I Tried Making Kinetic Sand!


  1. DaveHax

    DaveHax5 months ago

    What are you planning this weekend, anything fun? For more slime videos see here:mreporter.net/v/video-bZ1WmeKir78.html?list=PLQ_T2NppE0PIDyru5141DPY2DxsBYzJoE

  2. rishi vlogs

    rishi vlogs23 days ago

    Rip lego man

  3. Anayeli Hernandez

    Anayeli HernandezMonth ago

    Not a bad try

  4. arnav pro

    arnav proMonth ago

    DaveHax hi

  5. Leonard Cretu

    Leonard CretuMonth ago

    DaveHax the sand you made it's more like mad mattr!

  6. Zainab thalal

    Zainab thalalMonth ago

    DaveHax you are the best

  7. Daniel Aquino

    Daniel Aquino3 hours ago

    “AddEd A BiT MoRE” *Adds a lot* *adds more*

  8. Normal

    Normal2 days ago

    *_pretty cool huh?_*

  9. Lilly the unikitty 3310

    Lilly the unikitty 33102 days ago

    2:13 "added a bit" that's not a bit that's a lot

  10. Tyra Maganda

    Tyra Maganda2 days ago

    Like it can I have 50 like it's my birthday.. I like this toys

  11. Jazzdog5

    Jazzdog52 days ago

    3:12 MY HEAD!

  12. David Johnson

    David Johnson3 days ago

    *cuts person up* man, Cutco salesmen should do the same **breathes heavily**

  13. TinyFox Child

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  14. Gucci

    Gucci5 days ago


  15. Katie Hilden

    Katie Hilden5 days ago

    Cool vid

  16. MilkyFire Love

    MilkyFire Love6 days ago

    Ive played with this, only at the shop, i was a sample...


    GAME AREA6 days ago

    Because kinetic sand is crystalline

  18. Cathy Dodds-Bully

    Cathy Dodds-Bully7 days ago

    Can you send me me some I need some for my can I get some please

  19. Ayaan Hussain

    Ayaan Hussain8 days ago


  20. Erick619

    Erick6199 days ago

    Put a bit of sand puts half the bottle

  21. yeah boi

    yeah boi9 days ago

    Clay + slime + sand = sand with a clay slime

  22. RDizzle 48

    RDizzle 4810 days ago

    Does he know what the meaning of "a bit" is

  23. Bibhav Giri

    Bibhav Giri10 days ago


  24. bald dog 771

    bald dog 77110 days ago

    Very cool

  25. klaas muller

    klaas muller11 days ago

    Pretty cool huh

  26. Joshua Azevedo

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  27. karam farraj

    karam farraj11 days ago

    Worst channel EVER

  28. angry mango

    angry mango11 days ago

    Expectations: it molds,shapes,stretches and more Reality: doesn't molds,shapes,stretches and more It just sticks to ur hand

  29. Samboll Tomblins

    Samboll Tomblins12 days ago

    I added a bit of sand Pours the whole thing in 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  30. TheGaming Gamer

    TheGaming Gamer13 days ago

    Daves 'sand' looks better than the original 😂

  31. Electro music

    Electro music14 days ago

    I googled and it said they use 98% sand and 2% polymer you could probably use that colored sand than buy the polymer


    THE GAMER UTKU14 days ago

    *stop kinetic sand abuse*

  33. David Conner

    David Conner15 days ago

    The thumbnail: "Mr. Stark, I don't feel so good"

  34. Lqmme

    Lqmme15 days ago

    *pretty cool huh?*

  35. Devaiyah Murtha

    Devaiyah Murtha15 days ago

    that is not sand that's just beach sand😂

  36. xxtentacion VEVO

    xxtentacion VEVO15 days ago

    pretty cool huh?

  37. Omg her Butt

    Omg her Butt15 days ago

    Pretty cool, huh

  38. Bow Gamer

    Bow Gamer16 days ago

    Pretty cool HUH

  39. AoB Studios

    AoB Studios16 days ago

    What's with the "pretty cool huh"??? Why do you always say it?! It's so cringy😂

  40. king of dogz and catz

    king of dogz and catz17 days ago

    Red lions you need to get list squidward

  41. Mamta Thapa

    Mamta Thapa17 days ago

    Ttb Aduan

  42. elijdyck353 NPE

    elijdyck353 NPE17 days ago

    They cut like a marshmallow

  43. Roblox lover 0654

    Roblox lover 065417 days ago

    isn't kenetic sand mad matrr?

  44. Simran Sarai

    Simran Sarai18 days ago

    Mr hax I don't feel so good

  45. Bob

    Bob19 days ago

    Pretty cool huh

  46. PixelatedEagle

    PixelatedEagle19 days ago

    Whats the song name

  47. Messarate

    Messarate20 days ago

    0:51 That small bit of sand on the left bother me a lot, please tell me does it get to reunion with the rest or not.

  48. day light

    day light20 days ago

    Hooooo Legos

  49. Carlos Gutierrez

    Carlos Gutierrez21 day ago

    Pretty cool huh 2 hours later

  50. Carlos Gutierrez

    Carlos Gutierrez21 day ago

    Lady bird 3.37?

  51. RaiRai

    RaiRai21 day ago

    I had this but if you try to crush it the sand sticks to you and if your hands are warm yea

  52. _ eel

    _ eel21 day ago

    Who else wants to eat it?

  53. The Zakling

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  54. Ferron Sugianto

    Ferron Sugianto21 day ago

    Anakin Skywalker disliked this video

  55. Martín Hernandez

    Martín Hernandez22 days ago

    Very cool ah ?

  56. Leon McCormick

    Leon McCormick22 days ago

    Im Sorry But This Is Content

  57. HYN/Austin Eie

    HYN/Austin Eie22 days ago

    Good kinetic sand

  58. Query Azerty

    Query Azerty22 days ago

    I have the cosmic sand thingy but it was not called Cosmic Sand

  59. Rodrigo Nicolas

    Rodrigo Nicolas22 days ago

    1:06 *roblox death sound*

  60. raafey Ahmad

    raafey Ahmad22 days ago

    Nice video 👍 👍

  61. LegendSyntax

    LegendSyntax22 days ago

    I wanted one of that..... but my mom wont let me cuz the bed will.... well you know

  62. Faire Play

    Faire Play22 days ago

    I've heard this music before... Can somebody please tell me where this is from? Thx...

  63. VeXGaming

    VeXGaming22 days ago


  64. Colin Plumb

    Colin Plumb23 days ago

    it's literally just play dough

  65. OG Studios VanZyl

    OG Studios VanZyl23 days ago

    Inside of a 3 musketeer bar makes edible cloud slime!

  66. TheGuineaGamer

    TheGuineaGamer23 days ago

    4:01 thats murder!

  67. ItsEdvin

    ItsEdvin23 days ago

    *”pretty cool, huh?”*

  68. hellorandomperson

    hellorandomperson23 days ago

    And if you like to... you can *-make them bleed-* chop them up.

  69. Roblox and Schleich horses :3

    Roblox and Schleich horses :38 days ago

    hellorandomperson 😂😂😂

  70. Sweggieboss

    Sweggieboss23 days ago

    1:07 And i thought this was family content

  71. Alim Dwi Widianto

    Alim Dwi Widianto23 days ago

    Pretty cool, huh?

  72. Eyad Eyad

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  73. Porg Boi

    Porg Boi24 days ago

    Do you have a son that plays with the stuff u get

  74. Datboi21lit ;0

    Datboi21lit ;024 days ago

    His remake looks more like a puddly and some sand

  75. Thomas TheMLGGamer

    Thomas TheMLGGamer24 days ago

    Rip LEGO man

  76. AksLotus

    AksLotus24 days ago

    I’ve felt kinetic sand before and small particles kept sticking to my hand everytime and my hand was completely dry


    SPOOKY MASTER66624 days ago

    Look! Lego kinetic sand! Or should I say... KAGOS


    BRUV BRUH24 days ago

    More lik3 Makeing play dough lol

  79. Matthew Moretti

    Matthew Moretti24 days ago

    That robot voice is so annyoing

  80. iiZebra

    iiZebra24 days ago

    Thumbnail: Mr. Stark, I don't feel so good.

  81. Shaundre Villalobos

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  82. Chaos

    Chaos24 days ago

    To me the one you made looks like Hubba Bubba bubblegum lol

  83. Roblox and Schleich horses :3

    Roblox and Schleich horses :38 days ago

    Chaos I love hubba Bubba bubblegum

  84. Chaos

    Chaos24 days ago

    1:24 oh gosh xD

  85. ShopkinGirl80

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  86. RedFoxRBLX //Gaming//

    RedFoxRBLX //Gaming//24 days ago

    I think u need sand and oil that's what I heard

  87. The Mighty Jimmy

    The Mighty Jimmy24 days ago

    "I added a bit." [Empties entire container.]

  88. HåÑ Ž / Šçär thë ŵøłf

    HåÑ Ž / Šçär thë ŵøłf24 days ago

    *"I added a bit of sand"* **adds half of bottle** *"I'll add some more"* **uses whole bottle**

  89. Xorloz The Noob

    Xorloz The Noob24 days ago

    2:14 “added a bit” sure that’s *“a bit”*

  90. Mr. Piggly

    Mr. Piggly24 days ago

    3:34 put on captions

  91. Aakarshh Ur

    Aakarshh Ur24 days ago

    Count how many times in this channel he said petty cool huh?

  92. HaikkalHedrion

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  93. Anvilsmasher gaming

    Anvilsmasher gaming25 days ago

    He made model magic attempt 1

  94. Insane Ginger Cat

    Insane Ginger Cat25 days ago

    *"Pretty Cool, Huh?" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*

  95. Zoie Ingram

    Zoie Ingram25 days ago

    Yes I own it

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    Pretty cool HUH?!?!

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    Its so bad

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    ilimango MC25 days ago

    "Pretty cool huh?"

  99. Seconds TO

    Seconds TO26 days ago

    Pretty cool huh?

  100. Phantom X0

    Phantom X026 days ago

    2:13 "added a bit" Wow! That how much a "bit" is? I need to get loads of this then!

  101. Maddy Watt

    Maddy Watt26 days ago

    Are you from the uk or usa

  102. Al and Alvin Adventures

    Al and Alvin Adventures26 days ago

    I had this but l lost it😕

  103. Jared Granados

    Jared Granados27 days ago

    “Add a little bit”, pours about half or more from canister

  104. killer_ov Gamer xd

    killer_ov Gamer xd27 days ago

    That is so satisfying

  105. Kimberly Saccary

    Kimberly Saccary27 days ago

    You made clay

  106. DSX12 Kid

    DSX12 Kid27 days ago

    Yes, I have played with this stuff.

  107. Jack Mills

    Jack Mills27 days ago


  108. Kuumba Films

    Kuumba Films28 days ago

    "Added a bit of sand" *adds half the bottle* "Add a little bit more" *adds the rest of the bottle*

  109. NinjaThebest FortnitePlayer1111111

    NinjaThebest FortnitePlayer111111128 days ago

    Your videos are interesting and fun to make 😁😀😛🙂🙃