I React to Mean Comments


  1. TheReportOfTheWeek

    TheReportOfTheWeekYear ago

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  2. sHaKiNg

    sHaKiNg9 days ago

    500th comment 💍

  3. Bleach Bottle

    Bleach Bottle13 days ago

    Hey man do a video that you normally wouldn't do that's not food. Like do some kind of challenge. It would be nice to see you being a little more active, not gonna lie

  4. Dayk3a

    Dayk3aMonth ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek I’m so sorry

  5. LSU

    LSU2 months ago

    I subscribed , you're welcome asshole.

  6. Ronaldo Turrubiartes

    Ronaldo Turrubiartes2 months ago

    I like your videos but you talk alot

  7. Inka Ricketts

    Inka RickettsHour ago

    Haha hilarious you handled this like a pro.

  8. Reflect_Reality

    Reflect_Reality4 hours ago

    Lol his gma would stop before his channel would stop he says lol that was unexpected! Automatically liked the video after I heard that unexpected shit:)

  9. J aune

    J aune6 hours ago

    Your personal uniqueness is exactly what I absolutely LOVE about you!!!! Who wants to watch ‘another’ anything? There’s not another you. Never stop this great channel.

  10. Lio C

    Lio C6 hours ago

    Why does he look like Sid from ice age?

  11. Thorium

    Thorium8 hours ago

    This lad reminds me of my best mate, except way more smarter lol

  12. James Kreger

    James Kreger8 hours ago

    Put your collar down

  13. Soviet Boi

    Soviet Boi12 hours ago

    Young Niles Crane

  14. Peppermintswirl_3 _

    Peppermintswirl_3 _13 hours ago

    King of long intros

  15. a Curious Square

    a Curious Square15 hours ago

    4:04 Incase you want to skip the dialogue

  16. mashing les boutons

    mashing les boutons19 hours ago

    15:12 NO Reviewbrah, it's not harsh. They said what had to be said. We will not tolerate disrespect nor lack of courtesy towards thee. If throats have to be split and ill-mannered people hung from the tallest tree of the forest SO BE IT. I reiterate, this comment section has vigilantes, thou art in good hands Reviewbrah, we got you.

  17. Pax Nax

    Pax Nax21 hour ago

    Its gween

  18. Mispy Mav

    Mispy Mav22 hours ago

    You’re a very well spoken young man. I found the hate comments quite humorous and farcical lool Keep being singular and kind hearted 💃🏻

  19. Fireking912

    Fireking91222 hours ago

    Don't let it get to you my guy, you're fucking great

  20. Hairul Amir

    Hairul Amir22 hours ago


  21. The Scrimmy

    The Scrimmy23 hours ago

    That Hairline Lookin Good m8

  22. Cian Booth

    Cian BoothDay ago

    Handled Beautifully haha ! Keep doing what you do !

  23. MrFyb ohyeahyeah

    MrFyb ohyeahyeahDay ago

    you such a positive person

  24. Xx coolboy1442 xX

    Xx coolboy1442 xXDay ago

    Lol after thinking about eat these people are the same as the bullies at school all mentally issued people

  25. Monsieur carcharodontosaurus

    Monsieur carcharodontosaurusDay ago

    You don’t deserve hate, such class should be applauded.

  26. Jonathan Perez

    Jonathan PerezDay ago

    At first I thought you had a ponytail. You should think about it.

  27. David Lopez

    David LopezDay ago

    Hi I come in peace Mr.alien can you understand us? We traveled far to greet you . 👋

  28. Mat Broomfield

    Mat BroomfieldDay ago

    I find you to be an extremely unusual young man, but the way you've handled this comments is masterful. Much respect.

  29. Gabriel Padua

    Gabriel PaduaDay ago

    I’m so sorry 😐 😭😢😔😰😥😓🥵😳

  30. Tom Lastname

    Tom LastnameDay ago

    I don’t know why I like him. He’s the type of person I would normally find annoying, yet there’s just something about him that makes me watch the entire video

  31. TexMechs1

    TexMechs1Day ago

    He is so nice and i love that suit. People hate to hate sometimes!

  32. Habz11231 2

    Habz11231 2Day ago

    You look like Mr. Bean when you look at your laptop.


    X BRAIN PLAYZDay ago

    Ok I mean this is 10/10

  34. Freedom1776

    Freedom1776Day ago

    The amount of attempted online bullying is insane. I say attempted because of how well it’s been handled. He’s turned each insult into a joke and even did it publicly. This man deserves a lot more respect than he gets.

  35. Neus Cosplay

    Neus Cosplay2 days ago

    He is so sweet 🖤 blessed

  36. john mayorga

    john mayorga2 days ago

    This is no insult but report of the week reminds me of the nice spider Man Toby meguire sometimes .

  37. SegaSaturnSNK

    SegaSaturnSNK2 days ago

    "That's fair" lmfao

  38. PennyPincher69

    PennyPincher692 days ago


  39. Mori Jin

    Mori Jin2 days ago

    I feel like he roasted them with kindness.

  40. DJ

    DJ2 days ago

    Your a perfect man in an imperfect world ReviewBrah, an example we should all follow.

  41. Musa Khan

    Musa Khan2 days ago

    13:16 thats a freaking long comment with a proper story and a plot 😂😂

  42. Somali Pirate who pirates salami

    Somali Pirate who pirates salami3 days ago

    'Brah needs to link to the suicide hotline in these videos, because the people insulting him must want to off themselves after this.

  43. Somali Pirate who pirates salami

    Somali Pirate who pirates salami3 days ago

    OMFG Reviewbrah is a savage to that poor grandma.

  44. Matixx02

    Matixx023 days ago

    omg, i am cracking up!!! This is great. keep up the awesome reviews.

  45. Rondo D.438

    Rondo D.4383 days ago

    best "react to" video i've seen so far

  46. spoiled yougeRt syrup

    spoiled yougeRt syrup3 days ago

    Report of the week for president

  47. Flxcco

    Flxcco3 days ago

    Why would anyone say that to our Lord himself???

  48. MadMnky7

    MadMnky73 days ago

    You seem like a nice guy

  49. PabloV99

    PabloV993 days ago

    4:40 I laughed my ass off with that "it's not just a rat anymore, it's a more rat" sentence

  50. I make disstrack on random channels

    I make disstrack on random channels3 days ago

    U did not drserve any of these comments

  51. legandary knight

    legandary knight4 days ago

    i like you & i respect you but you look like young Sheldon

  52. Kazuki mave

    Kazuki mave4 days ago

    well I do like the tie tho.

  53. S P O O K Y D O O T

    S P O O K Y D O O T4 days ago

    "Imma bleep an bleeping alien" LMAO I LOVE THIS GUY

  54. ItzYourBoiChase

    ItzYourBoiChase4 days ago

    10:03 Voice crack *lmfao*

  55. Tacocat777

    Tacocat7774 days ago

    can we make this a running joke on the channel and edit a rat meter in the video?

  56. ItsFuture

    ItsFuture4 days ago

    The grandma part bruh 😂💀

  57. Yeety Boi

    Yeety Boi4 days ago

    This man is one of the best food reviewers and is also respectful.

  58. Allyson Estes

    Allyson Estes5 days ago

    16:23 HSHDHDJ

  59. The Chronicle

    The Chronicle5 days ago

    its not just a rat its a mole rat

  60. Maverick Aguero

    Maverick Aguero5 days ago

    ¿Que edad tiene?

  61. dominic barnes

    dominic barnes5 days ago

    And there is nothing worse than a jealous sad shit 👍

  62. dominic barnes

    dominic barnes5 days ago

    I wouldn't worry mate who ever is leaving nasty comments is very sad and lonely so fuck em.

  63. Malachi Johnston

    Malachi Johnston5 days ago

    I don’t get why people can’t just let people do what the enjoy. You’re a pretty funny guy and I enjoy these videos. Keep up the good work!

  64. Rogelio Garza

    Rogelio Garza5 days ago

    Do not listen to the people who hate on ur are a great person

  65. Red Jack43

    Red Jack435 days ago

    You should try out new clothing. Like casual stuff.

  66. A P

    A P5 days ago

    He ain't about that life

  67. Re Animated

    Re Animated6 days ago

    The ending is the best, He’s entertaining to watch. Glad there are people with these cool calm mentalities out there.

  68. Mr. smiley 420

    Mr. smiley 4206 days ago

    That outfit your wearing reminds me of Oswald the penguin but in a good way brother your pretty cool in my book

  69. Eggpai

    Eggpai6 days ago

    Sir, you are so very civilized that you make the fanciest person look like a slob.

  70. Jaxvader 07

    Jaxvader 076 days ago

    Oh yeah 5% rat

  71. Jason Statham

    Jason Statham6 days ago

    10:31, I wish I was Donald Trump....

  72. Antoni Wtykło

    Antoni Wtykło6 days ago

    Whos mans is this this dude too pure

  73. Angelo montano Orlando

    Angelo montano Orlando6 days ago

    I just subscribed to your channel. I kind of like this guy, he remindes me of the backpack kid

  74. DAMU!

    DAMU!6 days ago

    Kinda looks like a rat tho not gonna lie... xD

  75. Jacob Westlund

    Jacob Westlund6 days ago

    How old is he

  76. poophead tom

    poophead tom7 days ago

    yo, i think you rly need some rest, you look tired.

  77. Boio

    Boio7 days ago

    You naked mole rat. jk

  78. Trippy Tripps Fortnite

    Trippy Tripps Fortnite7 days ago

    This actually made me die😂😂😂

  79. Mtbiker 5150

    Mtbiker 51507 days ago

    You know, I aways wonder if he is serious or not.

  80. Leo Gillespie

    Leo Gillespie7 days ago

    The comments don’t even faze him Respect

  81. Zexy Criminal

    Zexy Criminal7 days ago

    What's the going rate? lmaooooo

  82. koomoo

    koomoo7 days ago

    he ate those comments right up. great review, ill try it soon.

  83. The Puzzled Strawberry

    The Puzzled Strawberry7 days ago


  84. Maya_R TV

    Maya_R TV7 days ago

    “ iM AN aLbiNo RaT”😂😂💀

  85. Maya_R TV

    Maya_R TV7 days ago

    Ur so pure and wholesome I can’t-

  86. Silent Gaming

    Silent Gaming7 days ago

    You just became my favourite MReporterr :D

  87. A Helping Hand

    A Helping Hand8 days ago

    17:34 cracks me up

  88. Fina Alfionita

    Fina Alfionita8 days ago

    I love you

  89. Big Cheez-E

    Big Cheez-E8 days ago

    I'm not gonna lie at first I thought this guy was annoying and cringy. But im like ah i get him now his cool.

  90. Nobody Cares

    Nobody Cares8 days ago

    where did you get your suit? edit: rip grandma

  91. Dee Nasty

    Dee Nasty8 days ago

    This Gentleman is Amazing. Youthful role model.

  92. Avy Ayn Watts

    Avy Ayn Watts8 days ago


  93. Kiwwi Vibez

    Kiwwi Vibez8 days ago

    No hate but he reminds me of Sheldon 😂

  94. Gianluca Guillermo

    Gianluca Guillermo8 days ago

    6:38 This man analyzed this comment so well it hurted my last braincell

  95. NEStefan

    NEStefan8 days ago

    I swear to God if I ever meet you out in the street I'll hug the living shit out of you.

  96. Haru Kaze

    Haru Kaze8 days ago

    are you the backpack kids brother or dad?

  97. Best Ever Epic Millennial

    Best Ever Epic Millennial8 days ago

    dont let them get you down, lots of idiotic people that are FULL of jealously and anger and thats all it is. I feel bad for their parents

  98. Joesph Young

    Joesph Young8 days ago

    Obviously this person deviates from the bell curve of human normalcy. But, to me, this guy seems like what normal should be. You watch his videos, and it ends up making "normal" people look like the crazy ones.

  99. Melody Fowler

    Melody Fowler8 days ago

    He’s such a sweetheart omg

  100. Christopher Kay

    Christopher Kay8 days ago

    What's you're diagnosis? What made you choose food reviewing as a proffession? What historical period do you find the most fascinating? and are you a polymath?

  101. Leave the Store

    Leave the Store8 days ago

    Freshest 80 year old trapped in a 13 year olds body

  102. Creo Paino

    Creo Paino9 days ago

    Polarizing viewing

  103. The Wild Hunt

    The Wild Hunt9 days ago

    Your humor is so hilarious

  104. WhiteAsian Manchild

    WhiteAsian Manchild9 days ago

    Run for president

  105. Sy Ali

    Sy Ali9 days ago

    It would seem that nothing phases you. At a certain point there I thought you were going to cry. Alas, I was wrong.

  106. Phil Swift

    Phil Swift9 days ago

    I never knew he cursed