I Tried Making Kinetic Sand!


  1. DaveHax

    DaveHax3 months ago

    What are you planning this weekend, anything fun? For more slime videos see here:mreporter.net/v/video-bZ1WmeKir78.html?list=PLQ_T2NppE0PIDyru5141DPY2DxsBYzJoE

  2. paul lacerna

    paul lacernaDay ago

    Btw you sound like *will Mcdaniel*

  3. Cick? S M O G Goi

    Cick? S M O G Goi8 days ago

    Nice huh

  4. Cara Wittman

    Cara Wittman13 days ago

    DaveHax Hi

  5. Khaled Elagha

    Khaled Elagha23 days ago

    DaveHax i love your video

  6. Super Thomas 69’0

    Super Thomas 69’024 days ago

    DaveHax That’s a lot

  7. #seanog and tara life

    #seanog and tara life3 hours ago

    4:06 hon mayo


    RILEY GRAY15 hours ago

    pretty cool huh? Mate

  9. Infinity Times Channel

    Infinity Times Channel16 hours ago

    0:20 literally every emo’s life in one sentence

  10. Alkinoos Michalopoulos

    Alkinoos MichalopoulosDay ago

    pRetTy CoOl hUh

  11. The paniagua family

    The paniagua family2 days ago


  12. Catz Playz Gaming

    Catz Playz Gaming2 days ago

    I swear I heard this song in undertale XD

  13. sophia estabrooks

    sophia estabrooks3 days ago

    I got dark blue kinetic sand and conbined it with my little brothers cosmic sand...

  14. LodiLovesMuffins

    LodiLovesMuffins3 days ago

    so basically... you just made slime with colored sand.

  15. Loving Sophia

    Loving Sophia3 days ago

    *P* R *E* T *TY* COOL HUH?

  16. pankaja vijaykrishnan

    pankaja vijaykrishnan3 days ago


  17. xxpredatordroneGaming 3

    xxpredatordroneGaming 33 days ago

    i hate your stupid voice!!!

  18. LodiLovesMuffins

    LodiLovesMuffins3 days ago

    I hate your username.

  19. Oliver Sanchez

    Oliver Sanchez3 days ago

    Added a bit? 2:14

  20. A Random Lantern

    A Random Lantern4 days ago

    "And if you like these, you can chop them up"

  21. A Random Lantern

    A Random Lantern4 days ago

    1:04 how to torture your bootleg lego figure

  22. Team Kijoba

    Team Kijoba4 days ago

    Satisfying 😌

  23. Peggy cat Plays

    Peggy cat Plays4 days ago

    Amazing video keep up the good work and by the way can you try to make a kenetic sand fidget spinner if you haven’t done one already?

  24. Peggy cat Plays

    Peggy cat Plays4 days ago

    Btw I subscribers and liked the videp

  25. Luigi Cat

    Luigi Cat4 days ago

    Good for stop-motions.

  26. Sebastián Gómez

    Sebastián Gómez4 days ago

    R.i.p lego

  27. Sofia Vista

    Sofia Vista4 days ago

    Ur so smart!! Each and every one of ur vids!!

  28. The Art Of Drawing

    The Art Of Drawing4 days ago

    You should call the stuff you made slimey sand

  29. piotro50 official

    piotro50 official5 days ago

    Sand.....uh sand its everywhere now


    OMASUMINIE6 days ago

    Omg stop saying “PRETTY COOL HUH?!!!!”

  31. Kiwi dash / Kd

    Kiwi dash / Kd6 days ago

    It’s not almost fluffy it is fluffy

  32. Marinette Dupain-Cheng

    Marinette Dupain-Cheng6 days ago

    *cuts lego* Giving you this *"lovely"* straight cut lines...

  33. Alexander Murko

    Alexander Murko6 days ago

    Can you eat it, I’m hungys

  34. Torchie Animatesss

    Torchie Animatesss6 days ago

    Rip Lego man

  35. JaylindenXX

    JaylindenXX6 days ago

    Making this ruined my childhood sniff snif

  36. Zodiac Bob

    Zodiac Bob7 days ago

    2:13 Just a LITTLE bit

  37. Lulu Froufrou

    Lulu Froufrou7 days ago

    1:08 murderer

  38. Super galaxy

    Super galaxy7 days ago


  39. Laugh Out Loud XD

    Laugh Out Loud XD7 days ago

    S U P R E M E S A N D 9 9 % G R E A T F O R Y O U R C H I L D

  40. Nice Bad

    Nice Bad8 days ago

    Slime -> Spinner -> Oobleck -> alumunium foil ball -> galium -> and this... Hell... I want it all 😂

  41. Amy_in_the_woods

    Amy_in_the_woods8 days ago

    *PrIdDY CoOl hUh¿*

  42. Dovydas Levanavičius

    Dovydas Levanavičius8 days ago

    better make army of lego man and then build caste then put lego man next of castle then get a lot of theeth pick then use at arrows xd

  43. Mati Sadkiewicz

    Mati Sadkiewicz8 days ago

    This was uploaded on my birthday lol


    PACKAPUNCH A GUN8 days ago

    I don't feel so good

  45. Ace Is Making Intro For Everyone & Plays More!

    Ace Is Making Intro For Everyone & Plays More!9 days ago

    Dave Your The Best!!!!!

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  47. Rayke 06

    Rayke 0611 days ago

    You just need a bucket of FGames

  48. Emerxld

    Emerxld11 days ago

    1:17 worse than a crucifixion 😂

  49. Gonzo the great

    Gonzo the great11 days ago

    3:35 with captions on: SQUID JIZZ

  50. coaster POV

    coaster POV11 days ago

    That is such a good square and smooth

  51. Webs Roblox & More

    Webs Roblox & More12 days ago

    Mhm. A little bit of sand. Not.

  52. Eli Gamer

    Eli Gamer13 days ago


  53. TheRetroCody

    TheRetroCody13 days ago

    It looks like a marshmallow. I want to eat it so bad for some reason ;-;

  54. Natasha Robinson

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  55. ROBLOX Roblox

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  56. Phoenix Gonzalez

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  57. Josue Ignacio

    Josue Ignacio14 days ago

    (Miniatura) No me quiero ir sr stark :'v

  58. Linda Markus

    Linda Markus14 days ago

    For those ppl that said no but i want to BOI you live under a rock jk JK JK

  59. Jonathan B

    Jonathan B14 days ago

    *See thumbnail* MR STARK I DON'T FEEL SO GOOD

  60. SquidWeed

    SquidWeed15 days ago

    your accent ...

  61. Jhoncena Mariposa

    Jhoncena Mariposa15 days ago

    1:08 that what I like

  62. Ultimatepaarntie

    Ultimatepaarntie15 days ago

    Why do you say again so irritating

  63. Re: Flow

    Re: Flow15 days ago

    Oh god the bgm reminds me of sethbling

  64. Daisey Chandler

    Daisey Chandler15 days ago

    You sound like a robot

  65. Messed up Strawberry

    Messed up Strawberry15 days ago

    0:56 *I feel like I can relate to the little tiny speckle of sand on the the top right*

  66. LoverBoy Squad

    LoverBoy Squad16 days ago

    this is satisfying

  67. Gaming Nate

    Gaming Nate16 days ago

    He said lady birds at 3:56 put captions on. 😂

  68. IMSK

    IMSK17 days ago

    that voice tho

  69. Naziya Khan

    Naziya Khan17 days ago

    I know how to make kinetic sand Ingredients : 1:corn starch 2:liquid dish cleaner Mix both Sand is complete

  70. SolidGreenDay

    SolidGreenDay17 days ago

    im all about that music that I hear in every minecraft video

  71. Sade Beckford

    Sade Beckford18 days ago

    I wish that was some type of candy.

  72. Boss of Games

    Boss of Games18 days ago

    At one time a maded a ball with it and throw it on my rooms floor but he ball was still in shape then I divided that ball in some small balls and then my brother came and throw those small balls all over my room and I have to clean it and it took about 3 hours to clean my room

  73. oh yeee

    oh yeee18 days ago

    Pretty cool huh shut the f******

  74. Master Gamer

    Master Gamer18 days ago

    Pretty sandy huh?

  75. Bellephire Navarro

    Bellephire Navarro18 days ago

    danger kids don't play carving knifes

  76. Peter Griffin

    Peter Griffin19 days ago

    1:10 Are you the Ice Truck Killer?

  77. Chizzy Playz

    Chizzy Playz19 days ago

    You need play doe and sand to make that cool sand

  78. awsome animator31

    awsome animator3119 days ago

    That stuff u made is nothing like kinetic sand

  79. Game Channel!!!

    Game Channel!!!19 days ago

    I cant move My neck

  80. Eric Manzo

    Eric Manzo19 days ago

    the thumb nail is like mister davehax I don't feel so good

  81. Rolie Dela Peña

    Rolie Dela Peña20 days ago

    Boo we want kinetic sand!! Joking cool he he

  82. Christopher Painter

    Christopher Painter20 days ago

    Is this the stuff storm trooper armor is made of?

  83. X_ Brute

    X_ Brute21 day ago

    2:14 "-added a little bit into the solution" *proceeds to dump half the thing in there*


    LIL UZI VERT21 day ago

    What a stupid video😁

  85. Norbert Goder

    Norbert Goder21 day ago

    How old are you?

  86. Bro Sandvich

    Bro Sandvich21 day ago

    Dave I spent a lot of time making subtitles for this video but why isn't it showing?

  87. CamBam31Hawks

    CamBam31Hawks21 day ago

    Thumbnail = mr Stark I don’t wanna go

  88. Stud_ Muffin

    Stud_ Muffin16 days ago

    CamBam31Hawks :( nuuu Spider-Man :(


    R4COON R4MPAGE22 days ago

    It’s fun but it’s a nightmare to clean off

  90. ToysToys Baby

    ToysToys Baby22 days ago

    awesome video !

  91. Løla Sessaragø

    Løla Sessaragø22 days ago

    I have pink kinetic sand

  92. The Awesome Emerald Potato

    The Awesome Emerald Potato22 days ago

    soooooo... You basically made thinking/silly putty

  93. The Legend

    The Legend23 days ago

    Step 1: Look on the back of the box Step 2: Use the same ingredients and make the sand Step 3: Have fun without having to go through so much trouble trying to make some sand.

  94. Dejv159 Cz

    Dejv159 Cz23 days ago

    Thx I Make It And Works

  95. kaichichicomicon the little youtuber

    kaichichicomicon the little youtuber23 days ago

    Music name plz

  96. Amy Le

    Amy Le23 days ago

    This needs more likes and les dislikes

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    I Like That Way How you Edit Video 💜💜💜 Guys welcome to my DIY Channel 💜💜💜

  99. Jakey 10

    Jakey 1023 days ago

    Abit more sand????

  100. Preston Saenz

    Preston Saenz24 days ago

    how dare you cut my boi Lego Man

  101. Dank Cat

    Dank Cat25 days ago

    Only 89k to 4 milion subs!

  102. Ethan Lee

    Ethan Lee25 days ago

    You need 3% out of 97% of polymer

  103. Wedd

    Wedd25 days ago

    Hoe is this in my recommend

  104. Default Studios

    Default Studios25 days ago

    1:50 hmmm. That dosn't seem right...

  105. Joseph Ramirez

    Joseph Ramirez27 days ago

    DaveHax Does liquid starch act the same way as borax?

  106. Shyoh

    Shyoh27 days ago

    Slimy Sand.

  107. Super Gumball bros

    Super Gumball bros28 days ago

    Collins calls is STAH-FLOW and when he adds to much to slime he called it STAH-FLOW SOUP

  108. RedHair Chloe

    RedHair Chloe28 days ago

    The sand you bought is different because when you pull kinetic sand, it all falls immediately