I Tried Not Touching My Face For 2 Weeks


  1. Radoellas 's

    Radoellas 's2 months ago

    i touch my face every second :( im gonna try this for 1 month

  2. Jessica H

    Jessica H2 months ago

    Radoellas 's Good luck! I really want to do something like this but it’s really hard.

  3. jenna m

    jenna m3 months ago

    she reminds me of jimin

  4. Inspi Isaac

    Inspi Isaac3 months ago

    I really this so much. I’m still 13 and have been picking my acne since 10. When I was young, like age 4 and 3 I’d pick my dry chapped lips. I remember many times where my mom told me to stop peeling of the skin. And my dad would take videos (almost like blogs but he would not post it) of so many things we did when we were young. So he was driving and kept the camera at the front of the car. I was 5 and sitting on the seat and my mom told me 8 times to stop peeling the skin of my lips in a 30 minuted ride. I stopped peeling my lips but started picking on my acne. I still can’t stop.

  5. White Adea ツ

    White Adea ツ3 months ago

    "Do you think I will not touch my face for 2 weeks?" *You will touch your face in 15 minutes.*

  6. Jojo Love

    Jojo Love3 months ago

    I feel you girl....honestly if you’re as bad at pink in gas you say you look damn good I’m terrible and I had bad acne that started in 5th grade and got worse then a bit better in high school and at 23 got pregnant with my first baby girl and boom acne got crazy and now my dark spots from picking scabs and popping pimples then it better then got pregnant with my second and last any girl and boom bad again and now I can’t even cover the dark spots with makeup because they are so bad.

  7. Liz Hart

    Liz Hart4 months ago

    Couldnt get past 2:58 of the video...her habit of URGES to TOUCH/PICK truly annoyed me. lol

  8. lea martin

    lea martin4 months ago

    I have anxiety and picking my face is one of the ways it shows itself. I trace my face and any little bump i feel i pick at it.

  9. Natalia S

    Natalia S4 months ago

    1:47 she touched her face

  10. Tiana  Mone

    Tiana Mone5 months ago

    Chapstick could help with peeling the lips 👄

  11. kelsey Hoffman

    kelsey Hoffman5 months ago

    Get a Tangle! It helps so much especially when your driving and stopped at red lights and when your on the computer.

  12. Ellie Anjew

    Ellie Anjew5 months ago

    I had a science class with petri dishes and I chose to swab a door handle... it had it freaking it had it freaking staph infection!!!

  13. oniyx

    oniyx5 months ago

    what about when you wake up and you have sleep in your eyes

  14. Zainab Ahmed

    Zainab Ahmed6 months ago

    I wanna slap her for constantly touching her face in throughout the video.

  15. Selin Askin

    Selin Askin6 months ago

    I am going to try that yea

  16. Trust me im indian

    Trust me im indian6 months ago

    Watching this video touching my face

  17. Silver Costa

    Silver Costa7 months ago

    This was kinda gross. Not going to lie 😷

  18. Leafymint AJ

    Leafymint AJ7 months ago

    Haaaaa I can’t even see her scabs.... my face is... ahck

  19. It's Roblox girl Gabby Is Amazing

    It's Roblox girl Gabby Is Amazing7 months ago


  20. Chloe Johnson

    Chloe Johnson7 months ago

    I touched my face like a million times during this video 😂

  21. let's talk about harry potter

    let's talk about harry potter7 months ago

    I'm gonna try to do this!

  22. Esmeralda Rivera

    Esmeralda Rivera7 months ago

    This makes me want to touch my face ._. ...

  23. Lea Rolland

    Lea Rolland7 months ago

    Sue interpret mate extreme belong telephone provision blanket portion

  24. Kinny Luke

    Kinny Luke7 months ago

    What happens when her face itches

  25. adeline !!

    adeline !!7 months ago

    i dont pick at my face but im always resting my head on hands/arm in school :,)

  26. Ariana San Nicolas

    Ariana San Nicolas7 months ago

    I tried to do it during the video and I randomly started touching my forehead 😭😭

  27. Super Nova

    Super Nova7 months ago

    I’ve tried so many things like cutting my nails really short so I can’t really pick at my face and then I tried growing them long so it’s harder but nothing has worked :(

  28. Sam Quam

    Sam Quam8 months ago

    I love those pens, I just got a .38 and I'm excited.

  29. Eneiris Ocasio

    Eneiris Ocasio8 months ago

    I really need to try this because i literally touch my face everytime. And i have acbe cuz of that.

  30. Autumn Goldwater

    Autumn Goldwater8 months ago

    her lips r hella crusty

  31. Charize Wong

    Charize Wong8 months ago

    This is me. Litteraly. if it's not my face it's my thumb

  32. ella hanson

    ella hanson8 months ago

    lasted three minutes before going and washing my face intensely

  33. ThatsKami

    ThatsKami8 months ago

    I used to touch my face a lot. Now I never touch my face during the day because I wear foundation and lipstick and I don't want to mess it up. It really helped me. Also, just make an habit of washing your hands before applying anything onto your face. If you need to touch a pimple, just use a sanitized tool or 2 cotton swab, it'll make a huge difference :)

  34. Emily Smith

    Emily Smith8 months ago

    Honestly, she has got WAY better skin than me so whenever she talks about a pimple, I can’t see it

  35. Abbie M

    Abbie M8 months ago

    I've been refraining from touching my face with 'unclean' hands for many years. I only touch it once my hands have been sanitized. If they're not sanitized, I'd get a tissue and use it to scratch an itchy part of my face. I can tell my skin has definitely improved over the years considering my skin is acne-prone and oily. Not using makeup especially those that are powder based also helped. I know it's a bit of work but I'd rather do these things than suffer from horrible breakouts.

  36. Persephone Rose

    Persephone Rose8 months ago

    I pick at my dead skin on my fingers all the time. Now I want to do this challenge with my fingers

  37. Juliana Avila

    Juliana Avila8 months ago

    used to do this all the time once i stopped my face cleared up a lot. i still get a lot of urges tho

  38. Lydia Waring

    Lydia Waring8 months ago

    I really dislike the coworkers trying to annoy her and touch her face. That's so rude. Who thought that was a good idea?

  39. Louella agui

    Louella agui8 months ago

    You're road! U acting like a ked! 😂😂😂

  40. Esther de Wit

    Esther de Wit8 months ago

    Casual finance nearly empty mental French comfortable challenge sword

  41. Zo Ric

    Zo Ric8 months ago

    Pro tip for removing eye-boogers as I call them without sticking your fingers in your eyes: take a Q-tip and lightly graze it along your waterline or just put it to the inner corner of your eye and give it a good twirl. You can wet the Q-tip to avoid any irritation :)

  42. ZZbreezy

    ZZbreezy8 months ago

    -i don't like her- She touched her face the whole time! :[

  43. LiveLoveAct

    LiveLoveAct8 months ago

    Title: I Tried Not Touching My Face For 2 Weeks Watched video one minute in Me: I already lost count on how many times she touched her face...

  44. Lysca

    Lysca8 months ago

    i have dermatillomania so i have gloves that i wear whenever i notice myself touching my face too much

  45. Natalka Davis

    Natalka Davis8 months ago

    I can't even watch this whole video without touching my face.

  46. emptytears.

    emptytears.8 months ago

    no way, i never knew somebody who was picking her lips, as i do. And its a really bad habit :(

  47. Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ8 months ago

    Put some chapstick on damn

  48. Michael Weirdo

    Michael Weirdo8 months ago

    I'm so angry at her co-workers. Because she is trying to change a habit that its damage to her, and even though she is struggling so much the friends are just being dickasses and not helpful at all

  49. Justine Kandra

    Justine Kandra8 months ago

    Keep it up! I struggle with skin picking as well and have for as long as I can remember.

  50. Tracey Crawford

    Tracey Crawford8 months ago

    It's actually a thing called Dermatillomania... (or the new name 'Excoriation Disorder'). I have it too. Compulsive skin picking. There are some great MReporter videos about it :)

  51. UrSING POP Made me gay

    UrSING POP Made me gay8 months ago


  52. KittyStitches

    KittyStitches8 months ago

    Regular use of chapstick and something to occupy your hands (fidget cube, worry stone, spinner ring, etc) helped me immensely. If I need to itch my face, I use the back of my hand.

  53. Yushi X

    Yushi X8 months ago

    Finally someone else who says eye poop.

  54. Mia Echlin

    Mia Echlin8 months ago

    why am i intrigued

  55. Samantha Lorenzo

    Samantha Lorenzo8 months ago


  56. Random Girl

    Random Girl8 months ago

    0:22 Failed

  57. Nobody

    Nobody8 months ago

    I just touched my face...

  58. NymphetaminexXxGrrrl

    NymphetaminexXxGrrrl8 months ago

    I saw the title and thought for some odd reason someone was trying not to touch their face at all, all i could think was uum... two whole weeks without washing your face!? Should have said two weeks without excessive touching or picking. I used to have an issue with skin picking since i was a child that got pretty serious and i had to sleep with gloves taped to my hands or i would literally wake up with blood under my nails, but i had this rule for myself that face was off limits. My whole body is scarred but i refused to scratch my face. Of course now that i wear makeup i'm a little worried that constantly applying and removing makeup, and moisturizing might irritate my skin. I just carry little alcohol sanitizers (some nice scented ones with lower alcohol content that clean most of the germs but don't dry out your hands) and use that before touching my face, or after being in public stores. Also i wouldn't call the picking a "fetish" unless you derive sexual pleasure from it that is mandatory to achieve an orgasm. A better word would be "habit" Anyway i think lots of people have this problem. Conscious awareness helps but it can definitely be an unconscious behavior as well.

  59. ganzlove

    ganzlove8 months ago

    I have suchhhh a problem touching my face! I'm gonna try this! Thanks for the motivation :D

  60. kenzie bumblebear

    kenzie bumblebear8 months ago

    I was touching my face and then I read at 0.42 and then suddenly stopped

  61. it's raining cats and dogs

    it's raining cats and dogs8 months ago

    I think its disgusting to pick on scabs or dead skin in public 😣

  62. it's raining cats and dogs

    it's raining cats and dogs8 months ago

    I never touch my face when i am wearing makeup 😏

  63. Keep The Hope Running

    Keep The Hope Running8 months ago

    SHe has dermatillomania

  64. Arabėlla Kvelbërj

    Arabėlla Kvelbërj8 months ago

    lol she still got germs on her skin from her sunglasses, headphones ect.

  65. Arabėlla Kvelbërj

    Arabėlla Kvelbërj8 months ago

    I would do this but I wash my face so

  66. Khai C.

    Khai C.8 months ago

    “She can apply makeup but without her hands” *Use your feet*

  67. Khai C.

    Khai C.8 months ago

    I didn’t touch my face throughout this video yay

  68. HeyJay

    HeyJay8 months ago

    I feel like there should’ve been a counter throughout the video Edit: wrote this before she showed her little counter

  69. Ismael Legrand

    Ismael Legrand8 months ago

    Table defense existing aware battery minimize diagnose determination.

  70. Taylor Schmitt

    Taylor Schmitt8 months ago

    I have an extreme problem with picking at my skin, especially my face. I have tried so many different methods to stop this habit but nothing ever worked so I just gave up. This video inspired me and now I want to try the same thing and see if I can finally break this habit that I’ve had for so long.

  71. Anna Masip

    Anna Masip8 months ago

    you've been touching your face throughout the whole video like what is this

  72. TieDyedKiwi

    TieDyedKiwi8 months ago

    finally a buzzfeed video i can truly relate to

  73. AChannel

    AChannel8 months ago

    I'll try this. My face looks like a meteor

  74. Mz Kegz

    Mz Kegz8 months ago

    I always wanted to try this

  75. Mika Sanchez

    Mika Sanchez8 months ago

    I always touch my face because it feels ticklish or itchy sometimes but I try not to. It's so annoying assfjfjshf

  76. nittoburn4

    nittoburn48 months ago

    i tried not to touch my face during this entire video and i failed so i definitely couldn't survive doing a whole two weeks lol

  77. milkyteaspoon

    milkyteaspoon8 months ago

    God I need to try this. Ive always picked at scabs and my skin. It went from picking scabs on my arms and legs to picking acne on my face which is causing scarring especially on the corners of my mouth. Hopefully this can help me out a bit. (Plus I got oily combination skin so maybe this will help with that a little too)

  78. india davis

    india davis8 months ago

    I'm touching my faster as I watch this video

  79. WaterMelanie93

    WaterMelanie938 months ago

    That... That couldn't have been chapstick. There's no way.

  80. Brooke Stop

    Brooke Stop8 months ago

    OK, so if that is a face of someone with bad skin and breakouts, then what would someone call mine? This girl is crazy if she thinks she ever had bad skin! Her face is beautiful and I don't see anything!

  81. Felicia Marie Leclair

    Felicia Marie Leclair8 months ago

    I have to touch my face when I put in my contacts, when I put on makeup, washing/moisturizing, and it’s silly to not scratch if you have a persistent itch or not wipe away tears. I feel like “touching your face” and picking at your skin is different...

  82. Isabella Bauer

    Isabella Bauer8 months ago

    This video was lowkey pointless bc literally 5 minutes in the video you touched your face and then you continue to touch your face throughout the entire video

  83. Myra H

    Myra H8 months ago

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  84. it's madailéin

    it's madailéin8 months ago

    she has the same dog as me! (doberman)

  85. FunMiaLoL's StopMotion Films

    FunMiaLoL's StopMotion Films8 months ago



    CAROLINE HARMON8 months ago

    Eye poops? Ahaha

  87. Scarlett A.

    Scarlett A.8 months ago

    I used to have a problem with picking my dry lips until they bleed, but when I exfoliate my lips with a sugar scrub and apply vaseline often, it never have to do that (: using a clean toothbrush with vaseline to exfoliate works too

  88. ak_violist

    ak_violist8 months ago

    I have this too, but mostly on my thumbs. Dermatillomania sucks

  89. Finley Beaver

    Finley Beaver8 months ago

    u might have dermotilomania. it’s pretty common. i’ve had it since i was in elementary school. i pick pretty much all over my body. it’s actually connected ocd, as it’s a compulsion and impulse control issue.

  90. Victoria Dang

    Victoria Dang8 months ago

    Just wear gloves.

  91. Steph I

    Steph I8 months ago

    acne scars? GIRL WHAT ACNE SCARS all i see are little moles...

  92. Shy Leena

    Shy Leena8 months ago

    This is the biggest struggle of my life T_T I just can't my hand autommatically just go to my face

  93. emily S

    emily S8 months ago

    You literally touch your face in every clip. What was the point of this video

  94. ForReal ForReal

    ForReal ForReal8 months ago

    I was trying to not touch mi face during the video but my nose stared to itch so bad like never before!

  95. L M

    L M8 months ago

    I never touch my face ! Only after i washed my hands

  96. Vanessa

    Vanessa8 months ago

    i know which challenge Ill be starting today..

  97. wixxkers piñata

    wixxkers piñata8 months ago

    Ditto gurl, DITTOO

  98. Joanna Georges

    Joanna Georges8 months ago

    Everytime she touched her face to make the point that she touched her face I wanted to slap her hand away

  99. PaperBagBoy

    PaperBagBoy8 months ago

    I'm genuinely going to try harder at this now too. I want to try and clear my acne, but I keep touching my face which makes it all dirty and keeps pimples appearing constantly. Same with the chapped lips too, and then the finger picking. This video is pretty much what I needed right now.

  100. Creeper Mishra

    Creeper Mishra8 months ago

    0:07i wonder what she is doing

  101. Mari Anna

    Mari Anna8 months ago

    If you wear make up you're less likely to touch your face. Works for me at least.