I tried to go to Canada but got stuck in Minneapolis


  1. Jaiden Animations

    Jaiden Animations12 days ago

    btw the ari merch is a joke I’m not selling that bootleg logan maverick design lol I’d get sued, don’t expect to find it in the shop. 👌🏼 but it makes for a bomb twitter banner I’ll tell ya that 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 #arigang 👌🏼👌🏼

  2. all you can memes

    all you can memes11 days ago

    500th reply

  3. Uni Frappuccino

    Uni Frappuccino12 days ago

    Jaiden Animations I can bet that you got hiccups after recording...............

  4. Matalic Draws

    Matalic Draws12 days ago

    Jaiden Animations lol I watched this vid while looking at/holding a Canadian penny

  5. silver snake

    silver snake12 days ago


  6. ツYoshie W.

    ツYoshie W.12 days ago

    Jaiden Animations Aw

  7. Jonathan Alfaro

    Jonathan Alfaro13 minutes ago

    At the end when he says "we are Americas hat" i said defiantly not bc Alaska

  8. Stizzy Gummy

    Stizzy Gummy14 minutes ago

    I have a froggy blanket that I got when I was like 1 years old. I still have it and I wouldn't trade it for even 100000000000000000 dollars because it is so special to me :3

  9. Joeri

    Joeri15 minutes ago

    The airportlady is also the elementary school teacher.

  10. En Gaming

    En Gaming17 minutes ago

    OMG MINNEAPOLIS IS AN MINNESOTA. I LIVE THERE. and MOA has gotten bigger since the last time you’ve seen. Heh.

  11. En Gaming

    En Gaming16 minutes ago

    Well not in Minneapolis but in lakeville, Mn. I’m about 30 min. Away.

  12. Lydia Jose

    Lydia Jose32 minutes ago

    W E. A R E. A L W A Y S. O N. T O P. D O M.

  13. Homie Javiar

    Homie Javiar55 minutes ago

    Damn moms panic attacks sounded like they were fucking😂

  14. Girl Sans

    Girl SansHour ago

    O-O wut

  15. as hell gaming

    as hell gamingHour ago

    Jaiden your only 19-20 years old😣?

  16. Flora Sun

    Flora SunHour ago

    yeah........dont use expired passports

  17. love nightcore forever

    love nightcore foreverHour ago

    U and James......I SHIP IT

  18. SuperSlayer369

    SuperSlayer3693 hours ago

    Your voice is so soothing that I listen to it while Cuphead-ing.

  19. ThePixel Cube

    ThePixel Cube3 hours ago


  20. Komail The crazy boy

    Komail The crazy boy5 hours ago


  21. christian the very gay emo in a jar

    christian the very gay emo in a jar5 hours ago


  22. christian the very gay emo in a jar

    christian the very gay emo in a jar5 hours ago


  23. christian the very gay emo in a jar

    christian the very gay emo in a jar5 hours ago

    omg i've seen weddings there before XD

  24. christian the very gay emo in a jar

    christian the very gay emo in a jar5 hours ago

    the mall of america is easy once you've been there a few times it's great minus the people and noise and more anxiety shit

  25. christian the very gay emo in a jar

    christian the very gay emo in a jar5 hours ago

    stuck in minneapolis? more like get to be there yyyeeeEEEAAAAAAAAA k sorry i live in minnesota but i mean we are the canada of the us™ so it's basically the same thing

  26. Paran0id

    Paran0id6 hours ago

    West Edmonton mall is a shithole now

  27. Mr fit Щавртн

    Mr fit Щавртн7 hours ago

    американская девченка мне нравится твои видит но приходится включать субтитры

  28. BBQSauce

    BBQSauce7 hours ago

    wait whats Canada..

  29. Skitty Kitty

    Skitty Kitty7 hours ago

    Lol the ~maverick~ ari merch is boss

  30. Danie L

    Danie L7 hours ago

    Hay jaiden you know how you were in a bad state ya when i was watching that i was feeling better and i just wanted to say thx

  31. reinaplays

    reinaplays7 hours ago

    I live in canada

  32. Kitty God

    Kitty God8 hours ago

    I saw a arizona t shirt on wish

  33. LBkitten Lover

    LBkitten Lover8 hours ago

    This happened to me too

  34. Princess Brianne Nasog’s Vlogs

    Princess Brianne Nasog’s Vlogs8 hours ago

    New sub

  35. leo Lizarraga

    leo Lizarraga8 hours ago

    I love you and im 8 and I wish Id meet you

  36. LittenBitten The Kitten

    LittenBitten The Kitten9 hours ago

    Hey Jaiden

  37. øtaku chan

    øtaku chan9 hours ago


  38. Ryan Quintanilla

    Ryan Quintanilla9 hours ago


  39. Hxi2 Gaming

    Hxi2 Gaming9 hours ago

    Hey jaiden can u make a video of ur roommates


    OGSLIMEJEWELS9 hours ago

    You can just live there. You know?

  41. Banana Stewart

    Banana Stewart9 hours ago

    IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY TO SEE MY FAV ANIMATORS COLLABORATING!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAACCKCKCCCCKCKFNQODNWBFBKQOXRB!!!!!! You, Dominics and OddOnesOut should collab together!!! That would be amazing to have all the MReporter animations that inspire me in one video!!! Oooh and Draw with Jazza could be in it too!!!! It be so awesome!!

  42. Bone kids

    Bone kids9 hours ago

    She's 20-19

  43. Pineapple Punch

    Pineapple Punch9 hours ago

    I’m from Canada......

  44. ItsMeDos

    ItsMeDos10 hours ago

    Can You Collab With James Again?

  45. Mini Night

    Mini Night10 hours ago

    cool animations. Cool talking. Cool story. Wait. DOMICS!!!!

  46. 123GAMING! HQ

    123GAMING! HQ10 hours ago

    Jaden I know you and that dude kissed on the last video uhhhhhhh...that was me

  47. Jessica P

    Jessica P10 hours ago

    I lost it at the Ari merch thing I would actually buy it if it was real

  48. Konzin 189

    Konzin 18910 hours ago

    Can you please do the [ *E-V-E-R-Y-T-I-M-E Meme* ] thing

  49. Smokey Seas

    Smokey Seas10 hours ago

    your videos really help me, because they are so funny. I am feeling really sick right now, for many reasons - when I inhale, it's like breathing rubber I keep sneezing super runny nose COugH ridiculously tired - and I'm glad your videos are there to make me feel good again

  50. Camila Campos

    Camila Campos10 hours ago

    Ur mum did a DAAaAmMMMMM good job of taking care of the expired food

  51. Jayden and Kennedy's channel !!!

    Jayden and Kennedy's channel !!!10 hours ago

    Nice funny vid

  52. Mariana García

    Mariana García10 hours ago

    Pls do a reacting to kpop video :D It would be awesome! Btw I love your videos!

  53. Luca TheFoxWolf

    Luca TheFoxWolf11 hours ago

    Wait they live in Alberta? dOMICS GET OVER HERE

  54. Lillian Jones

    Lillian Jones11 hours ago

    I'm from canada... Stop the stupid sario types...

  55. Pyro Blaze

    Pyro Blaze11 hours ago

    who lives in edmonton lmao

  56. Galaxy Wolf845

    Galaxy Wolf84512 hours ago

    Jadien my friend said that your a great utuber and I said okie I'll watch her and when I saw one your vids i was INSPIRE X3

  57. Janet Gallegos

    Janet Gallegos12 hours ago


  58. Jacob Rendon

    Jacob Rendon12 hours ago

    Hi I'm 9 I love your videos

  59. 大田由加利

    大田由加利12 hours ago

    Hey I’m Canadian

  60. JoloYoloY2

    JoloYoloY212 hours ago

    I’m an animator

  61. JoloYoloY2

    JoloYoloY212 hours ago

    Wut do u need

  62. Daniel Rodriguez

    Daniel Rodriguez12 hours ago

    When your favorite MReporterr has been to the same mall as you in the same year and possibly month....😨😱😫😭

  63. Marcia Browning

    Marcia Browning12 hours ago

    I love your Chanel!! It SOO funny!! 😄

  64. A Old Crockpot

    A Old Crockpot12 hours ago

    Yay gingerpale

  65. Coobxyooj Xyooj

    Coobxyooj Xyooj13 hours ago

    And I live in Minneapolis

  66. Coobxyooj Xyooj

    Coobxyooj Xyooj13 hours ago

    Minneapolis and I have been to mall of America and I went to sea life

  67. Tracy Davis

    Tracy Davis13 hours ago

    "time for an adventure! adventure ti-!" *copyrited*

  68. Falconflight Warriors

    Falconflight Warriors13 hours ago

    Hey Jaiden i just got a green Indian ringneck yesterday, for free! It flew into a cage

  69. Kinz Cloud

    Kinz Cloud14 hours ago

    hell ya west edmonto mall!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Daniel Moreno

    Daniel Moreno14 hours ago

    You should Sell ari merchandise

  71. james harkness

    james harkness14 hours ago

    Hey Jaiden you and your bird inspired me to get a bird it's a parikeet her name is Lizzy Thank you

  72. T. Yoshisaur Munchacoopas 2 Cousins!

    T. Yoshisaur Munchacoopas 2 Cousins!14 hours ago

    Hi im 5 you are good with an amintion. 😃

  73. Emile R Toka Sile

    Emile R Toka Sile14 hours ago

    we are americas hat

  74. Tatiana Prizant

    Tatiana Prizant14 hours ago

    Hey Jaiden, I was taking a math test with a story problem, and the person's name was ARI. (BTW Ari was a girl in the story). *GENDER CONFIRMED*

  75. Huntsmen Pink

    Huntsmen Pink15 hours ago

    Holla from MOA!!!

  76. Liam Jensen

    Liam Jensen15 hours ago

    I love west Edmonton mall

  77. Hey it’s Hannah

    Hey it’s Hannah15 hours ago

    Yeah West Edmonton Mall is really fun but super busy. They have a hotel and water park and lots and lots of shops.

  78. Dervish Slime

    Dervish Slime15 hours ago

    I emailed you lol go check

  79. Rin Hatake

    Rin Hatake16 hours ago

    I liked hearing about Minnesota!

  80. Shrivvlez

    Shrivvlez16 hours ago

    Holeh you were in my state? BTW I have been in that mirror maze in the mall

  81. doms anamations

    doms anamations16 hours ago

    Hi jeden what do u use to draw ur anamation just wondering

  82. Cringe Studios

    Cringe Studios16 hours ago

    Geez your mom is amazing Also Im canadian and theres still snow back in Toronto 😢😢😢😢

  83. Style Me

    Style Me16 hours ago

    Do you know that TomTom said your weird 😯

  84. Guest 722717727

    Guest 72271772716 hours ago

    Umm I’m from Minnesota that’s sad but okay

  85. Collin Ong

    Collin Ong16 hours ago

    this means Jaiden is around 20

  86. Firedefeat 1

    Firedefeat 116 hours ago

    Hi Jaiden I like your videos and my name is Gabriel and I know it’s not necessary(like you said in your video)I think you should do a draw my life video

  87. Killian Hannon

    Killian Hannon16 hours ago

    Hey I just found your channel, it's really good,this was hilarious, also your mom is a legend! Keep up the good work

  88. Firedefeat 1

    Firedefeat 116 hours ago

    I live in Canada

  89. Albatron Data Mind

    Albatron Data Mind17 hours ago

    Thanks for making my day better. I can just watch any video and feel much better. I’m still defragging from the last time I played a game. BTW I hate battle royale games.

  90. Luigifan1115 (and a whole team of people your gonna yell at me about, I'm sure)

    Luigifan1115 (and a whole team of people your gonna yell at me about, I'm sure)17 hours ago

    I love your videos! They're amazing! (sees one of the videos where you complain about... old videos) HA! Funny! How could your videos EVER be bad?

  91. Jackson Derion

    Jackson Derion17 hours ago

    omg guys it’s the new trend expi~! -expired-

  92. Evan Fitzsimmons

    Evan Fitzsimmons17 hours ago

    I subbed to u becuz ure channel is good

  93. Juanita Sinnett

    Juanita Sinnett17 hours ago

    its my b day!

  94. Weiwei Cheng

    Weiwei Cheng18 hours ago

    More collars with theodd1sout!!! (James)

  95. Diana Mendez

    Diana Mendez19 hours ago

    Jaiden you are the cutest Asian i have ever seen

  96. zahida Ali

    zahida Ali20 hours ago

    I animate on flipaclip

  97. Slytherclaw Cuphead

    Slytherclaw Cuphead20 hours ago

    Expired white milk children

  98. Madison Weadbrock.

    Madison Weadbrock.21 hour ago

    do a collab with aidini tortellini [might have spelled it wrong]

  99. jrenae75

    jrenae7521 hour ago

    My sister in law had a similar story and they call it "the incident". They were in a 5 hour layover in London and her husband with their two older kids thought they had time to ride the tube and see some site and get back in time. WRONG. Tube broke down. Let's say my sister in law was in tears when they were loading their flight and the doors were about the close and her husband and two boys came running. She wouldn't speak to her husband all the way to Chicago or changing planes back to AZ. It is called "The Incident" and even though this happened some 15 years ago, I think my brother in law is still in the doghouse. .....ehy Jaiden, my also Arizona-trapped 14 year old started this channel and gave you a SHOUT OUT! His channel is SARCASM STUDIOS.

  100. Scorpian Code

    Scorpian Code22 hours ago

    Jaiden, I might be late and haven't watched your videos in a while... but you sound happier :)

  101. jellibHeen

    jellibHeen22 hours ago

    her animation improveeedddd alooot right?

  102. something

    something22 hours ago

    I've noticed a big voice change in comparison to Jaiden's older videos. It's weird rewatching her older videos and then looking at her newest ones. I think most noticeable difference is in her "My Instrument Experiences" video. Not just in the voice, but in the animation look, too. Her avatar changed a bit.

  103. Thydoomchanther Aj

    Thydoomchanther Aj22 hours ago

    I drew fan art check on deviant art

  104. Luna Wolfkin :3 X3 TM

    Luna Wolfkin :3 X3 TM23 hours ago

    hi Jaidon, I draw a Picture of ari For you I would be So Happy If u Look at it *sorry for my English if it's Bad*

  105. Lesley Luna

    Lesley Luna23 hours ago

    I love you😍

  106. Black and Yellow Dudes

    Black and Yellow Dudes23 hours ago

    I live in Canada. l like it in Camada.

  107. Jelly beans Lover xoxox

    Jelly beans Lover xoxoxDay ago

    I ship you with tonyVtoons