I Trained Like A Pop Star For 60 Days


  1. Michelle Khare

    Michelle Khare3 months ago

    You guys mentioned that you wanted to see longer-term, more meaningful content. This is a video I've wanted to make for years but have never had the courage to do, and took 6 months from start to finish to complete (beyond the 60 days of training). I was so scared to do this because of the criticism so many singers face. I hope that you'll listen to my first ever song (eek!!) and enjoy it - it's a song for you.

  2. KleH _

    KleH _3 days ago

    You (and everyone who helped you and worked with you) did amazing! I love the song. I love the whole video. Every single second of it.

  3. Siti Nur Ardina Awang Daud

    Siti Nur Ardina Awang Daud11 days ago

    I love your song!!! this video is inspiring! keep it up~

  4. Chicken Girl

    Chicken Girl22 days ago

    Michelle Khare this is my fav song now

  5. Elizabeth Aedyn Stevens

    Elizabeth Aedyn StevensMonth ago

    Michelle Khare THIS IS AMAZING. Thank you Michelle, thank you. 🖤🖤🖤

  6. Miss Vero

    Miss Vero2 months ago

    Oh my God!!! This is soooooo AWESOME!!!!! Michelle, this had tears streaming down my face cause it's just that powerful! I was not expecting to cry but I could feel your emotion and it touched a place in my heart because I have had people telling me that I can't do this or do that all my life! The worst part of it all is when you as a person feel beaten down and you start to believe them and all that negativity they're putting in your head. I've had to step out of my head and get mad at myself for letting that negativity get to me and I remind myself that I can do whatever I set my mind to do. I literally look myself in the mirror and tell myself to quit being such a whiny cry baby and do whatever it takes to accomplish my goal. I constantly tell myself that God did not say it was going to be easy, he said it was going to be worth it! So I get up and continue on because I'm not done, and I'll never be done until I'm dead. Michelle, you and your family of friends are bad ass and I love you guys! Kudos to y'all & Keep up the good work! Oh and I thought up of an extreme work out for y'all... The Ryan Reynolds/Deadpool work out! Much love! ❤😘❤ Kick it!!! 💯💪💪😁❤

  7. Emma Schultz

    Emma Schultz4 hours ago


  8. D3.141592

    D3.1415927 hours ago

    I just added your song to my spottify playlist. You made it on my playlist before beyonce. Congrats

  9. avatara82

    avatara828 hours ago

    I'm kinda jealous now... this is exactly what I would wanna try to do... but with what resources... your song was great 😊

  10. Sea of AG

    Sea of AG8 hours ago

    You were PERFECT for Lucy. Lol

  11. beauty04

    beauty0410 hours ago

    I really love you and your channel like how are you not at 1 million subs yet???

  12. SkyLove Nightcore

    SkyLove Nightcore11 hours ago

    'I'm happy for you' that you could do this. You hit that high note, wrote a song. Amazing.

  13. Sarah Bear Brooks

    Sarah Bear Brooks11 hours ago

    Don't get me wrong I love you voice and I think it would be great for theater but if you made it slightly deeper, i think it would sound absolutely perfect. No offense to you or your singing, I understand you spent lots of time practicing, but it would be better to make your voice deeper. You're amazing!

  14. marissa davis

    marissa davis11 hours ago

    You should make a music video for this

  15. SkyLove Nightcore

    SkyLove Nightcore11 hours ago

    Um, wow. Picked stone cold right there. Okaaaaay.

  16. Crystal Robertson

    Crystal Robertson13 hours ago

    Make a music video for it.. this was amazing good job

  17. Jennifer Hergert

    Jennifer Hergert20 hours ago

    Wow thank you for sharing this journey with us. This took serious balls.

  18. Eishita Misra

    Eishita Misra21 hour ago

    Michelle's voice was quivering in the beginning oh my God

  19. Bia

    Bia21 hour ago

    Im not crying, you're crying

  20. EternalSnoie

    EternalSnoieDay ago

    I think her voice needed more power, other than that the song is great. It just way too soft toned.

  21. Charlize Kriedemann

    Charlize KriedemannDay ago

    WOW!!! That was great! You are so inspirational!

  22. sarah vannederynen

    sarah vannederynenDay ago

    how do i listen free?

  23. D3.141592

    D3.1415927 hours ago

    spotify get a free account

  24. Chilling with Teh-Teh

    Chilling with Teh-TehDay ago

    Did Rebecca Black say she got sooooo muchhh positive reactions from Friday

  25. Brendon Urie is literally Jesus Christ

    Brendon Urie is literally Jesus ChristDay ago


  26. Alexandria Wells

    Alexandria WellsDay ago

    I got the chills from this song

  27. alan edwards

    alan edwardsDay ago

    18:45 is when you can hear the song done.

  28. Avatre100

    Avatre100Day ago

    I think it's really cool that you did this... But I can't help wanting you to do a Broadway song. Your voice just sounds like it was meant to sing Dear Evan Hanson

  29. Juliana Petrillo

    Juliana PetrilloDay ago

    I never really listen to that type of music, but when I heard it I had to hear it again and again. That was awesome!

  30. Eleni Katsiaouni

    Eleni KatsiaouniDay ago

    I've read this title at least five times over the time that it has been out, every single time I read porn star instead of pop star

  31. Julie Chlarson

    Julie ChlarsonDay ago

    Have you been a dog groomer? I have a cute little Maltese who gets dirty and matted when I'm not looking. Love your challenges.

  32. Hattie Booth

    Hattie Booth2 days ago

    I just read a reveiw of the song on Itunes and it said I love michelle but she cant sing. couldnt tell if it was a joke or not, biut if not, you're just motivating her more!!1!1 lol idk

  33. Susan Ali

    Susan Ali2 days ago

    I know I’m late but what matters is that I saw this video. AHHHH IM OBSESSED WITH THE SONG,I CAN TOTALLY RELATE♥️💜😭

  34. Natasha Marie

    Natasha Marie2 days ago

    next video: i try competing on the voice\

  35. BellaSardana

    BellaSardana2 days ago

    train like a kpop star?

  36. Amina Abdessemed

    Amina Abdessemed2 days ago

    Thank you so much for all the motivation you put through your content.. I love you so much ! you are the one in a million kind of person that kills all the bad vibes and transports People to where they should be ! Mentally ! You're mental my dear !

  37. Aagot Olivia Wilse

    Aagot Olivia Wilse2 days ago

    you are SO brave. I really admire you

  38. SuperChiko4000

    SuperChiko40002 days ago

    That's some awesome stuff

  39. Iris Jensen

    Iris Jensen2 days ago

    You have a beautiful voice! Good job!

  40. Kaotic Vee

    Kaotic Vee2 days ago

    Love your first song!!!

  41. Becky Ridderikhoff

    Becky Ridderikhoff2 days ago

    Rebecca Black is a super star.

  42. Betty Crain

    Betty Crain2 days ago

    I want to be Michelle when I grow up

  43. Unnecessary comments

    Unnecessary comments2 days ago

    You help and inspire so many women to peruse their dreams xx

  44. Penelope Kessell

    Penelope Kessell2 days ago

    Michelle should honestly voice a Disney Princess or at least be the singer for a Disney Princess.

  45. Dakatrina Alex

    Dakatrina Alex2 days ago

    Sooooooo insanely good I CAAAAAAAN'T

  46. Karolina Barkhatova

    Karolina Barkhatova2 days ago

    The karaoke file isn't there,I am so sad :c

  47. Kasturi Perumal

    Kasturi Perumal3 days ago

    I loved it

  48. Jack Fornea

    Jack Fornea3 days ago

    Is there a Music Video? I'd love to see it if there is.

  49. Zali Derrett

    Zali Derrett3 days ago

    Wow you’re amazing 🤩😍

  50. Yuli

    Yuli3 days ago

    I read that as k pop star

  51. Drama Lama

    Drama Lama3 days ago

    Omg I love it!

  52. Yesicaa Marie

    Yesicaa Marie3 days ago

    It was amazing ❤️❤️❤️downloaded today ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  53. KarmaRose

    KarmaRose3 days ago

    i have bought the song and and listen to it for the first time and OMG it blew me away i felt alot of emotions and i was just blown away from this song. I love it so much

  54. Anita Lim

    Anita Lim3 days ago

    That song is bomb. I love it!! Sounds incredible :P

  55. Squirrelly Waffles

    Squirrelly Waffles3 days ago

    Aaaaaaaaaaaand bought. I'm gonna listen to this when I'm working out. I gonna channel my inner bad bitch and kick ass.

  56. Iconicwhitegirl

    Iconicwhitegirl3 days ago

    U should do a week in the Kardashian’s shoes


    RAKAN ALMUSALLAM3 days ago

    I love your channel 💪

  58. Lauren Lupton

    Lauren Lupton3 days ago

    MICHELLE, I literally just paused this vid so I could go buy your track on iTunes.. lol 😆 What you said about this being an intimate and raw look at YOU and what you’ve personally been through, I felt that, and I truly identified with you. I just became a subscriber to your MReporter channel (“Michelle Khare”) yesterday after accidentally stumbling upon a video of yours titled, “I competed in a beauty pageant for the first time,” but I’ve gotten so much out of your content already.. at a time when so much of MReporter, and just our world PERIOD, can be so superficial, you are creating truly thought-provoking, vulnerable and purely raw content that makes people dig deeper and look at the world, others and themselves from a different, more open-minded, positive light. I cannot say more about how deeply the world needs this change, how deeply it needs YOU, and more people like you that are willing to get out of the self-absorbed, self-serving mindset and fight (eh?...FIGHT?...Get it?...😉) for something that serves and betters those around us. ♥️ Thank you, Michelle! ♥️ Thank you for opening up and having the courage and strength to share it with us. Absolutely beautiful job from a beautiful heart. 🔥 ~Lauren (one of your subscribers) 💜

  59. Kat lena

    Kat lena3 days ago

    Likeeee i know this was made 3 months ago but i am doing a cover of this😄😄😄😄i love this song

  60. Eric Lasher

    Eric Lasher3 days ago

    She sounds like a singer that would sing in a cartoon like else for example with that high note

  61. SquishiesIffy

    SquishiesIffy3 days ago


  62. Tegan Boi

    Tegan Boi3 days ago

    im binge watching your videos and OML MICHELLE I LOVE YOU

  63. Steffenie Sanders

    Steffenie Sanders3 days ago

    You should make a music video for it

  64. Sumy Bobby

    Sumy Bobby3 days ago

    Love your song. It is so inspirational to me. Thanks.

  65. Megin Marie

    Megin Marie4 days ago

    You got the lead role in highschool musical???? Holy shit girl we knew you were good but damn you’ve been good haha

  66. Sleeping Rose

    Sleeping Rose4 days ago

    Ofc she can sing!

  67. Katerina Georgiyev

    Katerina Georgiyev4 days ago

    Ok, what can’t she do

  68. Samantha Grossman

    Samantha Grossman4 days ago

    chills man CHILLZZZZ

  69. Addison Crosier

    Addison Crosier4 days ago

    Im waiting for an album boo!

  70. Not my Name

    Not my Name4 days ago

    the thing here being a pop star you rarely wrote your own song.

  71. Narelle Harvey

    Narelle Harvey4 days ago

    I am so proud

  72. Tyba Khan

    Tyba Khan4 days ago

    I love this song ! And I don't listen to pop ! I can relate so much being told "I can't " and turning that negative feedback to critique and inspiration. Love this so much !

  73. Chim Yoongi

    Chim Yoongi4 days ago

    im listening to it right now! you go girl!

  74. mirko

    mirko5 days ago

    I love you

  75. Erica Stolte

    Erica Stolte5 days ago

    Same with me! I started doing musical theatre at 8 and once I got to college I completely stopped, I miss it so much!

  76. Chumamabangedchupapa I’m sorry

    Chumamabangedchupapa I’m sorry5 days ago

    Michelle is..the person that I want to be....so well-rounded and brave, scared to do things but does it anyways. Certainly not perfect but she is just so incredibly talented and inspiring.

  77. Jessy

    Jessy5 days ago

    This sound like it came out straight from a disney movie

  78. Stella Curtis

    Stella Curtis5 days ago

    You should start a career singing too

  79. Yeya Juarez

    Yeya Juarez5 days ago

    AHHHHH!!!!! You should make a music video ❤❤❤😊

  80. Allie Cf21

    Allie Cf215 days ago

    This is so good

  81. Tia King

    Tia King5 days ago

    I love your singing it sounds like something out of a Barbie movie

  82. Brooke B

    Brooke B5 days ago

    Amazing! The song is so motivational and your voice is beautiful! Thank you for sharing your gift with us

  83. Joy Banks

    Joy Banks5 days ago

    Next challenge: preparing for a movie cast? Or something like that?

  84. Z0mbie

    Z0mbie5 days ago

    I suddenly wanna become a pop star and be famous :D

  85. NLPITW /

    NLPITW /5 days ago

    0:55 when someone reminds the teacher we hade homework

  86. wu elena

    wu elena5 days ago

    you are sooo inspiring!!!! this reminds me of when there were so many people told me that i could never make it, that i should just give up! but never stop fighting! i really really love ur song. u are a amazing!!!!

  87. Despoina Polyviou

    Despoina Polyviou5 days ago

    Omg . I’m shook

  88. Shana Batt

    Shana Batt5 days ago

    That takes a lot of courage 💕

  89. Zahra AlAjmi

    Zahra AlAjmi5 days ago

    Keep going we will support you💖love the song😍

  90. wasabi baby

    wasabi baby5 days ago

    sorry but pause at 17:44 and 18:08 that's the cutest angry face ever

  91. SeaweedCoffee Studios

    SeaweedCoffee Studios5 days ago

    Oooo I want to write a song wheres there's not a happy ending

  92. Joyce Chiduaka

    Joyce Chiduaka5 days ago

    I’ve downloaded it it’s so gd xx

  93. Joyce Chiduaka

    Joyce Chiduaka5 days ago

    This was amazing

  94. daR3Almvp68

    daR3Almvp686 days ago

    1st off, LOVED this song!!! 2nd, you should put this song in a movie or something. I could see this being a disney princess song. 3rd make a music vide for this song, it is defintely good enough to have one.

  95. Brie Stobierski

    Brie Stobierski6 days ago


  96. Angelica Krian Moreno Cembrano

    Angelica Krian Moreno Cembrano6 days ago

    Next Up is a Music Video. 😆

  97. BMS

    BMS6 days ago

    Now we just need a music video for this. :)

  98. Saviola de Mello

    Saviola de Mello6 days ago

    I need that voice coach ...

  99. Magical Molly

    Magical Molly6 days ago

    Michelle is proof that anyone can do anything

  100. Sophia Ornelas

    Sophia Ornelas6 days ago

    I have been waning to sinng for a while but im to afraid but you inspired me to just go for it i love you so much thx

  101. Christina Belmares

    Christina Belmares6 days ago

    From a hard-hard critic great song-beautiful effort

  102. Becky Boncheveaux

    Becky Boncheveaux6 days ago

    This sounds kinda like a Broadway song and I love it!!!

  103. Bianca Rozsa

    Bianca Rozsa6 days ago

    I want you to try ballet!

  104. Lorena Šimić

    Lorena Šimić6 days ago

    Your song made me cry, I listened it in just the right moment, and it was just what I needed. So thank you!💜

  105. Xx Paris xX

    Xx Paris xX6 days ago

    It might just be me but Rebecca and Sofia Carson look a smidget alike

  106. Louise Knutsson

    Louise Knutsson6 days ago

    Live like a allstar cheerleader for a week