I Tried Making Kinetic Sand!


  1. DaveHax

    DaveHax8 days ago

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  2. Isaac Fletcher

    Isaac FletcherDay ago

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  3. Noob Đẹp Trai

    Noob Đẹp TraiDay ago

    DaveHax u

  4. DarthRaider

    DarthRaiderDay ago

    DaveHax *PRETTY COOL, HUH?*

  5. Nora Konen

    Nora Konen3 days ago

    You can just use a butter knife

  6. Mihkel YT

    Mihkel YT3 days ago

    DaveHax lol

  7. Bacteria

    Bacteria7 hours ago

    DaveHax face reveal at 5mil?

  8. XorStr

    XorStr8 hours ago

    why am i watching this even if i have many things to do more

  9. EnderSir

    EnderSir8 hours ago

    3:37 with captions is golden

  10. Draz Plays

    Draz Plays9 hours ago

    When i was in school my teacher sent this video to our acc..then we watch it...WE DID THIS AS A EXPERIMENT!

  11. Brian Mayo

    Brian Mayo9 hours ago

    2:19 "I add a bit" of it proceeds to pour a whole lot more than a bit

  12. Kostas Samaras

    Kostas Samaras9 hours ago

    my IQ is dropping

  13. ItsTypicalJason

    ItsTypicalJason10 hours ago

    duse u know what year this is right?

  14. Olve Haaland

    Olve Haaland10 hours ago


  15. Inferno Legends

    Inferno Legends10 hours ago

    "and if you'd like to, you can chop them up,and swap parts around" lol

  16. Joshua Elisy

    Joshua Elisy10 hours ago

    I have the pink one


    RANDOM GUY11 hours ago


  18. Mouserzz

    Mouserzz11 hours ago

    3:34 with CC squid jizz

  19. NeoForeverGaming

    NeoForeverGaming12 hours ago

    my friend has that sand . . .

  20. The IGDFury

    The IGDFury12 hours ago


  21. Deathy

    Deathy12 hours ago

    squidging? ladybirds? WHAT

  22. Jesc Cat

    Jesc Cat13 hours ago

    I want this.

  23. Mumtaz Halepoto

    Mumtaz Halepoto13 hours ago

    What if you mix the kinetic one and the ones you made?

  24. Hubert  Friis

    Hubert Friis14 hours ago

    Pretty cool ha

  25. M0NST3R CAT

    M0NST3R CAT14 hours ago

    Can you make slime out of that?

  26. theringman

    theringman16 hours ago

    This looks more like mad mattr.

  27. Call_Me Big_Boii

    Call_Me Big_Boii16 hours ago

    pretty cool huh?

  28. •Live. Life Simple•

    •Live. Life Simple•17 hours ago

    I got kinetic sand by begging my mom for it 😂😬

  29. Geometry Mochi

    Geometry Mochi17 hours ago

    2:14 *A BIT OF SAND*

  30. Moses Vlademir Yanoc

    Moses Vlademir Yanoc17 hours ago

    The red one looks like clay

  31. Clorox Jose

    Clorox Jose17 hours ago

    Sounds like an English Forest Gump

  32. KSqoosh

    KSqoosh18 hours ago


  33. Tobi James

    Tobi James19 hours ago

    Added a bit of sand-

  34. Charleen Kelley

    Charleen Kelley19 hours ago

    mine is for something I think the sk had something to do with it

  35. Sarah Savvy

    Sarah Savvy19 hours ago

    If he doesn't say "Pretty cool, huh?" in every video, he would not feel complete.

  36. MXD Gaming

    MXD Gaming19 hours ago

    If I got a dollar every time you say pretty cool huh” I’d be a billionaire!

  37. I-Only-Eat-Salmon

    I-Only-Eat-Salmon20 hours ago


  38. angry battle tank

    angry battle tank20 hours ago

    This Guy had a Nice voice

  39. OH Yeah

    OH Yeah20 hours ago

    The homemade sand looks like starburst gum!

  40. GamersxAndVlogs

    GamersxAndVlogs21 hour ago

    Love the video!😁

  41. Nihat Rahman

    Nihat Rahman21 hour ago

    I think adding less glue would make it less stiff and more like the kinetic sand

  42. Foxy Gaming

    Foxy Gaming22 hours ago

    Sand slime

  43. hp9mm

    hp9mm22 hours ago

    you are quite kneedy........ ;)

  44. Mono Papyrus

    Mono Papyrus23 hours ago

    Added a bit

  45. Hakusensha

    Hakusensha23 hours ago


  46. Power House ZXTT

    Power House ZXTTDay ago


  47. CheesecakeCupcakeStuff !

    CheesecakeCupcakeStuff !Day ago

    Lady birds?

  48. BuddyFX

    BuddyFXDay ago

    P R E E T Y C O OL HUH!!!!!!!

  49. Twooter Dude

    Twooter DudeDay ago

    he git red sand from a craft shop, saying "i added a bit sand"*adds almost the entire thing* lol

  50. Coolnaeemdoo Gaming

    Coolnaeemdoo GamingDay ago

    Thats baisicly playdough

  51. Egg Morp

    Egg MorpDay ago

    Kinetic sand>cosmic sand>skwooshi

  52. Anthony Ruscitti

    Anthony RuscittiDay ago

    *I’ll add a BIT of red sand* < Dumps half the bottle in the mixture

  53. Dinomite

    DinomiteDay ago

    "But it still squid jizz together well" Gotta love youtube captions.

  54. بنكي باي

    بنكي بايDay ago

    فشلة لمن دي شكلة وكع هههههههه

  55. Da Wae

    Da WaeDay ago

    "pretty cool huh?"

  56. Flight Simmer101

    Flight Simmer101Day ago

    I have this thing before but my maid throw it away :(

  57. Carrie Lamar

    Carrie LamarDay ago

    lady birds? wut

  58. Vella Grace

    Vella GraceDay ago

    *pretty cool huh?*

  59. Ne0nek

    Ne0nekDay ago

    *P R E T T Y C O O L, H U H?*

  60. pila u vodi

    pila u vodiDay ago

    Your diy sand looks like chewed bubble gum

  61. Nocturne

    NocturneDay ago

    *W H Y A M I W A T C H I N G T H I S*

  62. Karissa Estrada

    Karissa EstradaDay ago

    Lol if you cut sand it dulls the 🔪

  63. DarthRaider

    DarthRaiderDay ago


  64. Zale Rogers

    Zale RogersDay ago

    Just add more sand



    What will happen if you mix it with a slime

  66. JuiceTrue

    JuiceTrueDay ago

    But can you make a fidget spinner out of it?!?!

  67. Tech India

    Tech IndiaDay ago

    Why my comment dose not get like 😭 please hit this 👍

  68. FastFaxy

    FastFaxyDay ago

    Noooooooooo I am so late for all your vids!! Sorry ;-;

  69. Hason Hamod

    Hason HamodDay ago

    Same as skooshie.

  70. Kapsz ellx

    Kapsz ellxDay ago

    *P R E T T Y C O O L, H U H ?*

  71. Clorox Bleach

    Clorox BleachDay ago

    Who else had to mute.

  72. Srilak Geek

    Srilak GeekDay ago

    your sub me and i will sub you

  73. EAC | Geography |

    EAC | Geography |Day ago

    I love it but its expensive af

  74. dragonkingv270

    dragonkingv270Day ago

    Ladyburg 3:57

  75. Mikaela Makes Animations

    Mikaela Makes AnimationsDay ago

    Its kinda like mad matter dont you think?

  76. The Little Turtles

    The Little TurtlesDay ago

    Dave Hax is like Howtobasic but He actually does the video

  77. Sanesssk

    SanessskDay ago

    4:01 bug abuse.

  78. Omg Alisabana

    Omg AlisabanaDay ago

    Sand for

  79. Manjot Sidhu

    Manjot SidhuDay ago


  80. MegaCoolbruh

    MegaCoolbruhDay ago

    "A bit" Literally covers the entire thing

  81. UMIunited

    UMIunitedDay ago

    that's not kinetic sand 😂 It's kinetic MUD

  82. Mxdison Wæ

    Mxdison WæDay ago

    *_Pretty cool, HUH?!_*

  83. Zyphr

    ZyphrDay ago

    Comic Sands

  84. anime life

    anime lifeDay ago


  85. Zackz4dayz

    Zackz4dayzDay ago

    A bit of sand

  86. Yum 83

    Yum 83Day ago

    1:50 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  87. Odd gamingTV TM

    Odd gamingTV TMDay ago


  88. Embecmom

    Embecmom2 days ago

    ive just watched a grown man play with sand....... I really must stop clicking ...

  89. Miguel -

    Miguel -2 days ago

    Pretty cool huh?

  90. NintendoWolf

    NintendoWolf2 days ago

    "Added a bit" pours entire bottle into bowl

  91. Kateřina Perháčová

    Kateřina Perháčová2 days ago

    1:24 *claps my hands*

  92. Wopper

    Wopper2 days ago

    It's like those stretchy rubbers, don't know if you have those in England or america

  93. Rayzo -

    Rayzo -2 days ago

    This looks really cool but did you put the link to get the original kinetic sand? Thanks.

  94. 100 subs with no vids BOIII

    100 subs with no vids BOIII2 days ago

    What did Lego guy do to deserve getting cut up?!?!?!?!?

  95. IDKWHY

    IDKWHY2 days ago

    3:34 the subtitles lol

  96. Matthew Shaw

    Matthew Shaw2 days ago

    bye sethbling

  97. Dynamite Tom

    Dynamite Tom2 days ago

    Pretty cool...Huh

  98. lewlew344

    lewlew3442 days ago

    Use less glue and it might make it less sticky, I loved this video, I’ve played with it before but I lost it and I wish I had some more, so satisfying!

  99. Can I get 1000 subs no videos?

    Can I get 1000 subs no videos?2 days ago

    Is this your real voice I cant tell

  100. Minecraftawsomeness King

    Minecraftawsomeness King2 days ago

    Hi :)

  101. MidnightShadeMC

    MidnightShadeMC2 days ago

    u might be on to something Dave :3

  102. Who Am I ?

    Who Am I ?2 days ago

    We got to the point when we are coloring and shaping sand.

  103. Jekkuu

    Jekkuu2 days ago

    i feel like i want to eat it

  104. PlsDontDoIt

    PlsDontDoIt2 days ago

    Ehy so many dislikes

  105. Kizia Mushtaq

    Kizia Mushtaq2 days ago

    How to make it