1. Lucas and Marcus

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    Lucas and Marcus j

  3. JayJays Day

    JayJays DayMonth ago

    Haiti is my country can you like this my country is dying

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    Lucas and Marcus I

  5. Christopher Arevalo

    Christopher ArevaloMonth ago

    Lucas and Marcus i orderd your merch it neverarived

  6. Annie Gohmann

    Annie GohmannMonth ago

    Hmmmm maybe

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  8. Sophia Grace

    Sophia GraceHour ago

    whyyyy were they being sooooo loud

  9. Diego Sotelo

    Diego Sotelo10 hours ago

    I talk Spanish

  10. Diego Sotelo

    Diego Sotelo10 hours ago

    Hola como esta

  11. TBow38

    TBow3810 hours ago

    Open a bag of chips and eat them and then buy them I'm a really big fan of yours

  12. Cute & Crafty

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  13. Maria Ioanna Papadopoulou Asproukou

    Maria Ioanna Papadopoulou Asproukou11 hours ago

    Omg ivanita has a fox terrier

  14. Eric Noria

    Eric Noria12 hours ago

    As there girlfriends

  15. Eric Noria

    Eric Noria12 hours ago

    Almost all the dobre army has a mexican girl

  16. Cameron Wasson

    Cameron Wasson13 hours ago

    What a coincidence the garage was halfway open And a ladder wow

  17. beverly lovell

    beverly lovell14 hours ago

    were you crying marcus

  18. Scarlett Hurley

    Scarlett Hurley15 hours ago

    I can't believe you guys did that omg😋

  19. Melissa Richards

    Melissa Richards15 hours ago

    I am your biggest fan where do you live

  20. Yaneth Sevilla

    Yaneth Sevilla17 hours ago

    My favorite part was when Marcus Said "why" and Lucas Said "hi"

  21. Jenelle Alfaro

    Jenelle Alfaro17 hours ago

    i wonder what other people were thinking when they were passing by Marcus and Lucas

  22. Rosario De La Cruz

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  23. Akari Ceballos

    Akari Ceballos18 hours ago

    But the dad is a boy😃😁

  24. Angela Rolfe

    Angela Rolfe19 hours ago

    You said that you got caught but you didn't

  25. Aquiyah Thomas

    Aquiyah Thomas19 hours ago

    i really like you guys and you girlfriend

  26. Lexton Williams

    Lexton Williams21 hour ago

    You two are funny

  27. Ahmed Shamsid-Deen

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    your the best

  28. valdrina asllani

    valdrina asllaniDay ago

    Luces your grilfriend is sow beatufyl

  29. Catalina Torres

    Catalina TorresDay ago

    Wait does your dad know you have a boyfriend?

  30. Mathilde’s liv

    Mathilde’s livDay ago

    Danish please!

  31. Kostas Dardoufas

    Kostas DardoufasDay ago

    You now ivanita lomeli has MReporter chanel

  32. Latoya Guion

    Latoya GuionDay ago

    SO stop no OK or I tell your mom and dad OK bye😊

  33. Latoya Guion

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    This is bad do not do it ok bye😊

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  35. robloxy sofia

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    Do it again plz

  36. Cadence Ko

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    You guys weren’t caught🤨🤨🤨😐

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    Lol. Lol. Lol

  42. Nyima Turner

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    Yeah ya,ll did

  43. _ALY _

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    Abla español awevo

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    Hola 👋

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    lucky ducky

  46. hailey gonzalez

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    I don't think you guys did a intro

  47. Amazon Tear

    Amazon Tear2 days ago

    Dang! U did all that to see her?!??thats True love right there!!😃😍❤️❤️💜

  48. Susana Vaquera

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  49. Susana Vaquera

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    she so prity

  50. Raeana Menne

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    But...... you dad is a boy

  51. Brandi Willard

    Brandi Willard2 days ago

    U guys are the best you tubers and by the way my real name is harley

  52. Georgia Weston

    Georgia Weston2 days ago

    Can please have a shootout😘😘😘😘

  53. Itzel Mendez

    Itzel Mendez2 days ago

    Is your girlfriend Hispanic

  54. Iany

    Iany2 days ago

    Ninja army!

  55. Dayana Tinoco

    Dayana Tinoco2 days ago

    you guys littttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and coolllllllll!!!!!!

  56. Jyllian Degruise

    Jyllian Degruise2 days ago

    shes Hispanic =0

  57. Chelsea Venegas

    Chelsea Venegas2 days ago

    is your girlfriend Mexican

  58. Arianna Freitas

    Arianna Freitas2 days ago

    Your gf is so pretty

  59. janete lopez

    janete lopez3 days ago

    I love you Dobre amy

  60. Eylin Duarte

    Eylin Duarte3 days ago

    she speak spanish

  61. Sister cousin best girls Kyi

    Sister cousin best girls Kyi3 days ago

    Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle First Shes even amazing And She have long like my friend And i wish i can meet her but i cant :(

  62. Sister cousin best girls Kyi

    Sister cousin best girls Kyi3 days ago

    Omg yaassss she's so pretty

  63. Misty Bowman

    Misty Bowman3 days ago

    You surprised her

  64. Misty Bowman

    Misty Bowman3 days ago

    I mean pretty!

  65. Misty Bowman

    Misty Bowman3 days ago

    I also think his girlfriends house is cute!

  66. saud saud

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    oh my gosh you surprise her😝😋

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  68. Diego Gallardo

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    Tell your girlfriend I said hola

  69. Kimberly Ziani

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    I love your video and pls make food prank video thats all

  70. Diazemie & Zylevin Quintanilla

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    Cute doog

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    I Am your 1 Big fan

  72. Carmelo Basurto

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    this is clearly so fake

  73. Madison Lilly

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    I love yall.

  74. arletlomax

    arletlomax3 days ago

    Dacian Campbell

  75. Willie Lee

    Willie Lee3 days ago

    She might not want to be his girlfriend.

  76. Destiny Makongoro

    Destiny Makongoro4 days ago

    Y e s. 👍

  77. piggy nation

    piggy nation4 days ago

    She's officially Mexican I talk 3 languages I talk russian,mexican,english

  78. Angelle Marino

    Angelle Marino4 days ago

    Breaking and entering 👉💄👮🏻‍♂️

  79. Nerissa Moreno

    Nerissa Moreno4 days ago

    That is so cute and pretty she is really cute and pretty you should go have a date

  80. Kaylee Young

    Kaylee Young4 days ago

    So sweet how u snuck in ur her Prince Charming

  81. Brendon Balliram

    Brendon Balliram4 days ago

    Cool guys.....pls reply if urll are MReporter

  82. Estil Pharis

    Estil Pharis4 days ago

    Im your bigest fan you would be a great husben

  83. Monique Higginbottom

    Monique Higginbottom4 days ago

    I wish I was Lucas Dorbre

  84. Nouf Naif

    Nouf Naif4 days ago

    الله يرقفك يا وسخ

  85. AriaGacha Xox

    AriaGacha Xox4 days ago

    I thought you broke up? Was it a prank?

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  87. Kamryn Kuo

    Kamryn Kuo4 days ago

    Is she rich

  88. Gaby Lopez

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  89. Amy Petersen

    Amy Petersen4 days ago

    He dose not alow boys in the house stupid hes a boy

  90. IFFY786x

    IFFY786x4 days ago

    Too much acting and exaggerating

  91. Jordana Grandilli

    Jordana Grandilli4 days ago

    His girlfriend is really pretty but her voice is really annoying.

  92. sandra garay

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    Son muy travieso

  93. Gabriela Garcia

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    Bitck. Bitck. Bick.

  94. pantera Arias

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    Deberían que su amiga tipo traduzca el video

  95. Sughey Castillo

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    Omg omg she’s Latina!!😱

  96. Caca Popo

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    me to this was my birthday

  97. Emily Cummins

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    Sorry but you didn't get caught

  98. Naidelyn kciree Reyes rdz

    Naidelyn kciree Reyes rdz4 days ago

    Said patita and hola

  99. Jake Paul

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    You Guys Got Bad Luck Because You Got Into Someone Els Window

  100. TheSillyPuppies !

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    This was on my B day

  101. Angela Sanchez

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  102. Evie Smith

    Evie Smith4 days ago

    It’s either fake or TRESPASS. Probably fake cause why would there be a random leader there, one window was open the over one wasn’t and I don’t think anyone would go through that much trouble to get into someone’s room when your not allowed

  103. Monster lol

    Monster lol5 days ago

    The dad is man aka a boy

  104. Takeya Pettigrew

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  105. Ava Baum

    Ava Baum5 days ago

    Okay but how does no one notice that they are acting in literally every single video like this...

  106. holly milly slime Queen's

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    I love video's guys

  107. XX victorkillerzumeFaZeXx

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    Xbox one and PS 4 have fortnight i love Fortmight do you have Xbox one or ps4

  108. XX victorkillerzumeFaZeXx

    XX victorkillerzumeFaZeXx5 days ago

    Xbox one PS4 Fortnight