett

    Adriel Flett18 hours ago

    I like canada

  20. stan karas

    stan karas19 hours ago

    Canada is better 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  21. Gacha Dragon

    Gacha DragonDay ago

    Hope you had fun in minnesota! I sure do!

  22. DarkerStarz

    DarkerStarzDay ago

    It’s funny because something similar happened not long ago. We had to go to mexico because we wanted to visit family, but my passport just expired that same day, but they didn’t say anything about it. i could’ve been left in mexico

  23. THISUSERNAME & Studio Gamer Games

    THISUSERNAME & Studio Gamer GamesDay ago

    I live in canada

  24. Duble Thr33 Gaming & Skits

    Duble Thr33 Gaming & SkitsDay ago

    Im canadian but im from British Columbia so it doesnt usually snow all the time

  25. karl Rytlewski

    karl RytlewskiDay ago

    In Canada there's A and in tried there's R and I.then that spells ARI!

  26. JustAnother

    JustAnotherDay ago

    2:19 I legit live next to a mall that’s exactly like that, it’s called west Edmonton mall, and it’s 15 mins away from my house.

  27. Iliana Washington

    Iliana WashingtonDay ago

    I thought your brother name was James?

  28. Iliana Washington

    Iliana WashingtonDay ago


  29. Mr Doge

    Mr DogeDay ago

    What do they always ask

  30. Andrej Palalic

    Andrej PalalicDay ago

    Your mom and my mom are lost twins . My mom acts like yours

  31. Ari The doggo

    Ari The doggoDay ago


  32. Diamondsnipe255 55555

    Diamondsnipe255 55555Day ago

    I have about 50,000,000 stuff animals

  33. Tina Osman

    Tina Osman2 days ago

    I love Mall of America!

  34. arjay dela cruz

    arjay dela cruz2 days ago

    lol ari merch looks like maverick merch

  35. arjay dela cruz

    arjay dela cruz2 days ago

    Yoooo! I watch Ginger Pale But I mostly Watch Jaiden

  36. TheMinnesotaMetro259 ___

    TheMinnesotaMetro259 ___2 days ago

    I live in the suburbs of Minneapolis

  37. Ty Delorme

    Ty Delorme2 days ago

    West Edmonton Mall has all of that except the four floors.

  38. super007red plays

    super007red plays2 days ago

    Best mom in the world 🌎

  39. Akhcgamerz 401

    Akhcgamerz 4012 days ago

    Im jealous. Ive never been to the mall of a America and I live in MN not too far from it.

  40. Strider Gaming

    Strider Gaming2 days ago

    Where in Canada did you go to?

  41. Strider Gaming

    Strider Gaming2 days ago

    Cuz summer isn't that bad

  42. Strider Gaming

    Strider Gaming2 days ago

    What time of the year did you go

  43. Strider Gaming

    Strider Gaming2 days ago

    Like really cold

  44. Strider Gaming

    Strider Gaming2 days ago

    It can get cold tho

  45. Strider Gaming

    Strider Gaming2 days ago

    Its not that bad

  46. Strider Gaming

    Strider Gaming2 days ago

    I'm from canada

  47. Brad Ford

    Brad Ford2 days ago

    I LOOOOoOoOoOoOOOOOOOOOOOOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOOoOoOoOoOOoovvvvvVVVVvvVVvEE stuffy I have 188 of them¡¡

  48. ParkerHTE

    ParkerHTE2 days ago

    I live in canada and it is really fun to live here

  49. Natalie Ventura

    Natalie Ventura2 days ago


  50. Natalie Ventura

    Natalie Ventura2 days ago

    *Canada, America's hat*

  51. Wacky Random

    Wacky Random2 days ago

    OMG I LIVE IN MPLS!!! I was like, 7 years old in 2012. THE MALL OF AMERICA IS REALLY FUN. They do Toddler Tuesdays...

  52. James Randall

    James Randall2 days ago

    3:53 when mom tries to get you up for school

  53. Proto

    Proto2 days ago

    my hometown yo

  54. Gamer Diego

    Gamer Diego3 days ago

    Wait so then Mexico is the pants of america

  55. Javus Pendragon

    Javus Pendragon3 days ago

    ... well did you win the lotto after this?

  56. Lonely bowl of Sam OwO

    Lonely bowl of Sam OwO3 days ago

    *ah yes eh eh maple eh syrup eh eh eh eh eh poutine eh eh free eh health eh ca eh re eh c o l o u r eh metre centre eh grades to get into college ëh*

  57. yayayay Kiwi

    yayayay Kiwi3 days ago

    You should make more merch........... Pls? 🥺

  58. pidgeadin

    pidgeadin3 days ago

    okay so they were like “so both parents are present, correct?” but what would’ve happened if Jaiden and Jax didn’t hAVE a dad/second parent? I’m just curious

  59. ChallengerPlayz Yuo

    ChallengerPlayz Yuo3 days ago

    It is very good

  60. L BANNA

    L BANNA3 days ago


  61. Sue cruz

    Sue cruz3 days ago

    I have like 10000 stuff animals Ps I love u Jaiden❤️❤️❤️

  62. iiHøney

    iiHøney3 days ago

    Awww lucky. I lost my stuffed animal at Las Vegas. I miss him, he was a small Doberman, and he was always in a cute sitting position. His name was Rex 😔


    OOGA BOOGA4 days ago

    I like that jacks face is so 😐

  64. Jonathan wow be tryoris is in big to u white

    Jonathan wow be tryoris is in big to u white4 days ago

    I'll buy it

  65. Eric Coltman

    Eric Coltman4 days ago

    They never ask. I live 5 miles from the border in Minnesota and we go to Canada several times per year. I like the fact that you talk about Minnesota.

  66. shinycinnamon

    shinycinnamon4 days ago

    I was 5 when Jaiden was 14 :O

  67. TheHoly Quail

    TheHoly Quail4 days ago

    Wait, I realized something, girls on average stop growing at 14 years of age. Young Jaiden is animated at like four foot tall compared to her mom, in this video. Either Jaiden's mom is a giant, or Jaiden is tiny. (Jaiden's mom is a titan confirmed) Edit: Please nobody get offended by this, I well know that Jaiden puts a lot of effort putting out videos at the speed she does.

  68. KLK Productions

    KLK Productions4 days ago

    LOL when i was ,like, 3 years old, I had that same Raoole mouse!

  69. Alex Clemann

    Alex Clemann4 days ago

    I was born there :-) Minnesota Minneapolis is the best

  70. GoodGawdGertrude

    GoodGawdGertrude5 days ago

    It's currently 1:19 am and I busted up laughing @ 2:53 (quietly... to myself... because I have roommates)! I love your videos, thank you for blessing us with your life stories and animated adventures 😊

  71. The REAADS crew

    The REAADS crew5 days ago


  72. The dabbing unicorn and the mighty cookie

    The dabbing unicorn and the mighty cookie5 days ago

    My favourite stuffed animal is....... Brace your self Marie

  73. Sam Schellenberg

    Sam Schellenberg5 days ago

    My stuffys are Bamboo Ella Micky Mouse Curious Gorge and Bear-E oddly spellt

  74. Sam Schellenberg

    Sam Schellenberg5 days ago

    I am Edmontonian

  75. - drunken giraffe -

    - drunken giraffe -5 days ago

    I live in mpls, hehe. c:

  76. moonbliv FTW

    moonbliv FTW5 days ago

    Jaiden's mom deserves an award of the highest honor. (Rewatching)

  77. Jonah Simmerson

    Jonah Simmerson5 days ago

    I like Canada, ya know why, I GET ALMOST NO SNOW IN CANADA

  78. Aryn Whalen

    Aryn Whalen5 days ago

    I live in Canada

  79. SilverPhenom

    SilverPhenom5 days ago

    As someone who lives in Minneapolis I have to say theres no such thing as Minnesota nice people are just super passive aggressive and rude... (Especially lookin at you Edina)

  80. Tj and Graysons Nature show

    Tj and Graysons Nature show5 days ago

    I have a sonic plush so

  81. Tj and Graysons Nature show

    Tj and Graysons Nature show5 days ago

    What’s YOUR favorite stuff animal

  82. Heena marok

    Heena marok6 days ago

    I live in canada its cold rn but its great

  83. tpoweredsi00

    tpoweredsi006 days ago

    Jaiden I love u

  84. Guy Fernarni

    Guy Fernarni6 days ago

    Upside down maverick merch

  85. POP!corn

    POP!corn6 days ago

    8:36 NO! BAD MURDER ARI!

  86. Abigail thebest#1

    Abigail thebest#16 days ago

    And I’m in ALBERTA IM CANADIAN!!!!!! HAH IM AMERICANS HAT 🧢 YES!!!!! wow this is wow I’m really really really late gosh

  87. FortniteGamer Spencer

    FortniteGamer Spencer6 days ago

    Lol the start

  88. Off the Finish Line

    Off the Finish Line6 days ago

    I luv ur vids

  89. Xmas Wolf

    Xmas Wolf6 days ago

    Can i help!!

  90. Xmas Wolf

    Xmas Wolf6 days ago


  91. willie jackson

    willie jackson6 days ago

    Someone made you with donices

  92. zombie neker

    zombie neker6 days ago

    mom we forgot my stuffed animals *HEAVY BREATHING INTENSIEFIES*

  93. Rachel Mayhew

    Rachel Mayhew6 days ago

    hi,I love your videos you are so funny and I love your bird ari! :)

  94. Alexthegreat 265

    Alexthegreat 2656 days ago

    Minneapolis is awesome

  95. Dark Souls

    Dark Souls6 days ago

    I can imagine Jaiden and her mom and brother just booking it like SANIC

  96. TOP and Furries

    TOP and Furries6 days ago

    lol Raoole Canadian alert xD We're America's hat xD

  97. subal saha

    subal saha6 days ago

    But u said u were 14.....u still need stuffed animals?ok Also i live in Toronto :)

  98. Nintendo cat

    Nintendo cat7 days ago

    Try coming here during winter

  99. Chilling avec Les 3 pugs

    Chilling avec Les 3 pugs7 days ago

    CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F yeah!!!!

  100. Holden D'Angelo

    Holden D'Angelo7 days ago


  101. vivienne villarosa

    vivienne villarosa7 days ago

    why is there red string on ur moms hand 2:00

  102. Jahubar Sadique

    Jahubar Sadique7 days ago

    Why is your mom angry if the security didn’t ask for the paper


    RAVEN VULTURE7 days ago

    hey Jaiden im going to mall of america this monday so as a fellow gamer what stores do you recomend me to go to?

  104. galaxycrystal wolf

    galaxycrystal wolf7 days ago

    I love your video plise like so jaden can see :)

  105. SerenityM16

    SerenityM167 days ago

    I get why you would need a form to make sure no kidnapping was being involved, but what if your mom was a single parent?