I React to Mean Comments


  1. TheReportOfTheWeek

    TheReportOfTheWeek9 months ago

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  2. James Kitromilides

    James Kitromilides7 days ago

    I love you bro never let the haters win just do what you love doing and enjoy being an amazing person

  3. TrollMaster300

    TrollMaster3009 days ago

    nice reading 📚

  4. Rickey Shelton

    Rickey Shelton10 days ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek I fucking love watching you’re videos man 🤣🤣🤣 you make my day bro

  5. Ruby ArnieJudasLove

    Ruby ArnieJudasLoveMonth ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek They want to punch you because the part in your hair doesn't fall in the natural parting area of the human skull. And that makes people enraged that you don't care about natural part etiquette.

  6. Sherlock Holmes

    Sherlock Holmes2 months ago

    Stfu firtface

  7. besl lu

    besl lu22 minutes ago

    TMNT teacher was a rat, and look how much he accomplished. Keep up rat-boy, haters gonna hate.

  8. Cody Sharum

    Cody SharumHour ago

    Some people are so dumb brah..you should just laugh to the bank. :) ✌✌

  9. Sean McCaughey

    Sean McCaughey3 hours ago

    He looks like a vicar ✝️

  10. Eli Anderson

    Eli Anderson8 hours ago

    Love u

  11. Courteney Durand

    Courteney Durand11 hours ago


  12. ice breaker

    ice breaker12 hours ago

    this kids nails longer than a hawks and he looks like a downgraded albino version of kid president

  13. stonecoldlegend

    stonecoldlegend12 hours ago

    is this a joker prequel ??

  14. Bis4 Bacon

    Bis4 Bacon13 hours ago

    My dudes knee deep in p***y

  15. Samuel Boander

    Samuel Boander16 hours ago

    Don’t listen to them, you are a completely legend

  16. TheDankDragonite

    TheDankDragonite16 hours ago

    I never saw the appeal in this guy until I actually watched a few of his videos. I don't know why they are so appealing.

  17. Paul Robl

    Paul Robl20 hours ago

    The best fucking way to deal with this what a good man

  18. Patrick Todd

    Patrick Todd22 hours ago


  19. Jay Wilson

    Jay WilsonDay ago

    You should be a historian or something along those lines. If I turned on A History Channel special and I listen to you speak, I wouldn't change the channel. You have the voice and personality for it.

  20. SoldierNuke

    SoldierNukeDay ago

    tigelas tigelas tigelas tigelas tigelas tigelas tigelas tigelas tigelas tigelas tigelas tigelas tigelas tigelas tigelas tigelas tigelas tigelas tigelas tigelas tigelas tigelas tigelas tigelas tigelas tigelas tigelas tigelas tigelas tigelas tigelas tigelas tigelas agora eu vou te dizer o que eu realmente sinto quando eu digo pra voce esse tipo de coisa que eu falo pra voce e geral vai me dizer a verdade pq nesse mundo cruel e cruel e muito triste eu gostaria de te dizer que eu te amo mais do que o universo poderia me permitir amar você. seja meu amigo. GOD BLESS YOU.

  21. SoldierNuke

    SoldierNukeDay ago

    Ok, I am here just to say that I really love you, and I want to be your friend forever. My whatsapp is: +55 031 9822-1305. I am from Brazil and I have big biceps

  22. SoldierNuke

    SoldierNukeDay ago

    Portuguese: por favor chupe minhas tigelas

  23. SoldierNuke

    SoldierNukeDay ago

    I love you. Please can you please add me to your friendlist? I want to be your Best Friend Frever. Please.

  24. AceLecTrøz Music

    AceLecTrøz MusicDay ago


  25. germanicus fink

    germanicus finkDay ago

    I totally agree with your conclusion. It's a complete waste of time worrying about all the stupid things people say.

  26. Skedd TV

    Skedd TVDay ago

    Is Macaulay Culkin your Dad?

  27. Alex Janka

    Alex JankaDay ago

    ur so smart'

  28. Alex Janka

    Alex JankaDay ago

    i lobe u

  29. xXMinecraft28Xx

    xXMinecraft28XxDay ago

    🐁 This is an albino rat. You are not

  30. Hunter Nilli

    Hunter NilliDay ago

    Who else was just curious to see what was the most viewed vid on his channel was?

  31. Aditya Jain

    Aditya JainDay ago


  32. Elijah Allen

    Elijah AllenDay ago

    This guy is fucking great!👍😀


    PLEB SLAYERDay ago

    Boney skin??? 😂😂😂

  34. Gudrun Schyman

    Gudrun SchymanDay ago

    Love u dude haha

  35. Sébastien Fournier

    Sébastien FournierDay ago

    It’s true you really look like rat but I still enjoy ur vids xd

  36. joey labranche

    joey labrancheDay ago

    I have to say this guy is very patient i would say to those guys to kiss my ass and fuck off of my channel but this dude is very polite and i respect that.

  37. Lilskellit

    LilskellitDay ago

    Albino rat😂 don’t pay attention to the hater my g

  38. go back to sleep and starve lmao

    go back to sleep and starve lmaoDay ago

    16:10 slap

  39. Yeuri Ramirez

    Yeuri RamirezDay ago

    He be examining his food while eating it lookin like a detective from la noire

  40. Yeuri Ramirez

    Yeuri RamirezDay ago

    Nigga look like Dracula’s son

  41. Finn Elford

    Finn ElfordDay ago

    16:15: ROASTED

  42. Luís Baldas

    Luís Baldas2 days ago


  43. Paragonix

    Paragonix2 days ago

    He is 21 but he still looks 15

  44. Kessie Bell

    Kessie Bell2 days ago

    I saw this video thumbnail on a ‘Dank meme compilation’ honestly I’m glad I found you, this is so funny no offence

  45. Pulsdriver1 drakensang

    Pulsdriver1 drakensang2 days ago

    U dress good.. u are polite. Good videos. But haters still gona hate.

  46. Ben Gunn

    Ben Gunn2 days ago

    Seems like a guy with tact and class.

  47. BBGunGamer

    BBGunGamer2 days ago

    That grandma roast though😂

  48. deatomizer deatomizer

    deatomizer deatomizer2 days ago

    Luv you no homo

  49. gn lilu

    gn lilu2 days ago

    You are amazing! Loving the video! I subscribed! 😇 Very professional!

  50. Quinn Elsea

    Quinn Elsea2 days ago

    okay I love this man, I love the way he dresses. But he DID NOT deny being an illuminati puppet,,,,, stay woke fam

  51. Esther Sali

    Esther Sali2 days ago

    hey man, don''t feel sorry for being harsh too to your haters. you have the right to punch them back. they dumped garbage in your house, you can just throw it back right at their faces. It so sad nowadays sick people don't get help, instead they attack strangers on social media by commenting unbelievably mean words, as if they're forgot that they're human. or maybe they're not?? :D btw keep making videos. haters will just hate and stay broke, youtubers will just be getting paid and richer. you win, no matter what. God bless you. *sorry if my english is not perfect. I'm from far east. :)

  52. Demon Knight

    Demon Knight2 days ago

    7:56 the blocked out word is “Rape”. Idgaf if you flag me.

  53. 100 Subs No Vids

    100 Subs No Vids2 days ago

    16:16 OMG. Pure Savage!!!!!

  54. HuiSheng

    HuiSheng2 days ago

    This albino monkey rat just makes funny videos! How could anyone hate him, hes not even hurting anybody -.-

  55. George Christiansen

    George Christiansen2 days ago

    Master trolling, mate.

  56. Kitkat Incoparated

    Kitkat Incoparated2 days ago

    are you bob ross's son

  57. Muhli

    Muhli2 days ago

    Want to punch him

  58. Anshul Sharma

    Anshul Sharma2 days ago

    U low key look like Peter Parker 😆

  59. Anshul Sharma

    Anshul Sharma2 days ago

    Bruh don’t worry , no one will punch u bruh , ur doing good, keep progressing !!! Everyone is too pussy to punch u💯

  60. Nebula

    Nebula2 days ago

    *H I D E T H E P A I N , R E V I E W B R A H*

  61. Hudson Bennett

    Hudson Bennett2 days ago

    This dude has the same relaxing energy as people such as bob ross

  62. Carlito Cebrero

    Carlito Cebrero3 days ago

    Him outside: Im so chill Him inside: IM GONNA KILL YOU ALL

  63. Ariel Zarate

    Ariel Zarate3 days ago

    This guy treat hate comments like a sunday morning walk.

  64. K. B.

    K. B.3 days ago

    Can you do a collab with Beetle juice pleasee

  65. Divine_Healing_Prayer Jesus loves you!

    Divine_Healing_Prayer Jesus loves you!3 days ago

    I ignore them like you say. People now a day have problems. Repent-forgive and pray for others. Luke 6:27-28 & 36 “But to you who are listening I say: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful. Peace & blessing unto you!


    ZACHISCOOL453 days ago

    Honestly the rude people in this world should go ahead and die honestly y’all are whats wrong with the world

  67. Hunter Doucette

    Hunter Doucette3 days ago

    Don't let those mean people get you down. Keep up the good work, man. I love your channel 😁😎😎👍👍👍👍

  68. Nikolai Dugandzic

    Nikolai Dugandzic3 days ago

    Dude you're fucking awesome. Merry Christmas.

  69. I’mtoocreepy4u //

    I’mtoocreepy4u //3 days ago

    My life won’t be complete until I see him smile


    YUNG YORU3 days ago

    This made my day. You are amazing thank you for being such a strong person. And honestly you didnt need to roast any of these people. They all sounded dumb and made themselves look real bad xD


    YUNG YORU3 days ago

    Dude you are amazing. You are life

  72. Yusuf Gazi

    Yusuf Gazi3 days ago


  73. bekah shirley

    bekah shirley3 days ago

    I love your videos so much!!! You are my favorite youtuber. Love you ❤️

  74. RiCKY RiCK

    RiCKY RiCK3 days ago

    I like your classic suit,looks cool.

  75. Hazzel !

    Hazzel !3 days ago

    Much respect, best mean comment video I've seen.

  76. Poupiemoupie

    Poupiemoupie3 days ago

    Finally 100% of pure, unedited, and original content

  77. Jeremiah Rojas

    Jeremiah Rojas3 days ago

    Dude you are awesome man 😂

  78. Adam Miraglia

    Adam Miraglia3 days ago

    16:20 Holy Shit 😂😂😂

  79. Pixel Ty

    Pixel Ty3 days ago

    Skip to 4:05 to get to see the comments

  80. Salty Cameron

    Salty Cameron3 days ago

    He looks like Tobey Maguire's autistic brother.

  81. Smile Dawg

    Smile Dawg3 days ago

    I like your tie

  82. Natosha Nichole

    Natosha Nichole3 days ago

    I don't usually watch these videos. I see enough negative comments as it is. But his reaction was so refreshing! Loved it!

  83. Valiant Jocker

    Valiant Jocker4 days ago

    I love you man

  84. Penguin Fluffy

    Penguin Fluffy4 days ago

    Congrats on gettin 1.2M subs dude! I’m glad ur runnin for 7 years straight!!!

  85. Azrael Strutlokov

    Azrael Strutlokov4 days ago

    I think you came from another dimension, no way a human can be so calm and inspiringly filled with proper etiquete.

  86. Copyrighted

    Copyrighted4 days ago

    Gahd his voice is like 4d in earphones lol

  87. Anthony Carmona

    Anthony Carmona4 days ago


  88. Anthony Carmona

    Anthony Carmona4 days ago

    Look at his tie

  89. Tim Stolowski

    Tim Stolowski4 days ago

    Will you be the best man at my wedding?

  90. jay-san limbu

    jay-san limbu4 days ago

    Lorde's twin brother

  91. Elijah Smith

    Elijah Smith4 days ago

    I actually want this man in the hall of fame

  92. Maximus Alderich

    Maximus Alderich4 days ago

    This kid looks like he'd purchase a brand new white suit and shoot up his high school

  93. Nico Rees

    Nico Rees4 days ago

    he was lowkey fighting back tears lmao.

  94. thatpoppunkkid

    thatpoppunkkid4 days ago

    Fairly new to the channel but I enjoy it a lot so don’t let the few negative people get to you

  95. Dukenator 3

    Dukenator 34 days ago

    Fuck haters man stay on your grind

  96. 8 ball pool legend 88

    8 ball pool legend 884 days ago

    Dude keep making vids

  97. Richard Coulombe

    Richard Coulombe4 days ago

    16:25 I'm dead 😂😂

  98. Tekashi Minedas

    Tekashi Minedas4 days ago

    Don't listen them they too much stoopid

  99. Luca Morelli

    Luca Morelli4 days ago

    If a naked mole rat offered me a blowie and you did as well I would choose the naked mole rat

  100. hiems

    hiems4 days ago

    I feel bad even pausing this video, got my like lmao this was nice.

  101. aiden alestock

    aiden alestock4 days ago

    I like this guy 😂😂

  102. Venom / Eat Head / Hates Spider man / WE ARE VENOM

    Venom / Eat Head / Hates Spider man / WE ARE VENOM4 days ago

    I want to be in the MReporter name :( that's why I wanted to be in hated comment

  103. Opfern Tod

    Opfern Tod4 days ago

    Tbh being called a rat shouldn’t be an insult. Rats are adorable 😤💕 (they secretly think ur cute ((;;)

  104. cfc434

    cfc4344 days ago

    to all the people who call you a rat they should get a rat as a pet then they'd understand that that ain't no hate... rats are freaking cute and rly smart

  105. alien lirim

    alien lirim4 days ago

    Why you all hating the man