I Trained Like A Pop Star For 60 Days


  1. Michelle Khare

    Michelle Khare5 months ago

    You guys mentioned that you wanted to see longer-term, more meaningful content. This is a video I've wanted to make for years but have never had the courage to do, and took 6 months from start to finish to complete (beyond the 60 days of training). I was so scared to do this because of the criticism so many singers face. I hope that you'll listen to my first ever song (eek!!) and enjoy it - it's a song for you.

  2. Is Brouwer

    Is Brouwer7 days ago

    Michelle Khare I totally think you should make more music!!! 🎼 🎶🎵

  3. KleH _

    KleH _2 months ago

    You (and everyone who helped you and worked with you) did amazing! I love the song. I love the whole video. Every single second of it.

  4. Siti Nur Ardina Awang Daud

    Siti Nur Ardina Awang Daud2 months ago

    I love your song!!! this video is inspiring! keep it up~

  5. Chicken love

    Chicken love2 months ago

    Michelle Khare this is my fav song now

  6. Elizabeth Aedyn Stevens

    Elizabeth Aedyn Stevens3 months ago

    Michelle Khare THIS IS AMAZING. Thank you Michelle, thank you. 🖤🖤🖤

  7. Leah Ginsburg

    Leah Ginsburg2 hours ago

    Omg love you

  8. King Mojo

    King Mojo3 days ago

    Is there a music video of this song?

  9. Alex Dalton

    Alex Dalton3 days ago

    I feel like she doesn't have good pitch :/

  10. Адия Жунусова

    Адия Жунусова4 days ago

    you are so strong despite fear u did it ! wow

  11. 12_Sunshine_34

    12_Sunshine_344 days ago

    I love this! I really liked the tid-bit in the video so I went and listened on spotify and it's so good! This whole video is major inspiration!

  12. Lilith Lambour

    Lilith Lambour5 days ago

    You are such an inspiration. Girls all over need you! I love your videos and I dont know you, but I'm so proud of you and honestly you have some balls to do all that you do!

  13. Nika Dzeban

    Nika Dzeban5 days ago

    ughh, actually got goosebumpssss

  14. Angel Keys

    Angel Keys5 days ago

    I was legit listening to stone cold before this

  15. 5ch1z0 Diaz

    5ch1z0 Diaz6 days ago

    Coming from a fellow music artist .....its not easy 😂👌

  16. Jackeline Martinez

    Jackeline Martinez6 days ago

    You should trained like a kpop star

  17. angeldarkblue - Dirrtyangel

    angeldarkblue - Dirrtyangel6 days ago

    Great job! Great song. Bought it

  18. Jain Nassir

    Jain Nassir7 days ago

    Am I the only one who doesn’t think it’s good? Like no shade, but theatre is a better fit for her voice type.

  19. X.Rosie Takara.X

    X.Rosie Takara.X8 days ago

    Im Not Even Half Way Through The Video And I Feel Like She Could Be An Actual Popstar

  20. X.Rosie Takara.X

    X.Rosie Takara.X8 days ago

    She Was Pretty Good Even At The Beginning

  21. X.Rosie Takara.X

    X.Rosie Takara.X8 days ago

    Im In Middle School And I Know That If I Go To College I Want To Major In Music

  22. Niki Moore

    Niki Moore8 days ago

    Ya nailed it

  23. Aesthetic Tutorials

    Aesthetic Tutorials8 days ago

    I love your laugh

  24. Shiana Marie Holmes

    Shiana Marie Holmes8 days ago

    i was hoping she would expose those peeps

  25. Isabelle forrest anderson

    Isabelle forrest anderson9 days ago

    Fuck yes this is incredible

  26. Isabelle forrest anderson

    Isabelle forrest anderson9 days ago

    This is so fucking amazing I’m so proud of you and your so strong 😪❤️

  27. Self Goddes

    Self Goddes9 days ago

    It was like a disney film's ost. We really want you to see how you train like a kpop idol!

  28. morgan mcniel

    morgan mcniel10 days ago


  29. morgan mcniel

    morgan mcniel10 days ago

    im def putting this as my ringtoneee

  30. Kyndal Curren

    Kyndal Curren10 days ago

    She did so good at the end. I loved it.

  31. Princess Ari

    Princess Ari11 days ago

    Soooo good, this is on my saved songs!!!!!😍

  32. vgvloglife #vgsquad

    vgvloglife #vgsquad11 days ago

    Love it!

  33. Paige Guymer

    Paige Guymer11 days ago

    Wow, you inspired me! I devote my whole life to BMX racing and being physically fit, this song captures every aspect of my life. I cannot thank you more. Please keep up the amazing work. ❤❤❤

  34. Mixi Alexis

    Mixi Alexis11 days ago

    she has a perfect disney singing voice..i want it to happen!!! video idea please or maybe even actually do it!!! D:

  35. Mixi Alexis

    Mixi Alexis11 days ago

    why tf am i emotional for this hajsknsakn

  36. Isaac Cantu

    Isaac Cantu12 days ago

    You really are something special. We all love you so much, Stay safe.

  37. Alexiane l'Aventurière Intrépide

    Alexiane l'Aventurière Intrépide12 days ago

    You're a wonderfull person, your music is just amazing thanks for your words and inspiration

  38. Jessica Solomon

    Jessica Solomon12 days ago

    the clap at 7:44 scared the shit out of me

  39. ηeverland

    ηeverland12 days ago

    you literally made me believe in myself even more. gosh, i don't even know you, but i'm so proud of you!!

  40. Winona Daphne

    Winona Daphne12 days ago

    rebecca is so sweet omg

  41. Winona Daphne

    Winona Daphne12 days ago

    omg when she started singing "tell me i cant" i started tearing up bc girl i feel you

  42. Winona Daphne

    Winona Daphne12 days ago

    damn michelle you didn't seek out andrew huang? he's so immensely talented. nah i get that to make it more impressive, you gotta seek out people who've been in the pop mainstream industry

  43. Winona Daphne

    Winona Daphne12 days ago

    rebecca black looks like a beauty guru, she's really pretty

  44. Fanialla Scott

    Fanialla Scott13 days ago

    OMG your such an amazing singer keep singing pls I love your voice, and you give such a strong message to everybody that watches your vids!

  45. liv rose

    liv rose13 days ago

    How does someone go 8 years without singing? I mean you have to shower right 😂 go Michelle 💗

  46. Midnight Singing

    Midnight Singing13 days ago

    OMG! I love u. Please do more songs. Yr journey is awe inspiring and yr song is fabulous. Also, u got a stellar voice, u should sing more often. The lyrics could have gotten a lil more work but mostly it was mind blowing and overall I cried after I heard yr song. A lot of people, including me could relate with it. All the best for yr life ahead and may God bless u with everything u rightly need and desire. Amen. XO P. S- This was also the first song I bought in my life, out of choice.

  47. Just Adele Marie

    Just Adele Marie13 days ago

    Love this omg so inspirational, I’m crying❤️

  48. Anna Bruhn Hartung

    Anna Bruhn Hartung14 days ago

    That’s the bravest thing, I have ever seen😱😱😱😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  49. Lovely Life

    Lovely Life14 days ago

    Gabbie just pops up everywhere!?

  50. Unicorns4 Life

    Unicorns4 Life15 days ago


  51. Mila

    Mila16 days ago

    Sorry but seeing you play Lucy was amazing.

  52. artemis singing

    artemis singing16 days ago


  53. Audrey Burton

    Audrey Burton16 days ago

    Girly u work so hard for all your videos you’re so underrated keep it up girly ❤️

  54. Madison Jarrett

    Madison Jarrett17 days ago

    girl you amazing

  55. makis tokanidis

    makis tokanidis18 days ago


  56. Tilly Batt

    Tilly Batt18 days ago

    Absolutely smashed it ❤️❤️

  57. Dayanira Fernandez De Castro

    Dayanira Fernandez De Castro19 days ago

    Wish i could do this, my dream💜💜hopeing i can someday.

  58. Kameko Miyamora

    Kameko Miyamora19 days ago

    Oh man, being able to record your own song is so cool. I got an opportunity in high school. I sang a lot on stage, talent shows, plays...but I knew i wasnt the best singer and retired. I took a music/computers class one year, and we had a field trip to a studio to see how music was made. It was a small class of guys and my older brother who helped my teacher cause he wanted to be a producer...we arent close, he always picks on me too. But anyways, we finished making the song, and lyrics...then it was time to choose someone to sing, and everyone looked at me..............i tried to back out, but even the teacher made me do it. Anyways, song was made, its a bit embarrassing but then the teacher proceeded to play it before the announcements the following day 😭 im more proud of it now, and my 'i cant believe im doing this' fit the 'sich and tired' message of the song haha its something a lot of people don't get to do, especially for free

  59. Rauze

    Rauze20 days ago

    love it!! its soo amazing💕💕💕

  60. Tanvi Nagar

    Tanvi Nagar20 days ago

    Wish I had such an opportunity to do such a thing. I really really think u sound amazing and I can hear all your hard work, in that song. You did amazing. Love the song

  61. Pyrocynical X

    Pyrocynical X21 day ago

    So Beautiful.

  62. killua zydoc

    killua zydoc21 day ago

    U yes you u are amazing and I love . You can do it you have come sooooo far and I have just started whatching your video' s bealive me you rock girl you do . Chatch that medal ! 🏅

  63. MikeVvoski draws

    MikeVvoski draws21 day ago

    The coach is so good at “literally” addressing what she is doing wrong and that’s dope 🔥

  64. mariana g

    mariana g22 days ago

    She should do training like a kpop star cause that's a whole different world of toughness

  65. Helena Spagnoli

    Helena Spagnoli22 days ago

    Who else thought she sounded without the auto tune

  66. The Cooper Empire

    The Cooper Empire24 days ago

    10:58 shooketh

  67. em anne06

    em anne0624 days ago

    15:03 wow I have that poster!

  68. Ива Зехирева

    Ива Зехирева26 days ago

    Loved it! Immediately to FAV in Spotify!!!

  69. aerojovi

    aerojovi28 days ago

    You sound amazing! While I was watching your friends' reactions, I realized I had a HUGE grin on my face and had started to tear up! This whole video was so inspiring, and you nailed it! Thank you for sharing and I hope we hear more songs from you soon!

  70. I I

    I IMonth ago

    sorry to say but am I the only motherfucker who read the title as 'train a porn star'? this is not what I expected after clicking the video, I should be more fantasized by the 'oral training' but not 'vocal training'. close the clip after 30 secs. Shame on me.

  71. Alan Philips

    Alan PhilipsMonth ago

    Fact. Using foul language will lose you a good percentage of fans.

  72. soph thesushi

    soph thesushiMonth ago

    You are so pretty and you have a beautiful voice !

  73. Lily Groeneveld

    Lily GroeneveldMonth ago

    YESSSSS! why is it that every time I listen to this song I smile! Already saved on Spotify!!!

  74. Vy Nguyen

    Vy NguyenMonth ago


  75. Alcase

    AlcaseMonth ago

    I started crying listening to this lmao

  76. Rym Akrouf

    Rym AkroufMonth ago

    you are awesome

  77. Richard Blackmore

    Richard BlackmoreMonth ago

    Dang you have a cool channel.

  78. Taylor Robinson

    Taylor RobinsonMonth ago

    I love it I just now downloaded it girl you did an amazing job your a queen 👑 🌹⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  79. monica batista batista

    monica batista batistaMonth ago

    I'm sad. Why 8 years? Why we give our dreams? And let othere's say what is good for us! I had a great voice....i don't use it anymore...9 years already. This made me cry.

  80. Kimia Saremi

    Kimia SaremiMonth ago

    i kinda cried a little while i was watching it your so good i love you.

  81. satabdi das

    satabdi dasMonth ago

    Every time I watch your videos I feel so motivated.. You're doing what i always wanted to.. Dreamt.. Living the life fullest.. Doing everything that you can do.. I don't know how much you're enjoying it but I am loving it.. All that all that i had Dreamt and just Dreamt but life and survival never let that turn out as reality.. You are doing them.. I don't know whether ever my dreams come true but yeah seeing these videos i feel good .. Thanks ☺️

  82. Acidio Alan

    Acidio AlanMonth ago

    Congrats, this was an amazing video to watch!

  83. Xara_

    Xara_Month ago

    I love the soundtrack of that song the sounds are magical for me I love those exhales things

  84. cutie pie

    cutie pieMonth ago

    In my family people like my dad and sister sing like the angels and I have always felt bad because i felt like i couldnt and shoulnt sing but now i want to do it

  85. Skittliciouz Disaster

    Skittliciouz DisasterMonth ago

    I'll be honest. This... Is so relatable. I'm an Indian girl... South Asian. I love to sing. I've been singing 12 years of my life. I'm 17 almost. And tbh I improve but I keep on getting into these potholes wondering if I should give up. But I should'nt. I've started to practice vocals again. In one month I've to get covers up on MReporter. Thankyou for this... Inspired me to not give it up for the studies

  86. Ajay Deshpande

    Ajay DeshpandeMonth ago

    You are an inspiration.

  87. leesa pradhan

    leesa pradhanMonth ago

    I loved it I think you should take that as a career girl. I know that feeling you coming. I was you now I'm a model n show who put me down I wasn't pretty n how far I'm gone with this

  88. Mama Nukes

    Mama NukesMonth ago

    Gurl, u killed it!! ❤️

  89. southwick jacklyn

    southwick jacklynMonth ago


  90. Winter Nicole

    Winter NicoleMonth ago

    Can I just say that Gabbie is a hella hype woman and I need that in my life haha. YOU SOUND AMAZING!

  91. Zsuzsanna Bori

    Zsuzsanna BoriMonth ago

    When she started to sing Stone Cold...I got the shivers, wooooow. It's amazing how her voice is good without training. :O

  92. Allison Hartje

    Allison HartjeMonth ago

    Thank you

  93. Amelia BTS

    Amelia BTSMonth ago

    My eyes fooled me I thought she Said kpop

  94. Naomi Greenfield

    Naomi GreenfieldMonth ago

    Omg make a music video for the song

  95. Megan Reynolds

    Megan ReynoldsMonth ago


  96. DeAnna Loraine

    DeAnna LoraineMonth ago

    i applaud this, singing is hard

  97. A Google User

    A Google UserMonth ago

    Hey girl, just wanted to say way to freaking go! I love the song, and I'm really proud of you (weird term but like ??? way to go??? you went for it and killed it so like yes proud of you)

  98. livamilAVA

    livamilAVAMonth ago

    So rebecca black is giving advice?

  99. Nina's Heart

    Nina's HeartMonth ago

    Watching these challenge videos (not chronologically) has been really inspiring to me. Obviously Michelle is special and these are her experiences and her overcoming obstacles to be successful in so many different areas of interests. But for me, it shows me that if she can do it, why can't I also? Like I also have hurdles and obstacles, different from hers, but if I can overcome them as well, I can also succeed in whatever the fuck I want. Thats the mentality I'm taking away from these videos.

  100. Arlet Falcon

    Arlet FalconMonth ago

    A-mazing! Awesome Michelle, you're a fighter and a boundary breaker.

  101. Tamiris Bortowski

    Tamiris BortowskiMonth ago

    Girl!!! 3rd video binging here... Is there anything you can't do???

  102. Megha Singh

    Megha SinghMonth ago

    That was amazing. You voice was shining.

  103. Leila Trottier-Evans

    Leila Trottier-EvansMonth ago

    I'm 13 and I went to a recording studio every week for a few months last year. It was really hard for me and I got really self conscious. I would hear it back while sitting in the booth and it would sound great but I would hear it back in the main room and it would sound so horrible. I ended up with only one okay sing. I like the ghost is but I felt that my verses were weak. I stopped going. I think that I much prefer live singing. I think it suits my voice better

  104. 0853579 H

    0853579 HMonth ago

    Sounds like something from Disney channel! so cute and wholesome

  105. Michelle Hagan

    Michelle HaganMonth ago

    I so Love you Such a strong gutsy young lady I hv wanted to explore my own voice Manly for myself It is not easy and takes a lot of commitment You had GR8 help too that helps But You still did it I wont your song on my play list COOL GIRL ❤😎😁