I Trained Like A Pop Star For 60 Days


  1. Michelle Khare

    Michelle Khare8 months ago

    You guys mentioned that you wanted to see longer-term, more meaningful content. This is a video I've wanted to make for years but have never had the courage to do, and took 6 months from start to finish to complete (beyond the 60 days of training). I was so scared to do this because of the criticism so many singers face. I hope that you'll listen to my first ever song (eek!!) and enjoy it - it's a song for you.

  2. Gabriela Carvalho

    Gabriela CarvalhoMonth ago

    By the time I heard the song, as the final song.... I cried!! It trully blown my mind! really good! Congratulations! ^^

  3. Lol Lol

    Lol LolMonth ago

    Do a ‘I learn to dance’

  4. Music Monster

    Music Monster2 months ago

    Love ❤️ it this sounds like Demi

  5. Aylin Martinez

    Aylin Martinez2 months ago

    Gee band vibes am i right?!

  6. JazzygalJamie UwU

    JazzygalJamie UwU3 months ago

    Michelle Khare I totally think you should make more music!!! 🎼 🎶🎵

  7. 차연꽃

    차연꽃11 hours ago

    Ayy Georgia👏👏

  8. Julie Le

    Julie Le13 hours ago

    You should make a music video!!

  9. Jordan Bourgeois

    Jordan BourgeoisDay ago

    please please please

  10. Jordan Bourgeois

    Jordan BourgeoisDay ago

    can you please sing more with gabbie

  11. melissa taveras

    melissa taveras4 days ago

    You should make a music vid on this

  12. Jenny Lynn

    Jenny Lynn4 days ago

    I just started watching you In the new year. I love all your different videos. I love this song so I bought it.. keep up the amazing content...

  13. Janna

    Janna4 days ago

    she should do a challenge on making a music video to this!

  14. Jahnvi Wazir - Macville PS (1466)

    Jahnvi Wazir - Macville PS (1466)7 days ago


  15. HenryAlman

    HenryAlman8 days ago

    Rebecca Black actuall seems so nice xD makes me feel bad for all the times I took the mickey out of Friday.

  16. Kayla Ye

    Kayla Ye9 days ago


  17. Lique berg

    Lique berg10 days ago

    I cried when she played the song, cause it was so cool that she worked so hard and really did write a song worth listening to! Buying on iTunes now!

  18. Struggling Artist

    Struggling Artist11 days ago

    Now just imagined if she voiced a new disney princess. Amazing

  19. Julian Kish

    Julian Kish13 days ago

    You literally sound like Vanessa Hudgens in Highschool Musical when you sing the Chorus!!

  20. Rachel Pauley

    Rachel Pauley13 days ago

    In the beginning it sounds like a top 10 funniest Americans got talent auditions

  21. Rachel Pauley

    Rachel Pauley13 days ago

    Y the fuck would u ask Rebecca black the whole reason Friday got famous was because of how bad it sucked ass

  22. Emily Schaefer

    Emily Schaefer15 days ago

    Such a cool challenge! You’re so brave & you did awesome! 👏🏻

  23. Sarah Hughes

    Sarah Hughes19 days ago

    It’s a little bit frustrating that you could already and had a childhood back ground of singing. Be a bigger deal if you were a shitty singer like most of us haha. But killer as always Michelle you’re a star

  24. JinaSolo

    JinaSolo19 days ago

    It is a very nice song, but challenge: mreporter.net/v/video-2-a4dlcuRXQ.html

  25. Kiera Chia

    Kiera Chia20 days ago

    film a music video omggggg

  26. Weird Person

    Weird Person25 days ago

    LOL the Friday girl😂 in the the top 10 disliked songs

  27. John Chamy

    John Chamy26 days ago

    cool song but not for me xD

  28. Sol Burgos

    Sol Burgos26 days ago

    You are so inspiring!

  29. Abigail Tatum

    Abigail Tatum27 days ago


  30. Kayla Ascenzo

    Kayla Ascenzo28 days ago

    Omg I would to see you train like a broadway actress or something like for a musical!!

  31. Kacey Reinhart

    Kacey ReinhartMonth ago

    Girl I just came across your channel...I've been on youtube for years and instantly, within two videos you've became my favorite youtuber of all time. You have just blown me out of the water, your content is raw, and your videos are unique! This is what its all about!! Keep up the hard work! Its paying off!

  32. Dana Glennie

    Dana GlennieMonth ago

    Music video???

  33. redfly3768

    redfly3768Month ago

    This legit made me cry. Triple-threat Michelle!!!

  34. Kelani Philipp

    Kelani PhilippMonth ago

    Does anyone else first hear her sing and then skip to the finished product... then watch it all?

  35. Charte Stuart

    Charte StuartMonth ago

    Michelle I love this video. I would love to see you train like P!nk for a show I think it would be a great way to challenge yourself physically and vocally.

  36. Cut A Way

    Cut A WayMonth ago

    Michelle!!! Girl....you are such a Queen. Luv you. Your my new favorite!!!

  37. Emma Sergent

    Emma SergentMonth ago

    8 years?! I can't go 8 MINUTES without singing!

  38. ryanbrewer

    ryanbrewerMonth ago

    She sounds like shit

  39. Leyna Hiddleston

    Leyna HiddlestonMonth ago

    I love this song! I've gotta download this song now! Amazing Michelle❤️

  40. laila sanchez

    laila sanchezMonth ago

    why did i get nervous when she was first singing for kira

  41. Trend Hunter

    Trend HunterMonth ago

    I love that song ... you go girl... inspiration to all.. thank u...

  42. isabelle seniva

    isabelle senivaMonth ago

    That was amazing when I first heard the song felt like I was listening to a real pop star then I realized I was You Go Girl!!!

  43. Martina Zammit

    Martina ZammitMonth ago

    Omg we stan a lovatic 😂😂😂

  44. Mandy Rogers

    Mandy RogersMonth ago

    I’m so totally jealous girl. This is a dream of mine. You killed it. Lots of love

  45. Sylvia

    SylviaMonth ago

    I think this needs a music video now. Next video?

  46. Betty Ssam

    Betty SsamMonth ago

    That's absolutly one of my favorite exprience that u done so far good luck girl . ur big fan from morocco :-)

  47. DJ Alboe

    DJ AlboeMonth ago

    I teared up when you were letting people listen to your song. I don't even know you, but I was so happy for you.

  48. Pvris Suicide

    Pvris SuicideMonth ago

    This is your Lemonade Mouth moment ! I LOVE IT I'm scared to sing in front of anybody seriously because of how much the lyrics mean to me, I never even learned how to sing because I would have to be totally exposed to the person teaching me. It inspired me to try as much as it got me frustrated of how much time I've wasted where I could have learned techniques to do my own thing.

  49. Evelyn Lamarre

    Evelyn LamarreMonth ago

    You should train like a ballet dancer for a week please read this or please responde or do the video please. Love you very much you inspired me to train and be in a better health.

  50. Maria..k

    Maria..kMonth ago

    Oml this is a huge transformation!!! In the beginning I was kinda like “oh um it’s not the best but she has potential!” Then only halfway it sounded so much better

  51. Desiree Armojallas

    Desiree ArmojallasMonth ago


  52. lazer42 fotu

    lazer42 fotuMonth ago

    love love love

  53. Andrea Molina

    Andrea MolinaMonth ago

    “i don’t buy your fake reality.”

  54. Andrea Molina

    Andrea MolinaMonth ago

    17:43 oof my heart

  55. Hannah Sheldon

    Hannah SheldonMonth ago

    Gabbie’s reaction is my favorite 😂😂

  56. Alina Kim

    Alina KimMonth ago

    there’s nothing Michelle can’t actually do. i love how she is such a good inspiration to everyone and she did such a good job inspiring herself and i’d so amazing. i love her so fucking much



    how did you get to get vocal trained im trying to look in to getting to vocal training and soon wrighting my own songs

  58. Cecilie Pigen

    Cecilie PigenMonth ago

    I think this is my new favorite song 🤗

  59. Lol Lol

    Lol LolMonth ago

    Do I learn to dance

  60. Lucy Farraher

    Lucy FarraherMonth ago

    i was lucy in youre a good man charlie brown too!!

  61. shxnnxnchxmbxrs

    shxnnxnchxmbxrsMonth ago

    Is there anything she can’t do?

  62. Anita Johnson

    Anita JohnsonMonth ago

    You inspire me....thank u Michelle.

  63. Sureshkumar Patel

    Sureshkumar PatelMonth ago

    I can imagine this song in Mulan for some reason

  64. Marwin Casas

    Marwin CasasMonth ago

    I recently discover your channel but I've recognized you before from buzfeed! AND OMG YOU ARE AMAZING, I GET SO EMOTIONAL WATCHING YOUR CHANNEL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait for more contents in 2019!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  65. Kacey O' Riordan

    Kacey O' RiordanMonth ago

    This was so cool I feel like it should have more views. I actually thought it was going to be a fitness video. Maybe it should of been named “I Trained to be a pop star in 60 days”

  66. Emilio Melendez

    Emilio MelendezMonth ago

    When are you going on tour? You are cool!

  67. Delen Potter

    Delen PotterMonth ago

    High Heels by JoJo is the best fucking song! I love this video!!

  68. Megan Hunter

    Megan HunterMonth ago

    is it just me or does Kira sound like Gabbie Hanna .

  69. Tropical Forrests

    Tropical ForrestsMonth ago

    u dont know how much i would give up to have a voice like urs And im not only talking about ur singing voice❤

  70. Tropical Forrests

    Tropical ForrestsMonth ago

    Why is your hair so silky and beautiful😍 How?🙄

  71. Little Lil

    Little LilMonth ago


  72. Whitney Rodriguez

    Whitney RodriguezMonth ago

    I don't like the vocal coach

  73. Bianca Killn' Em

    Bianca Killn' EmMonth ago

    The song is kinda bad..

  74. islandgoddess311

    islandgoddess311Month ago


  75. Lily Water

    Lily WaterMonth ago

    Omg luv the song! So inspirational and luv the chorus!

  76. Cherlene Roux

    Cherlene RouxMonth ago

    Omg I got Goosebumps💗💗💗

  77. Reese Harrison

    Reese Harrison2 months ago

    this lil bitch actin like she been through hardship fr

  78. shorteedf

    shorteedf2 months ago

    Awesome. I just watched your Victoria Secret video followed by this one and both brought tears to my eyes. A lot of what you mention resonates with me and watching these has been cathartic. I'm glad there's someone out there like you doing all of the things they want to do because too often we allow our ourselves to be held back.

  79. Kiara Faith

    Kiara Faith2 months ago

    lowkey this is such a bop and you worked so hard

  80. Shayla Bateman

    Shayla Bateman2 months ago

    This is so good!! I want to hear you sing this song again in a couple years when you've improved even more!

  81. crazy of life

    crazy of life2 months ago

    Inspired ! You Slayed it girl !👌💐

  82. Hailey Rohlik

    Hailey Rohlik2 months ago

    you should make a video of you making a music video to this song. i not only want i need a video.

  83. Nicole Prieto

    Nicole Prieto2 months ago

    This video was so exciting for me like I felt chills while listening to you or watching what you were doing. I loved the song and I look up to you so much you’re an amazing person. Thank you for inspiring me into doing those things that people have told me I can’t do.

  84. Saffron Wake

    Saffron Wake2 months ago

    I love this song!!!!!!!!!

  85. Bonnie Bubble

    Bonnie Bubble2 months ago

    SUB SUB SUBBING YOU RIGHT NOW! Well done Michelle. Don't know you but wow this was really cool. Well done girl, keep going x

  86. Debojit Debnath

    Debojit Debnath2 months ago

    I love your song.. downloading it right away.... Going to sing it for myself for all of the times I was looked down upon by others. Thanks for making it

  87. Anna Whitehead

    Anna Whitehead2 months ago

    I love the song!!! It’s so inspirational and amazing!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  88. Adriana Sparks

    Adriana Sparks2 months ago

    Lol 5:15 they put up a karaoke track

  89. Neelam Neelam

    Neelam Neelam2 months ago

    I love u😍

  90. Sofia Llanos

    Sofia Llanos2 months ago

    I feel SO motivated right now! I love it!

  91. Maria Drangel

    Maria Drangel2 months ago

    I am impressed with your singing but more importantly: I can´t put words to how much I like the lyrics and the whole idea! Well done! Really. Just WOW!

  92. Park Ney

    Park Ney2 months ago

    I loved it!

  93. Mike Maddocks

    Mike Maddocks2 months ago

    Your content is killing it. Love love love the way you guys convey the raw emotion all the way through. Brilliantly edited and produced as well! Keep pushing yourself Michelle, you're a role model to every single one of your 1M+ subscribers.

  94. Natalie

    Natalie2 months ago

    Are you just good at everything?😂But you go girl

  95. Sam Storey

    Sam Storey2 months ago

    You are amazing! You are so incredible and I can't wait to watch what you continue to do and overcome. Such an inspiration.

  96. Joshua Naber

    Joshua Naber2 months ago

    Seeing you live out your dreams is so inspiring to me

  97. loverlybadgirl00001 MSP

    loverlybadgirl00001 MSP2 months ago

    I'm smiling like an idiot oml she's so good 😍😍❤❤

  98. AwesomeDogLeon

    AwesomeDogLeon2 months ago

    I got so excited when she hit the high note!!😍

  99. Kool.Kaitie

    Kool.Kaitie2 months ago

    This song is absolutely amazing sksk

  100. Hannah Nabors

    Hannah Nabors2 months ago

    Don't know why so many thumbs down. :( This was an amazing experience to see. So much work was put into this that people couldn't even begin to understand.

  101. Sparrow Blue

    Sparrow Blue2 months ago

    I played Charlie brown in my schools musical last year.

  102. Angel B

    Angel B2 months ago


  103. Butchy Brannan

    Butchy Brannan2 months ago

    Loved this song♥️♥️♥️♥️

  104. Ema Laksmann

    Ema Laksmann2 months ago

    I love your song it made me cry and the words are so motivating keep on doing what you are doing cause we believe in you and love you😘😘😘

  105. Ema Laksmann

    Ema Laksmann2 months ago

    You are such a beautiful woman with a beautiful voice yasssss QUEEN.