I, Tonya's Choreographer Breaks Down the Triple Axel Scene | Notes On A Scene | Vanity Fair


  1. babyhols666

    babyhols6667 days ago

    so was the triple axel bit all cgi if the extras couldnt do it

  2. alura 86

    alura 8611 days ago

    i really enjoyed this video. I'd love to have heard more about the difference in skating now and then. Also. There is no one who can do the triple axel at this point in time? Wow, even more credit for Tonya.

  3. Tran Le

    Tran Le7 days ago

    alura 86 lol Tonya isn’t even the first woman to land a triple axel in competition

  4. james horgan

    james horgan12 days ago

    Vanity Fair thank you for all these videos, they're wonderful and informative.

  5. Eve. Lucy

    Eve. Lucy15 days ago

    as an ice skater myself it's great so see people so enthusiastic about my sport! thank you sarah for this beautiful rendition

  6. Chfvbh Ffghbff

    Chfvbh Ffghbff18 days ago

    This goes to show how much goes into making these movies

  7. tudorjason

    tudorjason20 days ago

    Really explains why the triple axel is so difficult. No assist, faster, tighter to go faster, and 3.5 rotations.

  8. thatbookchannel

    thatbookchannel23 days ago

    ahhh i know heidi, she's my coaches friend🤯

  9. DD Lee

    DD LeeMonth ago

    I knew instantly when the double came in because Margot's modern Jackson Artiste or Freestyle (label visable during the 94 Olympics scenes) boots became Edea Piano or Concerto boots during the spins and jumps. They are modern and made to take the stress off the foot when landing. A beginner skater wouldn't wear those advanced boots usually. The more you know!!!

  10. itsjakefitt

    itsjakefittMonth ago

    notes on a scene is the best youtube series

  11. Adriangcxx

    AdriangcxxMonth ago

    This woman ROCKS!

  12. Finn Raeside

    Finn RaesideMonth ago

    When she mentioned the phantom camera I immediately thought of the Slo Mo Guys lmaoo

  13. Mandy C.

    Mandy C.Month ago

    this scene was so flawless. I can't believe they had to blend doubles -- it looked like Margot was doing the whole thing and I knew better, but I was just in awe that it looked so convincing. not to mention the drama and comedy of the scene are top notch. excellent film. as someone who was a kid who looked up to Tonya Harding before all the crazy scandal (I was white trash too) the film managed to make a really compelling story without needing to really answer the question of what actually might have happened.

  14. Red Vixen

    Red VixenMonth ago

    Holy crap

  15. Sofya Elkina

    Sofya ElkinaMonth ago

    the best part is when she preps for a lutz (4:38) and then all of a sudden she is taking off for the axel lol

  16. Charlie

    CharlieMonth ago


  17. yellowducky101

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  18. Yury

    YuryMonth ago

    "What is this, red necks on ice?" I LOST IT HAHAAAA

  19. zooleroy

    zooleroyMonth ago

    I would like to know why the original music wasn’t used to make it seem even more real?

  20. sophia anderson

    sophia andersonMonth ago

    I don’t know anything about skating but i still really enjoyed this

  21. Emily Mejia

    Emily MejiaMonth ago

    I freaking loved this movie and everything about it. So much respect for this woman🙌

  22. Valeria Castro Brissolese

    Valeria Castro BrissoleseMonth ago


  23. Have An Ice Day

    Have An Ice DayMonth ago

    This is an awesome video! Thank you so much for that insight!

  24. LA Fresh Life

    LA Fresh LifeMonth ago

    So fascinating!

  25. Violet Marie

    Violet MarieMonth ago

    so no one is going to notice that whenever she's in the air she has edea ice fly and then when she's not jumping she has jackson ?

  26. quiflington

    quiflingtonMonth ago

    I have no idea what that means.

  27. Noah B.-Wall

    Noah B.-WallMonth ago

    I've watched this 10 times, stunning

  28. Stella Humphreys

    Stella HumphreysMonth ago


  29. m e r u t h e t h o t

    m e r u t h e t h o tMonth ago

    They did amazing.

  30. Biaka Chhakchhuak

    Biaka ChhakchhuakMonth ago

    The triple Lutz looks like a flutz...

  31. Biaka Chhakchhuak

    Biaka ChhakchhuakMonth ago

    quiflington I'm not criticizing the real Tonya.I don't know if it is right to use the term criticize but I'm just stating the fact that the triple Lutz looks like a flutz because the take off was on inside edge which should be outside edge.Well then it's the choreographer that I'm criticizing.

  32. quiflington

    quiflingtonMonth ago

    So, are you criticizing Tonya Harding or the movie about Tonya Harding or the choreographer who did the choreography in the movie about Tonya Harding or the video about the choreographer who did the choreography in the movie about Tonya Harding? You're speaking in riddles my friend.

  33. Biaka Chhakchhuak

    Biaka ChhakchhuakMonth ago

    quiflington no,if Lutz is not jumped properly as it should be it is called a flutz.

  34. quiflington

    quiflingtonMonth ago

    you mean the CGI?

  35. megusik30

    megusik30Month ago

    The doubles skating is meh.. but that triple dude

  36. artistryiscomingback

    artistryiscomingbackMonth ago

    I adore this series, the minds behind the movies rarely get picked at in interviews, when they're so fundamental in the media we watch!

  37. beck

    beckMonth ago

    I'm bored.

  38. quiflington

    quiflingtonMonth ago

    You're the chairman of the bored.

  39. Isabella

    IsabellaMonth ago

    there were some boot continuity issues- in some scenes tonya is wearing edeas while in others she is wearing jacksons

  40. quiflington

    quiflingtonMonth ago

    That criticism is a little bit over the top don't you think? That's sort of like me saying "It should be a pre-CBS Strat not a transition-period Strat.

  41. Lauren Bennett

    Lauren Bennett2 months ago

    Do they have one for Black Swan? The should do one for Black Swan!

  42. quiflington

    quiflingtonMonth ago

    That would be worth watching.

  43. Enderpop M.C.

    Enderpop M.C.2 months ago

    The 3A was underrotated and that take off wouldnt have allowed you to rotate. You have to bring your free leg almost touching your takeoff leg and your toe comes around and up. Probs to the actor but i wish it was a bit more realistic. and the the 3Lz was on an inside edge

  44. Enderpop M.C.

    Enderpop M.C.2 months ago

    The 3Lz on an inside edge? 😂 what

  45. 0 Paragon is BAE / SO WHAT NOW EPIC/ theBEaST 1

    0 Paragon is BAE / SO WHAT NOW EPIC/ theBEaST 12 months ago

    Ballet on ice. Passion, discipline, aggression, control, balance, beauty~ poetry~~ in motion~~~

  46. artemisjackson1

    artemisjackson12 months ago

    This is actually really interesting...

  47. Cleodel

    Cleodel2 months ago

    So interesting to hear the shot broken down by the cinematographer. Love it!

  48. Chloe.Randall

    Chloe.Randall2 months ago

    Really amazing movie, and compared to most Ice skating sports films, its incredibly technical, but still saw a few mistakes, half way through some of the jumps they forgot to change the doubles' skates making it look like tonya was wear Ice Fly's (a brand of skates that weren't invented for another 30 years) also that prep for the triple axel is actually a prep for a triple lutz, as she is clearly lining up for a toe jump, Don't feel this is hate, really loved the movie!

  49. DD Lee

    DD LeeMonth ago

    I have a feeling the stunt doubles just didn't wear boots similar to Margot's and hoped no one noticed LOL. I thought she had Piano or Concerto? Maybe they were Ice Fly's, I'll have to watch it again. Sponsored by Edea? Margot wore Jackson freestyle for the relacing Olympic scene.

  50. quiflington

    quiflingtonMonth ago

    Oi Vey! You sound like me listening to someone covering a Frank Zappa guitar part.The film makers, after all, are in the entertainment business not the figure skating business. Still, good catch.

  51. PugThug94

    PugThug942 months ago

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed that triple axel lutz prep ;)

  52. Anzy

    Anzy2 months ago


  53. Nala Bug

    Nala Bug2 months ago

    she didnt explain why there's a lutz entrance in the cut before the triple axel lol

  54. Arnold Manlapaz

    Arnold Manlapaz2 months ago

    If that's Hayley Kiyoko's mom, has Hayley ever had an experience figure skating?

  55. Priscila A.

    Priscila A.2 months ago


  56. Adam Griffin

    Adam Griffin2 months ago

    Was hoping they would explain the terrible facial crops onto the stunt actress.

  57. Jay Dee

    Jay Dee2 months ago

    I Love this women so much she's so amazing and talented

  58. SammyKitty92

    SammyKitty922 months ago

    I actually feel like Tonya's choreo is on par with today's skaters.

  59. just artsy things

    just artsy things2 months ago

    Beautiful amazing movie!

  60. Michelle

    Michelle2 months ago

    i love the little notes on scene series. much love ♥️

  61. Michelle

    Michelle2 months ago

    these videos are so amazing ♥️ love love love

  62. Shelby Ziqi

    Shelby Ziqi2 months ago

    Such an educational video. Great actors, great movie. This is awesome.

  63. Chuck Fontenot

    Chuck Fontenot2 months ago

    Q knows Trump is trying to save your country. Wake up

  64. Olivia Nelson

    Olivia Nelson2 months ago

    Hayley kiyokos mom!!!

  65. Nicole Boyle

    Nicole Boyle2 months ago

    Why did you edit the triple lutz in the air? It just makes it look like the doubles can't do a real triple lutz, which is too bad because you said they can.



    Tran Le ah, I misread it, I apologise

  67. quiflington

    quiflington6 days ago

    What about the triple hand job?

  68. Tran Le

    Tran Le7 days ago

    DAVID BOWIE SAYING MEME SCHOOL She was talking about the triple lutz not the triple axel

  69. quiflington

    quiflingtonMonth ago

    I read somewhere that they actually couldn't so they had to CGI it.

  70. Daniel

    Daniel2 months ago

    I love how transparent they were about the doubles in this movie, unlike the Black Swan, where they pretended Natalie Portman pretty much did everything.

  71. Arunima Tiwari

    Arunima Tiwari7 days ago

    Daniel It was a very pleasant surprise for me as well.

  72. Every name I wanted was too long

    Every name I wanted was too long2 months ago

    3:45 girl that edge violation

  73. jazznazzz

    jazznazzz2 months ago


  74. Maria Helena

    Maria Helena2 months ago

    i really like margots personality and the movie itself is also good but her acting is so bad... apparently she’s gonna interpret sharon tate next? well let’s see how it goes...

  75. Cherry Blosson

    Cherry Blosson2 months ago

    There was an I Tonya trailer ad right before this video

  76. Jannica Almén

    Jannica Almén2 months ago

    this was so interesting to watch!

  77. Ashley Jay

    Ashley Jay2 months ago

    She looks like an Asian tiger mom. Just kidding. Sarah is so talented like her daughter. She has choreographed the olympics opening and closing plus worked with many skaters through her career.

  78. A C

    A C2 months ago

    She reminds me of Hayley Kiyoko. She's her mom, yes?

  79. Hannah Escaño

    Hannah EscañoMonth ago

    A C yes 😊

  80. Christian Ureña

    Christian Ureña2 months ago

    This is so amazing!!!

  81. Nikki Mora

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  82. Omnia Khalid

    Omnia Khalid2 months ago

    This is amazing, Tonya did the triple axel in the 90’s , and now 30 years later they couldn’t find someone who can successfully do it. Just showing you how amazing and unique she was

  83. Esperanza Hope Jaduri

    Esperanza Hope Jaduri21 day ago

    quiflington weren't you the person who had never once skated? 😂

  84. Shelby Lynn

    Shelby LynnMonth ago

    If the seniors don’t watch out, the juniors will sneak up on them. Alena Kostornaia of Russia had video of her landing a 3a in practice. She’s one of Trusova’s rinkmakes.

  85. Bob Thetaco

    Bob ThetacoMonth ago

    Omnia Khalid mirai nagasu landed a successful triple axel in the Olympics

  86. quiflington

    quiflingtonMonth ago

    I can do 5 quads.

  87. Jeungri Oppa

    Jeungri OppaMonth ago

    Gwynbleidd yeah but yuzu does it like a single.

  88. Olivia Wright

    Olivia Wright2 months ago

    Omg asian Kris Jenner

  89. jenna styles

    jenna styles2 months ago

    Hayley Kiyoko’s mom !!!!!! being talented and cute must really run in the family

  90. Arief Fitri03

    Arief Fitri032 months ago

    You great i watch t movie so many times

  91. Slime Clouds

    Slime Clouds2 months ago

    AMAZING SEQUENCE! I adored this movie.

  92. Maiju

    Maiju2 months ago

    Great video!

  93. Ricki -Lee

    Ricki -Lee2 months ago

    So interesting and amazing to watch!